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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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victims are young people. the big tory on "action news" is a vandalism investigation in gloucester township. no arrests are made some far but chad pradelli is outside of the police station with the full story for us. >> reporter: monica, gloucester township police says all four vehicles were damaged and it happened between 1:00 a.m. and day break and the victims want to know why. >> the whole seat was covered. the other seat was covered all in here. >> steve got into his car this morning and found his passenger side window busted out with this rock. >> i didn't notice the glass at first and then all of a sudden i look to my right and the window is gone. >> what is what neighbor dan was thinking when leaving for work and found his daughter's car with a smashed out window, police say that the vandal hit three cars on this street in fernwood and a mile away in
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glendora. police have no suspects. >> have you to fix this. >> it's like $500, $600 worth of damage. >> despite the damage and inconvenience, the 18-year-old is taking the vandalism in stride. >> it could have been worse, could be sugar in the gas tank messing my car up, luckily it was just the window. >> in of the victims are in their late teens, but police have not determined if the teens were targeted. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. as we get closer to the historic visit of pope francis, city controller, businesses in the city are underprepared for the big event. he surveyed 108 hotels and businesses in the festival area, 76% of them say that the city failed to provide them with information on how to plan for
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the city's measurmeasures. >> there has to be a clear communication to the businesses, particularly the restaurants as to how fresh food and supplies will be delivered. >> today the mayor says that the special resource center has helped 300 businesses and will lay out a plan for trash pickup next week. and you can get the plans for the papal weekend, on our special twitter account. and tune in for a special edition of 20/20, pope francis and the people, david muir was there to sit down with the pontiff and can you see it all here on friday night at 10:00 on abc. our latest heat wave continues with another day in the 90s, thankfully the humidity is staying on the low side this afternoon, adam joseph is joining us outside on the
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terrace with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: yes, that is the good thing about september, the humidity is not as oppressive as it can be in the middle of the summer season and this is day four and counting for philadelphia, sunday 91 and yesterday 90 and yesterday 95, and today so far at the latest hour, we are at 93 degrees, and as we look at temperatures, 89 in trenton and 91 in the lehigh valley and 92 in wilmington, but at the shore the sea breeze kicked in and temperature there's in the upper 70s to low 80s, with the wind coming in off the water, more humid at the shore feeling oppressive from beach haven to cape may, and it's confined to the shore communities, wilmington 55 is your dew point, and 60 in philadelphia, and it's fairly dry air when you talk about moisture in the atmosphere. double scan live radar we are missing out on much needed rain
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just to the west of washington and richmond and the ohio valley, some energy driving in from the great lakes and a few hundred miles too far to the south and west for us to grab opportunity for that much needed rain, as you look ahead to the accuweather forecast, another scorcher is on tap for thursday but we get a break with the dry holiday weekend and we are tracking heat wave number six with more 90s in that seven-day forecast. rick we'll let you know about those a couple of days in the 80s and when the 90s return coming up in a bit. >> as our september sizzler continues, check back often at, change can come quickly, storm tracker live radar gives you early warnings of any aproefrping storms. the search continues for suspects wanted and killing a police officer, dozens of investigators are on the ground in fox lake, about 60 miles outside of chicago, well today
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officials said it's unclear if that officer was intentionally targeted. officials have scaled back the all out search for the suspects but are still following up on several leads, we'll have more on the hurdles that crews are facing on the ground at 5:30. president obama has appeared to have won the fight over the iran nuclear deal, the white house secured another pledge votes to protect the bill in congress and secretary of state, john kerry, was in philadelphia to talk about why he believes that is a good thing. >> under our plan, there are 24/7 monitoring of iran's key nuclear facilities. >> reporter: even as the secretary of state continued to push the deal, the obama white house got enough senate votes to make it veto proof, despite the opposition of democrats and the entire republican majority.
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casey of delaware and couns from pennsylvania, and barbara m mccuscly of maryland. some were mentioning no words and going after the secretary of state. >> they are lying, they say we have an unprecedenced inspections regime, it came out at the military base, we don't have any access. >> the deal leaves the door open for all of those scenarios, of funding terrorism and conventional weapons that could harm us and of course a nuclear weapon. >> this is a major foreign
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policy victory for president obama, bound to be a more divisive issue in the political battle. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." before his speech at the national constitution center, secretary kerry spoke to our matt o'donnell and he asked about his possible run for the presidency, you can hear his answer tonight at 6:00. a tractor trailer became wedged over a railroad overpass, it happened near chapel street and cleveland avenue, the driver was not hurt fortunately but the accident sent these wooden pallets all over the road forcing crews to shut it down. >> lets get a check of our "action news" traffic report midweek, lets go to matt
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pellman. >> over the hump on this wednesday afternoon and doing so just sort of slowly along the roosevelt boulevard, northbound side like most afternoons, off the schuylkill on up to broad street, there was a crash approaching the schuylkill but that cleared out quickly and all southbound lanes are reopen, but not open here because of made in america preparations, the inbound of the ben franklin parkway, that is shut down for the preparations, meaning all of this traffic is force to the outer drive, causing delays on the numbered streets and the local vine, and delays on the vine street express way. still the overturned vehicle crash closing down goshen road, i'll stay on westchester pike as an alternate. police activity in bellmawr, that just cleared out but gave us slow speeds from 73 on down to the scene past route 42, in
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cherry hill watch for a crash closing haddonfield road northbound by chapel avenue by the taco bell and the pizza hut. stay on cooler landing road as an alternate. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> okay matt, thank you. meantime military members were given a thank you today. local world war ii veterans were given a thank you and a certificate and a special medal. it was held at the behalf church in pottstown, it was 70 years ago today, that world war ii came to an end. today's special presentation was put together about ted hennessey. students in one delaware county district headed back to school today even though their teachers may not get paid on time. a celebration was held at chester high school, last week
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teachers and support staff voted to return to work even though the district will not be able to make payroll, they are trying to keep students focused on their learning and the school year ahead. more to come, including excitement in the skies, the atlantic city air show, we'll take you there. meet the personal trainer that did burpy after burpy after burpy and now i need a nappy.
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red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. wow impressive sights and sounds today along the beach in atlantic city, the 13th year for the annual air show, it has grown to become one of largest of its kind. >> the raptors and the blue angels. >> what do you like to see in the sky? >> i like to see them going really fast zblf they are not back to school yet so the timing was right. >> "action news" was also at the air show all day for you, our
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annie mccormick and chris sowers talks to people as they enjoyed the spectacular sight. a new report from the cdc says age may not be a tell can number, the average heart age of an men, they had americans hearts that seemed holder than they were. ali gorman joins us to explain. >> this is interesting, they used this tool to predict someone's heart age and compared it to their real age. three out of four adults they found their heart was older than their body men eight years older and women four years old. the ctc is of hoping they use this new tool to see their risk for heart attack or stroke. make changes like losing weight
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and controlling blood pressure could make people become younger at heart. find the heart age predictor on my facebook page. college students are now smoking more marijuana than cigarettes, this is the first time pot use has surpassed tobacco use, nearly 6% of college students say they smoke pot daily, that supfrom seven years, they say the students are getting the message about the dangers of cigarettes and the public perception of marijuana is changing. >> and burpies are an exercise good for the entire body, but everybody, including myself dreads them. but a fitness trainer, in reno, nevada, spent the last 24 hours to trying to break the record. mark started his quest to break the record for the most burpies
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in 12 hours and 24 hours. >> i make my clients suffer through burpies every week, i figure i should get a taste of my own medicine and do it as well. the 41-year-old's trainer's pain was for a good cause to raise money for the local spca, he and his wife adopted from the organization, and he smashed the record, he did 18,896 burpies in 24 hours and raised a lot of money for the spca as well. sharrie, his heart age is probably like 18. >> he is getting a lot of exercise, what is dedication. thank you. some young athletes learned more about playing safe and playing smart. the action cam was in bryn mawr where a panel of experts came to talk about sports head injuries,
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safe procedures and knowing when to call for help.
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private employers in the
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u.s. add 190,000 jobs in august and that is an increase from the year before. it shows american businesses added 13,000 more jobs last month than they did in july. construction in manufacturing had the highest gains and the survey only deals with private companies and the company will release their official jobs report on friday. the mexican chain, chipotle, already delivers their food to six campuses but they are going to expand to 40 campuses in our average and they range $2 to $4 more than the product depending on the market and they will expand next spring to 100 colleges. if you google you'll see this hand erasing this logo and now it has new font and brighter colored letters can the subtle
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changes are suppose to make google easier to read. the same type face that google alphabet is using for their logo. it had all the makings of a nfl draft but it was high school students being selected by local businesses. >> it's signing day for 90 students that were selected to participate in mentorship programs, there was plenty of excitement as the company announced the names of their new companies. up next on "action news" at 5:00 we'll check the forecast and looking outside right now, sky 6 hd busy at philadelphia international airport as always, meteorologist, adam joseph with details from accuweather on your night ahead. and go to and like the facebook page, you'll get access to all the stories and breaking news and all the best
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and most current viral videos, you can also communicate with members of "action news" team.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, adam joseph is here with one more day, and good riddance to the heat wave.
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>> look she is doing burpies, she hears there is a new record and has to break it. >> i'll root her on, sitting on the sidelines, sky 6 hd live in atlantic city showing folks on the sapd after the air show ended a little more than an hour ago. it's not bad, 82 at the atlantic city airport and 81 in beach haven, as you head inland, you jump into the upper 80s and low 90s, dover a better 83 after topping off close to 90 this afternoon, the heat index feels the same as the air temperature from i-95 north and west, dry air is in place in southeastern pennsylvania, but more humid down to the south and east, the temperatures are cooler there but the heat index comes up a bit because of wind coming in off the atlantic, as we come from the west, a series of showers and thunderstorms that
5:26 pm
pulled in from the great lakes and it will continue its journey to the south and east. and we'll miss out on the opportunity for the much needed rain. in fact we look at the 60 day rain deficits around the region, wilmington and trenton, all locations close to 3.5 to 4 inches below the norm. allentown picked up more rain over the last couple of months in the rate place at the right time, pop-ups in allentown, an inch or so, and a deficit, it's chances for rain over the next five days, a little chance on thursday and friday, still isolated though, most areas stay dry and as we get into the labor day weekend, the chances drop to zero with sunshine in control. tonight 68 and 70 in dover, warm and humid and fog develops late tonight much like last night pushing from the shore, tomorrow we go back into the middle 90s
5:27 pm
and again it's a drier heat so we don't have the oppressive humidity to deal with and the high heat indexes, so there is no heat advisory or warning in effect. the five-day at 5:00, 95 hot degrees tomorrow and a break as the front slips in and the storm 86 and gorgeous saturday, low 85 and the 90s are back again, and sun into monday, turning more humid and we are chatting about heat wave number six guys in the next half hour with the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam, more to come in the next half our of "action news" at 5:00. new jersey investigators release their finding in an investigation that injured two police officers.
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hello again, the manhunt continues, for three people wanted in a shooting death of an illinois police officer, we are live with the latest.
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legal proceedings are met with protests in baltimore as the criminal case against six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray gets underway. sharrie williams has the details. and down but not out, it's not just a gambling town nora muchanic takes us there, an all out search continues for three people wanted in connection of a murder of a fox lake illinois police officer, veteran officer, charlesniewicz was gunned down. marcy gonzales is live with the latest. >> reporter: rick investigators are concentrating their efforts in that small town north of chicago but telling police departments around the country to keep an eye out, but they admit they don't know who these killers are or where they might
5:31 pm
be. >> today the manhunt expanding and officers trying to track down the gunman that killed one of their own, as residents in the small illinois town of fox lake anxiously wait for their capture. >> i am honestly shaking. >> lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was shot to death after he radioed in he was chasing three suspicious men. >> fled from the scene taking the police officers firearm and pepper stray. >> the vague description was two men white and one was black, that is all that investigators say they know about the killers, explaining they are scouring the surveillance video from the area and looking for the men and relying on the public. >> all you need is one good tip or a lead, to break up the investigation, we have hundreds of those coming.
5:32 pm
>> a father of four, an army veteran nicknamed gi joe, was on the force for 32 years and was weeks away from retirement. attorney general, loretta lynch, expressing her condolences and the uptick in violence across the country. >> investigators in illinois say that evidence collected from the crime scene is now being processed and it will be at least a day to see if the killers left behind fingerprints or dna. >> marcy thank you. here at the "action news" big board with details on the court hearing for the six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray, as the proceeding carried on inside of the courthouse, hundreds gathered outside to protest, defense attorneys were asking that the charges against
5:33 pm
the officers be dropped and a judge ruled that the charges will not be dismissed and states attorney marilyn mosby will not be recused from the case, none of the six officers charged were present today, only their lawyers, meantime outside of the courthouse, demonstrators held signs and shouted on bull horns demanding justice for freddie gray, gray, 25, suffered a spinal cord injury while in custody and died a week later. >> it should be peaceful protest, they don't need to come out here tearing things up. our city is already in an uproar, we need to heal our city. >> today's protests were relatively call with baltimore police saying there was own one
5:34 pm
arrest. they are preparing to respond in case there are more protests this evening. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the freddie gray hearing in baltimore. including more from illinois on the suspected cop killers, watch that after "action news" at 6:00. the new jersey office of the new jersey general, conclude that a fatal police shooting in trenton two years ago was justified. edgar rios was escorted a woman back to her home after a domestic violence incident and prosecutors say that her ex-boyfriend mcneil walked out of the house opening fire and one officer was injured and today they concluded they used an acceptable use of force to protect their lives. there is an effort to protect the names of police
5:35 pm
officers who are involved in a shooting in the line of duty. surpts say that the mowsh your is about fairness and safety and opponents say it goes against recents calls of reform from the department of the justice. >> in today's day and age with technology being able to google someone's name and find out where they live, it's absurd. >> the bill has bipartisan backing, more than 40 lawmakers signed on to cosponsor the bill. a year after the closing of several atlantic city casinos, the shore is making sure that reads and visitors know that the city by the sea has more to offer than slot machines and table games. nora muchanic has who. >> the crowds on the beach watching the air show is a perfect example of atlantic
5:36 pm
city's efforts to diversify. >> look at the boardwalk packed. this is the way it used to be and should be every single day. >> with five casinos closing last year, gambling cannot be the only business in town. >> we need leisure tourists that don't come for the gaming but beautiful hotels and food. >> maroon 5 and rascal flats attracted many guests and now the miss america contestants are in town for the pageant. >> this is an example of what atlantic city could be. >> there needs to be more family activities, i know there is a lot of discussion about new water parks. >> there is more gambling and not as much for the kids. >> i would love if that would do that here. >> the tour director from boston brought two bus loads to the air
5:37 pm
show. >> i'm sure they will do some gambling, but that is not the primary thing. >> after a painful year of downsiding, seven of the eight surviving casinos are reporting higher profits and the resort is trying to rebrand itself to rebuild the shops at caesars and build a pier. >> there is a lot of families down here and there is no alcohol and no gambling and just people having a good time. >> people we talked with today on the boardwalk says that atlantic city has reinvented itself before and the challenges are serious, they believe it can happen again. on the boardwalk, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." the school district of philadelphia doesn't start for another week but preparations are underway already, the action cam shows that teachers unpacked books today, more than 80,000 books were unpacked.
5:38 pm
it's part of the early literature initiative focusing on k through third grade. now an update on the highways and byways from matt pellman. >> nor the teachers trying to return to their classrooms, 95 is not cooperating, now since last i spoke to you two new accidents, one in the southbound lanes of delco by the exist for the commodore barry bridge, taking out the left lane causing slowing coming down from the airport and northbound from the betsy ross is bridge, another accident taking out the left lanes and speeds in the teens in that spot that was already busy, have you heard the budweiser clydesdales are parading down walnut street, they are closing it from 11th to 19 and, five different septa bus routes are running with detours.
5:39 pm
and media dining under the stars tonight and until 9:00 state street is closed down and until tuesday morning now, you are without the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway, here close to the vine street expressway, shut down for made in america, causing gridlock on the surrounding streets already. >> the weekend is still two days away. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" wednesday night, jeb bush takes aim at a fellow republican presidential candidate after several weeks of attack ads against him. and time to dust off your dancing shoes, the season 21 cast is out. and temperatures in the 90s from boston through baltimore, we have one more day in the 90s before a brief break arrives. i'll have the numbers coming up. plus, jaime apody has eagles and penn state news and phillies. cannonball!
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blinds for life. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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a man caused a scuffle in
5:43 pm
ft. lauderdale. alexis lopez caused a commotion for his carry-on, and today the jury found him guilty but instead of jail time he was orrer to pay a $500 fine and court cost snoz a woman was arrested in washington, d.c. after she tried to steal a baby out of a stroller, it happened on the d.c. metro after rush hour, the woman couldn't get the baby out of the stroller because fort fligunately it was strappe charges are penning. now to the 2016 race for the white house, jeb bush and donald bush continue to exchange jabs. he attacked trump that illegal
5:44 pm
immigration is -- and that trump is mischaracterizing his views and he showed clips of trump, portraying him as no true conservative. >> blah, blah, blah. >> trump wasted no time responding to that claim, he spoke about it over the phone on "good morning america." >> i think he had no choice, is he doing poorly in the polls, so far everyone that attacked me has gone down, we'll see what happened here. >> it had a negative effect on both men, they along with hillary clinton are in the negative territory. a different type of sports. now jaime apody is here with football. >> politicking for jobs. i tried that there.
5:45 pm
not as good. >> okay. >> aren't you ready for football to actually count, i am. after tomorrow night it will, until then we'll watch the eagles and jets, a game that will signal the end of the preseason and for some their time here, one of these men will stay and one will go, unless chip cuts them both but matt barkley and tim tebow, for the quarterback job. even the starters that won't play are interested to see how it all shakes out. >> there is a lot made out that there is a lot of bubble guys, but i think the coaches have guys figured out but maybe two or three guys on the bubble really and it's fun for all of these guys even the guys that don't make our team, hopefully they all play well, whether they are here or not, they will be in
5:46 pm
a good place moving forward. >> it will be a numbers game and it will be interesting to watch barkley and company, to see who will stick. >> what will sal be looking for against the jets. >> the number one thing i am concerned about in the last preseason game is the health of keiko alonzo, you see him move around he looks tentative on the knee, he showed some tendonitis and has the concussion he has to deal with. and hasn't played in 20 months, you want to see him play thursday night against the jets to be ready, if they don't have keiko alonzo, they basically gave lasean mccoy away for nothing. >> the last time temple beat penn state, a gallon of gas cost 10 cents and a house cost just over $4,000.
5:47 pm
and roosevelt was president. so imagine if temple can pull off a win on saturday in their opener, matt rule hope they ignore history. >> i want them to play well and not have the moment be too big for them and that is it for me. and i think they are ready to go. >> mike elfranco took practice today but felt pain in his fractured wrist, to need to rush this guy. and i can't wait to watch this pitching match-up tonight. the phillies finally beat the mets at city field for the first time this year, that snapped their ten game losing streak to their division rivals. matt rough drove in three runs and manager pete mccannon wrote
5:48 pm
out his lineup card in green ink tonight. >> thank you jaime. season 21 will debut on september 14th, and we learned which celebrities would battle for the trophy. gary bussie, tamar braxton and nick carter and paula dean, triple crown winning jockey, victor espinosa, singer andy grammar and hayes greer and daughter of the late crocodile hunter steve erwin, bindy erwin. anda khan. >> and alex skarlatos.
5:49 pm
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meteorologist, adam joseph is here now way check of the forecast, it felt not as humid today. >> he is actually very observant.
5:52 pm
>> i actually got outside. >> we have dry air in place, typical of september, with temperatures in the 90s. >> tomorrow i'll do the forecast. >> here is the clicker, go to the wall, just don't press the button, it will eject you from the seat, i have it wired. the sea breeze has gone into effect at the shore but in philadelphia it was another hot one, 93 was the high temperature, 10 degrees above normal and even the low was above the normal of 75 and 73 this morning, your record did not get as cool, 47 degrees and still as hot as the century points. the numbers 80 in cape may, 87 in atlantic city airport, better there, feeling like the low 90s, the same as the air temperature along 95, the humidity being lower, this time of your and mixing out some dry air, our heat index is not very
5:53 pm
oppressive. satellite and radar we see showers and thunderstorms to the west, it misses us and pushes across virginia and eventually off the coast. warm and humid tonight and fog redevelops and 56 in the suburbs and 75 for center city, we are watching a front to the north, high pressure in canada pushes the front through tonight and into friday, prior to that, it's another day with temperatures in the middle 90s and 95 degrees and again the humidity will not be as bad tomorrow, we are not looking at heat advisories across the area and could be an advisory with the front in the poconos tomorrow afternoon, as we get into thursday night and friday, the front continues its journey, 86 degrees, we break the heat wave here at the end of the week and could be a scattered downpour or thunderstorm, but most areas are missing out on the opportunity of rain again on friday. >> very muggy at the shore tomorrow, the afternoon sea
5:54 pm
breeze once again kicks in at 6-and up in the lehigh valley another hot day 92 degrees, late in the afternoon there could be an isolate the thunderstorm, but again they will be very scattered. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast hazy sun tomorrow and hot day at 95 degrees and humid with a stray thunderstorm on friday and we break the heat wave, at least the present one here on friday and a gorgeous saturday, low humidity, wall-to-wall sun and 85 and hot again on sunday and up to 90 degrees, 90s really start to kick back in to the 91, 92 category on monday and tuesday, not too humid as heat wave number six commences and on wednesday a hot afternoon thunderstorm is likely at 90 degrees. another heat wave on the way, the 90s will not kick on out of here. >> a long summer.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
latino nonprofit in philadelphia, today the kids sketched their ideas in hunting park and they will be incorporated into the final product. how fun. >> that is great. now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories at 6:00. the secret service released information for the parkway during the pope's visit. and the family tragedy that claims four lives at the jersey shore, matt o'donnell sits down with john kerry with a
5:58 pm
one-on-one interview about the iran nuclear deal. now for cecily tynan, sharrie williams, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams join me next for "action news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with are ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night, jim is off and i'm rick williams, in the news authorities arrest a former north penn high school student behind a nude photo scandal. and new security information
6:00 pm
just released by the secret service for the pope's visit. and it includes a ticketed area for the pope's mass on september 27th, john rawlins live now with more on the story. >> reporter: hi rick, we have some clarity today that is for sure on the two big parkway events, some folks are going to get a lot closer to the action than others, because they will have tickets, they go to the parishes, the 219 parishes and some faith based groups as well. here is the parkway split into the work zone at the art museum and the purple zone to city hall. no ticket needed for the more distance purple zone, but everybody has to go through airport type secuit


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