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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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just released by the secret service for the pope's visit. and it includes a ticketed area for the pope's mass on september 27th, john rawlins live now with more on the story. >> reporter: hi rick, we have some clarity today that is for sure on the two big parkway events, some folks are going to get a lot closer to the action than others, because they will have tickets, they go to the parishes, the 219 parishes and some faith based groups as well. here is the parkway split into the work zone at the art museum and the purple zone to city hall. no ticket needed for the more distance purple zone, but everybody has to go through airport type security so come
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early. >> optimistic event organizers thought there could be 4,000 to 5,000 chartered buses carrying pilgrims to see the pope, but today a remarkably low number announced 1100, with 190,000 unsold train passes and thousands of unbooked rooms, there is a growing sense that people are not opting to navigate the road closures in place during the pope's stay and a harsh assessment of city hall preparations announced by the city controller,'nounced 160 businesses inside of the traffic box, hotels and restaurants reporting a lack of clarity how deliveries will be made and trash pickup inside of the zone. >> there has to be a plan for
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continuous trash removal so the trash bins don't become overrun and we don't have a rodent problem and don't show a bad face to the world. >> well the mayor's office not please with the controller's tonight, he said if he really wanted to help folks he would advise them to call the resource center and dealing with deliveries and trash already. >> going back to the map, the red zone and purple zone if you want to see it firsthand go to our website at live at the basilica, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." the secret service released a list of prohibited items, those include backpacks and bags and bicycles and hard sided coolers and selfie sticks and explosives and firearms or weapons of any kind. find the list on our website at and get updates on the pope's
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visit by following 6 abc pope on twitter, we are posting the latest news, tips and information as we prepare for the arrival of pope francis. >> friday night at 10:00 tune in for a special ed decision of 20/20, abc's news' david muir moderated the event from the vatican. now, to a developing story from montgomery county, prosecutors made an arrest in a nude photo scandal at north penn high school, when a girl uncovered naked photos of current and past students. it was traced back to berlin, and stored on, berlin is charged as an adult. an investigation continues
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into an apparent murder-suicide at the jersey shore, a family of four found dead after their home ignited in flames in their home in longbranch, monmouth county. sara bloomquist is live now in the satellite center with more on the victims and the investigation. >> the autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow but at this point it appears that all four victims a couple and their two young boys suffered injuries before the blaze broke out and it looks like a triple murder-suicide. photographs show a happy family, 35-year-old lyndon shane bahari and his partner, aman amorris and their children brandon and brian. around midnight a small but smokey blaze broke out in the family's home in longbranch, monmouth county, not far from the beach. neighbors and first responders
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tried to rescue those trapped inside. >> we tried to break the windows on the bottom but by that time the ambulances and firefighters were already here. they discovered the couple and their boys in an upstairs bedroom and were taken to the hospital where they died. zbll it was like a bang, two big bangs and i was trying to figure out what was happening because you don't think that something that late is going on. >> it appears that several small fires were set throughout the multifamily home. >> it's not from what we see as an accidentsal fire. we are looking at it as an intentional fire that was set. bahari worked for the local department of public works as a mechanic, neighbors often saw their two little boys playing outside of the home.
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>> you watch and you feel helpless because there is nothing you can do. >> investigators say it appears to be a murder-suicide, but the motive remains a mystery. sara, thank you. vandals struck three cars overnight in glendora, camden county, and residents walked out to find their windows smashed and there are no suspects. students in the camden district received a much needed back to school gift, a $250,000 donation for supplies and technology, it's from townsend press but they are offering to double that. they are submitting projects for a matching donation and school starts in camden on october 8th. democratic senator, barbara mikulski became the deciding
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vote. and john kerry was at the constitutional center today touting the deal but first visited our 6 abc studios and had an interview with our own matt o'donnell. >> how are you? >> happy to see you. >> secretary of state, john kerry, arrived with a security detail at our 6 abc studios right before his speech at the national constitution center. we wondered why here. >> we thought it was senator casey, he has fallen in line with you now, why did you choose philadelphia to give this speech? >> we thought philadelphia would be a terrific place between washington and new york and the history with the constitution and formation of our country is a good place to talk about really serious issues. >> reporter: the secretary and
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the obama administration are well aware there are 2.5 million jewish people living in the area and may be skeptical of iran deal. >> less than 1,000 miles from iran, is israel, would we feel as strongly as you feel about this deal. >> i will speak for the israeli, i understand it very, very well, it is our believe deeply that this will make israel safer and it already made israel safer, the amount of time to produce material for one bomb is two months, we have stretched it out and reduced their stockpile and limited theircentrifuges. >> why refer to america as the great satan. >> we dealt with the soviet
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union, ronald reagan sat down with the evil empire. that is what we are doing here. >> in washington they are talking about a potential kerry candidacy in 2016, he confirms there has been talk but he has no plans to run for the white house. >> thousands of eyes were on the jersey shore shore today. audiences lined the beaches from ocean city to brigantine, planes zipped around showing their power. the highlight was the blue angels and their first showing since 2006 even chopper 6 made an appearance today. and chester upland schools opened today despite teachers not knowing when they will get their first paycheck. and we break down the eagles preseason finale match-up.
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>> and 90s from new york city and richmond and roanoke, but a small break in the heat wave before the next one starts. >> all right. those stories and more when "action news" at 6:00 comes right back.
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a new standardized test is proving difficult for delaware students, the results reveal that half of delaware students are proficient in english language arts. student performance levels were expected to drop in previous years because the new test is
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more vigorous, it's linked to the common core academic standards. a new school year comes with excitement and anticipation and in the upland school district there is a bit of uncertainty katherine scott explains. >> reporter: a new school year but old financial woes for upland school district. the teachers and support staff voted unanimously to return to work even though the district will not make payroll next week. >> i appreciate them so much more. >> i know the kids are going through it a thousand times worse than me. >> they went on with celebrations at high schools and elementary schools, this district has a long history of financial troubles and is under state control, the teachers believe that the problem is the state funding formula, that
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calculates what the district is required to pay district charter school. >> the formula is not working, people majored in math and other things, change the formula. >> we are all in this together and none of us are getting paid but in spite of that we are here in support of our children. >> half of the children in the district attend charter schools, saidcaters say that the district owes more to charter school than it gets in state aid. >> it pits the parents of district against the parents of charter school and we are here to educate all the children. >> while it's hard to ignore the financial crisis, teachers are making sure their kids are focused on learning and the school year ahead. >> the test scores are up and attendance is up and violence is down and we are making a difference and at the end of the day that is all that matters. >> the philadelphia region
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received another national recognition and that was cause for celebration this morning can the schuylkill river trail was named best urban trail today. representatives by the five counties connected by the trail, unfurled banners proclaiming the honor, it will be 10 miles long when finished.
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ducis here with sports, how many action will the starters get do you think. probably not much. don't want to get anybody hurt, way too close to the opener against atlanta. preseason games are not must see tv but if are you a coach it is. we focus on one key battle and what he will be watching when the season begins. >> lets start with the big story for tomorrow night's game against the new york jets and that is the battle between matt barkley and tim tebow, for weeks
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the eagles are looking for a home for matt barkley, looking for a trade but haven't been able to do it. can barkley play well enough to beat tim tebow out for the third roster spot, i don't think so. i think chip kelly is in love with tim tebow, he likes having one quarterback that can run. >> this summer the eagles defensive line proved you cannot run up the middle on this defense and you can't go deep very often, the secondary looked fixed but the problem is they don't have much edge in the pass rush, connor barwin and graham cannot do it alone. i am concerned that bill davis will have to blitz more than he wants to and that could be trouble. the eagles lead the league in
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the preseason, 33.3 points per game, lets say they average 35 point a game in the season, that gives them 560 points for a 16 game season, in the history of the league, only three teams reached 560 points and two of them went to the super bowl but none of them everyone a super bowl, you got to build a defense and play defense to win a championship. for channel 6, espn. phillies and mets tonight a good pitching match-up. aaron nola pitching. darren rough helped the phillies exercise their demons, he had a homer and drove in a career-high six runs in the victory, said manager pete mccannon after is the victory, it wasn't pretty
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but we broke the spell. no significant upsets to report, serena williams has trouble but goes on to win. she is 50-2 on the year. and finally, tonight sticking with the u.s. open, they don't make rackets the way they used to, cocoa loses her first game, bat rocket, bad racket, beat it up some more. a true craftsman never blames the tool. she ended up losing the match. guests at the sugarhouse casino will have a new restaurant to try. hugo's frog house will open and part of the chicago based group.
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a 12 ounce rib-eye with challenge otts and fresh herbs.
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meteorologist, adam joseph is here now with a closer look at the forecast, heat wave number five in effect. >> and again tomorrow and then a break for the weekend. double scan live radar around the region, we could use a drink of rain but it's as close as baltimore and that is as close as it gets this evening. live in cape may, a few folks still enjoying the sand in the
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late afternoon and early evening, maybe tossing -- what is that game where they bounce it off the trampoline, it's a new game but looks like a lot of fun. we look at the highlights, we go to the accuweather forecast, heat wave continues and we desperately need some rain, today we hit 93 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 95 yesterday but this is day four and counting of the present heat wear, number five for the year and because it's so hot and so dry, we desperately need rain. philadelphia 3.5 inches in that deficit and trenton 3.5 and 4 inches and the lucky spots will lent city and allentown still under around and inch however they picked up and were in the right spot at the right time. >> right now the sea breeze is in effect and feels good in cape
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may, 82 at the atlantic city airport and still right around 90 degrees in wilmington and trenton and there is atmospheric energy pulling in from the great lakes and parts of virginia, just missed our region because it's to the south and west and will stay there during the overnight hours tonight, it's dry and warm and muggy and 66 allentown and 69 in wilmington and low 80s at the shore and fog develops and rolls inland with the southeasterly wind continuing overnight. a front is just to the north here tomorrow, we'll see out another hot day of 95 degrees but much like today we have enough wind to mix into the atmosphere and it pulls down dry heat. there could be an isolate the thunderstorm popping in the poconos or lehigh valley late in the day and it slides through
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here on friday and breaks the heat wave of 86 and could be a scattered downpour or thunderstorm around, if you see one you are the lucky one. most of us miss out on friday. tomorrow another day with a sea breeze at the beach but it's muggy because of wind off the atlantic, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 95 tomorrow and we see the break come in on friday and saturday, friday an isolate the thunderstorm around and gorgeous low humidity and sunday the 90s return again with full sunshine and notice not hardly a cloud in the sky, the entire labor day weekend, 91 on the holiday, still not that humid, and heat wave number 6 and officially at 92 and stays at 90 on wednesday, and maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, and may not be until next week, the following weekend that we see a break in
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the 90s. >> it's supposedly september. the police department is helping to get young teres off to a great start for the school year, students showed up here in the 15th district in philadelphia, they received book bags and new kicks how about that. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17, and join us for "action news" at 11:00 right here on 6 abc. now for jim gardner, cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, we hope to see you tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, the urgent manhunt widening, the officer ambushed and killed and just now the audio. you will hear the officer's final call. three suspects armed and dangerous, families told to stay indoors. seven schools closed. the war of words tonight, donald trump telling jeb bush to stop speaking spanish. and vice-president joe biden speaking late today. will he take on hillary clinton? the school scare, the student pulling out a gun, face-to-face with his teacher, saying he was going to kill. and now we learn of the teacher's instincts that saved so many. the image of the tiny boy going global tonight, the urgent crises, thousands trying to reach safety. our chief foreign correspondent is there. and the worker warned to get out and the blast that followed. how he survived and th


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