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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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happening on this thursday, september 3. >> two men barge into philadelphia home and pistol whip a mother and daughter. you'll need a ticket to get close to the pope during his visit to philadelphia later this month. >> a bucks county judge weighs in whether a transgender woman can get sex reassignment surgery against the pushes of his parents. >> welcome back, david murphy. >> reporter: i'm back, i'm not sure i'm better than ever, but
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i'm back. this is an air quality alert for parts of the region, we have unhealthy air because of the heat and humidity. if you're in a risk group take it easy during the afternoon. well get sun and haze and fog in parts of the region. 77 degrees in philadelphia. waking up to 68 in allentown. 69 in reading, 67 in millville. 75 in cape may. the dewpoints are up there, especially down the shore where it will be a bit more oppressive, we'll ease the dewpoints into the mid 60s and low 60s at time this afternoon. if character heading out, it's going abdomin warm and humid morning. it's going to be day five. heat wave of 95 degrees, i think we'll hit that late in the day around 4:00 partly sunny skies, a slight chance of a pop-up
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thunderstorm later tonight. karen rogers we'll break the heat coming up in the seven day. >> reporter: glad to hear that, because we're sick of it, this is the schuylkill expressway at 202 we have an accident off to the shoulder westbound toward the turnpike tolls you want to watch for this on the schuylkill near 202. on the vine street expressway no overnight construction everything is open, we're looking good, we're dry this morning, on the big picture we can see speeds mostly in the 50s at this point no problems on the blue route the schuylkill or i-95 we have a concert at the mann center at 7:00 p.m. benjamin franklin parkway between 20th and eakens oval we have the inner drive closed for the made in america preparations through tuesday morning. >> police are on the hunt for
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two men who carried out a violent home invasion. katherine scott has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tam, this was a frightening ordeal for these women detective's at the northeast division are investigating both of the men had guns and demanded money and told the women if they didn't cooperate they would be killed. a home-invasion robbery in lawncrest. police are looking for the twomen emen behind it. police say a 56-year-old woman pulled into the back drive way around 9:30. as she entered the back door, two men pushed her inside at gunpoint. >> they forced her on the floor and struck her in the face with the gun causing injury to her lip. >> reporter: when the woman's
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mother came to investigate she was hit in the head several times they were forced to the kitchen floor with guns to their heads. >> the people were asking about the money, they said they didn't have any money. >> reporter: the men ransacked the home and pulled out drawers and fled. the 56-year-old had injuries to her lip and her mother had deep head injuries that required stitches. >> and police don't yet know what was taken, they think likely some jewelry, but the woman haven't had time to inventory all their belongings they are they were in the hospital with the mother who is in her 70s. there are surveillance cameras in the front and the back of the home.
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they hope they have footage, and that's a break about getting details about the suspects. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. in delaware someone intentionally set fire to a children's playground. investigators are trying to track down the arsonist in new castle. the fire started on the simmons park around 6:30. a nurse in delaware county is accused of scamming her dieing neighbor out of $88,000. melissa deal of aston surrendered yesterday. she was hired to care for her neighbor in 201. she obtained power of attorney and made herself. she is accused of theft by
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deception. 26-year-old was killed by philadelphia police officers in december during a traffic stop. the officers alleged he was reaching into his car for a gun. the officers were not charged. grainy surveillance video recorded the incident. they are seeking money to her damages and police training reform. there's a push to protect the names of police officers involved in shootings while on duty. the name would be made public once the investigation is complete or when the officer is charged. supporters say the measure is about fairness and safety. opponents say it goes against recent calls and reform in transparency from the u.s. department of justice. you will need a ticket to get a view of the pope on the
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benjamin franklin parkway, the tickets will get you into the red area with the art museum up there and down to logan circumstance him. you are don't need a ticket to be join in the fest tiforts outside ever that. -- festivities outside of that. jumbo trons will be up to see the pope. there are tickets that will go on sale saturday, there are five thousand of thousand. we'll have details of the just released security checkpoints to access the parkway at we will run down what you can and not bring to the parkway events in the next half-hour. >> lower merion schools will be closing due to the pope's visit. the classes are canceled friday september 25th and open two
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hours late september 28th. there will not mean an expansion of the school year. new this morning, a judge side side with the bucks cat transgendered woman. the judge said she showed a clear understanding of the procedure and her risk. her parents won a temporary injunction to stop the surgery wanting her ruled i incompetent. having her body match the gender she identified with since child would keep her from back sliding into drug and alcohol addiction. kim davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses because she said same-sex marriages violates her religious beliefs. >> reporter: the protests are growing at the rowan county
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clerk's office. the clerk at the center of it all will face a federal judge because of this. again and again kim davis turning away gay couples refusing to issue any marriage licenses after the supreme court's ruling in support of same-sex marriage. >> under whose authority are you not issuing? >> i respect religion, i respect people, okay, but this is civil institution. >> reporter: the battle in the small town in the national spotlight after one of the rejected couples posted this video of their denial online now viewed more than one point 8 million times. >> i'm willing tom fails my sequences you will fails your swenses when it's time for judgment. >> we go to another county we
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are saying it's okay to discriminate against us. we can't do that. >> reporter: david and david say they will not give up, but kim davis insists she will not give in in a statement calling it a heaven or hell decision. davis faces fines and possible jail time while some call her a hero others call her a hypocrite after it's been revealed she's been married four times. >> find out how to camp a last-minute flight for literally a dollar. >> an iphone saves a college student during a robbery in california. >> reporter: today's high is 95 degrees blasting past the average high of 82. the heat wave is just about over i'll have the have i bet report
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president obama is there to highlight the impact of climate change. >> boy we could use some climate change around here. >> reporter: we'll get it, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry as we get ready to head outside and as we look outside we have sky 6 at the airport. you can see haze and the lights there's not a big issue with fog in philadelphia. but in some areas that could pop up, we'll talk about that in a moment. 77 degrees in if the. the dewpoint up there 64. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. the barometer is falling. it is a bit on the muggy side. in terms of visibility we have lower visibilities in places like wildwood and millville. not a major issue right now. satellite and radar showing we have clouds out to the north after we get rid of any morning fog and haze.
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we will transition to partly sunny skies and stay there throughout the day. hot and humid again, # 5 by 8:00 -- 75 by 8:00 a.m. 95 degrees late at 4:00 p.m. and holding on to something close to that by 5:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region, 92 in allentown. 93 in reading, 93 in wilmington. 92 in millville. down the shore 80s so it looks better down the shore the thing about it, the humidity will be higher down the shore. lots of sun down the beach, afternoon sea breeze keeping the temperatures in the 80s, the farther south you go along the coast, the more humid it will feel. water off ocean city, 7 and 80s in delaware. the front will stall to the north an east back down with high pressure on top of it will
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turn the winds from the northeast that will lower the temperature. tomorrow we'll get into the 8 olds, it will be humid and there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. most areas should remain dry. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, one more day of the heat wave, heat wave number five, day five. it is hot and humid you want to take the cool thinks and all the precautions. there's a slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm late today or tonight, but most of you stay dry. tomorrow, sticky and humid, 87 degrees, again pop-up shower or thunderstorm around particularly in the morning and the afternoon. that clears out. for the weekend, the weekend looking good. saturday low humidity, 84. qulej football -- college football is back, temple hosting penn state. we might have another heat wave monday we're going for a high of
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90s in the monday and tuesday and wednesday. no more rain on the way until perhaps wednesday. i got back from vacation and where did my grass go. >> it's all crunchy. students in philadelphia schools are not doing so well on pssas. the school district said test scores plummeted. far if your elementary students passed the test in line the common core standards. 70% were considered proficient or advanced in math. in english, are the passing rate fell. science scores held steady at 37%. the district christ strict testing standards. pgw is dropping rates 2 cents.
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the average resident at customer will save almost 2% on their bill and rates will be re-evaluated on december 1. >> nine thousands case of frozen corn are being recalled because of listeria fears. now the labeled involved wildwood, market basket bountiful harvest and west creek. they were distributed in pennsylvania and new jersey. the major stock indices were up yesterday, the dow jumping 293 points. this morning at least for now, it is looking as though stocks are pointing to a higher open. frontier airline announced a flight for a buck sale there are flights out of from trenton and handful of other cities. there's usually a catch. the fees, $15 each way, you'll pay extra for carry-on bag your
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checked bag or seat assignment. the dollar is just the start of what you will pay. >> you can't fly for a buck. but they getaway with calling it anyway. >> yes. >> the new report that reveals more problems with the department of veteran's affairs. >> what made a man rush back into a burning california home. we'll show you the interview that is going viral. "action news" is back in a moment. blinds to go's
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check, checking the roads because all of an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound at 202. we have a tow truck on the scene, looks like that left. but we have a vehicle off to the side. watch for that, schuylkill westbound near 202. don't forget benjamin franklin parkway the inner drive is closed, so the made in america preparations, look for that to be an issue. expect delays though,, it will stay closed through tuesday morning. on the turnpike eastbound near norristown construction blocks the right lane near willow grove. and the westbound at fort
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washington. we have construction near the delaware valley exchanges blocking the lane at 358. the blue route overnight construction moved off to the shoulder, northbound traffic on i-95 heading toward the airport looking good. matt ascertain tam. >> a new report looks at the scandal that left thousands of veterans waiting for medical care. 300,000 vets died with stalled applications. the report found that over the last five years, employees incorrectly marked as completed ten thousand unprocessed applications deleting the application also in the process. president obama scored a major foreign policy victory to protect his iran nuclear deal from getting derailed the statement came yesterday always secretary of state made the case for the deal at the national
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constitution center. before his appear animals at the ncc yesterday i spoke to kerry at our 6abc studios, kerry told me the deal is not only good for america, but israel, as well. you can watch the interview at >> it is 4:54. the college student saved by a phone during a robbery. >> coming up at 5:00 a.m. we have an attack on a police officer during a traffic stop in schuylkill county.
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this morning an iphone stopped a bullet during a robbery in california. the student wasn't hurt during the muggy, but the shooting has raised questions about security around the campus in fresno state. a man rescued his family during an apartment fire and then he went back to get what he feels cooking. of. >> i got my kids and i got my ribs, i take pride in what i do. >> yes you heard him right, he saved a slab of ribs from going up in flames. he got the kids out and got the ribs, the interview as you might imagine is going viral online. i'll post-it on my facebook you
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might be able to start your thursday with a which you canle. >> they look like delicious ribs. you can't blame him. >> a suspected stalker is arrested on charges he sent a bizarre package to a young reality star from pennsylvania. >> nude photos put one recent graduate behind bars from north pen. details coming up. >> good morning, everyone, it
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is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, september 3. here's what's happening. >> a manhunt is underway after two women were robbed and pistol whipped during a brutal home invasion. we have more on the schuylkill county police officer who was assaulted and thrown down a cliff after a traffic stop. >> it's going to be a scorcher, we'll get a break, but it will be temporary. >> let's go to weather and traffic with david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: all right, everyone we're off to a warm


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