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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 3, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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oefsh. >> we begin with details on the lock doup at the mercer county correction center in hopewell. the lockdown has since been lifted. nora muchanic is live with the details. >> reporter: hi there sara, some tension hours overnight when a prisoner who had recently been in liberia started showing what some feared were possible eastbound symptoms, it looks like that is not the case but they responded with caution. the mercy medical center was on lockdown overnight, after a prisoner was picked up from a warrant, and that prisoner was in liberia recently and broke out in a fever, he returned
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august 8th, so there were concerned at the jail that he may be affected with ebola and they have not had a reported case since july 12th. they have done tests but have not ministered an ebola test because it's credited extremely unlikely he has the disease, but the correctional center was put on lockdown no one could go in or out and the guards that transported the inmate were told to stay home. >> we are told that ebola tests are done only after the state health department cults with the cdc and in this case it was determined that that was not warranted. live in hope well, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.
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police are looking for the people responsible for the home invasion and robbery in the city's lawn crest section. according to authorities, a woman entering her home through the back door when two men pushed her inside at gun point that is when her 76-year-old mother came to investigate a noise and they were both attacked by the suspects. >> they were both forced to the floor in the kitchen and guns were put to both of their heads and they were asking where the money is, and if they didn't cooperate they would kill them both. >> the man ransacked the home and ran out the door, family members think that the suspects are the men that robbed the home several days ago, both women are hurt but expected to recover. >> a county lerk in kentucky that repeatedly refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is in court this afternoon. kim davis faces steep fines and
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probably jail time if found guilty of contempt of court. >> there are supers and opponents at the courthouse making their thoughts clear as we wait for the judge's ruling. >> same sex marriage at the center of impassioned face-offs both inside and outside this courthouse in kentucky, county court clerk kim davis facing contempt of court because of this repeatedly turning away gay couples, refusing to issue any marriage licenses after the supreme court ruling in support of same-sex marriage. davis maintains she is defending her religious freedom, calling this a matter of heaven or hell, this issue was brought by the
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aclu asking that davis be held in contempt of court. >> we believe in miss davis's right to believe what she wants to believe but has to follow the law. >> i respect people's face but this is a civil institution. >> her attorney who says davis who has come under fire for her own multiple marriages will not back down. >> kim davis is prepared for consequences because the other consequences she would not want to risk than is being unfaithful to god. >> the aclu, is requested that davis be fined but she could potentially face jail time, if she is found in contempt of court, regardless davis says she will not resign. sara back to you. we are learning new information about an attack on a
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police officer in schuylkill county, it happened during a traffic stop at route 309 in west penn township, police say that sergeant melissa root saw a car on the side of the road and pulled over to inspect the vehicle. >> a scuffle enshoed between her and one of the occupants of the car and she ends up calling for help at 8 and was found down an embankment. police are searching for a dark nissan maxima. someone intensely set fire to a children's play ground, now police are trying to track down the arsonist, at simon's garden
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park. firefighters had to douse several pieces of playground equipment. to accuweather now, another hot and humid day on tap and it looks like our heat wave is coming to an end however briefly, sky looking live at penn's landing and it's hot and hazy there and cooler temperatures are on the horizon, lets get the latest from meteorologist, david murphy, on the terrace. welcome back by the way. >> thank you, good to be back. a breezy afternoon building in the region and if you stay in the shade it doesn't feel that bad, satellite shows you there is not a whole lot of pronounced cloud cover, have you to go to scranton and williamstown to find that. haze in the air and cumulous in the air, basically hazy sunshine and partly sunny skies, temperatures up and down the mid-atlantic region are on the warm side, 89's from
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philadelphia to richmond, and when you factor in the humidity, a lot of mid-60s around philadelphia, upper 60s starting in dover and cape may all the way down to washington, that is border lino pressive humidity, the farther south the more oppressive it feels. 92 by 2:00 and 4:00 that is your high, 95, feeling like 100 or worse, by 6:0092 and by 8:00, mid 8:00, a pop-up thunderstorm west and north of philadelphia but most of us stay dry. we could could use rain our lawns look brown, but maybe a spotty shower or thunderstorm tomorrow, but nothing over the weekend what is good, but that is the holiday weekend, it's nice for picnics and football games, and it's good to have dry
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conditions but will it get hot again? >> see you back inside, as the heat wave wraps up and another one starts come back to and follow the "action news" weather team on social media. a federal judge sided with patriot's quarterback, tom brady in the deflate-gate scandal. he suspended brady's four game suspension and criticized the nfl, brady insisted he played no role in deflating footballs last your. the top lawyer has not commented but the league can appeal. >> the eagles wrap up their preseason when they face the new york jets at the meadowlands, chip kelly has to scale down his roster to 53 by saturday and that means that 22 more players must go. one of them is number 18 rasheed
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bailey. he has had eight receptions in the preseason, second on the team. we are just 22 days from pope francis's visit to philadelphia for the world meetings of families, if you want a close-up view you'll need a ticket. organizers say that 5,000 tickets will be available for the pope's speech outside of independence all on september 26 and, they will be distributed to the public online next tuesday on a first come first serve basis and a ticket to get a spot in the five block radius closest to the pope, and beyond that point there is open access, the purple zone on the map, that is as well on sunday as the pope
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celebrates mass. >> a portrait of the pope is unveiled. it's called the noted grotto and for the past several months, people have written their struggles on a piece of cloth to tie on the structure, it honor's pope francis's favorite images. people are considered to participate by filling out a strip as a pledge to pray for them. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, parents in one texas town are demanding answers after three drunk women hitch a ride on a school bus filled with children. and ahead, how safe are is the baby monitors, a company put nine of them to the test.
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the search for three suspects continue in illinois
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when -- this woman they say kristin kiefer said that to men approached her vehicle and tried to get out of the area, she stuck to her story and then admitted she was lying. parents in one texas town was outraged after her children road to school with three allegedly drunk women, they were shown boarding the bus last week, they took two seats in the back and one sat down next to a middle school boy for the 30 minute ride. >> difficult during the beginning of school as there are new faces, regardless this was a huge mistake and that is why the bus driver no longer works for the district. the three women were charged with criminal trespassing and one was cited for possessing
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alcohol. we have exciting news about the academy awards, the producers revealed that next year's show will have two hosts instead of just one, sara haines has a look at the options. >> please welcome our host, her majesty, whoopi goldberg or sings an opening number like billy. or taking a selfie like ellen. countless hosts have ruled the stage, but sometimes even the best leave us wantsing more and in 2016, more is what we'll get, with not one but two hosts. a concept that is tried and sometimes failed in the past. >> it used to be you get naked, you get nominated.
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not my more. >> the last duo to hit the stage, anne hathaway and james franco in 2011 got mixed reviews, but who would make up a team, how about amy poeler and tina fey. or bff's j. lo and amy schummer. >> that was abc's sara haines. how about you and i? >> i am not as funny as you are. >> coming up another check of the forecast. >> stepping outside, sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport, meteorologist, david murphy, has an update from accuweather. from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®
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(gong) marinate your steak with kikkoman to enhance its juicy, natural essence. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) people in one orlando neighborhood are on the lookout
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for an 8 foot long king cobra identical to this one escaped from his home a mile from an elementary school. they are urging residents to stay calm. >> after talking to t ing to ti, he is confident that the name is close to his home that say wooded area. >> one bite can kill an elephant. >> hope some elephants are watching now. important news. where you just came back from. >> south africa where it's winter, i had five players on it was 52 degrees. i was lucky to be able to go. nice to be back with you guys that is for sure. now plenty of dry conditions, hazy sunshine building in and lets look at the action cam, and
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our brilliant team of photographers making it look so nice out, you want to be near water when it's feeling sticky and humid, 89 in philadelphia, not overly sticky but 65 is a fairly humid number and as we look at satellite, not a lot of pronounced cloud cover and showers popping out near pittsburgh, some areas could get a shower or thunderstorm but most stay dry and the hazy sunshine say part of things for the rest of the afternoon. it started sunday with heat wave number five and yesterday 93 and today we'll repeat that many a four day heat wave officially right now, and a couple of degrees added to the temperature we'll be in heat wave number five-day five. 92 in trenton and reading and
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down the shore not quite so hot, upper 80s but as you take a closer look there is an afternoon sea breeze and the water is warm and the numbers are a bit better, you go south toward ocean city and sea isle city and cape may the humidity is higher, your temperatures may not be quite as bad, it still feels up comfortable with the higher dew points. 94 by 5:00 and the high of 95 comes in at 4:00, and 7:00 upper 80s and 74 for an overnight low and still humid overnight. we have a back door front, they don't come from the west but drop down from new england, notice how the winds tomorrow will be from the northeast, not as hot. we'll lower that number to 87, the problem is the front won't come through fast enough to
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lower the humidity so sticky and not as hot and the front sliding to the south for the weekend, and a thunderstorm or shower popping from philadelphia north and west but it doesn't look like most of you will see that. some of your lawns probably want it. hot and humid today and 95 and 87 tomorrow and sticky but not as hot, a spotty storm here or there. and then the front is down to the south in time for the holiday weekend and it gets good on saturday. sunny and warmer and 84 degrees and and if you have tickets to temple and penn state, are you looking good. i'll go 88 on sunday and some think we may hit 90. still sunny and nice though. and by labor day we expect the low 90s and sunny and hot and pretty decent for a holiday weekend and more humid and hotter as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you david. on our people scene, rockers
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avril leavine and chad kroger ae calling it quits. levine married the nickel back front man in july of 2013. here at the big board now, a heads up for parents that use those internet connected baby monitors that live stream video to your tablet and cell phone, a company called rapid 7 find that some of the major brands have major security flaws that leave the door wide open to hackers, they put nine of them to the test giving almost all of them failing grades, they warn that hackers can access your personal information from your wifi network or give them real time control of your device. >> i heard a voice screaming at my daughter wake up baby. >> the makers tell abc news, if
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yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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this is just coming in, we learned that nfl commissioner roger goodell will appeal a judge's ruling, to uphold the collectively bargained ruling to
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protect the game. >> and the eagles are undefeated. now meteorologist david murphy -- so far. >> they may stay that way for a while. stormtracker 6 live double scan has been showing you we are dry as we look at the afternoon, a hot and humid one, 90s from allentown to pottstown and more of the same from philadelphia, down into berlin, you get closer to the shore we have spots holding in the 80s but the farther south, southern new jersey and delaware, the more humid it is going to be ark slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm later today. >> got it david, thank you. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, including a list of the big back to school discounts only for college students. they say if transgender students want to play high school sports they have to be ready to submit to an exam. how he want them to improve
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their gender. and everything you thought you knew about the red and green gummy bears is probably wrong. >> what? >> yes, that is right sara. for david murphy and rick williams, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist stay cool out there. what do a nascar® driver...
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