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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, shark attack. the holiday horror, a kayaker bitten in the waters off malibu. >> we were out there, fishing, it circled us. he had his foot on the side and just got bit. >> the victim airlifted to the hospital. how he's doing this morning. fatal blow. as football season kicks into high gear, a football player's deadly collision on the field. >> just not able to handle it. never prepared. >> the vigil overnight as friends, family and teammates try to understand how a game ended his life. and wild holiday weather. heavy winds and rain battering parts of the southeast. dangerous lightning filling the sky. this college game was canceled.
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your all-important labor day forecast is on the way. and tainted tradition. the annual west point pillow fight turning ugly. dozen cadets injured. what was stuffed into those pillow cases, how the prestigious military academy is responding this morning. hey, good morning, everybody. and yet again this morning, we have fresh and dramatic pictures coming in from europe, new developments in that refugee crisis. thousands of families now arriving in austria and in germany. >> you can see the relief on a lot of their faces. they were welcomed by cheering locals. it's going to get complicated in the days ahead. >> because there are more on the way and not everybody is happy to see them. we'll be talking about that coming up. but we'll start here with
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the severe weather on this holiday weekend. look at these images out of louisiana, lightning forcing the cancellation of the big lsu game. >> and in many parts of the country, we're expecting more dangerous storms today and possible flooding as well. let's get it right over to rob. >> big opening weekend in college football. that game is not going to be made up against mcneese state. storms also across alabama. look at this dramatic surveillance video, heavy storm, with microburst winds, bringing down heavy rain and winds. it did damage. trees down, power lines down, knocking out power there. very, very strong storms there. also in florida, lightning strikes, this is video out of sarasota. on the east side, in hollywood, florida, we had trees down because of winds. a pretty strong cold front makes its way across the upper midwest. minneapolis down to mason city, even central parts of iowa will be under the gun with stormy
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weather. significant amount of rain with this front as it squeezes all that moisture that's built up in the atmosphere. could see 4, 5 inches of rainfall. p flash flood watch that has been posted. we'll talk more about that in about ten minutes. >> lot of unpredictable weather. rob, thank you. we want to turn now to that terrify scene at a beach in california. where a hammer job head shark attacked a fellow kayaker recounting the moment. abc's aditi roy is on the scene for us in malibu. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. some terrifying moments on the beach here. the victim was kayaking about a mile off the coast here when, out of nowhere, a hammerhead shark came out and attacked him. a scary sight on the beach this labor day weekend. a shark attack victim on a stretcher. this view of the emergency lights stunned onlookers and first responders along the
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picturesque coast. 29-year-old dillon mark s was kayaking a mile off the coast of malibu. when a shark took a chunk out of his foot. a friend kayaking with dillon at the time describing the scene. >> it circled us. he had his foot on the side and he got bit. >> reporter: a good samaritan fishing nearby brought them on board his boat. controlled the pleading and took them back to shore. the attack just one week after a great white reportedly chewed off a chunk of this surfer's board in san luis obispo. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: and 300 miles down the coast, kayakers capturing this close encounter. across the country, along north carolina's outer banks, eight swimmers bitten by sharks just this summer. this latest victim in california
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alert and giving a hang loose sign to the camera after he landed at the trauma center. and the good news is, he's going to be okay. and the beach, here, still open for the rest of the holiday weekend. dan. >> also worth noting, that shark attacks are rare. aditi roy, thank you. what also is rare is a pillow fight is making the news this morning, look at these images out of west point. the prestigious military academy. the annual freshman pillow fight is supposed to be a harmless tradition. this year it turned bloody when cadets put hard objects into the pillows. dozens of injuries. now, the investigation. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. mara good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it doesn't get more harmless than a pillow fight, but this particular tradition going back over a century. this year, it went too far. now, west point officials are speaking out. and military police are looking into exactly what happened. this morning, outrage over a seemingly safe tradition turning violent at the prestigious united states military academy at west point.
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the annual pillow fight has helped generations of cadets unwind at the end of a grueling first summer of training. during the spirit event, cadets required to wear helmets to mitigate injuries. but as seen here, many choosing not to, some cadets allegedly going as far as stuffing helmets into their pillows. 30 cadets suffering injuries, including 24 concussions, a broken nose, dislocated shoulder and cheekbone hairline fracture. cadets describing the fight on twitter, as a 1200-man brawl. in a statement to abc news, they said, we never condone any activity that results in intentional injury to a teammate. a military police investigation that began the night of the incident is ongoing." >> it's clear what they're trying to do, the incoming class, pull it together as a class, that in no way justifies
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people being injured. >> reporter: so far, no cadets left the academy as a result of the incident and all of them have returned to duty. all of the injured cadets have since been treated. now, despite this incidents, no future fights have been canceled. west point officials have told "the new york times" the right to build spirit. >> stunning description, 1200-man brawl. >> a spirit-building activity. >> something to decompress not get your head bashed in. mara, thank you. we want to turn now to the race for president. "your voice, your vote." on this holiday weekend, hillary clinton is firing up some words. abc's devin dwyer joining us from the white house this morning. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning, paula. hillary clinton said this weekend is a critical point in the campaign, in her words a turn toward the finish line but to get there, she has to get
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past more questions about her e-mails. >> hello. >> reporter: slumping in the polls, hillary clinton is shaking hands and snapping selfies and swinging at republicans. >> their flamboyant front-runner has grabbed a lot of attention lately. but if you look at everyone else's policies, they're pretty much the same. they're trump without the pizazz or the hair. >> reporter: in new hampshire, clinton is getting more aggressive, challenging donald trump on his treatment of women. >> he sighs he loves women. >> i will take care of women. >> i would rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women. >> reporter: a rallying cry to women for hillary. the democratic front-runner's new outreach effort as she tries to reboot her campaign. >> republicans actually say i'm playing the gender card. well, if calling for equal pay and paid leave and women's health is playing the gender card, deal me in.
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>> reporter: trump wasted no time swinging back at hillary on twitter. "hillary said such nasty things about me, read directly off her teleprompter." but there was no emotion, no truth, just can't read speeches. ." that feud between trump and clinton more personal than ever. both front-runners looking to energize their supporters and hold their lead as they head into the fall. >> thank you, devin. for more on this, let's bring in george stephanopoulos. who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. let me ask you about this, is there a strategic benefit for her to pick a fight with donald trump, given that she's trying to change the subject from this e-mail controversy. >> i think she's trying to make trump the face of the republican party. trump tied in more closely to the rest of the gop. it lets her go on offense. some polls actually show donald trump beating hillary clinton in a head-to-head matchup.
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he's coming off a terrific summer. she's had such a slump. she's trying to rev things up and turn things around. she's playing the women card again. didn't do that enough in 2008. her team knows that was a mistake. >> a big strategic pivot for her this year. let me ask about donald trump and the potential challenge within the republican party for him. politico has a really interesting article up this morning, talking about the potential clash between donald trump and ben carson, the other republican outsider who's surging in the poll. >> what a summer ben carson is having as well. he's second to donald trump in most of the polls. he has been surging. some polls show him tied with donald trump. he's done it a different style. kind of quiet, soft spoken. i don't know if you're going to see a direct clash between the two of them. but what this does show is how much energy in the republican
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party. you got donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina moving up as well. they have no government experience at all. the poll is showing that two out of three republican voters are actually looking for someone with no government experience. not for someone with government experience. >> it's interesting excitement on the left, too, for an outsider, given bernie sanders is a politician but he's definitely more of an outsider than hillary clinton. i want to remind everyone that george has a big show this morning. he'll be grilling republican presidential candidates mike huckabee and the governor of ohio john kasich. now to a grieving community after a high school football player dies from his injuries suffered on the football field. 16-year-old tyrell cameron was rushed to the emergency room but did not make it. there were some reports he broke his neck during the game, but an investigation has been opened into the exact cause of death. overnight, shocked family and friends remembered him at a virgil.
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abc's tai hernandez reports. >> reporter: this friday night high school football game in louisiana ending in tragedy as friends, family and teammates watched 16-year-old tyrell cameron lose his life after a hard hit on what franklin parish coaches call a routine play. >> it was a routine play, we were punting and he was covering the punt and he was going down to cover the kick. he turned into a blocker. >> reporter: cameron's friend and teammate was just coming off the field. >> i just came off the field. i seen everything. i couldn't believe it. it was a hard pill to swallow. >> reporter: the team's coach left to try to bring his team closer together after the fatal accident. >> you know, it's such a tragedy, so unfortunate. but, it's going to bring us together, it's going to make us stronger and we're going to miss him. >> reporter: overnight, that community coming together on the school's football field.
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they say not to remember where he lost his life but where he lived it. >> he's a great player, but an even better person. >> he was like my little brother. he made me happy every day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. >> that's a really sad story. we're going to turn now to those dramatic scenes out of europe, thousands of exhausted refugees arriving in germany overnight. they were greeted by germans holding welcome signs, but not everyone is so welcoming. are reports that police had to chase away neo-nazis from one train situation. abc's alex mar garth reports in from vienna, austria. >> reporter: good morning, dan. heartwarming scenes here this morning as refugees come off of trains from the border. it has been a long and dangerous journey for these refugees. and for many of them here today it's almost over. this morning, throngs of
8:14 am
refugees pouring into the austrian capital. these have just arrived from the train from the border of hungary. they're being greeted by volunteers. team of volunteers with cups of warm tea. tears and smiles after such a grueling trip, this group of young syrians heading to germany, telling us it's the start of a new life. even though you have been traveling for days, you still all are so happy. >> we are. >> reporter: the journey is finished? >> yeah. thank you. >> reporter: this 17-year-old already on the train to germany left syria two weeks ago, saying he wants to finish his studies, and his 9-year-old cousin needs medical treatment. those who have already made it to germany welcomed with cheers and signs. bussed to reception centers in munich where aid workers offered them clothing and food. >> now we are free.
8:15 am
>> reporter: 8,000 refugees have reportedly arrived in germany just since yesterday. they say they'll take in all who come. many more are coming. with no unified european solution to this crisis, germany is leading the way saying, they expect to take in as many as 800,000 people this year. dan, paula. >> fascinating and unfolding situation, alex, thank you very much. let's turn things over to ron. support seems to be growing for that jailed kentucky clerk. >> that's right. good morning to all of you. welcome back, robert. good morning, everyone. we begin with that jailed kentucky clerk, defiant still behind bars, insisting that she will not issue same-sex marriage licenses and as paula said, supporters rallied outside the detention center where clerk kim davis is being held. a federal judge said she'll stay in jail until obeys his order to
8:16 am
issue licenses to same-sex couples. a scare in the air above long island, new york, as two skydivers collided. jumping from a plane on saturday afternoon. police said that one of the jumper's knee hit his partner. the women's reserved parachute deployed fortunately. she wound up landing in a tree. both are expected to survive. and growing concerns this morning by u.s. officials over reports that russia is expanding its military support for the assad regime. in is area. on saturday, secretary of state john kerry reaching out to his russian counterpart, kerry warning, if the kremlin expands its military buildup inside of syria, it could lead to a confrontation with the american-led coalition being put together against isis. and some fan favorites did not provide the nfl's final cut, among them tim tebow and devin still. the philadelphia eagles releasing tim tebow on saturday.
8:17 am
also on the chopping block, devin still who was let go by the cincinnati bengals, still and his 5-year-old captured the hearts of players and fans, while caring for little leah who's in remission. a police officer used to protecting others got some unexpected backup. her name is tammy jones, posting this picture, this teenager offered to stand beside her while she was pumping gas at a gas station. she works at the same department as darren goforth who was gunned down while getting gasoline over two weeks ago. when she asked the boy why, he told her he wanted to make sure she stayed safe. the photograph has already gotten 200,000 shares. >> like her own guardian angel here on earth. that's great, ron.
8:18 am
and by the way -- guardian angels -- and just an angel in general, having so much fun with college football yesterday. >> espn "college gameday" is so much fun, big energy there. just to have college football back in action -- >> is great. we've got rip currents out there, that's an issue. a beach in palace verde has been closed. if you're going to the beach cooling across so cal.
8:19 am
the heat is building. a pleasant day today and tomorrow for the most part across the northeast. but the heat and humidity starts to build. there are rip currents across the northeast beaches, too, be careful as you enjoy the unofficial last weekend of the summer. opposite side of the coast, talk about changing season. snow level 5 to 6 feet. they will take the rain and snow whatever they can get. frost advisories and dropping into the 30s this morning. monsoon thunderstorms across the southwest. of we'll watch this line 67 thunderstorms getting into the southeast and tomorrow we'll see thunderstorms, too. that's what's going on nationally, here's what's shaking where you live. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. double scan is live on sky 6. we have a beautiful morning around the delaware valley. low humidity levels, comfortable
8:20 am
temperatures, just the way we like it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're up to 86 degrees this afternoon slightly above average and then the heat and the humidity builds starting tome, 9 -- tomorrow, 90 degrees, tuesday and wednesday building feeling like 895. nice beach back in the day? . >> i went to venice before it was venice. >> referring to the stone age or -- now both ron and i are in trouble with rob. >> at least i'm not getting the tweets today. >> right. >> exactly. >> for what? >> it does happen. it does happen. >> thank you, ron. thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america" -- house of horrors, two sons allegedly tried to kill their parents in this fancy home. the mom's shocking message to 911.
8:21 am
and how the abc news fixer brought a woman who was thought to be dead back to life. and a weird beer competition, we'll show you the winner up ahead in "pop news." >> is there such a thing as a beer competition that's not weird? >> nope. "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. what is your favorite flavor? vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning
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and coming up on "good morning america" -- two brothers who allegedly tried to kill their parents in their fancy home and burned down the house. we'll have the latest from police, keep it right here. . the latest from police. keep it right here.
8:27 am
>> they rocked into the night on the benjamin franklin parkway at the fourth annual made in america festival continues at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. thousands came to see nick jonas and dozens of other performances and the headliner, beyounce. good morning, 8:27, september 6.
8:28 am
i'm nydia han. shaping up to be another great day for holiday activities. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather, hi chris. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, it is beautiful out here this morning, comfortable temperatures, lots of sunshine, 86 degrees down the jersey shore. 90 tomorrow, humid tuesday and wednesday, heat wave number 6 should end wednesday afternoon. the pattern changes a little bit and we'll see cooler numbers by week's end. nydia. >> that's it for "action news" be we'll be back for -- in a half-hour. i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese.
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ng she's excited to start her first day at kindergarten. she's adorable. she had a gopro camera to catch those adorable moments. the first day of school is always filled with so many emotions for parents. it's like, yes, they're finally out of the house. because they were driving me crazy this summer. then you realize, they're growing up. i am, i tear up every september. >> i remember my first day of kindergarten. i cried a lot. >> you did? >> yes, i cried a lot did the kids tease you. yeah. they used to call me hard head
8:31 am
danny. they used to break crayons over my head. >> and you hate crayons to this day. also coming up, we have seen the abc news fixer solve a lot of tough problems, but this one may be the hardest, bringing a woman back to life. this woman -- the government insisted she was dead. how the fixer did this coming up. but we're going to start here with a shocking story unfolding outside of atlanta. >> two brothers who allegedly tried to kill their parents and then burn down the house. the mother making a frantic call to 911. abc's phillip mena is here with all of the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say both parents severely injured in the attack at the hands of their sons. this morning, those brothers are in jail facing aggravated assault and arson charges. this morning, georgia police investigating an attempted murder within the walls of this atlanta-area mansion. yvonne ervin calling 911 for
8:32 am
help as her own sons attack her and her husband. >> she stated to our 911 operator that her sons were trying to kill her and her husband. >> reporter: she was able to make that call thanks to her husband zachary, badly wounded as he kept sons cameron and christopher at bay. >> she told the 911 operator that her husband was distracting the sons and she was able to call. >> reporter: along this street of manicured lawns -- neighbors stunned to see the father badly bleeding in front of his home. >> he was moving slightly, but he wasn't in good shape at all. >> reporter: this morning, police are not commenting on a possible motive for why this seemingly picture-perfect family has been torn apart. and police also allegedly the gas line had been cut, suspecting the sons tried to burn the house down, too. those brothers are cooperating with police but being held in jail without bond. paula, dan. >> bizarre story. >> very, very bizarre. we want to send things back to ron and you're tracking one of our lead stories about the shark attack.
8:33 am
good morning to all of us. good morning to you. we begin with that shark attack off the coast of california, a ten-foot-long hammerhead shark took a bite out of a man kayaking near malibu. he was fishing with a friend when four giant sharks started circling him. he's expected to be okay. a federal court has upheld arizona's landmark immigration policy. allowing police to check the status of anybody they stop. the judge ruled that immigration rights activist failed to show that police would enforce the law differently for hispanics than for other people. and a big search resumes up and down the california coast for a blue whale, the whale was spotted friday in the channel between catalina island and the mainland. and finally, what a way to kick off the college football season. watch this.
8:34 am
this is tanner from byu, throws a hail mary pass. >> hail mary! >> he's a backup freshman, by the way. >> amazing. >> 42 yards for the touchdown. final score, 33-28. byu over the nebraska cornhuskers. the cornhuskers had won 29 straight games to start the season. that record is now over. quite a day for the freshman. >> and they did it in nebraska which is more even impressive. >> doug flutie-esque. i made a sports reference. >> bc over florida state? >> well, now, you're asking me questions over that. >> they're hurting in lincoln. that's for sure. mike riley, the new coach there,
8:35 am
not the way to start. >> reporter: jersey shore bring it baby, temperatures around 80 degrees, it's going to be a gorgeous day, a gorgeous weekend for the most part. there will be rip current issues, be careful out there. i didn't look at the actual temperatures, the data, i want swimming last week, got to be in the mid 70s across the atlantic city ocean. long branch, new jersey, 79 degrees, miami beach, 90 degrees. tropical storm grace heading in the direction. u.s., it will run into the same obstacles as danny and erika did, a lot of winds sheer. we'll keep you posted on that.7n
8:36 am
states. we have clear skies and low humidity levels, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 86 degrees this afternoon, delightful day in the city, shore, and the poconos. to you by pepco. hi, sara. >> all will become clear in just a moment. let me tell you what's coming up on this show -- the woman who's celebrating after coming back to life after the abc news fixer in an extraordinary case of identity theft, sara. hey guys, what's going on in here? >> stephanie getting primped for her -- >> it's the abc news fixer. >> yeah. >> she's getting fixed for her shot right now. >> oh, yes, she is. >> bye, guys.
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8:41 am
americans were victims of identity theft in 2012. this week, stephanie zimmermann tackles a tricky problem involving this viewer who had her identity stolen and then needed to be brought back from the dead. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it's the fastest growing consumer complaint in the country, identity theft. millions of americans fall victim each year. like this woman. >> the report showed that i had different kinds of accounts opened under my name. >> reporter: it was several years ago that she discovered that someone had stolen her identity. she quickly alerted the credit bureaus and thought that was it. recently when she needed a copy of her driving record she got the shock of her life. >> i went online, i entered my information and i found out that i was dead. i was dead. >> reporter: maria's old problem of a stolen identity had gotten much worse, somehow she had
8:42 am
been reported as deceased. >> i showed them, this is me, i took my passport. i took my marriage certificate. >> reporter: she told officials that her death may have been related to her brush with identity theft. >> they said, no, we can't do an investigation because she was dead. >> reporter: maria and her husband needed the documentation to adopt a child. >> i wanted to cry. i'm alive. i can't be dead. >> reporter: with officials unable to help her, maria turned to the abc news fixer. the fixer and her team made maria's problem their number one goal -- to slash through the red tape and bring maria back to life. the fixer got the california dmv to talk to the state's health department, they untangled the error and as you can see, maria is very much alive. >> the dmv called me again,
8:43 am
they said, we'll get your information fixed. just like that. very fast. i'm alive. i can start the process of adoption. it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer. >> all right, our abc news fixer, who has a name, stephanie is here. congratulations. good on you for doing this. because she really needed this documentation. >> she did. >> for those of us who have had entanglements with fraud, what are the three things we can do to deal with it? >> right away, contact all of the businesses. then file a police report. then you got to put a fraud alert on your credit so that nothing happens in the future. >> contact the businesses, file a police report and then a credit fraud alert. are there websites you recommend that we should consult? >> there are two websites., get a free credit report every year,
8:44 am
and the second is they have a checklist of the steps you'll need to take. >> great information, great job. stephanie, thank you very much. we appreciate it. and if you a consumer problem, maybe our stephanie our abc news fixer can help her. you can find her at he has already recovered $1.7 million for frustrated consumers. >> and one reclaimed life. >> yes. one resurrection. coming up on "good morning america" -- taylor swift showing off the present that kanye west sent to her after the video music awards. but, the question, does it look familiar? we want you to judge for yourselves. with the one and only sara haines in "pop news." made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance.
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ron's playing the coffee cup there, what you got? >> the dysfunctional family is back together again. more evidence that taylor swift and kanye west have no more "bad blood" between them. >> i got that. >> you got that. taylor shared this photo on her twitter account writing, kanye just sent me these coolest flowers. but some jokingly asking whether those flowers were clipped from that massive rose wall he ordered up for wife kim kardashian for her first mother's day last year. not exactly a traditional bouquet. >> what do you do with a rose wall? it's beautiful. >> you water it. you use it. turn one bedroom into two. >> there you go. i like it. >> the flowers die immediately because the air is polluted. and things got pretty hairy overnight in new york city's coney island at the annual beard
8:49 am
and mustache competition. it was a night to celebrate facial hair. the contestants parading in front of the judges. coney island is all about quirky. and it was easy to find the best in show. this man from hartford, connecticut, for that amazing mustache, and yet, he's got nothing on us. it doesn't even take that long to grow a mustache, people. you can select your -- >> you look like an early president of the united states. >> i like that. >> which one? >> yours is like a biker's mustache, i think. >> mine is so long. >> it's itching, sara? >> it is. it doesn't fit my face. now for a bird who's making our hearts sing, this clever bird is happy to play backup singer to nelly's "dilemma." ♪ i love you ♪ oh
8:50 am
♪ oh >> that was paula. ♪ love you ♪ no matter what i do all i think about is you ♪ ♪ i'm crazy >> extremely talented. and i have actually a little surprise for you. we have a "good morning america" exclusive. a project coming out in march. take a look. ♪ baby baby baby >> yes, you guys, sara's pregnant! >> i did it! ♪ baby baby baby >> and guess what it is, it's a boy! ♪ baby baby >> we're so happy for you, sara. >> we're so happy.
8:51 am
>> can you imagine a more proud mom than sara haines. >> look, everybody, can we get a close-up of this? abc "good morning america." for your little baby. >> this is my first onesie. >> that's not for you. that's for the baby. >> i had no idea. >> that's so awesome. we have been waiting so long for this. >> i know, so have my parents. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations to max. we'll be updating this story all of the way through march and beyond. we'll be back with more "good morning america." hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. we have great news. >> we left one piece of business undone.
8:56 am
this is ron claiborne's grade for you for that "pop news." >> b for baby. >> or boy. >> ron has offered $100 for the baby to be named ron. unclear if that will happen. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. coming up on "action news" this sunday morning. ment jersey shorepoints are crowded with folks enjoying the last days of summer vacation this holiday weekend. >> big tip from big football fans, what one waitress received from fans of a visiting college football team. >> reporter: it's beautiful day, but feeling like july in the exclusive accuweather seven-day
8:57 am
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9:00 a.m. on this sunday september 6. in the news, a firefighters is recovering after getting hurt while battling a blaze that hefty a philadelphia family homeless.
9:00 am
new schedule for the patco line, what you need to know before heading out. >> what a day for football, the owls defeated the nittany lions before a sellout crowd at the linc. but first we're in the middle of a long holiday weekend you couldn't ask for better weather. looking live in atlantic city, the boardwalk is filling up with people before getting busy for another school year. today is a beautiful weekend to bid summer season adieu. >> reporter: if you didn't like yesterday's weather, you're going to hate today. because it's a repeat performance. we'll see sunshine, comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels, there's the view looking back toward the center city skyline. we had numbers dropping into the 50s in most location locations.


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