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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> hat's happening monday september 7. >> a woman is shot with a pelt gun while walking near boathouse row. >> police are verch e searching for a -- police are searching for a driver who took off from a an accident scene in south jersey. >> good morning, everybody, it is monday, labor day, september 7. look who decided to take the day off and join us.
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>> reporter: nydia. it's been a great weekend so far a little hotter, but a nice day out there. you can see a lack of cloud cover some stuff trying to circulate down to the south of philadelphia. 70 in philadelphia. 66 in wilmington. 70 in cape may. the dewpoints are not too bad in most cases. in some spots like philadelphia we're in in the 660s and a lot f spots in the 50s. heading out, clear and comfortable. 66 degrees by 6:00 a.m. 68 by 8 the high today will be 90 around 3:00 p.m. we slide back into the mid 80s by dinnertime tonight. i'll have the phillies call and more heat and humidity will zap us one more time. >> reporter: getting zapped, that's a terrible image, isn't
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it? looking live at the vine. we have all the made in america festival things going on. look for that to be an issue. with the made in america festival otherwise the blue route, schuylkill i-95 in good shape. instead of the benjamin franklin parkway take 676 to fairmont avenue or jfk boulevard instead. we had an accident on the westbound walt whitman bridge at the mid span of the bridge. they are in the process of clearing that out. it should not be a process for you. you're looking gooden 0 the walt whitman bridge. in pennsauken, new jersey, it's a water main break southbound before you hit route 90. look for that to be causing restrictions. matt. >> breaking news, an accident left a number of cars damaged in south philadelphia. the action cam is live on the ten hundred block of south street. sunny this is a tight area of south street. the impact sent the vehicles
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flying into four parked cars. there were no serious injuries, but a lot of wreckage there. breaking, a woman was shot while walking near a trail in fairmont park. several men jumped out and shot the victim with the pelt gun, they believe the attack is random. annie mccormick is live near the scene along kelly drive with more. annie. >> reporter: yeah, matt, that's right, scary moments for the young women who police say was the victim of a random attack along kelly drive. it unfolded at 12:30, while the woman was walking down the trail in fairmont park near the jogging trail on boathouse row. the victim was shot in the leg by a pelt gun. she tells police three to four men jumped out from behind weeds that was near the trail and they
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fled. medics transported the woman to hanheman hospital. she did suffer a graze wounds, but in stable condition. if you have any information you're urged to contact police. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new this morning, one person is hurt following a crash and pursuit in south jersey, the action cam was on the scene on route 55 in mantua township. two vehicles collided and one took off. police pursued the car and lost sight of it near the delaware state line. the other driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. an elderly delaware county woman missing for 24 hours is safe and sound. she left her son's home in villanova saturday night, headed toward glen mills and never made it. she drove into maryland sheriff's office. with cell phone signals police
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tracked her driving back into pennsylvania and montgomery county and delaware county. they caught up with her on state road in upper darby township where the car had a flat tire. >> the radnor police was great. >> without a cell phone we would have had no idea where she was. >> her family said she is tired after being up all night, but otherwise okay. >> a tip on twitter helped septa police respond to trouble on one of their trains. someone tweeted they saw someone doing drugs on a train. septa police chief responded to the train and within 8 minutes they took the suspect into custody. they sent us this picture of the moment they caught caught up with the man. they say it is another example of how people can make a difference by saying something when they see something. students at eastern high school in voorhees return to class days after the tragic
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death of a students, kara lemanowicz passed away in her sleep during a sleepover friday night. hundreds gathered this weekend at the voorhees field to remember her. an autopsy is pending, but investigators say there is no sign of foul play drugs or alcohol. kara would have started her freshman year tomorrow. turk to politics, now, there is no rest this labor day holiday for hillary clinton. she is campaigning in iwith and illinois as she struggles against burnie sanders with the poll. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the campaign trail shows no signs of her concerns about her sliding poll numbers. but her competitors believe she has reason to worry.
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bernie sanders surges ahead of clinton in a new poll that shows him closing in in in iowa. shows clinton behind donald trump in a hypothetical matchup in high with -- iowa. clinton takes aim at the republican field. >> their adam point frontrunner has grabbed a lot of attention. if you look at everyone's policy they are trump without the pizzazz or the hair. >> reporter: another candidate is hopping into the race, harvard law professor is the 6th democrat running for president. >> we have to find a way to elevate the debate to focus on the changes that would get us a government that would work again that is not captured by the
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fraction of one% who runs campaign. >> reporter: he needs to register in the national poll to be included in the primary debates next month. >> tom wolf will spend his day in the labor day parade along columbus boulevard. he may be looking for support in his budget tangle with the gop legislature. schools and social service agencies say they are starting to run out of money. >> 4:38 still more to come on "action news," we're two days away from apple's newest reveal. all signs are turning to an improved iphone. >> the county clerk against the gay same-sex marriage debate is appealing the judge's ruling.
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>> reporter: we have the return of higher heat and humidity just around the corner, the holiday looks good. we'll have all the details coming up for the workweek and the coming weekend just ahead. > many people at the shore
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will be packing it in today as the long holiday weekend draws to a close. thousands celebrated the unofficial end of the summer at the shore over the weekend before heading back to school this week. philadelphia starts this week. >> reporter: it isn't going to feel back to school weather, though. >> reporter: don't head back too soon, though, because we have another nice holiday day out there, today. we are dry and we have conditions at the shore that will be favorable to folks in the water. there's not a big chance of rip currents and plenty of sunshine on the way for labor day down the shore and elsewhere. temperatures currently is 73 degrees on the nose. the dewpoint is up to 66, which indicates slightly humid air, but we've got a lot of 50s out there, as well. it's going to be a tad humid,
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but not a bad day. satellited shows you no significant cloud cover. the highs will be 90s like yesterday, really. 88 by 2:00. high of 90 around #-- 3:00 p.m. 90 in allentown. 91 in reading. 90 in philadelphia. close to 90 in trenton and wilmington. 86 in millville. down the shore we're going for the mid 80s. as i mentioned at the top of the broadcast, we do not expect a big problem with rip currents. still a good idea to swim near the lifeguards and listen for the whistles. 83 in surf city. mid 80s in atlantic city and surf city. # 7 in the water off atlantic city. and 76 over rehoboth beach and bethany beach and similar numbers in sea isle anticipate
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cape may. enjoy yourself if you're down the shore. for the phillies 7 7:85. 81 degrees for the first pitch, 75 in the 9th inning. high pressure to the south slides to the east. there's a cold front well out to the west, that will be too far away to do much to us, but it will increase the flow out of the southwest and from the southwest we'll draw in the humid air. it will be hot and humid tomorrow. it's nice we're holding that back until after the holiday weekend is over. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and hot today, you'll need cool drinks at the barbecue and pool and everywhere else. 90 is the high. tomorrow, hot and stickier. 94 degrees, pretty much a sizzler. wednesday, 92. if we manage three straight days of 90 or better. it's heat wave number 6.
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doesn't last all that long. thursday, we're in the 0s, that cold front gets closer to us and triggers a shower or heavy thunderstorm thursday afternoon. friday, warm, humid, 85 degrees, as we try to ease the humidity out of town. might be a lingering shower or thunderstorm. saturday, 8 # degrees partly sunny and sunday, partly sunny, 82. >> a kentucky county clerk has appealed a judge's decision to lock her up for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she also against same-sex marriage for religious reasons. the a federal judge ordered davis to issue the licenses but she refused. her deputy clerks began issuing the licenses to gay couples on friday. refugees are continuing to flock to western europe,
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thousands arrived in munich, germany. officials say they are well prepared to handle the arrivals, but they need help from other german states for many people arriving in such a short period of time. meanwhile, alls tree i -- austra will roll back measures that will allow refugees to go over the border. apple in the past has been an updated iphone. some believe there will be a chip increasing iphone speed and graphics. chipotle is going on a hiring blitz for national career day. the ceo said even as it opens more restaurants fewer candidates are applying for the open jobs. stock markets are closing
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all three indices closed out the week in negative territory. aaa said gas prices have been falling since june. the national average is 2.40. philadelphia is 2.47 that's a dollar less than a year ago. the last time they were this low is back in 20004. >> fooz -- good news for all those folks heading home. friends and family bid a final farewell today to a an illinois police officer shot in the line of duty. plus a cheetah causes panic after it escapes from it's enclosure. blinds to go's
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we're not problem-free on the roads, that's for sure. we have an accident catch catch avenue a false road a couple of minutes ago watch for this you'll see restrictions right there. no issues on the schuylkill expressway westbound at montgomery, but we have a problem because of the made in america festival they are doing cleanup, they have temporarily blocked all lanes on the schuylkill before spring garden westbound before the schuylkill all lanes temporarily blocked
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while they do cleanup. we have an accident 10th and south street. so a lot happening at this early hour. don't forget we have the benjamin franklin parkway shut down at this point in the inner drive and that's between 20th and eakens oval. stick to 676 fairmont avenue or jfk boulevard. otherwise you have the blue route, schuylkill i-95 moving in nice shape, nydia. >> officials at the indianapolis zoo want to know how a cheetah escaped from its encloser. they issued a code red and staffers found and tranquilized the cheetah. it was behind a barrier that kept away from the public. keith cheetahs will be kept out of the exhibit while officials investigate. a police officer who was gunned down in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. he was shot and killed last week
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while pursuing three suspicious men in fox lake. while not being specific, investigators say they have recovered a new piece of significant evidence from the crime scene. he leaves behind a wife and four sons and well-known figure in his community. >> tom brady said it's time to move on from deflate gate. making public comments for the first time time since winning his appeal. he is preparing for the nfl season opener with pittsburgh. >> it's been a long 7 months for everybody, i think now the goal is to focus on what my job is what i need to do to help our team win. >> brady thanked his family and friends and patriot owner robert craft for support. one person will be missing from
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the game, roger goodell who lost the appeal. the eagles need a new third string quarterback after releasing tim tebow. firefighter suits up to run a full marathon. more on his mission when "action news" continues. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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monument looks like christmastime, doesn't it. the labor day parade takes place around there later this morning, it is 71 degrees on city avenue. >> the woman who survived a shooting that claimed the lives of two journalist on live television may be heading home, soon. new pictures of vicky gardener shows her sitting up and smiling from her hospital belt. she also shot during a live interview with allison parker and photographer adam ward last month. parker and ward died from their injuries. the gunman eventually took his on life. a southwest philadelphia church used it's annual block party to kick start it's celebration of the world meeting of families. they also it's not being catholic, but about building strong families. >> what we have in common we love god and we want to carry out principles of loving mankind
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and being better citizens and great christians. many plan to attend the world meeting of families later this month. >> firefighters in wisconsin took unrunning -- took running a marathon to a who new level running in firefighter gear adding an extra 35 pounds of equipment. he was going to run a half marathon, but decided to do the full race. >> i had to dig deep and push through it for other people. i have a lot of people supporting me. it's been a good experience. >> he ran to raise money an organization that provides temporary housing to young or expectant mothers. >> that's a good way to lose weight. >> i don't think it compares to labor though. >> coming up in the next half-hour, a minnesota dentist
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returns to work after killing a much loved lie -- loin you lion in zimbabwe. >> consideration
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is 5 a.m., monday, september 7, labor day. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> a skate boarder was struck and killed in montgomery overnight. >> the search is on for at that man who seemed to have randomly shot a woman on a trail near kelly drive early this morning. >> tens of thousands fill the benjamin franklin parkway for the made in america festival. now it's time to clean up. >> it's time for another heat wave. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we're looking at clear skies across the region, maybe a few clouds out there. but it looks like another day for sunglasses and sunscreen. 70 in philadelphia. 64 in wilmington.


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