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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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killed two people in center city. we're live with the details. >> the search is on for a man who randomly shot a woman on kelly drive this morning. >> tens of thousands music fans hit the benjamin franklin parkway for the made in america festival, now it's time to clean up. it is time for the accuweather forecast and traffic with karen and david. >> reporter: i have a sliver of moon over there, we'll have sunshine up over the horizon. a couple of clouds well to the south of philadelphia. those are thinning out, it looks like another mostly sunny day, 70 in philadelphia. 65 in wilmington. 62 in trenton. we're at the 6:00 a.m. hour holding on to the 50s in reading and lancaster. cool and comfortable in a lot of area just a little bit humid here and there. generally speaking comfortable. as we go through the day, 68 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 83 and by 3:00 p.m. we'll get a high of 9 on the that's two degrees better than
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yesterday's high of 88. it will be on the hot side sunny, you'll need the cool drinks and the shady breaks, but generally speaking the humidity behaves itself and it is a nice labor day. things change tomorrow in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast higher heat and higher humidity. i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: you can see the police presence at this horrible accident involving two pedestrians and a taxi cab. a fatal accident police blocking all lanes at broad and arch. if you're in the area, stick to are 15th and 13th. let's look at the other problems we have through the area. that's the accident at broad and arch we've been following. there's another at 10th and south. look for that there. spring garden westbound they have temporarily blocked all lanes just before the schuylkill expressway. watch for that they are doing the cleanup for made in america festival. they have all lanes blocked on spring garden. the inner drivings of the benjamin franklin parkway raiments closed with the cleanup
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of made in america festival. you have that restriction out there right now. looking live at i-95 here we are at cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. you can see the light volume we have on this holiday. you get a hint of the fog reducing visibility watch that coming back from the shore, especially in some areas we see less than a mile. >> let's get to the breaking news, a taxi cab struck and killed two people in center city. annie mccormick is live at the scene north broad and afternoon streets. what do we know, annie? >> reporter: matt, that's right, two pedestrians were killed after being hit by a taxi cab earlier this morning. take a look behind me. it is an active police scene at the intersection where it happened at 4:30, that's at broad and arch in front of city hall. police are out here, the accident investigation division is out of here, what we know at
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this time one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the second was rushed to the hospital, but pronounced dead a short time later. we are told that the taxi driver did stop nearby the scene. all the roads are closed around the area, as investigators remain out here on the scene at this time. again, taking a look the police lights, the police tape we're on broad street right now, it is closed for at least several blocks around here, while they remain out here, they could be out here for another hour or two. like we said one person was pronounced at the scene the other at the hospitalful we're learning more information we'll bring to you once it becomes available. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> also breaking another accident overnight, a vehicle struck and killed a skate boarder in montgomery county in plymouth township late last night. the skateboarder was a man in
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his 20s. the driver stopped nearby. the deadly accident is under investigation. breaking, philadelphia police are investigating why and how a bunch of people managed to flip a car on to its side in center city early this morning. witnesses say they saw a bunch of people turning the car over at 4th and lumbard at 3:00 a.m. and then they all ran off. nobody was hurt and so far it is unclear who did it and why. >> we continue to watch a developing story a woman shot in fairmont park near boathouse row early this morning. the woman was walking on a trail at kelly drive at 12:30 a.m. several men jumped out from the weeds. they shot her in the leg with a pellet gun and ran away. the woman is in stable condition at hanheman hospital. a vigil was held last night to honor a man killed outside a concert on south street. the action cam was on south and
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dire street where people paid tribute to john green. the shooter remains on the loose. police say there were a lot of people when the shooting took place. they are asking anyone who saw anything to please come forward with information. happening today vice president beau joe biden will bn pittsburgh, we'll join the afl-cio president for the parade there. joe biden is waying a run for president and will make his decision later this month. cleanup is underway as tens of thousands of people rocked out at the made in america festival. front loaders hauled way piles of trash from the benjamin franklin parkway. the performer known always the weekend headlined last night's show. jay-z organized the annual festival, his wife headlined
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saturday night. if you're heading home from the shore you'll have plenty of company on the road. 30.4 million drivers will be on the road the most in seven years. the best time to drive home the morning the earlier the better. if you're thinking of putting off the road trip until tomorrow, that may not be a good idea. you could run into a double doles of traffic do to other extended vacationers and work day commuters. >> gas prices are unusually low. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we have no precipitation out there, as you look outside, very little cloud cover, as well. sunny skies building across the region this morning staying sunny as we roll through labored. 57 degrees in allentown, upper 50s in reading and lancaster and millville. cool and comfortable in a lot of neighborhoods this morning. philadelphia is up to 70 where you get the radiant heat
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overnight from all the concrete. 59 at the airport in atlantic city. might be humid as the sun comes up and you start walking around. not too bad, and similar to yesterday. satellite reinforcing all that sun, you'll need your shades heading out i-95 and the pennsylvania turnpike and other heys and byways today. 9 os in the lehigh valley. mostly sunny. down the shore, lots of sun and pleasant. 85 degrees is the high there. we're not looking at a risk of rip currents in the water. it's a good idea to swim near the lifeguards. it's going to be a nice day on the beach and in the water with ocean temperatures in the upper 70s. we have some readings on some buoys, 76, 77 degrees. in philadelphia, the humidity behaving itself for the most part, high of 90 degrees today.
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you'll need cool drinks or shady breaks if you're outside. 86 by 11:00. 2:00 p.m., 88. 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees before we slide back to 87 at 5:00 p.m. warm all the way. for the phillies, 81 degrees for the first pitch. 73 in the 9th inning, mainly clear and nice night for the phillies and the braves. tomorrow is a lot of head back to work it's going to be hotter and humid. we get a humid flow out of the southwest and cold front is out to the southwest encouraging that flow. it will heat us up and make us more humid. today sunny and hot, 90 stay safe please. hot and humid on tuesday, 94 and sticky on wednesday, 892.
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if we manage the three straight days of 90 or better. it will be our 6th heath wave. wednesday a front approaches kicks in the clouds and we hold in the 80s on thursday, that's the potential of strong showers and thunderstorms. still warm and humid friday, settling back to comfortable conditions as we head into the weekend. >> 6:09. the hunter two gunned down a famed lion during an african safari is ready to get back to work and insists he did nothing illegal. >> another drone falls out of the sky at a college football event. >> reporter: visibility is an issue in one or two places, we'll talk about that coming up. >> we'll reveal the number one rule to keep your marriage in good standing. i don't know what it is, it is coming up. >> back to our breaking news
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right now, sky6 live hd camera from temple university has a live view right now. this is a tragic accident in center city that left two pedestrians dead. our and is on the scene.
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apparently a taxi cab hit two people, one person died at the scene. another person died a short time later. the taxi driver stopped nearby. it's a tragic situation in center city broad and arch street. >> karen will continue our coverage here. >> reporter: a horrible accident scene happened at 4:30, annie mccormick live on the scene telling us they have the area surrounded out. you saw the police officers working out there. they have to do the accident investigation. it could take a while even though the accident itself happened at 4:30. avoid broad and arch. you see police officers on the scene with that one. we have issues that have been popping up this is the day you don't expect problems early in the morning on the labor day holiday. nonetheless we have conshohocken avenue all lanes blocked with the downed pole and wires. 130 southbound near route 90 we have a water main break.
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we have the accident at broad and arch, also 10th and south, an accident there, as well. a number of issues out there currently this morning. let's take a live look at the schuylkill expressway, the main roads are looking good. this is the schuylkill expressway at city avenue not seeing any problems right here. you get a hint of fog in the area, bringing up the visibility reports it's .3 in trenton. one mile in beach haven. it was less than a mile a little bit ago. that's improved. 2.4 in atlantic. ten miles in philadelphia. not causing a problem there. as we go to the waze app with the commuter traffic report we have people reporting fog on the atlantic city expressway, a lot of people coming back from the holiday weekend. if you're staying out there today no problem, if you're coming back today you have fog reported in hammonton. a pregnant woman and 13-year-old girl were among 6 people when a race car crashed during a rally in northwestern
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spain. 13 others injured. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. the minnesota dentist whose killing cecil the sparked -- lion sparked a global backlash, he said he acted legally and disputed reports he tracked the animal for 40 hours after shot it after first wounding it. he said he killed cecil with an arrow the next day. although zimbabwe vowed to andeg from them. a drone crashed at the university of kentucky football game. the drone was owned by a student
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and the police have talked to the other than. last week a drone crashed at the tennis women's match at the u.s. open. >> parents are doing a better job keeping their safe from household medicines. >> reporter: plenty of sunshine for labor day don't forget the sunscreen at the picnic the pool or outdoor job. i will be back with the day planner forecast and let you know where temperatures are going. >> first, tech bytes. >> reporter: tech bytes, apple's next generation smart phone will allow users to control the device by applying varying amounts of pressure to the screen. it's featured on the latest macbook and apple watch. galaxy tablet, the tech giant released an 18.4-inch screen. no word on the availability or pricing for the device.
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facebook may be hurting your relationship with your significant other. a new york therapist say couples who unfriend each other on the social network will stay together longer. those are your tech bytes.
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>> beachgoers in cape cod tried to save a beached shark over the weekend by pouring water on it. water life officials said it was injured or sick when it beached itself yesterday. it died a short time later. it was identified as a great white. >> reporter: we have another new accident coming in. i thought today would be an easier traffic day. so many problems out there. this one in douglass township wilson avenue at nol lane. that's the latest accident. meanwhile, don't forget mass transit is on a holiday schedule as you head out the door early
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monday morning. >> reporter: we have a transit forecast, 70 degrees by 9:00 a.m. in the 60s in most neighborhoods. zooming up to 83 by noon. the high today will be the # 0-degree reading at 3:00 p.m. just a couple of degrees hotter than yesterday, similar conditions, maybe a little bit humid but generally speaking humidity behaves itself. looking across the country, the big area of concern is out around chicago and saint louis, where a cold front is coming through later. it's choppy down in florida. at the airport we have all granny aircraft. cloudy at o'hare and orlando. but so far so good for the early flights. nydia and matt. brand new on "healthcheck," research released this morning suggests parents are doing a better job keeping medicines out of the hands of young children.
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emergency room visits of children who swallowed medicine has declined. bad reactions meant for kids and given by parents increased at the same time. stamford and harvard business school say workplace stress is as harmful to your health as secondhand smoke. fear of losing your job or doing a job you don't like puts strain on your health. while there are programs, of course to address smoking and exercising and indict, -- diet, very few deal with stress on the job. chip kelly signed a third string quarterback, stephen morris who was never drafted and yet to play in a regular nfl season game. he spent the last year on the jacksonville jaguar practice
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squad. however his numbers were not better than tebows. he played college ball at the university of miami. the phillies host the braves at home after getting swept by the red sox over the weekend. david ortiz hits his 497th rear homer and 200th at fenway park. atlanta comes to town with a 12 game losing streak. serena williams marched toward a grand slam yesterday. her opponent in the quarter finals will be her sister convene -- venus, she has won 16 against venus including a match at wimbledon. a woman's stroll in
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fairmont park turns nightmare issue when a group of men ambush her early this morning. >> 6:25n
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update on our breaking news story. sky6 live hd looking down broad street where there was a pedestrian accident. two people were killed struck by a taxi cab. annie mccormick will have a live report in a few moments.
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karen rogers is following the traffic aspect. officials at the indianapolis zoo want to know how a cheetah escaped. stafferrers found the -- staffers found the cheetah an hour later. cheetahs will be kept out the exhibit while officials investigate. a muslim flight attend said an airline discriminated against her saying she was suspended from express jet because she refused to serve alcohol. she said it's against her islamic faith too much she converted two years ago. she said the airline gave her an exception but then a co-workers filed an complaint against her. >> the saga of pope bot stopped by bryn mawr hospital for a special visit at the new baby nursery.
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preston and steve show created pope bot after hitch bot was destroyed in philadelphia. so far people across the region have treated pope bot with respect and wonder. >> don't like bathing or showering, one guy says you don't have to do either. >> this soap bot has not taken a shower for a long time. s story is later on "action news."
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do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. people are dead after being struck by a taxi cab in center city. we're live with details. >> an elderly woman missing for nearly 24 hours is found safe. how police were able to track her down. >> the unofficial summer season is coming to an end as the delaware and lehigh valleys prepare for heat wave number 6
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this week. good morning, 6:30, monday, labor day, tam is off, nydia han joins us let's go to david and karen for weather and traffic. >> reporter: you see any lack of significant cloud cover. satellite is mirroring that. we'll remain mostly sunny. cool and imhrvel -- comfortable in reading and lancaster. same thing this millville. 69 in the boardwalk in cape may for your early morning stroll. as we roll through the day, 68 by 8:00. noon, 83. the high just a little bit hotter than yesterday, high of 90 around 3:00 p.m. we hit 88 yesterday and humidity should remain relatively slow so pretty much if you like liked yesterday you'll like today. that's the story. today, though, heat and humidity climbed back up there, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. karen, for now, what are the
6:31 am
roads looking like? we have serious problems on the roads we continue to follow this fatal accident involving two predecessors and taxi cab in center city. with the sky6 live hd we can see a number of police officers on the scene, annie mccormick is reporting live and telling us broad street is closed in both directions at arch. a number of workers on the scene. they have to do an accident investigation as well it could be closed for a while. it happened at 4:30, use 15th or 13th to avoid broad and arch. a number of police officers out there right now. spring garden westbound they had all lanes trolley blocked while they do the made in america festival cleanup. the accident 10th and south has cleared, that was causing problems, 10th street moving better now. the benjamin franklin parkway the inner drive remains closed while they continue to clean up for made in america festival that's between 20th and eakens oval. avoid that area and expect
6:32 am
delays. as we are scanning our cameras, evident on 42, creek road we expect more volume today with people taking labor day off. right now we're dealing with fog, ten miles at philadelphia international, but reduced to a half mile in a couple of spots. >> let's go back to the story you mentioned off the top. a taxi cab struck and killed two people this morning in the area of broad and arch where "action news" reporter, annie mccormick joins us live with the story. >> reporter: matt i want to take you to the scene behind us that remains a crime scene, caution tape has roped off that area of broad and arch. investigators from the accident investigation division are working on the scene with philadelphia police officers that initially responded out here. take a look at the video from when we arrived on the scene
6:33 am
earlier. this happened around 430 -- 4:30 one person died at the scene, the second pedestrian was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead, as well. the cab driver did stop nearby and we are told the cab driver has been taken to the hospital. at this hour we have no word on his condition. now, back out here live you can see the areas at broad and arch in front. city hall that are closed down, it's expected to be closed for another hour or two, they have not released any of the identities of the people hit or the identity of the cab driver. we did zoom in on the scene, the cab driver was brought to the hospital, as well. no word on his condition. live from center city. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, anne, it's been a crazy night and morning when it comes to accidents.
6:34 am
police are testing a driver for dui after leaving a trail ever wreckage along south street. the action cam was along the 1000 block of south street. the impact sent vehicles flying into four parked cars. no serious accidents with this accidents. the mystery surrounding this car that was flipped on its side in center city this morning. a group of people were gathered around the car pushing it on to its side and running away. nobody was hurt. police are searching for those who vandalized the vehicle. >> we continue to watch a developing story, a woman shot in fairmont park near boathouse row walking on a trail near kelly drive at 12:30 when several men jumped out from the weeds. they shot her in the leg and ran away. the woman is in stable condition at hanheman hospital.
6:35 am
police believe it was a random act. one person is on the mend after an accident following a chase in south jersey. police say two vehicles collided and one took off. police pursued the car but lost sight of it near the delaware state line. the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital in stable condition. an elderly delaware county missing for # 1 hours is safe and sound this morning, will i n margolis left her son's home and got lost, she drove to the maryland county sheriff's office, she was tracked by her cell phone. she was found on state road in upper darby township. >> especially the radnor police were great all the other agencies that helped.
6:36 am
>> the cell phone was everything on this. without a cell phone we would have no idea where she was. >> reporter: her family said she is tired after being up all night, but otherwise okay. >> developing overseas, refugees from the war-torn middle east continue to pour into europe and several counties are welcoming them with help. when they arrived in germany a group was holding welcome signs. refugees were traveling through hungry where they had been stranded for days as european leaders decided how to handle the surge. pope francis is calling for refugees to be taken into convents, monasteries and churches. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf will spend part of his labor day in philadelphia. he will take part of the afl-cio
6:37 am
labor day parade along columbus boulevard. he is looking to untangle the gop ledge -- legislature that left the state without a budget since july 1. 30,000 tickets to see pope francis in philadelphia will be given out tomorrow starting at noon for the world of meeting of families westbound sight. they are first come first serve. >> reporter: the popular place to be for this holiday weekend, the jersey shore was the place
6:38 am
to be for the last weekend of summer. don't forget the thousands trying to catch that one last ride before they head back to school. >> everyone is basically back to school tomorrow. >> reporter: i think my kid is wednesday, he'll get a one daybreak out of the heat, yeah. storm tracker 6 live shows we're dry, a little ground clutter around reading an lancaster, that's not rain. as we look outside, we have bright blue skies buildings across the region including south along the shore and across philadelphia. a gorgeous day building. it's been a nice weekend. the temperature in philadelphia has dipped to 69 degrees, the dewpoint down to 65. maybe a tad humidity if you start doing early exercise, but not too bad overall. the winds out of the west at #. the barometer is steady. the satellite and radar shows you how there's a significant lack of cloud cover sunshine getting ready to build you mean of sunglasses his all around
6:39 am
today. 68 by 8:00. 88 is the high from yesterday. today we'll add a couple of degrees and go to 90. we'll see that at 3:00 p.m. humidity behaving i felt for the most part -- itself for the most part. hot in allentown, 90. 91 in reading. 86 in millville. down the shore it's the mid 80s, a closer look shows mid 70s in the water with a low chance of rip currents today. swim near the lifeguards, but it looks like it will be a nice one on the beach. 83 in surf city, sea isle and cape may, 84. pretty much the same story in rehoboth beach and points south. 76 in the ocean water off rehoboth beach. for the phillies tonight if this is the way you're wapg up nor -- wrapping up for holiday weekend, nice night for baseball.
6:40 am
83 first pitch, 79 in the 9th inning. we have a southwesterly flow that will increase the heat and the humidity tomorrow. enjoy today tomorrow it gets stickier. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 90, sunny and hot. hot and humid on tuesday, 94 degrees there. and 92, sticky on wednesday. if we manage three straight days of 90 degrees or better, it's heat wave number 6. it ends on thursday, the cold front gets closer and increases the clouds and bop the temperatures down into the 80s, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms thursday a day to watch. friday humid a lingering shower, nice again for saturday. timing is everything. >> we've had nice weekends. a shocking story out of atlanta. two brothers are behind bars after police say they tried to kill their parents. >> family and friends will say a final goodbye to police
6:41 am
officers who was murdered while investigators claim they were making progress in findings his killers. >> reporter: we have fog you can see it on 202 near chadds ford. details on the fog and a few accidents in the area coming up. forget the so many and bath gel, one man said spraying live bacteria on your skin is all you need to keep clean. binge eating disorder or b.e.d. isn't just over-eating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. and, i learned that b.e.d. is the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. when i binged, i felt completely out of control. i would eat really, really fast and eat so much
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during my binges. it was very upsetting. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor.
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>> good morning, everyone, 6:43 an update on our breaking story
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one of several we're following. a steaks cab struck two people in center city philadelphia. that intersection has reopened. >> karen has been watching this and has more. >> reporter: that's right, we've had closures since 4:30 when this accident happen. the police allowing traffic through on broad street. it's been a busy morning on a day when you wouldn't expect a lot of traffic problems. one accident in norristown wilson avenue at knoll lane. an accident in conshohocken brought down poles and wires. another thing we are notice noticing is the fog. route 100 at pottstown pike. watch for fog through parts of the area right now. on the commuter traffic report with the waze app we found people along the garden state parkway talking about fog. this one near whitesville road at toms river.
6:45 am
an issue coming back from the shore early on holiday morning. the fog has spread .3 in beach haven. in between the reporting sites causing problems in burlington and ocean county. half mile in trenton. 1.5 in millville. not as bad at philadelphia international, 7 miles visibility. temperature-wise 69 degrees. we had a break this weekend with temperatures in the upper 80s, but we're going back to the 90s in september. the first four days all in the 90s, temperatures over ten degrees above average. the warmest start in 42 years. sending kids back to school and starting another heat wave. >> this is a live picture from belgium where thousands of farmers are protesting the slumping prices they are getting for milk and pork. that might be from tear gas police are shooting at them. they are demanding the european
6:46 am
to take action and counter the dipping prices. they arrived on hundreds of tractors driving through the streets of brussels, snarling traffic and honoring -- honking there are horns in anger. outside the eu the farmers are being heard. family and friends and police officers from across the country are going to the funeral of a slain officer who was on a foot pursuit when he was shot and killed. police say they are examining what they call a significant piece of evidence from the crime scene. no arrests have been made. two brothers accused of trying to kill their parents are expected to appear in court sometime this week. police arrested the 17-year-old and 22-year-old in the suburb of
6:47 am
atlanta georgia. christopher and cameron stabbed their father and mother. when the police arrived they detected an odor of gas and found the main gas line was tampered with. police are looking into a motive for the crime. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. >> this guy claims a spray on product will make taking a shower a thing of past. >> reporter: well, karen was talking about how we've been really hot so far in september with temperatures running above average. that's the case again today. i'll have the day planner forecast coming up next.
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>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> i don't think we've ever done one of these with tom yamas who joins us live from the "g.m.a." studio. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: matt, nydia, good morning to you. holiday heat wave record highs and major flood flash flooding e midwest. rob marciano tracking it. an ambush attack on two police officers in las vegas. one of the officers wounded, the other chasing down the shooter. we'll have the latest details on "g.m.a." new this morning, the minnesota dentist and hunter who
6:51 am
killed cecil the lion is speaking out for the first time why he said he did nothing wrong. plus it's a williams sisters showdown, tennis superstars, venus and serena will be on opposite sides of the net. >> thanks, tom we'll we'll see you in a little bit. >> reporter: i want to show you fog, not too bad in delaware county. that's delaware memorial bridge if you're traveling right now there you're moving okay on i-95. we have the holiday schedule in effect for mass transit. blue route, schuylkill i-95 we're seeing speeds in the 50s, a lot of people sleeping in on labor day. >> reporter: i think they are and planning going out to the
6:52 am
backyard and firing up the grill. the majority of the day will be sunny. cool and comfortable in the northern and we wish suburbs. a lot of places in the berks county in the 50s. and pretty much the same to her in south jersey, and mainly 60ss in delaware. if you're heading out later on, keep the cool drinks handy and the sunscreen. 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees that's the high today a couple of degrees hotter than yesterday. nydia and matt. >> a massachusetts company things showering every day is s. they are selling mother dirt which you entree on your skin twice a day. it's supposed to restore the healthy bacteria. it reduces the need for associated press and dethe odor
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just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at >> top stories a taxi cab struck and killed two people in center city this morning at broad and arch. 24-year-old woman was pronounced at the scene. a 25-year-old man died at the
6:56 am
hospital. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital with chest pains. a woman is recovering from an apparent random shooting at boathouse row in fairmont park. she said she she was shot in thg by several men who jumped out of the weeds. a crash at 10th and south street. police are testing the driver who caused the crash for dui. >> reporter: if you were out late last night at a barbecue you're waking up in a fog. it is foggy out. there plenty of people coming back from the shore. >> reporter: that's fog, it's going to be a mostly sunny day, yesterday, 88. today, 90. thatthat could be the start of a brief wave. good day for picnics and the
6:57 am
pool. tomorrow things change. ugh. >> one more sends out congratulations to all the owl fans. getting tweets from penn state folks. not happy. >> have a great labor day everyone! we'll see you.
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good morning, america. happening now -- holiday heat wave, scorching temperatures returning to the northeast, near record highs. and major flash flooding in the midwest, roads washed out, cars under water bracing for more. breaking overnight -- officers ambushed, a man opens fire at a patrol car stopped at a traffic light. >> shots fired. 12th and ellis. i'm hit. >> one officer wounded, the other chasing down the shooter. what was behind this brazen attack? new this morning -- breaking his silence, the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion speaks out for the first time. what he's saying about the hunt for that world famous lion, how he feared for his family. and why he still says he did nothing wrong. and sister showdown. serena williams storming into the quarter-finals at the u.s. open, preparing for her toughest challenge yet -- big sister venus,


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