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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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young lives ended tragically this morning. the 53 times have been identified as amanda digirolamo of phoenixville and brian botti. it was 4:30 this morning when the two were crossing broad near arch street when a taxi plowed into them. authorities tell us both of the victims went airborne landing half a block down the road. digirolamo was pronounced dead at the scene while botti was taken to hahnemann hospital where he died a short time later. we're also told that a witness reported to police that the cab was traveling well above the 25 miles per hour speed limit. >> allegedly and again this is preliminary, the witness approximated their speed at being over the speed limit. that has not been confirmed investigators say the cabbie a 41-year-old man from philadelphia did stop at the scene and was hospitalized
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with chest pains. at this point he has not been charged with a crime and is cooperating with police. >> the good thing here is he didn't leave the scene, so we have a lot more than we would have for all those that do leave. he did the right thing. >> reporter: now, we're told there were no passengers inside that cab at the time and investigators are hoping to find some surveillance video from the neighborhood where it happened to help them piece this case together. reporting live from phoenixville, walter perez, channel6 "action news." alicia. >> all right, walter, thank you a. let's take you to breaking news right now a forest fire is burning in burlington county new jersey. chopper six is live over woodland township. that fire is between 60 and 80 acres right now but since it hasn't rained in so long firefighters do expect this to continue to grow. flames are not far from route 72. crews say they don't expect to close any roads but if they do, that could cause trouble for people who are coming back from lbi this afternoon. we'll keep following the
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stories to your and of course bring you any new updates as soon as we get them. >> a fierce fire rips through several southwest philadelphia row homes today forcing almost two dozen people out on the streets. the action cam was here on the 4900 block of say brook avenue. that's where the flames started just before 9:30 this morning sending huge clouds of smoke into the sky. the fire damaged five homes are before crews were able to put it out. that affected 22 people overall. the red cross is helping 11 of them with food, clothes and a place to stay. >> a man was seriously hurt today after he got stuck underneath farm equipment in bucks county. chopper six was over the scene on callowhill road in hilltown township. police have not told us the man's name or how it happened but they say he got trapped under something around 11:30 this morning. medics new him to the hospital. they have not told us the extent of his injuries. a woman is recovering after she was shot in the leg with a pellet gun on kelly drive. it happened as she walked near boathouse row just after midnight.
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the woman told investigators she noticed a group of men standing nearby just before she was shot. she was treated for a puncture wound and released from the hospital. pleasable this wapolice believea random attack. no arrests. >> time for a check of your holiday forecast on a labor day monday. beautiful day. >> gorgeous day. late to be even indoors. we'll go outside to meteorologist cecily tynan in for adam joseph soaking in all that of beautiful sunshine. >> alicia and rick i should be by my pool doing this forecast. >> we should be. >> all of us. >> we should be in the pool because it real wall a great holiday weekend to be doing water sports, outdoor activities. warm and sunny and temperatures are beginning to creep up. saturday and sunday both days 88 degrees. today so far the high 90 degrees. the current temperature, it's 9 degrees above normal and the heat and the humidity will be building as we head toward the middle of the week. right now philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, allentown and reading, all sitting at
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90 degrees. the poconos quite bit cooler, 83 and then you see he that sea breeze kicking up the jersey shore, that's really cooling things down n cape may currently 79 degrees and dewpoints all except for areas getting a bay breeze or a shore breeze are very low, generally about 60 degrees in philadelphia, that's just slightly humid but then when you have the ocean influence along the shore, we do have dewpoints in the 70's and the dewpoints will be creeping up as we head through the overnight hours. satellite6 along with action radar showing thus high pressure that brought us the sunny dry weekend will be rotating to the east. that will set up that classic heat pump out of the southwest. so, tomorrow first day of school for a lot of kids, dress them for a hot day. in the morning 7 o'clock, 72 degrees. by noon, 88 degrees and by 4 o'clock, when lots of kids are coming home, it is going to be hot, 93 degrees. and we're looking at temperatures the next two days close to record highs, likely our sixth heat wave of the
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year. i'll talk about just how hot it will get and when we get some much needed rain coming up in the full accuweather forecast. alicia. >> cecily thank you. well, a lot of people are taking advantage of today's beautiful weather to squeeze in one last trip to the beach before summer comes to an unofficial ends. nora muchanic continuing our live coverage in ocean city. what a tough time you have there nor a time for one final sunset. >> reporter: somebody has got to do it. >> and one more ice cream. you're the woman for the job. >> reporter: listen, terrible thing i have to put up with here. it's been an absolutely beautiful day here. most of the people are going to be going to work and to school tomorrow but no one seems to want to leave. take a look around the boardwalk right now. so, even though labor day means sun and fun at the shore, summer is coming to a close and folks here are indeed squeezing every last minute out of this gorgeous day. >> trying to get it all in before we head back to get everybody in bed for school tonight. >> reporter: the nicholas family was taking a spin out
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on the boardwalk after a great holiday weekend at the shore complete with plenty of sun and swimming. how do you feel about having it all end today? >> well, the end of the summer but we were lucky to have a great summer and we're looking forward to coming back next summer. >> reporter: but before they go back thousands of people are putting in a last few hours on the beach soaking up the sun on what is one fabulous last day of summer unofficially of course. instead of leaving the mccarry family is just arriving at the beach taking advantage of after season rental rates. >> it's been great the last few days. we're looking forward to tomorrow when we know that the crowds will be gone and we'll just be on the beach. >> reporter: that will give their little daughter lea a chance to spend time where she likes it best, in the ocean. >> i look the board 'cause i can go on my belly and then go swimming in it. >> reporter: isn't she cute. we're back live on the boardwalk in ocean city. why can't every day be like this at the shore, a really wonderful day an wonderful way
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to end things before everyone goes back to the grind and speaking of that i'll be back with 5 o'clock with more from the boardwalk in ocean city. for now, i'm nora muchanic soaking in the rays while we still can. back to you, alicia. >> it's a real grind, nora. [laughter] >> soak in a few for me while you're out there. as of course, though, as we mentioned high heat and humidity making a late summer come back keep checking back with and click on the social media lynx to get updates from the "action news" weather team. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf was in town to celebrate labor day. state republicans are planning their next move in the budget standoff. the state has been without a budget for the last two months. the legislature will go back into session later this movement legislators say they'll pass a stop gap plan and that would start the money flowing to counties and nonprofit organizations again. governor wolf has said if he would -- he would not say if he would sign the measure but a spokesperson said the
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governor would work on a final agreement. >> reporter: crews spent the day loading of mounds of trash and breaking down concert equipment. organizers expected about 70,000 fans to show up for the two day festival over the weekend. more than 30 acts including beyoncé performed on five different stages. the ben franklin parkway will reopen tomorrow once everything is cleaned up but you may want to avoid it for now. >> and it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. surely a lot of people heading home from the shore. >> might be sitting in cars right now as a matter of fact. autumn marisa is in our traffic center with the word on the labor day commute if there is one. >> reporter: hi rick and alicia. all good things must come to an end. when you're done enjoying your labor day weekend you'll start sitting in some of that traffic. right now the biggest delay scott garden state parkway. expect to sit in that volume from cape may up to the atlantic city expressway.
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here we are at 42 at creek road northbound lanes. not taking you too much time to go from the atlantic city expressway to the walt whitman bridge, only 17 minutes but we'll expect to see those delays add up as the evening goes on. everybody wants to get that last few minutes at the shore with this beautiful weather. taking a look at the big picture speeds across the region as i said looking really nice out there. our biggest slow down at the blue route. northbound lanes from macdade boulevard to media expect to tap the brakes there and another delay we're seeing is on the vine street expressway westbound as you make your gray 95 all thfrom 95 to the scl expressway. remnants of the made in america fest at a. vine street expressway off ramp to ben franklin parkway closed until tomorrow morning as well as 20th street and eakins oval closed as well for that cleanup. taking a look at the area bridges, right now we're looking nice and clear on the ben franklin bridge. you can see our westbound lanes heading into
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philadelphia there. so no major delays there right now. all the other area bridges also looking nice and clear. we'll expect to see some of those pick up as we head into the evening hours. looking at mass transit right now no reported delays buttner a holiday and sunday schedule so make sure you keep that in mind. back to you rick and alicia. >> okay, thank you, autumn. still ahead on "action news" this afternoon the president announces a new rule that will affect the amount of sick time available to hundreds of thousands of americans. >> plus, the pope gets ready to announce a big change to one of the church's contentious rules. wait means for catholics around the world. >> also we're hearing from the american dentist who killed cecil the lion in zimbabwe. what he said in his first interview since that controversial killing. we'll be right back. i don't want to live with
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1,518,000 people to its mainland. france and the uk have also said they will open their borders to tens of thousands of people as well. the european union has been talking about a quota among the groups 28 countries. but some countries including hungary have been critical of that plan. pope francis will release a new policy tomorrow on how the church will annul marriages. he says the current system is costly and can be unfair. the vatican says the commission of cannon lawyer has spent the past year studying ways to simplify the process. under church teachings catholics can only remarry if their first marriage is declared invalid but that process can take years. pope francis has already said annulments should be free. >> well, we haven't seen or heard from him since the killing of cecil the lion back in july. but now after months of silence, the minnesota dentist at the heart of international controversy is speaking out for the first time and says he's ready to return back to work.
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it's the first time dr. walter palmer has come out in public since he killed zimbabwe's most celebrated lion earlier this summer. but the dentist insists he was not in hiding. in his first interview palmer told the minneapolis star tribune and the associated press he spent the past two months with family and friends adding "i'm a health professional i need to get back to my staff and my patients and they want me back." >> he's a very intense individual. he had this look the whole advertisement he was fidgety at times but he didn't want to get into the core detail of how this lion was killed. >> reporter: palmer says he's been keeping a low profile for the safety of his family after they received death threats and someone vandalized their florida vacation home. palmer told reporters this has been especially hard on my wife and daughter adding that beyond that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all. >> he talked about it with some level of agitation that people close to him have been
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vilified because they knew dr. palmer. >> reporter: about that hunter palmer says he used a bow and arrow and maintain he believed it was legal. extradite. >> reporter: an african guide an farmer who assisted palmer in the zimbabwe hunt have been criminally charged. palmer has been out of work since protesters shut down his minnesota dental practice when the story brokeback in july. he adds i have a lot of staff members and i'm a little heartbroken at the disruption in their lives. and dr. palmer's plan is to get back to work tomorrow morning stressing he has yet to be charged with a crime and also maintains he had no idea that the lion he killed was a protected animal. rick. >> all right, alicia, thank you. back here vice president joe biden spent his labor day in pennsylvania and it's only fueling speculation that he could jump into the race for president. biden wore black and gold united steelworkers union hat for his speech. he told hundreds of union members the gap between wealthy and poor is hurting
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america. and he also said that the nation's tax code is not fair. he has said publicly he's not sure if he and his family have the emotional energy for another campaign. and he wrapped up his speech today, the crowd chanted run, joe, run. >> today president obama signed an executive order requiring paid sick leave for employees of federal contractors. he made the announcement at a union rally in boston. the order will allow 300,000 workers to earn up to seven days of paid leave per year. today president obama also renewed his call to congress to expand paid leave to all but the smallest u.s. businesses. >> find a way to make paid leave, paid family and medical leave a reality for all americans. that's something we should be doing. >> the obama administration hasn't said how much it will cost for federal contractors to implement his executive order. it will affect contracts starting in 2017 just as the president leaves office.
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>> whether you're heading back from the beach or just driving around town you've probably noticed prices dropping at the gas pump on this labor day weekend. gas prices have been falling since june. now aaa says the national average is $2.40 which is more than a dollar less than what it was this time last year. the last time labor day prices were this low it was during george w. bush's term in office. meantime apple is getting ready for its annual rollout of new products. the company will hold a press event on wednesday in san francisco. over the past few years apple has used this event to unveil its new iphone. analysts say the company could show up updated smartphone apple tv and a larger ipad. the announcement starts the at 1 o'clock eastern time wednesday afternoon. >> i have been waiting and holding out for this upgrade rick. >> for the phone. >> yeah, for the phone. >> really. that's right 'cause you still use one of those -- hello --
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time for our accuweather forecast. don't get dialed into that one. >> meteorologist cecily tynan welcome back by the way. >> i used a flip phone until about last year. it worked. let's go live on sky6 take a look in cape may where you can see a lot of people enjoying this afternoon on the beach and you can also notice the surf, it's been chappie. there has been a moderate risk of rip currents all weekends long. i know a lot of rescues down the shore but lots of sunshine and pretty comfortable conditions on the beaches. you get that sea breeze then really makes a difference with a temperature in cape may it's 79 degrees but the atlantic city airport which is about 9 miles inland it's 85. millville 88. philadelphia, trenton, allentown, reading and wilmington all holding at 90 degrees right now. likely our start of the sixth heat wave of the year. now satellite6 along with action radar showing what's going on. we have high pressure right over us. that's what's giving us the
4:20 pm
wall to wall sunshine, the clear skies. that high pressure, though, will create winds out of the southwest so that means the heat and humidity will be building as we head towards the middle of the week. tonight your labor day night as the kids go to bed early before their first day of school for a lot of them, including mine it's going to be a warm and muggy night, and we're under clear skies, 70 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 62. millville 65. cape may 68. and wilmington 66 degrees. so your day planner showing tomorrow bright sunshine all day long. the humidity levels will be increasing a little bit and the temperatures definitely soaring. at 8 o'clock 75 degrees, 85 by 11 o'clock, 92 by 2 o'clock and by 5 o'clock, 94 degrees. the record high for tomorrow is 96 degrees. so, we're going to be pretty close to that and with the humidity the heat index will add about 1 degree. it will feel like 95 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow at 5 o'clock. in the meantime, tropical storm grace formed over the weekend on saturday night and
4:21 pm
if you look at this you can see that this is not a very healthy storm, not very organized, maximum sustained winds 45 miles per hour. it's moving towards the west and it will that continue that general direction but it looks like it will be dissipating by the time it hits the lee wards island though. tropical storm grace will be no threat to the u.s. but i'll continue to track that storm. the exclusive four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow the heat is on, 94 degrees, summer swelter on wednesday, oppressive humidity. the temperature could be down a couple degrees but it's actually going to feel worse than tomorrow with dewpoints generally in the 70's but then on thursday, a cold front will bring us much needed rain its been a very dry summer. it will also drop the temperature to 85 degrees and friday we're clearing out. friday will be gorgeous. low humidity with a high of 83 degrees but it looks like we will have a weak disturbance moving in over the weekend that will bring us some showers. i'll talk more about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. you know, labor day weekend, the end of it is the end of summer vacation season but
4:22 pm
it's any other the end of summer and it's definitely going to feel like summer next few days. >> mother nature reminding of that for sure this week. >> exactly. >> thanks cecily. >> hundreds of delaware union members lined the streets for wilmington's annual labor day parade. the long running so many precipitation of the state's organized labor movement kicked off at 12th and king street this morning. the delaware afl-cio president leading the parade likely for the last time. he recently said he will not be seeking reelection. >> and still to come on "action news" at 4 o'clock, new details on the police dog that was injured over the weekend while searching a building. >> and coming up at 4:30 a stunning play in a high school football game. the fallout after two players decided to tackle a referee instead of their opponent. >> and we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page. that will give you access to all of the top stories we're following, weather updates, breaking news and of course the best and most viral videos and you can communicate with members of the "action news"
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>> from our delaware news room police say they have caught a man selling drugs out of his home. they caught up with 21-year-old joshua gains at his home on smith mill road in newark last thursday. they say they found more than 5 pounds of marijuana along with psychedelic mushrooms and painkillers. they also found two shot guns and an assault rifle as well as more than $2,000 in cash. gaines is free after posting $10,000 bail. >> well, the police k-9 that was hurt while searching for a suspect is out of the hospital today to begin his recovery. codey the dog was critically injured after he fell 20 feet while searching a building in reading. he was air lifted to penn vet under a brand new program designed to transport injured police search and rescue dogs to the facility. codey was the first animal to benefit from the program. police say he'll have a few follow-up visits this week and
4:27 pm
at least two weeks of well deserved r and r. >> all right. >> good for him. >> still ahead, it is the instagram account that's putting the internet in its place. why a hipster barbie has so many people blushing. >> that's funny. and with the average american family spending $2,500 a year at the pump we're tackling ways to bring that gas bill down. why the way you brake accelerate and what you do with your windows can play a big role in how much you spend. >> plus if you've ever been out in public when your child has a meltdown you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. plus, there are ways to prevent those eruptions before they happen. listen up. the experts share their tantrum tips ahead. >> ♪ ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason a comedian was reportedly kicked off youtube for her video titled dear fat people. >> also, expressway eruption. the action cam captures flames shooting from a car on the schuylkill but it wasn't the only vehicle involved. we'll explain coming up. >> any fan can tell that you football is a fast moving game and sometimes the referee gets hit. the problem here, many say what these high school athletes did was no accident. it was as salt. >> but we begin with summer's last gasp. labor day the unofficial end to the season. >> you're looking live at three very packed views from three very different sky6 cameras in south jersey.
4:30 pm
that's where people are either soaking up what's left of the holiday sun or sitting right in the middle of holiday traffic. so, what can those commuters and all of us expect weather-wise as we return to work or school? with the answers meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board. hey, cecily, happy labor day. >> hi, alicia, to you, too. expect heat and humidity on the way tomorrow as a lot of kids start their first day of school. looking at fourth of july versus labor day, remember the fourth of july, it felt a little bit like spring, the high only 77 degrees. today, though, the temperature hit 90 degrees at 4 o'clock. that's 9 degrees above normal and we are not alone. if you look at highs so far across the northeast, philadelphia, baltimore 90. new york city 91. boston is 93 degrees. the hottest day so far this year and even hotter in burlington, vermont, up to 94 degrees and the heat and humidity will be building tomorrow. satellite6 along with action radar showing what's going on. we've high pressure right over
4:31 pm
us. and what this high pressure is going to be doing, it will be heading just slightly to the east and that sets up a return flow. winds out of the southwest, so that contains more heat and building humidity, so tomorrow as the kids head to school you definitely do want to dress them for summer even though you think that summer is over, the summer heat is going to continue. lots of sunshine. at 7 o'clock, 72 degrees. by noon, up to 88 degrees. and then by 4 o'clock, up to 93 degrees. looks like today is the start of our sixth heat wave of the year. i'll let you know how long it will last and track finally some much needed rain on the way coming up in the full accuweather forecast. alicia. >> it still is summer indeed cecily. thank you. labor day is of course not only about the beaches and barbecues the holiday is a time to honor the labor movement. that's one of the reasons pennsylvania governor tom wolf was in philadelphia today. "action news" reporter vernon odom heard from him during this morning's annual afl-cio
4:32 pm
parade. >> ♪ >> reporter: labor day in philadelphia featuring thousands of rank and file members on the march representing dozens of locals from across the region displaying the kind of spirit that is standard on this annual occasion. the unions are happy to have a new governor in harrisburg, a democrat who is enthusiastically pro-labor. governor tom wolf made this his first stop of the morning. he's in a tough budget impasse with the republican controlled general assembly over spending priority are thes like funding for public education. >> it means we need the support the public goods that make this society work like public education. [cheers and applause] >> like good roads and good bridges. >> yes. >> good mass transit. >> reporter: the union leaders are gearing up to play political hardball in the upcoming elections. the presidential sweepstakes next year and the statewide elections right around the corner. >> we have an election coming up for city of philadelphia for mayor. we have supreme court justices that have to be elected in the state of pennsylvania and what we're doing is trying to talk
4:33 pm
to our rank and file to make sure they understand the importance of that. right now that may be as important as the national elections. >> we're being asked to do more and more with less and less but there's also that little rumble underneath of hope that maybe we can get some political action and some politicians to side with us and believe in what we're doing and support us. >> reporter: so, organized labor has a busy 14 months ahead. the priority, to get the vote out for the candidates of their choice. at penn's landing, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> in other news, police are searching for a plan who tried to lure children into his vehicle in berks county. all of the incidents happened in july and august near the antietam swimming into reading. police have at least two reports of a naked man approaching girls and offering them rides or asking them to have sex. on a third occasion he was standing naked in the street about a block away from the pool. some parents say they don't want their children to go outside until this man is caught. >> just can't believe somebody
4:34 pm
would do that and to children nonetheless. it's absolutely horrible. >> i wouldn't let anybody walk alone anymore. a lot of kids walk in groups but that's even scary. >> police believe the suspect is driving a hyundai santa fe and anyone with information should contact the berks tip line. >> police say an accident involving a motorcycle led to this fire ball on the schuylkill expressway this afternoon. the action cam was on the scene here in the eastbound lanes seconds before fire crews arrived. investigators say the crash between a car and a bike happened near the montgomery drive exit around 1 o'clock. they have not yet released details on how it happened but officials do tell "action news" that the 52-year-old motorcyclist was taken to an area hospital in stable condition. they also say drivers should expect delays as the investigation continues. >> a fire in mercer county, new jersey, forced a family and their neighbors from their homes this morning. "action news" was there as firefighters took the siding from a home at 45 cameron court in princeton as a
4:35 pm
precaution. this is after they got the two alarm blaze under control around 8:00 a.m. though no one was hurt the home was severely damaged. the cause remains under investigation. turning now to texas where two teenagers are in trouble for a play that goes beyond bad sportsmanship. this is a video that's making international headlines. in it you see the high school athletes viciously hit the unsuspecting referee in what some are calling an orchestrated attack. the players have already been suspended but the punishment may not stop there. abc's brandy hit live in los angeles to explain very disturbing video and a lot of people talking not just here in the u.s. but abroad. >> reporter: definitely, alicia and these players could face criminal charges. the marvel hills police department in texas is investigating this case. it appears the referee who was hit also plans to fight back in court. this texas referee blind sided
4:36 pm
hit not once but twice. first you see a john jay high school defensive back take him down. then a second player dive into him. >> they deliberately did it and it was targeted. >> reporter: last friday night's game still the talk on espn. >> nobody in texas really condones this. this is something that nobody -- everyone i've talked to has never seen simplet the hard hit came shortly after two teammates were ejected from the game. the john jay players involved are suspended from the time team and school and according to the austin football officials association, the referee is wanting to press charges. >> there are 23 states around the country that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. texas is one of those states. >> reporter: in 2011 a florida youth football rev filed a lawsuit after being tackled on the field by players and fans unhappy with the call. he settled this case for more than a quarter million dollars. in texas, the north side
4:37 pm
independent school district investigating this incident tells abc news the video is extremely disturbing. it is not the good sportsmanlike behavior that we teach students and it will not tolerate this kind of behavio behavior. as for the executive secretary of the austin football officials association, he hopes the two students who were -- who actually hit the ref in this play never play football ever again. reporting live in los angeles, brandi hitt, channel6 "action news. rick, back over to you. >> brandy thank you. the visit of pope francis to philadelphia is energizing more than just the catholic community. "action news" anchor sharrie williams is in our news room with that story. hey, sharrie. >> reporter: hi, rick it definitely is a message of inclusion. coming up at 5 o'clock we will hear from the pastor of one of the first african baptist churches in the names he's actually set to speak at the world meeting of families congress. now, he sales the event is a
4:38 pm
chance to strengthen the entire christian faith as well as the families who make up those traditions. plus in health check a new concern about young people and marijuana. researchers say more and more are using e-cigs to get high and because of the way those devices are designed, no one would ever know it. we'll have those stories and much more coming up at 5:00 when we see you in the studio. back to you rick and alicia. >> thanks, sharrie. >> prices at the pump may be down but those trips still add up. coming up we have easy suggestions that could cut thousands of dollars from your yearly gas bills. >> also, tackling tantrums. how to deal with your little one mid meltdown to what to do to prevent the eruptions in the first place. the experts shared their best outburst advice coming up. >> plus, she's more hashtag blessed than you and she's not afraid to gram it. we'll introduce you to the hipster barbie brilliantly
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mocking millennials. meteorologist cecily tynan returns with the accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> turning to health check at 4:00 if you have ever been out in public when you are child has a melt down you know how frustrating and embarrassing they can be. but psychologists say tantrums are a normal part of learning to be more independent. they recommend largely ignoring them as long as the child is in a safe place while it's happening. in kids four and under you can avoid them by knowing and avoiding triggers such as taking a child shopping when they're tired. if they do erupt don't engage them because they aren't thinking rationally. >> so we don't want to provide that opportunity. try not to speak to them during the episode is probably best. >> hard as it is stay calm during tantrums because the more frustrated you get the more frustrated they will get and if a tantrum lasts longer than 15 minutes it could be a sign of a more serious proble problem. >> at the big board with the big talkers. the comedian on a mission to
4:42 pm
break the internet with what she calls tough love for america's obesity crisis. nicole arbor's youtube post called dear fat people so contentious youtube temporarily shut down her channel. >> fat people made that up. that's for race cars with a race. i didn't fit into a store that's discrimination. no, that means you're too fat. should you stop eating. >> arbor is claiming to be the first comedian censored by youtube. her video started a social media war with celebrities telling her how hurtful her comments were. she says if she offends people so much that they lose weight then she's okay with it. major talker today. if you thought that you had instagram game, you're surely no match for a hipster barbie who knows she's #blessed. been flee hat glasses backpack check. barbie is fabulously introspective and authentic
4:43 pm
posting perfectly framed and filtered shots in pacific northwest. she belongs to an oregon wedding photographer on a satirical mission to remind us how as she calls it ridiculous social media has become. she has more than 600,000 followers on instagram. each post a tiny little jab at those who position their paper and morning joe just so and somehow have a picture of them looking at the ocean just so they can post just how beautiful the ocean is. you follow me, right. and you know, doing ordinary things like percolating coffee atop a mountain with inspiring messages like be real, be unique, be authentic, be humble. the creator is keeping her identity on the dl but says it's meant to poke fun at those who use the live authentic hashtag in a very posed yet superficial way. kind of like this one, like the people who take the pictures and post them on
4:44 pm
instagram of themselves like in a bubble bath and you're thinking don't drop the phone while you're in there. >> who took the pictures, ken? [laughter] >> all right, thanks, alicia. >> i don't know. >> time to get another check on the roads on this labor day monday. autumn marisa is in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an update. all quiet and calm right now. >> hi, rick. well, here on the ben franklin bridge it is quiet and calm so that's the good news. as we move more towards the shore, you will see that traffic begin to pick up. here we are at the 42 freeway. this is the northbound lanes right at creek road and you can see it beginning to slow down. as you make your way farther east to the garden state parkway expect big delays there as you make your way northbound from the different shore points up to the atlantic city expressway and that's where we're seeing most of the volume right now. taking a look outside on the vine street expressway, these are our westbound lanes heading up to the schuylkill. you can see them doing some cleanup, the remnants of the made in america event so the vine street expressway westbound off ramp to the ben franklin parkway is going to be closed until tomorrow morning as well as 20th street
4:45 pm
and eakins oval. again, they're doing that cleanup from the weekend festivities. taking a look outside at the big picture you can see nice and high right now, no the moving too slowly on the blue route, too, we were a little slower there. making your way up from the delaware shore points up to 95 you may expect to tap the brakes. looking at mass transit we are on a holiday or sunday schedule so keep that in mind. tonight there is a phillies game, 7:05 with three express trains leaving at 5:58, 6:08 and 6:18. back to you rick and alicia. >> thank you again. >> stepping outside sky6 hd taking a live look in atlantic city. very few spots opened on the beach there. >> wow. >> smart people soaking in those rays. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast when we come back.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> meteorologist cecily tynan back from vacation. >> it was a good vacation. >> yes, it was. >> i can tell you look relaxed. >> i did a lot of water sports last week. weather was perfect. >> it's good evening a great summer. >> it's been a dry summer. we could use the rain but it's been niles for the pool, for the beach and it's going to be heating up next two days. let's go live to sky6 taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. if you're looking for clouds all the wrong places here 'cause we've got loads of sunshine and temperatures definitely on the warm side is that it really will be heating up as we head into tomorrow. but storm tracker6 live double scan, this is what you want to see on labor day. we need the rain but not on labor day weekend and we are dry out there. looks like our best chance of some rain will be on thursday with a cold front. ahead of that front, though, temperatures really beginning to crank up. right now philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, allentown
4:49 pm
and reading all at 90 degrees. millville also warm, 88. and you are down the shore on the beach, you're feeling that sea breeze then really has an impact in the temperature. cape may currently 79 degrees and beach haven 81. satellite6 along with action radar showing broad high pressure right over us. that's squeezing out all the moisture in the at fire. loads of sunshine but what this high pressure will do is work to the east and bring us winds out of the southwest and that will heat things up and tonight for your labor day night, clear skies. it will be warm and a little bit on the muggy side. humidity levels increasing overnight. 62 degrees in the cooler suburbs, about 70 degrees for center city and tomorrow as a lot of kids head to school for the first day of school, it will be very muggy in the morning p it will be on the warm side at 6 o'clock, 71 degrees. by 8 o'clock, 75 and definitely dress the kids for a hot day. don't be wearing the fall clothes tomorrow. the high up to 94 degrees. that's 2 degrees shy of our record high. lots of sunshine.
4:50 pm
as we head into wednesday, ahead of this cold front, we will see more clouds. the humidity will be oppressive, so the temperature likely down a notch to 92 degrees. it will actually feel worse tomorrow though and with that front we could see a few thunderstorms developing. wednesday night the best chance will be thursday morning as that cold front slips through. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today we're already at 90 degrees. we have a good chance that this is our sixth heat wave of the year with tomorrow's high up to 94 degrees. wednesday 92. we have three days in the 90's in a row. that's officially a heat wave. looks like it will only be three days though. on thursday with that cold front moving through much needed rain, could get one to 2 inches of rain. the problem is that the ground is so dry. a lot of that rain could be running off if it falls in a short period of time with a high of 85 degrees and friday we begin to clear out. high pressure builds in behind that cold front. 83 degrees, lower humidity. the weekend saturday looking to be the better of the two
4:51 pm
days this weekend. partly sunny for the union game. a dry day. 83 degrees. sunday possibility of showers in the morning with a weak disturbance. should be drying out by sundown for the beginning of rosh hashanah. monday we'll start feeling a little more like fall, clouds mixing with sun and a possibility of a shower with a-78 degrees. so, if you like summer time, will you enjoy the next two days with temperatures back down to actually below normal levels by early next week. >> okay. thanks cecily. >> yes. >> save big at the gas pump with what's the deal. good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism,
4:52 pm
scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
4:53 pm
>> gas prices are at an all year -- 11 year low this labor day. good news for the 30 million americans coming back from the long holiday weekend, but there are even more ways to save. abc's lindsey davis tells us what's the deal.
4:54 pm
>> ♪ >> reporter: between three busy kids. >> tutoring, basketball practice, getting dinner ready. >> reporter: that's 5:00 a.m. wakeup call to avoid california traffic and spur of the moment road trips. >> our family really does love to travel. >> reporter: they spend a hefty chunk of their time and money in the car. >> we spend anywhere from probably 650 to $800 a month on gas when there's a lot of other really great things we could be putting that money towards. >> reporter: we brought in transportation expert dave scane of aaa for secret shortcuts to shea them big bucks. >> i'm dave. flies to meet you. >> nice to meet you dave. >> reporter: optimize your driving habits with gadgets like automatic, bluetooth to your smartphone it tracks your driving technique and chirps when you brake too hard or accelerate too fast burning fuel and money. >> 70 miles per hour it's going to play a sound. >> i'm in big trouble. [laughter] >> reporter: even logging how much you spend every time you drive so you can better
4:55 pm
budget. >> it's costing me $15 a day to take my kids to school and then pick them up later. >> reporter: automatic estimates their device can save you as much as a whopping 30 percent on fuel costs. tip number two, battle traffic with apps like waze or google maps. they'll tell you just how fast or slow traffic is moving so you can avoid the jam. and while you're at it, try not to idle in general. just 10 minutes can cost as much as driving 5 miles. >> shut the car off whenever safe to do so. >> reporter: and tip number three, pay cash. some gas stations charge less if you skip the credit card. use this gas buddy app to find them. >> use an app to find the cheapest gas prices in town. you're going to make sure you pay with cash wherever possible to lower your expenses. >> reporter: armed with all these tips, our experts finding they could save as much as $3,000 a year, more money in their pocket for more adventures with the kids. a savings of about $3,000 just
4:56 pm
by changing the way they drive and also pay for their gas. one other tip if you're cruising down the highway roll up the windows. the added drag that creates on the car actually costs more than turning on the ac. lindsey davis, a. were. c news, new york. >> finally at 4:00 we present a video that redefines the term doggie bag. a busy momma found the perfect way to keep her pup from running away with her with a to go bag from dominos pizza. not clear if the little lab got into the plastic pouch by himself or if he had a little help but he certainly looks pretty content to be carried down the street in south korea. maybe there was a crumb or two in the bag. >> that's very cute and clever. that is it for "action news" at 4:00. now for rick williams, brian taff, adam joseph and cecily tynan, i'm alicia vitarelli. be sure to tune in tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here's sharrie williams with a look at what's ahead.
4:57 pm
>> coming up next at 5:00 labor day weekend draws to a close and thousands are squeezing every last second out of summer. we're live in ocean city. plus, if you're hoping to see the pope when he speaks on independence mall, get ready to get your ticket. we'll tell you when and how you can get them. and president obama announces a new policy that gives hundreds of thousands of workers paid sick leave. details of that and much more on "action news" at 5:00 it's coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the surf, the sand and lots sun made for a perfect end to the long labor day weekend o. >> it's monday night and the big story on "action news" is another summer season in the books. as is tradition many people made one final trip to the jersey shore to soak up the sun and what a great day to do it. >> uh-huh. >> "action news" new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in ocean city t hi, nora. >> hey, nora. >> reporter: hi there sharrie, rick. it's been a great day. it's a shame you are not here. it has been one absolutely fabulous day here at the shore. there are still people buzzing on the boardwalk right now. tomorrow it's back to work, back to school but for one
5:00 pm
last day folks are having a ball at the shore. >> not a lot of wind and the temperature is right. i think the ocean's good. so,. >> reporter: perfect day. >> perfect day. >> reporter: and what better way to end the summer of 2015. these fabulous conditions drew thousands to the beach today. they just don't want summer to end. >> came down yesterday. going home today. going to be here for the last stretch. if it were up to my husband he would be here 11 o'clock to close down the beach. >> reporter: this group drove from harrisburg to enjoy the day at the shore, that's three hours of driving each way. >> something to do. >> reporter: you drove a long way. >> got up like 5 o'clock this morning. >> loaded the car, went got gas, ice, carried the kids down to the car. >> reporter: bit thus is the payoff and the reason folks are so sad to see summer end. >> i don't think it could be any better. nice cool breeze, hot sun, clear sky. doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: good way to end the summer. >> you got that right. >> it's been a goosu


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