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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon accuweather tracking another
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potential heat wave. >> and a forest fire in new jersey has reached 1,000 acres. but the big story is the chance to get an up close view of pope francis. tickets just became available for his speech at city hall. and david henry is live with more on that. >> reporter: hi sara, a large part of independence mall will be inaccessible to the public at large but open to the people that went online moments ago, lets go live to the world meetings of family website, you'll be able to reserve tickets for that speech. you'll need that ticket to get in here to see the pope, in the meantime, from you lucky enough to get a ticket. septa says it will be easier now
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to get down here. >> tickets for the mall event became available at noon today, 10,000 are available at no charge at a first come first serve basis, but limited to a maximum of four per customers, another 1,000 are available on saturday the 26th and 10,000 more for the papal mass on sun the 27th, even if you don't have a ticket. 85% of the parkway is open to people to come to the event and it will be on large screen tvs. the septa will now be making stops in center city, three stops get us you close, 8th and 2nd and locust on the broad street line, septa has adjusted their schedule as the plans for the papal visit unfolds and
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trying to accommodate commuters that need to get to work that weekend. >> we are taking a live look at the world meeting of families website, and there is a glitch as they get this system up and running to make your reservations, this is what you'll see at the moment, but hopefully the 10,000 tickets will be available soon to the public, if you scramble now you may get a ticket and won't have to do scrambling to get here with a subway stop two blocks away. >> all right david, thank you. we are posting everything you need to know about the papal visit on, that includes the new details released by septa about their service plans and the latest information about the tickets blg being offered for some of those events.
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today pope francis made a change in the process for annulling marriages in the catholic church, it will simply and speed up the process. catholics had to get an annulment if they wanted to get remarried. snoox developing news now from burlington county, where a forest fire has spread to 1,000 acres, chopper 6 hd is live over the smokey scene in the new jersey pine lands, the blaze sparked in woodland township with ocean county, no home are in danger, but people driving along route 72 can smell the smoke. firefighters say the flames spread quickly because the forest is dry because of a lack of recent rain. monica malpass is monitoring the situation and will bring us a live report at 12:30. we can use it's rain, it's another sunny sizzling september
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day and the conditions are back. sky 6 hd shows us the scene outside, it's muggy outside at penn's landing, david murphy is tracking the latest from ac warnl. >> reporter: if you take a look at the big board, there is a lack of significant cloud cover clouds to the norm and west and high pressure is in control that will keep us under the sun today and keep us rather warm. 88 right now in philadelphia, up closer to 90 in wilmington and 90 in allentown at this hour. 88 in reading and 89 in trenton and 83 in cape may. and as you take a look at dew points, we are looking at these fairly high from allentown to the shore, in cape may, 75 degree dew point and that is oppressive humidity, forget about the slightly humid conditions there. philadelphia 68 is your current
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dew point and that is bordering on oppressive. we may see these temperatures dropping but today is more humid than yesterday and probably stickier. we are going for a high of 94, just two off the record high of 96 set back in 1939, so close to record territory today and well above the average high of 81, tonight 74, that is well above the average low of 63. as we continue this heat and humidity straight through tomorrow. things will change on thursday at the same time we may just get some of that rain we are looking forward to, sara and rick, we'll have details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right now it's a cooker. today is the first day of school for students across philadelphia, and lots of parentses are up early getting ready to send their children back to class and katherine scott spends the time with one family and joins us with more.
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>> hi rick, one of the many exciting things about this school this year is that it's no longer just a high school, they added 7th and 8th grade classes to add a pipeline to the high school and it's an opportunity that people did not want to pass up. some of them are on their lunch break on the first day of school whether you are starting here or elsewhere across the city, the first morning of the first day is now in the books. whether ceremonial or otherwise the bells have rung in the school district. the carver school of engineering and science in north philadelphia, students filed in for the first day greeted by the district superintendant and the mayor. >> parents across philadelphia are super excited and kids are moderately excited. >> i want to learn about computer science, i know this are doing this year and learn
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about astronomy. >> with bacon sizzling on the stove, zion is new at carver, the magnet school added 7th and 8th classrooms to give students an opportunity to attend. hisster is starting her junior year. >> it was a big strulgle my freshman year, i think with them being in the school and adjusting to how it goes, it will be an easier transition. >> carp a deim, a constant reminder for her children to seize the day. >> happening here at carver this year, saturday stem classes for 7th and 8th grade kids for these students. >> all right katherine thank you. meantime fathers joined
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together in west philadelphia, walking their children to school as part of the million father march, mayor nutter and chaka fattah and various advocates were there as well. the group marched from the house to the bloomford charter school, they were showing support for studentses starting classes and i crease parental involvement. >> a reminder our website is a great resource for parents, to school, we have tips and healthy breakfast suggestions and advice on getting students back to their school routines, it's all there rate now on still to come on "action news" at noon, a hospital baby swap that rocked two families, a newborn switched at birth is back with his real parents. and a woman shot during a broadcast in virginia, we have more on the sole survivor of
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that attack. when "action news" continues in a moment. "action news" is sponsored by the --
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philadelphia police are trying to figure out the circumstances that led to a taxi
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cab hitting and killing two people in center city yesterday. both of the victims were 25 years old, amanda of phoenixville and brian of baltimore were struck at broad and arch streets at 4:30 yesterday morning, they were in town for the made in america festival, the driver of the taxi did stop and was taken to the hospital with chest pains. the woman that survived the on air shooting that kill aid reporter and photographer in roanoke, virginia, is out of the hospital. vicky guardner was released yesterday, a gunman ambushed all of them and later killed himself after a police chase, parker and ward died of gunshots, and gardner was shot in the back and never saw the gunman coming becausest bright camera lights. authorities have been searching a river for the body
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of 27-year-old dalia yaya, she went to nepal to help victims of devastating earthquake, a local teacher volunteered to host her and later killed her with a hammer. a couple is reunited with their newborn son after a doctor switched him at birth. she gave birth in her country of el salvador in may. they noticed something different in the features and they had a dna test, real revealing that the baby they brought home to texas was not there's. >> this is a lifelong injury and it's deep and horrible.
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>> both babies have been returned to their birth parents now and authorities are prosecuting the doctor that allegedly made the switch. >> kentucky county clerk that is behind bars for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. are getting high-profile visits. cruz and huckabee are visiting her today. davis's attorney spent the holiday weekend filing appeals trying to force a judge to release her. she is held on contempt charges since last thursday. the dentist in the middle of that uproar over the killing of cecil the lion, walter palmer walked back protesters. they were calling on him to be sent to zimbabwe, he feels that the protesters unfairly targeted
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his employees and his family, the police were called to make sure the protesters did not get in the way of business. new advice for the flu vaccine for children. and the pumpkin spice latte is back at starbucks today with a few changes to the recipe.
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amazon is reportedly preparing to release a tablet
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that costs only $50, they struggled to sell their pricier option, it will have a 6 inch screen and be available for the holidays, it's a straight forward device for tasks like streaming video at home and online shopping. we have two weeks left of summer but a fall favorite is already back, starbucks, pumpkin spices latte came back to the menu today, they removed artificial colors and flavors and added real pumpkin. a tall size pumpkin size latte, has about 300 calories. >> now is the time to call the pediatrician and schedule your child's flu vaccine, they issued a new packet saying they must consider the flu vaccine for all children under 6 months.
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145 children died from the virus in the u.s. and many of them had no other health problems, your doctor's office will make a big behind the scenes change next month, beginning on october 1st, all hospitals must use a visit on coclaims to make sure they get paid. they use 14,000 codes to explain a diagnosis, and the new system has 68,000 to choose from and the expanded dictionary should improve quality care. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview of 4:00. >> coming up in big talkers tote at 4:00, sheer stubbornness, find out why one pennsylvania barber would rather face hefty fines than cut a woman's hair. we'll explain that. and should there be limits to where a court order should be
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enforced. this shows an officer interru interrupting a church service went viral. and it was meant to be a helpful guide but became an intense social media debate. why parents were scoffing at one elementary school's sleep chart telling them what time their kid shoz go to bed. >> and if you have not download the free 6 abc news app, you can watch our newscast live on your phone or tablet. and i had a chance to talk to one of celebrity judges in this weekend's miss america pageant. >> thanks alicia. and sky 6 is looking live on a hot and steamy afternoon.
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david is back with a check of the accuweather forecast, with heat and humidity, it sure doesn't feel like it. >> it will feel more like it if we give it a week. >> more like back to the pool. >> or the beach, stormtracker 6 live double scan right now showing us there is no relief from the rain just yet as we take a look outside, lots of sunshine across the region except early in cape may, it looks misty on the beach but that will clear out and overall we are looking at fairly sunny conditions across the region for the rest of the way, 88 in philadelphia and it feels a bit on the humid side and the furnish south you go the more humid it is, winds southwest at 7 miles per hour, and 88 in philadelphia, 89 in wilmington and 90 in allentown and up close to that in trenton and 80 on the
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beach in cape may, you get the maritime effect on the water. and no relief from the sun because we have no significant cloud cover and we are looking at sunny conditions, shades behind the wheel if you head out today. hot and humid and sunny in the lehigh valley and as you look at the shore we'll stay in the mid-80s and still humid on the beach and lots of sun and ocean temperatures are well into the 70s, i have had readings of 77 and 78 on the buoys near the beach but some shore communities may not have lifeguards after labor day and have you to be careful swimming in the water. mostly sunny in philadelphia and hot and humid with a high of 94, whatever you are feeling out there right now, it may be as bad as it gets today, there is a chance that the dew points drop and it's hot and sticky, 74 and clear skies and overnight the
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humidity will build back in overnight tonight, and in to tomorrow, for the evening commute, air conditioning weather and still humid conditions, there is that 90 degree high at 4:00, holding on to 90 at 4:30, 84 degrees more manageable and muggy and a chance for cool drinks and 77 in the ninth inning as the phils take on the braves again, a frontal boundary that is getting closer to us, and ahead of it, it will get a more pronounced flow of humidity and hot air in the southwest, it may suppress the temperature and go for a high of 90 if we hit it, it will be heat wave number six but the temperatures will not be quite as bad tomorrow, and as the front gets close toward us, there could be a rumble of a thundershower or thunderstorm, particularly in the evening north and west of philadelphia, your exclusive accuweather
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forecast, hot and more humid and 94 degrees, not comfortable outside and tomorrow hot with a high of 90 and stickier conditions with that late day shower or thunderstorm especially out to the north and west. thursday is the day that we think most of the region has a shot of getting much needed rain and showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening, and high of 85 degrees, some of those storms could be gusty and the benefit is the rain that we have not seen in a while. 1 to 2 inches. anything is better than nothing right now. quick improvement with humidity lowering and a better temperature for you and saturday 83 and sunday 82 and saturday night into sunday could be showers around. >> need it. thanks david. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at noon, stranded in the caribbean, the mechanical problem that turned a massive cruise ship into nothing more than a floating hotel for thousands of people.
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and the grammy winner sam smith has kept a secret since january.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues, with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30. firefighters in south jersey are making progress on a forest fire
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burning in burlington and ocean county. and a shooting on a street in the city's olney section and a major announcement from pope francis, the shift he is making in the church's annulment process. a forest fire has burned 1,000 acres in burlington and ocean counties, chopper 6 hd is hovering over the fire that is now 65% contained. you can see the smoke rising from the pine trees, the first called came in at 2:00 p.m. yesterday and the fire reached as far as manchester township. nora muchanic is live now with the latest from fire officials. >> reporter: hi there rick, we are here at coil air field, the command post for this fire, and officials here finished their own survey of the scene flying over the scene right now, the situation is


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