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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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wave, the last three days, 90 on monday and 94 yesterday and so far today 93 degrees, the record for today is 94. so we are just 1 degree shy of tying the record high and the normal is 81, we are running 12 degrees above normal. allentown we broke the record sitting at 94 so far today and tying record high in reading at 94, tying in trenton and 90 wilmington and millville and a little better to the south with the air temperature in the upper 80s, however the humidity is just off the charts for this time of your, it makes it feel like 98 in dover and 91 in cape may and 94 in beach haven and 96 in the lehigh valley, again the heat wave end is near, we are watching a front north near
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pittsburgh and that will close in during the latter part of the tonight and scattered showers are around right now in central and southern parts of new jersey, but when will that much needed rain arrive, scattered thunderstorms and stormed around and the best chance for a soaking rain comes into tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening, maybe a gusty thunderstorm in southern areas and also pond on the roadways during the evening rush hour. i'll let you know how much rain to expect and we could get another round of rain in the upcoming weekend. i'll have all the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam see you in a little bit. the excessive heat forced schools in the area to let students out earlier today. eva pilgram is live with more on that. tough to be anywhere without air conditioning but for kids sitting in class. >> absolutely brian, it's only the second day of school in
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trenton but it feels like the summer with the thermometer hitting 93 and the scorching temperatures made it too dangerous for schools to keep the children in the classroom today. parents came here to grant elementary school in trenton at 1:00 to pick up their kidded early. >> i am going through my classes. and saying get up out of there. >> they decided to send children home bought of the heat. >> it feels like a desert. >> what did you guys do? >> put the fan on. >> it was really hot. and everybody in the classroom was hot and we had to keep drinking water. >> over in hamilton township, student his a half day, steinart high school sent kids home after
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lunch. >> the lunch room was really hot, people were in there at the same time and there is no fans or anything. >> students are ready for warmer weather to be behind them. >> i'm actually looking forward to the winter. >> thankfully tomorrow is expected to be cooler, not winter weather but not in the 90s, we are here in trenton eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. with more heat and finally some rain coming our way, you'll want to keep checking in with, stormtracker 6 live double scan as changes move into our area. students in the upper chester area are getting paid today even after being told they could not make payroll. teachers will get their paychecks on time and in full.
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they have blamed the budget problems on their funding formula, particularly what they are required to pay charter schools for special education. tickets for the popes visit went on sale minutes ago, this is the first of two chances you'll have to get tickets today, you can expect them to go quickly and right now it says no tickets available. it appears that all 10,000 are gone, david henry this batch was for the festival of families going on right where you are standing. >> most of the parkway here is open to the public but the area down there where the pope will be for the festival of families and the sunday mass is for tick ticket holders only, 10,000 became available for the saturday event and 10,000 more will be available for the sunday event. but many will be disappointed.
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>> disappointed? >> i was highly disappointed. >> i said how did they get it that fast. >> they were gone that fast and almost immediately started popping up for sale on websites, 10,000 tickets were up for grabs moments ago and another 10,000 for sunday's papal mass are available at 6:00 p.m. many will be offered online for hundreds of dollars a piece. >> i asked a friend to do me a favor and she went on event break and was lucky enough to get them. instead of selling them she is thinking about giving them away. tickets may be free for those lucky enough to get them but nothing is free in this store. >> they are $40 a piece, total $80.
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>> matt robinson scooped off two golf shirts at the meeting of families merchandise store. the store opened this morning in the arrero mark store. they have everything can you imagine here, souvenirs you can't get anywhere else, including this world meeting of families clear backpack, guaranteed to speed ticket holders through security. they range from papal medals to $70 for these half zip pullovers. >> we have announced a fundraising goal of $45 million, our last announcement was we are at $30 million, we have a ways to go but we are in good shape. >> and better shape if they sell a million bobble head dolls,
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that merchandise will be available at the parkway here and pick it up online at the world meeting of families website. any time you want to pick it up. it's available online and the store on 11th and market. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> i think the bobble heads are going to go as fast as the tickets thank you. >> as we get more information about the papal visit, we update, among other things right now you see the list of highway and road closures and items prohibited from the francis festival grounds and how to see the pope during his two scheduled parades. linda weston changed her plea in federal court today in philadelphia, prosecutor as ledged that she and four others locked six mentally disabled adults in a basement while collecting their social security
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benefits. she accepted a life in prison sentence, and two other codefended pleaded guilty. police officers showed off dozens of weapons in upper dash, close to 200 of them, from handguns to long guns, cross bows hatchets and swords, they were all rounded up and destroyed for good. they made sure of that. >> when we feel that it's offensive weapon and we are called there for criminal activity, it's gone, it goes. if my officer goes back god forbid someone uses it on them. >> each weapon has a different story, some from drug raids and some from domestic violence calls and today they brought them all to a smash and steam plant in chester to be turned
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into electricity. police superintendant mike chitwood says they will not make a dime off the weapons and they were all taken by police escort, the officers saying until every last one is destroyed. >> st. joes university has settled lawsuits filed by two former softball players, the women say that the coach and older members knew they were bullying them and did nothing to stop it. they were forced to drink alcohol and forced into sexually demeaning acts. the university of victim his to comment on the settlement. >> it's time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to autumn marissa for more on the traffic report. >> we are doing better on the schuylkill than an hour ago, we have road crews all day long working on the eastbound lanes, one on belmont and one on spring
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garden, we see the travel times improve for the evening rush. checking out speeds across the region, slow going on the blue route in the southbound lanes, from villanova through media, and always 95 from the vine street expressway, up through woodhaven now is a slow go. cotman avenue through the construction zone, we have an accident clear through the construction zone taking out the left hand lane and that is gone now and we hope to see that southbound lane dissipate soon. looking live at the ben franklin bridge, eastbound traffic heading over into new jersey now and keep that in mind, if are you headed over the bridges. the first one in horsham township and howl lane there is an accident to report. and one more at 422 at arm and
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hammer boulevard. we'll bring you normal update in the next half hour. still ahead the new gadgets that apple unveiled in its annual showcase and the details on the massive forest fire burning in the pine barrens in new jersey, we know how it started. and we look back at the reign of queen elizabeth now that she is the longest serving ruler in england's history.
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the forest fire that burned 1,000 acres in new jersey's pine barrens started because someone did not properly get rid of their charcoal and now that fire is fully contained if investigators could figure out whose charcoal that was, they may have to pay for the cost of that fire. it's not threatening anyone's home.
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the department county clerk says he will continue to issue marriage licenses even if his boss tells him not to. kim davis was released after five days in jail after contempt of court. his deputy court says he will follow the judge's order no matter what. the office issued seven same sex marriage licenses while davis was in jail. and it was a milestone in england, where the queen became the longest reigning monarch. a day for the history books. this morning a royal celebration fit for a queen. queen elizabeth ii became the longest reigning monarch of all time surpassing her great great
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grandmother, queen victoria. >> inevitably a long life can pass by many milestones, my own is no exception. while she says it was business as usual, they celebrated in scotland where she and prince phillip inaugurated a new train. there was fuss across the country, long may she reign to a brand new coin marking the longest reign and a flotilla of boats down the river thames. she became queen at 25 when her father died unexpectedly. >> my whole life whether it's long or short is devoted to your service. >> she out lasted 12 presidents, 12 prime ministers and seven popes. >> we have changed a lot since
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she has reign sd and remained neutral and possive. >> and through it all prince phillip is by her side, she does pretty much all the speaking, he is her strength during these 63 years and counting, she is 89 years old and this queen shows no signs of stopping. what a day across the pond. >> i don't think she reminds you sharing her able one bit. >> apple unveiled two new smart phones, iphone 6 s and 6 s plus and a new feature called 3-d plus, that is a short cut for the tasks you do the most often, they start shipping september 25th and apple launched an improved version of the apple tv and a new ipad pro with a larger 12.9 inch screen than will be
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available in november. to the closing number. up yesterday, down today, down 239 points to close, and the s&p down 27, just about 27 points on the day. meanwhile, chipotle doing some serious hiring, they are holding a job fair today adding almost 4,000 employees, that would increase their workforce by 7%, all the new hires are for entry level positions for an average pay of $10 an hour. they are holding applications all over the country. the 10 day hope on wheels grant went to two doctors to continue to research childhood cancer and young cancer patients got to have fun and dipped their hands in paint and got to put
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their hands on a new coupon, they give grants to researchers around the country, their funding comes from money raised at dealerships. >> the one time it's okay to paint the car. >> time now for accuweather. lets go to adam joseph. >> we are looking at colors on the radar so to speak in some parts of viewing area, most of us it is hot and tropically humid and a void in any rainfall at the present time. again, we have showers that have popped up in burlington and ocean county, that is a good thing, that is the area that is extremely dry and we have seen forest fires spark up. a downpour on the split of 70 and 72 south and browns fills and about to bump over into ocean county and a few downpours north of lakehurst and lakewood. no lightning strikes just general rain that is briefly falling heavy. as we look at the heat index it
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feels like 97 in dover and you have the in cape may. you can't escape the true summer feeling. as we look at satellite and radar, to the north and west, there is the cold front we are watch that breaks this present heat wave as this moves on in later on tonight, first thing tomorrow morning and then low pressure develops along the front tomorrow afternoon, for tonight we have the tropical feel back in the atmosphere, there could be scattered downpours or a thunderstorm around and 70 in trenton and 73 in philadelphia and 72 in dover, and in the lehigh valley, temperatures close to that 70 degree mark, as we look at future tracker early tomorrow morning, there is the front to the north and west, a few downpours erupting and as the front slides in in the late morning and afternoon, low pressure is developing down to the south, that will enhance the rain around here, so there is
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tropical downpours at 2:00 and embedded thunderstorms as well. as we get into 5:30 in the evening during the rush hour, a lot of wet roadways and then it lifts on out in the evening and late hours on thursday at 11:00. so what so expect here on thursday, we are looking at a good .75 inch to as much as an inch and a half for most of us, if you get a quick hitting thunderstorm, you can see up to 3 inches of rain and the heaviest is in the afternoon and evening hours, we have a very dry packed ground and we'll get a lot of runoff at first and that could create some flooding on roadways if you have poor drainage areas with dead leaves, that could clog the drains. the four day at 4:00, a welcome soaking into your thursday, 82 and a lot of clouds and downpours and thunderstorms, especially south of the city, and as we get into friday, turning sunny quickly and
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dropping humidity at 84 and afternoon showers coming in on your saturday at 83 degrees and overnight into saturday night early sunday morning, maybe some lingering showers around and a high of just 79 degrees and with the kids back in school, we are starting something new here, we'll bring you to school as well. the weather school, here is my question for today, you guys cannot answer this. what type of allergen is prevale prevalent, tree, rag weed or grass. tweet me at 6 abc, the first one to get it right, i'll retweet and i'll give you the answer on a air. >> professor joseph thank you. still ahead, a ticket scam involving the paperle visit and
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what a local church is saying about a sign. and a man is shot on the street but police say he is no victim. and how do you teach a teenager after they rack up a $500 cell phone bill? put a padlock on their closet. one way a dad is sending a lasting lesson in big talkers. consideration
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take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. a philadelphia police officer who died in a hit and run was laid to rest today, mourners came for the funeral of lamar poole, he was off duty when a vehicle struck his motorcycle and the driver was captured distance away and charged with homicide by vehicle and dui. a man shot in chester this morning was trying to rob someone when he died. it happened just before 1:00 a.m., the man tried to rob someone and his victim pulled a gun and shot him.
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he collapsed and died and now the victim was not hurt and is talking to police, vest dirters have not told us the names of anyone involved . coming up a scam alert, fake tickets to see the pope are already popping up online. plus, padlock punishment, a father not only took his 15-year-old daughter's clothes hostage and made her earn it back by doing chores. let's clear the air.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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an embattled philadelphia congressman, why chaka fattah is asking the public to help him pay his mounting legal bills. a montgomery county pastor used his message board to declare black lives matter and what he hopes the resulting controversy will lead to. this little girl admits she climbed up into an arcade game but says it was not all her fault. who she is pointing the claw at today. we are starting with bogus tickets for the papal visit. as people clammer to see the pope up close and personal.
4:30 pm
tickets are being given out at the world meeting of families website, if you go elsewhere what you end up with may be counter fit. >> this is such an exciting celebration for philadelphia but i guess as long as there are people who are able to scam others, this is what is going to happen. >> yesterday real tickets to see the pope at independence hall were grabbed up in minutes by the world meeting of families, tickets are being made available today but listen up, while event bright is the legitimate website you are directed to, someone created a bogus pope event on that website. >> it's one of the worst possibility opportunities for people to be taken advantage of. >> people that want to see the pope and your hopes and aspirations, for some folks it's an opportunity to steal from
4:31 pm
you. >> a virginia woman contacted call to action, saying she got the tickets, this is a real ticket, compare that to the bogus ticket she received. the real ticket doesn't give the street address and the bogus ticket says general admission and the real one says independence hall. now, the bogus event, the call for action complainant warned us about has been taken down. >> but there will be more and more coming as we got closer to the event. and beware before buying tickets from scalpers on ebay. do not become a victim. the only way to guarantee are you getting legitimate tickets is to get them through the world meeting of families.
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former and current employees of the prison system are accused of smuggling drugs to inmates in exchange for cash, federal prosecutors unsealed the indictments charging four current and four former officers, the suspects agreed to deliver the contraband for priss unders in exchange for cash payments up to $1500, in one case, it's officer said that one provided an inmate with 100 oxycontin pills. we'll have a live report at 6:00. police need your help finding a gunman that terrorized a north philadelphia bar on labor day, the duo stormed the 32nd street pub early monday
4:33 pm
morning. a person pointed a gun at an employee and threatened to blow his head off and forced a 46-year-old woman to kneel on her hands and knees. and then warned the male employee to a back office where he stole more cash, fortunately neither worker was hurt during this frightening ordeal. >> and they are hoping the public can help identify this man found on video, that he along with two women scammed a senior citizen out of $1,000 last month. the woman seen here counting her money, they allegedly told her they had a shopping bag full of cash and wanted to share it with her, it was only after she refused she realized her money had been stolen as they talked.
4:34 pm
today a montgomery county pastor is offering an explanation after a sign posted outside of the chapel sparked controversy but a conversation. it's a story where religion, and current events and social media came together to spark this serious discussion. >> very, very surprised by this discussion. >> pastor paul lux, says he frequently posts inspirational sayings outside of the chapel. and had no idea this one would create a stir. black lives matter, it was inspired by conversations by the predominantly white congregation on current events like the shooting inside of a church in june where nine black people were killed. >> we think about how we perpetuate racism either witnessingly or unknowingly.
4:35 pm
>> that weekend the folks in minnesota at the state fair starting saying some nasty things, people made the assumption that we were supporting those terrible, destructive, evil things, that is when the church received phone calls and emails and social media posts criticizing the post. >> it brought up intense feelings in our community. some said they asupported a hate group and should support all lives. >> it doesn't mean that white lives don't matter, but at this point in time, this is the house that needs our attention. >> and that prompted the next one, saying we heard you, can we talk. >> this is all about being peaceful and breaking down barriers and finding ways to talk. >> the church is hosting an open
4:36 pm
forum and that representatives from the black lives matter movement, has also asked to join in. >> sounds like a constructive conversation, thank you. now they are looking into what sparked a two alarm fire this morning, chopper 6 hd was over mercy fitzgerald, it started at 8:00 a.m. and crews evacuated the area to better fight the flames and nobody was hurt. >> now to meteorologist, adam joseph, yes our sixth heat wave is in the books now. >> you seem excited. at this point done, done and done. i want the switch. >> i don't want to see the ends of summer. >> october is one of the best months around here. lets take a look. it's hot, too hot for this time of year, we are in reach of a record, 93 in philadelphia, the old record is 94 degrees, that is on top of the podium for over
4:37 pm
100 years, back in 1884, so we could possibly tie that at least in the next hour or so, your heat index, feels like 97 in philadelphia and 95 in baltimore, and 88 in new york city but in new york, syracuse just 72 degrees, as we look at double scan live radar this is a cold front approaching and finally this front is not going disappoint us and give us much needed rain on thursday. we'll chat about how much we can see and temperatures will drop as we get into the seven day. we'll show you the numbers in a little bit guys. >> are you okay with that? >> yes. i need therapy now. the navy yard in south philadelphia, will be home for a $70 research facility. they anounsd plans for the 130,000 square foot building today and will create 190 full-time jobs and retaining 400 current positions, the project
4:38 pm
is expected to be complete in 2017. a 18-year-old had her life turned upside down after finding out she had breast cancer. rick williams is live now with more on her story. >> quite a story, britney beetle is from scranton and found out about her cancer months before graduated from high school, when doctors found out it was stage four, britney had a double mastectomy, she also had chemo, coming up tonight hear about britney's mission to help others with breast cancer and find out how her family is supporting her in a unique way. we'll have that and more on "action news" at 5:00. >> can't wait to see that one thank you. a rescues seal is no longer on the road to recovery, he is off to a new life.
4:39 pm
the action camera was in brigantine as they got the seal to his new home, he was found on a monmouth county beach with cuts and puncture wounds last february, is he well enough to join other harbor seals in virginia beach. and chaka fattah is crowd funding why the councilman is turning to the public to help fight corruption charges. and a father didn't get mad he got a padlock what made him take his 15-year-old's daughter hostage. everything is fun until someone gets stuck in the claw machine, she says it was not totally her fault, she was honoring a double dog dare. and meteorologist, adam joseph, returns with the full forecast from accuweather.
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the investigation continues into last week's altercation with a referee and two players. they called the whole ordeal an embarrassment that will not be tolerated. two players at jay high school could be seen blindsided and tackling the referee, and the player says the ref directed racial slurs at them before the hit and he denies that. it appears that a sibling may be partially to blame for an arcade vent that went too far. juliet grimes became stuck in a crane machine at a pizza shop, the fire department came to the rescue prying open the front of the much and lifting juliet out. but there say side story, juliet
4:43 pm
may have had some encouragement from her big sister. >> i have not told my mom this yet but maybe it was a double dog dare. >> no one was harmed due to this double dog dare. >> it's good to see people have taking them seriously, the double dog dare. representative chaka fattah was indicted for bribery, racketeering, mail and wire fraud and bank freud among others, he says his legal bills are mounting and so is his debt, he is now crowd funding to fight the charges, it's called the fattah defense fund and it was approved. he will use your contributions to assure that i have the best people and resources needed to defend my name and good works in congress, fattah has denied any
4:44 pm
wrong doing and his trial is set to begin in may. speaking of justice, a teen racked up a cell phone bill that cost $500 and his dad fuming mad, so how does he punish a 15-year-old, put a padlock on her closet. the united states mate revenge, chains coming between her wardrobe and makeup all before school starts. she has the basic necessities, tooth brushes and stuff from dad. but boots and dresses et cetera all labeled with post-it notes. with chores to get them back. >> she said dad i know you love my and i'll work this off. >> dad says she is a good kid on the honor role and is waming up every morning at 6:30 to get the
4:45 pm
chores done and get her phone back and the cloths she can pick. >> what a stroke of brilliant parenting i think. >> he is getting a lot of positive feedback on this one. >> alicia thank you. let get a check of the roads right now, autumn marisa is in for matt pellman. >> hi nydia and brian, we are seeing volume to out there right now, one delay on the boulevard heading up the schuylkill expressway, you can expect to tap the brakes up the schuylkill and broad, a slow go out there, speeds across the region not bad, slow on the blue route, southbound and northbound as well as 95 if you are making your way to the vine street expressway, taking you 40 minutes to do the commute, sticking on the boulevard, northbound approaching whitaker avenue, a house fire on the outer drive causing delays there and 295 southbound on the 42
4:46 pm
freeway, this nice long stretch, a tractor trailer taking out the left hand lane. if you are headed eastbound into new jersey, we have construction and you can see volume in both directions there. taking a look at mass transit, all services are on time with no reported delays that is good news and remember the phillies play the braves tonight, 7:05, three express trains leaving fern rock. keep that in mind. we have a long line on the 42 freeway, if you are heading up north towards the walt whitman bridge, expect to tap the brakes, right now it looks like a sunday afternoon heading back to the shore. meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up.
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she keeps hitting me. >> adam please would i do that. i'm pleading the fifth. >> a half hour ago we gave you the weather question. here is the question again, it was what type of allergen is most prevalent right now, ragweed, tree or grass. >> i'm guessing rag weed because it borns me. >> i was also going to say rag weed, well amanda leach was the correct one to answer, it is rag reed it peaks now through the 20 and of september. it's really the longer nights that help to pollinate that rag weed but with the rain coming in
4:50 pm
tonight and tomorrow, that will suppress the ragweed over the next couple of hours. we have thunderstorms and showers moving out of burlington county, moving through ocean county through the northeast 15 miles per hour. and one just to the south of jackson mills, those are the towns and times, it is heading towards, we see heavy rain in the in the last 15 to 20 minutes, highs today back into the 90s, 93 in philadelphia and a record breaking 94 in allentown and tying a record in reading and trenton and wilmington so far today 90 was your high temperature. your heat index, it feels like the upper 90s for reading as well address dover, philadelphia, the lehigh valley and millville and atlantic city at the airport in beach haven feeled like 92 to 93 degrees, the break is on its way, the cold front to the north and west it does not look like all that
4:51 pm
much rain is with it, that will change. it feels tropical overnight and a few scattered thundershowers around and 69 to 73 degrees, in the afternoon hours, it's scattered showers in the morning and hit or miss downpours and then low pressure develops to the south at lunch time and we see the enhancement of heavy thunderstorms and showers, that continues into the afternoon tomorrow and the evening rush is slow with heavy rain and by 11:00 the heavy rain moves out and a few lingering showers around, look at the rainfall totals, philadelphia could see over an inch and if you get under one of nodes you could see 1 to 3 inches of rain, much needed around here, this is a good thing coming our way as long as the rain spreaded itself out and we don't get the heavy downpours in a short amount of
4:52 pm
time. the stormtracker 6 live double scan low humidity and 4-and another round of showers coming in late saturday into early sunday into the middle of the weekend with highs falling into the 70s and finally a september feeling on monday, 76 with low humidity and but then we kick it back up into the mid-80s by wednesday. so we only have one or two days here that are typical of september in the forecast. but not above 90. why some experts say it's not too early to talk about holiday shopping.
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with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪ all right the swimming pools are open and the kids are warm and they are barely back in school, isn't it too early to think about the holidays, the
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answer is no, an expert tells us what's the deal. people may roll their eyes when they see items on the shelves in september and october. but now they say now is the time to make the holiday lists. the first time is making a budget and making a list and planning some commitments with yourself around what is going to be feezable forry to spend and once you have the list can you look out for deals and taking advantage of sales in advance, ladly says that an early spending plan could put money in an early budget using their credit cards with rewards attached. you think about the different benefits they offer and you are thoughtful with your gas and groceries, you can use a credit card and then redeem it for crash in december and use it for
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those last minute gifts. and like the morning latte and the evenings out, consider adopting the habits permanently, keep the savings plan in place throughout the year even as emergencies come up and other opportunities for travel you are prepared for that. >> those that really need money to be out of sight in order to not spend it, they may want to have a portion of their paycheck directly deposit into a savings account. talking about the holidays early here. >> i see tv adds featuring christmas music. it's happening. now for nydia han and alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm brian taff, i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and sharrie williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, we are live at the philadelphia zoo tonight, that is where we find cecily
4:57 pm
tynan on this week's outdoor adventure. >> hi rick and sharrie, we have wally here, he is a domestic rabbit. it's estimated that 200 households have a rabbit and that cute little nose, that can switch from 100 time to 120 times a minute. he is someplace in the middle. we'll feed the humble penguins at the philadelphia zoo. >> looking forward to it. get back to the a.c., that and much more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. i don't want to live with
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5:00 pm
big story is the district attorney's probe into the stockard town firing range. walter perez is live with the story. >> reporter: hey guys, this is a followup to a story we did earlier this year, this has got enthe attention of the district attorney. the falls family home is just one in this community pock marked with bullets holes, emily says that one of the most terrifying situations unfolded months ago when the bulletses came through the backyard when she was there with her son and granddaughter. >> my son grabbed haley and myself and threw us behind a tree and was yelling stop, stop, but of course nobody can hear you. >> the northampton


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