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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 11, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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talking to residents that are effected and is live in spring garden with more on that. >> rick, you know the city is offering help for residents that live in the vehicle security zone, in neighborhoods like spring garden here, and many residents in this area say that the city's alternatives are not much help. >> we think it's a terrible inconvenience, it's not fair. >> the cars in this neighbor will be off the street or will be towed starting monday at 9:00 a.m. finding a spot a few blocks away will not be easy, because parking is always tight in these row home neighborhoods. >> we have trouble parking here when the roads aren't closed. anything is better than driving around for an hour and getting closed off somewhere. >> the city is making 2,000 parks spots available, they will cost $20 for the entire weekend, starting monday, residents can
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go to the parking authority office and get a placard, and they can stay parked on thursday, before moving to the garages, the garage is not far from here. but that does not help bill thompson who runs a plumbing business from his home. >> i thought i could run by business until thursday, and now i have to move out sunday, so i'll actually lose a whole week of work. >> many are facing hardships and with time running out many have not figured out what they will do with their vehicles. >> i don't know, we are already missing work. we'll just to to wing it. >> the city is also offering 1500 free parking spots at the naval hospital, at 1600 paterson, and one said i can also get free parking in california for what it's worth.
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david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you, we are posting constant updates related to the papal visit from our special twitter count, follow 6 abc pope for the historic visit to philadelphia. in other news, an fbi child pornography raid turned deadly this morning, federal agentses were serving a warrant on highland avenue, when they enterred they were confronted by a man with a gun and shots were exchanged. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and three or four people were inside at the house at the time. today marks 14 years since the september 11th attacks and this morning thousands pay tribute in new york, washington and schwenksville, pennsylvania, new security threats have surface against some of america's wealthiest bus
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business leaders. >> reporter: abc learn that al qaeda developed a hit list and those on that list are now notified and agents across the country are put on alert for more threats from isis. >> as the nation pauses to honor the 3,000 lives lost on this day 14 years ago -- [ reading of names ] >> with solemn ceremonies at the world trade center and schwenksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon, law form across the country are on high alert for potential new attacks. >> in new york, increased concerns over lone wolf inspired attacks from isis, like joshua goldberg. >> we don't have information to give you, i don't mine talking
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to you at a later time. >> his arrest stunning his family but prosecutors say he called for an attack on september 11th at a run for firefighters. he emailed and said use as much sharp stutch as you can. >> it's painful enough but on a 9/11 memorial that hurts that much more. >> and a list targeting some of the most powerful men, including bill gates and warren buffet and michael bloomberg. >> and a new warning from the fbi of cyber attacks, threatening to mark this anniversary by hacking government websites today. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here first responders turned out by the dozens here in
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morris town. they held a breakfast following a memorial service encouraging conversation about that day and reflection, organizers said that the crowd is getting thinner here each year and they want to make sure future generations know how important it is to remember what happened 14 years ago. >> as time goes on the memories fade and small children grew up not knowing much about 9/11 and it's important for families to still talk about it and keep the spirit alive. >> dozens of volunteers in south jersey paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 as well. and the action cam was in pennsauken as volunteers placed american flags at the township's we shall never forget monument. each flag represents a life lost in the attacks. >> on the weather front, heavy rain hit south jersey overnight leaving entire roadways under
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water, tow trucks had to be called in to help in gloucester county. police shut down bridgeton pike in both directions until the water receded. heading out live right now, as we check out the scene from sky 6 hd at the jersey shore, a live smot from cape may, highs are dipping into the 70s and meteorologist, melissa magee, in for david murphy is outside of the studios now with an update from accuweather. >> as you mentioned there is clearing on the way as we go through the rest of friday afternoon, the clouds are hanging and they will move on out as the day progresses, 76 in philadelphia, 69 in the poconos and 72 in beach haven, out in wilmington at this hour, 79 and 73 degrees in dover. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan the good news the moisture we had the heavy soaking rain now moving out
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along the atlantic pressing into new england, as the day wears on with the dry northwesterly wind and you focus your attention in detroit, poised to move through throughout the weekend, wind speeds, sustained at 5 miles per hour to as high as 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, you'll notice the wind direction, drying out the atmosphere with the northerly wind overhead as we look ahead, once the clouds break, partly sunny skies up to 81, partly cloudy and dry at 7:00 p.m. this evening, dropping down to 76 degrees, it's a friday if are you staying put you get the green light but delays at boston logan and chicago o'hare, a 20 minute delay there because of the cold
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front moving on through, speaking of that cold front that is expected to make its way eastward as early asand that comes with another threat of moisture, so we are dry today but the rain returns into saturday afternoon, we'll let you know when and how long it sticks around coming up with the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. >> in other news, a philadelphia firefighter is recovering today after he was hurt battling a house fire, here is viewer video, still not clear how the firefighter was injured but he was taken to a nearby hospital where he is now in stable condition. the cause of the house fire is under investigation. fire damaged a building in chester overnight, the flames started at 11:30 near the corner of front street at ppl park, firefighters told "action news" that the building was used for sheet metal manufacturing, no one was hurt. the cause of this one is still
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under investigation as well. a jackknifed tractor trailer, caused problems on the vine street expressway, around 5:00 a.m., you can see the backups it created the mess has since been cleared. rush hour proceeded as usual. the please touch museum filed for bankruptcy but is staying open and fully functional, the museum is trying to restructure their $60 million debt, announced they reached a settlement with most of their bond holders, they are starting a fundraising campaign and that money has to be raised by march of next year and it sems from renovating monments hall in 2008. there is more to come on "action news," a big announcement from baltimore's mayor, why she won't run for re-election even though she is confident she would win.
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and pope francis takes on climate change, his global call to action when "action news" comes right back.
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see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. firefighters in california are battling a wild fire that tripled size. while they fight the flames out of sacramento, crews are scrambling to get to places they fear that people may be trapped. >> firefighters are working hard to get into those areas and aircraft of head are hitting it very hard. >> other firefighters are going door-to-door forcing evacuations, more than 10,000 people are without power and schools in the area are closed today. baltimore's mayor says she will not seek another term in office, stephanie rawlins-blake
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made the decision saying she thinks she could win re-election, but not running is the best decision. she ran into criticism after handlele the riots after freddie grays death. flood waters are receding and a town in japan is facing a long road to recovery, a river bank collapsed so quickly that people could only climb upstairs or on their roofs to escape. cars are buried in mud and houses are knocked off their foundations, they are now in town inspecting the river bank. the pontiff said the poor suffer the most from the consequences of climate change and called on people worldwide to do their part to protect the
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environment and do their duty to help keep the earth clean and announced an alliance between countries to beach up environmental agreements. it was a big night for quarterback, tom brady, it kicked off on his home field and he was there to play in the wake of the deflate-gate scandal. and now there are other issues coming to light for head set scandal. >> it was a pretty special night. >> the rain soaked weather doing nothing to dampen the mood of the new england patriots faithful. brady unleashing a stellar performance, four touchdown passes, seeming like a man on a mission. >> another super night for brady. >> absent from the festivities
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nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> where is roger? >> missing the league's season opener for the first time in his tenure opting instead to watch it on tv. last week a federal judge overturning goodell's decision and the nfl says it will appeal and meanwhile more questions may have opened up for the patriots. >> the steelers were getting the patriot radio broadcast. >> head coach mike tomlin complaining instead of talking to each other they were forced to listen to the patriots radio broadcast for the first half of the game. >> that is always the case. >> here? >> yes. >> you are saying every time you play here? >> i said what i said. >> before you start thinking
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headset gate, bill belichick said they had problems with their headsets too. brian smith, abc news, foxboro, massachusetts. >> still ahead, another check of the forecast, as we look outside from sky 6 hd, showing you the platt bridge, melissa magee has an update from accuweather.
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time to get an update from melissa magee and accuweather. >> it's a good start and then the moisture comes back saturday rick. we'll talk about that and maybe a taste of fall for some. >> taste of fall taste of rain. >> back to football. >> you can see it's dry right now, we had a lot of moisture in the area yesterday and the cold front moved on out and we are looking good for the rest of
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today, sky 6 hd, down at the shore in atlantic city, you can see folks on the boardwalk there, and also there in the distance, not bad, temperatures there in the lower 70s, so it has been dry, that rain we picked up yesterday was much needed for philadelphia in fact we had 20 straight days without rain and yesterday was a record at philadelphia international airport where philadelphia the city picked up 4.76 inches of rain and the cold front is moving on out and drier air is moving on in. 69 in tannersville and 75 in slatington and middle 70s in center city and 72 in coatesville and the lower 70s in kennett square, in new jersey, hammonton 74 and upper 70s for browns mill. and 75 in hockessin and upper 70s for dover and smyrna. here is satellite 6 along with action radar there is the cold
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front responsible for all of that torrential rain we picked up yesterday, we are dry today but sandwiched in between one system departing and another system off to the west, a cold front is stretched into the midwest, this will work its way eastward as we go throughout saturday afternoon and saturday night. tonight partly cloudy and areas of patchy fog with an overheight low dropping down to 66 degrees, here is the setup, future tracker 6 showing you saturday 8:00 in the morning, cloudy and pockets of sunshine and a dry start to the day, as the cold front approaches from the west-east direction, 2:30 tomorrow afternoon maybe a shower or thundershower breaking out in the area, this will continue as this migrates
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eastward 6:30 in the evening and the moisture carries over into overnight saturday and the first half of the morning on sunday. here is the exclusive accuweather forecast, it is less humid today high temperature up to 74 degrees, it's a dry day, sun is giving way to increasing clouds and the start of the day tomorrow is dry and by the afternoon and evening hours we are tracking the moisture up to 82, sun clouds breaking for sunshine in the wake of the front, high up to 77 and rosh hashanah 77. tuesday we are looking good and a high temperature of 82 and sunny and nice and sunny and warm on wednesday and 86 and the upper 80s hold as we get into thursday, sun to clouds by then, not a bad start to the weekend just look for that moisture saturday night. topping our people scene at 12:30, miss america returns to the jersey shore this weekend to crown a new winner, the
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is celebrating 79 years. there she is, alicia vitarelli. >> i'll take that rick. we are just two days away from finding out who the next lucky lady to wear the crown will be. they will hear that tune, they have not heard it in the past five years ♪ there she is miss america maybe rick it sing it up on stage on sunday. a settlement has been reached to allow the iconic song, the song was tied up in a legal dispute. in the meantime 52 hopefuls putting their best foot forward during the lifestyle and fitness preliminary that was known as the swimsuit competition and the women shows off their skills in
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the preliminary competition, and trying to match last year's winner, who won while trying to keep the beat to a plastic cup. she is ready to move on and pass on the crown. >> what is it like to wear the crown. >> the crown is a microphone and people pay attention whether they like it or not. and it's a great way to make sure everything i care about mak makes its way into a national conversation, but it's time for a new young lady to take it on and it will be a wonderful new year for her. >> what a great girl she s. you can catch the excitement here on 6 abc, auto preview special, matt o'donnell and karen rogers, and melissa magee hosting countdown to the crown, and at 9:00 it's miss america 2016, live from boardwalk hall, a
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time to get a check of the forecast with melissa. >> a good day today especially by the afternoon, a partly sunny skies once the clouds break, the humidity will continue to lower as well. once we get more in the way of sunshine we max out close to 84 in the city, 81 in lancaster and 80 in atlantic city and 82 in trenton you'll notice the difference outside today enjoy it because the rain returns as we get into saturday afternoon and saturday night. here is a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, including freebie friday and the fab life christie teigan
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and her husband. and speaking of the fab life, alicia vitarelli has a preview of the show. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon we'll see you later.
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