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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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area of low pressure to the north that's rotating to the north and heading away from us. of course we have a breeze dropping out of north/northwest today. it will be cooler than what we've been over the last couple of weeks. 80 degrees. that's right it is chilly. 54 degrees in allentown.on the y
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8:00 a.m. 70 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 765 high of lots of sun today. it will be warm and breezy. matt. >> reporter: all eastbound lanes reopened. web if you're heading toward the pennsylvania turnpike. schuylkill expressway all is fine on the vine. overnight construction suspended on the vine until after the pope's visit which is next week. a little bit hard to believe on that front.
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i-95 in northeast philadelphia looking good, have overnight work on the ramps connecting the ramp with cottman avenue just ahead that will be out here in a half-hour. there's a crash in philadelphia at huntington and hunting park avenue is shut down because of a water main break between fox and wissahickon. springfield township burlington county a vehicle ran into a pole, so the southbound lanes of route 68 are shut down at monmouth road. it will take time to fix the pole. tam and nydia. >> well, we're less than two weeks away from pope's arrival in philadelphia. one threat has been disrupted. katherine scott is live along the benjamin franklin parkway with more on the story. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam,
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we don't have any details on what the disruptive threat was, discredit service isn't commenting. you could hear the sounds of sledge hammers across the parkway as the infrastructure for the papal visit is going you mean. preparations are moving full steam ahead despite federal officials disrupted a threat against pope francis. >> we are monitoring threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case. >> reporter: a threat is e was very aspirational and nowhere near being an active plot. bob brady weighed in. if it's supposed to be a classified thing i don't know why he would say good something on to have.
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>> reporter: ppa will hands-on out special parking placards for those who live in center city. all vehicles must be moved from affected streets or they will be towed. for $20 you can get a pass for the papal weekend you don't have to pay for the pass if you have a valid residential parking permit. back here live on the parkway where preparations are underway. back to that parking. residence who buy a parking space in the garage will be issued the placard for the windshield that will exempt them from the towing schedule until the 234th. there's more listed at live on the benjamin franklin parkway katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pope francis is making a stop in cuba before he comes to the u.s. the holy father will be there beginning friday. on saturday he will be welcomed to had a vanna by cuban president raul castro.
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the cuban government will release and pardon 3500 prisoners before the visit. many are political prisoners. stick with the posts include the lists of road closures and items prohibited from the francis festival ground. a driver was injured when her vehicle overturned. it happened on kelly drive in fairmont park. police say the driver lost control and flipped over. she was able to get out with minor injuries. that accident remains under investigation. the eagles kick off there season tonight on the national stage taking on the atlanta at that falcons. sam bradford will take snaps behind center in his first regular season game in two years. coach chip kelly will show off his new reformed birds team in
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the georgia dome. we'll have more coming up in football at 5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m -- 5:00 p.m.a.m. >> a new miss america was crowned in atlantic city last night. >> here she is the new miss america is miss georgia. >> that's price georgia betty cantrell. miss america pageant was held at boardwalk hall. she woed the judges and the crowd with an on are -- oprah performance. cantrell was asked whether brady should be suspended. >> if there was a question there, if there was a question to be had he definitely cheated and he you should have been suspended for that. >> cantrell will begin her year
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as miss america with the traditional frolic in atlantic ocean. i was glad to see vanessa williams back and the trajectory of her career. quite a comeback. >> it will be interesting to see what reception the new miss america will get in boston. >> the kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriages to same-sex couples is back on the job. >> reporter: we are rooting for the eagles as they open up in atlanta. you might want to put a sweatshirt on the kids this morning because we have temperatures in the 50s. this afternoon things get better. what about the rest of the workweek? we'll have it all in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> developing this morning at least one person is reported dead as wildfires continue to burn out of control in northern california. officials say the fire has destroyed up to 1,000 homes and businesses burning down entire blocks at a time. >> reporter: firefighters working feverishly this morning to get control of the fastest
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burning wildfire in decades. the valley fire explodeed in just 12 hours 40,000 acres charred and entire neighborhoods turned to ashes. thousands forced to flee with very little warning. >> scarest thing i experienced in my life. >> reporter: much. small town of littleton decimated. >> resources, we have multiple trucks trying to protect it. you can't save everything. >> reporter: 400 homes lost so far and still counting. >> as far as estimates of homes we'll be pushing close to 1,000. >> reporter: four firefighters overattorney by the blaze are in stable condition, one of them giving a thumbs up from the hospital burn unit.
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165 miles southeast another wildfire rages. >> extreme fire behavior it burned on all sides. the view fire has destroyed 80 homes and burned over 65,000 acres. thousands of homeowners thankful this morning is for calmer wind and higher humidity helping firefighters catch up. this has been an exhausting season for firefighters in california. there are more than a dozen wildfires burning actively in this state. abc news washington. >> reporter: all right, so chilly this morning as you mentioned. i had the heater on in the car. >> i like it. >> reporter: a nice sports weekend, a couple of phillies wins, temple owls, thank you very much. and the eagles tonight we'll see if they can get off on a good streak or good. ♪. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you as you plan the post sports celebrating and get out
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there this morning, we have clear conditions, but as we look outside we are looking at chilly conditions this morning. there's atlantic city. every now and then you can detect the camera bouncing a little bit, that's because we have a breeze brogue through the region. 56 that will be the coolest morning since back in june. dewpoint, 46. the winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour there's a cool breeze. the breeze is emanating around an area of low pressure that's off to the north that's winging a west wind in beneath it. that breeze will be with us all day. on the other hand, we're looking at dry air coming in from the west. beyond why that didn't update. that's warmer than it's going to be. we'll get 77 degrees, 75 by the lehigh valley up around allentown and bethlehem. 76 in reading. 76 in lancaster. 74 in trenton. and 76 degrees in millville.
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down the shore, cape may about 74. 76 in atlantic city, if you happen to be down the beach, the ocean temperatures are running fairly mild and there's a low risk of rip currents, but of course the lifeguards are not there in the communities any more so not great idea to go into the water. mostly sunny and breezy today a nice one overall. if you're heading to the phillies they have a pregame set with the washington nationals opening. first pitch time, 72 degrees, don't be fooled by low # 70s. it will be breezy and chilly at the ballpark. might be down to 63 in the 9th inning. we're starting to turn into the cooler seasons where the nights start to chill down. tomorrow we have high pressure locked into control in the south. not as breezy. a lot of sunshine expected. the next storm system well to the north and having a hard time
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digging to the east because of the stubborn high pressure center that's going to be with us not only tomorrow, but a good portion of the seven-day forecast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 77. nice and breezy, milder later on, but the breeze will be part of the package. warmer on tuesday, back up to 83. it will feel like summer after that again. sunny and warm, wednesday, 86. another 86 on thursday, look at how we're projecting sunshine between now and the end of the workweek. friday overnight lows in the 60s. on saturday, 87 is the overnight low. sunday, clouds and sunny breaks and there's a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. unfortunately because we have the union and the eagles at home on sunday, we'll see how that shakes down that's a long way off. >> kim davis the controversial county clerk from kentucky is expected to return to work.
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she was in jail for five nights after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she was released on on the agreement that she will not interfere. lbgt movement tend and pick choose scriptures. davis claims issuing licenses goes against her religious beliefs. >> hershey is getting recognition for being good to the environment. they made a dow jones stain ability list -- sustain ability list. president obama put online
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tools helping families to choose a college. something special to the list, will tell students just how much graduates of the school earn when they leave college. wall street is adding to friday's gains. investors looking for news on interest rates, stocks pointing to a higher open. it was a perfect opening weekend for the perfect guy at the box office, a new thriller was tops at the movies this weekend taking in 26.7 million. that's more than double what it cost to make the film coming in at a close second, m. night shyamalanian's film came in second. >> it is now 4:48 still to come on "action news," new billboards
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are up in south jersey. how a local family severance for clues in an unsolved murder. >> a georgia father is in court facing charges that he killed his son by leaving him inside a hot suv. we'll have the latest when "action news" comes right back.
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>> hopefully you're getting
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back into the swing of same things, all the schools are back in session we're watch outing out for the -- watching out for the school buses. but not this early. as we travel 476 northeast extension northbound near landslide daily they are taking out the left lane, and approaching quakertown right lane is blocked southbound southbound near lansdale there's roadwork. turnpike watch out for valley forge taking out the left lane and center lane. water main break shutting down fox and wissahickon hunting park avenues. happening today, a georgia man will be back in court accused of leaving his young son
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in a hot suv on purpose leading to his death. he wanted to a live a child free lifestyle. in june 2014 he intentionally left his 22-month-old son in the car to die. he claims it was an accident. the pretrial hearings distress addresses a motion that includes shutting out the media from the hearing. a 48-inch water main broke in hunting park. 15 million gallons of water spilled on the streets and into properties before crews arrived and shut off the main. water pressure was restored a short time later. but it acted some area businesses likes pizza
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during the busys part of the weekend. >> this is not the first section that hunting park had issues. a nearby shopping complex had a water main break in june of last year. in both cases it took weeks to clean up the damage. green bay lambeau field became the world's largest brautwurst. it raised $40,000 for charity.
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>> nam members are hoping a new billboard campaign will lead to answers in an unsolved murder in pennsauken new jersey. police say novac was in philadelphia in 2008. his car broke down, he was shot as he got out of the car. there's a ho thousand dollar reward that leads to arrest and conviction in this action. >> the jewish high holy days got underway with roshashana. a ram's horn was blown at the congregation in spring garden. roshashana is the first day of the jewish new year. it's a kind of intraspecs for yews around the world.
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>> coming up in the next half-hour of "action news." moses malone died over the weekend. we'll look back at his life. >> a 13-year-old boy has been charged with saturday after kissing a fellow 8th grader. details ahead. dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.
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5:00 a.m. monday september 14, i'm tamala edwards with nydia han matt has the day off. here's what's happening. >> feds thwarted a security threat against pope francis before he lands in the u.s. >> friends family and team members are remembering moses malone, a look back at the philadelphia sports icon. >> the eagles face off tonight in atlanta for the season opener. we have a preview. >> how much will sam bradford play in the game that's the question. >> reporter: defin


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