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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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it's been traced back to a local college campus. >> eagles fall to the falcons on monday night football. fans are sounding off on it this morning. >> so close but so far. good morning, it is 5:30 on this tuesday september 15th. let's go on over to meteorologist dave murphy. sounds like a great september day and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> yeah, it absolutely is another nice one building. we're starting out with clear skies, lots of sunshine getting ready to pop up over the horizon and that storm system from yesterday all the way up to the northeast, so we've got high pressure in control. and we're going see a couple of benefits of that. first of all, we are starting out cool, not quite as chilly as yesterday morning but 61 in philadelphia. just 52 in allentown, 53 in reading, 57 in trenton. if you're stepping outside in wilmington this morning, you're looking at 53 degrees on the thermometer and in the 60's down in cape may. winds not all that strong. that's one big change with that storm system farther up the coast. it's not nearly as windy. single digit winds. in some cases zeros which means we're calm. a little cool on the bus stop heading out there for the kids
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waiting for the school bus. 58 degrees by 6 o'clock. 61 by 8 o'clock, clear skies, cool, put on a little jacket or maybe even a sweatshirt but on the way home, they he won't need that. we are looking at a warm one again this afternoon. by 8 o'clock, 61 but by noon, 76. and your high today is going to be that 83-degree reading at three he clock and we'll still be in the upper 70's by 6 o'clock. so, a nice sunny warm afternoon and not as windy as yesterday. even warmer air coming in the accuweather 7-day forecast, karen. >> all right, dave, we've got a problem with a big fire right in center city and lots of closures so 13th street is closed between walnut and irving, juniper is closed and that's between walnut and locust. you can use 11th or broad to avoid 13th or juniper. walnut street itself is blocked between 12th and broad. so, use market or spruce streets. fire location in center city, multi alarm that we've been talking about and that's going to cause big traffic problems right in center city. live here in northeast philadelphia, this is woodhaven wrote at knights road and we see traffic moving okay getting by, although
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construction blocks the right lane eastbound. westbound we've got all lanes blocked on woodhaven road in bucks county. construction is clear here on the turnpike eastbound near bensalem but crews are still blocking the right lane until 6 o'clock on the turnpike connector itself. and in salem county, we've got this accident that brought down poles and wires and they still have 40 westbound shut down at 628. so, if you're in this area just stick to route 48 to get around the closures there, matt. >> thank you, karen. now a developing story. detectives are investigating a report that someone shined a laser pointer at a philadelphia police helicopter while a lieutenant is using social media to remind people it is dangerous and it is illegal. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center with this story. erin. >> reporter: and matt, this has become an alarming trend in the skies many people are directing these powerful lasers towards planes and it's endangering crews and the passengers on board. now, as you mentioned, an officer took to twitter last night posting this picture that we want you to look at
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and it shows a building at broad and cecil b. moore. the caption underneath says attention at temple university student on top floor pointing lasers at tac air is illegal. we know this particular building has a red flashing light on top which you can see he there but usually those are distinguishable from what a laser would look like. however, philadelphia police have not commented on the incident yet but as we mentioned, this has been a major problem in the skies. in fact in july the faa investigated dozens of these incidents in new jersey and new york. york. in fact in 20132 men were arrested in one week for pointing lasers at philadelphia police helicopters so again, that philadelphia police officer tweeted that photo out last night in a sense a warning that temple university student and others that that is illegal. but police have not told us -- have not commented on that photo directly. but we'll certainly keep you updated o story. we're live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn channel6
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"action news. >> we want to go to this breaking news that we have been talking about karen just jt raising that in the traffic report in center city. a building under construction, a restaurant there somehow catching fire. we have center the action cam and a crew down there and we've also gotten in some viewer video. this happened about 4:30 as we were coming on the air and what we were told is that it went quickly to three alarms. let's go over to katherine scott. she's got the latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning. and so far no reports of any injuries here but there's a lot of disruption. let's see if i can get oft way so you can see all the activity that's going on here on chancellor street. firefighters are blasting water at the scene of this fire. they're trying to get out any remaining flames there but this turned into a three alarm fire very quickly this morning. let's go to viewer video of flames stretching into the sky. the fire was called in around 4:30 this morning here at 13th and chance there are no center city.
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13th at chancellor in center city. the building is a two story restaurant which is under construction. [inaudible] >> all right, seems like we're having a little technical difficulty with katherine. again let's give you the update. about 4:30 this morning news comes in that there's a fire at 13th and chancellor, very busy area both residential and commercial. this is a building under construction. a two-story restaurant here seems to have caught fire. by the time firefighters get to the scene this quickly goes to three alarms. the latest update coming in about 10 minutes ago, partial collapse of the roof, a number of evacuations there in the neighborhood but they're close to getting it under control. so far no reports of injuries but of course we've got a crew there. as soon as we get any more updates, any more pictures, we'll bring those to you but let's go he to this now. we have new information this morning on the alleged hazing death in the poconos that happened back in 2013.
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members of a new york fraternity now face criminal charges in connection with the death. 18-year-old chun michael deng died after a hazing incident. monroe county prosecutors have charged five members of pi delta si and the fraternity with criminal homicide. more than 30 other members are also charged with hazing. investigators say deng had run through a gauntlet blindfolded while carrying a heavy weight on his back. he was knocked unconscious and didn't immediately get medical help. tamara lives in the house where the fraternity rented. >> they should have did something more. they definitely should have did something more and i'm sure they were all just having a good time and their good time just went a little too far. >> deng's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the fraternity. police in the poconos are expected to release new details on this investigation later this morning. >> also new this morning, two men are wanted for pulling off a $50,000 jewelry heist in
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south philadelphia. they robbed royal jewelers on the 2300 block of south 23rd street yesterday evening. police say one of the men was armed with a knife but no one in the store was hurt. the robbers were last spotted in a gold honda with a temporary paper license tag. >> ♪ >> time now to talk about the eagles. but do we have to? the season opener was a heartbreakinger. the birds staged a second half come back but they let it slipped away. the eagles first lead of the game didn't come until the fourth quarter and the falcons answered right back. a missed field goal and an interception at the end clinched the win for atlanta 26 to 24. now this was the first opener loss for the birds in five years and for fans, it was a crushing defeat. the action cam was at misconduct tavern in center city last night. expectations had been high in eagles nation. they had looked really good in the preseason only one loss. fans say the team, though, can use a little work but it's still early in the season. >> you got to keep the faith.
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as philly fans you got to keep the faith and you got to believe in chip because he's going take us to the promised land. >> now, other fans are already looking ahead hoping the eagles can turn things around for the big game against the cowboys on sunday. we can't lose that one. >> short rest week for them. 5:38 now. some big names will entertain pope francis in the crowd during the festival of families. the world meeting of families announced that mark wahlberg will host the festival on saturday september 26th. the pope will be treated to a performance from the queen of soul aretha franklin. the fray has always been added to the lineup. they will join previously announced acts including andrea bocceli juanes and the philadelphia orchestra. follow our special twitter handle at 6abc pope for more on the parkway events and for help getting around during the papal visit. >> a lot of folks who watched that game last night are stumbling into work today tired. >> yeah. >> but at least they'll have sunshine. >> they l i think what made it worst was all of the hype, oh we're going to go -- they got
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a chance to turn it around. storm tracker6 right now and there's no precipitation out there. taking a look outside, nice bright sunshine getting ready to build up over the horizon a little bit later on. for now taking a look live in center city, we are clear overhead. the stars are out and a little bit cool once again this morning but another nice day building. 61 degrees is your current temperature, a little better than this time yesterday. the dewpoint is still nice and low, so it's not humid. and the winds out of the northwest at just 5 miles per hour. in some cases we're reporting calm winds. satellite also shows you a lack of any significant cloud cover as that storm system from yesterday is now rotating all the way over maine and pretty much pushing up towards nova scotia at this point so lots of sunshine on the way and we're going to hold that sun in place much the way we did yesterday. 61 degrees, still cool by 8 o'clock but by 11 o'clock getting up to a more comfortable 72 and then we spend the laughte afternoon in e 80's with a high of 83 probably around 3:00 or 3:30. still holding the low 80's by
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5 o'clock. lots of sun today. high temperatures pretty warm just about everywhere. 82 in allentown this afternoon, 83 in reading, '82 in trenton and wilmington. 82 in millville. and it looks like we'll stop in the upper 70's down in atlantic city and cape may along the shore. if you're head to the phillies tonight, another one of those evenings that starts out pretty nice, 76 degrees for the first pitch with less wind it will feel more comfortable than last night. but by the ninth inning we dip to about 66. this is pretty typical for this time of year when you go to night baseball in philadelphia you need to bring along a jacket, maybe a sweatshirt a-layer or two to add as the game goes on. mainly clear, though, for the phillies and the nationals. and then for the rest of this week, we're really just getting back into summer-like afternoons. we've got high pressure in control. that's going to keep us sunny over the next several days for the most part. highs will get well into the 80's especially later in the week as a frontal boundary gets a little bit closer and encourages more of a southwesterly flow. and by the way we're not running real high on pollen but i have seen some mention that because of the way the weather pattern has been with dry weather and in august,
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ragweed may extend into september, october, maybe a little bit stronger and more of an ire fantastic for you as we go later into the autumn period so just a heads up in those of you who have a problem with ragweed. could be a little worse over the next month or so. sunny and warm today, a high of 83. a couple 87's on wednesday and thursday, lots of sunshine in through here. looks like we ease back to 86 on friday but pretty much the same story with partly sunny skies. saturday is looking good, sun and clouds high up around 87 or so there. and then more clouds on sunday with a high of 81 and sunday is the next chance of a shower or a thunderstorm hopefully it misses the eagles and union contest. >> thank you day. 5:41. developing overnight details on a deadly crash in southern delaware. we have new video. >> tragic developments are coming in about severe weather that has plagued the country's heartland. karen. >> we've got a new problem. disables vehicle right on i-95 it's northbound at cottman. you can see it over here in the right lane so be sure you stay to the left if you're
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coming north of bridge street on i-95. big problems with all the closures in center city with that multi alarm fire. all the details on that coming up. >> also when we come back 13 new celebrities are out there trying to get the mirrorball trophy in season 21 of "dancing with the stars" we'll break down the first episode.
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>> thirteenth street is closed between irving and walnut. juniper is closed between walnut and locust. you can use 11th and broad instead of those. walnut street itself is closed between 12th and broad and locust now is closed between broad and 12th street so you could use market or spruce streets. we expect lots of problems with all of those closures right in center city with that fire location so give yourself some extra time for sure. going outside live and checking on i-95 at cottman we've got this disabled vehicle. it's still blocking the right lane and penndot taking a very close at it right now. so it continues to block the right lane. you see they've got their truck out there so look for that. stay left coming north of bridge street, i-95. this is right at cottman. we can see i-95 we've got the right lane blocked so traffic slowing in that area there. also in salem county, this has been a problem all morning. we have an accident that because the down poles and wires on 40 westbound.
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it's blocked at 628 so he if you're in this area use 48 as your alternate instead of that and i want to go to the commuter traffic report on the waze app. we've been scanning different problems in the area. i found someone complaining about animals near the road on route one in middletown bucks county and i love that he's a member of our 6abc team at fire 73 telling us about that one so don't forget to joins the 6abc team when you go on the waze app so you can be a part of our commuter traffic report. looking at the temperatures through the region, nice and cool out there. the kids will need a little jacket as they head out to the bus stop. it's only 51 in quakertown, 52 in coatesville, 63, though, in center city and a lot of the suburbs in new jersey respect also just in the low 50's like 50 in hammonton, 54 in cinnaminson, 53 in dover but headed up top a sunny and warmer 83, matt. >> thanks, karen. new this morning, the the investigation into a deadly crash in southern delaware. state police say two people were killed and a third person was seriously hurt. the collision occurred on laurel road in sussex county at 8:30 last night. an accident reconstruction
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team spent the night on the scene. troopers are expected to release more information on the crash later today. >> ♪ >> and we're at the big board with a developing story out of utah authorities say flash flooding has killed at least eight people. another five are reported missing. all of the victims are said to be mothers and small children. the flooding ravaged hildale utah near the border with arizona. most of the people who live in the community are members of a polygamist sect run by warren jeffs. the rush of water was so intense it washed two vehicles downstream. 16 people were in those cars. right now officials know of just three survivors. in another part of hildale one family is safe this morning thanks to rescuers who pulled them from their car before it was washed a way in the flood so that's good news. tam. >> at least there's that. thank you erin. the european union has failed to reach a agreement a migrant resettlement plan. leaders held an emergency meeting to try to figure out
5:48 am
how to relocate 160,000 refugees across the continue tent. tens of thousands of men women and children raced to reach western europe. the country sealed off its border with serbia after midnight. at least three people have been arrested for illegal entry this morning. >> 5:48 now and still ahead on "action news." >> we have new developments in a case of a lehigh valley mother accused of tossing her toddler over a bridge in allentown. >> ♪
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yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> "dancing with the stars" kicked off its 21st season last night way lot of moving and shaking. we got to meet all 13 contestants. missing was lynn goodman who gave up his seat is the judge's table after last season.
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bindi irwin's jive and nick carter's cha-cha put them on top of the leaderboard. tonight the dancing continues and there will be some unseen footage. you can see the action tonight starting a the 9:00. >> i'm going with the jockey he who says he can't dance. >> american hero, alex skarlatos. >> the beauty is they do learn to dance as you watch the show. even though he says he can't dance now, maybe by the end. >> good to have a basic understanding. >> probably a good idea. >> let's take a look outside here. northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road at thornton road, we still have construction out here and they've been in the process of clearing it. we can watch them back up. that's on the remembered as you watcleft-hand side.they're g up the cones. traffic is get buying a little better now and westbound all lanes opened. still in the process of picking it up on woodhaven road. gravers road blocked at monterey drive. >> dressing the kids with the light jacket this morning. we're starting out cool once again but this afternoon it is
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shorts and t's all the way and shear why. running errands today? well, if you like cooler weather you can get it done in the morning with no problems. lots of sunshine. by 9:00, 65. moving up from current temperatures in the low 60's in philadelphia. and then by noon, 76 degrees, so maybe you want to go out at noon when it's starting to get kind of warm and comfortable. your high today is 83 degrees, low humidity, lots of sun and not as much wind as yesterday. a pretty nice day building in the region. had matt and tam, so get on out there and enjoy it and no problems getting your work done. >> okay, thank you, david. a young mother from the lehigh valley who is accused of killing her own son will pursue an insanity defense. in court documents, defense attorneys claim johnesha perry has dealt with mental health issues for some time. the 20-year-old will be tried for the murder of her one-year-old son. prosecutors say she pushed him off a bridge into the lehigh river in allentown back in may. a district attorney in western pennsylvania will not retry this man who was freed due to new dna evidence more
5:53 am
than three decades after he was sent to prison. lewis fogle had been serving a life sentence for the 1976 murder and rape of 15-year-old kathy long. fogel acted as his own attorney while behind bars and convinced the innocence project to hear his case. the group led to the process of dna testing on the girl's body which eventually cleared fogel's name. >> ♪ (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love.
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♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> authorities in west goshen township are asking you to take a good look at these two men.
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they walked into the micro tel inn warmed with guns. they got away with an undetermined amount of cash. nobody was hurt but detectives really want to catch these men before they strike again. a day camp instructor in new jersey faces child pornography charges. investigators in burlington county say they found explicit images on daniel chance's electronics. they say the 23-year-old was using a file sharing program to distribute images of young children being sexually abused. chance was an instructor at a camp in mansfield township. >> a private school in new york is getting attention for its decision to add a rifle club to its curriculum this fall. the chester ton academy of rochester says the club will be a way to teach gun safety. the schoolhouses students prek to tenth grade. the club will be offered only to those as an elective 12 years and over. the course will begin in the classroom and mainly focus on safety and discipline. students will then be taken to the firing range to practice
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their skills. >> i never actually like put my hands on a gun but i really -- i grew up with a grandpa who loved hunting so i really like to understand the use of this so that other -- i can teach other people the safety of guns. >> the school's headmaster says she sees the instruction as a way to address the violence happening in some schools in the u.s. >> 5:57 now and we're following some breaking news. a three alarm fire is burning right now center city. a lie update on the efforts to get it contained is up next. >> ♪ let's clear the air.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday
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september 15th and breaking right now. >> philadelphia firefighters have just brought a three alarm building fire in center city under control. we've got a live report with the update. >> more than a dozen women who claimed bill cosby assaulted them are going on prime time television. >> could have been a win. the battle of the birds in atlanta didn't end so well for the eagles. we'll hear from the players and from coach chip kelly if we're not throwing in the towel just yet. >> no. >> it's only the first game. here's dave murphy and karen rogers. >> off to a cool start again across the region for our postgame recovery i guess. lots of sunshine coming up in the horizon in awhile. taking a look at satellite, that storm system is pinwheeling over maine and nova scotia at this point leaving behind clear wide opened heavens above us. 59 degrees currently in philadelphia. the currents number has dipped into the upper 50's in philadelphia and in the mid to low 50's in allentown, reading, wilmington, millville, trenton at 56. cape may still running a little bit ahead of everybody else. the winds this morning, though, are not a factor.


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