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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. fireworks at the republican debate. >> that happened in junior high. >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> she's right here. why don't you apologize to her. >> donald trump targeted. >> they could care less about your career. >> the billionaire on the defensive. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> carly fiorina captures some of the night's biggest moments. >> this is about the character of our nation. >> we have complete coverage. who's up, who's in trouble and how the campaign has changed overnight. breaking overnight, massive earthquake, the 8.3 quake caught on tape rocking chile triggering tsunami concerns as far as the u.s. a million people running into the streets. the search for those who may be trapped right now. school arrest. the young man led away in handcuffs for bringing a
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homemade clock to class mistaken for a bomb. was he racially profiled? speaking out only on "gma" this morning. and get ready to go "above and beyond" this morning. we showed you this marvelous moment on the beach. now we're topping it with an epic event for one very deserving man who has no idea it's about to happen. we are "blasting off" with our biggest live event ever only on "gma" this morning. and good morning, america. big night at the reagan library, biggest debate field ever. there you see the 11 candidates walking onto the stage, the 11 who made the cut. front-runner donald trump in the middle of it all. he was taking heat from all sides last night including carly fiorina, another breakthrough performance from her and she is here this morning. >> we have our political team standing by to break it all down for think morning. we'll begin with abc's tom
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llamas who was there for, well, all the fireworks. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. what a night. many candidates showed up ready to confront trump head on but the man who wrote the art of the deal showing the art of the counterpunch and one candidate clearly having a huge night showing off her persona. long bruising and personal, in no time the second republican debate turned vicious especially for trump. >> but i am worried, i'm very concerned about him being in charge of the nuclear weapon because his response, visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness, that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. that, i can tell you. >> reporter: much of the focus trump's words like how he told "rolling stone" about carly fiorina, look at that face, would anyone vote for that.
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trump said he was talking about her persona. >> i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> all right, on that note -- >> reporter: i asked trump if that was an apology. >> you can call it what you want but, you know, i really felt that -- and i really feel she's a nice woman. >> reporter: fiorina later taking trump on highlighting his companies for bankruptcy. >> not once, not twice, record finds. why should we trust you to manage the finances of this nation any differently than you managed the finances of your casinos. >> reporter: fiorina also getting a rousing reaction for her attack on planned parenthood and graphic videos she described depicting late-term abortions challenging the president and hillary clinton to watch them. >> this is about the character of our nation. and if we will not stand up and
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force president obama to veto this, then shame on us. [ applause ] >> reporter: to trump and jeb bush also bringing up hillary. >> you got hillary clinton to go to your wedding. >> that's true. >> because you gave her money. maybe it works for hillary clinton -- >> excuse me, jeb, i was a businessman, i got along with clinton. i got along with everybody. that was my job to get along with people. excuse me one second -- >> no. >> more energy tonight. i like that. look -- >> i was asked. >> reporter: their fight turning personal. >> your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because there was such a disaster those last three months abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what, as it relates to my brother there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> reporter: bush telling trump he owes him an apology for insinuating bush is soft on immigration because his wife is mexico-american. >> this is absolutely -- she's right here. why don't you apologize to her right now. >> i won't because i said
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nothing wrong. i hear she's a lovely woman. >> reporter: but the end signs of a peace agreement. trump and carson sharing an awkward but happy handshake and then this moment when asked what their secret service code name would be, jeb saying -- >> high energy, donald. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: trump getting a kick out of that saying this should be his code name. >> humble. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one. >> reporter: now, trump didn't stay humble for long. right after the debate he told us he's still on top in the polls. now, many conservative pundits said on substance senator rubio had a huge night and this really was a make or break for several campaigns. they're not going to get this type of high-profile free exposure for another six weeks until the next republican debate
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in colorado. george. >> thank you, tom. joining us now one of the other candidate, a lot of commentators saw as a big winner last night, carly fiorina joins us from simi valley. thank you for joining us. did it feel like a win? >> yes, i was very satisfied. you know, when i went into that debate, almost half the audience had never heard my name and didn't know i was running for president. so this was a really important opportunity for me to introduce myself and i think i did that successfully last night. >> you made donald trump blush with your response to his comments about your persona. now calling a nice person and beautiful. you didn't have a verbal response on stage. what were you thinking at that moment? >> well, you know, i think his comments were clear as i said last night, every woman in america understood what those comments meant. and so mr. trump will have to live with what he says, just like we all do. >> you've said tough things about him. could you really support him if you were the nominee? >> well, that's for voters to
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decide. i will support the republican nominee. i intend for that to be me. >> he also took aim at your record at hewlett-packard. "the wall street journal" pointed out at the time that the stock price dropped more than 15% on your watch and that your bet on that big merger with compaq failed. the ceo takes the fall for that kind of record. is your record at hewlett le packard fair game? >> the merger was a huge success. i don't know what article you're reading from or what year and also the nasdaq i led hewlett-packard through the worst technology we session in 25 years. >> you talked about the planned parenthood tapes but analysts who watched all 12 plus hours say the scene you're describing actually isn't in those tapes. did you misspeak? >> no, i didn't misspeak and i don't know who you're speaking about in terms of watching the
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tapes but i have seen those images. i don't know whether you've watched then. most people haven't. certainly none of the democrats who are still defending planned parenthood have watched those tape, planned parenthood needs to be defended. this kind of butchery erodes at the character of our nation. >> well, sara cliff writing in vox concluded either fiorina hasn't watched the videos or she is knowingly misrepresenting the footage because what she says happens in the planned parenthood videos simply does not exist. >> well, you know, there's a lot of commentary about these tapes being doctored, in fact, that's what the mainstream immediate keeps talking about, the tapes and their origins. rest assured i have seen the images that i talked about last night, rest assured that human lives are being aborted fully formed in order to harvest body parts, rest assured that this erodes at the character of our nation and once again i will say i dare mrs. clinton and
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president obama to defenders of planned parenthood to watch these videotapes. >> you've had two debates. some say two wins. your poll numbers continue to go up. where will you be in a month? >> well, i don't know but, you know, i'm going to continue to do what we've been doing which is talking to as many voters as i can particularly in early primary states and early caucus states, getting out there and introducing myself to the american people. >> carly fiorina, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, george. okay, let's break this down with our political team, i'm joined by jon karl, matthew dowd and cecilia vega. let's talk about the debate first. matthew, big winner. >> ifco winners on this. i think carly fiorina was a winner just as she was at the minor league debate but marco rubio did himself some good. and both will be on the main event next time. >> some agreement. >> absolutely. carly fiorina owned this debate from the beginning until the end
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in her attacks on trump, in the conversation on foreign policy, on planned parenthood. even on the throwaway question of what woman should go on the $10 bill, she owned it but marco rubio stood out because he talked foreign policy with substance. this was one of his key moments. >> because you better be able to lead our country on the first day, not exmonths from now, on the first day our president could confront a national security dries cyst. >> marco rubio used his time to tell his story first and foremost. it's hard to figure out who a loser is when you have 11 people on the stage. what do you think? >> i think the loser was donald trump. he looked like a silent film star doing a smell test through the course of this debate. every single expression he had all of the different emotions he had and the other thing he looked was tired. he looked like he was at a starbucks line where the coffee was too late. and i think that's a big problem for him in the aftermath. >> i've got a different loser. this was not trump's best performance but he didn't have
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any major gaffes. when you're the front-runner you just need to not make a mistake. the loser was scott walker. he has fallen the fastest. he needed to break through and didn't. >> a lot watching jeb bush think over the two hours had some great moments but also some missed opportunities. hard to say how he worked out. >> i'd call him the most improved candidate on the stage. >> which is never -- sounds like third grade when you fail something. >> let's talk about hillary, cecilia. she did a little counterprogramming. >> she said she wasn't watching before the event at jimmy fallon practicing new spontaneous funny hillary clinton. we have some tape look. >> i'm curious, donald trump. what is your stance on women's issues? >> look, i know a lot of women, and they all have issues. >> there was even a joke about the e mails but, look, the clinton camp is calling this a victory for hillary clinton saying it shows how far right
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the republican field is. the official response was a pretty good one. they sent out a meme of hillary clinton shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes. that's the reaction right now. you know, they're saying, hey, look, they'll let the republicans fight it out and watch it and have a good time. >> but taking you up on that point i was surprised she didn't actually take more hits last night. >> she didn't come up very much. >> no, i mean, she didn't and they were going after trump. you have 11 republicans on the stage each trying to get their moment. they spent more time attacking him. by far trump was under attack. >> watch the under card debate before this. the congressional republicans took more attacks than hillary clinton did. >> they're having a lot of trouble with the establishment in the field. thank you all very much. back to robin. >> we turn to that massive earthquake that struck chile. 8.3 on the richter scale triggering assume warning and 1 million people forced to evacuate and the death toll is climbing and ginger with the latest. >> the epicenter of this major
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earthquake is about 142 miles north-northwest of santiago. it sends energy through the ocean. that's why we have tsunami advisories for not only the hawaiian islands but also parts of the southern california coast from ragged point, california, to about 45 miles southeast of los angeles. [ sirens [. >> reporter: this morning millions on edge in northern chile, a powerful 8.3 magnitude earthquake rocking that nation killing at least eight. tsunami advisories reaching as far as the u.s. rescuers searching for those who might still be trapped. the quake rumbling off the country's northern coast, setting off panic, sending people running through the streets. transformers igniting. santiago's main airport evacuated. people gathering in groups outside afraid more structures could collapse.
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the quake throwing groceries from store shelves, swimming pools rippling with waves. more than a million people evacuating chile's coastal region, a small tsunami flooding the streets. dozens of powerful aftershocks some measuring as high as 7.0, large parts of chile this morning waking up without power. schools closed across much of the country. and just to give you perspective, yes, this quake was all part of that ring of fire that we hear so much about, it is one of only 34 of this strength or higher that has happened since 1900 and the biggest they've had there in chile since five years ago, 2010. so this is a big one and we'll be seeing more numbers coming in. >> thanks very much. a big day for your money. the major announcement that could impact your bank account in just 30 seconds.
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the federal reserve will announce this afternoon if it will raise interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. wall street watching closely. it could have a ripple effect on mortgage, other loans and savings accounts. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with what to watch for. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, george, good morning to you and this impacts everyone. think of it like the training wheels coming off our economy. the federal reserve says that they will only take those training wheels off and start raising rates when our economy is strong enough and here's why you care. because when the fed hikes interest rates, everything from the cost of your mortgage to car loans to credit cards goes up and little moves in interest rates can mean huge moves in the
7:16 am
cost of doing thing, for example, with a mortgage, every time your rate goes up 1%, the cost of owning a home jumps 10%. now, the flip side of rising interest rates is that savers get paid at least a little bit more than what they have been getting to keep their money in the bank, george. >> i know you'll be watching this afternoon. that is very much. amy with the other top stories starting with a fine for general motors. gm reached a settlement with the government over those defective ignition switches that have been blamed for at least 124 deaths. prosecutors say the company knew about the problem for more than a decade before reporting it. under that deal being announced today gm is expected to pay $900 million in fines. also, a fourth person has died in those massive wildfires burning in northern california. the rain there is helping firefighters but the largest fire, the valley fire is just 35% contained. nearly 600 homes have been reduced to piles of ashes so far. army sergeant bowe bergdahl
7:17 am
will appear at a military hearing in texas today. that will determine whether he will stand for trial for desertion. bergdahl abandoned his post in afghanistan and was held captive by the taliban for five years before being freed in a controversial prisoner swap and they're expected to argue his time in captivity was adequate punishment. ray shocking figure from syria. only four or five rebels by the u.s. are currently fighting isis, four or five. the half billion dollar program was supposed to prepare thousands of rebels to fight by the end of the year. meanwhile, thousands of syrian refugees are now heading to co-a that after facing tear gas and water cannons while trying to evade border patrols in hungary. they claim a terrorist is among dozens detained at the hungarian border. think danger at railroad crosses. take a look. a bus carrying dozens of german students had broken down on the tracks as the train barreled
7:18 am
towards them. the driver thankfully got all 60 kids out in time and no one was injured. finally, we all make mistakes but some are more visible and lasting than others. take, for example, the landscapers who thought they were spraying fertilizer on this football field near chicago, turns out they were spraying weed killer instead which clearly also kills grass. the st. edwards high school team now has to relocate for their next game. they've set up a gofundme page to raise enough to restore the turf. they raised $4100. they need 10,000 to replace the lawn. >> major whoopsi. a lot more ahead. elton john making headlines saying he thought he spoke to russian president obama putin. we now find out who was behind the prank. that 14-year-old in handcuffs after bringing his
7:19 am
homemade clock to school. was it racial profiling? even the white house is weighing in while ahmed mohamed, the young boy at the center of that firestorm is joining us this morning. >> good morning, america.
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or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things. but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica. still ahead that teenager arrested at school for bringing a homemaid clock. was it racial profiling? that young man is going to join us only here on "gma," ginger. >> we have a check of that really severe weather, strong storms overnight in minnesota, already 1-inch hail reported. the lightning, the pictures there and today we have that threat along the same cold front from parts of eastern iowa up through northern wisconsin. your local news and weather is next from your abc station.
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>> good morning, philadelphia police are looking for three suspects who have broken into pharmacies and stolen powerful narcotics. surveillance video shows thieves using power tools getting into a safe where narcotics are stored. they are linked to 8 robberies since march. good morning i'm tamala edwards. let's go over to karen rogers looking a the 422. >> reporter: we're jammed to 29 on 422. we have an accident be blowing germantown pike and trooper road and a problem involving a deer off to the side on eagleville road. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city. 40 minute ride that's a good sized delay between woodhaven
7:25 am
and the vine. 42 we've seen extra heavy delays, 350 minute ride. usually we see 250 or so. this is a big delay. on the atlantic city expressway you're jammed at 295. that's a reason for slow go and touch of fog in a few spots. >> we'll take a short break and come back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> welcome back, sky6 live hd taking live look there, the beauty of the sunrise over camden. let's head over to meteorologist david murphy sounds like another great summer day. we've got high cirrus clouds as you just saw. sunshine getting in between them. 66 degrees in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington. this afternoon accuweather says it's going to be nice, 87 bright and warm. let's do it again on friday and saturday, by saturday, it might be a little more humid, but a nice day. sunday the front drops through knocking the high down to 81. looks like we'll be largely dry and things look good for the eagles home opener and the union at light night. we're in the 70s starting monday. >> that's it for us right now him we'll be back in 30 with
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another update. we send you back to "g.m.a."
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking at the aftermath of that dpedly earthquake in chile overnight. 8.3 magnitude, a million people race into the street fearing a tsunami. >> as we say good morning, america, on this thursday morning, of course, we're following that big story and here are some other big headlines we're following, as well. fireworks at last night's republican presidential debate. donald trump center stage under attack by his rivals. carly fiorina with some of the biggest moments of the night firing back. at trump. taking on planned parenthood, as well. those three young american heroes who help stopped a terror attack on a french train will be honored at the pentagon today. anthony sadler, spencer stone and alek skarlatos will also meet president obama this morning. big day for them. got michael strahan here this morning, great story ahead on
7:31 am
our "speed feed." >> absolutely a great story, george. it will make everybody wake up and go there's no reason you cannot achieve your dream when you see this story and understand what i'm talking about. >> good tease. >> i like that. we'll be sticking around for that. we begin this half hour with that 14-year-old high school student, arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. his teacher thought that the device was a bomb. the backlash to his arrest was swift online. the #istandwithahmed becoming a top trend with responses from silicon valley to the white house. ahmed mohamed is going to join us in just a moment. first, abc's ryan owens has his story. >> reporter: this high school freshman loves to tinker with all things electronic. but his latest invention got the 14-year-old hauled in handcuffs to the police station in irving, texas. take a look at his homemade digital clock, a maze of wires and circuit boards inside a metal case. he built it at home to impress his teachers, but one of them
7:32 am
thought it might be a bomb and alerted authorities. >> that's a very suspicious device. we live in an age where you can't take things like that to school. >> reporter: but arresting a 14 yoorld. >> i think this wouldn't even be a question if his name wasn't ahmed mohamed. >> reporter: police are standing by their initial response, so are school officials who suspended him for three days. this morning he's something of a techie superstar. twitter inviting him to intern. google asking him to their science fair, mark zuckerberg wants him to visit facebook and even the president of the united states tweeting him. cool clock, ahmed. want to bring to the white house? >> are you going to bring it to the house? >> yes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, irving, texas. >> all right, ryan, thank you very much and now we're going to talk with ahmed mohamed. he joins us outside of his home
7:33 am
in dallas. so good to see you and to get a chance to talk with you, ahmed. tell us about why you decided to design this clock and bring it to school. >> i brought the clock to impress my teachers and i guess i did show it to her, she was kind of scared, what she saw. she saw a clock but in her opinion it looked like a threat to her so -- >> when police were brought in, did you think, this -- what went through your mind when you saw the police and you were handcuffed? >> it felt really weird getting arrested because i never thought i'd ever get arrested. >> what did you tell the police about your clock? >> i repeatedly told them it's a clock. >> were you allowed to talk to your parents? what did your parents say to you. >> one of the officers told me that i'm in interrogation and i can't call my parents during this -- while they were interrogating me so -- >> were you afraid, ahmed? were you scared? >> i was scared at the moment.
7:34 am
but now i feel -- i feel really happy that i'm getting all this support from all over the world and it's not just for me but for everyone who's been through in that we'll fight for you if you can't stand for yourself. >> that's what you're doing young man and tell us about the support of the president of the united states, facebook, google, m.i.t., who were you most excited to hear from? >> m.i.t. >> is that a dream of yours? >> yeah, i dream of going there. >> but the white house, that's not too bad. i mean, a personal invitation from the president of the united states and i heard that you said you're going to take him up on the offer and go to the white house? >> yes, i will accept his offer and i will -- >> will you bring the clock with you? >> the clock is still in the custody with the police. >> do you want it back? >> i want it back with my mew hillty. >> ah, ah. because you have been suspended
7:35 am
from this school. what are your future plans, ahmed? >> that clock was part of my future plan. >> your future plan, do they also include being on a little show called "shark tank." you said you had been watching it since you were a child as you put it. >> i watched it and at the age of 14 i guess i have a chance to be on there. >> do you have something with you. >> it's a media player. >> have you always been fascinated with things like that, doing things like that? >> this is not my first ininvestigation and it won't be my last invention. >> something tells me we have not heard the last from ahmed mohamed. you have your -- you're a bright young plan with a bright future. thanks for joining us. we wish you all the best. >> and good morning, america. >> he did that all on his own. >> maybe he can work on the
7:36 am
packaging. >> yes, y shg, but he said it'ss last design. >> m.i.t., that was great. that phone call between elton john and vladimir putin, a prank. this morning we're learning who is behind it and hearing the call, abc's alex marquardt has the story. >> reporter: when told he was speaking to the notoriously anti-gay russian president through an interpreter. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. i'll be the interpreter between you and mr. putin. >> you will tell me what he's saying. >> okay, sure. >> but amazingly over ten minutes it was two russian pranksters who managed to keep you are their act and fool the rocket man ♪ ♪ it's going to be a long long time. >> tell him i am extremely honored to be speaking with him. it's a great privilege to be able to speak to one of the most influential people in the whole world. it's amazing. >> reporter: it was these two young men famous for their
7:37 am
political pranks who made his day. the prank promised by an interview he gave the bbc over the weekend. >> i'll have a go. i'd love to meet him. i would love to sit down and talk with him. >> if both our offices can find a convenient date where we can convene and have a wonderful discussion, that would be a miracle and it would be fantastic. >> reporter: soon after the call elton john took to instagram thanking putin for his time. that was swiftly struck down by putin's actual spokesman who left little wiggle room saying, i don't know who spoke to elton john, but president putin did not speak to him. and still no response from elton john this morning to the pang call but overnight putin spokesman, his actual spokesman said if the singer does want to meet with the president, putin would be happy to so it seems there's still a chance for that meeting. >> maybe there is, thanks. coming up, the comedian under fire for lying about surviving 9/11. the real story now revealed. what he's saying about it this morning. ♪ everybody dance now.
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we are back now at 7:41 with the popular comedian in hot water. coming clean over a lie he's been telling for 14 years. steve rannazzisi now admitting he lied about escaping the twin towers on 9/11 confessing he wasn't even downtown that day. abc's david wright is here with the story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there have been a few 9/11 liars over the years, borrowing someone else's tragedy to give their own lives meaning or value but this guy built a career in hollywood starting ironically enough with a job on the show "punk'd." it turns out he punked everybody. >> you've probably seen him on the ads for buffalo wild wings. >> hi, i'm steve and i've helped millions claim their fantasy millions. >> reporter: or stars in "the league." >> let's get back to the draft order, please. >> reporter: his stand-up special is due to air on comedy central this weekend. steve rannazzisi, a comedian
7:43 am
whose star has been rising ever since he lied about where exactly he was on september 11th, 2001. >> where were you when 911 call happened. >> 54th floor of the south tower. >> reporter: he told pauly shore and friends he was working at merrill lynch when the first plane struck the north tower. >> i walk outside. i see the fire and everything and then i watched the second plane hit the second tower. >> reporter: the story even more vivid on mark marin's podcast. >> and it just, bang. >> while you were standing right there. >> while i was like underneath an overpass. >> all your co-workers upstairs. >> reporter: a few details have changed over the years. in one interview he didn't see the second plane hit. he heard it. >> and then i heard the plane hit our tower. >> reporter: his route home changes too. >> walk across the brooklyn bridge back to brooklyn where we lived. >> reporter: later a different bridge. >> i walked across the manhattan
7:44 am
bridge. >> reporter: but the essence of the story that he told as recently as a week ago was that the trauma of 9/11 convinced him to quit the financial industry and move to l.a. to get into show business and it was all a lie. he never worked at merrill lynch, wasn't in lower manhattan on 9/11 and in fact merrill lynch didn't even have an office in the twin towers. when "the new york times" confronted him rannazzisi came clean, i was not at the trade center that day, he said in a statement. i don't know why i said this. this was inexcusable. i am truly, truly sorry. well, buffalo wild wings and comedy central told us they're disappointed in him and re-evaluating their relationship but have yet to pull him off the air. fx is standing by him saying they believe the apology was sincere. >> he apologized after he got caught. >> right. >> so the story changed over and over. all right, we thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- a young man who went let
7:45 am
anything stop him from reaching his dreams, michael in the social square with that. >> he looks like just another football player out there on the field but wait till you see what he's had to go through to get there. you will be inspired and a whole lot more. ♪ for a moment ♪ feeling like it's hopeless to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. how muwe saved today? think >>a lot. come in today for great deals like 10% off vinyl siding and asphalt shingles
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♪ that is perfect time for "the speed feed" and you've got a football player, michael, who is an overcomer. >> he is, robin. that's right. jake olson, an 18-year-old whose dream is coming very true. jake was born with a rare cancer of the retina ultimately losing sight in both eyes and when he was 12 years old the dedicated usc trojan football fan he got to meet his favorite players and hung out on the sidelines with them and on the day before his final surgery he wanted to see the trojans one last time so they invited him on to the feel and hugged it out which is a beautiful thing to see come together like that. in fact, he's leading the team. now, jake, he never got football out of his blood, even becoming the long snapper on his hi school team. >> wow. >> but his dream was to play for usc and now against all odds
7:50 am
that dream has come true. jake tweeted on wednesday, first practice so much fun. love this team. thanks to everyone. now, jake talked to espn's shelley smith and here's what he had to say. >> it's something i've been watching ever since i can ever remember and it's to be -- have that on my head will be absolutely insane. >> incredible. >> i can't imagine. >> a long snapper. >> i mean, you know what, that's a job of precision, of focus and obviously he has all that stuff to make it to the team. incredible story. you can do anything you want to do. just put your mind to it. another incredible story next hour going "above and beyond." you'll see. ♪ i did it all coming up, "gma's" "real money." brought to you by voya financial, changing the way you think of retirement. to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
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back here on "gma" we are on flood watch from miami up the east coast of florida right there to brunswick, georgia. you've got this little disturbance in the gulf that will come across 2 to 3 inches of rain, especially right there in that red swath central flor
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kerydin.
7:56 am
>> good news if you're coming to see the pope from south jersey, the city of camden is opening up a parking lot on the waterfront just for the papal visit. there will be space for 8,000 cars. it will cost $43 a day, and you have to preregister, you can ride patco or the river ferry or walk over the ben franklin bridge. penndot has released road closures, go to we've got it all for you there. good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 thursday, let's go over to karen rogers watching 422. >> reporter: we have an accident, flashing lights, emergency crews blocking the left lane on 422 eastbound at 29 we're jammed from past lynn field to 29. we slow from oaks to 23.
7:57 am
we have an accident east norton blocking germantown and trooper road. the northeast southbound approaching mid county we've got an accident blocking the left lane. you want to expect delays south of lansdale. on the boulevard jammed as you approached the schuylkill expressway watch for a slow go. this is one of the spots we're seeing the fog reducing visibility this morning. >> wow, that's a lot of fog. thank you, karen. let's go over to sky6 live hd taking live look at atlantic city. a bit of a different view, david murphy that looks like a beautiful start to the day. >> reporter: absolutely we have a few high cirrus clouds around. the sun nice and bright. 68 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in allentown. 58 in reading. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a nice high again today 87 degrees still bright and warm, the winds not that strong. looks like a repeat on friday, another decent day on saturday, summary sunny, 87. 81 sunday, mainly dry, tam.
7:58 am
>> thank you, david. that's it for us, we'll send you back to "g.m.a." we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. "gma" health alert overnight about the common medication so many teenagers use and how it could hurt your kids. tyra in tears revealing her personal struggle to get pregnant. >> now, i warn you it's ott so easy. >> publicly sharing when it comes to starting a family. so many responding and now dr. jen ashton answer your fertility questions for women in their 40s. could you erase your pain with a simple app on your phone? the new high-tech device that could bring big relief. we're putting it to the test. and get ready to go "above and beyond" this morning live. >> all right? >> we're going big surprising this alabama hero who has no idea where we're taking him. a thousand people coming together live to pull off an
8:01 am
epic event for one very deser deserving guy. an event so big we need the space shuttle to pull it off as we say -- >> you will not believe what we're about to do out here as we say -- ♪ good morning america [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i i did it all ♪ i i -- >> taste not all. t.j. holmes and a cast of thousands there in alabama this morning, look at all those people gathered for our "above and beyond" surprise. this one is big, it is going to be great. you're going to love what this very deserve iing man is going see. >> they can sing. t.j. is having a great time out there. okay, makeup alert. you might want to wait to put on your makeup. i'm just saying. that new pain-relieving device that could help bring big relief. you control it using an app
8:02 am
right there on your phone. we'll break it down and see how it works ahead. >> jen ashton will explain. the morning rundown from amy. the top story, reaction pouring in after last night's big gop debate. carly fiorina is winning widespread praise for her performance winning the battle on social media with two of the most viral moments. donald trump, still the most googled candidate of the night and jeb bush lit up twitter when he apologized to his mother for smoking marijuana 40 years ago. abc's tom llamas joins us with the mopes and where the candidate s go from here. >> reporter: donald trump had a long and busy night. many of the candidates came right after him and one of them able to break through, carly fiorina, when she was asked what she thought about trump's comments to "rolling stone" about her looks, here's what carly fiorina had to say. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ]
8:03 am
>> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> reporter: as for some of the other candidates many conservative pundits said marco rubio had a huge night on foreign policy and former florida governor jeb bush and donald trump going at it throughout the debate. at one point the attacks getting personalal. trump going after bush's brother and also asked to apologize to bush's wife who is mexican-american. jeb bush said he owed her an apology for bringing her name into the political debate. this really was a make or break for some of the campaigns because they're not going to get this type of time or exposure for another six weeks until the next debate. amy. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. this morning a moment of inspiration from a former president, but it has nothing to do with politics. jimmy carter surprised people at a town hall meeting in atlanta when he refused to sit down. carter is fighting brain cancer but he dismissed the chair as a
8:04 am
position of illness and age and you can hear there he was cheered as he walked to the podium instead. well, a developing story this important after a strong earthquake jolted south america. the magnitude 8.3 struck chile triggering landslides and damaging buildings. at least eight people have died, and more than a million others had to evacuate because of tsunami fears. in health news a warning about the drug paxil. nearly 15 years after it was deemed safe for teenagers researchers say that initial study was flawed. they reanalyzed the same data used in 2001 and found side effects including a suicide risk for teens that were downplayed in the original study. they found paxil was no more effective than a placebo. an update on that father from syria seen around the world being tripped while trying to make it through europe in search of a better life. the hungarian camerawoman seen
8:05 am
on the video has since apologized for that trip. we have now learned that the man and his sons have been offered a place to live in spain and he's also been offered a job as a soccer coach. finally, well, we began with the debate so let's end with it too and perhaps the biggest night of last night's gop debate that happened offstage. yes, the so-called megahunk, the chiseled cheek hot guy sitting behind the moderator jake tapper sparking a twitter firestorm with tweets like reveal yourself you sexy debate beast. well, cnn tracked him down. he is a 24-year-old aspiring filmmaker from los angeles and a big fan of ronald reagan but, sorry, folks, he would not say whether or not he was single. >> that means he's not. [ laughter ] >> that's code for he's not single. thank you, amy. >> been there and done that. >> he knows of what he speaks.
8:06 am
a lot more coming up. tyra banks getting emotional about her struggle getting pregnant. dr. jen ashton answers your questions just ahead. and we've got that huge live surprise for our "above and beyond" hero. he is blindfolded and has no idea where he's headed. a thousand people in on it. you see them as well and you do not want to miss it ♪ i i did it all
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8:09 am
on your phone could help you feel better. an epic surprise like never before. c.j. holmes. we're excited about it coming up on "gma" right here. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum mul multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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8:11 am
only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. ♪ the new fall collection. white house black market welcome back to "gma." time for "heat index" and this morning's "hot button," tyra banks opening up about her struggles with fertility. she gets emotional on her new life "the fablife." juju chang has that story. >> reporter: she's the former supermodel turned media mogul as a creator of "america's top model." >> still in the running towards becoming america's top model. >> reporter: and co-hosting "the fablife." it may seem like tyra banks has
8:12 am
it all but this morning she's speaking out about the one thing she says she's missing. >> i have been wanting to say this for so long and -- >> reporter: opening up on an up coming episode of "fablife" about her struggles with infertility. >> you have no idea what i'm going through and for a long time it's so funny, when i was 23 years old i used to tell myself in three years i'm going to have kids then i turned 24 and in three years i'm going to have kids and every single year i kept saying that and after a while it's like, now i want to and it's not so easy. >> reporter: theshe's been voca about it in the past. >> i don't know when but sooner than later. >> reporter: five years later she's telling "people" magazine she's undergoing ivf hoping to start a family with her photographer boyfriend of two years. >> there is a lot of pressure and there's an assumption that if a woman of a certain age
8:13 am
doesn't have children perhaps she doesn't want children and she just doesn't want one child but hoping for what she said was a litter of children. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> and dr. jen ashton joins us from san francisco. that admission was eye-opening to a lot of people and shows what a mind field this can be when you talk to someone about these issues. >> absolutely. and, you know, reproductive health issues are very emotionally charged and we have to also recognize that this brings in social issue, you know, as a society we're just more comfortable talking about successes, happiness, joyful things, we're not so comfortable talking about something that could be perceived as weakness or loss or failure and that discomfort existsen 0 both sides of the conversation. >> so if you have family members or friends who mean well and they keep asking you again and again about your family situation, jen, what do you tell your patients, how they should handle that?
8:14 am
what should we say? >> well, this is where, again, in ob/gyn we're taking care of the whole woman so this definitely comes into play and usually what i recommend, first of all, do what feels right. it depends on your conversation and your comfort level with that person. but also be honest and if you're not comfortable talking about it, don't and if all else fails you can be funny, you can change the subject. you can say you have to use the bathroom. just get yourself out of there. whatever you feel comfortable with. >> a lot more women are waiting to have kids, some in their late 30s, sometimes into their 40s but why are women waiting? >> you know, we hear about this all the time. i think sometimes they want to wait. sometimes they need to wait. sometimes it's by choice. sometimes it's not by choice but please make no mistake, just because someone wants to or chooses to delay childbearing doesn't mean they're not entitled to be emotional about it and i think this is what we saw yesterday with tyra bringing this up. >> yeah, and because of that emotional aspect we probably
8:15 am
don't talk about this issue enough as much as we should. what do women need to know about their fertility? >> well, listen, i'm out here at a big ob/gyn conference and we talk about this, don't shoot the messenger but reproductively, biologically, their optimum age for it is in our early 20s. that doesn't mean it doesn't happen in your 30s or 40s. after 35, egg quality, egg quantity starts to go down. after 40 it drops again with just 5% of women trying to get pregnant conceiving in any given cycle but as i know as an ob/gyn and a lot of women know it only takes one, so there is reason to stay positive and.mystic. we do see it but it's not as common. >> thank shgthanks, jen. see "fablife" every single day.
8:16 am
our new series "erase your pain" and a device that claims it can reduce chronic pain whenever and wherever you need it. abc's becky worley has the details for us. >> reporter: valerie gregory is a 34-year-old physical therapist fighting to stay active. a knee injury in college has snowballed into consistent pain. >> it just hits you right then and there as soon as you wake up in the orange and gets depressing over time too because being so young i feel like it's only going to get worse. >> reporter: she turned to a new device that uses electric stimulation and an app on her phone and tries to trick the nervous system. >> it feels like a little have a brace. >> reporter: called quell it fits on her half and delivers half hour treatments. dr. allyson --
8:17 am
>> it concentrates on touch and vibration rather than the pain. >> it's electric stimulation that goes to your brain and brain waves are going off and telling the pain receptors to calm down. >> oh, it's almost like a -- you can adjust the schedule via bluetooth and dial up the intensity as needed. >> after about two weeks i had no pain at all. >> reporter: this is also the first device of its kind to be fda cleared for use while sleeping but medical experts say use over two hours give cause for concern. >> constant stimulation of the nerve may cause problems in how the nerves work and also may cause muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. >> reporter: the device retails for $250 and doesn't mandate a prescription. what would you say to people who think maybe this is just a high-tech placebo. >> it has worked for you so it could work for you. if it is a placebo, it works. >> reporter: now it's important to note this product is fda cleared because it's a
8:18 am
smartphone interface for a long-standing method of treats pain calls a tensi s a tens uni. you can buy one for $90 compared to the quell for 250. robin, bottom line for those seeking relief all innovation is welcome. >> absolutely there, becky. so let me ask you something here, it's supposed to relieve the pain but is it painful itself, how it, you know, how it works on you. >> it's confusing because you sort of have to feel it to understand. it's not pain. on zero to one on the pain scale it's zero. it feels like really a little electrical stimulation. it's not good like a massage but you can tune it out quickly with your conscious mind. >> all right, becky, thank you very much. we really have enjoyed this series with becky and with dr. ashton and a lot of people are reacting to it because chronic and acute pain is very real. >> yeah, and it's so
8:19 am
debilitating. it just shuts you down for the day. >> good to get solutions. next up in "heat index," bill cosby's accusers, a&e is doing a show on that and linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: it is a story told through firsthand accounts of many of the women who contributed to the downfall of bill cosby. several of those women describe their initial excitement to meet the comedian and go on to say their experience with him changed their life forever. >> they -- they kept saying to me you're so beautiful and you want to be an actress, oh, you would be terrific. we have to introduce her to cos. i said, who is cos? >> reporter: a douz of the accusers at the heart of mounting allegations against bill cosby ranging from unwanted advanced to groping to drugging and rape. now speaking out in the new one-hour a&e special "cosby: the women speak." the women detailing what they say happened to them when they were alone with the comedian.
8:20 am
>> i first met bill cosby in the mid '80s. i was in my early 30s at the time. >> i first met bill cosby in 1969. >> in the early '70s on the set of "uptown saturday night." >> reporter: they span several decades. >> in 1976. >> in 1984. >> in 1989. >> reporter: women from all walks of life. >> i was an aspiring comedy writer. >> i was a flight attendant for american airlines. >> i was a singer/songwriter. >> full time international model. >> reporter: the collective chorus details what they describe as a perfect storm of fame and power. >> i was just a small town girl. i had just turned 20. >> i was 23 years old. >> i wasn't going to go up against goliath. >> reporter: interview interviews telling about drugging, unwanted sexual advances. >> i was a flight attendant with
8:21 am
american airlines and met bill cosby in 1976. he had a glass of saki and i didn't foe what it was. i did not drink or do drugs but he said taste it, just taste it. you need to drink it to loosen up. it's bill cosby, what could happen? it was literally like being under anesthesia and trying to come out but you can't. after that, i don't know how i ended up in his hotel room. >> reporter: cosby's attorneys have long denied these allegations, the comedian has never been charged or convicted. he is set to be deposed next month in the only civil case still pending against him. it actually dates back to th the '70s but the attorney argues the statute of limitations should not apply because she claims it involves child abuse since the alleged victim was still a teen at the time. the documentary airs tonight on a&e. george. >> thank you, linsey. now let's head outside to ginger. >> well, it's a nice morning >> reporter: it is a nice morning in new york new york cin
8:22 am
see record highs in new england. the cooler is for chicago, minneapolis and detroit. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: and ginger it's another nice one around here, nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan in the way of precipitation. as we look outside, bright blue skies, every now and then over by the coast there's high ceer us clouds. -- cirrus clouds temperatures in the 60s. this afternoon, bright and warm, 87. tomorrow, 87. clouds and sun sunday, mainly dry for the eagles and union. td miss goat cheese, 2015 but it says what -- >> miss gottschee. >> let's get some "pop."
8:23 am
>> we begin "pop news" this morning with a little musical news. you can't always get what you want, right, but some fans may get what they need. some satisfaction in the form of a new record, keith richards telling iheartradio news there are definitely plans to record a new album. the band's first in a decade. the guitarist says they might even be rock 'n' rolling in the studio before christmas. mick jagger also in on this and told "rolling stone" he has written several new songs that sound pretty good. very good sign. richards plenty busy promoting his solo album that drops tomorrow. check that out. also in "pop news" this morning, a savory treasure at the end of the rainbow. check out these brand-new doritos rainbow chips. all for a good cause. >> yum. >> you're allowed to have dorito breath because every chip inspired by the pride flag to celebrate and support the lgbt community. >> i love how big the bags are.
8:24 am
>> do you hear them opening, people? these are hungry anchors. want to get your hands on them all you need to do is donate $10 or more to the it gets better project which has helped so many people and a bag will ship directly to you. dore right tos making snack time for more reasons than one. >> there are many doritos. >> they taste like a dorito. >> so now your hands won't just get orange, rainbow. >> how fun. >> it's very fashionable. >> you are putting yours down? >> they're all for you. check it out, great cause and delicious snack. and a "pop news" investigation that yielded some results that hit pretty close to home. note the song, "super freak." when it comes to the u.s.' kinkiest colleges -- >> wow. >> we might as well say 50 shades of "gma." a mobile dating app called clover analyze trends happening across the campus, across the country on campuses compiled a
8:25 am
list of the kinkiest colleges and amy robach has some 'splainin' to do. go, dogs. >> the university of georgia ranked the randiest school in the land. >> hello. >> full disclosure. my alma mater, penaven state ma the top five, both majoring in anato anatomy. >> nice one. uh-huh. >> george, there was also the students that want the most love campuses around the country, columbia, university. looking for meaningful relationships. >> oh, okay. >> so -- >> we're not all -- >> i can't believe you did that whole segment right. >> why? >> kinkiest colleges. >> i can't believe you're surprised at this point, "pop news" investigation. do you remember the story a couple weeks ago about big larry. >> i was trying to forget about it. i will say no more.
8:26 am
everybody, that's "pop news" on this beautiful day. enjoy your doritos. you're welcome. >> we will. coming up, "above and beyond" a thousand people down in alabama. okay, donald trump and the republicans made epic noise last night. you know the women on "the view" will have something to say about it. good morning, philadelphia
8:27 am
police are investigating two separate shootings. they have three men in the hospital. they happened within blocks of each other and within an hour of one another in west philadelphia. police are looking at surveillance video trying to identify suspects. 8 27:00, let's held over to karen rogers. 422 won't let up. >> reporter: we're looking at the accident scene they pushed it off to the side. we're jam from limerick to 29 and past oaks to 23422 eastbound. we have a problem in willow grove. it's a water main break. more land avenue near center avenue. you have crews on the scene there. a disabled vehicle on the turnpike westbound to fort
8:28 am
washington. we're traveling 18 miles per hour. a couple of problems there. the ben franklin bridge extra-heavy traffic westbound jammed from the upside to 8th an vine. >> thank you, karen. at least a little bit of good news, the weather is looking great. let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: nice and comfortable on the terrace. 68 degrees in philadelphia. still holding on to the 50s in allentown and reading. another nights warm -- nice and warm afternoon, 87. 87 friday and saturday. clouds and sun sunday, largely dry and 81 for the high. looking good for the eagles and the union. like the sound of that. we'll send you back to "g.m.a." and do your last update in 30 minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i i did i all welcome back. we have a huge "above and beyond" surprise. discuss a few hours ago t.j. holmes surprised an astrophysicist named trent and whisked him off to an undisclosed location for a surprise he'll never ever forget. >> the rockets there and a thousand people gathered in alabama. we cannot wait for this coming up in just a moment. first inside to lara with tory. >> thank you very much. i was just shopping because tory johnson is with us. her inspiring new book "shift for good" is out now and in honor of that we have "deals & steals" that will help you get inspired. >> yes. >> i love each and every one of these. >> don't show the one in your hand yet. that's coming up. so first up, first up from sadie
8:31 am
london, spin it around, baby. yeah, so that's good. there are four gorgeous totes that come in these really bright, fabulous colors and what i like most is that on the inside there's this special message for you. >> you can see that's the inside. >> that's the inside so that says "i am blessed." "i am beautiful." "i am strong." "i am loved." just for you. an amazing deal. >> on the outside it's beautiful too. >> $110 slashed by 67%, $36. so i love these from rustic cuff. robin sent me a little photograph of her mom's signature and we took that signature right there and we put it straight on a cuff and that's what you can do with this particular collection. there's two different size cuffs, silver/gold, suede that comes with a variety of colors and choose a handwritten message
8:32 am
or engraving. normally starting at $92 all slashed by 55% or more. so $38 to. >> i love it, i love it. >> next up, peace love world, i love this. whoops. that's okay. three different tops, they all say fabulous things. this would be so cute on you. i just want to give you a hug. this is the one i think of you, happiness is contagious, you have that infectious smile. what do you love -- >> it's cozy? oprah a favorite thing too. really comfy. big assortment. not just these starting at $88. everything splashed by 51% so 40 and up and free shipping from peace love world. >> i wish you could feel them. they're so soft and fluffy. a must get. >> this is up next from lolo bags. i brought a clutch for you, little love clutch or look at this fun clutch. >> oui, oui. i speak french.
8:33 am
>> yes, you do. starting at $23, everything is slashed in half. 11.50. stock up. from lolo and last but not least from design your own pillows. it's a good day to have a good day. >> aren't these great? >> grateful. three different sizes, there's templates or choose your own, your own color, your own everything, normally starting at $54, everything slashed by at least 63%, 18 to $38. >> you've done it again and we have to thank all the companies for providing these great deals. and you need to head to on yahoo! to get the codes and the links for these bargains. all really, really cute, ginger, i like this one for you. just want to hug you. >> thank you, pick that out for me. that's perfect. so out here, irene, ileana and
8:34 am
let's go ahead and check the weather forecast. we'll head out west where it's been cooler. sacramento look at the numbers going up to near 100. los angeles in the mid 80s. phoenix back to the century mark. that's the big picture, let's look closer to home. >> reporter: all right, thank you, ginger. tam likes your dress. storm tracker 6 live double scan, right? right. nothing out there, sunny, high clouds, 87 degrees is the high this afternoon. again it will be nice tomorrow and saturday. volvo. now important tgit news. we are just one week away from the thursday night launch and you're getting a first look at that "people" magazine on set with "scandal's," bellamy young. opening up about being adopted, first start in acting and how her first name really isn't
8:35 am
bellamy. "scandal," "grey's anatomy" and "how to get away with murder." one week from tonight. i am so pumped. >> thank you. coming up right now, the reveal for "above and beyond." i man changing so many lives. you don't want to miss this next on "gma." ♪ i i did it all "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these
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no, i can't wait until the end of the week to see the doctor.
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you remember this, our incredible "above and beyond" surprise last week. well, it is time again for us to go "above and beyond" to celebrate the unsung heroes all across this great country who go "above and beyond" for their communities. today our t.j. holmes surprised nasa physicist trent griffin in huntsville, alabama. >> trent has no idea he'sing about going to be on live tv or where we've taken him but it's time to let him in on the secret. t.j., are you ready? >> i am ready. good morning to you, guys. yes, i have to apologize for my man. he has been blindfolded for the past two hours. are you ready to figure out what in the world is going on. >> yes. >> trent, here we go, young fellow. you are at the u.s. space and rocket center in huntsville,
8:39 am
alabama. look over here first. look at all these people. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, wow! >> yes, that is your family. of course -- that's about 50 family members we have here. i understand there are more but that's all we can handle today. now, that's just part of the surprise, all right, because they're here because they want to honor you so before we show you more, we want to you look at this monitor and watch this. >> wow. >> trent was very compassionate and loving. he was a big brother in the neighborhood. we grew up in a family of seven kids. >> we did not have a lot of money but there was a lot of love. >> trent has always loved space. he's always been fascinated by astronauts. trent had a goal to work at
8:40 am
nasa. >> it was like a dream come true for him. >> trent is part of a team developing hardware that has to be highly reliable for long-term presence in space. >> trent spends as much time volunteering as he spends at work. >> last summer there was a little boy in the neighborhood riding a bicycle with no tire on the front. just the rim. and trent decided to fix the bike. >> this one has a flat tire. >> the word got out more kids started coming. he would go to thrift stores and get those bikes and repair them. ♪ >> not just about the bike, he makes them sign contracts that require them to maintain their good behavior, their good grades and to obey their parents. >> my name is tanaya and i'm 9 years old and mr. trent gave me a bike. >> i love my bike because i can do tricks and i like to color. >> nearly all of these children that trent mentors do not have
8:41 am
father figures in the home. he is standing in as a surrogate father giving the children someone to look to that is consistent in their life when they may not have consistency ♪ i'm on top of the world hey ♪ i'm on top -- >> he's like our hero. he never had kids of his own, but he takes all the kids in the neighborhood and makes them feel special. he knows that if these children grow up knowing that somebody cares enough about them to give them their childhood, then maybe they'll grow up and give back to their community, as well. ♪ i'm on top of the world >> what do you think, my man? what do you think seeing that? >> i'm speechless, man. >> they're all here for you and what you've been doing for those kids. it didn't go unnoticed is what i'm saying. >> wow. >> well, the wow doesn't stop. what i need you to do now is turn around this way and the
8:42 am
family is here but i need the family to make a little shift to the left. and to my right, these folks here, we got about a thousand folks here. >> wow. >> to honor you. [ cheers and applause ] they have a unique way a unique way they're about to honor you right now. you see them here but the west way for us to give you the example is to take it from above. this is john quigley. he is our aerial artist. you take it away. >> okay. all right, everyone, activate mission "a" plus. three, two, one. twinkle. ♪ i'll say i i did it all >> oh.
8:43 am
♪ i i did it all [ applause ] ♪ every second that this world could give so many faces ♪ >> what an incredible, amazing image of human art installation. a thousand people based on a drawing of a bike that one of the kids made for you, trent, and i hope you know we added the "a" plus because we're giving you an "a" plus for going above and beyond in your community. we love seeing the emotions from you, trent. can you try to put it into words what it's like for you at this moment? >> you know, i was overcome almost with tears just a moment ago because it is so touching to me to be here in this moment. i had no clue. it's overwhelming. how do you put it into words?
8:44 am
>> that's all right. you're trying, you're trying, my man. >> i just -- i don't know what to say really. >> well, wait a minute, trent. there's even more because, okay, the control room is telling me we have a very special guest who wants to talk to you. we're truly going above and beyond here. astronaut, astronaut scott kelly joining us live from the international space station. >> hey! >> good morning, commander kelly. >> good morning. >> good morning and, you know, i'd like to say congratulations to trent there. i hope you're doing well, my friend. >> i am. i am. i'm truly having an amazing morning. amazing. >> hey, trent.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> that's great, trent, and you know a lot of people look up to astronauts, because we fly in space, but we really, really rely on the people on the ground, the people that work in the control centers, the engineers, the technician, people like yourself that help us do our job up here and, you know, make our life safer and easier. but you know what i really look up to are people that do things when they don't expect any recognition and i think that's what you do by donating your time and, you know, by getting these bikes for underprivileged kids and getting them on the right track and getting them to be in a position someday where they can be successful adults and you're the real role model here so what i'd like to do is announce today that, you know, we are putting together some donations for some new bikes for your program so you can continue
8:46 am
to help kids reach for the stars. >> oh, wow. that's amazing. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] that is amazing. thank you. >> final words from commander kelly. >> commander kelly, i'd like to thank you for your service and all you do in space. it makes me feel like i'm doing something worthwhile and i do everything i can to make you safe. wow. thank you. >> i like that little salute from commander kelly. >> yeah. >> and, trent, thank you. thank you for everything you have done. thanks for giving us so much joy. thank you for your example? we really appreciate it. trent, thank you. >> t.j., i bet you're feeling it down there. >> i am feeling it. i want to thank -- i've begged for this assignment when i knew it was coming up because i loved his story and i wanted to be here for it and this has been amazing but we're not done yet. what else can we pull out?
8:47 am
this is what we want to show you. they're over there. i don't know if you can see it but we have 50 bikes and helmets donated by mongoose and schwinn for you, for you to take and be a part and you can do whatever you want to do with those but we know what you're going to do with them no doubt so we want to thank them and, you guys, trent has been giving us a hard time all morning. he didn't know what was planned. he said, hey, guy, i got a project due a little later. you're excused for today. it's going to be all right. >> thank you, t.j. thank you, trent. thank you, everyone, there in huntsville, alabama. what a way to start our day. congrats. >> that was so great. >> and i can remember my first bike. i had a schwinn, the stingray, banana seat. oh, what he is doing for those young people. coming up, the best kept secret to turbo charge your
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back with "gma's" "real money." how to save for college. four year schools easily top $100,000 and rebecca jarvis is back with a little-known way for parents to help save for that. >> absolutely, george. it is staggering how quickly the cost of college is climbing. if you know the tricks you can seriously cut those costs. >> mommy. >> reporter: meet the kerrs of denver, colorado, this family of five is excited about the future but daunted by the prospect of sending three kids to college. >> i think it's absolutely overwhelming. >> reporter: overwhelming is right. the average cost of a four-year public college today is $33,000 a year. that's more than $130,000 per child. to help navigate we brought in lynette khalfanny-cox, author of "college secrets." >> families always say to me i
8:51 am
can't afford to save and i tell them you can't afford not to save. >> reporter: setting aside $20 a month from the time a child is born adds up to more than $4,300 by the time she's ready for college and it's not just what you save, but how save. put that money in a 529 savings plan and you'll have saved more than double that. $8,730. >> these 529 plans are transferable, they're portable and they have tax advantages. >> reporter: finally says lynette explore individual development accounts or idas, perfect for families with low to middle incomes. >> it's one of the best kept secrets out there and, frankly, it's one of the ways you can turbo charge your savings. >> reporter: here's how they work. in exchange for agreeing to set aside money for a year or more, government agencies, nonprofits and corporations agree to match funds at a 2-1 sometimes 3 or more to one rate.
8:52 am
>> how come you didn't eat your sandwich? >> reporter: the kerrs say they're still daunted by rising college costs but if they start saving now it could make all the difference in the world. >> these 529th are such great tools. i didn't know they were transferable. >> the great news about 529s. you can transfer them from one child to another or transfer them if mom and dad wants to go to school as long as it's a qualified education expense. slips are so important. my mom nudged me to spend as much time applying for discrepancy as she did for applying to college. i love her for it and ended up paying for half my expenses with scholarships. great resources out there. and the college board list a number of places to find them. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back. "gma's" "real money" is brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement.
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gobel superstar, the man's sexiest man, a soccer god, the most fashionable couple on the planet. he almost never gives interviews so what has david beckham so excited to talk now? watch tomorrow. >> and before we go i have to mention the women's health magazine's run 10c's race kicks off this weekend.
8:56 am
i'll be hosting and walking not running and you can sign up for a run near you at >> and today, "above and beyond," how great was that, "above and beyond," we want to chang the group dynamic praise from oakwood university for the beautiful song you're hearing right now. thanks again. >> way to go, trent. ♪ oh happy day >> good morning it is 8:56 thursday, i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers for the last look at traffic. >> reporter: we're looking at a jam live on route 1 southbound
8:57 am
traffic from hulmeville road from 213 to business route 1. even though the accident cleared, you're heavy on route route 1. we have an accident northeast extension southbound approaching county. eastbound on the turnpike past norristown here, as well. more lands avenue near center avenue we've got a problem there. york at greenwood and hill crest at bethlehem pike. water main break and two accidents. the down wires an issue on westbound at 623 from an earlier accident in atlantic county. >> thank you, karen. let's head outside to david murphy. david it warmed up yesterday, will it be hot today? >> reporter: pretty much a repeat of yesterday. we're in the 60s, today's high 87 bright and warm like
8:58 am
yesterday. we'll keep it going tomorrow, 87. beautiful saturday, 87 sun and clouds there's a chance of the humidity ticking up. clouds an sun sunday, 81. a passing front. looks like the front will be dry, though, if we get a sprinkle or shower it's spotty. early in the day we're looking at dry conditions for the eagles. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, reaction continues to pour in after the gop debate. we're breaking down who analyst also say were the big winners and losers today at noon. "live" with kelly and michael is next. i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday!
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>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, from the comedy "brooklyn 99," andy samberg. and the big winner of "america's got talent," paul zerdin. plus the hosts reveal your favorite instagram social flashback moment, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [applause]


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