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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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gives them the space they need to set up for the papal events, matt pellman will have more in the traffic report in just a moment. pope francis arrives next saturday and one concern that residents still have for the visit, city council talked about that today. vernon odom has more. >> reporter: good evening, rick and monica, a lot of city council members tell me now that their regular session is canceled for next week because of all of these security measures and so much city government will be shut down any way and a lot of constituents believe that the security measures close the line and are over the top. >> city council conducts business as usual, just days before police and officials start imposing massive restrictions in anticipation of
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the papal visit, the council member is getting heat from her constituents. >> we have people that are not included and don't feel welcome in their own city, we are grateful for the pope. >> the whirlwind for the papal visit has major restrictions for parking and moving around town, it's being viewed address a major pain and invention on many, and council members are feeling the pressure. >> securing these areas and not allowing people to go through and other things, that i think was just too much. >> many of the pope's activities will take place in the district of the council president and he is monitoring this closely for a review after the fact. some things surrounding this event made it stressful for people impacted, there are concerns about the security around the pope, unlike anybody else that has come.
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>> somewhere between 4,000 to 6,000 national guard members are called up for the papal weekend but there is no plans to deploy them for papal zone. sources say they will not be armed. >> i welcome them, we want them to be a part of the join relations with the federal agencies. my concerns are that we are overly paranoid. >> monica one council member told me privately, he is playing a wait and see game, if things go badly, he will come out blasting the plan and if all goes well, he will be prepared to come out and bask in the glory. they are all politicians, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well, an exclusive papal exhibition from the vatican in rome is opening, vatican
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splendor is opening, and it's one of the largest vatican collections ever to tour the u.s. and will be at the frafrp lynn institute through mid-february and our coverage continues for you at, there we have a closer look at the highway and bridge closures while the pontiff is in town, you can get an early look at how the ben franklin parkway is transformed to welcome pope francis. >> in other news, two philadelphia police officers are recovering after a man allegedly assaulted them this afternoon in spring garden, the suspect reportedly walked up to an officer standing outside of the district, and then the man punched the officer and bit a second officer that came to help. they tased the suspect. the man stole a cell phone from inside of the trenton
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business and when the video hit social media, the thief decided to return the phone with a hand written apology, nora muchanic is live now outside of butch's welding with the full story. >> hi there rick, we don't know the thief's identify, but some people do, members of his family told him he was caught on camera stealing and it was time to make it right. >> i was shocked because i had never seen something like that in person. >> lauer and enis talking about a surveillance tape where you can see a man swiping a cell phone, the phone belongs to her brother lawrence. >> it's many out of my pocket, i have christmas coming up and i don't want to pay for a new phone already. >> lauren posted the phone on facebook and the word got back to the thief, and on wednesday lauren found a box tossed over
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the fence with a hand written note and apology inside. >> in his letter the thief begged forgiveness and said he stole the phone hoping to make money selling it because he was desperate. >> butch says he has hard times of his own and it took courage to write that note. >> he saturday have a conscious and does have remorse. everybody deserves a second chance. mike says he is not interested in pressing charges and would like to meet the man in person for a one-on-one apology. >> he had the adrenalin and saw the option for quick cash and it's sad that people would rather go to stealing rather than asking people for help. >> trenton police say they are continuing the investigation, the simcard was missing from the phone when it was returned and
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if the thief wants to do the right thing he should turn himself in. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. burlington county is mourning the loss of one of its leaders tonight, kevin tune served as emergency management court nader for nearly 20 years. he died tuesday night from clickations associated with cancer. he was just 56 years old. the philadelphia fire commissioner revealed new posters for this year's fire prevention campaign, they were unveiled today and the theme is chef. that stands for cooking hazards endanger families, they hope that this will encourage families to take responsible for their own safety. they are sponsored by septa who will display them on buses and trains in the city. turning to the forecast, this amazing unseasonably warm
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weather continues, we are getting closer to fall, lets get the latest from meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> hi monica if you are a fan of summer weather like i am, this is your week, low humidity sunshine and temperatures well above the average high for this time of year, average high is 78, philadelphia 85 degrees and allentown 84 and trenton 85 and wilmington and reading 83 and millville 82 and sea isle city with the sea breeze knocking temperatures down into the upper 70s, your evening planner it's normal comfortable night at 7:00, 80 degrees and after the sunsets dropping down to 77 degrees and 9:0074 and by 10:00, 72 degrees, low humidity again tonight and temperatures for overnight lows dropping down into the 50s and 60s, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this morning in parts of south jersey and delaware we woke up with high clouds but as we rolled into the afternoon the
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clouds were dissipating and loads of sunshine than sunshine will be sticking around and into saturday, however we do have some changes though next week, satellite 6 along with action radar showing down in florida there are low pressure off the southwest coast of florida, that low pressure will meander north and be right over us for a good chunk of next week and that will bring us cloudy, cooler weather with a threat of showers. this is what is ahead, it will be warm the next two days, almost carbon copies of today and more humid on saturday and cooler on sunday, cooler with temperatures still above normal of 80 degrees, but next week is when the fall temperatures arrive along with clouds and showers, i'll have more details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> hello matt.
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>> as you said pope palooza got underway, the inner drives are shut down at the ben franklin parkway and that is causing gridlock, the local vine, extra backed up as people attempt to exit for 22nd street and they are running into the jams, it's gridlock for this area of center city and it will stay like this until after the pope leaves on september 29th, got to get used to. a crash at 202 on the shoulder and attracting attention and 202 and the xouk-and the eastbound side rolls of installation and fiberglass to wash out for. and royersford close to the diner. and a vehicle fire down the shore this afternoon heading down the garden state parkway, approaching ocean city the right
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lane is blocked and a truck fire by shawnee high school blocking off tabernacle road. we'll check it again rick and monica. >> thank you. still much more to come on the next part of "action news" at 5:00, president obama meets with the men being called heroes after they took down a terrorist on a french train. and car seats are designed to keep children safe but several do not fit properly into vehicles, those stories and more and meteorologist, cecily tynan is back with the full ac from accuweather.
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check out this scene in tampa, florida, this school bus went off the road and when into the pond on its side, it was carrying elementary school children and passers by jumped out to help the children out of the bus that did pop open in the crash. nobody was hurt but no word on what caused the driver to lose
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control. the three americans that helped to stop a gunman on a paris bound train met president obama today. they had the opportunity to shake hands. >> they represent the best of america, american character, and you know it's these kinds of young people who make me extraly optimistic and hopeful about our future. >> the three friends said meeting the president was surreal but after the meeting they received a medal from ash carter at the pentagon. first scarletos is competing on "dancing with the stars." tune in to see if he survives the first round of eliminations. >> autism experts are countering
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a new round of a medical myth all at last night's presidential debate. one candidate repeated the link that it's related to autism, now autism speaks is trying to make it clear that vaccines do not cause autism and delays vaccines could put your children at risk for diseases. >> well, car safety seats can prevent your children from being in accidents but only if they fit in your car, and the college of medicine show they don't fit well, they tested 59 car seats in 69 different vehicles for a total of 5900 combinations and they say the results were surprising. >> roughly 40% of the time they are not compatible and we broke it down to see 35% of the time
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you need to tip it back. >> the car seat would not work in our car, i thought we had a standard car that pretty much any car seat would work. >> often head rests often interfere with the forward facing car seats, see if you can try the car seat in your car before you buy it. >> we know that caffeine can keep you awake because it's a stimulant and it can cost you sleep in a different way because it shifts your rhythms that is your internal clock, they found that caffeine the equivalent of a double espresso delayed the rhythm by 40 minutes, they don't yet know how long term caffeine effects those patterns.
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children with cancer got a heartfelt reminder they are loved today. the case for smiles delivered their 100th pillowcase to each of its chapters including here at philadelphia's childrens hospital, a little volunteer did a great job helping out and it became a decade ago when ryan
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. honda announced they are giving the civic a makeover, they unveiled the new compact car this week and the civic as a sportier look and a longer wheel base and led lights. the makeover comes amid troubled times for the civic, sales are down 4% this year. a new place for people to meet is open in atlantic city, and it's showing signs it could bring a boost to the local economy, the harris center is the new meeting space attached to a hotel between baltimore and boston, caesars entertainment
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runs harrahs, the company could generate $35 million in revenue. and there is a new leader of the college of orthopedic medicine, dr. jay fellstein, the procession began on city avenue and he is by the way an alumni of p-come. this new tool was unveiled today which was constitution day, on independence mall, it will help teachers and students and advanced places history and government courses understand the complex document that establishes our country's laws.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is here and the golden sky keeps on come. >> we are live on sky 6, this is our temple university sky camera, seeing a lot of sun out there and temperatures are higher than average, the average high is 78 degree, we are 8 degrees higher than that. and 86 in philadelphia and same in trenton and millville and
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wildwood 81 degrees, the sea breeze kicked up and temperatures in the 70s at the beaches. we are not alone, the high temperatures today, the eastern half of the country, have this warm air, chicago 85 and st. louis 91 and have you to go to bismark, north dakota for cooler air with a high of 65 today. this is the global air released by noah today. look at the red, that is where the temperatures the first eight months of the year above average and not a lot of blue, below average, on this map. and 1.5 degrees above average globally and a 97% chant that this will be the warmest year on record, part of the reason why, if you look over here, you can see all the red in the pacific, that is a strong el niƱo and of
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course we have climate change adding to that and we continue the warm air locally tomorrow. water vapor showing a dry flow of air tomorrow, low humidity and loads of sunshine and if you look to the south near florida, you see the plume of moisture, that is low pressure moving in and parking right over us, tonight clear skies and patchy fog developing and a nice night for sleeping, 53 in allentown un63 in cape may and 56 degrees in reading, the day planner tomorrow, don't forget the sunglasses, wall-to-wall sunshine, 86 and up to 77 degrees, by 2:00, 84, the problem tomorrow asthma and respiratory conditions and heart problems, an ozone "action news" day, if you are sensitive to air quality, to grown level ozone,
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limit your time outdoors especially the first half of the day, summer warmth continues, 87 degrees and saturday almost a carbon copy but slightly more humid, a few clouds late in the day and on sunday, a cold front moves through dry and monday and tuesday gets unsettled and temperatures in the 70s and we'll let you know how long the weather continues in the accuweather forecast seven-day forecast. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. we have new details in the borgata babes fight, what they decided about the casinos weight policy. and a young inventor arrested after making a digital clock is getting additional support and take a piece of pope francis history home with you. we have the details coming up. every friday,
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the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. the top 11 republican candidates squared off in their second debate last night we'll tell you
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who seemed to come out on top and who fell flat. a warning to good hearted folks that wants to donate for a fund for a good samaritan in rodney square. and parishioners vie for tickets to see pope francis up close. and the second gop presidential debate last night lived up to the hype. they attacked each other on everything even their looks. many gave the win to carly fiorina, and called the performance of front runner, donald trump, underwhelming. kenneth moton is live with more. >> reporter: hi rick, carly fiorina is taking her victory lap today and donald trump on the ground in new hampshire for a rally tonight, he says he was amazing, but our political analysts disagree. >> the gop candidates were back
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on the campaign trail thursday looking for post debate momentum, we'll continue to do wa we have been doing and that is talking to as many voters as i can. >> carly fiorina told gma she is satisfied with her performance. >> i think women all over this country heard clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she has a beautiful face and she is a beautiful woman. >> debaters called trump underwhelming but is leading the polls and is he was attacked the most and got more speaking time than any other candidates, 19 minutes and the least was scott walker, 8 minutes. hillary clinton was tweeting throughout the debate watching the field go after trump. >> his visceral response to
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attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness that happened in junior high. >> i never attacked him on his looks and believe me there is plenty of subject matter the first day, the first day in office. not six months from now. >> listen to this, nearly 23 million people watched last night's gop debate, the most watched program in the network's history. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you kenneth. meantime authorities in chile say that at least 10 people were killed by an hourful earthquake that struck in santiago last night, it shook light poles and sent frightened residents running into the street. the aftershocks continued to roll through and the quake sparked a tsunami that flooded several coastal communities, they fear the death toll could
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climb higher. the worst refugee crisis since world war ii is growing more desperate by the day and now croatia is another option for those fleeing from syria, with the border to hungary closed they are headed west where they are currently being met with open arms but nearly 10,000 men, women and children have already crossed in two days and now they are struggling to handle the surge, world news tonight will have the latest on the crisis and the massive earthquake in chile and more on the second republican presidential debate. in other news tonight, detectives are looking for three suspects that ambushed and shot two men in philadelphia, it happened on walnut street before seb 30 p.m., the victims told police the suspects walked up and asked for the time and then pulled guns, the victims ran and then they started shooting, one
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was found in a nearby home and shot in the leg, and a wun to his han, both are expected to be okay. from our delaware newsroom tonight, this overturned trailer caused headaches in the price's could have beener area this morning, a trialer being towed by a dump truck overturns heading from the kirkwood highway ramp, and nobody was injured, but the mess took three hours to clear. wilmington officials are warning the public about fake fundraisers for a man stabbed to death in rodney square, two go fund me accounts claiming to be raising money for his family are fraud lengths, he died while protecting a mother and her child from a knife-wielding man. >> well, fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fast moving blaze that damaged
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apartments in glassboro, this at the park crest apartment at the 200 block of high street east, they evacuated several neighboring apartments as a pro caution and fortunately nobody was hurt. a new jersey appeals panel ruled on the ongoing borgata babes court battle and now they ruled on how much they could weigh. the person ala appearance standards are legal but the lawsuit brought by 21 servers should be brought to a lower court. that is if they were working in a hostile work environment. eight days until pope francis descends on philadelphia for a weekend of events, eight days and 15 hours, now is the time to make the travel plans,
5:36 pm
to experience it up close. tickets are very hard to come by and parishioners who have them on hand are lining up to witness history. "action news" reporter, katherine scott has the story from tell wear county, i got her last night. >> bridget slept outside of her church last night but when she left she had these to show for it. >> they are so beautiful. >> tickets for the papal mass on the parkway. >> the weather was beautiful and i'm excited. god bless the pope. >> the line when around the corner, and parishioners shared conversation and coffee hoping to leave with tickets in hand. >> the greatest people in the world. >> if you don't get the tickets you'll be pretty far away and i thought it was worthwhile.
5:37 pm
>> the parish organized two buss to go to the parkway. and there were more tickets available for the mass on saturday. and the fairest way to distribute the rest of their allocation was to give them out first come first serve. you can get one per parishioner in your household. >> when i was my daughters able i saw john paul ii on the parkway and it was a different experience, i decide that morning, i'll hop on the trolley and go downtown and there i was. >> the tickets for the papal mass were gone in 20 minutes but every parishioner that was lined up here walked away with tickets to something. >> he couldn't be happier for this opportunity. >> it's a historic moment. >> i think it will change the city. a new video playing in center city is showing off all that rome has to offer, called
5:38 pm
eturnly rome it highlights vatican city and the coliseum and more. it was shown on the wall in the lobby and it will play at the top of every hour there until the pope leaves philadelphia on sunday september 27th, our coverage continues for you at, there we have a closer look at the highway and bridge closures, you can also get an early look at how the ben franklin parkway is transformed for pope francis. >> meantime matt pellman is taking a look from the "action news" traffic center. >> funny you mention that ben franklin parkway, as we look live the inner drives did shut down today and they stay closed through september 29th and we have interesting rush hours ahead of us, without the inner drives traffic is gridlocked. you see the sea of taillights on the local vine spilling back to
5:39 pm
the vine street expressway, people trying to exit are jammed up. again, this is our setup through september 29th, if you hop on the schuylkill eastbound there is a friender bender on the side giving us slowing from montgomery drive and problems at the traffic lights for the sports complex. and the third thursday might market in may fair and that is shut down tonight and cotman gets you around that, and a crash westbound on 422, delays are spilling back to 202 and the schuylkill and a roll of installation on the eastbound side past royersford are gone and a crash in collegeville near third avenue. rick and monica back over to you. >> still more to come on "action news" this evening, the teen clock maker whose invention lanes him in handcuffs is
5:40 pm
getting support from unlikely sources. and a delaware company is turning out a special souvenir for pope francis' visit. we'll show you. 86 was the high in philadelphia but a big pattern change is moving in soon. and jaime apody has eagles and phillies and much more in sports. let's clear the air.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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support continues to pour in for a texas teenager arrested when police thought he built a fake bomb that turned out to be a clock. ahmed muhammad was arrested and since then a star on social media and was personally invited by president obama to come to the white house to show off his clock and got a tweet from a nasa space engineer, but the most exciting phone call he said was from mit. >> maybe he'll go there. eagles preparing for the
5:44 pm
cowboys, jaime apody with the latest on that. >> is the pressure on? >> no, we feel good. >> you guys look nervous to me. it's only week two, chip kelly lost four of his last five games, the birds hard at work on a short week getting ready to face the hated ones, cowboys come to town on sunday, that is a rivalry that stirs up emotion with everybody including rick. chip kelly said the loss was one of the issues monday night. >> you have to pay without emotion, and when that impacts your play on the field, have you to be able to harness that yourself, usually you find younger guys doing that as opposed to older guys that are around for a bit. >> tony romo now in his 13th season in dallas coming off a
5:45 pm
win against the giants with a touchdown pass with 10 seconds to go. even without his leading receiver, they know in a romo is dangerous. >> he is a guy that has the whole offense so to speak when he lines up ever place. it's a challenge also when you face quarterbacks that are essentially like an offensive coordinator. >> he can call the plays for the coaching staff to rely on him to call routes that he likes to run, it's impressive that he is able to do that, again smart player and you know he is another guy that get its done and get its done in the clutch. >> the story line is demarco murray against his former team, the first player in the nfl to lead the league in rushing and
5:46 pm
then play against the team he played for. cowboys did not do much to keep their star so he went to the team that wanted him and he feels emotionless about the whole thing. >> i don't look at it that way, i look at is as the cowboys playing the eagles and that just is what it is. >> we look at the running back not the name. obviously it's demarco murray, we go into it knowing the style of running back he is. just a regular week for us. >> so far not so good for old friend lesean mccoy in buffalo, he rushed for a measly 41 yards and today he was pulled from practice for experiencing tightness in his hamstring, they hope that shady is ready to go against the patriots this week.
5:47 pm
well it's almost over, the phillies start their final road trip from this horrific season this week. they are just a game away from 100, how about bryce harper homered five times in the series, nats won it 12-2, he is shoe in for the mvp just 22 years old. younger than everyone on the phillies roster except aaron nola. >> he could be your son. a group of veterans hit the golf course today they got tips from the pros at the pitman golf course in sewell. all the participants are also amputees and they are learning to cope after suffering injuries on the battlefield.
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adam is here and blue skies and sunshine and absolutely beautiful. >> a nice stretch but the beauty we have -- >> all things come to an end. >> next month okay. october. >> pay back time is next week. double scan live radar enjoy the sunshine and above normal
5:51 pm
temperatures and nothing on the radar and the action cam shows plenty of beauty out there with the flowers around and even despite we haven't had much rain. right now the almanac in philadelphia indicates we are almost 8 degrees above normal for the day. 86 this afternoon and the normal is 78 degrees, your records, 44 and 94 degrees with the sunsetting now at 7:07. a little cooler at the shore, upper 70s in sea isle city and beach haven and warm 83 in wilmington and 85 in trenton and millville right now cooler than the i-5-corridor areas. a few high clouds they push off the coast, a void of cloud cover and blank radar, dealing with
5:52 pm
the entire week thus far continues into friday and the weekend, patchy fog could develop and light southwesterly winds and 64 for center city and high pressure remains in control and cold front stays at bay to the north and west, 87 tomorrow and 10 degrees above average and if you can, call out sick tomorrow, and on saturday, make it a long weekend, 87 on saturday and a few high clouds are streaming in from the south and more humid on saturday, just because we are ahead of this cold front than surges up the humidity that is being broken off of low pressure off the carolinas, this low not tropical in nature but this will drift to the north along the front and will bring some unsettled weather here for next week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, summer warmth continues friday into saturday and saturday again the little difference of an uptick
5:53 pm
in humidity and sunday a cold front comes in from the north and west and it brings clouds with it and pulls through dry at 80 degrees and that is perfect for the eagles home openers and 4:25 is the kickoff and fourth quarter a pleasant 70 and the low is just to our south and that easterly wind looks to be persistent tuesday, wednesday and thursday, dreary side and a lot of clouds, none look like a washout but showers from time to time, temperatures in the middle 70s, one extreme of the sunshine to the other extreme of clouds and showers. okay adam, as the weekend approaches, turn to, for hourly updates and the long range forecast, follow all the members of our "action news" weather team. the "wheel of fortune" wheel
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mobile is rolling into our area looking for contestants, looking for player that are energetic and enthusiastic and fun. head over to the claridge this saturday and sunday from 12:00 until 4:00 p.m. all ages are welcome to attend. the fans will be randomly chosen to play a simulated version on stage and win prizes and win a chance to be a contestant at "wheel of fortune," this saturday and sunday from k until 4:00, come and check it out.
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take your first look at the newative coin. they were tasked with making the coin for the pope's visit. the mint master that developed
5:57 pm
and a terrific job by everybody, it looks great. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. police are increasing their presence on a popular running trail after reported assaults. and investigators say someone started fires on purpose and we will show you who police are looking for. >> and a tiny pest at city hall, what someone did when they spotted a bed bug there. for cecily tynan and rick williams, and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program.
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thursday night, a woman is accuse of killing her husband inside of a philadelphia home and an apologetic thief, his remorseful words after ripping off a new jersey business opener, but the big story on "action news" is word of increased police presence on schuylkill river trail, at least one assault reported at the entrance to the trail. the schuylkill corporation received several witness accounts of sexual assaults and that those reports should be going to police. chad pradelli is live now along the schuylkill river. >> reporter: jim, here is what happened. yesterday a witness posted on a facebook page for joggers that she saw five young males on
6:00 pm
bicycles surround a woman and they were harassing her and making her terrified and one point she may have been slapped on the backside and that led to other joggers reporting similar incidents and police are investigating and urging joggers to be vigilant. the schuylkill river banks are bustling with joggers during it's year and crimes are rare. but there is a group of teens harassing people of late. lynn works at boathouse row and runs along the river every day, they will do a wheelie straight at you and try to force you off the trail. >> i usually ride pretty fast, they try to play chicken with me and they end up swerving. >> she has not been harassed. but other women say they


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