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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 18, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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car theft ring is busted. and how officials across the country plan to keep you safe while the pope is in town and the two texas football players that tackled a ref are offering an apology but putting part of the blame on someone else. now the details, philadelphia police busted a car theft ring reportedly worth half a million dollars, an investigation they are working on for months. eva pilgram is live outside of police headquarters with the exclusive details. >> reporter: rick, three people are behind bars and more than a dozen cars were confiscated, as police busted the car theft ring worth more than a half million dollars. >> only "action news" is there as crews took it's stolen cars away and the raid went down the warehouse run on the 800 block
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of eastern avenue, authorities showed us some of what they found a porsche and a dodge, they are planning to ship the cars to liberia. part of a raid of a two month long investigation. they are still waiting on more detales about this bust and we'll bring you the details on air or online at eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in the city's olney section, the gun fire erupts on the 4500 block at 1:00 this morning, a group of men were playing a dice game when a black jeep with two suspicious people inside approached. a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old were shot and taken to einstein hospital and bullets hit a number of parks cars and authorities are checking surveillance cameras now as they search for suspects and a
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motive. >> turning now to our coverage of pope francis' visit, the delaware county intelligence center is gearing up and it's located in south philadelphia, it feature as he real time crime center that allows them to monitor events across the city and it provides access to septa's regional rail cameras and penndot cameras and port authority cameras. they want to assure them while the safety of the pope and visitors are a priority, they are keeping an eye on the neighborhoods as well. >> even if we have the papal visit, the priority for us as well is providing safety and security to our community. >> agents from the secret service and fema will be arriving and stay here through the pope's visit. in addition to the security, thousands of national guard members are called up as well. sources confirm that 4,000 to
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6,000 pennsylvania guardsmen will be deployed on the 26 and and 27th, they are helping with traffic and keeping the crowds moving. sources say they will not be armed. >> a bilingual version of a sculpture called love with the leaning letter o goes on display next week, it means love in the pope's native language of spanish and the sculpture is placed outside of the philadelphia museum of art near where the pope's alter is now being built. we invite you to follow our special twitter account at 6 abc pope, we share photos and news when new developments occur. on the weather front our summer-like temperatures are sticking around into the weekend s. sky 6 hd is live can looking at of jersey shore and plenty of sunshine on the beaches of cape
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may, we have a full week of unseasonable temperatures and low humidity. things will change soon enough, enjoy it while you can. >> a nice start to our friday, 80 in wilmington and 75 in the poconos and lancaster 78 degrees and beach haven, 80 and 75 degrees there in sea isle city, here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's clear and quiet across much of our region, we have this dominating ridge of high pressure that has actually moved offshore and we have nice comfortable conditions with a southerly wind and focus your attention to the west and we track this cold front that is making its way eastward but it's losing its intensity. so showers are likely but we won't see big amounts of precipitation, we head into the
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weekend it's about high school football and partly cloudy and comfortable and 10:00 p.m. tonight 73, we'll talk about what is ahead for the right of our day, above average temperatures continue today and for that matter into saturday and then it gets cooler on sunday, at least the numbers get close toward to where they should be and unsettled into next week for cooler air and the possible of more showers, we'll look at that with a look at the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. in other news a man spotted near the scene of a center city fire is a person of interest in an arson investigation, "action news" showed you video of the flames after it broke out tuesday morning and the fire destroyed a restaurant under construction. >> there was approximately 1 million there's in damage done to that structure and the adjacent structures and displaced approximately 40 individuals from their homes. the bureau of alcohol,
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tobacco and firearms post aid $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. women have reported harassment on the schuylkill trail, they say a group is harassing women when they are jogging or walking. >> they will just do like a wheelie straight at you and try to force you off the trail, i usually ride pretty fast, they try to play chicken with me and they end up swerving. >> police say there are similar incidents over the spring and summer and they have beefed up their presence on the industr l industriindustria industrial -- turning now to this brutal tackle caught on camera, it knocked this referee to the grown during a football game. two players now are breaking their silence and placing part
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of the blame on someone else. now we are live with details on this exclusive interview. >> reporter: good afternoon, those two teenagers from texas say they are speaking out now because in their words the truth needs to be told, they are sorry for what they did but maintain they were told to do it. >> this is the moment caught on camera that has two texas football players now offer to apologize to the referee, first tackled from behind and then taking another hit while on the ground. >> i would apologize for the mistake i made. >> if you could take back that moment? >> of course. >> expressing regret and remorse in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, they admit to targeting the ref but they did so because their assistant coach, matt breed,
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told them that guy needs to pay for cheating us. >> he pulled me and another player and told us you need to hit the ref, he needs to pay the price. >> he told one of my hispanic friends speak english this is america. >> did you hear that or did one of your friends say that? >> i heard it. >> and to an african-american on the team the "n" word. >> the school will file a formal complaint but he is denying it. >> did he use a racial slur? >> mr. watts? he did not they are flat out lying. >> he says that is a lie. >> it's not, that is the honest truth, how bad it has got and the truth needs to be told. rojas and moreno are suspended
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from the team and school and the assistant coach is on paid leave and the school continues their investigation and they are under investigation for possible criminal charges. live in new york, channel 6 "action news." rick back to you. >> thank you. back here st. joe's university has a new leader who is also making history. the action cam was at mark reed's inauguration in the winfield heights section, he is the first lay president. he has been working on campus since july 1st, and was unanimously elected back in april, before st. joe's he was the senior vice president of fairfield university in connecticut. 26 people became american citizens in burlington county today, they took the oath of allegiance in mount holly, they represent 18 different countries, the rotc program
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presented the colors at the ceremony and that coincided with citizenship day and constitution day this week. coming up a friend of the charleston church shooting suspect is behind bars facing charges, new details surrounding the accusations against him coming up and new information about the opener of these luxury cars outraging neighbors as they sped up and down the streets. >> i dragged her and went back. meet a young student credited for saving his classmates lives after a nasty school bus crash.
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do we have anymore chips? [off screen] fellas? uh, sorry. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets? uh yeah! and that pre-game sideline experience... exactly. or even eagle season tickets! [shouting over crowd] how do you know? you both have the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, the eagles instant game with top prizes of $50,000. and second chance prizes, including season tickets. [both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. a friend of charleston church school suspect is facing charges. court documents say that meek
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was not telling the truth when he said he did not know specifics when he planned to open fire during a bible suddeny. this is what meeks said to abc news after the massacre. >> he said that the black in general as a race was bringing down the white race, he told me these things, i tried to talk him out of it, i always tried to fight against it. >> meek is also accused of misleading investigators during an interview, and is held in a county detention center south carolina. attorneys for sergeant bowe bergdahl is in court trying to save him from a trial. he walked away from his post in afghanistan six years and he was held by the taliban for four of those five years until he was traded for five taliban commanders held at guantanamo
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bay. they testified that bergdahl's disappearance put a strain on u.s. forces and put his fellow soldiers in danger. now turning to the migrant crisis, two days after croatia opened its boarders they have reached their capacity. now they are being redistricted toward hungary, 19 buses reportedly arrived there from croatia but were not allowed to cross the border. small tsunami waves reached the coast after a magnitude8.3 quake hit chile, no injuries or damages have been reported, in chile meantime the death toll has climbed to 12, and that number could increase as rescuers reach the hardest hit areas there.
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"action news" with new details about a high end sports car that was caught speeding on camera through beverly hills california. the sheik from qatar has packed up his cars and left the country, they reported the million dollar car blowing through stop signs and flying down residential streets. the man claimed diplomatic immunity. a young student credited with saving his classmates lives. they were on a bus that crashed into a lake in florida. here are the details. >> reporter: this morning a 10-year-old and his bus driver had hailed as heroes after this school bus carrying elementary school students crashed and careened into the lake. >> she stepped on the brakes and
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they were not working and everybody started to scream, the bus taking down a side post before slipping down into the he said hold on tight, it was too fast i could not grab on. >> parents and first responders rushing to the scene but all 27 students and the driver managed to escape through the rear emergency door, all making it out uninjured thanks in part to one young boy on board. >> i grabbed her arms and dragged her to land and then i went back, witnesses calling the bus driver a hero saying the 64-year-old man stayed on the bus until every child got out safely, now they are working to determine the cause of the crash, the driver believes the brakes failed. and still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a picture of
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true friendship, see how two four-legged friends are capturing hearts around the country. here is sky 6 hd showing you atlantic city, a pretty picture there.
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firefighters in northern california are working to extend containment lines before the weather changes this weekend, it's cooler and wetter in recent day and tomorrow could bring cooler temperatures, the fires have destroyed more than 800 homes making them the most destructive in recent years, meteorologist, melissa magee, is here with a closer look at the forecast. right now smooth sail. >> yes, it's really nice, but next week it gets cooler and more like fall, we have to enjoy it while we can, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's dry and high pressure is in control, and a gorgeous shot outside, that is where everyone
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is on a nice friday afternoon, it's comfortable and had some folks earlier walking around and everyone is doing their business. working here on this friday afternoon, we'll show you what is going on as we look at the neighborhood numbers north and west of town, 80 in slatington and tannersville 75 and 73 in warrington and lower 80s in kennett square and center city 82 and levittown 73, 76 in surf city and 75 in avalon and the lower 80s in glassboro and the same thing in cinnaminson and ewing 83. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's mostly clear and quiet and plenty of sunshine to enjoy as we get out into the rest of this friday afternoon we are tracking this front, not a whole lot of moisture associated with it, it will move through saturday night into sun morning, but i would not expect a whole
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lot of precipitation vault of this moving through, cooler air is arriving just in time for sunday and beyond. here is the call from accuweather, lots of sunshine and light winds and high in philadelphia 87 degrees, a good 10 degrees above where we should be this time of year, tonight we drop down to 64 degrees to a partly cloudy skies. sunny and warm tomorrow and high pressure is in control, with a bit of a southwesterly wind and you may notice an increase in humidity tomorrow but the ridge of high pressure moves offshore sunday into monand the jet stream dips to the south and allows the cooler air to drain southward into our region and turning cooler and unsettled as we get into sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday and here is the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast, enjoy it today, sunny and warm up to 87 degrees, it's still bright tomorrow and warm too up to 86 degrees, late saturday night into sunday, especially sunday morning, there may be a few sprinkles and early morning showers and sunshine and clouds with the eagles home at the linc taking on the cowboys. and high of 78 degrees, monday high of 74 and a shower is likely as well. tuesday clouds and sunshine and we'll get a break but stay in the 70s. 76 for the first day of fall can you believe it on wednesday, possibly rain on the way with a high temperature of 72 degrees, and next thursday, mostly cloudy and a high of 72, and we'll dry out into thursday and friday of next weekend and we'll be watching next weekend's forecast closely for you. on our scene,
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princess kate is coming back to work. she has bangs now and debuted the new haircut while visiting a childrens charity. she was staying with prince charles and prince george, bringing comparisons to her late mother-in-law print says diana. jeremiah trotter is taking on a new role, actor. the north star. based on the real life experience of two slaves that sought is a soil up in pennsylvania back in 1849. >> intimidated at first, never been on the big screen on that side of camera, but after that i had a great time filming the movie. thomas k. phillips wrote and
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directed the movie.
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. in washington state, two dogs missing for a week were finally found and when they were this is what the rescuers saw, one was keeping vigil over the other that was stuck inside of an old cistern. they led them right to the other dog, phoebe right there. melissa is back with a check of the forecast. >> a good afternoon, highs in the area, 87 in philadelphia and 85 in allentown unlots of sunshine and light winds and 78 at the coast in cape may and dover 82 degrees and it stays warm as we get into saturday
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however on sunday we are tracking cool changes that will bring our numbers back to average, so it's a nice day on sun and good day to play football with the eagles at the linc. >> have a nice day. >> you too. here is a look at stories coming up this afternoon. canceling a performance, the illness stopping the who from performing in philadelphia. and what it means for those that had tickets. and why former president jimmy carter and their wife ross lynn has everyone talks. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon we'll see you right here later today. ot alone.
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