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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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on the inner two security zones on the map, the big area where all the cars will be towed from as well as the venue where the pope will be like the parkway behind me. now, the city and state including the national guard is going to focus on the traffic box and beyond. as for any potential threats,. >> we know of no specific credible threat directed at the pope's visit here to this city and so we fully anticipate a successful and safe visit for the pope and for the public. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security in town today to review the papal security plan and to help in the rollout of this electronic clearinghouse that will serve more than 50 safe related agencies during the papal visit. officials said today in terms of just sheer acreage, philadelphia restricted movement zones the largest ever for a modern u.s. city. the mayor down played the impact of the three square mile traffic box and disputed the school of thought that the limitations are just too much. >> we know that that area
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downtown is three square miles out of 138 square miles in the city of philadelphia. so, again, i'll let them talk about other cities but this idea that somehow there is -- it's, you know, impossible to move around the city is just not correct. >> reporter: the head of the u.s. secret service also responded to those who feel that the multi day closing of streets highways and the ben franklin bridge is overkill. >> you have to have structure. iif you don't have structure, you have mayhem and you have to have routes available so if there is an incident we can certainly get the holy father out of the city. >> reporter: so, the gentlemen saying you have to have a plan. that includes an exit strategy and the pope going to so many places during his visit here it's going to have to be a big plan. you're looking at a live picture of that enclosure that's coming together on eakins oval part of almost a lamper village that is being built down here along the oval as well. live above the parkway, john rawlins, channel6 "action
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news." alicia. >> john, thank you. as you can see here, we are counting down seven days, 17 hours and counting and as john mentioned the city is busy constructing the centerpiece or as he called it the village for the papal mass and festival on the ben franklin parkway. traffic is already being affected and commuters are already pretty frustrated. let's take a live look at the parkway right above where john is standing from chopper 6hd this afternoon and as you can see the lanes of the parkway have been squeezed down just in time for the weekend and one of about 4 40 jumbotrons that will be lined in that area so that everybody can get a good look at what's happening either on stage or on the altar coming up next weekend. preparations are under way but breaking this down for you on a map when it comes to traffic yesterday afternoon crews closed the inner drives of the parkway from 20th street to eakins oval, the outer drives will remain opened until next thursday when the rest of the
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traffic restrictions will go into effect. commuters tell "action news" they expected some problems but not so soon. many calling today's backups and confusion a nightmare. >> a mess. it's a mess. >> it's terrible. she's late for school. i'm paying for college. this is not free. >> but i'm stuck in traffic. >> it's going to get worse but it's all for the pope so this is exciting, though he. >> i can't tell you one last car that would be on the he road, though, this one. >> that first woman we saw who was driving off just letting us know it's a mess. of course, this is just the beginning as we can expect more closures in the coming days as the city prepares for the big papal events on the parkway in, again, you guys, seven days and counting. our coverage continues at we have a closer look at the highway and bridge closures of course while the pope is in town. you can also get an early look at how the ben franklin parkway will be transformed to welcome pope francis and we kind of saw it coming together
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but it is going to be gorgeous out there. so, a couple of inconveniences but i think we can pull together, brian and sharrie. >> you got it. got to focus on the positives. >> you got it. >> raw reaction today. >> real and raw, that's right. >> it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's get outside, meteorologist adam joseph soaking up another sun filled day out there. beautiful. >> no aggravation in the weather department whatsoever. all smiles here. we've had a few clouds today that have popped back up with temperatures staying well above normal t it's 84 right now in philadelphia, even warmer to the north in allentown at 85 degrees. wilmington 83. and then that sea breeze with a serial win southeasterly windg the numbers into the upper 70's from cape may through atlantic city and also beach haven. as we look at satellite and radar, again we've got a decent amount of sunshine but we're finally seeing the pattern lowly break down. you can see some clouds near pittsburgh, some showers west of buffalo. that is the leading edge of a cold front that's going to
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slide through during the middle part of the weekend but for this evening, 79 degrees at 7 o'clock. lots of stars upstairs between 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock. temperatures by 10 o'clock slipping to around 70 degrees and as we look at the numbers to the west, it's still warm in the ohio valley. however, brian, if you look to the far northwest, bismarck and omaha you see the big drop. we'll let you know about this cooldown on the way and if there's any kind of rain coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam see you shortly. thank you. it is a perfect day to play outside on the playground but for students in one part of mercer county that's not an option because of some dangerous conditions there. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in our new jersey news room. nora, this involves more than a dozen playgrounds. >> reporter: it does, indeed, 15 in all, brian, that are now off limits to elementary school students in hamilton township. inspectors say aging playgrounds there are presenting safety issues and so the school district decided to shut them down until repairs could be made. the playground at greenwood
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elementary is wrapped in orange fencing to keep kids from playing here. based on reports from the first three playgrounds inspected, the hamilton school district has closed 15 of 17 elementary school playgrounds. that after inspectors found hazardous conditions including equipment with stress cracks, holes, sharp edges and sliding board decks in danger of collapsing. >> it's scare tree hear that your kids are going to be on that kind of equipment and they can get easily hurt or even yourself can get hurt on it. >> kids will be kids. they're going to call and get bumps and bruises but ultimately he everything has to be safe for them to play on. >> reporter:. >> reporter: the school district says the decision was a difficult one but it was the only option available to ensure the safety of students. these playgrounds are kept up by that the school district and not the township but the mayor is offering help to repair them. >> i know prioritizing limited resources is going to be a challenge but in seeing the public outcry about safety of children on playground equipment it is a priority. >> recess period where the
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kids can go out and have that physical activity and stuff like that, to me that's part of a day. >> reporter: at klockner elementary students are still playing outdoors during recess but the playground equipment is off limits. >> we pay taxes, right, so let's use this money for good and fix this -- the issues so our kids can be safe. >> reporter: that school board president tony celentano says repairing the playgrounds could cost almost $2 million. the challenge of course is to figure out how to pay for it. live in our new jersey news room, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." alicia. >> all right, nora, thank you. well, this morning there were some very happy hoagie lovers and coffee drinkers in center city lined up and anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the brand new wawa stores at corner of broad and walnut streets in center city. the opening day festivities featured music from the eagles pep band and a hoagie making competition as well as a visit from eagles mascot swoops.
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mayor michael nutter was also there to help cut the ribbon. now, more customers were happy for the new location. city officials say this is particularly exciting because it opened two months ahead of schedule just in time for the world meeting of families and the papal visit next week and the store also happens to be inside the pope francis festival grounds so it will be getting a lot of business. by the way wawa is hoping to serve pope francis a hoagie of this choice. they have established a special found help fight hunger in the philadelphia region. >> a portion of all hoagie sales in the city of philadelphia over the next week are going to be going to the francis fund. >> that special fundraiser runs from today through september 28th. by the way, this new location is the first wawa to offer indoor bar seating along the windows. the store also brought 80 new jobs to philadelphia. no official word yet on whether pope francis will take them up thon hoagie offer. sharrie. >> how could you turn that
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down. alicia, thanks. the eagles play their home opener this sunday and while fans would be excited for that no matter what this one has that big game feel to it. that's because the dallas cowboys are coming to town. kickoff is at 4:30 at lincoln financial field. dallas won its first game of the season with a late touchdown over the giants. the eagles as we know they're trying to bounce back from monday's loss atlanta. we'll have much more on the matchup between the cowboys and eagles coming up in sports on "action news" at 5:30. it's time now, though, for the "action news" traffic report. >> still trying to figure out what kind of hoagie the pope would get. >> what could he possibly order. >> i'm thinking a pizza stake. that's my guess. an italian. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the kind of messy conditions out there. >> i have a feeling that for him it might be complimentary. >> free he. >> good afternoon to you, brian and sharrie. you might say delays are not too shorty as we head home on this friday afternoon as we look outside along the vine street expressway we see the
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heavy traffic in both directions here by the ben franklin parkway toward the middle of your screen. inner drive, of course, are blocked through september 29th as we head at the top of the hour. that is causing gridlock in and around this area. you can see some of the backed up traffic on some of the local streets and in the outer drivers of the parkway which are opened. it's those inner drives that are closed and are going to stay closed for about a week and a half. but you knew that if you were watching this morning on watching this afternoon. we already told you that so i hope you didn't get caught in traffic earlier today. headed for the schuylkill on a friday afternoon you know you're going to get caught in traffic especially westbound this afternoon. this is the stacked up situation headed towards conshohocken. 52 minutes from the vine to the blue route. everything is opened. no accidents at this point, just a lot of friday afternoon volume really slowing you down. we have a vehicle fire in camden county in the northbound lanes of 295 approaching route 70 restricting traffic there giving us some slowing coming north of the white horse pike. in monroe township there's a downed pole along the eastbound side of three he 22,
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the black horse pike. the left lane out of commission at piney hollow road. let's grab the ipad do commuter report on this finally friday afternoon and yeah, heavy traffic around eakins oval. great time to download the waze app. it's free and it will tell you when we're jammed along the parkway and surrounding area. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> my friend thanks very much. still ahead at 4 o'clock today, an atlantic city casino that's been shut down for months has a new owner today. >> plus, it's an attack on a referee in a high school football game that got the whole country talking. well, today, we heard straight from the players who were involved in that play. >> and a moment in a stadium crowd that's now going viral. why former president jimmy carter and his wife have everybody buzzing this afternoon. >> ♪
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♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> ♪ >> a friend of the alleged kill intercharlton chump killing is accused of lying to
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investigators. joey meek hung out with dylann roof prior to the shooting. they said he never let police know roof was planning a racially motivated attack. officials also say meek knowingly lied to an fbi agent about his knowledge of the plan after the shooting happened. today meek pled not guilty to the charges filed against him. >> the border between serbia and hungary could be opened as early as tomorrow. it was shut down following clashes between hungarian police and refugees that are fleeing the middle east. meanwhile questions are being raised about who started the fighting there on wednesday. some have said that videos taken before the violence broke out show police luring migrants across the border and then attacking them. but officials are still calling the clash an armed attack against the police. >> two texas high school football players who were suspended for tackling a referee on the field are now speaking out and telling their side of the story.
4:16 pm
victor rojas and michael moreno sat down with george stephanopoulos on "good morning america." the pair were caught on camera tackling referee robert watts while his back was to them. dat boys apologized for their actions saying they were following the orders of their assistant coach, max breed. breed was allegedly upset over watts missing calls and using racial slurs. now, watts has denied using those slurs on the field but this morning the boys said that's not the case. >> he told one of my hispanic friends, he told him speak english, this is america and then -- >> did you hear that or did one of your friends he tell that you. >> no, i heard it. and then to an african-american on our team he told them the n-word. >> he says that's a lie. >> that's the honest truth. i wouldn't lie about this situation like just how bad it's gotten the truth needs to be told. >> breed has been put on paid leave and has yet to comment on the incident.
4:17 pm
moreno and rojas will have a disciplinary meeting on wednesday to determine whether or not they will be expelled from school but sharrie it's the video everybody has been talking about for the first time we're hearing from the two students involved. >> very interesting. alicia, thank you. abortion doctor kermit gosnell has been ordered to pay $4 million to the daughter of a woman who died under his care. the 74-year-old gosnell is serving a life sentence after he was convicted of killing three babies who were born alive in his philadelphia clinic. they also say he had gave a woman an overdose of painkillers killing her. the settlement was awarded to munger's daughter. they say gosnell is broke and that neither he nor his clinic have insurance. >> stockton university says it's selling the showboat casino building to philadelphia developer bart blatstein. the deal is worth $22 million and set to close in november. stockton originally bought that property back in december
4:18 pm
for $18 million. the school planned to use it as a satellite campus. blatstein has not yet said if he plans to reopen the showboat as a casino or run it as a nongambling property forecast. a look at the closing numbers and not a good note on which to end the week. red arrows across-the-board, the dow down 290 points to close the week at 16,385. nasdaq off 67 points. s & p down 32 points at day. >> former president jimmy carter may be battling brain cancer but the 90-year-old showed he's not letting that illness affect his spirit. carter and his wife roslyn were at the atlanta braves last night in their usual seats. the stadium kiss cam put them up on the big screen and look, its former president kissed the former first lady getting a huge cheer from the crowd. he flashed a smile afterwards. the braves, however, lost the game five to nothing but the carters stayed for all nine innings. >> look at that. watch it again.
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>> a great moment. >> it really is. love to see he that. glad to see he's doing well of course. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's check back in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> a perfect way to end the week and to begin the weekend on sky6 live in cape may new jersey we have a few folks sitting on the sand, a very calm ocean as we haven't really had much in the way of strong winds this entire week so we don't have that water churned up whatsoever. temperatures at the shore a little bit cooler with that little bit of a sea breeze coming in. 71 cape may, 79 beach haven. millville 81 degrees and as you bump farther away from the shore, wilmington, philadelphia, trenton in the low 80's and in the mid 80's for the lehigh valley, allentown and 1 degree shy of that in reading right now sitting at 84 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure has been in control with that sunshine but you can see it is beginning to break down as we're looking to the west as a ribbon of clouds, moisture falling apart as it's pushing east of chicago at the present time. cold front just west of chicago with low pressure near omaha, nebraska and then to
4:20 pm
our south and east we have low pressure that is stuck off of the south carolina-north carolina border. both of these systems eventually are going to kind of converge on our region to throw a little more in the way of clouds our way but for this evening for 6abc's high school huddle game of the week, the eagles at the colonials which is norristown at plymouth whitemarsh. clear and comfy with a light wind at 7 o'clock, 81 degrees. by 10 o'clock, 73 degrees so very pleasant for some of those high school games this evening. then beyond that as we get past midnight we'll drop once again into the 50's in the suburbs north and west, 59 in millville, near 60 for trenton and wilmington. mid 60's for the shore. a very clear sky and again some patchy fog could develop. if you have seen fog the last couple mornings you'll more than likely see it again tomorrow. future tracker tomorrow afternoon, there's the front to the west. you could see a little bit of precipitation with it, some high clouds, a few cumulus clouds around our region but again a decent amount of sun. then the front pulls through
4:21 pm
here on sunday but notice the precipitation falls apart as it passes early on sunday morning, so we're only expecting a few clouds here on sunday and as we he look at future tracker into tomorrow afternoon, temperatures again warm into the 80's pretty much area wide and then as we get into sunday, post front notice that it's a bit cooler who sun afternoon with highs only in the 70's. so as we look at four day at 4:00 forecast, tomorrow is another summer-like day, lots of sunshine a few clouds. a tad more humid as well at 86. sun and clouds on sunday, again dry patches with that front for the eagles game and for our philadelphia union at 78 degrees. and then a lot of clouds here on monday as that system kind of stalls, the system to the south throws our clouds more day, 74, could be a spiting shower. same for tuesday, clouds, some sunshine, 76 degrees, maybe a shower around but no big rain in the next four days. but we're getting more clouds eventually and seasonable temperatures around here. your seven day in the next half hour. >> it's been a great run.
4:22 pm
>> yeah, i agree. >> thanks, adam. >> ♪ ly. >> still ahead, a local college gets a new president. find out what makes him unlike any that they've had in their entire history. >> and the flyers open up their training camp and their new coach makes it clear this season is going to be a little bit different. >> and special way a group of heroes came to the rescue for a little girl who lost her police officer father in the line of duty. it's a touching story you won't want to miss in big talkers. i don't want to live with
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>> ♪ >> saint joe's university officially welcomed its brand new president today. mark read took over at the school on july 1st after being elected as president in april but the university held its official inauguration today. read is a philadelphia native and has worked at other jesuit schools. he's the 28th president of saint joe sestak but the first in the school's 164 year history who is not a member of the clergy. >> the flyers opened training camp today and held their
4:26 pm
first practice under their new coach. by all accounts he ran a pretty tough practice with some of the beat writers saying it's the fastest they've he ever seen. practices are opened to the public tomorrow and sunday. the team opens the season monday night in allentown. rock and roll legend the who have postponed their philadelphia concert that was originally set for november. the band says lead singer robert dahl tree has viral meningitis. he's on doctor's orders to rest. the band won't be back on tour for the november 4th performance at the wells fargo center. the band also postponed five other american shows. they say they'll announce new dates for those concerts in the near future. >> main line health broke ground on its newest health center today. the action cam was in concordeville delaware county for the kickoff of the construction. the 131,000 square foot health center will feature specialty care offices an urgent care
4:27 pm
center and a state of the art fitness and well necessary center. still ahead, attacked and robbed. we'll show you how two bandits cleaned out a south philadelphia jewelry store using a fake tattoo, a knife and also a zip tie. >> turning something innocent into something obscene. that's what police on the main line say someone was doing to under aged girls' photos. we're live in radnor with the latest on the alarming instagram investigation. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" c ontinues . >> it's 4:30. i'm sharrie williams alongside brian taff and "action news" continues with the reason you may want to starter brushing up on your pirate speak if you like free food. >> argh. from the playground police custody. >> 12 year old. >> the reason that special needs student allegedly touched another child over her clothes. why that touch landed him in juvenile detention for two days. >> plus, she may not have her father anymore but she certainly has a family. why six grown men were so determined to escort this little girl to her first daddy-daughter dance. >> but we're going to begin at 4:30 with the investigation into an unnerving instagram account. right now police on the main line are trying to figure out who is stealing perfectly innocent photos of under aged girls and then turning them into something perverted with a single post.
4:30 pm
trish hartman now live in radnor this afternoon with details on this. trish, what's it all about? >> reporter: well, brian, officers are meeting with parents privately right now at the radnor police department after they say a lewd instagram account posted pictures of juvenile girls online with graphic sexual messages. >> i understand some of them are pretty upset about it but we have to emphasize that they didn't do anything wrong in this. >> reporter: radnor police are sending a strong message to parents and kids after detectives say an inappropriate instagram account that's now deactivated victimized more than 20 radnor girls. >> there's nothing wrong with the pictures at all. it's just that what this individual had added to the comments under the pictures that are very disturbing. >> reporter: police say the girls posted the pictures of themselves fully clothed to their own instagram accounts. then investigators say the suspect reposted the pictures to a different instagram account adding sexually
4:31 pm
explicit captions. covering to the radnor township school district web site, some of the girls are students at radnor middle school. we caught up with theresa ching whose son goes to the middle sure. >> i don't know. i'm pretty sure it was a bunch of kids just acting inappropriately. >> reporter: sara whose kids aren't quite old enough for middle school is careful about posting pictures of her children online because of disturbing allegations like the ones that surfaced this week. >> it is scary. it makes me hesitate and makes me do it less and it makes me nervous about when they get older. >> reporter: now, according to the radnor township school district, counselors are on land to help any students who may need it. district officials also released a statement this afternoon part of which says "radnor township school district has been at the forefront of educating our students and parents about digital citizenship, internet safety and positive online behavior." now, police are still investigating this case. if you have any information about who might be behind this
4:32 pm
instagram account, radnor detectives would like to hear from you. live in radnor, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, let's just hope it stops, trish. thanks very much. the final defendant in a deadly robbery attempt in camden county learned his fate today nearly six years after the incident. rashean carter was sentenced to 107 years in jail for the shooting of 29-year-old oscar hernandez. carter and several others were trying to rob hernandez's bakery in woodlynne back in 2009 when hernandez was shot and killed. a jury found carter guilty late last year. >> philadelphia police need your help finding two robbery suspects. accused of carrying out a violent jewel heist. cameras captured the men pretending to shop at h and y royal jewelers on south 23rd street monday evening. at one point you can see one of the suspects actually adjust a fake sleeve of tattoos as he points out an item. after a few minutes, the men persuade the 53-year-old clerk
4:33 pm
to come from behind the counter and that's when one of the thieves punches the clerk knocking him straight out of his shoes. he he then ties the clerk up holding him at knife point. meanwhile the other suspect ransacks the safe and shelves stealing a large amount of jewelry. the worker was able to free himself and activate the alar alarm. after the thieves fled off. we now have video the moment a thief stole a philadelphia police officer's bike yesterday morning. it happened outside a 7-eleven at 23 west girard in fishtown. the 26th district bike officer says he was inside doing a quick security check when he came back outside his city issued mountain bike was gone. if you have any information on the theft of the jewelry store robbery that we mentioned a moment ago, of course also the stolen bike, give philadelphia police a call. >> three people are behind bars today more than a dozen cars have been impounded as philadelphia police took down a car theft ring. only "action news" was there
4:34 pm
as police took some of those cars into custody. it happened late last night in the 800 block of east oregon avenue. investigators believe the thieves were planning to ship those cars to liberia where they would be sold. the raid we're told is the culmination of a two-month investigation. police are also investigating a violent home invasion in northeast philadelphia. they say a mother heard a noise in the basement of her shipley road home just after 2:00 this morning. when she went to investigate she was attacked by three masked men. they reportedly forced her into the kitchen, put a towel over her head then ransacked the house while her two children were sleeping upstairs. the trio got away with about $800. police said the woman's husband arrived home shortly after the robbery and called 911. fortunately she was not seriously hurt. >> ♪ >> the pope may not be arriving in philadelphia for another week's time but in less than 50 hours, philadelphia parking authority will begin together vehicles
4:35 pm
off certain streets in center city. it's all to clear the roads for designated security zones laid out weeks ago by city officials. the together begins sunday night at 6:00 around the parkway and city hall. it will continue in waves throughout the week in other parts of center city, fairmount and west philadelphia. today "action news" reporter vern odom sat down with officials from the ppa and the city's office of emergency management to talk last minute together preparations. he'll have much more about that coming up on "action news" at 5:30. and be sure to follow our special twitter account at 6abc pope. it is one of the first places we inform you about papal news and share photos when new developments occur. >> and now we turn to meteorologist adam joseph with the accuweather forecast and another home run of a forecast. >> yes, weekend is looking pretty nice. we'll slide back to normal but we're not going to get any rain once we do kind of switch the pattern here on your sunday. as we look live at philadelphia international
4:36 pm
airport, looking pretty good weather-wise if you're taking a flight this weekend, 84 degrees, dewpoint at 56, winds out of the west-southwest at 9 miles per hour. the pressure 29.98 and in chester county in honeybrook 84 degrees so similar temperature there. low dewpoint, so it's comfortable despite the sun still hot this time of year given that we don't have much of a breeze with that calm wind. here's that weekend forecast. saturday, sunny, warm, a tad more muggy tomorrow with temperatures still in the 80's and then on sunday, clouds, seasonable as we drop back into the 70's for highs so we'll chat about that slide back into the 70's and i'll let you know if there's any chance for rainily we still need some around here and that seven-day forecast coming up in just a few. >> adam thanks. a center city restaurant that was under construction was set on fire earlier this week and the search is on fouters any of the. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in our news room with more on what we're learning about this today. >> hi, brian, that's right.
4:37 pm
the fire was set early tuesday morning. it caused an estimated $1 million damage and here's more of what we know. take a look. a viewer sent us this video of the raging flames at the construction site at 13th and chancellor. the fire did major damage to some apartment buildings as well on both sides of that location. dozens of people were forced to flee their homes. coming up tonight at 5:00 we're latest on the investigation including a reward to catch the more than set the fire. also, as we prepare for the pope's arrival an international meeting is happening in philadelphia to spread awareness about a growing trend within the catholic church, women orderdained as priests. tamala edwards will have that story. we'll have those stories and much more coming your way in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00 sharrie see you then. >> thank you monica. a new look is coming to the u.s. 25-cent piece and the new image has a local tie to the delaware valley. take a look. a tribute to the bombay hook national wildlife refuge is
4:38 pm
now engaged on the quarter. the refuge is in smyrna, delaware. the u.s. mint unveiled the new coin at a special ceremony today. it's all part of the america the beautiful quarters program that will honor national parks and other national sites around the country. >> and still ahead here today from a free ride to the eagles-cowboys game to free food from long john sill verse and krispy kreme. you can't afford to miss our freebie friday. >> a texas school is under fire today after a 12-year-old special needs student was arrested and forced to spend the night in juvenile detention. why officials called police when he he touched another child over her clothes. >> plus, there's no doubt this new mexico bus driver was to blame for a crash last summer but it wasn't because he was texting like a lawsuit against the city alleges. we'll reveal what he was really doing and if that might change this case. >> and meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast which of course
4:39 pm
includes the weekend from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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4:41 pm
>> ♪ >> officials in albuquerque say a burrito is to blame for a city bus crash earlier this year. the video shows the driver slamming the brakes before causing a chain reaction crash. this happened back in july. one of the victims claims he was hurt in the accident and is now suing the city of albuquerque. officials initially blamed the crash on texting and driving but a closer look at the video shows the driver eating a burrito before trying to stop the bus. bad news for the driver. he's not allowed to eat or drink while driving anymore. city officials said the driver has undergone training and hasn't crashed since. >> ♪ >> blame it on the burrito. sounds like a hollywood movie in the maker. big talker now and we start with outrage in porter, texas, after a 12-year-old special education student was
4:42 pm
fingerprinted at school and put behind bars overnight in you've nile detention. why? the seventh grader allegedly touched a girl in an inappropriate place. now, the boy who has trouble associating with his peers according to his parents allegedly approached a group of girls on the playground and touched one of them below the belt in the front of her pants. she was fully clothed. the boy's father fred lilly says his son was then treated like a criminal. >> handcuffed him on his way to jail. 12-year-old seventh grade. it's sad 'cause it shouldn't have happened. i know my son. my son had no intent that way. >> authorities say there's a written behavior intervention plan that was not followed by the school. it requires their son to have adult supervision and that day he didn't. that boy, by the way, is facing indieency charges.
4:43 pm
sadly her father police officer timothy warren was shot and killed in the line of duty. determined to give her daughter a night to remember, her mom contacted the fallen heroes foundation and not one but six uniformed officers arrived to accompany jewel to her dance. apparently so many members of the department wanted to help out, so they all went. a lot of local businesses also helped her get ready for the big day. the officers all saying it was truly an honor that the department is like a family and it looks like they all got a dance in, by the way. apparently there's already a waiting list to take jewel to the dance next year. finally attention all ikea shoppers. have you ever seen these in-story views. they're supposed to be helpful little nuggets, real advice from shopper to shopper. ikea got trolled by a comedian who planted a few funnies around the store. jeff why sock key wrote fake product reviews and placed
4:44 pm
them around his ikea store in california. interested in that garbage can. he says love it. holds like 80 snakes. he's kind of mixed on the bowls. he says it's unbelievable how much cereal this holds. matt pelman would like that one. told the wife the joke and she left me. this bowl holds lots of tears, fyi. imagine reading that when you go in. how about this one? worst magic carpet ride ever. told it to take me to agrabad. instead ended up in the hospital. if i were you i would not buy this magic carpet. i'm pretty sure it's a welcome mat. pretty funny stuff. >> post directions on how to get into and out of the store. [laughter] >> leash sharks thanks. >> get the meat balls on the way out. >> that's right. >> let's get another check on the roads right now. >> let's do that with matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. >> we're not having a ball on the roadways this afternoon. if you're headed towards the ikea in conshohocken, brian and sharrie, we've had a couple of earlier accidents in the northbound lanes of the blue route, 476 close to the
4:45 pm
conshohocken exit. both crashes are gone but not before causing delays here on the northbound side of 476. this is the scene between villanova and the schuylkill and it's stacked here on up toward the mid-county tolls. delays on the southbound side also trying to form with friday afternoon volume and those blue route delays have really spilled back onto the schuylkill expressway especially westbound pretty much a solid line the whole way from the roosevelt boulevard on out to the blue route, 476. like i said last half hour, everything is opened on the schuylkill expressway, it's just really slow with speeds like 12 miles per hour. watching a crash in upper darby by the mckee d's along state road at lansdowne avenue, also one in willistown township along west chester pike at dell chester road. providence delco he a wreck along baltimore pike at beatty road. a motorcycle accident along township line road at spring lake road. in douglas township, fire police are helping you around a crash along 100 southbound at county line road there by the rednor's. still have that vehicle fire
4:46 pm
in camden county in the northbound lanes of 295 approaching 70. it's knocking out the left lane. so you're looking at speeds like 18 miles per hour coming north of the white horse pike. new jersey turnpike would be a better bet n medford because of that trash truck explosion yesterday afternoon close to shawnee high school we're without tabernacle road again this afternoon. stay on mckennon road to get around that. no big problems on 70 or 206. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> very good, matt. see you shortly. something that will make you smile. a live look outside this afternoon. sky6, where are you? do we have you? >> oh, man. >> look at that. there it is. sky6 over the delaware river. it is a beautiful day out there. sun soaked and look at the river, just stun dag. >> it'stunning today. >> meteorologist adam joseph has the seven day when we come back.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> now to meteorologist adam joseph. i hope you haven't got 10 sick of giving us good news. >> no. i'm going to continue to give you good news as we go through the weekend. little slide in temperature but still going to be very pleasant through most of this upcoming weekend although it is the weekend for most people. 5 o'clock bell. >> almost there. >> ours is midnight. >> that's right. >> let's take a look right now at the action cam which was out earlier in ardmore at suburban square. again, deep blue skies today, a few clouds here and there but overall another pleasant day in the delaware and the lehigh valleys. double scan live radar will confirm no precipitation whatsoever and that's going to be the case again through your saturday and sunday. we're 84 in warrington right now, levittown 87 degrees, center city at 85, martin's creek 87. same for coatesville at 87 degrees. to the south and east, we're
4:50 pm
in the low 80's browns mills as well as vineland. ewing 83 degrees, and a little bit of a sea breeze at the shore so we're moving those temperatures into the mid 70's but that ocean still very pleasant at 73 degrees. low pressure is down to the south. this is one feature that we're watching. another one is a cold front off to the north and west, so this is moving to the south and east, this low is trying to slowly drift off to the north so we're being squeeze played by those two systems. so, our crystal clear sky is going to start to deteriorate as we go through the second half of the weekend. but for tonight, clear skies, some fog could develop late in a few locations, 55 to 64 degrees. now, we've had really a lack of humidity this entire week with the above normal temperatures. tomorrow the dewpoints are going to spike a little bit into the low 60's so it may feel a little humid the beginning of the weekend and then they back off sunday and through the middle part of next week, so really it's only
4:51 pm
a one hit wonder over the next five days that we would feel any kind of uptick in humidity. so, your saturday, the cold front is still to the west so it stays warm, 86 degrees, again slightly on the muggy side. as this front pulls in, the precipitation is going to completely rip apart. low pressure is going the kind of rob that precipitation just off of our coast while another massive high develops to our north and west so just a few clouds with the front on sunday morning but temperatures slide back to normal into the upper 70's. the ocean is so warm. the sunshine is still shining bright, so probably a good weekend to head to the shore. upper 70's, mostly sunny tomorrow. sunshine and a few clouds on sunday with a temperature of 76. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a lot of sun, warm tomorrow, 86. but back to normal here on sunday. upper 70's, some clouds with the front in the morning and then returning full sun in the afternoon. monday, again, the clouds are really going to try to win out here early next week, monday and tuesday with that low just off the coast.
4:52 pm
74 to 76. could be a spitting shower either day but mainly dry and now looks like it brightens up a little bit more on wednesday of 79 degrees for the first day of fall. and staying dry thursday and friday, sun and clouds, temperature in the upper 70's. yesterday looked like it could be a unsettled week next week. the models have completely flipped to dry us out so to speak so another seven days of really a lack of rain coming our way. >> all right. >> good news because of the time of the pope's visit. you like free tea he. >> yeah. >> free doughnuts. >> no. >> workout classes for new moms. we've got some good stuff. freebie friday is coming up next. [laughter]
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> it is freebie friday and you better start brushing up on your ahoy and matey. tomorrow is officially talk like a pirate day.
4:55 pm
yes, this is a real thing and that means a few yummy freebies for you. first at krispy kreme. any buccaneer who talks like a pirate gets a free glazed doughnut if you wear full pirate attire you get a whole dozen so dig up that old halloween costume for that one. but please they say leave the plastic thorns at home. talk like a pirate and get a free piece of fish or chicken. dress like a swashbuckler and get a two piece basket. at david's tea, free tea for teachers tomorrow and sunday and teaching assistants as well you'll get a free cup of the tea of the day. for new moms this is a great freebie. total performance is offering free post pregnancy workout classes called drop the bump work with a trainer and a medical professional along with nutrition tips available from a nutrition any of the. there's a support group of other new moms. it happens on saturdays at 9:00 a.m. at their hatfield location. and finally, miller light is
4:56 pm
offering free septa service on the broad street line on sunday for the eagles home opener. rides will be free from 1:00 to 9 p.m. on sunday so jump aboard those free trains if you're going see the game. we have listed all of the freebies on brian, i bet you got a pirates costume tucked away somewhere. >> you know what, i have to dig it out. >> in your treasure chest. >> probably right on top of my drawer. thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> a story that started out as heartbreaking wound up being heart warming thanks to the power of social media and a strong animal bond. you're looking at phoebe and tilly two dogs from washington state who were missing for almost a week. their owner posted the alert to a local facebook group and volunteers turned out in force. check out where they were found. turns out phoebe had fallen into an old water reservoir and couldn't get out. instead of leaving tilly stayed right there by her side. the dogs are now safe at home enjoying a little extra hamburger for dinner and the funniest part, the owner says
4:57 pm
even though the dogs obviously love each other they have not been hanging out at all since being rescued. he thinks perhaps they are simply sick of one another. >> a lot of time together, hm. >> but a great story. >> cute story. >> that's it for "action news" at 4:00 now for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian, adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> so we'll see you tonight but for now "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> traffic is a nightmare. this is going to be hard to get used to. >> it's terrible. she's late for school. >> it's a mess. >> well, you heard them say it. traffic is a mess on the ben franklin parkway. closures are now in place for the upcoming papal visit. it is giving drivers a bit of a headache on the roads. friday night, the big story on "action news" is the effects of the closures already along the parkway for construction of huge setup for pope francis. >> the inner lanes of the parkway are closed from eakins oval to 20th street.
5:00 pm
let's take a live look right now at the parkway, chopper 6hd is showing us the scene. there's a lot of work getting done on eakins oval. it will continues next week. >> jeff chirico live on the parkway with more. >> reporter: we're several blocks away from eakins oval. you can see behind me traffic is starting to slow down here. we're told as it gets closer to the oval, things really get hectic. now, as you pan to the left, you can see this is what's causing the delays, the center lanes here on the ben franklin parkway closed for the next week. a friday morning fiasco on the ben franklin parkway. >> terrible. terrible. >> big has sell. >> i think it's crazy. like why couldn't they do this at night advertisement as crews began setting up for next week's papal visit and world meeting of families road restrictions snarled traffic during the morning commute. >> traffic is horrible. no warning about this. >> oncwe


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