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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 22, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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american flags flying at government buildings in the state of florida now by law must be made in america. florida's governor rick scott sibed that law yesterday at high school in melbourne, florida. it was students at that school who came up with the idea for the law when they found out many of their u.s. flags weren't made here. their teachers couldn't be more
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proud. >> you talk all the time and read inside the textbook how all these different things happen, how this happened in history, that happened in history. we're kind of in a little part of history right now. >> the law officially takes effect on january 1st. apple's reportedly accelerating efforts to build an electric car. "wall street journal" says the auto is now officially a committed project for the tech giant and could be available in four years. the project is is code named titan. and has a green light to triple the number of people working on it. the titan would not be a driverless car at least not at first. >> the head of volkswagen's operations in the u.s. puts it bluntly. the automaker quoting here screwed up. >> it rigged diesel cars to report emission levels lower than they were. here's more from david kerley. >> the stunning admission cost it $15 billion in market value after fessing up that a half
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million of its diesel cars in the u.s. weren't using their emission control systems except during testing. some of its most popular models most made in the past six years a fact concealed for a year. the company finally admitting to writing software which sensed when a car is hooked up for a check. the controls limiting emissions would automatically switch on, but after the test, they switched off and the car went back to emitting illegal levels of pollutants. >> it's inconceivable they deliberately design this had software. as we investigated it, they con vealed relevant facts. >> the ceo says the company is deeply sorry we have broken the trust of our customers and the public. criminal charges and an $18 billion fine republican possible. and the company may have to change one of its advertising lines. truth in engineering. david kerley, abc news, washington. some owners are demanding they get their money back for the cars they paid for. >> a lot of people are angry
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about it. ironically not only did the stock go down but other german automakers felt the pinch in the markets and bracing for the markets overseas this morning, as well. so we'll see what sort of long effect this has. okay. so coming up, we're going app to school. >> the new teaching tool to help parents know if their kids are acting up. but is it really working? you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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guaoo good album. >> now that the kids are back in school, many of us parents are wondering how they're doing throughout the day. >> yeah, and with the help of smartphone technology, teachers are able to keep parents up to date on their kids' behavior. but is it more of a distraction? abc's becky worley takes a look.
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>> reporter: recess ends at john green elementary cool? dublin, california, and miss career has to settle these fourth graders down. for that she uses an iphone and an app. a behavior tracking program called class doe joe lets her note positive interactions. >> that was a showing respect one that time. >> reporter: and learning success. >> that was a putting forth best effort. >> reporter: but she can also log disruptions. i have given two points this year for a hat on in class. >> reporter: while trips to the principal are time tested discipline tactics, these new apps have an added feature. they can alert parents in realtime. >> i can see on the doe joe, i can look it up on my phone and find out that he actually did do good. >> reporter: of course, parents can ask about tougher days. >> what about days when you're like i didn't get quite as many points as i have in the past? >> i go home and tell my mom and dad. they do what they have to do? >> reporter: points are tallied
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for all the kids to see. some critics worry children get labelled. richal strickland doesn't like the tracking and the carrot and stick approach. >> all parents i think are concerned how their children are perceived in class. >> one day someone has like four points or something like that and the next day eight or ten. >> according to 0 doe joe, i had a pretty good day. >> other people get less points sometimes and they feel sad. >> reporter: the makers a free app say it's a tool meant to provide concrete information to teachers and parents and they say 90% of feedback given is positive. >> approval table, one, two, three. >> it was back to school day yesterday for parents for my son's class. they just have a jar that you put little beads in when for kindness. called the kindness jar when the kid does something good, you put the bead in. why can't we just be old school? >> speaking of old school, brought in a photo of my favorite teacher. >> oh. yes. >> look at her.
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so when these folks, when we see something but have a hard time putting into words, we simply say this happened. >> and it's exactly what we say to a bit of video going insanely viral. this happened. a rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs of a new york city subway stop. >> believe it or not, this little bit of video set off a social media firestorm winning the internet as they would say. the shot serving as a metaphor for hard working americans biting off more than we can chew. >> you know what, that rat made it all the way down those stairs. what does it say about initiative in america. gilbert god freed hoping he could voice the rat in the feature film. >> aidy an bryant took be issue with the pizza rat's name
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offering an alternative. cool rat with good taste. >> and fellows rat rizzo of the makeup muppets gang, he thinks he might have found a long lost relative. i love that one. >> folks here in new york, that's just what we call monday. it's a common sight. >> up next a contest where adults battle it out to see who can make the ugliest face. >> they're called the world grinning championships. they take place in the uk as part of a crab fair. this year's reigning champ was defelonied. gordon black lock won with an impressive mug. >>ing this tradition dates back to the 13th century when crabapples were given to the town folks by the lord of the manor. i think the dentures are an unfair advantage. >> yeah, i would have to say so. do you have a gurning face? so glad that camera one is not here for mine. >> that's cute. duck lips. >> >> that's your gurning face? that's the best you can do.
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>> an ugly mug. >> finally a panda takes a tumble down a ladder. yes, this happened. >> check out these two panda pals playing. one is up on a ladder having a little trouble and other panda is like, abandoning the other struggling on the ladder. >> oh, it wasn't too tough of a fall. but the pandas got to help each other out a little bit. i think that's probably a female panda up on the ladder and the male took off. he's like football on tv, college football starting, got to go. >> i think i see another beautiful female panda over there. >> that could have been it. >> that's all that happened. >> and that's what happened. >> this is the news for this half hour. >> and remember to follow us on facebook, more news straight ahead.
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this morning on "world news now," the pope's historic journey to america. >> after his rock star following in cuba, pope francis heads to the u.s. in just a matter of hours. the unprecedented security and whirlwind agenda. >> your voice, your vote. cross scott walker off the long list of republicans running for president while carly fiorina talks about a controversial opponent on late night tv. emotional interview. the county clerk from kentucky who refuses to grant same-sex marriage licenses. the tough questions that brought her to tears. it's an abc news exclusive. and later, the muppets return to tv tonight. all the tension between kermit and miss piggy as we take you behind the scenes for details. you won't get anywhere else. it's tuesday, september 22nd. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good tuesday morning. we're talking about the pope. >> yes, we are. it's an exciting day here in america because the pope of course, is landing in just a matter of hours. >> you've got your bags packed. you're going to meet him. >> well, how can i meet him? >> you're coming close to meeting him. >> i'm going to be in the same venue as the pope. a small house called the white house. but it will be fun you know heading down to d.c. later on had morning. as i mentioned his first ever trip to the united states hours away. >> pope francis wrapping up his visit to cuba today with a mass in the city of santiago after urging cubans to be willing to change. here's more from abc's aaron katersky. ♪ >> reporter: children sang and danced for pope francis as he arrived in santiago, the final stop on his visit here to cuba. vatican flags waved with cuban flags in holguin when he arrived
3:02 am
for a big outdoor mass. a pope had never visited before. the last three days here have been joyous, a smiling pope from latin america seemingly at home in cuba with fidel castro, raul castro or hundreds of thousands of people. the pope's message of compassion this woman said -- >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: cuba and the rest of the world really need. today it's onto the united states. >> the holy father is coming to our country is is exciting. >> reporter: flags and fences are in place around washington where the pope will address congress about the vatican says he prepared by meticulously practicing his english prerecorded in his message to philadelphia. >> you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> reporter: here in cuba, the pope kept his remarks mainly spiritual, gently encouraging tolerance and change. in the united states, the vatican expects an explicit call
3:03 am
to end the embargo and the pope to talk about immigration and climate change. he wades right into the american political debate. aaron katersky, abc news, havana. and be sure to look for our special report on the pope's arrival. george stephanopoulos leads our live coverage this afternoon at 4:00 eastern. >> a scene at a target store in northern california after a gun battle broke out. police say two officers were trying to serve a warrant when the shooting started. they were hit but both expected to survive. the suspects both killed. a navy jet crashing on a training mission in california. the fighter jet crashed into a field near la more naval air station in central california burks the pilot ejected safely. in fact, he walked away from the crash site to the paramedics who were waiting for him. there were no injuries. huge cloud of smoke though was seen for several miles.
3:04 am
a former republican presidential candidate scott walker is back to his regular job as governor of wisconsin this morning. walker surprised supporters by dropping out of the white house race late yesterday. now the remaining candidates are scrambling to get walker's endorsement. his supporters and his donors. here's abc's tom llamas. >> courses saying he just ran out of money. >> i believe that i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. >> reporter: walker's working class roots and tough stance on unions made him a republican favorite. just before entering the race, the governor and his family sitting down with abc news saying they were ready for the fight. but in the spotlight, walker withered. fumbling policy questions and failing to catch fire in debates. now he's out. and a call for another republican to drop out, as well.
3:05 am
dr. ben carson under fire after this answer to the question of whether a candidate's faith should matter. >> if it fits within the realm of america and consistent with the constitution, no problem. >> so do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: the only two muslim members of congress slamming carson as out of touch and simply ridiculous. but carson doubling down. in an interview with the hill saying whoever takes the white house should be sworn in on a stack.bibles not a koran. several rivals including senator ted cruz and hillary clinton pointing to article 6 of the constitution which states no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office. islam a campaign flash point for days, since this moment at a donald trump can campaign event.
3:06 am
>> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. >> trump refusing to challenge the man. tom llamas, abc news, new york. in the meantime, republican carly fiorina weighed in on the carson controversy last night on the tonight show and said car on is wrong and that all americans have the right to be president. no matter what their religion. fiorina also talked about russian leader vladimir putin whom she once met for about 45 minutes waiting to address a conference in china. she called him a formidable add ser sear. >> he's a kgb guy. he lusts for power and he's gathered up a lot of it and he's a very bad actor. it's a very bad thing that his fighter jets and his soldiers are sitting in syria right now. >> fiorina farn also said putin and donald trump have a lot in common but didn't elaborate on that one. she claimed putin needs to see more strength and resolve from the united states which she said is not being shown by president
3:07 am
obama. same-sex marriage supporters say kentucky county clerk kim davis is still not cooperating. the aclu says deputy clerk in her office are altering the marriage licenses they issue to gay couples so that the licenses are invalid. davis's attorneys tell abc news she is is making a good faith effort to xom apply with the court's orders. davis says what others say about her does not defive who she is. she talked exclusively to paula faris. >> i know it hasn't been easy for your family. you've received death threats. >> i have. >> a lot of negative e-mails and fans, critics. >> uh-huh. >> what's hurt most. >> what people say about me does not define who i am. that's everybody's opinion. that's everybody's right. i've been called hitler, hypocrite. i've been called a hoo phobe. i've been called things and names that i didn't even say
3:08 am
when i was in the world. those names don't hurt me. what probably hurts me the worst is when someone tells me that my god does not love me or that my god is not happy with me. that i am a hippocrit of a chris yan. miss faris, i'm just a normal person. >> and you can see much more from paula's exclusive interview with kim davis later on "good morning america." the head of volkswagen in the u.s. says quoting here, we have totally screwed up. vw's stock lost as much as 20% after the german automaker admitted rigged some of its diesel cars to report lower emissions. stocks of other german
3:09 am
automakers were dragged down. volkswagen could face criminal penalties here in the u.s. and investigations in europe, as well. while many owners feel angry and betrayed. >> can you believe it it, fall starts tomorrow officially. >> wow. >> plenty of football plenty of leaves. >> yes. >> plenty of preparations for oktoberfest and halloween. what would fall be like without the pumpkins? >> absolutely. or side ciders. here's a pretty big one. it weighs more than 2,000 pounds. they are calling it the biggest pumpkin on record in north america. >> the which is man who grew it is gene mcmullen. he'll beat his own record. last year, his record set tipped off the scales at 1600 pounds blown away by this year's monster. >> what does he do to get it so big? >> all right. >> i don't know. coming up "in the mix" a wannabe bruce wayne create areal life bat cave. you have to see this one.
3:10 am
>> also ahead, all the tension between kermit and miss piggy as the muppets return to tv tonight. >> the gas explosion that is leveled a texas home. latest on the survivors and what you should not do if you smell gas in your home. >> check out our behind the scenes pics. you're watching "world news now." rented this resort, hid smelly objects all over each villa and plugged in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. on the last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. febreze is stunningly effective. continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days break out the febreze you plug in [inhale + exhale mnemonic] and breathe happy. we've been changing things up witoh it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like...
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try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. check this out. it's an incredible close call in
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saudi arabia. a sheet of glass falling on to a man. ow, from a skyscraper. amazingly, it only struck him a glancing blow to the head. knocking him to the ground. but he's able to get up and walk away. isn't that unbelievable? >> that's insane. i can't watch it. i know. >> and i love that we repeat it several times. >> you can't take your eyes off. >> he survived. he didn't know what direction he was going in or what time of day it was but he survived that. back here at home, there's another type of invisible danger to talk about. hiding in houses across america and it may be the cause of a massive explosion in texas. >> at least three people are hurt and yet again, the question was natural gas to blame. abc's ryan owens reports from the scene. >> we heard the explosion and felt it. >> reporter: one home obliterated, nine neighboring ones damaged mostly by flying debris. here is what the home looked like before the blast at 8:00
3:15 am
there's just nothing left. three people are injured. the two who lived in this house severely burned. >> nothing short of a miracle. that nobody was killed in this. >> reporter: last month, dozens of guests at this hotel in seattle barely escaped when a natural gas explosion ripped off the side of a building. and dashcam catching this new jersey home blowing up earlier this year. safety experts say there's not much you can do but rush out of the building if you smell natural gas. they do warn you not to turn on the lights and only call the authorities once you're a safe distance away. neighbors say they did call the gas company over the weekend. but investigators here are still on the scene trying to find the exact cause. although the fire chief does tell us a natural gas leak is "the chief suspect." ryan owens, abc news, wox an hatch chee, texas. >> frightening scene there in texas. it's fortunate more people
3:16 am
weren't more seriously injured in that one. >> coming up, the alarming story of a teenager registered as a sex offender when police found nude photos of his girlfriend on his phone. a lesson for kids and parents in the age of the smartphone. but first we go behind the scenes with some really huge superstars. the muppets as they get ready for their premiere of their new show. all the antics and dramaia in an exclusive backstage pass. you're watching "world news now." "wor n
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3:18 am
♪ generation after generation, the muppets have taught us that despite our differences, humor is one thing that makes us all human. >> abc's been trying to keep it a secret, but tonight is the night when the gang takes their unique brand of humor to primetime television. it's been awhile, but it's a welcome return, and abc's rachel smith spent some time on the set of their new show. >> hello, world. it's moi. >> yep, they're back. >> our show is not like anything you've seen us do before. >> so i walked into the middle of all the cameras and chaos to get the scoop. all your favorite muppets working on miss piggy's late night talk show and now with documentary cameras following them around on stage and off. >> one-on-one interviews? what an overused device. i hate these interviews. i love those interviews. great device. >> welcome to up late with miss piggy. this is where we call home.
3:19 am
over here is where the divine miss piggy sits. >> that is her royal throne. can i try it out? >> no, no, please, don't do that. she's got cameras on that seat 24/7. >> fozzie is her sidekick on the show in charge of warming up the audience. >> i have this funny funny joke. >> tell me. >> what's brown and sticky? >> i don't know the. >> a stick. that joke never fails. yeah. >> outside of work, the show will definitely into fozzie's personal life including his new girlfriend. >> yeah, i'm going to introduce her to my parents just as soon as they get out of hibernating >> are you planning on adding a laugh track to this interview at all? >> reporter: back in the writers' room. >> we should learn to type. >> reporter: not much writing was going on. >> have you ever had any luck dating? >> yes, of course i've had luck. >> how many dates.
3:20 am
>> it's not good luck. just luck sflook i just want to have a thought. >> what is your phone number? >> what are you doing? you can't do that. rachel is interviewing us. >> why, are are you married? >> i am not married pepe. >> okay, then what is your number. >> did she give you her number? >> almost. she gave me the area code. >> reporter: over in kermit's office, we talked about the challenges of being executive producer. to your ex-. there's a lot of talk and chatter of you and miss piggy in the headlines these days. >> well, you know, i mean, working with miss piggy has always been a challenge. >> what is she doing here? really kermit? >> this takes it from mildly impossible to borderline unbearable. for the first time in my life it, i don't have to worry about having an attractive woman in my office. is piggy here yet? >> rumor has it kermit has moved on to a marketing exec named
3:21 am
denise. >> i'm an aattracted to pigs. >> is it safe to say you have a type? >> i do have a font. i like times new roman. >> will kermit and piggy get back together? will fozzie and his new girlfriend? will pepe ever stop flirting. we'll have to watch the show and see. >> good luck with the new docusears. >> it's wonderful to see you. it's a french thing. the only french thing i do. >> rachel, abc news, los angeles. >> nicely done. >> is it wrong to say i'm actually looking forward to that show. >> no i can see exactly why everyone is looking forward to it. tell miss piggy this he always come back. don't you worry even if you don't want them. >> clearly kermit is down with the swine. that's his type. what time is the show, jack? >> tonight. >> thank you, tonight on abc. be sure to tune in. >> look forward to that. coming up the latest sexy
3:22 am
halloween costumes. >> really, donald trump and sexy? does that go together? "the mix" is next. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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three words that have never been mentioned in the same sentence. sexy donald trump. there is a sexy donald trump halloween costume. of course, we've become familiar with this. and that just reeks of sexiness. >> with the hat. >> the hat, the lips and now you have this costume that's out this halloween for 88 bucks. it comes with the hat. the making america great again hat. and they do their own little take on it. it is a female costume. >> it comes with that hair. >> it comes with the comb over. it's real, real hair, as well. as donald would say. it comes with the attitude. >> oh. >> racist jokes are your own. >> racist jokes not included. >> exactly. oh, boy, well emojis.
3:26 am
i'm not into emojis. but there is a guy who is. he created a keyboard. 1,000 emojis included op his latest, including the latest updates. he must have way too much time on his hands. tom scott built that keyboard for a desktop. it's got all these. >> it has all the emojis. >> this is heaven. >> yeah. >> benito only speaks in emojis. he's like a 12-year-old. all emojis all the time. this is his dream. >> you should get it. >> should. here's a dream home. there's fantastic home in melbourne, australia. you have a rich guy look at this house. absolutely beautiful mansion there in the middle of melbourne, australia. this guy has a thing for the dark knight. so he decided he was going to create his own dark knight bat cave. that's the actual garage. not the one from the movie.
3:27 am
that's his actual garage. >> that's not the bat cave. >> that's not the bat cave. this is his bat cave in melbourne, australia. >> what? >> they excavated the property surrounding his house so that this company could build this garage. and beyond that, it's also covered up by the tennis court. >> smooth. >> you have no idea where you're driving in. of course, he has stayed a little bit anonymous since then. but yeah. rich guy with people problems. >> there you go. it is pretty impressive. >> it is very nice. >> the last one is a trick play. at a high school football game. the kickoff, right? then they all get in together. the ball falls in a certain place. they hudded youal together. who's got the ball. then they run. and then they're kind of the other players are kind of baffled. >> it worked. >> could he? >> and does. score. he does. >> oh. >>
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," coming to america. the pope is just hours away from his first trip to the u.s. the strict security and final preparations before history is made. facing justice. the mother of boston's so-called baby doe and her boyfriend in court after months of mystery, the outrage in front of a judge. and new this half hour bionics for a man who was severely injured. >> doctors replaced part of his leg with hi-tech prosthetics. it's so advanced it's adjusted with an app. >> and later, tense moments between miss piggy and kermit just hours before their primetime premiere tonight. their appearance last night on jimmy kimmel. it's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> it does look entertaining. i know that's part of the abc family, but you know, the muppets, it looks like a good show. >> i'm wondering who is dressing miss piggy. i did like a few of her outfits. >> she's into sequins. >> she likes sequinned dresses. >> looking good. >> how do you know what she's into? >> now that she's single. but of course, we're going to get started with the pope, big day. >> from miss piggy to the pope. >> exactly. nice transition. >> i was wondering how you were going to make the transition. he is coming to america today. where he will be greeted by president obama as he steps off the plane. >> the pope is enjoying one more morning of rock star treatment in cuba. massive crowds are lining up to get a glimpse of him as he continues to send a message of change. abc's cecileal vega has more on the pope's u.s. i continually and the unprecedented security in place to keep him safe. >> reporter: it is down to the finishing touches. >> test, one, two. >> reporter: a sea of chairs out.
3:32 am
the welcome banner up. >> just that the holy father is coming to our country is really exciting. >> reporter: first stop -- washington. a visit to the white house and a first ever papal address to congress. in new york, a procession through central park, mass at madison square garden for 20,000. in philadelphia, pope francis will stand at the same lectern abraham lincoln used to deliver the gettysburg address. one of the largest security operations in u.s. history. thousands of cameras and officers on patrol. the pope cruising around in his open air popemobile. st. patrick's cathedral now glistens. 9,000 organ pipes cleaned, the communion wafers ready, the programs all printed. the goal, nothing short of immaculate. here at the largest catholic church in the country, it is a mad dash to finish in time, but even with all of this planning you never know what you're going to get with pope francis. he is after all, the pope of surprises. cecilia vega, abc news, washington.
3:33 am
>> great few days ahead here in the u.s. >> on monday, the pope marked the anniversary of the day he decided as a teenager to become a priest. he celebrated mass in the cuba city of holguin in a plaza packed with 150,000 people. the pope was welcomed by singing children and a sea of waving flags. and he called on cubans to overcome resistance to change. now during his visit to washington, the pope will eat lunch with some of the city's homeless residents. rashad ellis bay is the head chef who will be preparing that meal. here's a photo of what the meal will look like. teriyaki, marinated chicken, blanched green beans and carrots as well as pasta salad. the chef says he's a bit jittery about the day but it definitely touches his heart. and be sure to stay with abc news as we follow the pope's every move in america. look for live coverage this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. as the pope arrives at joint base and druze. and it's a big weekend for
3:34 am
religion and security. not only is the pope visiting the u.s. but jews worldwide are observing a major holiday. muslims are swarming to mecca for the annual haj pilgrimage. saudi arabia is employing 100,000 security military. the interior ministry says it knows the 3 million pilgrims are a target for terrorism. the white house offering aid to help ease the refugee crisis. the money will bring the total assistance package to $4.5 billion. and it will help pay for emergency health care, food, water and shelter for displaced syrians with the u.s. now preparing to take in nearly 200,000 refugees over the next two years, republican lawmakers criticized the plan as being too big. the fbi refusing to disclose if agents recovered any e-mails from hillary clinton's private server and the agency refuses to say if it's even investigating the former secretary of state's e-mail. the state department has asked the fbi twice now in the past month for any information recovered from clinton's e-mail server. after getting no information,
3:35 am
the matter went before federal judge yesterday, but the fbi provided no details to that court. purchase. this there is there is one less republican in the race for president. wisconsin governor scott walker surprised supporters late yesterday by dropping out saying the race is about personal attacks and not issues. he's urging others to drop out so that the party can unify around someone other than donald trump. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> walker had struggled to generate cash and enthusiasm after lackluster debate performances. republican candidate ben carson is trying to clarify those controversial statements that he made about not supporting a muslim for president. overnight carson said he met -- meant radical islamists, not
3:36 am
moderate muslims. he said religion shouldn't matter as long as the president can support the constitution. islamic american groups called for carson to drop out of the race. jeb bush facing a wave of criticism over immigration. hecklers interrupted a bush speech to the hispanic chamber of commerce. they shouted no hope without our vote an apparent reference to the fact that no republican can win the white house without significant hispanic support. >> sexual assaults on college campuses appear to be more common than thought. 26% of college women responding to an anonymous survey say they've been victims by their senior year. women were three times more likely than men to report an assault. nearly 800,000 students responded to that survey. now to a dramatic day in a boston courtroom stemming from a mysterious death of a 2-year-old known as baby doe. now that her true identity has been revealed, her mother went before a judge along with her boyfriend. abc's linsey davis has the
3:37 am
heartbreaking details of an innocent life snatched away. >> reporter: the months of anguish elicited by this photo turned to anger as baby bella's mother and her mother's boyfriend appeared in court. >> you rot in hell. you rot in hel! >> reporter: 35-year-old michael mccarthy charged with bella's murder, and her mother rachelle bond charged as an accessory, accused of helping him to cover it up. it was a friend of mccarthy who went to police after talking with bond. >> ms. bond broke down crying and said, "i will never see my daughter again." he asked her, "what do you mean by that?" and she responded, "michael mccarthy killed her." >> reporter: bond told police one night in may bella was unruly, and mccarthy said he would go calm her down. when it became quiet she went to check on them. >> she found mr. mccarthy standing over bella, he said, she was a demon anyway. it was her time to die. >> reporter: inside the house, police found books involving demons and death. in court, bella's biological father wiping away tears. mccarthy is being held without bail.
3:38 am
bond is being held on one million dollars cash bond. both are expected back in court next month. linsey davis, an abc news, boston. >> a man in connecticut is enjoying life with his new buy onic ankle. >> alex boyd is now the first person in his state to have what's called a megatron nick ankle. a hi-tech circuitry that lets boyd do just about anything he wants. >> they've all been an asset to my life but this particular one no need to worry about anything i'm doing. i can get up, program and go about my business. >> do you know what, there's even an app through which boyd can make small adjustments to make it more comfortable. a small boy once asked him if he was a cyborg. he said yes. and he told the kid to stay in school and do his homework. >> very cool. he's got a good sense of humor
3:39 am
about it and good outlook about it. we're getting our first look at the world's largest sailing ship. it's been under construction now for the last three years. >> now the truly gigantic boat is being tested at sea for the first time. it's nearly 470 feet long, three masts high, about 300 feet high. that's eight decks and can accommodate 20 guests and 54 crew members. >> it has at least one pool, a helicopter pad and an underwater observation pod. it belongs to a russian billionaire. he paid more than $400 million for it. yeah. >> why? >> the owner's name is andrey igorevich melnichenko. >> bless you. >> thank you. >> again sund height. >> he's the ninth richest man in russia. i guess when you're the 9th richest man and 97th richest man in the world, this is what you do with some of your money. >> okay. coming up in "the skinny," who
3:40 am
got the boot from "dancing with the stars" and how madonna surprised a former "world news now" anchor. >> and also ahead, consumer challenge. the family skipping all unnecessary purchases to make a point and save money. how long could you avoid binge shopping? >> how a mother's phobia led to this accident with a school bus. what led her to lose control. but first, today's weather forecast. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. ve got a nice long life ah. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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we've been changing things up witoh it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. you don't expect to find a land mine in a detroit neighborhood. apparently residents did. suspected marijuana rustler.
3:44 am
police say a man walking in a vacant lot triggered an explosive device planted by the owner of a pot growing operation. they say the victim may have been trying to steal the marijuana. he wasn't seriously injured. no arrests yet. that could change. >> here's a bizarre accident that was caused by anitiesy bitsy spider. a woman claims it climbed on to her insured as she was pulling out of her driveway. she bailed out of the vehicle while it was in motion leaving her 9-year-old son in the car still because of a spider. he tried to stop the car but hit the gas instead of the brake and hit a school bus. there were no kids on that bus. the boy suffered minor head injuries. we're not sure about the spider. look at that. that was the result of a spider. >> i believe it. turning now to an alarming story every parent should be aware of. a tough punishment for a teen caught sexting with his girlfriend. the high school football star with nude photos on his phone was forced to register as a sex offender. abc's ryan smith with more.
3:45 am
>> reporter: a star north carolina high school quarterback making headlines, but not for his plays on the field. 17-year-old cormega copening striking a plea deal after facing child pornography felony charges for sexually exploiting a minor, himself. copingening faced up to ten years in prison after police say they discovered nude images of himself, 16 at the time, and his then 16-year-old girlfriend on his cell phone. while investigating unrelated claims of sexting at a school last october. >> when our investigators went through his phone looking at the data on it, we saw that there were photos of himself and another person. >> reporter: neither copenening or the young woman shared the pictures further. but authorities charged them as adults because they are now 17 and accusing them of multiple counts of making and possessing images of their underage 16-year-old selves, considering each the predator and the victim. >> the law says nobody can be in possession of explicit images of a minor. there's no exception. >> authorities claiming their
3:46 am
photographs were illegal. but the legal age of consent for sex in north carolina, 16. legal by comparison. the young woman took a plea deal in july but earlier this month, copening's lawyer fighting for the charges to be reduced and keeping his name off the sex offender registry. >> it's scary my life could have been gone down the drain over pictures. >> you cormega and the woman have been ordered to do community service. and they'll not be allowed to have a cell phone for a year. if they comply, their records will be wiped clean. ryan smith, abc news, new york. wow. coming up, sparks fly on jimmy kimmel's set last night. kermit and miss piggy's breakup taking an ugly turn. >> yeah, it did. >> and the actor betrayed by his childhood friend for trying to sell private photos. "the skinny" is next. rivate photos. "the skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues after this ro
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny well, this has just gotten ugly now. leading "the skinny," kermit and miss piggy pulling no punches on late night tv. >> their highly publicized split turned even uglier on the set of jimmy kimmel live. things started off okay, but once jimmy sat them down, the emotions came pouring out. >> miss piggy pointed to kermit's webbed feet as one of the reasons for their split. something she claims she wasn't
3:49 am
aware of and that's when it got just awkward. >> the only time i ever came across a frog in school, i dissected it. >> i bet you ripped his heart out too. >> yeah, he thinks he had one. >> this is genuinely uncomfortable. it really is. >> well, despite the tough moments the two were relatively professional. kermit preferred not to discuss the new lady in his life because she's not a public figure. >> miss piggy says she's going out every night and having fun. but if last night's appearance is any indication, there's still a lot of unresolved issues there. >> their new show premieres tonight on abc. turning now to another uncomfortable situation. actor ryan reynolds finding out his friend was trying to sell pictures of his child. >> the new issue of "gq" magazine, reynolds explains that is one of his oldest friends, quoting here, had been shopping pictures of my baby around. reynolds recently became a father when his wife blake lively had their daughter james.
3:50 am
>> after learning of the attempted sale, reynolds confronted the friend and apparently the conversation did not go well because he doesn't anticipate seeing or talking to him again. that's a tough one. i can't believe somebody would. >> that's unfortunate. >> moving on to drama in the ballroom with the first elimination of the new season of "dancing with the stars." >> but first, at the top of the leader board from last night, bindi irwin earning the judge's best score, 25 out of 30 with a rocking performance set to the sounds of fellow australians ac/dc. bindi said their song "you shook me" was a favorite of her late father and reminds her of the times they spent together when she was young. >> it was kind of emotional there. >> a controversial celebrity cook paula deen danced the rhumba. the judges liked her improvement over last week with a score of 19. >> paula deen getting hot. >> looking sexy. gary busey not so sexy. he did improve. he ended up on the chopping block after a stiff but
3:51 am
enthusiastic performance. >> how did chaka khan get the lowest score with a 15 which seemed to do in the legendary singer? unfortunately, she's the first one to be eliminateded from season 21. but she left on a positive note saying that she made great friends. >> good genes or good doctors? >> oh, no. >> good genes. good genes. >> all right. lastly, here's some more dancing for you, but this is a bit of dirty dancing. >> yeah, at a recent madonna concert, the queen of pop pulled a taylor swift by bringing a famous friend on stage. this moment wasn't so pg. >> cnn host and former "world news now" anchor anderson cooper. she made him do some dancing first. then madonna got naughty. >> oh, lord. >> bending cooper over and spanking him in front of the brooklyn crowd. >> it didn't stop there. >> madonna gave anderson the bachelor party treatment with a snackful of innuendo, a bana
3:52 am
which she offered options but cooper just ate the banana instead. raunchy. >> he was a good sport about it. >> this is our future. you know what you should do before you start? what's that? check your credit score. why would i need to do that? somebody else is going to check it, don't you want to know what they might find? sign up on credit karma. credit karma? yeah. huh, that was easy! kinda regret buying all this stuff now. looks good though, right? looks great. ladies love a man in a uniform. laughs... first step, credit karma. we've been changing things up witoh it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like...
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♪ >> this is a tough one. cutting back on expensive purchases, it's essential to sticking to a budget. so how long do you think it would last before purchasing things like electronics and clothing and pretty much anything else besides food? how long could it be that you could possibly stick to that? >> till the next apple product comes out. probably not for an entire year. that's what one family did. abc's rebecca jarvis with their story. >> reporter: it's the ultimate challenge one nashville family
3:56 am
says changed their lives forever. >> we just had a better understanding of the things that mattered. >> reporter: for one year, scott and gabby dan miller kept a tight lid on their wallets and stopped buying. no new clothes, gadgets, electronics, toys, books or home decor. >> the things that were on the list that we could buy, food items, also if an experience. hygiene items were okay, but if it wasn't something we could use up within a year, we couldn't buy it. >> right. >> reporter: the experiment profiled? scott's new book "the year without a purchase, one family's quest to stop shopping and start connecting." >> it was about getting back to what's really important. >> it did feel freeing not to buy anything. it did. at first it was hard and then it was just great. >> that freedom allowed the dan millers to get back to basics as a family, but scott says it wasn't always easy. >> i have to travel a lot for my job. and so a suitcase is really important. my suitcase broke.
3:57 am
and i was unable to fix it. so she pulls out of the closet my daughter's little lavender child size rolling suitcase. it was hard for me because i thought, gosh, this doesn't match who i am. >> reporter: their top three tips for success, avoid visiting stores you don't really need anything from. unsubscribe from marketing e-mail lists and throw away circulars to avoid temptation. >> the challenge stripped away the clutter. >> taking a vacation from consumerism, giving this family a whole new perspective on what's really important. >> for us, it was focusing less on stuff and focusing on each other. >> rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> i love that idea. what an incredible idea. i love it. >> it's a great idea. i don't know that i could pull it off. >> i have a healthy addiction to shopping. >> yes, you do.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, pope francis hours away from his first flight to the u.s. the faithful beginning to gather. the security ramping up. we're live in washington with the details. early exit. scott walker dropping out of the presidential race plus overnight ben carson clarifying his controversial comments on mus m muslims and ted cruz getting booed on a late show appearance. a man walking by and this close brush with death. "dancing with the stars," bindi irwin rocking out to her dad's favorite song. paula deen getting a leg up and the first elimination.


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