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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the church like the mercy. >> a changing of mercy, as they make this point again and again, he is not changing church doctrine, but the emphasis. >> he changes the tone and the emphasis. the tone of welcome and mercy and inclusion which is what people are responding to. we see the red carpet unfurl right now, there is an invited crowd from the diocese of washington and from andrews air force base, that the president will be greeting the pope along with mrs. obama and malia and sasha, both obama girls and mrs. marion robinson, the first lady's mother will be there. and the pope will be greeted by four young children from four different catholic schools in the d.c. area, first, third, fifth and seventh grade. and a gathering of cardinals.
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>> they are going as catholics, but they are also going to visit their boss too. a command performance. >> he will be meeting with the bishops at saint matthews, he has been quite stern at times with his priests and bishops. >> his christmas message, he talked about the different ills that effected the cardinals there, what he called spiritual alzheimer's, some are expecting the u.s. congress message to be the strongest but the message to the bishops may be the most blunt. i want to go quickly to pierre thomas in the washington bureau, they are going to meet the pope and extraordinary precautions are taken. >> security is play ougt in four days in three cities, 50 different agencies and thousands of police, this pope's
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unpredictability, he is prone to stopping his motorcade and going into the crowds, and it will rival the president of the united states. >> they call him the pope of surprises. >> he is not afraid to shake things up and hug a child. he speaks with gestures as well as words. >> and when his own security said you can't be in an open car. >> he said frankly at my age, i don't have a lot to lose. >> they are opening the door of shepherd one. both the vatican and state department is greeting the plane as well. >> the pope will be staying at the papal residence here in washington, d.c., and also in new york as well.
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he will always stay in vatican residences. >> it's where the ambassador for the pope. >> it's across the street from the vice president's house and vice president biden is not only greetling him now, the only catholic vice president we have ever had, we'll have another visit planned with him. >> this is his first trip to america, tell us father martin, you are a jesuit what is the meaning of that. >> we take an oath of poverty, chastity and obedience, this is someone that lived in poverty for most of his life and that is different than other popes, no umbrellas for the first family yet. there they are, president obama and sasha next to him and malia
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next to the first lady, big smile on the president's face, this is what presidents love, he will love it, it's a great moment that started with his meeting at the vatican a year ago and led to what happened in cuba over the course of the last few months. and little children from the schools, how exciting is that. >> once in a lifetime experience. >> i think i see the pope waiting at the top of the stage, the unmistakable white robes. >> the only one that gets to wear white. >> he wears the same thing almost every day. >> and the sleeve of his -- his red shoes, and tries to live like he did as a jesuit november -- he lives in a hostel in rome and said 300 people could live here
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and he doesn't live there. >> here he comes now pope francis. [ cheers and applause ] taking our chances with the cap. >> this must be a moment for him as well. right there -- the first moment he steps on u.s. soil. the pope has been practicing his english, not native to him, that is his translator. right next to him. >> sasha obama and malia.
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and vice president biden. these are also the vice president granddaughter's macy and finnegan. the pope will go from here into washington, d.c. and also tomorrow meet with the president at the white house, and meet with his bishops at saint matthew's cathedral and celebrate a mass tomorrow evening at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception.
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so many expectations for this pope. >> the excitement here is overwhelming, the bells are ringing, we are not sure if it's because the pope touched down they started when he got here. he will see the excitement here when he comes to catholic university. there are barricades all over this area, because of the masses they expect here, 25,000, there is literally a sea of chairs out here, you mention the church that the pope is headed to, he is going to see this equipment as he drived through the city today, there are people lined up outside of that house, and a nugget of what he will see they are fancier than what he has at the vatican. he request sd memory moment, he will need a good night sleep after the journey today. >> the president greets him and talks to him and i talked to the
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folks at the white house, they are very sensitive to staying out of the pope's way, even though they are out of sync with some of their messages. >> they don't want to feel like they are using the pope. >> they think the vatican will chafe if they get in the middle of that. >> and there is something to love and something to hate for both political parties in the pope's messages. >> and he will say things that will be directed on the white house side. >> and there is the pope meeting the school children from the catholic school from washington, d.c., one from the first and one from the third and one from the first and one from the fifth and seventh grades. >> in between the white house and down to the bishops he has one event where the public can come as he does a parade around the washington monument.
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and a hispanic parter told me that they expect rivers of hispanic families. they are coming to see the pope to show how important he is to hispanic americans. >> he will go around in the popemobile. who knows when he will gout and move into the group. >> even car washers in new york, he wants to reach out to the periphery. >> going to the margins, he doesn't like to be hemmed in and doesn't like the glass popemobiles, and he said a mother doesn't visit her children in a glass box. >> kind of a sardine can, he is going to visit prisoners in philadelphia and that is a key part of his ministry. >> the business the pope is here for is that church conference in
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philadelphia. >> it's the world meeting of families in philadelphia and something that pope benefit was invited to, and he is following up on what benedict has done. and he added new york and washington, and the united nations up to a million people expected in philadelphia for that conference. this is his long of the trip, ten days overall, including the time in cuba. i don't know if terry is still with us on the plane? you saw him walk from andrews air force base. privately speaking with the president. he is making his way to the live camera and we'll find out more about that trip into the united states right now. of course father martin, the pope coming out of that visit in cuba where he met the leaders there as well. and did his best not to shake things up there.
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he was trying to provide a gentle message and gentle encouragement. one thing yesterday was saying he was calling for a different kind of revolution, the revolution of tenderness, one sight for me was the huge picture of jesus come to me in spanish. right in revolution square. it was a revolution of its own i think. >> hi sharrie, hi brian, thank
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you the pope is in town and this time tomorrow he will be on the stage behind us at the national cage eadral, the basilica of the national divine of the immaculate conception. >> preparations are at a high level, and we are watching security helicopters and police and doing their final checks and sound and light checks and coverage as well. making sure that is all seamless. >> some 25,000 ticket holders will be here tomorrow, right now mostly media and students milling around waiting for the big moment. >> we want to show you the arrival of pope francis, his
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arrival to andrews air force. a warm rousing welcome to the crowd, an invited group led by the president and first lady and their daughters and joe biden and jill biden and a small group of children to make it an exceptionally warm welcome to america. >> it's not often that the president meets foreign visitor as they get off the airplane, this speaks to the connection between pope francis and president obama, especially when the president visited the pope a year ago. >> they don't agree on every single political top ec, the president has viewpoints and americans have viewpointses and the pope has other viewpoints. this is not just a meeting of super powers, and men, this is a spiritual renewal for catholics that want a new beginning with this exciting new leader. >> we are here in the nation's
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capital and there are a number of local people back home that came into town for tomorrow's big ceremony for the papal mass and the canonization ceremony and the pontiff visiting washington, d.c., we met a few coming into union station and sister mary a nationally recognized homeless advocate known across america was one we saw at the train station and was personally invited to the white house to be a guest on the lawn at the white house to see and hear from the pope. she calls this a great honor and can't believe how excited she is to finally meet the pope, and she says she is hopeful and challenged to do more advocacy work for the hopeless because of his inspirational word. >> we made a lot of steps forward in addressing homelessness and hunger, but we have a long way to go and more and more people have to get
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involved and that is what pope francis is challenging all of us to do. >> everyone is excited to see the pontiff including monica and i. as far as his itinerary, he will be taken by motorcade to the vatican embassy, that will be his residence for the next two and a half day and he will go to the white house for an official welcoming ceremony and meet with some 400 bishops from across the united states and then the huge papal mass here at the national cathedral. >> but after this greeting a half hours with, he is going to the embassy to relax and have time to meditate and recover from a journey from cuba to the sus, this is his longest trip and wants to go over his speeches carefully, he is giving 18 speeches over the next six days. >> coming up more local visitors following the pope, not just
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here in washington but she expect to go to new york but back in philadelphia when the pontiff arrives there as well. for rick williams i'm monica malpass back to you. >> thank you. from washington, the pope heads to new york city and "action news" will be there as well. eva pilgram and sara bloomquist will have live coverage this thursday and friday. >> but the main event of course, the world meeting of families right here in philadelphia, it is the reason that pope francis is coming to the united states and it officially kicked off today. archbishop chaput spoke today, thousands of catholics and clergy members are here for the week long event that blends pair and religious instruction and faith themes lectures, vernon odom will have a live report at 4:30. now that pope francis is in the united states, the secret service and other agencies put their security plans into action, a massive under taking
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especially here in philadelphia where the pope hold several public events, wendy saltzman spoke to the head of the secret service here on the parkway. >> reporter: the ben franklin parkway is already shut down here at 20th street all the way down to aikens oval, as the city prepareds for the historic weekend, the secret service tells us today they are prepared for anything. >> we prepared for the worst and hope for the best. >> what is the word today from secret service special agent in charge, david beech, that 600 p.m. were involved in the security planning for the pep's visit this weekend, he did not say how many agents are on the ground he said they were flown in from all over the country. uniformed and none uniformed officers will be on the ground throughout the event. >> we think everything that
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could be a possibility, we prepare for it. >> that includes protection drills with a mock popemobile in washington, and agents that responsibility for the pope's protection and k-9 and bomb sniffing dogs will be in place. >> we'll protect all the assets to assure a safe environment not just for the pope but for all the participate tantss and all the -- >> we are confident that we have the right mechanisms in place to assure that that does not occur and our perimeters are not breached. >> this is the large of the security event in the history philadelphia but for residents and businesses beech says -- >> it's a safe and secure event, people should come and enjoy themselves and a once in a
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lifetime event and a chance for philadelphia to showcase itself. >> there have been no credible threats against the city of philadelphia nor the pope while he is here, there are 24 different stops on the parkway and there are entryways into the area and there will be magnet-ometers there. and we have a list on of things that are not allowed in. you can watch it on 6 abc this weekend. live on the ben franklin parkway, i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> okay wendy thank you. and the city of philadelphia has finalized the contract with the world meeting of families, it will reimburse philadelphia for the $12 million spent on preparing for his time here, including $4 million for the
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fire department and $6 million for police. vernon odom has more on the opening of the world meeting of families and nora muchanic has the story of a local bakery makes tens of thousands of rolls for the weekend and coming up at 5:00, john rawlins has details on the ticketed area of the parkway where the fences are starting to go up already and at 5:30, walter perez will tell us about restaurants and businesses stocking up before traffic restrictions are set to begin. and when the pope gets to philadelphia, "action news" will have complete coverage, jim gardner is leading the way and our team of more than two dozen anchors and reporters will be at locations across the region and bring you the mystery making visit and its impact in the delaware valley. >> before we take a break lets take you back live to joint base andrews where pope francis
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arrives at 3:49 this afternoon, he is on the ground a half hour now, as is characteristic of this man and the attention around the world he has not gotten into a papal limousine but rather a black fiat, in it he will drive around the city of washington, d.c. and no doubt cities of new york and philadelphia as well. our coverage continues after this. "action news" will be right back.
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feeling a lot more seasonable out there as we approach the first day of fall. a check of the accuweather forecast. let head over to melissa magee in for adam joseph. >> hi sharrie and brian. we have changes on the way as we get closer to fall, autumnal equinox, looking at the ben franklin bridge on this tuesday afternoon, a mostly cloudy thanks to the constant northeasterly wind and with that some cooler air arriving as well
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today. 72 in philadelphia, and just 68 for reading and also lancaster 70 and along the coast in cape may, lower 70s and 72 as well in beach haven. here is satellite 6 along with action radar still a fair amount of cloud cover across the region, we are tracking the disturbance that continues to ride up to the north pressing up to northern sections of new england, once the disturbance exits, it looks like skies clear out into the rest of tonight, for that matter on wednesday. and we are keeping an eye on this area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas and virginia. does it feel like the days are getting shorter? sunset at 6:58 this evening, the first sunset where the sunsets before 7:00 p.m., we have not seen this since march 7th, we are getting ready for the
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autumnal equinox. we have nearly equal day and night coming up. and you'll notice the difference coming into our fall season into winter, the call for the rest of the tonight, gradual clearing and cool, 59 in philadelphia and 60 in dover and 63 degrees in cape may. your day planner showing you as you go throughout the day on wednesday, once you get away with a disturbance, and it takes over tomorrow with brighter conditions overhead. 76 at 2:00 in the afternoon, at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, the number in at 80, here is your four day at 4:00, sunny and pleasant for your first day of fall, high temperature of 80 degrees, a high of 82 into thursday, fall warmth on the way and clouds and sunshine, we are tracking a front that moves through late thursday into friday and it's a cooler day for the end of the
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work week and saturday for the start of the papal visit, breezy and clouds and a high temperature coming in at 73 degrees, i'll let you know about the changes into the rest of weekend too. >> i hope not, thanks melissa.
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it is coming up on 4:30, i'm brian taff along with sharrie
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williams, and "action news" continues to follow pope francis' arrival in the united states. he landed about 30 minutes ago. he was greeted by the vice president and his wife and two grandchildren, the president does not go to meet a head of state as pope francis, they go to him at the white house, this signifies what a momentous occasion this is. he wantsed himself and his family to be there as he arrived for the very first time in the united states, a warm welcome and he was well received and we heard the cheering and chants, 3:49, the first visit to the united states.
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meanwhile the world meeting of familys here in philadelphia, from africa to brazil and beyond, catholics from all over the world are here in philadelphia. opening ceremonies including special gifts for pope francis, vernon odom is live at the pennsylvania convention center with the story from there. vernon? >> reporter: brian and sharrie, the world meeting of families formerly kicked off this afternoon, promising to be an uplifting event, causing a bond across the globe. old fashion american gospel music brought the crowd to its feet as the archbishop and mayor opened the world meeting of families and an event that brought some 18,000 people from across the world to see pope francis. >> god is good and loves us with the zeal of a father and the
4:31 pm
tenderness of a mother and his church, our family, welcomes all people. >> philadelphia had a one of a kind bicycle built for the pope by local artisans. >> it's a people's bike for the people's pope. >> people are here from far and wide from eastern africa and brazil and people of final on a spiritual journey. >> i want to position myself, about the problems that are involving our society so i can be a better person. >> see things different -- with families from everywhere in the world. and having fun. >> are you staying for the pope's visit. >> sure, we are staying for the pope we came down to see the pope and express our love for him and our love of the church. >> sharrie i will be back at 6:00 with more on this event
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later today, the first time the world meeting of familys held on north american soil. live in center city. so much of the focus is on the pope and the public events, but now that we are just days away, people around the region are showing their excitement, sara bloomquist is working the story for us, and she is live in philadelphia, from flags to vatican material, the pope is all the talk. >> typically this time of year, south philadelphia is starting to get decked out for halloween but this year halloween has to wait. house after house, they are flying the vatican flag, loorks down the street just over mifflin, this is a traditionally catholic neighborhood and this is the week they are waiting for. here at snyder and water in
4:33 pm
south philadelphia, joe set up a pop-up pope shop selling all sorts of papal merchandise but primary the vatican flag. >> this is the size $10 and smaller flags for $3. >> he sold so many, he is about to sell out. >> right now we can't get the flags, i am out of business once we sell this i am out of business. >> you can quickly sound the flags he sold, row home afro home, residents are flying the distinction white and yellow vatican flags and san tino decked out his bike. >> are you excited for the pope? >> because he has not came here for a while. and i wasn't born. and now he is coming. >> we saw john paul and now we'll see him. >> you don't see complaining here in the traditionally
4:34 pm
catholic neighbor adds, they are excited and kbt can't wait to host the pope. >> we complained a lot in other parts of the city, but there is excitement here. >> south philly is always good, not like the rest of the city. you can't see that? >> now, we think there are a lot of flags flying but some of the older catholics in the neighborhood, they were surprised and disappointed that there are not even more vatican flags flying outside of the row homes out here, if you have done something to the front of your house to show your excitement, share it with us on facebook and twitter. live in philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> love to see that excitement sara, thanks so much. a new take on phillies famous love statue now sits on top of the art museum steps, the sculpture was unveiled this morning before the start of the world meeting of families, that
4:35 pm
means love in spanish, the pope's language. organizers say that this serves as a reminder of the universal language of love. >> that is worth taking a picture of. >> more than 200 families and teachers did service, they are all from holy cross school from springfield, delaware county, the kids picked up trash and even cleaned the gym and they sorted canned food to be delivered to a local pantry for the hopeless. all the restrictions in philadelphia are forcing restaurants to stock up on supplies for trenton bakery that means cranking out the biggest order they have ever done. >> nora muchanic spend the day at the bakery where the ovens are working in overdrive. >> the workers at the trenton bakery are working over time to make 20,000 rolls.
4:36 pm
owner carmen sums it up this way, make them, bake them and freeze them. >> northerly we bring in fresh every day, but we couldn't do that. >> the vendor must deliver the entire order at once and cannot move the truck out of the secure zone until monday. >> there is only a certain time he can be there and having to stay there for three days and making sure we have enough rolls there. this is the biggest one time orderer the bakery has ever done and it's taken planning, requiring extra supplies, 2400 pounds of flour and 150 pounds of yeast, the dough is cut meckcly and put on trays and loaded into this $6,000 brick tunnel oven from italy. figuring outs the orders is
4:37 pm
difficult but baking for the crowds going to see pope francis makes it worthwhile. >> it's an honor in all respects, providing food for the people and it's a great event for us and honored to be involved in it. >> any chance the holy father will get ahold of one of your rolls. >> i hope so, if i was there i would get him one. >> can you head to to stay up to date on the papal visit, we have all the road closures and security zones posted there as well as pope francis' full schedule and tune in to 6 abc all weekend for all day full live coverage of the papal visit, that is this saturday and sunday and you can follow all the action through meteorologist, melissa magee, joining us again now. all the talk with the pope how will the weather be? >> we'll have cooler air that arrives just in time for the
4:38 pm
weekend, we'll show you the numbers that are still cool, 72 in philadelphia and 61 up in the poconos and 70 in trenton and 70 in sea isle city, just upper 60s for lancaster and reading at this hour. we are tracking a disturbance and we did see spotty showers to the north and west, pushing off to the north and east up to new england for this evening, and the clouds will eventually start to fade, so gradual clearing on the way for the rest of tonight and for that matter into the first day of fall that arrives on wednesday, at 4:21 in the morning, with the arrival of fall we have the sunshine that will return and it won't feel like fall with temperatures climbing back up into the 80s for the middle half of the work week but there is a change on the way for the weekend, we'll talk about the details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. our coverage of pope
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francis' historic visit to the u.s. continues when "action news" comes right back. >> and something you probably noticed in the grocery store in what's the deal. >> what's the deal with shrinking products, and of course meteorologist, melissa magee, will be back with the full ac from accuweather.
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and right now pope francis is on his way to the vatican embassy in washington, d.c., he left joint base andrews 30 minutes ago. he met with president obama and vice president joe biden and their wives, it's a day of rest for him today and tomorrow a busy day, meeting with the president again and a joint session of aggression, later this week he heads to new york city and ultimately right here
4:42 pm
to philadelphia. in other news, the kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses to gay couples sat down with gma, kim davis says she is a normal person who will not back down on her beliefs and she is willing to go back to jail. >> people will question why is your moral conscious more important than someone's happiness, i don't think dignity is guaranteed in the constitution, and i think that is something you find within yourself. >> davis' deputy clerk is issuing licenses out of her office and she has altered them and now they say they are being issued under a court order and a new lawsuit by the aclu saying that davis is going against a judge's order to not interfere. now the big talkers, the
4:43 pm
message, the chalk board in the window of smith restaurant at 19 and street at chestnut and market, if bruce jenner goes missing will his picture be on a carton of half and half. they call tropical disturbance deeply offensive and almost oblivious to those of trans individuals especially those that go missing or end up dead. when confronted the openers of smith's change their tune, they had no idea how hurtful the message was and were deeply apologetic and then this happened. a new message today that reads, breaking news assist gender man learns something new today, reverting to the gender they were born with and hope you learn something from their mistake as they did today.
4:44 pm
a little boy in oklahoma is being told that he is evil by his teacher, sorry don't have the video she says because he is left handed. his mom alice sands outraged about this after the teacher tried to force the 4-year-old to change his habits, i said had his teachers ever said anything about your hands. it breaks my heart for him, because someone actually believes that you believe my child is evil because he is left handed, it's crazy. >> the teacher sent home a letter calling left handed unlucky, evil and sinister and sands is unhappy that the school did not discipline the teacher, meanwhile the state department of education is launching an investigation. meantime, the ymca in wilmington, delaware is celebrating its 75 and
4:45 pm
anniversary today. the action cam was at the walnut street branch, they unveiled a state historical marker recognizing the organization since 1940. >> now a first check of the traffic. we have not seen the traffic yet. >> did you almost call me matt popeman, that would be appropriate for this week. we are live along the roosevelt boulevard, extension northbound side backs up as it so often does from the schuylkill to broad street and we started with a crash near wissahickon and that got us off to a bad start and delays are mostly normal, the ben franklin parkway remains shut down both drives in both directions from sometime next week because of the pope's visit and that puts traffic on surrounding streets and on to
4:46 pm
the westbound side of the vine street expressway, the schuylkill is busy today with people coming into the city for the world meeting of families, at this point, near belmont it doesn't look too bad but the eastbound travel time is double what it ideally should be without a delay, in abington a crash at susquehanna road and one in middletown township at the burger king. and the burlington bristol bridge, just wrapping up an opening for a southbound ship, you know what that means, an opening at the tacoma palmyra coming up at 5:00.
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all right melissa i don't know if the pope can claim
4:49 pm
credit, but it's shaping up to be a comfortable week ahead. >> cooler than average temperatures and it feels comfortable and warms up for the first day of fall, that is tomorrow guys, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's dry and quiet across much of the area, although earlier today we had spotty sprinkles and all the moisture departing to the north and east. earlier this afternoon we bumped up to 75 degrees in philadelphia and more in the northeasterly wind and we are down to 72 in the city and 61 in the poconos and upper 60s for lancaster and reading and beach haven coming in at 71 degrees. the call from an weather, a fair amount of cloud cover overhead but gradual clearing on the way and it's comfortable and cool and down to 78 in the suburbs and 59 in philadelphia, satellite 6 along with action radar a lot of cloud cover beginning to break up across the area moving up into new england, that is where you find the
4:50 pm
showers and a bit of residual moisture, what we are tracking is the area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas, pressing northward and moisture moving in in advance of the low pressure down to the south, we'll have to track this area of low pressure closely as we go throughout the rest of our work week and into the start of our weekend, so here is the setup as we get into saturday and sunday. we are tracking the coastal low, that stays mainly offshore, with this area of low pressure approaching there is this possibility of rain, rain chances are on the slim side, 30% chance of rain and this moisture plume pushes north into the city, we are building this battle dome of low pressure to the south, more likely a 70% of this area staying dry rather cloudy, and canadian high pressure and dry and cool conditions and midlevel clouds overhead. with that said as we get into
4:51 pm
the start of the papal weekend, on saturday clouds are around and a bit a cool breeze and high temperature of 73 degrees, we are tracking the low pressure and the progression northward across the area, and sunday rather cloudy with a north-northeastly wind and 10 to 20 miles per hour, coming in at 72 degrees, it looks mostly dry with a fair amount of cloud cover over head. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, for the first day of fall arriving at 4:21 in the morning and 83 tomorrow and 82 on thursday, and a front moves through thursday night into friday so clouds and sun and 75 and cooler on saturday, breezy, with some sunshine around 73, and breezy and clouds around on sunday and a high of 72, looking to be again mostly dry with showers mainly south of philadelphia, we'll keep you posted guys if there are any changes, regardless maybe a
4:52 pm
light sweater needed on the parkway this weekend. >> thank you. what's the deal is coming up next. more kids are suffering from asthma
4:53 pm
and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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well, if it seems like your favorite products at the supermarket are shrinking it's not your imagination. >> consumer reports gets feedbacks from readers getting tricked by big companies and they love to go to bat for them. they are scouring supermarket shelves for gotchas. used to getting a pint when you buy ice-cream, many are now just 14 ounces, these ice-cream sandwiches used to be packed 12 in a box and now you get 10 for the same price, it's called down
4:55 pm
sizing and people feel duped by the practice. >> companies often blame down sizing on labor and ingredient costs and a way to raise prices too without being noticed. take juice, special to find a half gallon in all of these flavors, some store brands have the 64 ounces but main brands are only 59 and these jars of peanut butter appear to be the same size but vary up to two servings. >> this all liquid is 60 ounces and this all clear is 55 ounces that is two less loads. and look at ivory soap as a ten pack, you get 10 ounce bars and
4:56 pm
buy a three pack and get 3 ounce bars. >> for years many products came in clear recognizable sizes, a pound of coffee and a quart of mayonnaise. you need to check the product to see what are you getting. >> another reason to look at the labels. for sharrie williams and adam joseph and melissa magee, i am brian taff. join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. on phl 17. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, one local ambulance company is getting ready to take on a major role to assure everyone's health during the papal visit. and local young pilgrims celebrate the arrival of pope francis by learning about it in
4:57 pm
class. how they will take part in the world meeting of families. those and much more next.
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program.w, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
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pope francis has arrived in the united states, just a short time ago his plane touched down at joint base andrews, there to greet him was president obama and the first family and vice president joe biden and his family. he is there to greet the president and celebrate a mass and give a speech to joint congress. he has officially begun a six day visit that takes him to the capital here in philadelphia. we have team coverage with rick williams and monica malpass live in washington and john recall yens live along the parkway in philadelphia. >> lets begin with rick and monica, a lot of excitement there as the pope arrives. >> good eveninging to you both, we are excited to be here and there is an excitement and thrill in the air at the cathedral basilica, crews are putting up last minute banners
5:00 pm
and rehearsals all afternoons and a number of visitors are coming in and out as they get the details wrapped up for this important day tomorrow, besides the 25,000 seated guests there is room for another 10,000 standing on the side. >> this gives us a sneak peek of what will happen in philadelphia but the ben franklin parkway is a bigger scale than what you see here. as we mentioned we are at the national cathedral and next to us is catholic university. they are still going to class and they can't leave campus and are on virtual lock down because of all the security measures and we found a student from allentown, he was lucky


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