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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> happening now on "action news," pope francis prepares to meet the president at the white house while the world meeting of families continues in philadelphia. >> and developing overnight a student makes a disturbing discovery on campus. college leaders are calling it a hate crime. >> he taught us you can observe a lot by watching. we remember the yankees great whose mind was almost as impressive as his glove.
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>> good morning out there. it's 5:30 on this wednesday september 23rd. let's find out about accuweather with dave murphy and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. yogi berra was about the earliest baseball player i was aware of even because i was watching just because of his funny lines. shame he's not with us anymore. clear skies across most of the region. there are clouds over the south jersey coast quickly moving out trailing a departing low pressure center moving off the coast of new england. 62 degrees, though, with winds dropping down out of the north, little bit breezy out there with winds running around 10 miles per hour or so. 62 in philadelphia. still in the 50's in wilmington and trenton. just 48 degrees in allentown and 63 he in sea isle city. heading out the door to catch that bus this morning, well, looks like between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock we'll be on or about 60. some of the outlying suburbs could have patchy fog. we're looking at mainly clear skies across most of the area. a wednesday quiz possible kids, 62 degrees on your storm tracker six app. 60 by 8 o'clock. by noon 74 and this afternoon is another one of those days
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that's going to feel like summer, 80 degrees will be your high at about 3:30 this afternoon. so, shorts and t's after school. and well, the odd thing about that 80-degree high i guess is that autumn actually arrived at 4:21 this morning. it came in. so fall is here, nearly equal day and night today and karen it's going to feel like summer but that's the way these seasonal changes have been going this year. >> yes, they are. all mixed up, right. >> right. >> let's head outside and see what's going on on the roads. we're looking live at i-95 at cottman. this is your southbound traffic headed towards center city. no extra overnight construction in this area. certainly no delays. it's very early out there and you're looking pretty good on i-95. switching over to the ben franklin parkway, so the ben franklin parkway over the vine street expressway, the ben franklin parkway remains closed at this point so you'll want to watch for those closures already in anticipation of the papal visit between eakins oval and logan square. kelly drive closed between fairmount avenue and the parkway and it's going to close entirely starting on
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friday for the papal visitly we're seeing all kinds of congestion already on the side streets and you'll see sh once again today. we have an accident in germantown involving an overturned vehicle on germantown avenue at washington lane. stick to green street and johnson street to get around the problems and restrictions here on germantown avenue. we're hearing of a problem here in pennsauken camden. we've got these do you understand wires that are he creating a big power outage in the area. the wires themselves down on route 73 between river and hilton roads. a lot of the intersections in this area, the lights are out and that's a real problem including the lights at remmington avenue and that's kind of a busy area of 73 and remmington so be careful if you're traveling around that area right now, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. pope francis is waking up in washington, d.c. this morning as he he continues his u.s. trip that leads right here to philadelphia. >> now later in the day the pope will address guests some of whom have special invitations to the white house lawn. let's go to erin o'hearn. she's at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: yesterday he was greeted by the first
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family and by cheers of we love fran single digits now the next two days the pope has a busy agenda as his first trip to the united states is in full swing. later today he will celebrate mass in a couldn't nonization ceremony which will be the first on u.s. soil an milestone in american catholic history. francis plans to deliver the mass in spanish, his native tongue with english translations on large screens. president obama has called him a transformative leader and on thursday another first, the pontiff will deliver a speech to congress. >> i think the things that we'll hear are income disparities in the poor, something about the environment and then also something about migrants and refugees. >> reporter: but true to the humble nature of pope francis instead of dining with members of congress he'll have lunch with homeless people in a tent set up outside the street. this is part of what has made francis so popular. for the first time in 20 years the majority of american catholics say the church is in touch with their views. of course tomorrow evening the pope will head to new york
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city and then land in philadelphia on saturday. we are ready. tam. >> all right, thank you, erin. and our live reports from d.c. continue later today. rick williams and monica malpass are there right now and then when the pope goes on to new york tomorrow evening, you can look for eva pilgrim and sarah bloomquist also with live reports. >> the world meeting of families continues in philadelphia today. >> the streets are packed with pilgrims and crews getting ready trying to have everything ready to go for the papal events. >> "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live along the ben franklin parkway. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. the city is full of pilgrims from all over the world who are here taking in the sights and sounds of philadelphia. day two of the world meeting of families kicks off this morning. the spiritual event started last night with a mass for the 17,000 pilgrims gathered at the convention center. they are from over 100 countries around the world, many of them are enjoying all that the city of brotherly love has to offer.
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>> it's a beautiful city its a beautiful people. it's nice to be here. >> it's really great. the people are so warm and they welcome us with their smiles. >> we went to the basilica today it's beautiful. what a wonderful event. we're so happy to be here. >> reporter: of course the highlight of this event for many of these pilgrims will be when the pope arrives here on saturday. the stage is taking shape in front of independence hall. pope francis will deliver a speech on immigration and freedom there on saturday. back out here live on the parkway, it remains closed to traffic as crews continue to prepare for the festival of families this saturday and the papal mass on sunday and we have already started seeing the crews come in this morning as they prepare to put those finishing touches here on the parkway. the first crews rolling in about 4:30 this morning. we're live here along the parkway, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, eva. septa has updated its
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plans to accommodate the influx of passengers this weekend. up to 2,000 workers will work on crowd control. they'll funnel people into lines to keep platforms from becoming too congested. the last time septa dealt with such high demand was the 2008 phillies world series victory parade. >> "action news" will have coverage. jim gardner will lead our team of more than two dozen anchors and reporters who will be at locations across the region bringing us this history making visit and the impact on the delaware valley. >> 5:37. new this morning, three nooses were found hanging on the campus of the university of delaware and campus police are trying to figure out who left them there. rope and bender wire hangers were discovered hanging from a tree outside of mitchell hall. a peaceful black lives matter demonstration happened in that spot the night before. the university is calling the action a hate crime. it appears the school does not have surveillance cameras in area. delaware's interim president plans to hold a campuswide gathering today to address the
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issue but has not indicated where and what time. >> new this morning, bill cosby he is looking for a defense lawyer as local prosecutors consider reopening a criminal case against him. cosby is not currently charged with a 2005 sexual assault of andrea constand a former temple university employee. the two faced off in a civil suit which was settled. cosby admitted to having sexual contact with her in 2004 but said it was consentual. the prosecutors have until january to file criminal charges in the case. dozens of women have made similar sex assault claims against cosby but he's never been charged with a crime related to those charges. >> let's turn now to accuweather. today's fall feels like summer. >> yes, it does. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that we are dry. autumn has arrived as of 4:21 this morning but as you'll see he in a moment it's not going to feel like autumn this afternoon. as we take a look outside we have sky6 looking at center city. hd view and there are stars above and the sun getting ready to pop up over the
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horizon nice and bright this morning. 62 degrees is your current temperature. your dewpoint 53 indicating low humidity air so it will not feel sticky today. the winds out of the north-northeast at temperature miles per hour. going a little higher than that at times. as we move past sunrise. right now sunrise looks pretty good as those clouds that were over south jersey and delaware are for the most part pushing off the coast. southern delaware still a little bit overcast and this is because of the system that passed us by and is headed up to new england is pulling away and dragging those clouds out with it. 60 degrees by 8 o'clock. it will still be a little bit cool by 8 o'clock so if it's a morning that you want to get out there and do a nice jog around town, you can do it just fine. by 11 o'clock, 70 degrees, getting a little warm there and by 2 o'clock 78 with a high of 80 this afternoon. well above average. that 80 probably slotting in around 3:30 or 4:00 and we'll still be in the uner 70's pushing toward dinner advertisement high temperatures across the wide region, 79 degrees in allentown, 80 in reading, 80 in wilmington, 80. today's high in philadelphia, 78 in trenton, 78 in millville and if you're down the shore
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this afternoon, it will be a little bit cooler, highs ranging between 72 and 75 from cape may up to atlantic city. area of low pressure down to the south is going to be the big feature to watch over the neck several days. right now it's so far to the south it's not really affecting us but as it starts to push up the coast, there is the likelihood that by the weekend it's going to start to circulate some clouds in, at least isn't high to mid level clouds and breezy conditions. there's only about a 30 percent chance that the rain rises up enough to clip us and that's because a big area of high pressure is in control and on most of our computer models over the last several days, every now and then one gives way and let's some rain come into philadelphia but most of these runs show that high strong enough where it suppresses the rain to the south. we'll go for a 70 percent chance of staying dry this weekend but obviously you'll want to keep an eye on that. for now it's also looking breezy and cool with lots of clouds on saturday and sunday, some sunny breaks. 73 saturday, 72 sunday. you'll want a jacket or a sweatshirt if you're going to be out and about on the parkway because most of the
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time it will be a little bit breezy and cool. today and tomorrow highs around 80 so a couple very warm days. then 75 degrees with more clouds building on friday and there again those highs in the low 70's on saturday and sunday. watching that southern storm system especially on sunday but at this point hoping it stays dry and looking like a decent chance that it l then monday and tuesday we're back up into the upper 70's, people, so overall that's a pretty nice seven-day forecast. >> it really is. >> uh-huh. >> i'll buy it for a dollar. >> okay. >> he'll give it to you for free. >> i'll sell it to you for a buck five. >> the guy who said it ain't over until it's over has died. we'll take a look back at the extraordinary career of hall of fame catcher yogi berra. >> donald trump makes a stop on late night television. karen. >> no overnight construction, looking pretty good right here northeast philadelphia woods hey road at knights road. we'll take you to delaware county, see what the blue route looks like coming up. >> and a federal judge decides if i were to sing happy birthday to you right now, would i have to pay for it
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here out across philadelphia international airport. over next couple days that will be a busy place as people continue to come in to join in with the world meeting of families which is already under way. 5:44, 61 degrees out there. first full day of autumn. going to be a warm one in the
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afternoon. a great day to enjoy. >> karen, there are things going on. >> there are things going on around the clock. that's why i get up at 2:00 in the morning so i can tell you these things so you darn well well better listen. looking at our maps, we have a problem, a new accident blocking the intersection here in hamilton township atlantic county right on 322 at cologne avenue so watch for this accident. just stick to route 40 to get around the restrictions near hamilton township in atlantic county. we he have been talking a lot about the problems in pennsauken camden county. we've got these downed wires and the problem is it's creating a power outage here so the downed wires themselves on route 73 between river and hilton roads and the power outages in the surrounding communities and we're on the waze app right now, so here you can see -- you can see hilton and here you can see river road right here. this is 73. this is river road and also the intersection of remmington and 73 which is a busy intersection there, the lights are out and we're hearing
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about the lights being out in the surrounding communities with these traffic lights so that's a real issue as you're traveling and be careful about that. just trite as a four-way stop whenever you can with the traffic lights not quite working. while we're on the waze app i wanted to mention with the world meeting of families and the papal visit this weekend it's a good app to use if you're trying to determine what's closed, what's not closed as we'll be helping you out around the clock with that butter here on the app we can kind of look at the ben franklin parkway already, you're seeing the closures that are in place closing the ben franklin parkway but you can see this on the waze app so we'll be helping you through that as it happens. i want to talk about the construction here. it is cleared on northbound past lansdale but approaching lansdale on the northeast extension we he do still have crews out there working right now. let's just take a quick look in dell air county. a truck off to the side of road but not causing problems. this is the blue route at baltimore pike, kind of quiet out there so if you're coming down from villanova, broomall you're looking pretty good and the weather is just gorgeous today. we've got clear skies, do a little star gazing. you'll see he that sun glare causing an issue on some of the roads though later on,
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tam. >> thank you karen. sad news to report from the sports world. yankees hall of famer yogi berra has died. the former major league baseball player manager and coach played in 14 world series and was named an all-star 15 times. off the field berra was famous for some dizzying quotes dubbed yogiisms like when you come to a fork in the road take it and it's deja vu all over again. he died of natural causes at his home in new jersey. he was 90 years old. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump appeared on the late show with stephen colbert and colbert reminded him that president obama was born in the u.s. trump was criticized over the weekend for not correcting a man who said the president is a muslim and not american. trump quickly changed the subject last night. >> i talk about jobs, i'm talking about the vets who are treated like third class citizens, treated worse than illegals coming. the vets in this country is so mistreated terribly. i'm talking about the military building up. those are the things i'm talking about. i'm not talking about that.
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>> trump has been at the heart of the immigration debate. pope francis is expected to address that topic during his speech to congress tomorrow. >> yom kippur the holiest day on the jewish calendar continues until sundown. >> ♪ the action cam was at the observance held last night at congregation rodath shalom. it's observed with 24 hours of fasting and prayer. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ♪ >> a federal judge has ruled that the 120-year-old song
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happy birthday to you is public domain and not copyright protected. warner chappelle music which paid $15 million for the song's rights in 1988 may lose millions in future revenue due to the ruling. the song is based on the melody good morning to all. so you can sing it now whenever you want. >> now you can sing it but maybe some people shouldn't. [laughter] >> i'm probably one of them. >> that would be me he. >> take a look outside right now and check the schuylkill expressway here at spring garden. westbound traffic on your right-hand side headed towards the boulevard, no problems on the schuylkill but on spring garden here but spring garden street is closed adjacent to eakins oval on the east side of the parkway. so portions of spring garden already closed. we've been seeing those closures extends and they'll continue to do so for the papal visit. mass transit septa buses detours on those that normally travel along the ben franklin parkway so we're seeing the detours, taking a little longer even on the buses. on the rails we he do have changes because of the papal visit that don't begin until
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late thursday night. watch for that. >> the problem with happy birthday is everybody has got to get on the same key in the beginning. somebody's got to start and then it sounds better. storm tracker6 has been showing us that we're dry but still a bit cool this morning so a jacket is probably required but this afternoon shorts and t's after school. no doubt about it. for now cool, 52 degrees in pottstown, 52 in saint davids, 62 in center city. and in south jersey a lot of upper 50's, some spots on or about 60 and it's more of the same up and down the state of delaware. if you're out running errands, excuse me this morning, we he do have comfortable conditions up until 9:00, 62 degrees. you want to do some running outside, that's a good time to do it and then by noon, 74. this afternoon a little bit warmer but not all that humid. we're going to get a high of 80 then probably hits at about 3:30 this afternoon. matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, davi david. >> ♪ >> music and worship filled the air at the church of the jesu in north philadelphia last night. several parishes in the black catholic community are
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sponsoring a two night revival in connection with the world meeting of families. and trucks hauling concrete barriers arrived in wynnefield last night. these will be put in place for the city avenue closures on saturday and sunday. the northbound side will be shut down from lancaster avenue to the schuylkill and the southbound side will be closed between belmont and lancaster avenues. >> law enforcement tells "action news" that the papal visit will be the largest security event in philadelphia's modern history. "action news" spoke one-on-one with the secret service special agent in charge david beach. he says 600 people from 71 different agencies are collaborating to ensure that the pope and participants are safe this weekend. >> it's going to be a safe and secure event. people should come and they should enjoy themselves. it's a once in a lifetime event and it's a chance for the city of philadelphia to showcase itself. >> bomb detection devices and and k-9 teams are in place to help screen for explosives and other threats. there will be 24 security check points.
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>> it's 5:53 is. up next how a north jersey company he saved the day for a young boy whose wheelchair was taken by thieves. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m. a live report from washington, d.c. as pope francis prepares for his second day in the united states. >> ♪
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>> new this morning, a thief stole a north jersey boy's wheelchair but people with a heart have come to that little boy's rescue. the bandit played off with andrew pacheco's wheelchair
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after his mother left it outside briefly as she went in the home to get andrew to bring him out. donations got him a quick replacement for the 2500 chair. police are still looking for thief. >> new on "action news" a man's selfie with a state trooper in the midwest has led to a conversation about community relations with police and it's good. greg barns snapped this shot with an indiana trooper standing in the background of a traffic stop. the officer let barnes go with a warning for speeding back on friday. barnes took the opportunity to capture what he described as a moment of mutual respect. barnes said he wants to show people not all police interactions end poorly. >> i posted it a few days ago on my facebook page an lot of people were touched. 5:57. coming up team coverage of the papal visit to the u.s. continues up next. plus a man gets dragged by an amtrak train overnight. we'll tell you what happened. >> the papal visit might delay new iphone deliveries.
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details next in business. >> ♪ more kids are suffering from asthma and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. hear on this wednesday september 23rd. here's what's happening. >> pope francis wakes up in the united states. our team coverage begins with a live report from washington. karen. >> parkway already shut down. kelly drive is closed. and we've got an accident in the area involving an overturned vehicle. i'll have the traffic details coming up, dave. >> karen, on the terrace we're off to a comfortable start for the first day of autumn but it's of course going to feel like summer later this afternoon. that story and your papal weekend call coming up from accuweather. matt, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. just three days until pope francis gets here. today he's at the white house with p


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