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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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happening now on "action news," preps for pope francis are about to enter the 11th hour. that means changes in store for traffic and mass transit tonight. >> pope francis spends his final day in washington and perhaps his first-ever papal address to congress. >> a little girl is getting a lot of buzz with her encounter for the pope. she asked for protection for her immigrant parents. >> we have david and karen with weather and traffic. >> reporter: nice and warm for the pope's arrival, changes coming for the weekend. we have cloud cover south of philadelphia. doesn't look like it's enough to block out the sun. 52 in wilmington. 54 in trenton. 58 in sea isle city. heading out the door to catch
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the bus. it will be cool to start out. clouds possible south of philadelphia. chilly, 57 by 6:00. 58 by 8:00. as we roll through the day it's a big warm up in store. noon, 76. the high today will be 82 degrees, well above the average high of 75. that strikes at 3:00 p.m. there are cloudy and somewhat cool changes for the weekend. by sunday maybe a bit of rain it will be a close call. we'll have the latest from accuweather coming up. karen what are the roads looking like early? >> reporter: so many people outside worried about the possibility of rain. we're looking at the traffic report. if you're in areas like the benjamin franklin parkway it's shut down in anticipation of the papal visit. it doesn't reopen until early next week. it's causing problems with congestion on the side streets. kelly drive is shut down between fairmont avenue and the parkway. it's going to close entirely starting on friday. so you got the parkway closed and portions of kelly drive
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closed, as well. heading to work, i-95 southbound heading toward center city no overnight construction, no delays just yet. no weather weather-related prob, looking good on i-95 so far. we had an accident on 42 northbound traffic at creek road blocking a lane. it's clear, you can see traffic moving just fine, no northbound delays just yet. in lawnside camden county we have closures the ramps connecting 295 to the white horse pike is shut down. use the ramps to 168 instead. >> take a look at this, two days until pope francis arrives in philadelphia. the city's transformation is nearly complete. let's go to "action news" reporter, katherine scott live along the parkway with what you need to know about the next phase of construction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam we're getting close, m which means there's a lot of to keep in mind as you navigate the
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city. a lot of visitors coming to town and enjoying the area. there's a lot of work to do, as well. tonight along the parkway and independence mall, the security perimeter and secure vehicle perimeter will take effect. by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. the area between 12th west to 20th will be open to pedestrians only. >> very excited. i'm glad to be here. >> reporter: thousands of people from all over the globe are here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. with all the museums and historic stops, there's lots to see here, of course, but many are making time for the rocky statue. >> for me, rocky balboa was a great person in the movie, i watched it, oh, my god it is unbelievable. >> it reminds me of the movie, back then, that's it, i'm very happy to be here. >> reporter: elsewhere on the parkway, crews continued
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plugging away preparing for the up coming papal mass and festival of families. >> reporter: overnight more security was constructed at 19th and callowhill. tonight at so p.m., a security perimeter and -- at 10:00 p.m., the security perimeter and secure vehicle perimeter go up. the final phase of towing finished up yesterday. if you have a yellow placard you have until 10:00 p.m. tonight to move your car to a designated garage. preparations are underway on independence mall. rental chairs are set up and the sound system is wired for the pope's speech on saturday. >> i'm very proud. >> reporter: back live at 20th and the parkway where you can see it is closed off, the traffic, it has been been for several days now. city hall is closed today that won't reopen until tuesday morning. septa is closing stations
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beginning at 10:00 p.m. including suburban station on the regional rail and city hall on the broad street line, i'll tell you the rest of the stops at 6:00 p.m. live along the parkway katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> respects and democrats getting together to listener to a pope's first ever speech to a joint session of congress. stephanie ramos is in the nation's capitol. >> reporter: this is the view the pope will have appearing on the capitol balance cane after his -- balcony after his historic speech to congress. he injects humility pulling up to the white house in a tiny fiat and giving his first speech to the american people in english. >> as a son of immigrants i'm
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happy to be in your county which was largely built by them. >> reporter: the holy father called for tolerance and action on climate change before heading to the oval office to meet with president obama. the pontiff board the popemobile greeting the thousands lined up for hours just to catch a glimpse of him, some getting more, a kiss on the head for this baby boy. another little one, 5-year-old sophia cruz makes her way through the barricade. as police move her back, the pope calls her over and kiss as she hands him a letter. how did it make you feel? >> excited. >> reporter: another massive crowd at least 250,000 greet the pope at the country's largest cathedral. the late spanish sprees junipero serra is the -- priest junipero
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serra is the first spanish saint to be named on american soil. in washington, stephanie ramos. >> our coverage continues in new york city at 4:00 p.m. today. >> a rare display will be available for prayerful pilgrims in philadelphia. a line stretched down the block in south philadelphia for those who want to see the remains of saint maria goretti who was canonized saint. you can see the relic at st. john's church on south 13th street. turn to 6abc when the pope arrives in philadelphia on saturday. "action news" will have complete coverage throughout the weekend. our team of two dozen anchors and reporters will be across the region bringing you the history-making visit and the impact on the delaware valley.
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>> 50:37 other news, a man pulling out of the driveway in the overbrook park section of the city. was shot and killed. the action cam was there where the deadly ambushed happened last night. the 41-year-old victim died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. a minivan was spotted fleeing the scene. detectives do not know the reasons behind the ambush murder. >> philadelphia's top cop got a haircut and had frank talk about crime in the city. commissioner ramsey said it's up to citizens to take action and mentioned the black lives matter movement. >> if we don't deal with it, what do we wind up with? the same stuff we've been dealing with over and over again. it's not going to fix itself. it's just not. that movement, has the potential of being the most significant
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frights movement since the 60s now that's saying a lot. >> ramsey uses his pod cast that discusses issues that impact community. that's pretty neat. >> it's showing he does enjoy talking to local residents about things like this. >> reporter: we're off to a nice start this morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we're dry taking a look outside, stars above. there's a few clouds around from philadelphia down south through parts of south jersey and delaware, but they are not going to be the dominant feature today. we're starting out cool and fairly comfortable. 60 degrees. wind on the light side. satellite arena radar -- and radar showing there are clouds filtering through the region, but breaking up a bit. 58 degrees and cool by 8:00 a.m. in case you want to get out there and get your exercise done
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early. 73 by 11:00 a.m. not too bad. this afternoon it gets warmer, 81 by 2:00 p.m. 82 is the high. looks like everybody is in the low 80s away from the shore. 80 in allentown, trenton, millville and mid 70s on the boardwalks this afternoon. it's going to be a close call heading into the weekend. we have high pressure up to the north and west that's funneling the dry air through the region giving us the mostly sunny skies. over the next couple of days heading into the weekend. the frontal boundary with the low will have the tendency to push it close to us, the shield of rain will nudge farther to the north. at the same time the high pressure drops down from the north, the two features will do battle this weekend, it will be a close call for rain. saturday looks cloudy and sunny breaks, sunday, cloudier with more of a pronounced flow off the ocean. sunday is the day where some of
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the rain may come up close to philadelphia. so we're going to see for the most part rain south of philadelphia, but as you look at the chance of rain not too bad. sunday, 30% which is significant. there's a chance that some of rain moves up. kind of depends on which model you want to look at. the festival of family saturday evening, cloudy skies and a few breaks. it will be breezy and cooler as the day goes on. treat like a phillies game at citizens bank park. you start out mild, but you're getting cooler during the event. you want to bring layers you can add. for for the parade and the papal mast, a mainly cloudy day, might be mild for part of the afternoon. as we get later into the event, temperatures cool down, of course in the morning we start kind of cool. i would be -- i think it's good advice on sunday to add a couple of layers as needed.
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10:00 a.m., 64. 68 by 1 m 72 at 4:00 p.m. mostly dry with the rain coming up from the south. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm today, 82. tomorrow, 77. 75 saturday, 73 sunday, maybe a few sunny breaks, clouds on sun, 30% chance that the rain comes up from the south. hopefully we stay dry. monday, tuesday, wednesday, look dry, also a little bit milder. wednesday the u.s. cup final at ppl park with the union. phillies back home wednesday. it will be nice for all that. >> 5:42. still ahead on "action news," $10 million worth of narcotics are off new york city streets this morning. we have details on a major drug bust. >> thieves smash their way into a store and haul away weapons.
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>> reporter: chester county looking good at commerce drive. all clear here. we'll be checking the schuylkill open today and we'll talk about the closures coming up. >> a baby couldn't wait to be born and big brother on hand for all the action. details when "action news" comes right back. ññ >> welcome back you're taking a
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live look out across center
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city. so exciting, everything we saw with pope francis in washington, d.c. yesterday. today he'll make his way to norksz and finally in -- new york city, and finally in two days he'll be here. 5:46. >> two days away from the pope. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night this will be shut down. schuylkill expressway eastbound will be closed at 10:00 p.m. the schuylkill expressway eastbound will be shut down from the blue route to i-95 and westbound will be shut down from i-95 to the boulevard. we'll see huge closures obviously. schuylkill expressway shut down you'll have to plan around that starting tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. if you go to the waze app check out the closures they are showing the benjamin franklin parkway is closed. portions of kelly drive is closed. that's a good way to get the latest updates. and matt pellman will be here around the clock to help you throughout the weekend with the closures. let's go to the maps and show
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you a water main break in norristown swedes street at chestnut street. we have crews on the scene in norristown. on the northeast extension construction crews out there blocking the left lane between quakertown and lansdale and southbound at lansdale, as well. i want to show you the temperatures, step outside, it's cool in spots in the suburbs. 47 in quakertown. 49 in martins creek. 47 in coatsville. 62 in the city. 52 in browns mills. 50 in hammonton. 49 in buena. 53 in dover, delaware. nonetheless we have a warm afternoon highs in the 80s and sunshine. >> the nypd is showing off its haul from the drug bust in the bronx. authorities raided two homes and found piles of bags stashed with $10 million of synthetic
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marijuana. police did not make any arrests. there was major drug busts around here, cocaine showing up in the port of philadelphia. federal agents found 360 pounds of drug on a ship coming in from costa rica. they say the coke was laminated and hidden in boxes of squash and pumpkin. >> the only way to find it was was to examine and pull out every piece of vegetable and locate the narcotics. >> investigators say it has a street value of $6 million. but as of yet nobody is on the hook for the haul. >> federal education officials have cleared princeton university on claims it discriminates against asian applicants. the federal department of civil rights found no evidence that the ivy league school
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discriminated on the base of origin. 5:49. several commercial pilots are complaining about the san francisco 49ers. not because they play, but because of the way they light their stadium. r request a a
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>> >> reporter: welcome back trying to get to work are you? you might have a few issues here or there. you're already here. looking at the vine street expressway at the benjamin franklin parkway. many. ramps off the vine street expressway will be closing at 10:00 p.m. including that one off to the right that leads to the vine street expressway to
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the benjamin franklin parkway. the ramps will close in anticipation of the papal visit. septa buses detours are in effect for those who travel along the benjamin franklin parkway. i've been talking to people it's taking extra long for those who use them. the rails, surban -- suburban station and 5th street station will close. >> reporter: the good thing about this job you get up early ahead of the traffic. we're looking at temperatures in the up 50s this afternoon. shorts and ts. we're in the 50s and 40s in the northern and western suburbs. mainly 50s in the south jersey and up and down the state of delaware. if you're planning to exercise, you can do that between now and 9:00 a.m. this afternoon, 76 degrees by noon. if you're going out and about
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this afternoon get the ac going in the car. 82 is the high. not a lot of wind mostly sunny skies. thank you, david. take a look at this surveillance video it shows thieves breaking into a gun store in the middle of the night smashing into a car right through the wall. they run through the wall and steal two dozen firearms that were valued at $450 each. >> pilots say they are being blinded by the bright lights coming from the home of the from an 49ers. 6 pilots have filed complaints with the federal aviation administration saying levi stadium lights are too bright. one pilot said the lights flooded the cockpit. faa said most of the incidents
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happened when the score board was being calibrated when the rights lights are brighter than usual. get wine glasses ready. must see thursday night tv is back kicking off with grace anatomy by 8:00 and scandal and how to get away with murder and "action news" at 11:00 p.m. with having -- with jim gardner. a lot of people waiting for the show to start. >> a georgia mom goes into labor and her son who happens to be an aspiring doctor manages to delivers healthy baby brother.
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awarded a local police department a body camera grant this comes always the central bucks police department has been named lead agency for federal funding for law enforcement agencies in bucks county. they will increase transparency. >> an aspiring doctor is well on his way to earning a white coat and is only 11. a mother went into labor the child called 911 and was able to deliver the baby per
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ininstructions. doctors at the hospital were impressed, so are we. >> a vacuum cleaner is among the evidence found at a stabbing scene in philadelphia. police are trying to connect the unusual dots. >> good morning, .
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thursday, september 24. here's what's happening. >> the moment this region has spent so much preparing for has almost arrived. more security fences is going up in philadelphia as we pave the way for the pope. >> a brutal brawl broke


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