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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the action cam is taking a live look at the place that will be the focal point for the entire delaware and lehigh valleys this afternoon. the festival of families is over and mass of transformation is taking place before our eyes to prepare for mass this afternoon led by pope francis. >> good morning, again, it is sunday september 27. i'm matt o'donnell along with tamala edwards with the special "action news" coverage of pope francis' final day in philadelphia. we have live team coverage of
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the visit with the reporters covering every aspect of the stops in the area. karen rogers is monitoring the road closures and how they are affecting people downtown. we were talking to david murphy about the chance of rain. >> reporter: yeah, not much of a chance. take a look at satellite and radar, a lot of cloud cover in place. with high pressure moving toward the east and clockwise flow around it, the rain to the west is being picked up by pittsburgh. we're too close to the center to get rain in place. relatively speaking it is dry and we're looking at maybe a passing sprinkle today. we're down 60 in philadelphia. 52 in allentown. 55 in reading. there's a bit of a breeze blowing this morning. a little bit higher than yesterday, similar start to what we had yesterday morning, 12-mile an hour in philadelphia. 14 in wilmington, 8 in
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millville. that's what to expect as you roll toward the parkway. the day planner shows a decent afternoon. yes it will be mostly cloudy, there's a slight chance of a sprinkle and breezy. the 9:00 a.m., 62 dpreez, northern, 73 degrees, # p.m., 76 degrees, and 6:00 p.m., 71 degrees. we have minor coastal flooding at times of high tide mainly in the back bays and up and down the delaware bay. karen rogers we're hoping for no new surprises road wide. we have lots of closures. the past couple of days people have been dealing with it. we have not seen huge traffic jams because people are not going to see the pope they are going home. westbound schuylkill expressway is open from route 1 to the blue route. it is eastbound traffic shut down from the blue route to i-95. occasionally eastbound we see a recommendsterred bus coming
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through -- registered bus coming throw or an emergency vehicle coming through. eastbound traffic that's what we're watching happen right now. the schuylkill expressway eastbound is shut down from the blue route to i-95. we're looking at the toll plaza in camden the ben franklin bridge. the security is set up, we have seen emergency vehicles cross over the barrier, but no other vehicular traffic, we passed out water bottles what a sight to see people walking across the ben. the vine expressway shut down in both directions, we've seen people milling about out there, but no traffic on the vine. at this point remaining closed until monday morning, matt and tam. >> "action news" reporter, nydia han live at eakens oval what a night last night and what a day we're getting ready for today. >> reporter: what a night it was, we have so much to look forward to today. let's talk about last night there was music applause, a lot
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of laughter and personal story and words of wisdom from pope francis, he went off script as he is known to do and he improvised for 20 minutes and the crowd loved it. the festival family was delighted by the musical acts. mark walhberg hosted and said he tributes all his success to his catholic faith. there was testimony from 6 families from all around the world. and a special impromptu performance by a local 14-year-old. the best performance came from the holy father himself who went off script giving a passionate and humorous speech about the importance of family. >> let us look after the family. let's protect the family, because it is the family that
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our future is. thank you god bless you all. >> we're looking forward to the pope celebrating mass on the eakens over stage. it will be quite a sight. we're checking a million people to be on the mark way. one of the big challenges. this extravagant organize, the two day event back-to-back, we talked to the executive producer about the challenge. >> that's what is unique, the orchestration has as much detail always the the or shells tryings of the actual festival of families. maybe more. >> reporter: it is the stage that will undergo many changes. >> that structure for the
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festival of family will have a lanolium surface which is good for dancing, but on sunday it will carpet that will have seating and place for the holy father to pray. >> reporter: while thousands will work to change the nuts and bolts and esthetics it is the church that will make the stage a true holy place. >> we'll hand it over to the will a low -- to the religious folks. >> reporter: the crucifix has been installed it is quite a spectacle. the bishops wear tall ceremonial
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hats, known as miters. it will be a historic moment for the mass celebrated on eakens oval. it will be a historic movement and the world will be watching with us. >> let's take a picture of the benjamin franklin parkway from logan square you can see the papal alter being constructed right now. a lot of folks lined up along the parkway, some of them may not get a direct view of the alter, but there will be jumbotrons set up all over the place, and really everyone will feel the specialness that will takes place as they are in the presence of the pope as he as he is mass on this sunday. >> alicia vitarelli is there on eakens oval. people who are catholic, mass is a regular feature of life, but today they can't wrap their minds around what they are about to be part of as they head down
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there. >> reporter: absolutely, matt and tam, to be here as they set up and put the alter together, you can feel the energy, people have been sleeping out overnight just to be in the presence to get a blessing from the pope. as we gather from the world meeting of family, you might think pope francis is the star of the show, it feels like that around here, but he is quick to remind us, the families are the stars, particularly the children and these images of pope francis blessing children across the region are gripping. some are sick and some are handicapped. anyone bearing witness to his kindness is brought to tears. it started moments after he landed, he made an unexpected stop asking the motorcade to pull over to bless michael keating planting a kiss on the young boy's head the pope reminding us the power of
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comparison and the importance of nurturing the next generation. >> children who are younger or orderly they are the future, the strengthen that moves us forward. we place our hope in them. >> reporter: how about this moment on market street yesterday, pope francis stopping to bless baby gianna who just turned a year old last week who is battling an inoperable brain tumor of. this was not a dry eye in the crowd with police officers crying just along with everybody there for the special moment, the pope placing his hand on the little girl's head in embrace it is moments like that we expect to see here today. it is roughly what a million
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people hope to see and hear and they will from pope francis as he takes his stop on the alter in eakens oval. it's going on to be a remarkable experience a similar scene that happened back in 1979 when st. john paul ii, this is a piece of history we'll never forget. >> thank you alicia. the mass on the parkway will be the culmination of the pope's visit to philadelphia. he begins his day at saint charles seminary where he will beat bishops and 100 seminarians at the chapel. he will depart to greet inmates and return to the parkway at 3:25 for a second papal parade followed by a celebration of mass. he will conclude the trip by thanking the world meeting of families volunteers and organizes at a private events at the airport. he departs to rome at 8:00 p.m.
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>> we want to leave you with the view from temple university looking into center city. of course that's city hall. the city is quiet beginning to wake up. as the day goes on, we'll see so many people make their way into the is heart of the city to participate in the special events we'll be right back.
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sunday, the papal mass takes place this afternoon. we have mobile 6 out on the streets where there is no one out there right now. particularly this one, broad street and girard avenue in north philadelphia where you cannot go anymore even though the light is green, that is the many block -- blockades set up. >> there are restrictions and closures you need to be aware of. let's go over to karen rogers with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, as we look at the cameras we see emergency workers come through and support personnel and buses on the roads. so many people come out. right now we're looking at 42, northbound traffic people heading already towards the city, earlier we saw a line of flashing lights and people sometimes we see a motorcade of support personnel coming in and getting ready and getting set.
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i want to pull in the waze app. we have the closures at route 30 from airport circle toward admiral wilson and the ben franklin bridge. 676 northbound with the waze app you can track that from exit 3 up to the bridge shut down. the ben franklin bridge itself shut down until noon on monday. we can see the vine street expressway shut down, the benjamin franklin parkway all of the closures in center city. the waze app is a good way to track that. it's funny to pull out wide and look at this. we can see the schuylkill expressway and all the closures on the schuylkill expressway, as well that you have, of course, westbound is shut down from the blue route all the way to i-95. westbound i-95 to route 1. this is a good way to help you out. of course i could help you, too, because i'll be here around the clock. matt, tam and dave. >> we will too, it is a party before the papal mass. >> reporter: right, today, similar to yesterday, clouds,
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sunny breaks, a little breezy and doesn't look like it's going to rain. very small chance. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry. as we look outside we're looking at decent conditions out there, clouds, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows a sprinkle by washington and out on the other side of gettysburg this is migrating toward the north and not in our direction. the farther west you go in pennsylvania the better chance you have of sprinkles and showers. 55 in reading, 61 in wilmington. 67 in cape may. satellite arena radar, the wide view shows how the action is pinwheeling toward pittsburgh and state college. most of the precipitation should stay to the south. future tracker 6 will show a little bit of a pop-up sprinkle or brief shower down the shore or close up to philadelphia. if we see something it's going to be minor and not something
6:17 am
that will hinder your enjoyment of activities on the parkway today. in the lehigh valley, breezy conditions there. 73 is the forecast high. down the shore, 74, mostly cloudy a little windy down the shore. remember down the shore you have the onshore wind driving water into the back bays and southern delaware bay. there's minor tidal flooding between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and high tide at 7:30 and 8:30. you might see beach erosion. for the papal parkway, sunny breaks, breezy conditions. on future tracker there's a very good chance we stay dry. noon, 73, 3:00 p.m., 76 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 7 #. the if you're milling around center city and trying to get out of the no-drive zone. you might want a jacket.
6:18 am
future tracker 6 on monday shows us at 6:00 a.m. we're basically cloudy. monday there's a chance of some of that moisture coming up from the south. we may get a couple of sprinkles or showers through the day, it may be on the breezy side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 76 degrees, cloudy for the most part, breezy and dry. warm and muggy on monday. we're into autumn now. feeling like summer with a high of 83. higher humidity and sprinkle or shower as you just saw. tuesday some of the models are suggesting more significant rain coming in the afternoon or evening. another high of 80. we could use the rain, obviously we're hoping it works out that way. wednesday, lingering showers, otherwise, clouds and sun, hopefully dry in the evening for the union's u.s. cup match at ppl park and it looks like we're back in the 60s by thursday and friday and maybe saturday, as well.
6:19 am
>> "action news" the morning team will be here very early tomorrow morning to help you navigate through some of the continuing street and bridge closures, so we'll look for you to join us for weather news and bracing news at 4:00 a.m. a lot of people think it is monday because they see us here. it is still sunday, you didn't oversleep to go to work. our coverage of pope francis continues. let's take a live look at the ben franklin bridge, the pedestrian bridge, the sun is expected to come up a6:53 a.m. it is sunday and pope francis is saying mass this afternoon.
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>> welcome back we're watching the transformation in motion. last night it was about the festival of families. a big celebration, a lot of fun out there. today will be a different kind of enjoyment, but a thoughtful somber mass focus the on the realities and the seriousness of the church. we're taking a look as they get the stage put together it's incredible to watch them change everything around. >> a lot of crews working all night. >> reporter: and some of the reporters saying they have been camping out. they want to get the best seat in the house. they are standing by, some stayed overnight. i would, too. >> you have a job. >> reporter: it's cool. let's take a look outside, i want to show you the traffic,
6:23 am
that's what i'm here to help you, you see the crews out there, we're getting a lot of this in many areas. if you're on the boulevard you can see you go westbound on the schuylkill expressway at that point up to wherever, you can't go eastbound. because eastbound is shut down from the blue route to i-95. so you have that huge closures, of course you've got the police and barricades we've got them set up all over. the ben franklin bridge pedestrian only. that's the only traffic. you need to take the walt, the betsy ross bridge, the tacony-palmyra no problems, dave. >> reporter: on the big board. temperatures cool to start out, 5 degrees in pottstown. 54 in kennett square, 62 in center city. across south jersey in case you're getting into the car to get up closer to walk over into the city, at in buena, 58 in glassboro. 57 in hammonton. avalon 68 degrees.
6:24 am
the day planner, 60 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 73. 3:00 p.m., 76 degrees, looks like it's going to be mild with clouds and maybe some sunny breaks, a little bit breezy for the papal mass this afternoon. and 6:00 p.m. down to 71 and shooting back into the 60s pretty quick after that. the bishop shanahan marching band played rocky theme as the pope arrived in philadelphia. he went past the museum of art and pointed something there, he said look this, he is shadow boxing, don't you think so, or maybe running, going to town some meat hanging up. it did not give him the urge to ascend the steps, rocky balboa style. he might have done it. we want to hear your messages to pope francis tweet them using the #6abc messages, we'll be scrolling them live during the
6:25 am
pope's coverage to philadelphia. we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars.
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hello, everyone, check out the impending sunrise coming up over south jersey and over the ben franklin bridge. the sun will be coming up shorepointly before 7:00 a.m., it will be nice and sunny, cool, cloudy here and there, but the chance of rain according to david murphy has been reduced that's great news for the papal mass set for 4:00 p.m. >> a lovely start to the day. after the pope celebrated mass at saints peter and paul. he blessed several children. one was christopher garcia.
6:28 am
christopher has cerebral palsy and quadriplegic. but he was all smiles when his mother told us about their encounter with the pope. >> it was a surreal moment. we're feeling were we really there, did this happen. >> reporter: garcia's visit was made through make a wish organization in delaware. >> we'll have more coverage of the pope's visit to the u.s., live picture before we head out, these men and women have been working all night to transform it from a stage to an alter. we'll be right back. the
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save 20 to 30% on all the season's latest looks in cellular shades and cascade double shades. that'll really make you look smart. blinds to go. blinds for life. wrapped up last night's festival by blessing the crowd. >> his hectic which he would includes celebrating mass before heading back to rome tonight. >> looking at the parkway, you can see people busy all night transforming the stage from what we saw for a celebratory venue last night to what we'll see this afternoon for the pope to celebrate mass on the art museum steps with a million people
6:31 am
expected to participate. that big cross, the center point of the stage. >> we begin our coverage looking at road closures and the improving accuweather forecast with david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: that stage this built is very cool changing from a concert venue to a mass venue. we have clouds building overhead, we'll have sunny breaks at times. the rain from yesterday is pinwheeling up over person pennsylvania, not much here, there's a chance of light sprinkles, it will fall apart south of philadelphia. 60 degrees in philadelphia. 55 in trenton. 52 in allentown. 55 in reading. # 1 in wilmington. 61 in sea isle city. a little bit breeze as it was yesterday about 12-mile an hour that could build 15 to 18 miles per hour at times today. as we roll through the day, comfortable later on, jackets
6:32 am
this morning with the 8:00 a.m. temperature of 60. 73 degrees by noon, 76 by 3:00 p.m. that will be the temperature at the start of the papal mass. we have an issue down the shore and up in the delaware bay. minor tidal flooding this morning and this evening, because of the pronounced onshore flow. notice how we are removing that threat up and down the delaware river. karen rogers we have no surprises in traffic. we hope it's more of the same. >> reporter: one thing we can show you is the closure on i-95 toward the vine street expressway which is shut down. checkpoints are ready to go as you enter on the schuylkill expressway. the secret service said knock that off, they shut down the penndot fields for those kind of cameras. that's okay, we want to keep the folks safe. i can't show you the closed
6:33 am
schuylkill expressway at this point. looking at the ben franklin bridge it's quiet out there, it's going to be jammed pack with people at noon on monday. no problems at this point, you have to remember to take the other bridges and not the ben franklin bridge. i talked to septa this morning, they said so far things are going well. they have updates with the regional rails they are making less stops. the inbound service started at 5:30, it's only inbound until 12:30. it's only coming into the city, they are trying to get you there and get you ready for you. the airport line they expected to run every half-hour, it is running every hour. be mindful of that as you head in. there are 28 different suspended bus routes. you can take a part in all of this, matt and tam. >> "action news" reporter,
6:34 am
nydia han is live at eakens oval. thousands flocked there yesterday and we are expecting greater numbers today nydia, what can you tell us about last night and today? >> reporter: yeah, tam, right crews are performing an extreme makeover trying to transform the stage from a concert stage into a sanctuary. i can tell you they are making good progress this is no easy feat. take a look they have substituted the flooring. it was lanolium flooring. now you see the white carpet. the beautiful breath taking crucifix was put up overnight. the pontiff's chair has been set as well. they had 12 hours to do this. they are doing the final finishes. it is looking good right now. before we look forward to the this afternoon papal mass, the climax of the pontiff's visit in philadelphia. let's look back at the festival of families celebration last night and what a fabulous
6:35 am
celebration it was with the pontiff himself taking center stage. ♪ the queen of soul rocked the family stage and andre' bocelli proved to be a crowd favorite. and while funny man jim gaffigan got his share of laughs, it was the holy father often candid did did -- and humorous remarks brought the crowd to last. >> sometimes the plates can fly and children bring headaches, i won't speak about mother-in-laws. of course pope francis struck a
6:36 am
serious tone making an embarked speech about the importance of family. let's protect the family because it is the family that are our future is at play. >> reporter: two other highlights from the festival last night, 6 families stood on stage, they gave testimony and talked about their experiences with faith and family and 14-year-old local choir boy give quite a performance an acapella performance it wasn't planned he only knew he was going to be singing to the world five minutes before he took to the stage. he ended i'll see you at the mastectomy, he joked what time is that again? i can tell you it is at 4:00 p.m., we'll see you there. i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much, nydia. the action cam was at the paoli chester train station as people
6:37 am
returned home from center city. nuns from nashville, tennessee said they enjoyed the pope's message. >> the young and old need to be reverenced and appreciated. it was a great message for all of i say this evening, and great joy to be there. some of the people returning said they waited 8 hours taking out a spot just so they could catch a glimpse of pope francis. katherine scott is live on the benjamin franklin parkway, katherine we may see bigger crowds around you for the papal mass this afternoon. >> reporter: sure, this morning, this time yesterday there were people here, but nothing like this morning. ment crowds are coming early. they went to make sure they have a good spot. some people never left. they took their sleeping bags and blankets they found spots next to the fence to get some sleep. others are getting hear to get a good spot for the afternoon mass. mass is not an hour but they don't want to to have to wait.
6:38 am
you don't need tickets where we are standing now, but you have to go through security checkpoints. the you can see the alter up on the parkway. people i've been speaking to are so excite to feel the energy from the crowd. when the pope came down the parkway, you you could see happy faces, pure emotion, the crowd was roaring when he came by. you could see a wave of flasheses from cameras. people were waiting for hours, some stuck around all day long to see him come by. he would pass them in a matter of moments, even that glimpse was worth it. today another long wait in the chilly morning air, but the pilgrims say it's worthwhile to get a spot for the historic mass. >> i quit breathing, i really did, it was like there he is. what a man of grace. >> why is it so important to be
6:39 am
here for the mass on the parkway. >> it's such a spiritual blessing, and it renews our faith and for me to be here with as many catholics that share the same faith and our respect for the pope. it's a historic event. >> reporter: this pope, the people's pope is so loved. over and over we've heard from people on the parkway this is a once in a lifetime experience they don't mind getting up and standing here for hours, to get a look. they have lined up along the parkway because they want to see him on his final day in the united states. on the parkway, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> while the pope's arrival has brought a lot of people into philadelphia. that has not translated into good business in downtown establishments. one normally packed dining room
6:40 am
was not needed last night. >> i think we're doing better than the other restaurants around here because of the location, but we are not getting the business that we were supposed to get. >> reporter: and the melting pot restaurant didn't open at all. a jewelry store on 13th street, business was slow. one of the places that was doing well was an art gallery across the street it was cashing in on pope art. >> our coverage of pope's final day in philadelphia continues. let's take a live looking at logan square looking down the benjamin franklin parkway where little stage is set up. the papal mass tombs on top of the fountain in 1979. today it takes place this afternoon in front of the philadelphia museum of art.
6:41 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services.
6:42 am
fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
6:43 am
are along green street in the fairmont section of philadelphia. taking a a live look at nothing going on right now, but you know in a lot of other areas of the city we'll see lots of people walking down to the benjamin franklin parkway whether they have tickets to be in the secure area or the outer areas where they will see the jumbotrons where they prepare for the papal mass this afternoon. >> in addition to the mass on the parkway, the pope has a number of engagements. he will get his day going at saint charles seminary where he
6:44 am
will meet with bishops and 150 seminarians. he'll visit with inmates and back to the parkway celebrating mass. he'll conclude the trip by thanking the world meeting of family organizes at the airport before departing for rome at 8:00 p.m. >> the popemobile went by city avenue you got to see him. >> reporter: we got to see him, it was fun to be part of the 6abc family. i felt like i melt -- met him, i told my husband i met the pope, he said he drove by you, right. i felt like i met him. this is the ramp on the schuylkill expressway, the closure point they have police set up, penndot blocking it, you can't go eastbound from the blue route to i-95. westbound is closed from i-95 to route 1. in this area we have an accident, do you see this guy off to the side, i'm not sure it
6:45 am
is related. we can see the accident off to the side. we have a vehicle over here, as well with police, very light volume that's what we're seeing out there, as you travel about, before this happened, people were so anxious built roads and now they are chill bit -- about it and staying home. on the waze app you can follow along and see the areas that are shut down on waze app. we can look at the parkways, the drives, the vine street expressway, right here, the ben franklin bridge, of course, the closures in center city. also in new jersey leading to the ben, admiral wilson boulevard, route 30 and 676 shut down from exit 3. what we're not seeing are slow speeds in the areas. of course it is early expecting so many people to come into the
6:46 am
city today. matt, tam and dave. >> for a lot of people it will be a gray day, how will it feel? >> reporter: i think it will be breezy, did you notice there's blue sky over north philadelphia right now. i think we'll start out with sun. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are basically dry across the region. a little bit of a sprinkle by baltimore and gettysburg but nothing heading in our direction. 60 degrees in philadelphia. not too shabby, the dewpoint at 51, the winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. a little bit breezy. satellite showing the same thing a couple of models showed us yesterday. high pressure over there, low pressure down there, there's the front. the pinwheeling front around the low and the high is pushing rain up into western pennsylvania. not so much here. clouds and sunny breaks today.
6:47 am
breezy conditions. if you look at future tracker 6, you see bits of scattered pieces of green. if it makes it to the parkway it will be a small nuisance that will not give you anything to cancel plans in philadelphia today, if you want going to go. the papal parade things are warming up. 10:00 a.m., 65 degrees, 75 by 1:00 p.m. quickly in the day it starts to get mild. by 4:00 p.m., when the mass starts, 74 coming down from a high of 76. by 7:00 p.m. if you're in center city. 68 degrees, i'm allowing for sun poking through. at times you're getting more than what you're seeing there. basically dry and breezy. howe to dress this morning, a jacket is a good idea. this afternoon you could bounce between short or longer sleeves depending on what you want to wear. and this evening, you may want a jacket as the sun is going down.
6:48 am
76 in philadelphia. 77 in in i willville. down the shore a little windier and 74 degrees for the high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, going for the high of 76. clouds and sunny breaks, dry through the region. tomorrow, warm and muggy, 83. showers around. 80 on tuesday, there's a hint of models we might get afternoon rain into tuesday night. that would be decent rain if most of the models pan out, that we could use. wednesday, not a bad day, scattered showers hopefully dry for the union ppl park u.s. cup championship i'll be there dooping it up. in the 60s on thursday. >> the morning team will be on early tomorrow morning, to navigate street and bridge closures at this point we don't know when they will reopen,
6:49 am
we'll be on the air at 4:00 a.m. >> send a message to pope francis tweet the #6abc messages, we'll be scrolling them live during the papal visit. we'll be right back.
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live look here at the camden side of the ben franklin bridge. we see the police vehicles and the flashing lights there, otherwise a quiet scene, however i'm told just a short while ago we saw a large group of people set off on foot as you have to do getting accuracy bridge making -- across the bridge making their way toward center city to be part of the papal mass. >> some people never left. >> reporter: the red cross was out there passing out water. it was such a nice environment. isn't it nice when the city comes together helping people. let's talk about the closures in and around the area, because
6:52 am
people are worried about traffic. here we're looking live, that is the blue route that's the accident scene we're talking about, there we're looking at the vine street expressway. you want to watch for the vine street expressway shut down in both directions as you head out. all those closures continue into place at least until monday morning. >> reporter: we are dressing the kids in jackets, t-shirts are appropriate at least short sleeves, we are talking mass, i've been reminds you to put the collared shirt and tie on. kids button up the shirt look good for the pope. wear sneakers if you're walking around. 62 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 73 by noon, you'll need the jacket early, but not in the afternoon. 76 is the high at 3:00 p.m. as we get ready for the parade. it will be in the mid 70s by 4:00 p.m. as we start the mass. there's a chance of sun breaking through at times, breezy
6:53 am
conditions and likely dry the way things are working out now. if you're heading to the airport later on, we have all green aircraft. the only place reporting rain is atlanta, hopefully this holds this afternoon. one final note we have a supermoon with the total lunar eclipse. it maybe cloudy. if you happen to see stars break out and camp the moon, it will be cool. but -- and you catch that moon, it will be cool, matt. >> you let me know, i'll be in bed. service for the papal visit run from the waterfront to midnight. the tickets must be purchased in advance. ac rail line will take you into 0th street station, if you use that services you are advised to
6:54 am
pch the tickets online. >> 6:53 we'll have more of the papal coverage in just a moment. leaving you with a live picture this is eakens oval we've seen workers all night getting the stage set up and ready for the papal mass. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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[laughter]. i won't speak about mother-in-laws. [laughter]. >> we had some of the best moments of the pope's speeches would come when he went off the
6:57 am
script. that happened at the festival on the parkway. he had fun with the crowd, saying sometimes families fight and sometimes plates get thrown and with the children and mother-in-laws. anthony henderson posted this picture of his new do saying that is pope francis on his head. it's not a at that time to a, it's hair paint. post your pictures of your papal experiences using the #6abc action. >> that is an impressive creation. eagles fans hope the pope bring his blessings to the eagles. mark walhberg from boston and patriots fan managed to set out a little luck to the birds. go eagles! [cheers and applause]. he wasn't 100 percent
6:58 am
enthusiastic, but he did get a cheer from the crowd. eagles take on the mets life stadium at 1:00 p.m. the jets are 2-0, the eagles 0-2. 1:00 p.m. 6:58 we'll have more coverage of the pope's visit in just a moment. we'll leave you a gorgeous picture. the sun is up, we'll look out over the ben franklin bridge, where pilgrims make their way in from south jersey to take part in the papal mass, we'll be right back. more kids are suffering from asthma
6:59 am
and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
7:00 am
>> good morning, pope francis will begin his day at the saint charles borromeo seminary. we saw him yesterday when he came in, they sang an adaptation of a song. they broke into happy birthday for charles chaput. pope francis will spend time with them and talk about their mission. >> let's look at the stage at eakens oval in front of the art museum that hosted last night's celebration and serve as the


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