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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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takes place this afternoon. >> good morning, it is 8:00 a.m., i'm tamala edwards along with matt o'donnell. this is a special edition of "action news" sunday morning. >> "action news" has live team coverage leading up to the main attraction, the papal mass on the parkway. >> first up let's get you going with the weather and traffic and what to expect today. some restrictions out there, let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. . clouds over the terrace. it is cool and comfortable assuming you have a jacket or suit coat on for that matter. looking at satellite you can see the clouds are a part of the package. the rain looks like it wants to shoot up into central pennsylvania, not so much here. 61 in philadelphia. 62 in wilmington. in the 50s from reading to the lehigh valley to trenton. 67 in sea isle city. like yesterday there's a bit of a breeze blowing. it picked up in the last half, 15 miles per hour that jacket or a hood really a good idea early.
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as we get into the afternoon it's going to be mild again. noon, 73. by 3:00 p.m., the high of 76 cloud cover giving way to sun breaks, breezy and by 6:00 p.m., 71 degrees, likely dry today and not all that uncomfortable just keep that jacket handy for early in the day and maybe this evening, if you're still hanging around center city at that point. when i stepped inside we'll take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. getting ready for the workweek, one of those is coming. that's just ahead. we're watching a shift of police officers coming into the city. there are a lot of them i've been watching them for several minutes. this is looks like the tail end. this is the schuylkill expressway near the curve. we have eastbound traffic shut off except for emergency personnel and registered buses. there we see the tail end of new shift everybody gearing up. westbound is open from the boulevard out, it's from eastbound that's shut down from the blue route to i-95 westbound
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i-95 to route 1. looking at the ben franklin bridge pedestrians only, a half-hour ago we are seeing more and more people getting involved. they are walking across the ben. emergency personnel is keeping them off to the side. other bridges are open, just not the ben. we have 28 suburban bus routes suspended other buses are trying to get you to the city and regional rails. i've been talking to septa this morning, they said things are running well they are making frequent service less stops. a couple of updates ivelg they are original run -- of course they are only running inbound and the airport line running closer to every hour than every half-hour. matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. just like any other day pope francis will be superbusy .
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>> he'll spend time with the bishops and the seminarians and to the czechsal -- correctional facility to spend time with the inmates. he will spend time with the volunteers of the world meeting of families before dparkt to -- departing for rome at 8:00 p.m. >> let's go to erin o'hern in wynnewood. >> reporter: good morning, well i'm certainly grateful and honored to be here at the seminarian, the place that pope francis has called home the past few days, as you may know by now he is getting ready to deliver a speech in the chapel in about an hour or so, there's a gift-giving ceremony outside that will held be as well. we have video inside the seminary where priests and
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bishops and cardinal's are gathering. the greeting that the pope got yesterday was unbelieve. when they pulled up to the seminary they greeted with a traditional anthem, he's a jolly-good fellow. in return he had the seminarians sing happy builder to archbishop chaput. the seminarian hard preparing for months for the pope's arrival. since there will be 45 delegates from rome and washington, d.c. staying here with him. many seminarians had to relocate to different dorm rooms there was a lot of generosity on partly of the community and local businesses. sterns and fosters donated mattresses and macy donated lounge chairs and begged.
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bedding, so a lot of preparation went in to make sure the pope was comfortable. i spoke to a seminarian from bridgeport when pope john paul was here. >> i remember when john paul came, we were saying holy father we love you, the nuns were throwing elbows to get closer to us, they were trying to tackle us to get up front. it was crazy, but a good kind of crazy. >> reporter: so, again, he will make that speech inside the chapel. after that there will be a gift-giving ceremony, the oldest priest and youngest seminarian will meet pope francis and present him with gifts. after that pope francis is heading to prison to meet with 95 inmates.
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again, a grueling schedule for pope francis. i don't know how he does it at 78 years old. he seems to enjoy every minute of it and we enjoy watching him. live at the seminary erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." back to you guys. >> the pope's next stop will be the prison in the holmesburg section, trish hartman is near there awaiting his arrival. hi, trish. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning we are a half mile from the prison on state road. you can't see the prison, we can't see much, philadelphia police are keeping us pretty far back. we're near the intersection of state road. police have the road blocked off, while they are only letting authorized vehicles through. that's the case for many intersections surrounding the prison this morning. even though the officials expect the pope to be flown in via chopper. the pope is expected to meet 100
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prisoners around 11:00 p.m. along with the staff members. it is philadelphia's largest correctional facility and the majority of them are awaiting trial and most have not been sentenced yet. the inmates have made a special gift for pope francis him back in july we spoke to prison officials about inmates who are learn trade skills. they made him a chair. while the chair will be fit for the pope they didn't want to make it something too ornate. officials say it was built from scratch the old fashioned way for pope francis. having the pope visit even the most marginalized in the population there's hope for them. a visit for them is not unusual he has tradition to wash the feet of prisoners on holy thursday. he said all sentences for
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inmates should include hope for rehabilitation. live in northeast philadelphia, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> all right that will be quite an image, thank you for that. now let's switch live to nydia han live in eakens over yesterday was a festival, today it's a different kind of celebration and she has a sense of it all. the stage on eakens oval has been set for the much-anticipated papal mass. we'll give you a closer view of the stunning result in just a moment. let's look back at the incredible festival of families from last night. here some of the highlights. the concert audience was delighted by aretha franklin, sister sledge, the fray, and philadelphia orchestra. mark walhberg hosted and said he tributes all his success to his catholic faith and his parish priest. there was testimony from 6 families around the world. and special impromptu performance by a local
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14-year-old. the best performance came from the holy father himself who went off script giving a passionate speech about the importance of family. of course, this morning on eakens oval we're all looking forward to the pope celebrating mass at 4:00 p.m. people are already beginning to arrive and take their seats. they are very early. we have 8 hours to go until the mass begins at 4:00 p.m. today. you can also see take a look at the stage, it has been set as a sanctuary with the crucifix, the pontiff's chair and the alter installed. you can't see the alter with all the people standing in front of it. you can see that the video wall from last night is gone. so now we have a beautiful and familiar philadelphia landmark as a backdrop. the philadelphia museum of art. and taking a look live, again, here on eakens oval you can see many people are beginning to gather.
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and right outside this area, people are beginning to gather, as well. take a look at the video we shot a little bit ago. pilgrims camped out to make sure they have a piece of prime real estate to see the piece -- the papal mass. >> yesterday we were in the second row we didn't like that. we had gotten here at 8:00 a.m. yesterday. we hope to be even closer, but hey this is the best we can get, just to get a glimpse glimpse of him, we're excited. >> reporter: we are all, of course, eagerly awaiting the papal mass, the climax to the pope's visit to philadelphia. it will be a historic event watched by the world, we'll broadcast it to you all live. nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> our pope coverage would not be complete without a check of the accuweather forecast and traffic.
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>> reporter: here's karen. >> reporter: we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway, we have the buses, the schuylkill expressway is closed eastbound from the blue route to i-95. the registered buses are carrying the pilgrims coming into the city. we're ready, dave. >> reporter: if you're on your way to center city, it's cool and breezy, low 60s in the city. so jackets early. this afternoon it will warm up and likely dry. i'll have the complete the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as we get you set for the final day of the papal visit that's coming up.
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everyone, we're taker ago live look at the -- we're taking a live look at saint martins chapel inside saint charles borromeo wynnewood. pope francis will be meeting with the bishops from all over the world.
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he'll deliver andreas and speak in -- he'll deliver andreas -- an address speaking in spanish and then he is on his way to the largest prison in philadelphia, and will speak with the inmates we'll have that later. >> let's go outside to john rawlins at the regional rails as people try to get in and out of the city. >> reporter: we're at paoli station, chester county. behind me is train number 6. folks are just loading on to it. the bullpen, the staging area was packed with 4, 500 people a few minutes ago, they opened the gates and loaded the train. the train will be departing now. just about 1,000 people have,
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maybe now closer to 1400 people have boarded at paoli. expectation it will be a larger group today than yesterday. yesterday we had a number of people who said they are going to check out the scene, they said if they see the pope that's great. today, far more focused. they are going down to the parkway to get as good a seat as possible as early as possible because they want to attend the mass at 4:00 p.m. we should have some sound with folks expressing that sentiment if they do. of. >> we're going down and go enjoy philadelphia our hometown and we're going down to see the pope, see the mass, hopefully get a good seat we have tickets to the mass which will more beneficial for us. >> so, day two of the papal weekend transport situation behind me one of the trains getting ready to go down soon as
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they get clearance they will take an compress train from paoli to 30th street station, it takes 35, 40 minutes, live on the action cam, john rawlins back to you all. >> love riding the main line, get to the stops, wayne! >> if news anchor job down the work out -- >> reporter: you missed your calling. this is an eerie scene on the roads. schuylkill expressway eastbound is shut down from the blue route to i-95. westbound is open from the boulevard on out, you can take it to the blue route. eastbound is shut down, westbound is closed from i-95 to route 1. we've been asking everyone to tweet us and give us an idea of what's happening with them. ae is nervous who he woke up saying is it monday, did i miss
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work? we're on. we have so many closures in the traffic box, it's not clear when they will clear everything out and remove the barriers and clear everything up, we'll be up early for you to help you out there. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the immediate region is dry, as we go closer down to the south and west there's a light shower pushing twas -- past baltimore going toward lancaster. i don't think it is pushing in our direction. it's worth watching the stuff, but it looks like the rain will be to the west, very little in and around philadelphia i felt. as we look outside we have temperatures for you, right now we've got 66 degrees in beach haven. 61 in philadelphia. it is cool. similar to the way it felt yesterday as you headed outside.
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62 degrees in wilmington. 54 degrees in allentown. 65 degrees in atlantic city. as we take a look at satellite, the wide view shows you there is rain to the west of us, but not so much here, but doesn't look like that will make it in our direction. future tracker 6 by 2:00 p.m. the model has a little bit of a shower down by the shore. something might try to pop through, it's breezy and milder and cloud and sunny breaks and likely dry. up in the lehigh valley, 73 degrees is the high, breezy there, sunny breaks, down the shore, windier, 74 is the high under mostly cloudy skies, keep in mind we have a strong onshore flow. we just got past morning high tide. there's another one 7:30 to 8:30. high tide flooding there might be beach erosion. on the parkway, not bad, we
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can't rule out sunny breaks, breezy conditions, mild, noon, 73. we're out of the 60s. 76 degrees by 3:00 p.m. around close to the start of the parade. the mass starting at 4:00 p.m. we'll be in the mid 6 # -- 70s. jackets early, and this evening, but the rest of the time you're okay. there's a chance of a pop-up shower during the afternoon and evening hours that's tomorrow and not today that's timing pretty well for us, isn't it? cloudy and breezy, high of 76 comfortable overall on the parkway. tomorrow, how about summer-like activity, warm and muggy, 83 is the high. tuesday, 80 is the high. some models are indicating that a front will trigger afternoon and evening rain that could be significant, we could use it, so that's good. 74 wednesday, showers here and
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there, hopefully dry are to the union and after that 60s. >> katherine scott is live on the parkway, katherine i hope you're being a great host to the city of philadelphia and meeting lots of people from out of town. >> reporter: i'm trying to. there's a lot of people here, hard to meet all of them. some people are praying some people are singing they are having conversation some people are sleeping they never left last night they have sleeping bags laid out here near the fence so they could have lots of smiling faces this morning here along the parkway. today is a big day. people don't have tickets where we are standing. people with tickets are up at a different area. effect else is lining up with we are. even though the mass is hours away there's lots of people here. there are jumbotrons around the parkway so everybody can see
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what's happening in the sanctuary while the mass is going on. this is such a meaningful weekend to so many people. last night when the pope came down the parkway people roared they were waiting for hours. some had seen him briefly when he walked into the basilica. he stuck around to see him come by in the popemobile. people are lining up hoping to see him in the parade here and as he celebrates mass later on. >> we saw pope benedict in 2008 and we wanted to see the pope again and experience this again, because the first time i don't remember it very wale and now i will be able to remember it. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see the lines are forming along the fences along the parkway. you hear a lot of people asking do we have a good spot. do we have a good spot everybody hoping there spot is the best spot for them to see the pope
8:22 am
later on today when he arrives on the parkway. we did speak to several women who arrived overnight they were in central park they missed him they were so upset they made the trip to philadelphia hoping to see him again today. so a lot of happiness here this morning. it's very peaceful, people are praying and singing. the people are having a good time and enjoying the final day in philadelphia. live along the parkway, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> when we first saw, things looked quiet look how much things have changed in a matter of hours. all right we'll take a short break and come back with the continuing coverage of the papal weekend.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. live look here into the saint martins chapel there, we've seen the bishops and seminarians assembly waiting to greet the pope at 9:15 or earlier as we
8:25 am
talks to them and fellowship with his brother priests. >> we'll show it to you live on "action news." >> reporter: i think this is more comieght than i thought -- exciting than i thought it would be. i'm a partly of it. you can feel like you're part of the commute. we're showing the closures a dump truck from penndot, the police are saying you couldn't go on the vine street expressway from i-95. i-95 is open, the ramps are blocked off, washington and delaware avenue, the ramps on i-95 are shut down. they are there for registered buses, we've seen more and more buses out there and on the roads right now. we're looking at cool temperatures. 53 in quakertown. 55 in saints david. closer to 60 in philadelphia at this hour. there's a breeze blowing at 10
8:26 am
to 15 miles per hour. getting higher than that as we go past sunrise. 59 in cinnaminson. 59 in glassboro and 60 in woodbine and in the low 60s in smyrna and dover. as you're catching the el on the way in. 62 degrees by 9:00 a.m. noon, 73. 786 is the high today. 71 by 6:00 p.m. a little breezy this afternoon, clouds and sunny breaks, it doesn't look like we're going to get any rain just a slight chance of a sprinkle here other there across the region. probably dry on the parkway. i'm so happy it is working out that way. five, six days agate look like it might not, thing are looking great. >> you upon thousand and thousand of others. including our alicia vitarelli live at eakens oval getting rallied for the papal mass. hi alicia. >> reporter: i was going to sends a thanks into the studio to david myself. it is a little crisp out here, but no rain that's good news for a million people who will be
8:27 am
attending the mass, whether sitting in the ten thousand seats behind me or lining the parkway to get a blessing from the pope or get a glimpse of him. we can't wait for him to parade in the popemobile. he has been such a part of the community. they are getting the stage set behind me. all morning we were here we were the only ones, all of a sudden the buses showed up. up on stage they are making sure everything is perfect for the pontiff. i chatted with the archdiocese, they said they hand masses across the area, but none like this one. >> you'll see a lot of things taking place, the holy father speaking in spanish, latin, we go back to the tradition of the church. so many elements will be woven into this will make it an
8:28 am
incredible and powerfully moving experience. >> incredibly powerfully moving. vietnamese. the folks from vietnam will be here, some people showing up bright and early. we have a couple of hours to go before the mass at 4:00 p.m. but people are getting here early to make sure they are in place and ready for pope francis to delivery the mass today. it is his final stop in philadelphia. we can't wait for it, back to you in the studio. >> they want to make sure they have a good seat. we'll take a short break and come right back.
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♪ we hear singing at saint
8:31 am
martins' chapel at the saint charles borromeo seminary, in wynnewood, montgomery county where they have the red ropes up they are about to usher in pope francis where he will meet bishops and seminarians where they are anxiously awaiting the pope. >> accuweather is updating the papal forecast. an estimated 1 million pilgrims are expected at the afternoon mass, looks like the prayers for dry weather has been answered. >> good morning, good to see you, it is just after 8:30 a.m. i'm matt o'donnell along with tamala edwards this is a special edition of "action news" sunday morning. >> "action news" has reportser, spread out across the city including the saint charles seminary we have a crew throughout the city. >> david murphy has the
8:32 am
exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: right now we have thicker cloud cover beginning to build in. we're seeing sunny breaks, most of the rain is pinwheeling into pennsylvania to the west. we're looking at dry conditions most of the day today locally. 61 degrees in philadelphia. still a bit cool. if you're venturing out on the way to the city from the northern suburbs you have numbers in the 50s and breezy. looks like we're up to 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. so certainly enough to warrant a jacket this morning. but as we roll through the day, yeah it's breezy, but we'll get mild again. noon, 73. 3:00 p.m., 76 degrees that's the high this afternoon and by 6:00 p.m., 71 degrees, clouds and sunny breaks, breezy. if we see any rain it is possibly just a light sprinkle, the chance are very good we don't see anything at all along the parkway. karen rogers what about the roads, no surprises this morning, right? >> reporter: no surprises, the schuylkill expressway is shut down, the vine is shut down.
8:33 am
we're seeing more and more people walking about. we've seen emergency workers come in shift changes as police come into the scene. it's quiet with people walking around. on the ben franklin bridge pedestrian traffic only. we see a few people walking about on the bridge. you can take other bridges. we have hundreds of penndot shots many of which we can't show you, secret service shut that down. going over the closures on the schuylkill expressway eastbound between blue route and i-95 shut down. westbound between i-95 and route 1. a lot of people are tweeting me when do they reopen. that's the tricky thing they open at at some point monday morning, they are not saying when. city avenue southbound is shut down until 4:00 p.m. between bell month and route 30 nebraska between ruth 30 and the -- northbound between route 30.
8:34 am
676 northbound is shut down, as well. >> pope francis is expected to emerge from his living quarters very soon, hi, erin. >> reporter: good morning, matt, there's a feeling of calm and piece and gratitude and excitement. pope francis has spent a few nights here, i can imagine it will have are a life long impact on the seminarians who've preparing for his visit for months. let's take a live look inside the chapel behind me. it's a beautiful view. this is where most of the ceremonies will takes place today. pope francis will be dressing bishops from the world meeting of families priests and seminarians. he will deliver the speech in spanish. there are 650 people in the audience. he will walk down a long hallway which will be lined with clergy
8:35 am
on either side. he will come outside the chapel door which we are standing 75 feet away from, pope francis will greet the youngest seminarian and the oldest priest. they will give him two gifts, this is very special because one is called a spiritual bouquet which is in lieu of something material that will be the gift of charitable acts. in addition the seminarians raised $5,000 an amount that was matched by the archbishop. so the pope can have ten thousand dollars to donate to the charity of his choice. sunny pope francis is jesuit he took a vow of poverty. a spiritual bouquet is much better than anything material. he will head to the prison to meet with 95 inmates and the huge and amazing mass he will be
8:36 am
celebrating on the parkway this afternoon before he finishes his trip to the united states his last and we think his best stop in philadelphia. live in front. seminary, hern erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." the back to you. >> as erin mentioned after he is there he will travel boy helicopter to the homes -- by helicopter to the holmesburg section of philadelphia to meet with inmates in holmesburg. >> the pope will head back to the parkway for a second papal parade followed by a papal mass. he will head to the airport meeting with the volunteers of the world meeting of families and depart for rome at 8:00 p.m. >> we go live to trish hartman live at holmesburg prison. this is something the pope has made as part of his ministry reaching out to those in prison. >> reporter: this is a big
8:37 am
modern for the inmates and the staff at the holmesburg correctional facility. we're on state road at the intersection of state and bly avenue. this is the case where many intersections around the prison if you're driving around northeast philadelphia you'll return into blockades only authorized vehicles will be let through. its closed off to pedestrians, as well. the pope will be flown in via chopper. he is expected to meet with 100 inmates. it is philadelphia's largest correctional facility and the majority of the inmates are awaiting trial most have not been sentenced yet. a huge opportunity for the inmates and staff members at the correctional facility. while the area is closed off to pedestrians and most traffic. a number of people are gathering
8:38 am
at the intersection including the folks at fluke's irish pub. rich is the other than. watch your pope hat. you're not normally open on a sunday morning, you decided to open early. >> we're here for the people's pope. if you're not a better catholic because of this pope i don't know what to say it's a beautiful day for philadelphia. >> reporter: you guys have been watching all weekend long you're here with your kids it's been an emotional experience for you. >> seeing the pope signal the driver to talk to the kids in the wheelchairs, if you didn't cry, you didn't feel you're not an american and not a catholic, very good feeling. this pope is the best. just to watch him off the deck at flukes. we opened at 6:00. come on by, you can watch.
8:39 am
this is one of the greatest watching him come in behind us, you can hear the helicopters come in. >> reporter: everybody is out here. very exciting he is expected to arrive via chopper later this morning he is expected to arrive at the prison around 11:00 a.m. and spend an hour with the inmates before heading back to the seminary. >> think they called it pope maria
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back you're taking a live look this is what they call the long hallway leading into saint martins chapel to see the pope. all seminarians are lined up to see the pope. he has been up since 4:00 a.m.
8:42 am
praying, writing notes and making phone calls. he will give a 30 minute speech talking on various topics. he loves doing this. they have raised according to erin o'hern ten thousand dollars to give him they call it a spiritual bouquet to give to something charitable he cares about. it's been a touching morning. >> people deciding to go into the priesthood this year hit the jackpot getting to see pope francis. that looks like the cardinal from boston,'malley. cardinal dolan will be here. we have # -- 300 bishops from around the world here.
8:43 am
they call it the francis affect. >> let's go to nydia han as we await for the pope to arrive in that hallway. the alter is almost set. we have 7 hours ago for the papal mass. it's a flurry of act temperature on eakens oval already. overnight crews worked feverishly to turn the stage into a sanctuary. the result is spectacular, you can see it right now. the crucifix is breath taking the pontiff's chair is in front. the beautiful philadelphia museum of apartment is a backdrop. the video wall has been removed. people are starting to gather and take their seats. there are ten thousand folding chairs out here. you can bet every single one will be filled at 4:00 p.m. now members of the papal choir has arrived. they are 525 member strong.
8:44 am
seven choirs from parishes from the philadelphia area and neighboring diocese. these choirs very practicing individually all week. at the papal mass they will be performing together at one voice, i'm sure they will sound as voices of angels. this is, of course, the climax for the pontiff's visit for his first visit to the united states and philadelphia. it all begins on eakens oval at 4:00 p.m. live on eakens oval nydia han. >> we want to take you back to the live picture from saint charles borromeo seminary, the logia, the long hallway going into the saint martins chapel. you see the young seminarians geeght -- greeting the pope to
8:45 am
welcome while he was staying there in philadelphia. he said it is archbishop chaput's birthday sing happy birthday. >> i had a chance to visit the seminary about a month ago, when the seminarians, they call them sems when they first arriving for their first year on their journey to the priesthood. i'll tell you what if i were standing there i would be sweating it a little bit, these are young men about to become priests one day, they are standing here in the place where they will lernl -- learn all they need to learn. they are about to meet and greet the leader of the roman catholic church, the leader of 1.2 billion catholics, the pope will be there greeting all the leaders and feature leaders of
8:46 am
the catholic church. >> when we were watching him at the festival. families it was like he was reenergized. from his earliest days, he spent a lot of times being teacher of priest and going to them, he has continued to say to them, don't get caught up on what's going on in the church itself, get in the streets and be with people. just because i'm single and don't have a family, i still care a lot of about what you go through as mothers and fathers, parents dealing with your larger family, that's what he wants for these young men to be a part of the families in the lives of of their parishners. i guess he will touch on them. people are looking for comfort for forgiveness, he talks about that theme of forgiveness over and over again. he will go to the prison, saying
8:47 am
whatever you have done, god's love and forgiveness is there for you, that's the message that he wants the men who take up this mission to go out and share. >> the seminary said there's seems to be a renewed interest in becoming a priest and they believe because it might be because of pope francis. the question for many catholics and across the united states what will happen when pope francis leaves, will more catholics go to mass, that's a particular problem with the faith. not many people attend mass every sunday as you were taught to do in catholic school. will they practice their faith. we have a host of issues when it comes to abortion and marriage. a lot of things on plate with the roman catholic church. should it be so centralized in
8:48 am
vatican city. so far away from many places in the world, south america, africa, where you have different customs and culture, should they lead from top to bottom the way they have for so many centuries. >> the pope himself when asked about gays he said who am i to judge. he said come to church we want to include you, as well. he spoke interest women on the parkway and various remarks at the mass, he cited women in the church some of whom have felt there's not enough of a role for them. we want to include more women in the services. he spoke about abortion. next year he declared it a year of mercy. usually only a bishop can listen to confession for someone who want to talk about abortion.
8:49 am
in this year all priests will larry that confession. he wants his legacy to be don't wait for the people to come to you. they would look up where is padre? he is that guy in the simple outfit hanging out. when there was a tragedy or happiness, he didn't wait for people to come to the church, he went to them. we want to rebuild the church get out among the people and let ungod's arms are open. don't forget no matter who you are, that love and forego giveness is there for you. >> people have the -- forgiveness is there for you. >> people have the impression that that he doesn't have conservatism in his view.
8:50 am
he does want to be open, but he wants to prescribe the teachings coming out of the vatican. when people feel like the catholic faith is going to make a left turn or right turn that may not happen. there are those who believe that women should be priests and priests should mary and have families like -- marry and have families like in other religions, that's something he with may not see sometime soon. >> once you come to him, glad you're back, not saying the way you're doing it is okay, now, you can come back and think about a different way of doing things. >> brother miller from la salle is here, what are the thoughts and on the minds of these particularly young people who are about to meet the pope.
8:51 am
>> well it is an exiting moment for us all, but particularly for young men who are training to become priests this is an exciting moment to have the leader of the church inside the seminary who spent the night there, so i can imagine their heart is racing. as you see them lined up in the hallway leading to the chapel, you can get a sense of the excitement. the excitement comes from the very fact that pope francis inspires us all. for someone who wants to join the priesthood i can only imagine that level of excitement. it's a great moment. >> you've gone down this road when you're young and starting out you're in seminary what are the key things on your mind this man is a great teacher and trainer of young priests what do they want to hear from him to say you're doing the right thing. >> as we heard him speak already particularly in washington, d.c. and
8:52 am
philadelphia. i think some of the things he will emphasize is how priests, bishops lead. how are you to serve as shepherds and pastors of the faithful, right? and he wants to give a message of having priests and bishop stand away from harsh language and how to bring a past to pastural care to his ministry. he is going to focus on what are the needs of the family. what are the challenges in our world today that requires a certain path to serving the people, a more pastureal care in service to the people. >> looking at a live picture of saint charles borromeo seminary he will make his appearance in
8:53 am
this hall wail. >> brother miller you were born in new orleans, you saw the poverty there and here. are we going to do more for the poor? >> indeed, philadelphia as we know has the highest poverty rate of any major american city my hometown of new orleans has a large percentage of people who live in poverty. my hope is with that tremendous address that pope francis gave to the congress and all of his talks, i think it is to move us, both those who are catholic and other faith traditions and those who have no faith traditions, he is speaking to us all we need to be about social change. two things, one, about meeting
8:54 am
the humanitarian needs of our sisters and brothers, but transformative justice, how do we go about transforming the structures that i i am -- i am - towards social justice. >> the church has been dealing with dwindling numbers of people, churches closing. are you seeing people come back through the door saying i heent heent -- hadn't expected to come back, but he made me come back. >> pope francis has been the leader of the church for less than three years and we're hearing people saying how he as inspired them or moved toward the faith or consider it.
8:55 am
was out near city hall waiting for the popemobile to come by, i was with a friend who left the church hadn't been active for years, he expressed after the pope went by quickly how he felt the spirit hit him just with that pass by of the pope in the popemobile. >> when you come a priest, speak personally if you can, are there moments of doubt am i doing the right thing here with this path i'm leading myself on with my life. i imagine what's going to happen with these seminarians live is going to erase that doubt. >> i think for myself i am a brother, a religious brother, for priests and sisters for all of the faithful, it is bringing a renewed sense ever faith, right. one of the every if experiences
8:56 am
is to allow experiences to bring us to faith. it's an important connection there to reflect on our experiences and it is experience that brings us to faith. >> you know when i look, i said to someone the other day, how could someone be so good and so humble and he does embody that, it seems, do other priests look at him that way and have that same sense of feeling, wow, i'm a priest and i'm having a hard time figuring out how to be that good. >> sure, pope francis give the way he has pastored from the days he was a young priest and archbishop. we've seen pictures of him in the slums of buenos aires and elsewhere in brazil.
8:57 am
that is an example. else giving a witness of what it means to follow jesus. he is a tremendous witness of what it means to live out the gospel. not only priests and bishop for all the faithful, myself as a religious brother who is an educator or sisters or others in the ministry he is a powerful witness for us all. >> there are members of the catholic church who are not happy with pope francis. you know what here's pope francis let's listen as the seminarians and bishops greet him. [applause].
8:58 am
[applause].>> very touching mo. >> you hear the clapping, sounded like you hear a little whooping. archbishop chaput over his left shoulder. it will be interesting later to see what made him stop. >>dy see a sem with an iphone there? >> we know he got up very
8:59 am
early. he likes to take his time with the comments he makes he got up and prayed over the remarks he was going to make. >> remember how we said he would greet the youngest seminarian, i believe he is doing that right now. after that he is going to greet the oldest priest hopping from one generation to the other end of the spectrum at saint charles borromeo seminary. >> a lot has been made over what he will say to priests himself. matt brought up conservative, is he taking the church on a different course, what are people in the faith expecting to hear from him in terms of. course he wants to see the church take. >> i think all of him are hearing from him and will continue to emphasize how we need to take common responsibility how to be
9:00 am
attendive to the -- attentive to the common good. he wants us to step away from ideology. he is about focusing on faith and justice. when you look at his style, his approach it doesn't bend liberal or conservative. if anyone is listening to him and inside his message, it is indeed not to be caught into an i i ideological bubble or box. the. >> we'll watch the pope speech. he'll be speaking in spanish, his native language from argentina. we'll have a translator so you at home can hear what he has to say. brother miller what do you think the most important thing will be on the pope's mind as he


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