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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  September 27, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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"action news". eagles knew they could in the go zero and three and they didn't. >> big time win on the road against a very tough new york jets football team. after that ugly, zero and two start, fans were losing faith in the eagles. next thing you know mark wahlberg is saying go eagles in front of the pope on the parkway. perhaps, divine intervention, regardless, faith, restored. eagles without demarco murray begins the jets because of the hamstring injury. no murray, no problem. 123-yard rushing. second quarter the on the punt return, darren sproles, watch him go, career long, 89-yard punt return for a touchdown. the first touchdown in the first half all year. eagles up ten-nothing. second quarter sam bradford to ryan matthews makes up for earlier dropped. eagles up 17 at the half and the defense does the rest. eagles force four turnovers, they hang on to win 24-17. it is their first of the season. they a avoid starting zero and
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three. >> some fans are saying this was divine intervention, the the pope was in philadelphia, you guys finally get a w. what do you think. >> hey, i will take it. >> would i like to think our preparation had something to do with it but the pope always helps. >> obviously that was a really good football team. to come out road and get a tough win today and our defense did a great job keeping us in the game. it was just a great win for the team. >> he may be phillies all time saves leader but jonathan papelbon cannot save himself from causing trouble. he upset fans, here and perhaps, not making too many friend in d.c. either. eighth inning against phillies to day papelbon has word with bryce harper after he flies out in the eighth, he didn't run out the ball, perhaps not happy and there we go. papelbon goes after harper and grabs him by the throat, they have to be pulled apart. wow. more trouble for papelbon on the mound, in the ninth, andre blankco with the two run home run. batting around scoring eight
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runs, in the eighth, or in the ninth, five all nationals. afterward he said he was wrong and apologized, to bryce harper. we have more coming up on "action news" sports sunday. "action news" continues in just a moment. sports sunday is next on
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channel six, part three of urban trinity: i think it is part two. the the story of catholic philadelphia, airs have after that, at midnight here on channel six. it is very, very good. because of all of the road closures, there is uncertainty tonight about when those road will reopen, "action news" will begin a half an hour early tomorrow, so please join us beginning at 4:00 a.m. for the the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner good night. >> we just to have start swinging at each other and that is what happens.
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>> and, he slams him backward. >> eagles are now smacking jets on the ground. >> i love the power that ryan matthews brings to this offense. >> he is a one cut rusher. >> darren sproles, heading up the sidelines, he is going to go. >> there is so many different things he can do. >> it was perfect today. we need to correct but this is a great building block. this is "action news",. sports sunday. thank you for joining us i'm ducis rodgers with jeff skversky. well, eagles have finally won a game, all is right with the world, and, well, sort of. >> sort of of. >> eagles fans, of course,
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were praying all week they did not start zero and three for the first time in 16 years and whether the presence of the pope in philadelphia has anything to do with it, or not, the divine intervention regardless, eagles have a win. >> lets get your right to the highlights. we will start it off in the first quarter. a little bit before the game no demarco murray for the game against the the jets. he tested out hamstring pregame. bird told him, go ahead and stay on the side line. ryan matthews carried the load. his first carry a 27-yard gain. four times number of yard that the team had last week against the dallas cowboys. the it lead to a 30-yard field goal from codey parkey, eagles score first. three to nothing. >> all right, ducis, we will pick it up in the second quarter. eagles only team in the nfl without a first half touchdown this year, and they finally get one on the punt return. darren sproles. career long 89-yard punt return for touchdown, second
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longest in team history. their first touchdown before the half all year. eagles up ten to nothing. five to go in the half sam bradford to ryan matthews. makes up for earlier drop in the end zone. 23 yards. it is 17 to nothing. philadelphia. jets taking over, not for long, ryan fitzpatrick to brandon marshall. watch him as he comes down, laterals it, ball on the ground, marshals called it the the worst play in nfl history. not for eagles. demeco ryans recovers it. it lead to this. sproles, the 1 yard touchdown run, right here. all but one touchdown this year, by the running back. eagles up 24 to nothing. two to go in the half. sixty-second left in the half, fitzpatrick back to marshall, touchdown eagles up 24-seven at the break. third quarter eagles defense cannot protect that 17-point lead. fitzpatrick for end zone how
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about eric row makes the the play out of the no where. he has his first interception of his career. >> we will go to the fourth quarter now. eagles up 17. jets are not going away. the fitzpatrick to jeremy curly a 7-yard touchdown. twenty-four-14 eagles. that is 14 unanswered point by new york. midway through the fourth, we got to work on ball control. ryan matthews springs a leak. he fumbles. jets recover. coming in, jets had forced an nfl best ten turnovers. and a minute later, eagles defense comes up big, fitzpatrick pass hit by brandon bear, big game for him and great game for jordan hicks. he snags a interception. he makes the the mess out of his first career start. eagles still up ten, 3:30 to go. ball goes off brandon marshall's hand and intercepted by walter thurmon. they call him a ball hawk. eagles win 24-17.
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the first victory of the season. jamie apody tells us, they will take it. >> could it be divine intervention, at the the exact time pope francis celebrated mass on the parkway, the eagles sealed their first win of the season, a season in which the fans most definitely lost faith but the team hadn't. >> we knew we need aid good game. we had to take our best shot. they gave us their best shot. i think everybody, all phases, including special teams contributed to day. >> he is floating it, he has matthews at the five, touchdown. >> they can do a lot, especially for us, after the the first couple of weeks. there was a lot of pressure on us. it is nice to get that first win. >> it is a win. we won a game. i know that is a all that matters. stats don't mean anything to me as long as we get that w. >> i think it all started with darren sproles getting the touchdown punt return. the first half we did good things, outside zone with the
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running game. >> reporter: despite excitement there is room for improvement. only reason jets had a prayer in this one because the bird dropped passes which is a mistake we would like to have back. >> i think we had a few drops, i missed a a few throws. a couple of different drives that kind offset us back. >> ducis, i did research and last time that the pope came to philadelphia october 3rd, 1979, the eagles won their next two games. so washington next week is a give me, if you are a believer. back to you. all right, thanks, jamie. jamie alluded to still some problems on offense. defense was rather good. >> obviously offense not scoring a single point in the second half is a huge issue. thank goodness for the d. how about four turnovers. how about three and out as, first six drives, five of them are three and outs by eagles defense. only 47-yard rushing. four turnovers despite not having kiko alonzo, michael kendricks and cedric thornton. eric row, second round
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pick from utah who lost his starting job in the slot wins it back. really sharp on third down. comes up with the interception with the third down in the end zone. not sure how he made that play. how about this, also the first of his career for jordan hicks in the fourth, first pick of his first start, and he said he was nervous, he doesn't look like it. hicks leads the the team intact else. i thought these guys were rookies. >> it felt unreal. did i really catch this thing. it took me a while to get my thoughts together. i just got an interception in the nfl. once it hit i was real excited. >> we wanted to win it on defense. regardless of offense was clicking or struggling, we felt like we have the players and mind set to win a game on our own. >> we pride ourselves of getting the ball back for our offense to capitalize and get points on the board, and we do it ourselves. still ahead, jamie and brandon graham will break down the game from the players perspective.
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the here's a look at players inactive today. kiko alonzo is seeking a second opinion on his injured knee. guard andrew gardener left the game early, and he was spotted after the game in a walking boot. let's talk about darren sproles and ryan matthews proved they are more than capable of picking up the slack with demarco out. >> the eagles are the worst rushing team in the nfl without demarco murray. give credit to the offensive line. they looked much better to day. eagles with the 70-yard rushing coming in but they have established the run early. ryan matthews right out of the shoot on the first drive, matthews 25 carries, 108 yards, more than half of his rushing yard come after initial contact, and matthews is very hard to bring down. >> and speaking of hard to
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bring down darren sproles, 17-yard rushing, he is now for two touchdowns including that 89-yard punt return, and that changes the feel of the game. sproles sparked the turnaround, ask any eagle in the locker room and they put all of this on this game changing play. >> it is a couple things that i guarantee when he catches the ball, first guy will miss. then, you know, if you can get a hat on everybody else he will score. every time he touches the ball we're just, we expect them to score, and he does a lot for us and i have seen him a weapon for our team. >> when brandon graham was with us, he said somebody stole his car. up is all smiles today. jamie caught up with him. >> brandon graham, you finally got that win, how does it feel. >> it feels good. we just went out there and played our game, you know, defensively, we could not be happier coming up with the big play after the turnover and getting another turn over, jordan hicks with the pick.
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it just felt good to go out there and get a w and get started. >> you seem like the defense came up big at a perfect time. it looks like it could go either way. >> that is what we were saying, i felt energy of people just like oh, man that was a turn over. lets go get us one. i think we put it all on our backs. today i felt like the the defense didn't waiver, didn't getaway from what was the plan and that was to execute and make sure we don't give them nothing easy what did chip tell you, he said it was a gritty win, ugly win but a win can mean so much for a team. >> a win is a win. it don't matter how you get it done but make sure you get it done. >> some say this was divine intervention. pope was in philly. you guys get a w. what do you think. >> hey, i'll take it. >> i love it. pope comes to town eagles two-zero all time, they won 1979. they win 2015.
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but how do they do it offensively? you have to wonder against this jets defense who scored 17 offensive points on the jets defense allowing league low eight and a half points a game. sal pal teen owe has more. >> let's talk about these four big differences in the offense i saw, four big change that he is chip kelly made, zero owe effect of moving the ball on the ground. number one, outside zone read run plays, instead of inside zone read run plays, getaway from the jets big bodies, in the middle. two, slow the offense down. three, have ryan matthews, behind center, that decisive one cut running up the middle. and number four, here's the big one, run from under center, not from the shotgun. let me give you the numbers. in the first two weeks, against atlanta and dallas the eagles ran the football 88 percent of the time out of the shotgun.
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twenty-nine out of 33 rushes. against the the jets, today, they ran the ball 24 out of 39 out of shotgun, dropped it down to 62 percent, and after the game i asked ryan matthews why he likes it. he said because i can see the the field. joe, the question now is demarco murray come back against washington redskins, do you bring him back? the a answer decisively is yes. i saw murray after the game. he was leaving the stadium in a golf cart with security. his wife heidi was with him and their young daughter. he flashed me the v and said i will be back next week, sial, you bet. eagles got a victory. i will flash you the v sign, ducis, back to you. thanks very much. when jeff and i return here on sports sunday, jonathan papelbon gets too close to bryce harper's neck. explanation behind this coming up next. rest of the sporting news
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coming up on "action news" sports sunday. when our sports sunday key
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player of the week is phillies rookie aaron altear. what a game friday night begins the nationals. altear hit a inside the park, grand slam, the first by a philly since 1956. >> he is being waved around, in throw to the plate. >> he was in the done yet, later he hit another home run. this is anti climatic solo shot. aaron alther our key player of the week. there were a lot of fire works in the phillies/nationals game and this has nothing to do with the 17 combined runs scored. >> everyone loves jonathan papelbon, phillies all time saves leader, he cannot save himself from stirring up trouble. check this out, eighth inning against phillies, papelbon has word with bryce harper for not running out a fly ball.
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ding, ding, ding. papelbon goes after harper, grabs him by the throat, they have to be pulled apart. more trouble in the ninth, andre blankco with the two run home run. they scored eight runs in the ninth. five off perhaps. phillies win 12-five. afterward papelbon says he was wrong and apologized as well. >> i cannot allow that to happen in the middle of the game. you can handle that after the game or have the manager handle that. in that light i'm wrong. >> he a apologized, i really don't care. >> papelbon, said he will not be back either. phillies will decline his option. they paid 12 and a half million to get out of that. nfc east looks like it will be up for grabs this season. >> how quickly does the talk go everyone thinking eagles are zero and three and miss playoffs to hey they can win this thing with dallas without tony romo and dez bryant. eagles starting zero and two thanks to the cowboys and
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falcons. they are going head to head. julio jones, does it to dallas. jones two touchdowns in the second half, who exton's matt ryan. first time to start three-o despite trailing in the fourth, in all three. steelers and rams, third quarter, steelers fans, gasping every where. ben roethlisberger goes down with a knee injury. mcl explain out four weeks. rams down, nick foles floats one intercepted by will allen. steelers go on to win 12-six. all right, ducis how about lesean mccoy and bills in miami. mccoy yet to run for a touchdown this year but says catch me if you can. he lines up as a receiver, makes the 10-yard grab. bills beat up dolphins 41-14 even though he has only 16-yard rushing. >> jeff and i will be back to talk about sam bradford's play against the jets, stay with us. >> "action news", sports sunday continues, right after
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we are back here on sports sunday and jeff, you asked a question in the sports office, and i thought it was a good question? how should we feel about sam bradford now after three games? >> well, he is still not playing up to his potential. he has one of the worst quarterback ratings in the nfl, fewest touchdowns. bradford struggling connecting with receivers, among fewest passing touchdowns. again, three touchdowns in three games. lots of drops too. bradford struggles moving offense in the second half. eagles scoreless, zero points in the second. bradford had 25 passing yard. eagles only had 52 total yard and 51st downs. they are having all sorts of issues. do you remember that first game in atlanta, first half, dud, second half today another dud. >> bird will be at washington. that will do it for our show, i'm ducis rodgers. thanks for watching. we will see you, next week.
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