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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 28, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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do you wear this? prisoners, to families, to people on the side of the road, unforgettable memories of the pope's graceful moments in america as he flew back to the vatican overnight. your voice, your vote. campaign dynamics as donald trump talks taxes. carly fiorina gets a scare on stage, and who's edging ahead in the polls. >> new this half hour, grab a cap or a bottle because it is national drink beer day. >> oh, my, good morning to you. we have a new kind of sweeter brew for you. a beer syrup. the unusual and what we're being told fantastic product and what marketers are saying about it. >> and later in the "skinny," an admission from an actor from the classic comedy "who's the boss?" that's anything but funny. what he told oprah that brought him to tears.
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it is monday, september 28th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> day one around here. good morning, everybody. i'm kayna whitworth in for reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we do thank you for joining us on day one on monday. what a fun weekend it was all throughout the east coast, of course, because you had the pope with hundreds of thousands of people seeing him and enjoying this pope. >> absolutely. it's been a fantastic time i know. that's our top story here today. pope francis arriving back in the vatican. you mentioned he had just entered european air space. >> he did. he did. >> it's been a whirlwind tour of three major american cities. people of all faiths moved by his message. >> the pope's final wave at the philadelphia airport came on a day he apologized to the church sex abuse victims, delivered a warning to the american bishops, and embraced jail inmates. abc's terry moran leading us off. >> reporter: he made his way through the streets of
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philadelphia. the crowds thrilled but smaller than expected. smothering security shut this city down. but this was the main event for francis. the families so close to his heart. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: "love is shown by little things, he told them, like a hug or a warm supper." before arriving at mass, pope francis met private lit with sex abuse victims say he was overwhelmed by shame and promising justice. >> he's holding everyone accountable. and he said in no uncertain terms, this is what i commit to do. >> reporter: earlier, he helicoptered just ten miles north, but into another world. on a mission of mercy. inside philadelphia's largest prison, his simple white cassock a stark contrast in those drab surroundings, francis spoke to about 100 inmates. they listened, some casually, others intently. one in tears to this visitor from so far away. "this time in your life can only have one purpose, to give you a hand getting back on the right road," he said. all of us are part of that effort.
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francis shook hands with everyone and receive aid bear hug from one man, blessing him in return. since the moment francis landed in philadelphia, the band playing theme from "rocky," extraordinary scenes at the airport. waving out the open window, he sees someone. he stops the car, walking over to 10-year-old michael keating. a boy living with disabilities. a kiss, a papal blessing, his mother overcome. at independence hall, before a crowd filled with immigrants, this son of immigrants declared his solidarity with them all. and then a prayer vigil last where aretha franklin sang and francis offered a little advice on family life. [ speaking foreign language ] >> sometimes plates can fly. [ speaking foreign language ] >> and children bring headaches. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i won't speak about mother-in-laws. >> reporter: that's classic pope
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francis. a pope who is full of surprises and who clearly wants to shake things up in his church, in the united states, and around the world. terry moran, abc news, philadelphia. >> clearly it's been a busy ten days for the pope arriving home this morning after touching lives of millions of people here in the u.s. of course, there was his first stop also in cuba. >> that's right. what memories he's left behind. our coverage continues live in philadelphia with abc's marci gonzalez who saw plenty of good will including some that was directed at the police. marci? >> reporter: yeah, it was a really touching moment that we saw earlier this evening. it was after the pope left and the crowds were starting to clear out. i was standing here doing a live shot and just before it, we started hearing people cheering and clapping and so we looked down, and this is the video i took from my iphone. you see these lines of police officers and the crowds clapping, and they're yelling thank you. just so much gratitude that this did turn out to be such a safe,
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successful event and that was just the first time we saw that. we saw it one more time after that, almost the same scene replayed. already just a touching and somewhat surprising moment here just showing all of the positive energy and the gratitude here in philadelphia. >> and also, marci, we've heard a lot about how this pope can reach out to people from all walks of life. now there's this what, pop rock album coming out? tell us about that. >> reporter: this one's a little hard to believe. i'll admit. but there is a music distributor, a company that says they're working with the vatican to put out a pope francis album. it really sounds like a joke, but this is a thing. it's going to be some of his speeches set to music. it's in a few different languages. i actually listened to one of the tracks earlier today. it's kind of different. coming out on black friday. all the proceeds will go to help refugees. back to you. >> very nice. i think it's called "wake up." marci, thank you so much.
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>> on black friday, not good friday. but we'll still buy it. and major security still in place here in new york city as the u.n. assembly gets under way. president obama speaks at the u.n. later on this morning. ahead of that address, he told a u.n. summit that the u.s. is committed to a new blueprint to eliminate poverty and hunger around the world. that plan would require trillions of dollars in support to accomplish. >> well, also, in new york today, donald trump reveals new details about his plan for tax reform in a "60 minutes" interview last night. trump said that the middle class would see a significant reduction in taxes and the very rich would pay more and the republican race is tightening up. here is abc's tom llamas. >> i'm leading every poll nationwide. i'm leading -- right, and i'm leading every state. >> reporter: for months, that was true but that new national poll shows the outspoken billionaire neck and neck with the low key neurosurgeon,
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another political out sider. >> i think it says a lot for the american people. it means that they're not necessarily listening to the pundits but they're starting to think for themselves. >> reporter: battling it out for third place, marco rubio and carly fiorina. fiorina walking away from this scary moment on the campaign trail. the curtain behind her collapsing as she was speaking. no one was hurt. fiorina joking who was the culprit. trump, hillary. it could have been lots of people. >> trump is not the only front-runner slipping. hillary clinton now leads senator bernie sanders by seven points nationwide, a huge drop from july. now clinton acknowledging the controversy over her e-mails has taken a toll. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip. that's why i said, there's only so much that i can control. but what i have tried to do in explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information than anybody that i'm aware of that's ever served in the government. >> reporter: both front runners
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facing headwinds. donald trump introducing his tax plain saying it will benefit the middle class and also be friendly to the corporations that keep jobs in america. tom llamas, abc news, new york. outgoing house speaker john boehner promises there be no government shutdown this week. boehner predicts that the house and senate will agree on a bill to fund the government at least temporarily. boehner is giving up his speaker's post as well as his house seat at the end of october. so maybe the strangest thing that happened during yesterday's nfl games happened right before the steeler and rams got started in st. louis. this is pregame introductions. watch the lower right of your screen. you see kind of right there? that's a section of the artificial turf that caught fire because sparks from the pyrotechnic display. the game was delayed for nearly a half an hour. pittsburgh won, 12-6. also the sunday night game as peyton manning and the denver broncos visiting detroit. manning finds dareus thomas. gorgeous. 45-yard touchdown.
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manning's second touchdown pass of the night would be 11 yards to owen daniels. that puts the game away. i'm so glad to see od get involved in the offense. they go 3-0, 24-12 win. detroit winless on year and i think they play seattle next. >> they still have a good chance. and the broncos, they had two ugly wins the first time. >> you know, their defense is keeping them in it. they put peyton in the shotgun for most of the time letting him run the offense instead of kubiak. i don't know. >> she's not biased or anything about the broncos. so today's a day that everyone is invited to knock back a few cold ones. >> i love this idea. >> if you're old enough, of course. >> yes, it is national drink a beer day. oh, my gosh. we have some of age fans that are very excited about this. some people are marking this occasion with an ice cold brew and there's an entrepreneur in louisville, kentucky, hoping to cash in on a bit of a sweeter concoction.
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it is called beer syrup. does this mean you can have beer for breakfast? >> why can't you? of course. >> as usual. >> a.m. ale. mainly intended to be mixed with cocktails. >> inventor russ meredith says beer syrup can also be used on your pancakes or waffles and you don't have to worry about getting tipsy at breakfast. it's only 1% alcohol. >> if there was ever an excuse to have pancakes for breakfast, i feel beer syrup is it. >> only if it had more alcohol. >> coming up in "the skinny," anger directed at george and amal clooney and taylor swift's unforgettable duet. >> also ahead, revealing mysteries on mars. what is expected from nasa's highly anticipated announcement today. >> and the baby born early, surprising mom and dad aboard a cruise ship. the tiny baby considered a major miracle at sea. first, take a look at our weather board because it is warming up in atlanta.
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♪a one, a two, a three percent cash back♪ we have new details after that devastating collision between a duck boat and a tour bus on a seattle bridge. the accident now claiming a fifth victim, another foreign student. this comes as the ntsb reveals the duck boat did not have the an axel repair that was recommended two years ago. the duck boats are suspended from service until all vehicles pass inspections. >> now to what's being called a miracle at sea. a baby born more than three months early on a cruise ship that was more than 100 miles out at sea. >> so the ship's doctor prepared the parents for the worst.
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but that tiny baby boy beat almost insurmountable odds. abc's mary bruce has that story. >> reporter: the tiny baby who beat big odds. hayden morgan, born at 23 weeks, and 14 hours from land. >> i knew this was the true labor pains. i was going to have this baby. >> reporter: two days out at sea on a cruise with her husband and 3-year-old daughter did, mother emily morgan suddenly goes into labor. the baby weighing 1 1/2 pounds. his little hands the size of quarters. doctors brace the morgans, his telling them their son was unlikely to survive. >> i was basically trying to stay strong, and focus on emily. >> reporter: but emily is determined. her maternal instinct kicks in. she insists on seeing her baby. >> all i wanted was just to see him. i didn't care if he was alive or if he was dead. >> reporter: meeting him for the first time, she sees his pink skin, hears him breathing and knows he's a survivor. as the captain races to shore,
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the morgans and the medical staff race to keep the baby alive. wrapping him in towels and heated saline packets creating a makeshift incubator. >> i'm going to do everything possible. i don't want to live with any regrets. >> reporter: they reach land with no time to spare. >> he was a miracle to push through that, and he is a fighter. >> reporter: hayden remains hospitalized. but the family hopeful he will be released by late december, his original due date. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> that's amazing. a baby born that early, even in the hospital, not on a ship 100 miles from shore has about they say like a 30% chance of survival. >> absolute miracle. while mom went into labor the doctor on board told her to hold her legs together for 14 hours. she said that's not going to happen. the baby came out 30 minutes later. miracle there. >> that mom knew. she knew the baby was coming. >> next, the confession a popular child star made to oprah winfrey. >> also, why george and amal
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clooney are not making friends with their british neighbors. "the skinny" is next.
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> and it is time for "the skinny" and topping our headlines, a stunning admission to oprah winfrey by one of america's hottest child stars from the '80s. >> he's 39 years old. danny pintauro, best known as
3:49 am
jonathan bauer starring alongside tony danza, judith light on "who's the boss?" admitted in a very emotional interview there weekend to oprah winfrey that he has been hiv positive for 12 years. >> pintauro outed as gay in '97 admitted to oprah that he used crystal meth. >> i had just come out of a two-year relationship and i discovered in that relationship that there was more i wanted to explore sexually. crystal meth takes away your inhibitions. you have no limits. if you want to explore that adventurous side, taking the drug is going to put you there. and the reasons you start -- >> after living with his secrets for 12 years, pintauro told oprah he's ready to speak about his hiv status, urging other men in the gay community to take better care of themselves. and next, what do you get when a '60s pop icon drops in on a taylor swift concert? >> how about a serious case of satisfaction.
3:50 am
check it out. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ i can't get no satisfaction because i try and i try ♪ ♪ oh i try and i try, try, try ♪ i can't get no, i can't get no ♪ >> are we satisfied with how long that clip was? >> both of us had to look away at one point. awkward. mick jagger joining swift on stage in nashville saturday night for a surprise rendition of the classic rolling stones single which incidentally was released 24 years before she was born. >> next to quite a bit of dissatisfaction across the pond. >> george clooney and his wife amal are not making a whole lot off friends among their neighbors at their country house outside of london. the couple is in the midst of a
3:51 am
lavish renovation of their 17th century $15 million nine bedroom home in a quiet little village in berkshire. >> well, or at least according to neighbors, it used to be a quiet neighborhood. they are reportedly complaining of a never ending parade of dozens of construction vehicles and noise. >> the renovation by the way includes a 60-foot swimming pool, a ring of security cameras on tall poles that neighbors say will be an eyesore. and finally speaking of big bucks, some classic hollywood memorabilia headed to the auction block. >> the customized 1949 triumph motorcycle that cemented fonzie as the king of cool on the abc sit-com "happy days" expected to fetch about $150,000 at an auction next month in california, along with one of his leather jackets for a cool $45,000. >> i'm so sad to share with you a little known fact about "the fonz." and his motorcycle. he actually couldn't ride it for real. >> what? >> he admitted this, that he never was able to handle a motorcycle and was reportedly
3:52 am
pushed on the stage by stagehands. by stage hands.
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cool or creepy? you're looking. >> i think it's cool >> it is cool. you're looking at a once in a generation sight. for the first time in 30 years, a super moon at its closest point to the earth combined with a lunar eclipse turning it super blood red as you can see. or if you missed it by the way, it won't happen again until 2033. but fortunately, there's another regular super moon scheduled for next month, october 27th. this year's harvest moon. >> the harvest moon, i like that. i think that's gorgeous.
3:56 am
there is some more extra terrestrial excitement being fueled today. this is by nasa. >> they tweeted a tease saying a mystery about mars has been solved and they're set to explain it all later today. here's abc's sarah hanes. >> reporter: the red planet has space fans red hot. >> i suspect it's going to be something that will increase our interest in going to mars. >> reporter: nasa tweeting saturday mars mystery solved. monday morning, scientists say they will reveal an out of this world discovery. >> i claim this planet in the name of mars. >> galaxy gazers are hopeful blowing up social media with alien speculation. this better be aliens, nasa. so it's martians, right? water on mars, of course. h2o possibly. but what could that mean? >> if there is some sort of life form, microbial life that might abdiscovered and it's also the possibility that you could support human life there.
3:57 am
>> reporter: since 2006, scientists have been taking a closer look at water on mars and just earlier this year, there were talks that the mars rover spotted an ancient lake bed. and with the soon to be released matt damon flick "the martian," mars is back on our radar. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> reporter: but however the stars align, this latest discovery will surely be astronomical. sara haines, abc news, new york. slug okay, so some of the early speculation is that there are seasonal dark streaks which would mean that water appears at certain times of the year. >> so they're looking back was water there before, is it there now, is it saltwater? are we going there? i knew we were going to end up on the mars bureau. >> i look pretty buff as an astronaut. >> your suit comes with muscles that are built in for you. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two
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making news in america this morning -- heading home. pope francis arriving in rome this morning after his historic trip to america. the final moments before departing. and the wave from his plane. we're live with the details. >> good morning, it is 4:00 a.m., monday, september 28. the ben franklin bridge reopened 15 minutes before they said it would. we have other spots to tell you about. >> one is the benjamin franklin parkway for a massive clean up a after the parade and mass, we'll have live team coverage. >> the eagles won, fans are breathing easy after aevaluating the jets for


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