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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- heading home. pope francis arriving in rome this morning after his historic trip to america. the final moments before departing. and the wave from his plane. >> good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this monday, september 28. here's what's happening. the ben franklin bridge is back open as other traffic restrictions are being lifted from the papal visit. >> the cleanup goes on on the benjamin franklin parkway where hundreds of thousands gathered for the papal mass. >> police in montgomery are looking for masked men after a shooting critically injured a person. >> karen rogers has what's open and what is closed and david murphy has accuweather. >> reporter: we're off to dry conditions across the region. we might see sunshine as the cloud cover is vacating the
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philadelphia area for now. 66 degrees currently in philadelphia. actually a little milder at this time of the morning than yesterday. 6 # in allentown. 64 in wilmington, 67 in sea isle city. heading out to the school bus 62 degrees by 6:00 a.m. 63 by 8:00 a.m. partly cloudy and cool for those on the bus stop and heading to the car this morning. welcome back kids to school, those of you who have been off from work for that matter. city jail. 3 by 8:00 a.m. comfortable and cool. high today is 8 # degrees, it will feel -- 83 degrees. it will feel much more humid throughout the day. we have rain in the forecast, i'll have that coming up. >> reporter: this is spring garden street, this is the on-ramp to the schuylkill expressway, the schuylkill expressway is open in both
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directions. it opened earlier than anticipated late last night. it opened in both directions. the off ramps are open, the on-ramps are shut down. i talked to state police they are in the process of reopening all these ramps, things are slowly getting back to normal. looking good right there. the ben franklin bridge reopened a lot earlier than expected. it wasn't expected to reopen until noon today. wide open no problems, police in new jersey tell me 676 the admiral wilson boulevard is open leading to the ben franklin bridge. vine street expressway is open. we have penndot and police, they are blocking the off and on-ramps of the vine. the vine is open, but the benjamin franklin parkway remains shut down. >> now let's look down on the ground and see how things are
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moving. let's go over to trish hartman live at the foot of the ben franklin bridge which has been opened for a little bit now. good morning, trish. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right. now that the pope has left town, the ben franklin bridge is open to vehicular traffic. officers tell me it opened at 2:00 a.m. so you can see cars are moving along just fine. we saw a driver pull over and ask the cop and say is it open, yup, move on through. we found many folks walking across the ben some with bikes heading back to their cars in new jersey after attending the papal mass. officials say accelerated opening should make for a normal commute for those heading to work. they planned to open the brimming as quickly as possible. the folks flooded the subway and rail stations. we found riders exiting the
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broad and pattison station. pilgrims we spoke with said despite the wait to get to and from the mass they had an unforgettable experience. >> mass was incredible. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> it was one of the best experiences i ever had in my life. i'm very glad i drove 6 hours to get here and see our holy father have mass. now back to this morning's commute, septa's regional rails are operating on a saturday schedule. you want to check that before you leave. seaport at that buses and subway s and troalts -- trolleys have resumed service, we're live at the ben franklin bridge trish hartman. >> good to see it back in action. pope francis arrived in rome earlier this morning.
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while here he under the faithful to be open for miracle of love for the sake of families around the world. it was part of his homily during the papal mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. white and yellow umbrellas spread out among the crowd giving communion to tens of thousands of people. streets department started cleaning the parkway as soon as mass concluded yesterday. katherine scott is live along the parkway. >> reporter: hey, matt, they made a lot of progress overnight. a lot of structures went up for this huge weekend. you can see the heavy security fencing that went up across the city is being taken down right near the basilica. there's an effort like that across the city. crews started to breakdown almost immediately after the papal parkway. all the seating needed to be packed away, the thousands of
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children's that were set up for people with tickets. many thousand more stood. they are making progress. some of the roads are opening back up. penndot opened 76 last night. the vine street expressway is open, but some of the ramps are closed. in center city the crews are out taking down the barriers for the weekend. as that is happening we'll see more and more roads opening back up. some of are open, but there's a lot of ground to cover. there's a lot of trash along the parkway that needs to be cleared away. we're seeing fork lifts on the parkway by 18th street. vehicles doing work and some of the carts, every now and then we'll see a regular civilian come by, if you're in the area, if you make your way here be very careful because there are crews doing work out on the parkway here. you can take a look around the
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parkway by 18th street there's fencing if the street. water pallets on the sides of the road. the jumbotrons are up, there's tents, a lot of structure also need to come down, but crews have been at it since the end of the papal mass last night. live ray long the parkway, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> pope francis heading back to rome on his plane dubbed shepherd one. >> ready for takeoff. thanks for your help, have a good one, shepherd one. vice president biden and his wife were among those at philadelphia international airport to bid the pontiff farewell. for complete wrap up of the papal events and the latest on traffic restrictions as they are lifted go to >> developing overnight one person was shot during an home invasion in montgomery county.
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this happened on the 2300 block of fill month avenue in lower lr moreland last night. police are looking for three to four masked men who fled the scene in a dark colored car. a shooting scene in wilmington became a chaotic one for police. police rushed to 6th and jefferson streets yesterday afternoon and found a man shot in the chest. large crowd started flowing bricks and bottle it is at the police as they assisted the victim. at one point a man drew a knife on a officer so they took him into custody. >> 5:08. vandal made havoc at a delaware cemetary. new castle county police say 18 grave stones were pushed over. one stone is over a century old. officials say it would have been taken just a few people to do
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this kind of damage. turning now to accuweather now that the pope is gone we are very resiptive to the concept of rain. >> reporter: and we'll -- receptive to the concept of rain. >> reporter: and we'll get some is in the next 24 to 48 hours. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry for the commute. taking a look outside, we have clouds overhead. there will be sunny breaks early looking from independence hall the camera installed atop the dow building. they are cleaning up after our big weekend with the pope. 63 degrees in allentown. 65 in trenton. 66 in philadelphia. 63 in millville as you step outside. future tracker 6 shows us we'll have clouds and sunny breaks and every now and then we'll have an isolated sprinkle or shower. today is mainly dry into the evening. in the lehigh valley, 79 warmer today, mostly cloudy and feeling humid at times. down the shore, mostly cloudy,
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sunny breaks, 77. keep in mind we have a threat of rip currents a big threat in fact along the coast. lack of lifeguards this time of year not a good time to go in especially today with the rip currents and no lifeguards. 83 degrees feeling like summer this afternoon. winds out of the seevment 7 -- southeast 7 to 14 miles per hour. if you want to get exercising do it by 8:00 a.m. 63. muggy 80 around 2:00 p.m. and 83 around 3:00 p.m. tomorrow there might be light sprinkles and showers. 3:00 p.m., more of it fills in. by the dinner hour the latest model runs have this north and west of philadelphia. there's a cold front out to the west that's going to drive the rain through. as we get into wednesday morning, the wave of low pressure and the related front
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makes us front. it's going to be a wet morning and possibly a wet afternoon and damp in the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83, warm and muggy, mainly dry. tomorrow, 83, cloudy and spotty showers around as you just saw. tuesday night into wednesday cloudy skies with rain. we could get one to two inches of rain based on the latest model projections. thursday behind the departing front we are cooler, 63 degrees on thursday and friday. frontal boundary kind of stalling around us keeping us cloudy with showers here or there and we already said friday, saturday, cloudy, 66. there could be an additional shower, looks like we're dry in time for fan appreciation day for phillies sunday afternoon which will be my final appearance at citizens bank park. i'm looking forward to it. >> it's going to be a sad moment. >> reporter: i'll miss them.
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you appreciate me phillies? >> we do. hardly a miracle at the meadowlands, but it was the first win of the eagles season. >> pope francis made an unscheduled stop at a local college. >> reporter: we continue to see more of the ramps reopened, the schuylkill expressway is opened earlier in both directions. the ramp to 30th street was shut down, we can watch live, no problem looking better there, we'll check more closures coming up. we'll show you the supermoon and remember philadelphia public schools are off today because the papal visit. they are back in session tomorrow. of we'll be back!
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>> 5:14, good morning everyone, it is monday, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. a reminder get there three hours
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early for international flights. they are expecting longer than normal security lines because of the papal visit. >> let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: we're seeing more and more things reopen. i-95 was always open, but the ramp for the vine street expressway was shut down it is reopened. i-95 is open. the vine is open. we've got the schuylkill expressway open in both directions. some of the off ramps closed. the ben franklin bridge is on some of the off ramps closed. the ben franklin bridge is on the part of admiral wilson boulevard. i was out on spring garden, some of the priests pull me in with all the dancing going on. i wanted to be part of the mass like everybody else. on my facebook page i talked about the fact that police were so helpful and so kind. they were that way to me. not just that, on my facebook
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page people were commenting some of the police officers were escorting toddlers quicker to the port-a potty. we all felt the love. pope francis was talking about family, it felt like a big family here. the crews were working through the night and opening the roadways goodwill keeps on coming. >> the pope touched on clergy sex abuse, he met with five abuse victims yesterday and talked about the subject with hundreds of seminarians priests and bishops at saint charles seminary. he holds in his heart the suffering of child sex abuse victims and ordered a careful oversight process to insure that young people are protected and all responsible will be held accountable. >> oh, my god. before leaving philadelphia the pope who is a jets with -- t
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made a surprise visit to st. joe's university which is a jesuit campus. during the stop he blessed the clup -- sculpture which is dedicated to cooperation between the jewish and catholic faith. the birds won the game without demarco murray. darren sproles stepped up. the offensive line played better and the defense forced four jets turnovers. the eagles play the redskins in washington on wednesday. >> police help a women get through papal road blocks so she can receive the gift of life. >> reporter: it's going to be
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reddish or copperish hue. >> it was cloud overnight, but the night before there was a spotlight it was bright. >> reporter: i could see it when it walked out in the driveway, it was bright out, it was funny because we were coming in earlier this morning, i was like, whoa, did i oversleep? >> reporter: the vine is open, what you're seeing is the ramp to the broad street which is shut down, i saw a truck standing there, you can't go through. the vine is open, the ramps are shut down. the schuylkill expressway is open, but the off-ramps are shut down. regional rails working on a saturday schedule. all the stations are open. >> reporter: a little warmer this morning, but cool, 63 in fleetwood. 64 in pottstown. across the delaware river in south jersey, 64 cinnaminson. 65 in avalon, low to mid 60s
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up and down the state of delaware. if you have plans to get out and exercise, it's a good morning to do that. you might want to get it done early, too, later in the day we'll warm up and see a rise in humidity. 83 degrees at 3:00 p.m. clouds and sunny breaks, mainly dry spotty sprinkle or shower around, most of you miss that, but more humid the next couple of days. >> a woman got a life saving phone call during the pope's visit. she found out a kidney was available for her on saturday. the police escorted her over the ben franklin bridge to get to thomas jefferson university hospital. the new kidney is slowly acclimating to her body. her husband is so thankful for this gift of life. >> new video of the pope-kissing baby. >> he loves them. but first america's money.
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>> reporter: topping america's money. more problems for volkswagen. the automaker went forward to cheat on emissions test despite warnings. one warning came 8 years ago. another from their own technicians. last week they apologized for cheating on emission tests in the u.s. experts say gas prices will stay low for a long time possibly remaining in place into 2017. the average is 2.29 a month ago. last year at this time, 2.34. hotel transylvania ii is number one at the box office taking in more than $47 million. robert diniro and anne hathoway the intern second, maze runner,
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it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. common side effects are dizziness, had back to rome, he met with a local family he was in distress after being poisoned by a
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pesticide in the virgin islands. the pope kissed and blessed the family, recovery has been slow for the family. in fact the boys spent weeks in medically induced commas, they are conscious but they can barely move. >> transitioning into better news, the pope loves babies, here he is before the papal mass. one by one, the security detail would grab babies from the crowd and bring them up to the pope and the pope would kiss them on the forward. great moments for local and national families. >> it was lovely to see that all those lives the kids will here i know you can behave better than that, you've been
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blessed. a family from the pope's hometown traveled through two continent to philadelphia and got the meeting of a lifetime. two titans come face-to-face in new york city and will discuss the seer ran war that has driven thousands into europe. ññ
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his parting message, pray for me. >> that was amazing. >> happening now, cleanup efforts continue after the mass that attracted several hundred thousands pilgrims to the benjamin franklin parkway.
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this morning commuters have a lot of the to be thankful for as road restrictions are lifted. >> tragedy for a local teen overnight, cure off -- curiositr machinery left himy crushed to death. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we have a dry start, we'll get early sunshine in and clouds and sunny breaks. most of the rain is tracking out by pittsburgh, chance of a spotty sprinkle. 63 in allentown and reading. 64 in wilmington. 67 in sea isle city. wind not all that strong. if you're heading out to get into the car or catch the bus, 63 by 8:00 a.m. as we roll through the


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