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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 30, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. tuesday night. the big story on "action news" is a night of heavy downpours. that's the expectation.
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but this is just the start of a very wet week. let get the latest from double scan radar and meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily? >> jim, round one has arrived. double scan live showing we do have the rain really spreading across our region. and some of it has been heavy, especially south of philadelphia. zooming in over philadelphia, generally moderate rain. philadelphia i-95, this is moving up through montgomery county. it is pushing north and west. further to the south we had some pockets of heavier rain near wilmington. salem, new jersey, and we also have some rumbles of thunder with this about a half-hour ago. this low pressure currently is over western virginia. and what this will do, is quickly move up to our north and the east over the overnight hours. this will really be in the overnight. tomorrow during the day tapering off to showers. what to expect. a pretty healthy dies of rain. patchy rain by the morning rush. during the day tomorrow, lots of clouds and a few scattered
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showers. overnight though, some of the northwest suburbs could receive more than two inches of rain. and this is just round one. i am tracking more rain on the way later this week. i'm also tracking tropical storm joaquin on the verge of becoming a hurricane. the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right, cecily. and the "action news" morning team will be on starting at 4:30 with the latest on the rain overnight and how it's affecting the early rush hour. temple university urging students to use security escorts in the wake of the attacks near campus. chad pradelli is there and are the police any closer to making arrests? >> not now. and for the women in particular they are on edge, especially considering that the suspect remains at large. the brutal sexual assault happened on the 1400 block of carlisle just south of campus. it was shortly after midnight.
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the student was walking home from the library whether a man approach approached, struck her arm, displayed a gun and told her not to scream. and he pushed her to a construction site and sexually assaulted her. >> i don't know personally, but any story like this is a shame for everyone involved. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance in the area. they say sexual assaults involving strangers near campus are rare. temple put out appear alert to students around 2:30 a.m. living just a few steps from the attack -- >> does it make you change the way you behave? >> yes, it does but it also freaks me out. it happened on my very block. >> the university offers several escort services. one is the out loop, a bus service in the heart of campus shown here in white. and the other one called to your door shown in pink whereby security officers escort students to the door.
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and among those using services when walking late at night, she walks with a friend, as did the victim who split with her friend a block away before being assaulted. >> i feel terrible. it woke me -- like i got the tech at night and i saw it very late at night. i think i got it around 2:00 a.m. and it shocked me. it is scary. >> do you find many classmates or friends use the services? >> my don't. it is underutilized. >> why do you think it is? >> college. people living free, don't really think of consequences. >> the police tell me there have been several robberies in the area. most of the victims are not students and the police don't know if they are connected to the robbery. and chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news," jim? >> thank you, chad. does this look like a real gun to you? it is actually a toy replica
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that a 15-year-old chester high school student brought to school causing the lockdown. what is causing the biggest uproar is that the boy will not be charged with a felony and he was released. a delaware county probation official determined since the realistic boy gun is not an actual firearm the 10th grader can only be charged with a misdemeanor of possession with a weapon school grounds. that ensensed the chester's police commissioner. >> this is a horrendous message to send this to community that you can do what you damn well please. and if it looks like a toy, you can pull it out. i am appalled that anybody would think that way in the city when we have so much violence. >> the delaware county d.a. says that it is worth reviewing the current law to see if this is a loop hole that can be closed.
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but for now his happened are tied. one of our "action news" photographers was in the right place at just the right time to capture a remarkably close call tonight. [tires squealing] >> after slamming brakes and squealing tires the cars were within a hair's breath of each other at carlisle street in philadelphia. and the dash cam recorded it from a second angle. the spirit of brotherly love was in full effect because the near-collision ended with hand shakes and laughs when both drivers realized their cars were ok. and they say, no harm, no foul. part of the papal alter is standing tonight which is keeping the bensalem parkway from fully reopening. traffic was allowed back on the outer lanes today. while the crews are making progress dismantling the structure in stages, and the fencing, there is no set
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timeline. a new report today on the economic impact of the pope's visit finds that for many businesses their prayers were not anticipated. the city controller has a survey that found restaurants did less than half of their normal activity for a weekend, and retailers down nearly 80%. none of the stores, none of the retail stores surveyed said they met their sales goals. and annie mccormick is live in center city after speaking with several business owners tonight. annie, it is not all doom and gloom and today's report highlighted one bright spot. >> that's true, jim. the controller says that this is just a preliminary report. and he actually calls it a snapshot of the papal weekend revenue. now in it, retailers and restaurants do not do so well, but hotel the did. >> it was sold as it would be a boston to -- boost to the city.
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>> and they said many retailers saw little boom. here where every retailer and restaurant stayed up, making less than half than a normal weekend. and he says the survey he is reading from local businesses is grim. >> i have seen several comments from restaurant owners saying, one of them say they are moving out of the city because of this, and the other one says they have to close up. >> not everyone complaining. this own are prepared for anything. >> friday was great, this was great saturday. sunday was a little slower that is when our regular customers come in and stock up. >> many regular customers skipped town. restaurants lost money on extra inventory and staff due to expected larger crowds. and on 15th, they had two large parties of pilgrims and walk-ins every night of the weekend, especially after the papal mass. >> we fared already, we did. better than we thought. >> same as a normal weekend or a
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little less? >> a little bit less, but still better than we thought. >> and the hotel did the best thanks to the hotels association's early reaction. >> a month ago the hotels were in panic. they changed their rates, offered lodging for people working in center city and they had a great week and weekend. >> and the greater philadelphia hotels situation does not have the numbers but looking pretty good. as for the surveys, the controller is waiting for them to be handed in. 250 in total and then will he make his final report. reporting live in center city, annie mccormick for channel 6 "action news." a grand jury cleared three police officers in the deadly shooting of a man last september. police responded to a report of
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a man firing shots on pennsylvania avenue in atlantic city. the prosecutors office the first time released surveillance showing shawn brown holding a gun. they say he pointed the gun at detect and was shot and died at the hospital. at the shore, a mysterious death of a woman. her body found floating in the water off the beach in ocean city. she was fully clothed with no obvious signs of trauma. the discovery made at the 57th street beach at 3:40 this afternoon. new jersey state police are heading up the investigation. pennsylvania governor tom wolf vetoed a short-term spending plan saying republican leaders are "the only thing standing between us and a real budget." and the 4-month-old budget impasse cut off aid to schools
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and saw districts borrowing millions while laying off staff. and wolf wants a long-term plan. republicans say they are trying to end unnecessary hardship while budget talks continue. in philadelphia, the mayoral debate season kicked off. and pamela edwards moderated a forum with kenny, republican bailey and three other candidates listed on the ballot. jim foster, osborne park, and still to come, a congressional report warns we are losing building to prevent americans from going to fight with isis. and many are sneaking back into this country as terrorists. >> and the billionaire's club. some of your favorite services, facebook, amazon, find out where their funders rank. >> and you have competition. the former head of aol invests in a local entrepreneur's business tonight in a challenge
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like "shark tank." heavy rain is moving through. just the beginning of the soggy week. and details on tropical storm joaquin in the forecast. and ducis rodgers with more on the new eagle when
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more than 250 americans have traveled overseas in the past four years to try to join terrorist groups like isis and the government has failed to stop them. that's the information in the study that they call disturbing. and they estimate several dozen of the jihadists have snuck back into the country. back into the united states without being arrested or monitored. in new york, president obama
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met today with cuban president, raul castro on the sidelines of the u.n. gathering of world leaders. discussing the next steps in normalizing relations between the two countries. and castro said to speed it up president obama would have to use his powers on the embargo. and planned parenthood on debate on capitol hill. and at stake the future of more than a half million in federal funding. planned parenthood under fire after secretly obtained video where they speak of fetal research. and they say it is part of a smear campaign. >> and dozens of supporters came
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out to rally behind planned parenthood. and it was dubbed pink out and many nationwide. and planned parenthood accused of spending millions on political activity. and they say that taxpayer money is used to provide testing, contraceptive and other health care for women. a touching moment 38 in the making. amanda reunited with a nurse who cared for her when she was just 3-month-olds. she suffered severe burns when she rolled off a couch onto a boiling steam vaporizer. the pictures helped her through tough times but it took social media to help find the nurse and make today's reunion possible. on "healthcheck" at 11:00, a new study warns a hidden danger in many american homes and you may be staring at one right now. unsecured flat-screen
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televisions rank third as a hidden hazard. in a review of the journal of neurosurgery pediatrics. a typical tv falling three feet can create momentum of a child falling out after 10-story window. and tvs toppling over, a study says the accidents are easily preventible and it is vital to secure the televisions to a wall or base. the forbes 400 list of richest americans out and some surprising statistics. admission to the club now takes $1.7 billion. just to make the top 400. that means 145 american billionaires didn't even make the list. >> it is no surprise that bill gates topped it again with $76 billion in his bank account. it is his 22nd year in a row. but amazon founder and the
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facebook founder both cracked the top 10 for the first time. the uber founder gained the most in what year doubling his net worth to $6 billion. and spiegel, co-founding snapchat the youngest billionaire in the world at age 25. and a young entrepreneur would may one day land on that list getting a financial boost tonight courtesy of the man who gave us the words "you've got mail." and jeff was at the constitution center. >> i am excited. >> entrepreneur christopher gray overwhelmed after winning $100 in a pitch competition for start up. money to help grow his small company based in center city. >> it is an app that helps students find money for college. >> the reward from the pockets of aol founder and capitalist steve case bringing his road trip to the national constitution center. >> it is the world's first
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intelligent plate that analyzing the entire meal with up to 99% accuracy. >> one by one the company founders took to stage to give their best sales pitches to case and the judges. >> and the powered commercial lobby service. >> and it is funeral planning online. bringing it to philadelphia. >> and the idea of trying to celebrate entrepreneurs all over the country who are building great companies in places like philadelphia but they don't get the attention of most of the media or investors in new york or california. >> and similar to the abc show "shark tanks." >> hi sharks, i am christopher gray. >> coincidentally he appeared on later this year and walked away with $40,000. >> and now $100,000. it is money that gray says he needs to help others find the cash to reach their dreams. >> steve case sayings that philadelphia is the 16th stop on his road trip. now he will top aboard this bus
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to give away more moment in buffalo, new york. and then it is off to new hampshire and maine. at the national constitution center for channel 6 "action news." and you've got rain. >> a lot of rain over the next five days. showing the rain has arrived. the heaviest rain is really in a band right now stretching from chadds ford through wilmington. glassboro, and no lightning strikes now, but a few rumbles of thunder in south jersey from this rain heading through. with the rain we have some tropical temperatures. 74 in philadelphia down from the high of 85, 12 degrees above normal. 75 in millville. 74 in wilmington. and 72 in allentown. and dewpoints in the 70's. this will squeeze out a lot of moisture from the system. this is really the first in a series of rain through the week. this will continue to push through in the overnight hours. the futuretracker showing by the
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morning rough it won't be completely dry, but we're not looking at wide-spread avenue ra -- rain. and lots of clouds with a couple of showers. this is likely the driest part of the rest of the week. now i want to talk about tropical storm joaquin. maximum sustained winds now 70 miles per hour. if it gets to 74 it becomes a hurricane and that's very likely. i want to show you the spaghetti plots. these are the individual computer models that look like pieces of spaghetti. and you can see there is a lot of uncertainty on where joaquin will head. will it make landfall in north carolina? will it come close to us? will it head to new england or out to sea? that's a 650-mile spread. now the national weather service official forecast track shows it becoming a category two hurricane by friday, and then making a turn up the eastern seaboard. this latest track has now shifted to the west. i think we'll see a lot of shifts in track over the next
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several days. what is key with joaquin, even before it makes landfall, if it does, is that we are going to get a major tropical connection. there's low pressure over georgia. it creates a kink in the jet stream. so ahead of joaquin getting an influx of tropical moisture. thursday through friday. and this will is round two. we are looking at tropical downpours, perhaps several inches of rain. and wind gust are a factor. moderate coastal flooding a good possibility. this is before the center makes landfall. if it does that likely over the wasn'ted -- weekend on sunday. and the high is 80, still warm. behind the cold front thursday it is chilly. 62 degrees, windy and rain developing late in the day. heavy rain thursday through the day on friday.
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winds, a high of 60. through the weekend calling for wind and showers saturday and sunday. and again, a lot depends on joaquin. 68 degrees. finally monday, trying to clear with a high of 70. and tuesday, mostly sunny, 72 degrees. we will it be getting new information on the tropical storm, it could be a hurricane by the morning. anchor and author dan harris was the feature speaker in montgomery county. the penn foundation behavioral health services withity autumn fundraiser at the church. and he spoke about his on-air panic attack in 2004 and mental health recovery from anxiety. the third year in a row our own eva pilgrim served as emcee tonight.
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next up, washington and there will be new faces in the eagles' cap. >> chip kelly has to plug new guys into the offense and on special teams of the eagles made two moves official today. guard andrew gardner placed on
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injured reserve with a foot injury. kicker cody parkey ended up there, too, with a torn groin. both are out for the season. the eagles have signed caleb sturgis to handle the kicking duties. sturgis with the dolphins the past two seasons. since being cut by miami earlier this month, he's been waiting for the phone to ring. >> you have to stay ready. it is a competitive league and there are a lot of good kickers out there. so, you know, just been staying ready down in florida. >> and they say i don't need surgery, i just have to rest it. that's what i am going to do, rest, rehab and come back stronger than ever. >> and gardner's surgery caused them to resign the player that the eagles have signed eight different times. >> i am not sure i set a record for most between a single player and a single team. i am really, really hoping. if not i have to be close. maybe they can cut me and sign
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me a couple more times. and needing to win four of the six games to avoid the 100-loss ins r season since 1961. and rup, with two on. and the 3-run homer and the phillies lead 3-0. after giving up a home run in the ninth inning, that pulls the mets within 1. and they get him to swing to tend and the phillies win 4-3. still ahead, brown optimistic on the first day of training camp. and the former s
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the sixers were the youngest team in the nba last season and that will likely be the case again this year. the team opened training camp in new jersey and they be there through saturday. and okafor one of the young pieces they are building around. and they have talent but it needs to be cultivated. >> i see an abundance of 20 year olds that is breath taking in regards to the growth that need to happen for these guys to navigate an nba career. and larry brown in hot water for the ncaa. sanctioned for multiple violations including academic fraud. saying that an assistant did
2:09 am
course work for a basketball player. braun suspended for nine games and they are band from the post-season this season. and it is called football, using a foot is allowed. a 5'9" receiver about to make the catch of the year. he kickings the ball to himself before making the catch. >> did he do it on purpose? >> i think so. kicks it, down to the grown and catches it. >> he worked on that on practice. and kim "jimmy kimmel live" is live. and his guest is viola davis, michael pena and music have slightly stupid. for entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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