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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> followingbacking news on this wednesday september 30th. >> georgia has executed its first woman in 70 years. it happened overnight. despite a plea from the pope and last minute appeal. >> a new report shows how philadelphia businesses faired during the papal visit. >> accuweather is tracking rain for your morning commute. >> good morning, it is 4:30. tam and david are off. we have and not necessarily in this order, nydia han, karen rogers and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. you can see he that yes, you're starting your morning with some rain in spots but as
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we had warned you the heavy rain that you got in the overnight hours, you can see he that that's shifted up mostly to the north and east. we've got some spotty showers here or there. it is a damp start on double scan really just the beginning of a number of wet days. let's take a look at satellite6 and action radar. there's that heavy rain that moved through last night. now it pushing up -- it's new york's problem. lots of clouds dan not out of the woods. we'll have a little bit of rain at times but that steady heavy rain has pushed out of here. right now that temperature is 73 he in allentown, 76 in philadelphia. we are already above our normal high for this date. 75 in millville, 75 in dover and in trenton as well. as you look at the day ahead we'll hit highs in the upper 70's or low 80's, mostly cloudy skies. humid with some showers at times. but we are tracking that very heavy be rain on the way and we have new information about tropical storm joaquin. that was coming up matt. >> karen what do you think the chances are that we remember
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how to drive on wet roads. >> not so good. >> i would say not so good as well. in exton chester county this is 202 the northbound lanes, a lot of emergency crews on the scene as you end the work zone. because we've got some flooding here taking out one of the two lanes. traffic has been squeezing by but the cruise are trying to unclog the drains and get that water washed away. especially in the work zones. sometimes the drainage isn't the best. this is the roosevelt boulevard in east falls. a soggy situation as well but traffic on the boulevard passing ridge avenue is moving okay. farther north watch out for overnight construction between rhawn and woodward. they're blocking the inner drive until 6 o'clock. in center city, yes, no change just yet along the ben franklin parkway unfortunately. inner drives remain closed in both directions. that means expect delays just like yesterday morning if you travel the parkway. and here's 95. some overnight flooding on the northbound side between bridge and cottman is restricting traffic. you can squeeze by but no
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extra overnight construction, not surprisingly since it is wet out there. so far no southbound delays as you head towards center city. matt. >> thank you matt. breaking overnight, georgia executed its only female death row inmate. she was put to death despite a plea from the woman's three children and pope francis. abc's lana zak has the story. >> execution of kelly renee gissendaner was cord out. >> reporter: not even a prayer from pope francis could save kelly gissendaner. the georgia supreme court weighed in deciding not to spare her life. >> she made a final statement and she requested a final prayer. >> reporter: in 1997 a jury convicted the mother of three of orchestrating the murder of her husband doug convincing her lover to stab him to death. gissendaner was not present for the murder. >> this is really nonsensical. >> reporter: behind bars the 47-year-old had been a model prisoner expressing remorse, even studying theology.
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>> every life is sacred. >> reporter: tuesday pope francis sent a letter asking the georgia parole board to commute the sentence to one that would better express both justice and percent re. her children had been pleading for clemency in videos like this. >> every day i feel like my world is just falling apart. >> reporter: today the kids had to choose spend time with their mom or appear at a hearing to plea for her mercy. they chose to fight for her life but the board refused without explanation. gissendaner sent this final message for her daughter and sons. >> i love you. i love. i love you. i am so proud of you. >> reporter: she had been scheduled for execution back in march but it was postponed because of a problem with the lethal injection drug. gissendaner was the only woman on georgia's death row. lana zak, abc news, washington. >> here at home a toy gun caused a lockdown at a delaware county school. take a look at the gun that a 15-year-old student brought to chester high school. city and delaware county officials are outraged the boy will not be charged with a
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felony and was released. a county probation official determined since the realistic toy gun is not an actual firearm the seventh grader can only be charged with a misdemeanor of possession of a weapon on school grounds. that incensed chester's police headquarterser. >> sends a horrendous message to send to this community that you damn well please and if it looks like a toy, you can put it out. i'm appalled that anybody would think that way in the city. we have so much violence. >> delaware county d.a. jack whelan says it is worth reviewing the current law to see if this is a loophole that could be closed butter for now says his hands are tied. >> happening today jury deliberations are scheduled to resume in the trial avenue former deptford police officer charged in the shooting death of a friend. 29-year-old james stuart was off duty when prosecutors say he shot 27-year-old david compton on january 5th of
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2013. stuart is accused of acting recklessly. the defense urged the gloucester county jury yesterday to acquit stuart of murder and manslaughter charges. >> a new report today on the economic impact of the pope's visit finds that for many businesses their prayers were not answered. city controller's snapshot photo shows the economic activity of about two dozen restaurants and hotels saw little boom. retailsers say they were down about 80 percent in sales and most restaurants say less than -- did less than half their normal activity for a he could woo. they mostly lost money on extra inventory and staff after expecting larger crowds. >> this whole thing was sold as if it was going to be a tremendous boost to the local economy. >> hotels, however, the see a boost over the weekend. that is thanks to the greater philadelphia hotel association's reaction to low projections early on and a change in its marketing strategy. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has vetoed a short term spending plan and says
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republican leaders in the legislature are the only thing standing between us and a real budget. the four month old budget stalemate has led to cuts in state aid to public schools which has school districts borrowing millions of dollars while laying off staff. wolf wants a long-term plan. republicans say the short term plan was an effort to end unnecessary hardship while budget talks continue. the philadelphia mayoral debate season has kicked off. tamala edwards moderate add forum in center city last night involving democrat jim kenney and republican melissa marie bailey. also involved in the forum the three other candidates listed on the ballot jim foster osbourne heart and boris kindich. >> more ahead. an airline rolls out a new way for you to track your baggage and it's free. >> flash flooding causes a mess for homeowners in virginia, part of the same system that rolled through us, right, karen? >> that's right. and now that is lifting up to the north.
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we still do have some showers in spots, just not that heavy driving rain that we had last night. details on what's in store coming up. >> ♪ ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> heavy rain turned backyards into rivers for some homeowners in bassett,
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virginia s downpour over the last several days there has left play sets grills and even some cars nearly under water and as their atlantic city turn to liquid residents are left just watching the current carry debris downstream. they can only hope the encroaching water stops before reaching there homes but officials are expecting even more flooding as water flows downstream from a neighboring county. >> that rain moved through here. >> it did. >> and it did overnight. >> and this was just round one. >> okay. >> so today what we have during the day day is a bit wet at times the trouble is last night and when you get so much rain a lost it just runs off so we can kind of use the ground to soak it up but we'll have plenty of opportunities for that in the coming days. storm tracker6 live double scan showing right now that heaviest rain has lifted up to the north and east but i want to go in a little tighter with double scan because you can see we do still have -- i would call this more showers in spot. so we look over here in doylestown and pottstown, norristown, right through the city you've got a light line of showers moving up to the north and east right now. it's in trenton, medford lakes
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hammonton. enough to make the ground wet. you have the ponding, the the puddling. no huge problems with flooding just yet but over the coming days we're going to get more rain and that's a concern. we'll see what it looks like right now as sky6 looks outside live. we can see some low clouds with our temple university camera and you're going to watch for those clouds hanging through the day. we'll get some peeks of sunshine here or there mixed in but predominantly a day with lots of clouds. 76 degrees right now is the temperature so the temperature already above the average high. you know that's unusual for this time of year to have that kind of warmth. the dewpoint is 73 degrees, way up there. the air nearly completely saturated. the winds out of the south and it's just pumping up that warm and rather humid air mass. the barometric pressure is currently falling. satellite6 and action radar showing the heavy rain as it moved through the area late last night and in the overnight hours and it moved through kind of quickly but you get the idea we're not entirely out of the woods. yes, we have clouds, showers here or there so it's kind of the day where you'll see
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cloudy skies for the most part and some showers at times. future tracker6 having a good handle on this. i'm showing at 7 o'clock in the morning maybe some showers moving through here or there and then we see this again at 9 o'clock, a little bit less though. it's enough during your morning commute that the roads will be wet. the rain won't be coming down too heavily so you're not going have a major problem driving through it. we advance this to lunchtime. if you were to go outside to take a walk you might want to bring an umbrella, maybe a shower or two. nothing terribly heavy. today is not the day with the heavy rain we already had that last night. we look at wednesday at 7 o'clock tonight and still a couple more showers in spots. so today we're going to have mostly cloudy skies, humid, a couple of showers around, 78 degrees for your high today. so, even though we're already in the 70's temperatures not going very far today. 58 for the overnight low. it's cloudy, rainy at times and we're watching for that. i want to show you why. late in the week we've got an area of low pressure that's down in atlanta and we have the jet stream kind of kinked a little bit. that's allowing for this tropical moisture to pull
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right in and so that's what we're really following for a little later in the week and what we can expect with this is round two really comes thursday and friday, really tropical downpours, gusts to 25 to 40 miles an hour and moderate coastal flooding and that will be because of tropical storm joaquin. 70 miles an hour winds not far off from becoming a hurricane. the latest projections brings it very close to our region. we can look at this on monday at 2:00 a.m., this is the latest model run showing heading right towards the northeast so it's something we're watching very carefully and another look at the spaghetti plot models kind of showing that although the cone is heading it here we can see some of the models not quite sure where it's going. so, not entire technological lined up but something we're watching closely. we're definitely going to feel its impact with some heavy rain and that's heading towards the weekend. cloudy and showers, 78 for your high. cooler and windy tomorrow, 60. friday cool, rainy, 57. saturday rainy and windy. you see that temperature there of 66 degrees.
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sunday could we see he some lingering rain, 68? monday it looks at least partly sunny and 70. tuesday mostly sunny and 70. it's bean been item quiet awhile since we've shown a seven-day forecast with most of it with rain. >> keep those umbrellas handy. thank you karen. philadelphia police released surveillance video of a man wanted for the armed robbery of a nail salon in the logan section. it happened on saturday -- sunday afternoon inside rockland nails along the 1300 block of rockland street. employees say the man walked in and got a manicure. when it was time to pay the bill he pulled out a sawed off shot gun and cleaned out several cash drawers. he then took off without hurting anyone. a truck hauling honeybees rolled over on an oklahoma highway. it's estimated several million bees escaped yesterday. you can see the bees swarmed emergency vehicles. officials are now burning the hives and debris because the bees are aggressive.
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>> indeed they get angry when they're involved in accidents clearly. here's your first look at business. a major u.s. airline has quietly added a new service that is free fee. american now offers realtime baggage tracking for checked luggage. you can see where your bag is at every stop from check in to the pickup carousel and you will know if it was loaded on to the wrong plane. google is countering the release of the latest iphone. the nexus comes with a personal assistant. prices start at $379. wall street was mixed yesterday and futures this morning are pointing to a you here open. target will begin matching the prices of online competitors for the first time. the change starts tomorrow. target previously only matched the prices of brick and mortar stores. they will also allow customers to get price adjustments two weeks after a purchase. >> good news for customers. >> where. >> 4:46. still to come on "action news" republican candidate donald
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trump gives russia's vladimir putin an a in leadership. >> later a young local entrepreneur gets a big boost from the man who helped shape the internet we use today. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> walk out this morning, you're going feel like the sky
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is spitting at you. yeah, not so nice, right, just some very light showers out there right now but earlier downpours left us with some high water on some of these highways like route 202 in exton chester county and you see the crews out here trying to unclog the drains right in the work zone. this is northbound along two oh he two at th202.a downed tren along elm street at swede street. it's a broken down vehicle that's giving us a problem in lower merion right by the citgo station along byberry road at huntingdon pike. no overnight construction because of the wet conditions on the pennsylvania turnpike. everything is opened with speeds in the mid 60's but still not open along the ben franklin parkway inner drives remain closed in both directions. that caused a mess yesterday morning. so we're hoping things are better this morning but no change in the situation there. and we still have high water along 95 northbound between bridge and cottman so watch out for that as you head up
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towards academy road. cherry hill a downed pole blocking the ramp from 70 eastbound to 41. stay on the ramp to grove street as an alternate. speed restrictions up on the new jersey stuck for a stretch in the mid-50's because of the wet conditions. matt. >> thank you, matt. republican presidential candidate donald trump says he agrees with russian president vladimir putin on his backing of syrian president bashar al-assad. >> this comes as former president bill clinton says trump's attacks on his wife hillary are fact free. abc's stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: clinton versus trump this time it's bill taking a swing at the gop presidential contender. >> you shouldn't be able to insult your way to the white house. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn the former president firing back at the donald after months of attacking hillary calling them fact free. >> she's the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. >> reporter: clinton defended his wife's tenure pointing to the iran sanctions saying hillary's deal was
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controversial but well done. he added trump's criticisms wok broken down in a general election and the facts would easily do you mean light. >> the day after you take the oath of office, you can't level an insult or have a -- you're not in an episode of survivor, you're actually focused to show up and run the show. >> reporter: meanwhile trump made peace with fox news. >> i'm back. >> reporter: after saying he would boycott the network. he reflected on the conflict in syria praising vladimir putin in his support of president bashar a al-assad. >> putin is take over what we started and he's going into syria and he frankly wants to fight isis and i think that's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: trump also says russia's president is getting an a in terms of leadership. as for former president clinton he'll hit the campaign trail in support of his wife to let as many people know she's the right person for the white house. stephanie ramos, abc news,
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washington. >> 4:52. we're following breaking news. at least one person was tied up during a home invasion robbery he in a philadelphia neighborhood. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> more surgeries are ahead for the california teen fighting a flesh eating bacteria. his story next when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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blank >> ♪ >> welcome back on this wednesday. it is 4:55, 74 degrees.
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sky6 hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. we are looking at a wet weather week, so keep your rain jackets handy. several rounds of rain so get ready. happening today awake will be held for the high school football player from north jersey who died after a game on friday. a private funeral for evan murray will take place tomorrow. an autopsy showed the warren hills quarterback died from internal bleeding caused by a lacerated spleen. the 17-year-old's death has been ruled an accident. a 14-year-old california boy had to have his leg amputated after contracting an extremely rare flesh eating bacteria. doctors removed the right leg of jean carlo gill in order to stop the bacteria from spreading further into his body. the back tear is a skin infection that kills the body's soft tissue. gill whose beloved sport is baseball most likely was carrying the bacteria in his nose or throat. doctors say a sports injury most likely helped the bacteria spread.
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>> and in the area where there was a bruise in the muscle, it's likely that a bacteria that got into his bloodstream settled in this injured area and the bacteria began to grow. >> gil's doctors say the bacteria spread quickly. his family, as you can imagine, is in shock. >> a young entrepreneur who hopes to land on the forbes richest list one day received a big payday from the man who brought us the words you got mail. christopher received a gray for $100,000 at the national constitution last night. he won the prize for a pitch in the competition called rise of the rest road trip. the award comes from the pockets of aol finder steve case. dozens of startup companies had their chance to give their best pitch and in the end gray came out on top. he says the money will help grow his small company which is based in center city. >> called scholly an app that helps students find money for college. >> philadelphia was the 16th stop on case's road trip.
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it continues tonight in buffalo, new york. >> scholly, i like that. >> yeah, it's catchy. >> sounds good. 4:58 now. coming up all new on "action news," why troopers cited two northeastern pennsylvania firefighter whose were holding a boot drive. >> and a brutal assault was caught on camera. find out what sparked this beating in a game room coming up. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, september 30th. tam is off. nydia han joins us and breaking this morning. >> a man was bound by two masked men who then ransacked his home, all while a woman and three children hid nearby. we are live with the details. >> also temple students are are on alert after two incidents near campus including a violent sexual assault. >> accuweather is tracking several rounds of rain including a tropical storm. >> david is off. karen rogers is here along with matt pelman with a look at the roads. good morning. >> good morning. it's been awhile since we've been talking about a number of


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