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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 1, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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already off the coast. but maybe the surf knows this is only the start of something bigger. there's a hurricane expected to make its way towards the united states. with its path still uncertain. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is joaquin. it is now a category three hurricane, just as of a minute or two ago. and the latest consensus has the storm making landfall to our south on sunday, but nobody at the shore is taking any chances. "action news" reporter jeff jericho is live in center city. first, the latest information from cecily tynan and accuweather. cecily, you have got the story. >> jim, pretty amazing when this time last night i was talking about tropical storm joaquin and now it is a category three hurricane. that's a major hurricane. and maximum sustained winds, and east of the central bahamas. and you can see an eye wall is
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trying to form. this is going to blast the bahamas. the southeast bahamas could be getting more than a foot of rain. it is still drifting to the southwest towards the bahamas and it will continue to do that for the next day or so. but then it looks like it will be making a turn to the north. i want to show you the spaghetti plots of the computer models. you can see something that has not changed, still a 650-mile spread between the models. there is still a chance the storm could head out to sea. but if you look where we have the consensus, most computer models bring it to shore near the outer banks of north carolina. i want to stress the actual track does not matter as much as the whole atmospheric set-up. and we have a stalled front, and we also have very strong blocking high pressure up to the north. the combination of the two opposing firsts will really siphon in winds out of the east over the next couple of days. that will bring us flooding rains and tremendous winds.
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so this is really the key time we're looking at. friday into saturday morning. this is when we will get 1-3 inches of rain. and the winds are tremendous. and this is in advance of joaquin, sunday and monday is when we can get several inches of rain from the hurricane. it could cause widespread flooding and more details in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right we switch live to "action news" reporter jeff, and he is in ocean city. what is the situation there tonight? jim, you see behind me the waves are getting bigger, ahead of the first of two potential storms. the second one, the hurricane cecily was telling us about. with that possibility, folks here are preparing with two words in mind -- superstorm sandy. rough surf and strong winds in ocean city, the first signs of an approaching storm or two that no one here wants to see. >> it's scary. it really is.
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it's petrifying really. >> and saying that superstorm sandy spared her home. she is prepared for this one. >> i have jugs of water handy and flashlights and watches handy, and candles. >> the ocean city emergency management coordinator says his office is also getting ready for the worst. >> the concern with a lot ever rain is tidal flooding. that amount of rain along with high tides is problematic for us. >> and they are removiing trash caps from the boardwalk and points will be filled with sanld. and hive guards pulled the boats from the beach put not in storage yet. they may be needed for rescues. the rip currents did not stop
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them. >> and frank says his experience with sandy taught him to play it safe. >> if it gets too bad, if it looks like it is coming in on us, i will be out of hear >> that's what i did for sandy. >> and the emergency management officials are warning of potential moderate flooding tomorrow. because of that, they are warning folks to secure boats and move low-lying cars to higher ground. >> thank you, jeff. as hurricane joaquin approaches we want to make sure that weather is your go-to resource. constant updates from the radar. and information from our meteorologists and detailing joaquin's latest past. and firefighters just extinguished a truck on fry. as you can see they downed this vehicle with foam.
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chopper 6 hd live over the season in middletown township. this was the seen just about 20 minutes ago. fire engulfed the front tires and front undercarriage underneath of the tanker. this was happening on the off-ramp from i-95 to business route 1. officials have not said what is in the tanker. but again, the situation appears to be under control or at least getting to that point. chester police say a pedestrian killed tonight was struck by two vehicles. it happened on east 9th street. they stay one driver stopped to help the victim and the witnesses tell the police that the other drove off in a black chevy i am impala. >> and arresting someone, live
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at 13th and chancellor in center city. >> and behind me is the would-be restaurant, now it is burned debris. and today the police arrested the man they say set the fire. >> they say that steven pettiaway set the fire. and it caused damage to a restaurant under construction. >> over 40 individuals were displaced as a result of this crime. and over $1 million in damages that occurred at that property and the two adjacent buildings next to the property. >> the atf officer says the investigation. but the kill early rants. and philadelphia licenses and invehicles e es -- issued him
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several permits. and this tuesday 3020 west jordan. last year after cite ed propert that lni. >> they want to give us a citation for what we are doing on our property. right now people from baltimore and new york is buying up the city of philadelphia under mayor nutter's plan. >> and they zoomed in on him after releasing this surveillance pictures from the fire. and he was arrest add block away without incident earlier today. and pettiawy. jim?
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>> thank you, chad. we heard opening statements today in the criminal trial of the lead tractor in the deadly center city building collapse, game -- griffin campbell charged. and 13 others were injured. and prosecutors say that campbell ignored basic safety measures. and campbell seas toeattorney he is small time. and congress approving the stop-gap funding bill keeping the government going until december 11. a minority of republicans joined all practices in approving the measure and un-earthed the government shutdown. it doesn't mean there wouldn't be another one in december. key party republicans wants to tie it to defunding planned parenthood. and the complex in tent remain closed.
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the treon peek caused evaluation this morning. court business slated for tomorrow we scheduled. >> business back to usually as the camden city haul and courthouse, a power outage affected them this morning and it was restored by 10:00. and at 5th and market streets, the science center. annie mccormick right there >> with the cut of the report, it is officially part of the landscape in new york city. with 352 units and restaurants they celebrated an opening tonight. and resorting a pool and luxury amenities. the first for ray for develop for the southern land company. >> we felt that university city was so substantially underserved
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from market-rate housing. over 68,000 people leave work here every day and can't live here. there's just no room. >> already they have another project across the street. and both products are part of a bigger revitalization giving more of an urban, liveable vibe to the session of philadelphia. >> it changes the dynamic of the neighborhood. and this part of market street, people come and go to work and go home. now more of a 24-type environment. >> the vice-president of university science center, a research hub a mixture. and the new addition makes the science center more attractive, too. >> and it isn't as many that we are planning to, but it is great to see it come to fruition, see it open. and they hope though attract
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many young officials around working in and around this area. reporting in university, annie mccormick "action news." new senior living aapartments open in paoli crossing. they are built as an all-inchoosive resort with health care. and social and leases our activities and support services with connections, memory care. coming up, people pucker up to kiss a pot-bellied kid tonight. all for a good cause, to raise money. and the kernt poo pooes -- center piece. and the storm is aing for 3. what to expect over the weekend in the accuweather forecast. and with the latest on the eagles' betting ready for the
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red skins when we continue in a moment.
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[announcer] visit we're here to help. russia gab launching air strikes in syria today. but western countries are questioning vladimir putin's intentions. and russia says it is bombing isis. the pentagon and the defense ministry said that the russian bombs pounded locations where isis isn't. the concern is that russia is using bombing attacks to assault civil war enemies of thor issian president. newly-released email show the russian-linked hackers tried at least five times to get into hillary clinton's private email account when she was secretary of state. it is unclear if she clicked on attachments. they say it was linked to three servers overseas, including one
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in russia. oklahoma's governor granted a last-minute stay of execution. richa richa richard glossip is stayed. and they are looking at whether the medicine is within federal law. he maintained his innocence in the beating death of a hotel owner in oklahoma city. caitlyn jenner will not be charged in connection with a deadly car accident. prosecutors announced they don't have enough evidence for a cop conviction. they say that jenner was driving an s.u.v. in february when she crashed into two cars, pushing one into oncoming traffic. a 69-year-old woman was killed. christmas is less than three months away. today white house officials accomplished an important mission. they traveled to carbon county, nefl to pick out the official national tree. it will be displayed in the blue
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room this holiday season of the tree was not cut down today. that will happen in late november or early december. and then the tree will be taken to the white house. >> i can't believe we are already talking about christmas. >> can you believe it? no, you just said you can't. we have tough weather the next three or four days. >> we really do. even if we didn't have hurricane joaquin getting closer, still talking about the potential of major coast i can'ting flo -- coastal flooding. and some showers today and now pulled offshore. and temperatures are beginning to cool. hitting 82 degrees, 10 degrees above normal. this was the second warmest september on record. now temperatures are dropping. 65 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 63. millville 66. wilmington 64. sea isle city 69. look at the temperatures. tomorrow's tie will not even reach that. we have much cooler air moving
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in. behind this front, and satellite 6 and action radar showing how the focus of the rain is right along this front. this front will back up to the north and the west. but it likely won't really do it tomorrow, it will be doing it during the day on friday. so futuretracker showing shoem lots of clouds. a little on the damp side at 3:00. cloudy skies, really no rain out there. temperatures in the low 60s, it is a cool day. as we head into friday this is when we begin to see the rain migrating south and east around 9:00. the rain south and east of philadelphia. and then we see waves of rain on and off through the day. likely a wet evening commute. that rain will taper off by saturday morning. and starred -- saturday looking at clouds and scattered showers. not heavy rain on saturday. the problem with saturday is winds. we're looking at very strong winds at the shore friday through saturday. not directly from joaquin. really from a def -- difference
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in pressure. and the waves up to 12 feet and coastal flood watch already posted. major coastal needing even before joaquin. the reason why, the staring pattern. high pressure to the north and two low pressures to the south. the hurricane in an upper-level low and that funnels in winds from the east. and this determines where joaquin is head. in it continues it presses to the southwest it misses the low. still one model that shows that is correct the european. however most of the commuter models agree the upper-level low will capture it and bring it northward and ind land. and the latest on the hurricane, category three, maximum sustained winds 150 miles per hour. 90 miles east of the bahamas
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moving southwest at 6 miles per hour. the latest models showing it strengthen to a category four before it makes up the eastern seaboard. and the outer banks as a category two hurricanes. the cone of are uncertainty extent from north carolina through rhode island. and this is something we had active to watch. the flooding will happen no matter what happens with joaquin. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast forecast, breezy and cool tomorrow with a couple of hours. take a jacket, older friday. 55 degrees with heavy rain and high winds. and saturday, still very wind i do not mean. but the rain tapering off the showers. 64 degrees. and sunday and monday still watching joaquin with a threat of very heavy rain and high winds. and the storm surge.
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and tuesday things settle down and we will be getting new computer information overnight on hurricane joaquin. and david murphy will have the latest on "action news" beginning at 4:30. >> absolutely, thank you. and students put the i.t. know-how to a test. and holding a finale at the barnes foundation, the idea to challenge four teams of i.t. students to develop technology to the free library. the winning team gets a free paid intership with the library to compliment their solution. and police officers and firefighters honored. recognizing remarkable acts of h heroism for these men and women. and each selected for their own story and representing heroes. and doctors extending office hours outside. put on the walking shoes they joined that i patient for a
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stroll around the neighborhood. and the doctors feel that partnering up with their patients will get those patients excited about exercising. "jimmy kimmel live" coming up at 11:30 after "action news." a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks jim. hello, philadelphia. look at what we accomplished with no help from anyone tonight. are you a fan of lil wayne? >> i get up every morning and it is a lil wayne.
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dozens of injured veterans and supporters were greeted by cheers today as they road into wilmington tonight. they are taking part in the united health care army-navy challenge, a 460-mile week-long ride. the event associated with the ride to recovery program which helps veterans recovering from physical and mental injuries. eagles getting ready for washington. could be rainy and pouring, and the great equalizer, but who does it equalize?
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>> who knows. and the game may move, and they are talking about it because the storm is going to be kind of bad. we shall see. more on that coming up tomorrow. according to reports, alonso will not miss the entire season. reporting he had surgery earlier in the week and the acl better than thought. and he may return to action in a few weeks. the eagles vision -- visit the redskins on sunday. and the offense is sputtering. next to last in offense, and chip kelly does not care about that. >> i am just concerned with washington. i don't care if we score 2 points and win 2-0 or score 52 and win 52-51. what do we need to do to win the
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football game. >> we showed we are capable of it, we just haven't put together four quarters. i think obviously there are some things we can build on. some things we did well. and that's our goal this week. to the phillies. remember the cole hamels deal in july? the phillies five players, and one was ascher, he is clearly not ready for prime time. and he enters having lost all five of his starts. and he gets off to a horrible start. first inning, daniel murphy a 3-run homer. and he doesn't make it out of the first and e.r.a. an even 9. the bottom of the sixth, galvis ties it up and a 5-5 ballgame. and later torres a wild pitch and he sprints home and the phillies win 7-5. grab your beakers and bunson burners and talking
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and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for yoloved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. the flyers are just eight days away from the season opener in tampa. tonight they host the devils in pre-season play. tied 1-1 in the first period. the flyers with a two-man advantage and simmons with the goal. however the flyers lose 4-2. the sixers training camp continues in south jersey. this is the time for the big men, okafor and noel to play together. and they can sense the chemistry
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building. >> i see them talk to each other. any big-big relationship in big-big ball at that we are talking about starts with a partnership and understanding. >> and it is early for both of us. we are still getting to know each other. we have great chemistry already. he is a great kid, a great kid. and i think our relationship will only continue to grow. the union and sporting kc meet. and this is a closely-fought nail-biter. 23rd minute and union strike. sebastian with 2. and 1-0 union. and the match goes to penalty kicks. and jordi quintilla facing john mccarthy. and sporting kc wins. and then there's the pot-bellied pig that took center stage in northern liberties
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tonight. receiving 27 kisses during the truemark kiss a pig fundraiser to race money for literacy programs in the philadelphia area. in the philadelphia schools, yum, yum, yum. those taking part in the kissing included a priest, an architect and a fourth-grader. no. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by night line. his guests tonight, don rickles, ken jeong, and music from kelsea ballerini. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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