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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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sacrifices his own safety to save his girlfriend. >> good morning, out there, 5:30, thursday, october 1. october 1, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us, let's head over to karen rogers to talk about joaquin and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, after the second warmest september on record. feels like october. that's the big difference today it's cooler. satellite and radar showing clouds. we have showers in place, so it's a bit wet. 63 in philadelphia. 57 in allentown. 61 in millville. 1 degrees cooler than yesterday -- right now it's 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. you need the sweater or jacket that's the change for today. 66 is the high, yesterday you were in the 80s. 9:00 a.m., 59. noon, 61. # p.m., 66. best chance for a period of rain south and east of the city.
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6:00 p.m., 65. we're talking about flooding, today is not the day. today we have flooding concerns coastal flood watch into saturday, moderate to major flooding expected because of the onshore push of wind and water that could get flooding along the coastline. it could be major flooding into saturday. after we deal with coastal flooding we watch joaquin coming into the area. this is the latest information a cat 3 hurricane look at the size of it. 120-mile wind. new information coming in the with the track we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> reporter: sounds like we have busy days ahead of us. i know one of these days i'll be able to to say to you the benjamin franklin parkway is open, go ahead and use it. today is not that day unfortunately. the inner drives are blocked in both directions as we clean up from the papal visit this past
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weekend. that has not been going well this week as we've seen heavy traffic on the inner and outer drives we'll see that this morning. in addition there's a downed tree along the kelly drive blocked off between mountain green and strawberry mansion. stay on the mlk drive or the schuylkill expressway where speeds are in the 50s. downed tree in cheltenham sharpless road. on the boulevard, inner drive is blocked, no problems on the outer drive. woodhaven road, westbound bound construction, still at this point the right lane is getting by heading toward the boulevard. at this point no big delays. watch out for construction continuing along 55 in the millville area. a couple of zones approaching 49 in the left lane until 3:00 p.m.
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>> shore towns are saying better safe than sorry when it comes getting ready for hurricane joaquin, preparation are underway. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live in atlantic city. of good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it's winds and cool in atlantic city, it's not raining just yet. here in atlantic city, officials will be meeting today to discuss storm preparings as you take a look at the waters, it's dark out. the waters have been rough in recent days and officials are keeping an eye on coastal flooding. >> reporter: dot gallagher's home was spared in super-storm sandy and now she is ready for the next storm. heavy winds and churning water points to joaquin's approach and crews in ocean city are preparing. they've removing trash cans from the boardwalk. in atlantic city they pulled the life boats off the beach. but they have not put them in storage just yet in the event they are needed for storm
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rescues. >> that amount of rain on top of high tide is problematic. in harvey cedars crews are parking trash cans and stacking up lifeguard chairs in the town garage anything that can get blown away or caught up in the current. >> we take everything from here and put in the living room and downstairs deck we do the same thing. >> reporter: we close up the house and turn off the water and everything. this will be doing that a little earlier than planned. >> >> reporter: there have been serious rip tides along the shoreline. you can see the churning water in atlantic city. the tides are running high, so there's concern as the storm moves closer to us. live in atlantic city, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. forecasters have confirmed that a tornado did touchdown in central pennsylvania.
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this is some of the storm damage left behind by an ef1 in lancaster county early yesterday. such a tornado carries peak winds up to 100 miles per hour. the twister blew down degrees and ripped roofs off buildings. is your go-to resource. look for updates to find out the latest on joaquin's track. >> new this morning, a bethlehem man is in the hospital recovering from severe injuries that his girlfriend he stained while saving her from an alleged drunk driver. they want for a date in bethlehem over the weekend. while crossing the street to head home, anthony said a red pick up truck came barreling toward them. she said he moved her out of the way and was struck in the process. now that 29-year-old boyfriend is in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and face
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leg, shoulder and back fracture. she said she can't stop thinking about that night. >> i myself, physically don't leave that scene, i keep thinking of it, over, and over, and over again. >> 30-year-old kendall rich is behind bars facing a slew of charges including driving under the influence. a house collapse in feltonville forced out two families. part of the twin home started to give way in the 4400 block of north 8th street street. firefighters ordered 8 people to evacuate. there were no reports of injuries. pgw crews shut off the gaza precaution. 5:36. it will cost more to ride new jersey transit. the increase is 9% for bus and
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rail riders it will fill a 60 million-dollar budget gap. these are the first hikes since 2010. and this just in there's a new track on hurricane joaquin coming into "action news." >> karen rogers has been pouring over the new information, you have the latest. >> reporter: that's right, if the trend continues with this new track that could be good news for us. something we're watching very closely. let's take a look right now and show you storm tracker 6 live double scan. we could see showers around the region. we need to talk about the local weather before we get into how we could be impacted. as we head out we're seeing showers in south jersey, some of it picking up in intensity along i-95 near wilmington as well as the suburbs near coatsville, this morning. now we go outside, and see what it looks like as you head out the door. live on sky 6 in atlantic city. it's cool and windy, the current
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temperature, 63 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint, 51 degrees, it's much down from yesterday. we're no the getting the hiewvment we did yesterday -- humidity we did yesterday, but certainly a lot of moisture. here's the day planner. winds out of the northeast at 18 miles per hour. today shot a lot of rain, just a bit at times, especially south and east of the city. we're seeing that here on satellite 6. we can look at future tracker and map this out at 8:30 we may get rain we're dealing with at times in the morning. in the afternoon, mostly dry maybe a scattered shower here or there, today is not a big rainmaker for you. let's talk about what to expect with hurricane joaquin. a cat three hurricane with sustained winds. since 2:00 a.m., a serious hurricane, cat 3. when you went to bed at whats a
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cat 2. it increases in intensity tomorrow. this is a cat 1 hurricane off the coastline near raleigh monday at 2:00 a.m. a tropical storm tuesday at 2:00 a.m. now, if you were to follow this exact line it brings us north of the area, but obviously we're looking at the whole cone it could land anywhere within the cone. there's a model that's pulling it out to sea. here's where i think this could be good for you. if you were watching last night in the overnight hours it had it tilted more this way, it had it coming in here near raleigh and dealing to the west of us that would be bad, the northeast quadrant is where you get the worst. this track stays the same, the northeast quad -- is the worst. what if it shifts to the east. that would be better for
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everybody, right? if this is the beginning of a new trend it's a good trend. let's look at the spaghetti plot models. that gives you an idea of the uncertainty. some say it's coming out near raleigh, some saying it hits near us. there's a lot of uncertainty. here's what we know right now. there are two times you need to watch. friday into saturday morning, one to three inches. a lot of rain coming this is coastal flooding gusts up to 55 miles per hour at the shore. nothing to do with joaquin nothing to do with joaquin's track. anyway you look at it, we're getting the coastal flooding monday into tuesday that's when we're watching the concerns with joaquin. if we get major flooding with that. that's a lot of to digest. let's go through the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. today you need to know it's cooler and wet at times, lots of
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clouds, 66. tomorrow, windy, chilly, rainy, east of the city, 55. saturday not terribly wet, cloudy and wind and 60. sunday it could be wet it will be windy it depends on how much rain depending on the timing of joaquin. monday i think is the big day we feel the impact of joaquin. we're looking at lots of rain and wind with that. on tuesday we're watching joaquin we'll see it as a tropical storm off our coastline. wednesday, partly sunny, 72 degrees, everything depends on the track of joaquin, regardless of that we have heavy flooding and rain into saturday. >> one-two punch. cold move, thieves cake off with a refrigerator caught on camera. you're continuing
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look here, sky6 live hd looking out over penns landing and the ben franklin bridge. it is 5:45 right now, 62 degrees. that humidity you had when you woke up yesterday, it's out of here, it's differently feeling a lot more like fall. >> matt you're showing us your cd player what's in it? >> reporter: there's actually nothing in it, that's how long it's been since i used it. today is the day we celebrating our cd players and so many other things. let's celebrate dry roads in chadds ford, delco at painters crossing. 202 at route 1 baltimore pike. no issues to report at painters crossing. in delco new construction underway 9 to # they are shutting down mcdad boulevard.
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use clifton avenue to get around that. have a downed tree in cheltenham blocking sharpless road maybe stick to 12th street or mountain avenue around that downed tree. construction on the northeast extension northbound between mid county and lansdale, the right lane is out of commission for the overnight work. the a new zone gets underway starting in 15 minutes bedford township bucks county blocking 1:13 between 313 and -- blocking 113 and 313, use elephant road to get around that closure. don't feather river road is shut down through friday. time for the commuter report. this time we're talking about a construction zone and pothole in the road along aramingo avenue not too far away from i-95.
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one of our friends using the waze app talking about that five minutes ago. >> surveillance cameras caught two robbers up to something unusual lugging a stolen refrigerator in queen village. they broke into a home on south 4th street. they secured the fridge on a flat bed and rolled it away in front of on coming cars. >> federal agents have arrested an alleged arsonist in connection with the fire that tore through two buildings in center city. authorities say stephen pettiway set the fire back on september 15th. the blaze caused more than a million dollars in damage to a restaurant under construction and two adjacent apartments. investigators have not revealed a motive. he is due in court this morning. >> new video shows us what pope francis saw as he made his way into the crowds of the faithful.
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you can see how deep the cheering sea of people went as pope francis passed by on his way to independence hall on saturday, of course, stopping to kiss a few babies along the way. >> still ahead an "action news," new details on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> the latest fears a hacking attempt out of russia. >> reporter: we have rain in spots be careful of that. as we are driving around, details on how we'll be impacted at the shore with coastal flooding coming up next.
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>> there's a lot going on today with the traffic, and you're
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tracking hurricane joaquin. >> reporter: starting it off with the roads. >> reporter: we're starting to see wetness in south jersey, 42 northbound side comement headlights toward 29 -- come the headlights toward 295. it's a wet ride and buildings northbound traffic. patco is running on a special schedule. the inner drives of the benjamin franklin parkway they remain shut down for papal cleanup. the other deal we have is the closure of kelly drive between fountain green and strawberry mansion because of a downed tree. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing why we have wet roads. light rain in spots. lots of clouds, much cooler, 66 degrees. i think the big change is how cool it is compared to yesterday in the 80s. and rain south and east of the city. it's friday into saturday that we're talking about concerns not
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from joaquin from the tropical moisture in the air as well as the onshore flow out of the east. gusts up to 45 to 50-mile an hour. moderate to major flooding expected. we have coastal flood watches along the coast. it's thursday into friday we get trop achele downpours. it will happen overnight tonight into tomorrow we get the rain and concerns with flooding. >> we move overseas, officials in afghanistan are claiming victory over the taliban. government forces can taken a northern city an area known for stranding trade ties. 200 taliban fighters have been killed. officials say the ongoing operation to clear the city could take several days. russian forces are expected
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to hold news conferences, russia says it's bombing isis targets, but they pounded locations where there were no known terrorists, they are using airstrikes attacking rebels fighting president assad. russian linked hackers tried to get into hillary clinton e-mail service while she was secretary of state. she tried to sent bogus traffic tickets. the malicious software was linked to three servers overseas including one in russia. we'll be right back.
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. city has changed the skyline. the to your is 28 store residential building that includes 363 luxury units. there's restaurant and retail space on the floor. this is the first building for tennessee based developer,. >> we're trying to build new life into the area as well as being a good steward to the neighborhood behind us. >> it's part of a bigger
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revitalization called university square that is going to give an urban and liveable vibe to the area. "action news" got a speak peek at the fill more transformed into two concert halls. hall and oats will be there for a sold out performance tonight. >> it's starting to feel like fall, but the white house has crossed off an important mission, they traveled to lehigh and carbon county to pick out the national tree. the tree was not cut down yet. that will help in late november or early december, it's the most wonderful time of the year on the way to the white house. >> it's 5:57 we have a winner, someone hit the 310 million-dollar powerball jacket pot. >> baggage fees like you see at the airport are hitting the rails. details coming up in business.
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6:00 a.m., thursday, october 1 i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han, matt o'donnell is off, here's what's happening. >> preparing for hurricane joaquin. karen rogers and rack -- accuweather breakdown the new forecast track. >> breaking overnight, a man is shot while driving his car. >> one winner to the lottery, and a multimillion dollar fortune. >> that's a lot of money. let's go outside to karen rogers


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