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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> it's in roseburg, oregon. in addition to the dead, there are reports of at least 20 people hurt and here is a satellite image of the campus as well. a small school with just 3300 people people. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. and our region is bracing for what could be a one-two punch of severe weather. hurricane joaquin is making its way north and new jersey already under a state of emergency today and we have more on that in just a moment. lets check in with nora muchanic, and adam joseph and cecily tynan. we cannot overlook the system right now. >> the next 48 hours at the shore is very dangerous but in
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the same token we have a powerful dangerous hurricane near the bahamas and hurricane joaquin is now a category four with winds sustained at 134 miles per hour. it's a classic looking hurricane, with circular motion and there is the eye in the middle and now it's drifting to the south and west and has not made the turn to the north yet and it eventually will over the next 12 to 24 hours, the storm has deepened because of the very warm waters down near the southern atlantic and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, that is where it's getting its juice from, we take a look at the spaghetti plots, there is still a widespread where it could go, however the general trend now is to keep it over the
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open waters over the atlantic as it shifts away from the coast and push its to the east. very much like the european model who has had that trend since joaquin has become a fix your we are watching, the chance of a landfalling hurricane, a 40% chance for new england hit and 10% chance and now 50% chance that joaquin could stay out to sea and not be a player in our forecast this weekend. but if that is the case we still have dangerous weather to go through at the shore. i'll bring in cecily tynan with more on beach erosion and coastal flooding. >> even if joaquin heads out to see, and that is what we hope for, the pattern will bring coastal flooding and high winds and rain. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a stationary front off the eastern seaboard and the
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line of showers and we have a pressure gradient and a blocking high pressure, it funnels in winds from the east, that is happening as we head through the day tomorrow and through saturday and you can see how we are beginning to see some rain pushing inland and a lot more is on the way tomorrow, future tracker 6 showing into saturday morning we are looking at an inch to inch and a half of rain especially across the i-95 corridor and closer to the shore, that amount of rain does not cause flooding, the problem with coastal flooding is the wind, the wind gusts will be phenomenal tomorrow afternoon and inland winds of 50 miles per hour and they intensify into saturday, so a wind advisory is mosted along the shore, it piles the water up along the coast, so this is the problem with coastal
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flooding, coastal flood warnings are expected into sunday and waves 8 to 12 feet high and surfers like this kind of wave action and rip currents are a problem and have you to stay out of the water and we expect coastal flooding. adam will have more coming up in the full accuweather forecast. in anticipation of what could be coastal flooding, governor chris christie declared a state of emergency in new jersey today. the emergency declaration sets into motion a series of events all of them aimed at getting the state ready for what could come and christy urged residents to be prepared. >> we need you to prepare and not panic. >> the governor says that d.o.t. and utility crews are already getting into position to deal with any damage that the storm might cause, he will consider
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evacuations should they prove necessary. state of emergency or not, people at the jersey shore are bracing for what promises to be a trying few days and they are doing all with the memory of hurricane sandy. nora muchanic is live now in brigantine with what is already a wild scene there. >> reporter: it is, the winds cecily was talking about are here now, wind and on and off rain and choppy conditions here at the ocean and the bay, the action in the water is an individual reminder of what happened to the shore three years ago and why people are taking joaquin so seriously. >> a couple of more days it's going to be crazy. >> restaurant owner vernon, was on the beach yesterday watching as a bulldozer sealed off a beach entrance with piles of
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sand. a necessary precaution. >> we could have 6 to 8 to 12 waves, if it is not shut off the water will come through the entrances and you'll get the ocean meets the bay. >> this is why boat owners are scrambling to get their vessels out of the water. >> a big blow for sandy and lost a lot of boats. you know, people didn't pull them out and i'm going to take mine out. better safe than sorry. >> the boat ramp was busy all day with folks hauling their boats ought one after the other. and busy at marinas too. >> the phone is ringing off the hook, people are panicking, i don't think it's going to be a big storm, a tropical thing on monday, but they want out and we have to pull them. >> emergency management says that floodgates are being cleared to keep from flooding and if this floods, pumps are on stand by to force water back
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into the bay and they will make use of surplus military vehicles they have aacquired including this 5 ton transport truck. >> they can get into keep water to get people from their houses. >> everyone remembers the devastating affects of sandy in 2012, the hope is joaquin will not be as destructive. and not a need to rescue people from their homes this time around. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. i know we are all hoping the same here, officials in pennsylvania say they are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst when it comes to hurricane joaquin, governor tom wolf and other officials wrapped up a news conference an hour ago and said that multiple state and county agencies are working together to make sure contingencies are in place. >> making sure our specialized teams are in place and equipment is in place and working on counties with shortfalls or gaps
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they may have. >> they say that pennsylvania residents should have three days worth of food and water on hand in case help can't reach them right away. >> the phillies moved up their game because of the weather, they played the mets at 12:05, instead of their normal 7:05 start, you can see how empty the stadium was. the phillies won the game 3-0, we have more ahead throughout the evening for you, john rawlins is in delaware also in the path of these storms and then at 5:00, trish hartman is live in atlantic city where emergency officials are giving us an update on their plans and eva pilgram has details on what people in flood prone area as way from the coast are doing to get ready and follow the latest developments for hurricane joaquin on we have our interactive hurricane tracker giving you an up close look at the storm and check local storm tracker 6 radar and get a checklist from the local red
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cross with a list of items you'll need to get ready. >> in the men time time to get you caught up on the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman has all the detales. >> it's boring around here lately, we could use a couple of eventful days. i'm kidding. >> really? >> we mentioned the phils game today and not a ton of fans but they have to get home. we have seen some traffic on the westbound side of schuylkill expressway from there to this point at university on out to the vine, can you see it's definitely foggy at this point at university city, we are jammed on the vine itself in both directions, and it doesn't help that the ben franklin inner drives are still closed like they have been all weekend. the out job is not looking begun
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surrounding streets like the local vine are all blocked up and once again this afternoon. on the big picture of course, plenty of slowing on 95 many speeds in the teens with the wet conditions, a crash on city avenue on the northbound side by channel 6 taking out a lane by the schuylkill expressway and a number of accidents in montgomery county and one in whitpain on dekalb pike and one in white marsh along malitia road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday. i mentioned the crash at city avenue, taking out one of the two lanes, i guess it's appropriate it's just 6 miles per hour as you pass channel 6 on this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> not our fault. >> we take to credit. gl thanks matt. still ahead and developing now, new charges against kathleen kane, she is expected in court because of a document
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investigators say proves pennsylvania's attorney general lied to a grand jury. and another era of terror behind the walls, we have a sneak peek of what is in store for the haunted house fanatics.
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developing now pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, is about to enter court on a brand new charge, another count of perjury after they say they found new evidence in her office, sara bloomquist is live in collegeville where we are waiting for the attorney general to arrive. >> reporter: alicia, we expect her to arrive any moment here in collegeville, her arraignments for 4:30 this afternoon, already facing a long list of charges for leaking confidential
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information and then lying to a grand jury, she said she made no agreement to keep the information secret but prosecutors seemed to have uncovered a document that proves otherwise. today the montgomery county district attorney added a perjury count and other criminal charges to those kane is already facing for lying to a grand jury all for embarrassing a foe and now they say she lied about an oath of seek secrecy in 2013, they say she never lied about an only of secrecy. but prosecutors searched her harrisburg office, and found this document, the only she
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signed when taking office. swearing to keep secret grand jury investigations. >> she has vowed to stay in office and pled not guilty to the charges. the pennsylvania state court temporarily suspended her law license, we'll keep you updated. >> thank you sara. thank you. the pentagon says it is talking to the russian military in the hopes of avoiding the two countries firing on each other in sear why. this one day after russia began air strikes in syria, the russian says they are targeting isis but the white house says they are attacking anti-rebels trained by the united states. an accusation that vladimir
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putin denied today. the trump hotel chain was the latest that was hacked. it gave the hackers access to credit card data and other personal information, anyone that visited a trump hotel from may of last year and this past june may be affected meaning it could started before trump started his candidacy for president and the company is offering a free year of fraud potential to its affected customers. the dow jones losing 12.5 points and the s&p and nasdaq picking up a few points at the close of the day. eastern state penitentiary hosts one of the more unique halloween traditions in our area and now we got a sneak peek inside. it was preview day in fairmount, in addition to the frightening cast of crack they ares,
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visitors will see new attractions, including a prison break and a 4-d experience. >> i am such a scaredy cat and i will have to go through terror of the walls for a philly fyi shoot coming up. >> if you go in you have to go all in. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets go to adam joseph a busy guy checking all the weather at this time. >> a scary time at the shore for the next 24 to 36 hours, we have light showers and some areas seeing moderate rain on double scan live radar and we'll close in and see the yellows popping over center city and many of our major thoroughfares for the evening rush hour, the schuylkill expressway as you head south on route 1 in chester county, a steady rain dampening our roadways, also you note the
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big drop in temperature today, we have the north northern easterly wind pulling the numbers into the mid to upper 50s presently and the only spot near 60 at cape may and beach haven near the shore, look at the 24 hour change kbcompared t this time yesterday. 12 to 13 degrees cooler north and west. as we look at satellite and radar, a stalled boundary at the coast and tropical moisture from the south, again none of this has to do with hurricane joaquin, that is a completely separate entity we are watching here through the end of the week and weekend xg look at the expected rainfall totals, philadelphia an inch and a half. we may escape some the flooding rains inland, it's being pushed way down to the south charleston west 5 to 15 inches of rain is
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likely where they see the hardest hitting area of any effects indirectly from joaquin and the stalled boundary, future tracker 6 at home light showers across most of the area anded steadiest at the shore that continues tomorrow morning and you see the light grown, no pops of yellows or oranges, we wait until tomorrow evening at 6:00, especially south and east as bans of heavy rains move in from the coast and then saturday morning at 10:00 but the steadier heavier rain will have left by friday night. at the shore winds 45 to 50 miles per hour, right into sunday. waves 8 to 12 feet and damaging erosion is expected and every high tide, because of that persistent wind piling up the water and then hurricane joaquin wins sustained at 134 miles per
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hour a category four, will weaken to a two and one to the east here into the early part of next week, but the cone of uncertainty is inland and it keeps tracking further and further east. and it comes up in the next 45 and 50 minutes that could be farther oosthuizen, we are starting to see the trend pushing it more out to sea. winnie with showers at times saturday and sunday and the weekend is not looking look a washout, 60 to 65 degrees and we'll watch hurricane joaquin. but we like the trends moving a little more and a little more to the east with that track guys. we'll keep watching it. >> thanks adam. still ahead, it could mean big changes for the philadelphia
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school district and the district laid out a plan and that could mean closing a few schools. >> and it was a heart warming moment during the papal visit, the story behind one of baby's blessed by pope francis himself.
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former governor tom corbett's son-in-law was convicted of stealing money during an undercover narcotics ring and a judge declared a mistrial during the trial last year because the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict and now he faces two years in jail and probation. today superintendant, william hite announced a series of recommendations for the district that he says will enhance learning opportunities for all the students, the idea
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is to create good schools in every neighborhood. this includes closing schools and opening new schools, and the changes would affect 15 schools in all. new jersey transit riders are paying for more thar commute today. it went up 9% today, what is thetive and fare increase since 2002. it will close a $60 million budget gap and they have already cut routes for buses and trains last month. at least 1 million people use the services in new jersey each week. today temple university brought together organizations dedicated to wiping out hunger and 6 abc was a proud partner, today was the food parade including an action summit at the student center on north 13th street, activists temple professors and nutritionists
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came together to talk about the problem and what can be done to eradicate it. coming up we have two developing stories, one out in the atlantic and the other in oregon. and she is one blessed baby, we are not just referring to this papal kiss, we introduce you to the local girl whose very survival is cementing her family's space in mere walls. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ♪
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with breaking news we are following from southwest oregon today. right now we know that at least seven people were killed, 20 more seriously hurt after someone went on a shooting rampage at umpqa community college, that school is in roseburg three hours outside of portland, officials say that the gunman has been taken into custody but has not released further details about his or her condition, we are expecting a news conference to begin any minute, as soon as that starts we'll bring it to you live. and now another developing story we are watching very closely, the weather. we are expecting several inches of rain over the next 36 hours because of a stalled front and the latest track on hurricane joaquin, lets get to adam joseph for a look at both systems. >> we are looking at the satellite image, winds sustained
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at 135 miles per hour, this is a category four storm and a classic looking hurricane, with an eye here and the most dangerous winds are around the eye and the chain islands of the bahamas getting battered by extreme win as well as waves, we look at the wave heights right now, these areas, this storm is barely moving 23 foot waves closer to that eye, 16 foot just to the north and west of the eye, 19 feet west of the eye, this will create a really lets say catastrophic storm surge, on many island as long the bahamas, as we look at the spaghetti not this weekend in early next week, there is still a widespread and very disengaging agreement of where this could track but the latest consensus to the model are now starting to shift it a little farther east keeping many
4:31 pm
of the tracks over the open waters of atlantic that would be good news for any community along the east coast but we have our own problem and that is the stalled front bringing wind and heavy rain from florida to southern new england, the heaviest rain pulls back from the ocean late tomorrow afternoon into the evening and this has not much to do with hurricane joaquin. and also win advisory up to 15 miles per hours at the coast and moderate to major flooding at the shore with waves 8 to 12 feet and reallyonsiderable erosion expected. lets go live now to delaware city, delaware and "action news" reporter, john rawlins, john how are people prepared for the possible of a double blow. >> they are doing quite a bit,
4:32 pm
it's miserable down here, the rain is just pelting down and the win is whipping it soldier of to the side, this is a river town behind them is the delaware and they are afraid at some point the delaware will get past the floodwall and into downtown so that is wa they are preparing for. today's flag whipping and rain is not the result of joaquin, that is still days away but the concerns over the potential of storms is the result of this, the -- the choppy delaware during a maimer storm can blast water over that floodwall, add in a back flow from the storm drains and the downtown merchant section can flood and the idea is to bail out the water and return it to the river as fast as possible. we continually circumstance
4:33 pm
light the water from the storm drains to the river and keep up with it. >> until mother nature gives us a break. >> some boats are being pulled out of the water to be on lan and it could force floodwaters from the chesapeake bay as well as the delaware bay. >> it's pushing in more water that is not forecasted to come through, it can be detrimental, you can can have flooding in this whole town. >> john buckeye owners crabby dick's restaurant is giving voice to what everybody is hoping. >> i think it's going to blow on by, i hope the weather men are wrong. >> the latest projections says it's tracking to the east but they are prepared should they have major flooding, they have everything in place here to
4:34 pm
hopefully deal with it. live in delaware city, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> hurricane joaquin has forced organizers during the city to shore ride to do something they have never done before, cancel that event, the director of bike ms says it's imposessible to postpone that ride. it raises money for multiple sclerosis research. go to, we have the hurricane tracker giving you an up close of the storm as it moves and check local storm tracker 6 radar and a checklist from the american red cross for all the items you need to get ready. a lehigh valley man is recovering in the hospital nearly a week after getting hit by a car protecting his
4:35 pm
girlfriend. samantha was on a date with him on friday and the couple crossed the street to go home and anthony saw a truck barrelling towards them without hesitating anthony pushed his girlfriend out the way taking the truck's full impact. >> he was already unconscious. and i told him he was okay. i think it really hit me that it was him, and it was really happening. >> he suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as fractures to liz legs, face and back, despite being in a coma, his family says he is making progress. the driver was arrested a short time later is facing charges including dui. and now there is news effecting the philadelphia credit union, they say the
4:36 pm
breach was a result of hacks at home depot, they said that fewer than 1% of its members were affected and precautions are put in place to protect other members. latino advocacy groups lobbied to promote tax credits today. the group's specifically pushed for tax credits for low income families and families raising children and they said that boeng are vital for the survival of the latino commune. >> a new idea could be a simple and cost effective idea to get people to quit smoking. rick williams is live with this story. >> hi alicia, thank you. nicotine is what makes smoking so addictive, so what if cigarettes contained less of it, it gave more than 800 concern smokers who didn't necessary
4:37 pm
want to quit, their regular cigarettes and other cigarettes with altered amount of nicotine, ali gorman will have the surprising results at 5:00 and men in philadelphia speak out against domestic violence, we have information on the campaign to help the health of families in our area. just some of the stories we are work on for 5:00. >> thank you rick. local volunteers dedicated to helping senior citizens celebrated a milestone, it was little brothers, friends of the elderly, they celebrated and reflected the nonprofit group, it helps to relieve loneliness and isolation for the elderly population. when pope francis came to the united states last week he kissed countless babies but it
4:38 pm
was moving for one family, because their daughter was blessed thanks to a series of small miracles, a daughter not expected to live past her 1 birthday, which by the way she just celebrated. erin o'hearn has their story. >> we made a decision to love our daughter for however long we had her. >> just weeks after mayby gianna was born, they were told it could only be dayed she would live, she was diagnosed with what doctors believed was an inoperatable brain tumor, and it turned out she was suffering from a rare disease. >> we did all the things that parents should not have to do. >> but that does d not seem to be in god's plan, it was after the devastating news that gianna was standing with saint gianna
4:39 pm
and pope francis, kristin knew she would make this dream come true. >> i believed in my heart it would happen but i didn't know how it would happen but i believed it would happen. >> gianna turned 8 months old. and a miracle in their eyes and then another one, on the pope's route saturday, he told christian and joe to be there and then this -- >> i kiss was amazing and you see the toughest guys in the world and everyone of them is on their knees crying, the scene in gener general was devine.
4:40 pm
>> when the memo was sent out, it explained gianna's condition to the pope and erin o'hearn, channel 6 "action news." an extraordinary story there. we want to take you now back to the scene of the mass shooting in oregon, a news conference is underway, lets listen live. >> they arrived there and located the shooter in one of the buildings, officers engaged that suspect and there was an exchange of gun fire, the shooter threat was neutralized and officers continued to sweep the campus looking for other threats. we have confirmed that there is confirmed injuries, and there are confirmed fatalities at this point it is a very active scene, a very active investigation and
4:41 pm
that is really all at that point i am prepared to share or that i can share. >> the oregon attorney general said 13 dead, can you confirm that? >> i cannot, i heard varying numbers and i don't want to report on a number that is inaccurate. i can tell you we have a tremendous amount of law enforcement help, i have the oregon state police assisting. we have all the local agencies including the roseburg police, some of the other smaller municipalities and sheriff's office and the fbi, the u.s. marshal service, a lot of support in this investigation. >> can you tell us anything about the shooter or what weapon was used. >> i can tell you the shooter was a male subject and i have no further informationon that. >> can you confirm if he is alive or dead? >> the shooter is deceased.
4:42 pm
>> can we confirm how many wounded? >> i cannot at this time. >> what is this life for your deputies in a community this side where everybody knows someone. >> it's frightening for a lot of people responding, you are right this is a small community, and a community college and a lot of friends and family attend this college, and it was a situation that was -- >> all right that is a news conference underway in roseburg, oregon, a mass shooting at umpqa the community college saying 13 dead, we learn that the shooter, a man is dead, not clear if it was his own action a self-inflicted gunshot or perhaps by police.
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big talkers now we live in a culture we can rate anything, cars, hotels and restaurants but there say new app that allows you to do the same for people. >> we where building an app that allows you to rate people and be rated on the following three categories. professionally, personally and romantically like dating people called itself a positivity app, but critics believe it will broad gossip and public shaming. gossip can ruin lives, hashtag
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yelp. >> they fired back that the people have to be authenticated and have to be 21 years old in order to sign up and use it and have an active facebook account, it's all about celebrating really good people and we'll have to wait and try it out ourselves next month. so stay tuned for that. speaking of people, bye bye duck face and sparrow face, there is a new pout taking over the red carpet and in case you are keeping up with the kardashians and other celebrities don't say we didn't tell you about fish gate, you suck in your cheeks and chin down and facedown that makes us look slimmer, the goal it to look more alluring. instead of the duck face, the fish gape take a more subtle approach.
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i'll need more work on this this one. >> it's impossible to keep up. >> that was not bad. thank you. >> c minus. lets get another check of the roads, matt pellman standing by in the traffic center. >> there is nothing fishy about this, the roads are wet and there are accidents like this one in delco near the commodore barry bridge, the vehicle is facing sideways in the northbound lane, and i think this tractor trailer may also be involved. with the two right lanes out of commission, we have the gaper delay coming north of the delaware state line at this point at the commodore barry bridge, that travel time going on three times what it ideally should be. in broomall, look for a crash near the blue route, not helping
4:48 pm
speeds, you get exiting delays there and one accidents in montgomery county awhitpain at jolly road just south of the northeast extension and a block away from lower merion high school at montgomery avenue at owen road and one on city avenue, northbound lanes as you head toward monument, one of the two lanes is blocked and look for a crash at forbidden drive, and one at roosevelt in the outer drive. a crash in cherry i'll near 70 at haddonfield road, and one on the southbound side of 295, giving us slow speeds near the black horse pike and in just ten minutes we expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> very good. thank soz much. adam joseph is standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. next.
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all right meteorologist, ammage, standing by with the latest information in, from the national hurricane center, it's no longer in the cone of uncerta uncertainty, but everything keeps changing so you can't rejoice yet, the shore is still being battered over the next 36 hours, looking at current radar, we are dealing with heavy pockets of rain in cheffer county or delaware county or center city philadelphia, lighter greens around that from the shore up to the lehigh valley, where the roadways are on the damp side for the evening rush hour, wins from the northeasterly direction and 50s in the area that is it this afternoon after a couple of days ago with temperatures close to 13 degrees above normal in the
4:52 pm
low 80s, that front is to our south, that means we are cooler now and that is reenergizing and lifting to the north and west and why the winds for tomorrow and saturday. not because of joaquin, but because of a strong high to the north and weak low to the soung, you get the wind tunnel effect and it's a high pressure grade yen and that piles up the rain at the shore and causing major flooding here every time we hit high tide until sunday, waves 8 to 12 feet and damaging erosion, you know at the shore the northeaster northeasterly winds can carve the sand all the way down to cape may. some of the light showers around and that continues into friday morning, then it starts to ramp up with the intense et here for
4:53 pm
the evening rush with tropical rain and that continues into early saturday morning and saturday overall into sun and light showers at times. hurricane joaquin winds sustained at 134 miles per hour and it makes its northerly trek over the weekend and category two, it weakens as it heads to the north and then the shift moving it out to sea south of cape cod, there is the cone of uncertainty right at the edge of the new jersey coastline, it could by late night, that cone of uncertainty be off the coast of new jersey, we are tracking joaquin, here is the latest. a mid-atlantic direct hit, 40% chance and northeast hit 10% but the highest chance is moving out to sea as the latest trend shows that with every single model.
4:54 pm
a wind driven rain tomorrow 55 degrees with on and off showers and not a washout this weekend, chilly and high temperatures in the 60s, we'll watch joaquin because again it's off the coast here, somewhere near the mid-atlantic of 70 degrees and we dry it out and get the sunshine back with temperatures in the mid-70s, as we get into the middle of next week. this is just a trend, to see if it's consistent with model run after model run. >> when we come back we'll give you an update on the shooting at a community college in oregon. for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand.
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they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
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we want to give you one more update out of the southeast oregon, we know that at least 13 people have been killed and 20 more seriously hurt, after a
4:57 pm
gunman went on a shooting rampage at umpqa community college about three hours outside of portland, the gunman was killed in a gun battle with police and we'll have more on this situation in roseburg, oregon, coming up on "action news" at 5:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff, hope you join me along with sharrie and adam tonight for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we begin ton breaking news out of oregon where a mass shooting at a community college has killed at least 13 people, it happened at umpqa community college in roseburg, there are reports that the dead could be as many as 13 and many people were injured in the shooting, umpqa has about 3,000 students, the sheriff says that the male shooter was killed
5:00 pm
by deputies on campus during a shootout. >> we have 13 people killed and possib possibly 20 others hurt. we'll continue to follow this on and a live report with the latest coming up in our next half hour. but the other big story is the latest on hurricane joaquin, and it continues to strengthen and it's a category four. it continues to batter the bahamas as, and continues to intensify over the next day, this is the satellite image of joaquin, still too early to tell if it will make landfall in the u.s. but everyone on the east coast should be on alert in the coming days. look at this image, nasa captured joaquin from space from high above the other, the hurricane is packing heavy rain


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