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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 2, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> stormtracker 6 radar shows
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us when it is but question where is it. >> what scheme clobbering the bahamas tonight and we're becoming hopeful the stlaet becoming less. full hurricane story in a moment. first our big store story on "action news" tonight is the latest on the mass campus killing in the state of oregon. authorities tonight identified the gunman as 26-year-old chris harper mercer. he was killed during a shootout with police. the death toll has been put at 10. one student reports that mercer burst into a classroom at the community college of ompqua. the answers of what their religion is would determine where they would be sglot we all dropped our stuff and he was yelling continuously to hurry up and hurry up and we all sat there and waited.
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>> scary. >> very frighteninging. at the white house president obama said thoughts and prayers are not enough at the wake of another deadly school shooting. >> president obama: somehow this has become routine. reporting is routine. my response here that podium ends up being routine. the conversation and the aftermath of it, we become numb to this. >> said obama "we're the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months" please stay here for developing details from "abc news" coming up on "nightline" after "jimmy kimmel live" tonight. image from nasa shows current location of joaquin now a category four storm and communities on the east coast are concerned and taking no chances.
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this was scene earlier tonight in cape may, new jersey where they're building up the dunes to keep the ocean where it belongs out of the street. the surf is becoming more and more agitated because of a storm system that will affect the shore even before what may or may not come from joaquin. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live in atlantic city tonight and first let's get the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph and cecily, what is the latest on the track. >> jim, remember at 6:00 how the track had taken a jog to the east. i was hoping that trend would continue and it in fact, has. prob call satellite showing this is say category four hurricane packing maximum sustained winds of 130 miles an hour and the eye if you look closely stopped moving southwest. it's starting to move west. it's starting to make that turn and it looks like that turn is just too late and the storm too strong get picked up by the
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trough and move inland. what this means it's likely this storm will be heading out to sea and get picked up by westerly and not be a threat to the eastern sea board. this is latest stat from national hurricane center it shows as it continues to push north, northeast, too runs to colder waters anden counters winds. this is well off the eastern seaboard that's good news. that said it's a dangerous hurricane. no track is set in stone. we cannot let our guard now. a 0% strike in mid-atlantic and 70% chance this storm will go ots, out sea. that's great news. that being said there will still be problems at the shore not because of joaquin but because of another system. details with adam. >> all those preparations at the jersey shore and delaware beaches it's going to be needed because of installed boundary south and east.
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weak low pressure down south you see the pipeline of moisture develop ago long the boundary and lifting south to north. it will be wet here friday to early saturday and extremely windy especially at the shore. it's high pressure to north weak low to the south called a pressure gradient there's a pe perist enter wind coming in northeasterly direction and wind gusts in the 30s. 40 miles an hour in philadelphia and 20s further away from that coastline. and that continues hour after hour into the weekend saturday morning. still in mid 40s for that persistent wind out of the northeast and when you have that wind that continues to pileup the water, not only tonight, but friday, saturday, sunday, coastal flood warnings in effect and we're still expecting moderate to major flooding at the shore and at the back bays and delaware bay and river for every high tide right through sunday with waves 8 to 12 feet. there will be a lot of damage, jim, down the shore despite
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joaquin going out sea or not. cecily tynan will have more in the full accuweather forecast. >> let's go to atlantic city and "action news" reporter chad pradelli. chad you've been touring the shore tonight. what about those preparations. >> reporter: well, people are taking recawtions the general sense is people are weary of joaquin not overly concerned especially with the recent weather reports indicating the storm will move off the coast. that said people are keeping a watchful eye on the forecast. >> as the waves pounded shoreline in cape may a plow pushed pile after pile of sand building a do you know to protect the properties beach avenue. most businesses were closed many because theies busy summer season was over and others shut down early because of lack of visitors. >> a lot of people are afraid. because of sandy. when sandy hit. >> atlantic city officials are warping residents to prepare for possibility of evacuations
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ahead of hurricane joaquin whose path sun certain. >> people living in low high lying areas now is the time to call friend and family and try to prepare. >> in ocean city firefighters spent the day tuning up military vehicles and preparing for worst. tidal flooding brought water into the street and ocean city bay side. residents say while this is mine auto or it could be a sign of what's ahead. >> concerned right now because all of the different information we're getting and what's going to happen whether it's two part storm. hurricane coming later on it might hit or might not hit you don't know what to expect. >> and message from officials tonight keep an eye on the broadcast for most updated information. i'm live any atlantic city, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad, new jersey governor chris christie is asking residents to prepare now for the storm but not panic.
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he issued a state of emergency today even though it's not certain joaquin would strike the state. of course we're sucking now it will not. the office of emergency management activated 6:00 this morning and recommend that people have supplies on hand including three days of water and non perishable food and battery-operated radio extra batteries, flashlights and medication sfwlz pennsylvania governor tom wolf said he's not ready to announce a state of emergency and his office prepared a emergency declaration in the event it becomes necessary. the state gave similar recommendations on how to stock up on supplies. >> we saw people in lindenwald camden county taking heed of the advice this afternoon and grossy stores were busy with shoppers buying the basics. camden county public work crews are getting quptd ready to clear out storm drains even if joaquin worst winds miss the area it will be important to
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handle the soaking rains and street flooding. >> preparing for coastal flooding in the first state. authorities in delaware city ordered installation of temporary flood wall and five massive ramps. even when big waves wash over the wall the pumps are designed to bail out the water back to the river. "action news" also found boat owners taking their vessels out of delaware city marina today to dry land. >> the bahama islands continue to take a pounding from hurricane joaquin. floodwaters already more than several feet deep on long island and the storm surge continues to rise. the hurricane and 130 mile an hour winds are over central bahamas tonight. schools shut down. flight grounded and everybody urged to stay in shelters. >> and of course you can monitor joaquin's strength and location with interactive hurricane tracker on and we have a checklist of suggestions from the american red cross on preparing a storm
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kit. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, tragedy in afghanistan at americans have been killed in a crash. unwelcomed news for the uncarrier. if you signed up for t-mobile over the past couple years there's a good chance you have just become the victim of latest cyber theft and plus pennsylvania embattled attorney general is facing more charges of lying. cecily. >> it appears hurricane joaquin is headed to sea and we have rough weather headed our way. high wind and heavy rain will time out the showers and let us know what it means for the commute tomorrow and for the weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> investigative reporter wendy saltzman has frank talk about food safety at the stadiums where we root four our favorite teams. >> we found reports of mice feces, dead roaches and fly in deep fryer. we're asking why some popular concession stands have not been
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inspected in four years and others have not been inspected at all. >> really? all right. the eagles looking to weather the challenges of nfc east and a lot of weather. when "action news" continues a lot of weather. when "action news" continues tonight
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announcer: visit for information on how to provide even better care for the person who once took care of you. >> 50 million t-mobile customers are are at frisk hackers. it was from experion customers that applied for t-mobile sthvs year may have had their identity stolen. data includes social security numbers, addresses, birth dates and more. experts say it's now seth to
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monitor one's credit report since this kind of identity sthevrt hard to resolve than a compromised credit card. a plane crash in afghanistan tonight killed six people including six americans. their c 130 military transport plane crashed in eastern afghanistan. in jalalabad. they have not released the identities of the service members. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane went back before a district justice in collegeville after charged with another count of perjury. arraignment came after prosecutors said they found a document signed by kane after she took office that swore her to keep grand jury information secret. she never nroond maintain sooes seekcy of grand jury investigation secret before they took office. >> red cotion honored volunteers.
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the group's annual bank fwhet infield heights and alicia vitareli took part tonight. red cross supplies 40% of nation's lod and helps sdaingtser victims here and abroad and teaches life saving skills like cpr. >> philly season comes to an end and "action news" investigation has uncovered something causing concern at citizens bank park besides the team's performance on the field. investigative reporter wendy sals man is here tonight with several strikes against some of the stadiums most popular food stance. cha is this about. >> jim, mice droppings, roaches and expired food are a few health hazards inspectors uncovered at citizens bank par park. just as troubling "action news" learned health department failed taken to suspect most of stadium stands for two and three years and number some case there's were no record inspections were done at all. it's america's favorite past time and at citizens bank park it's no exception.
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many fans go to their favorite food stands while they wait to see the phillies think the out of the park. >> that's disgusting. >> doesn't sound good at all. >> hor. >> i believe fans reacting to the three month long "action news" investigation that exposes them with mice feces, bird insects and fly why deep fryer and pink slime and mold inside ice machine as cross the stadium. >> that's not good at all. >> after hearing that i don't know -- >> and beyondp what we found in these inspection reports more concerning is what was not there. we reviewed 98 locationserrro arrow mark serves for inspection. they could not provide health inspections done in advance of our investigation and 28 portable stands. formerly alley grill, way back burger have not been inspected in four years and five stands
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not inspected for three years since june of 2012. >> i go to work and do what i need to do. i expect other foam do the same when a matter of public safert saferty. >> when we took our findings t to. >> the goal. >> we try to get them inspected once a year. >> do you feel like you met that citizens bank park. >> yes do i. >> you feel like you met it? >> finkle told us his inspectors had done their job and then he back tracked admitting the health department has not conducted regular inspections of the park concession stand since 2013. >> more than two years lapse. >> that's correct. >> is that meeting your goal. >> that would not meet our going no. >> public health department sent inspectors in the bank after we contacted them about our investigation and after the public health department visit inspections at 8 portable stands were never conducted or not made available to "action news" or public. ara mark has been responsive in
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correcting violations most fixed on the spot. they issued following statement we take food safety very seriously and work with city do ensure the food we serve at citizens bank park is safe to eat. by training employees in food safety and working with a third party evaluator to bring added dimensions of safety to operations. 4e8th department says they only inspect stands operating at the time of visit and as for overall short fall. >> you tell me you all try to thereby every year. what's happened? >> staffing issues? we just i guess didn't get there. >> health department tells us they're now working with software provide to come one a system to alert them when inspections are due. a quick review of the linc hows us some stands at the eagles stadium have not been inspected since 2011, 2012 and 2013. we will provide viewers with a link to look at those inspection reports on our web site at
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>> what is pink slime. i thought that was on purpose. i get pink slime on a stick. >> it was in ice machines where you're getting your drinks. >> okay. well it's a little disarming. thank you wendy saltzmaman. >> the doors on tonight at philadelphia's newest concert venue rock and roll hall of fameers daryl hall & john oates headline the grand opening of fillmore philadelphia in fishtown. former a.j. ax metal factory transformed to two music calls one large and one smaller like a club. it cost 32 million dollars‚ô™ >> keystone state boys choir and now famous soprano bobby hill performed for packed house in abington. he wowed the world last weekend singing before pope francis. since then the 1 4-year-old has done dozens of interviews
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and fellow singers say his fame has not gone to his head. >> philadelphia city hall became a canvas tonight during sneak peek of a multi-media art exist. this will allow visitors to create their own images to project on to the building. full exhibits includes works of 30 artists from around the country. which reminds 34e of the way they projected beautiful images on the philadelphia museum of art during festival of families saturday. >> beautiful stuff. >> we'll have not so beautiful weather forget joaquin we have problems before what sgleem we have rain, wind, costsal food flooding and looks like they're headed out sea. thursday night has good news. dry papal weekend and this thursday night talking about missing direct hit by hurrican hurricane. >> we'll take that. >> and that being said we have rain. stormtracker 6 live double scan
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showing we have some steady rain right now and generally across south jersey where there are imbedded pockets of heavier rain. medford lakes crossing route 70 now and also near garden state parkway just west of suffer city and we will have rounds of rain as we head through the day tomorrow. tomorrow night and mean verbally saturday morning. right now though the first day of october temperatures stuck in the 50s all afternoon. there's a chill in the air. 57 degrees in philadelphia. millville 5. allentown 5 5. wilmington 57 and sea isle city 58. satellite 6 and action radar showing that we still have this conveyer belt of moisture thanks to the stationary front that stalled. this is what we'll be bringing in the winds off the ocean bringing in moisture so future tracker showing for morning commute looks like we'll have a pretty steady rain generally south and east of i-95 corridor and areas north and west just clouds and cloudy damp morning and as we head through the day
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more waves of rain. 3:00 in the afternoon rain moving in especially across parts of delaware and really filling in friday night, friday night if you head out wear a jacket. it will be chilly. take umbrella it will be wet. heading to saturday. still not a bright and sunny day. lots of clouds, scattering of showers. saturday not as much rain as tomorrow. future tracker showing this rain is actually much needed rain. we're looking at generally 1 to 2" of rain locally closer to 3" along the shore and into saturday morning before that rain begins to taper off but really what you will be feeling the bigger effect will be the winds. we'll have a tremendous what's called pressure gradient very strong blocking high pressure north. weak low to the south and what this does is funnels in winds out of the east and that will continue through the day friday and through at least the first half of the day on sdpa. 23 you think it's windy down the shore now it will get windier. whipped gusts sunday 45 to 50
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miles an hour and looking at waves 8 to 12 feet and major coastal flooding possible and unfortunately more beach erosion at well and this is has no do with hurricane joaquin. it's still well down to the south over southern bahamas. category four hurricane. it started to make the turn so instead of southwest it's drifting west at 3 miles an hour and this track is what we all want to see. three years after sandy we don't need another hit by hurricane and national hurricane center forecast keeps it well off shore. still category one hurricane monday nights and no threat to the lower 48s. that's definitely good news. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast wind driven rain tomorrow, cold, 55. saturday lingering showers windy high of 60. sunday, wendy and cloudy. not quite adds cool. 65 and monday we'll see breaks of sunshine 71 degrees and tuesday 71 and wednesday beautiful day partly sunny 74
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and thursday lots of clouds with high of 72 degrees. of course no forecast for hurricane set in stone. we have to watch. it david murphy will have an update "action news" beginning 4:30 tomorrow. >> cecily, thank you. overbrook section of philadelphia tonight diners got a brief experience with the world of blindness. guests put on blindfolds to take part in dining in the dark benefit for overbrook school for the blind and patrons had to relie on other senses to get them through the male tonight. funds raised tonight will go to new technology
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>> based on what cecily is saying we may not have to see chip kelly bad weather plan after sglawl hopefully they can have a good game in the d.c. area. >> the eagles redskins game is a go sunday at 1:00 in landover, maryland. this is a good stiingt see. demarco muirry full participant in practice today. hamstring is getting better. if they play and the weather is poor chip kelly may have to
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tweak the game plan. sounds like he could use the 6abc stromtracker app. >> i think we're always scanning every coach is watching weather more than everything. you're always trying to get updates and see where are you and preparing for wind or rain or part of it then becomes on game day you have to figure it out. >> it's hard but we nev know what the weather will actually do. for our team we're still just preparing to get ready to play sunday 1bg and if it changes we're ready for that too. >> there's de fwit which running back should get bulk of carries, ron jaworksi says one player has risen above the rest. >> this guy wants to be the tempo setter and if eagles run the ball with physical nature it will be ryan matthews. ryan matthews sent a message to darin sproles and demarco murry i want this job. >> phillies may have fo
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>> it's amazing what a number can do for a team's motivation. phillies were creeping towards 100 losses of the season and lately they've been winning. jarrett eikoff had ten strikeouts in last outing and ten more today hit 7th shutout inning and darin rough two hom homer and fourth home run of
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season. 2-0 phils. back to eikeoff. >> only two fill liz back-to-back double strikeouts games phils win 3-0. >> it's hard to describe it's the whole you know culmination of season and experiences you know learning just all kind of comes together and it's a grea great, great feeling. >> this is another if you want to call it a test push them to the limit and see say that is the next step and he passed with flying colors. >> phils need to win one game in the last three to avoid the 100 loss. > >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed > >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, karen rogers with traffic for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good
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