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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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several developing stories for you on this friday october 2. >> rain has flooded jersey shore roads. >> a college student's rampage overnight what he asked the victims before shooting them to death. >> philadelphia police are looking for a teenager who shot his father in the head overnight. good morning it is 4:30, matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us. we have an update a few schools
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at the shore have closed ahead of the storm. those storms are scrolling at the bottom of the screen. let's go over to david murphy with the latest to see what's going on. matt pellman is in for karen rogers. >> reporter: hurricane joaquin will miss us off the coast, but what we're dealing with is rain heading up the coast ahead of the storm. most of the rain we have is moderate. there's heavier stuff to the south, but it looks like the way things will play out the heavier stuff holds off until the afternoon and tonight that would be the latest idea. the wide view on satellite and radar, shows us we are socked in, looks like we'll be looking at rain tonight and tomorrow things start to improve a little bit in terms of the active rain. we are going to have coastal flooding that's going on at
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times of high tide today and tonight and into sunday. it will not be raining the entire time, but we'll have the onshore flow that will pile the water up, not only along the coastal areas of new jersey, but the delaware river and tidal areas moderate to major flooding into high tide sunday evening. it is wet and windy, and everybody is in the 50s. on your storm tracker 6 live app it's going to be increasingly wet. 53 degrees by 8:00. 54 by noon, 57 is the high, holding on to 53 by 67:00 a.m. with the rain having the tendency to intensify as we go through the evening. matt o'donnell this is not a good day for travelers, but i
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see you have red boxes. >> reporter: red boxes, pointing out the good news, just a little explainer. we're getting good news from traffic police they reopened the inner drives of the benjamin franklin parkway, yes, we've been waiting all week for this. funerally the parkway back -- finally the parkway back in business for your friday morning ride. you might remember yesterday morning we had big problems with the downed tree on the kelly drive. this morning it's downed wires on the lincoln drive. both directions are blocked at gypsy lane at the old 97th precinct. vehicle into a pole in white marsh flower town road at stenton avenue. we had construction i-95 blocking the ramps at cottman. the crews have cleared out and despite being wet the traffic is
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moving fine so far on this friday morning. >> as the jersey shore gets ready for storms and rain, some roads already flooding. the action cam was in atlantic city, high water caused flooding around the black horse pike near route 40. "action news" reporter, chad perdelli was in cape may with more. >> reporter: as the waves pounded the shoreline in cape may a plow pushed pile after pile of sand, most businesses were closed many because the busy summer season was over. others shut down early because of the stormy weather and lack of visitors. >> a lot of people are afraid because of sandy. >> reporter: atlantic city officials are warning residents to prepare for the possibility of evacuation ahead of hurricane joaquin whose path is uncertainty.
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>> people living in low-lying area call friends and family and try to prepare. >> reporter: in ocean city firefighters spent the day tuning up military vehicles preparing for the worst. tidal flooding brought water into the streets and back yards of ocean city bay side. while this is minor it could be a sign of what's ahead. >> because of all the information we're going to get, whether it's a two part storm, a hurricane coming later on, it might hit it might not hit. you don't know what to expect. >> reporter: stay tuned to broadcast for the most updated information. in atlantic city, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> the first state is preparing for the potential of coastal flooding. authorities in delaware city ordered the installation of temporary flood walls and five massive pumps. even when big waves wash over the walls, the pumps bail out
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the water back to the river. many are taking out their vessels to dry land. monitor hurricane joaquin's strengthen --nd location at >> a teenager shot his own father in the held. this happened in olney. the 47-year-old father was rushed to the hospital in critical, but stable condition. police are looking for his 19-year-old son who fled the home. >> police in delaware are investigating a home-invasion robbery. k-9 units scoured for clues outside the home in east newark, this morning. police are looking for three masked men armed with a weapon. nobody inside the home was hurt. in delaware overnight police are investigating a deadly crash in claymont. it happened when want vehicle
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was traveling northbound on route 95. police say the driver lost control at the exit of the philadelphia pike off-ramp while speeding. a driver a man in his 50s was ejected. he was pronounced at the scene. a deptford new jersey police officer is heading to prison for the 2013 murder of his friend. james stewart was convicted yesterday, stewart shot david comp ton in the face, they want to a bar, when they returned home compton asked to look at his weapon and time weapon went off. he maintains the gun was not loaded. he faces 30 years to life in prison when sentenced in december. >> the nation is stunned over the latest school shooting in time at a community college in oregon and chilling details have come out. survivors say the gunman asked the victims their religion
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before they started shooting. we go live in roseberg oregon with the latest. she has more for us. >> reporter: the small community is devastated this morning at least ten are dead from the shooting spree that took place beyond this police barricade at a community college. it's hard to imagine what the student and fault went through not knowing if they would make it out alive. >> reporter: hurricane joaquin challenged forecasters for days, now its future looks clearer. winds are gusting 150 miles per hour. torrential -- >> we apologize that is not the report we were filing here from
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roseberg, oregon. there are officers with the atf and the fbi combing the campus looking for possible explosives that may have been left behind by the 26-year-old gunman. we know ten people are dead including the gunman, the campus will remain closed for at least the next few days, it won't reopen until monday at the earliest. many students say they don't know if they can return to the campus ever again. they are looking into whether he was a student here or dating someone or had a grudge against one of the faculty members, we hope to learn more as the investigators comb through the evidence. erin and tam we'll send it back over to you. >> so many questions remain, so sad. 4:39. the head of the philadelphia school district has proposed new plans for the city schools.
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we'll break it down for you. >> if you have t-mobile you may have to check your credit. hackers stole information belonging to millions of customers. >> reporter: the rain will intensify later today and tonight i'll have more on that and the latest track on hurricane joaquin it's all ahead. ♪
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good news, you can take a look at the philadelphia international airport. you can see the runway is slick. we're expecting obviously some rain today and tomorrow, the good news is, david murphy is here to tell us about it, hurricane joaquin looks like it is moving off the coast. >> reporter: i'm about to show you another track. it's farther off the coast than yesterday. it's a confusing forecast. while we're saying it looks like a miss from the actual hurricane we're looking at the major coastal flooding because of the tropical moisture riding up ahead of it. it's a conflicting story weather wise, we have issues today, tonight and tomorrow at the shore.
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as we look at the storm tracker 6 live double scan issue. the issue this morning is rain. as we go in closer, you can see the rain right in and around philadelphia it is affecting our major roads on the new jersey side of the river and the pennsylvania side of the river. as we go out wider, up in allentown you're not seeing this yet. if i advance it, it is on the way. you see slightly steadier stuff near the mouth of the delaware bay and southern delaware. later this afternoon and tonight we'll see heavier rain push in. as we look outside we have cloudy skies across the region. notice the camera bouncing down the shore. part of the issue today is going to be strong winds at the shore and coastal flooding there. that's the center of the action. i'll talk about that in a moment. the temple is 55 degrees -- the temperature is 55 degrees, it's on the cool side. the winds north northeast 23 miles per hour. a wet one and windy one, the
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closer you go to the shore, the more you'll see of the strong winds and the potential for flooding. as we look at future tracker 6 you can see between now and noon we start to see some of the heavier cells begin to come into areas around i-95. it's later this afternoon that the heavy rain starts to push in. that continues straight on into the evening hours at 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. where we see breaks. raining this morning, but getting intense today and tonight. 53 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 53 by 11:00 a.m. 55 by 2:00 p.m. it will be a windy, cool and damp 57 as we head into the dinner hours. 59 in millville. 56 is the high in allentown. down the shore, low 60s, not a whole lot better. at the shore, that's where we have the significant issues. inland flooding is a possibility especially with the heavier rain coming in later. at the shore, the wind will be
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the strongest gusting had a to 50 miles per hour coming in off the ocean. that will raise the wave heights higher than yesterday. we're looking at the potential for major coastal flooding along the back bays and oceanfront and decent flooding along the waterways of the delaware bay and river. hurricane joaquin it's still a category four hurricane in the bahamas. it will make its move north today, but looks like the latest track will be farther away from the coast than what adam and cecily were showing you last evening. we continue at least to get better in terms of the storm itself. a couple of plots has it coming closer to the coast. we're not looking at the heavy rain fed the hurricane on top of us, it will be on the windy side with coastal flooding saturday
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and sunday. windy and rainy today, 57 degrees. cloudy skies and showers around on saturday with the storm off the coast, we'll have the coastal flooding issues and high high of 58. sunday, 65 windy and cloudy slight improvement with the storm off the coast. we're still a few days away from the coastal storm the hurricane being off the coast. there's a possibility of a change. [laughter]. i'm just telling you keep your eyes on the forecast and be careful of the flooding that's going to be an issue down the shore. >> big changes could be coming to philadelphia schools. superintendent dr. william hite has proposed new school including a science school based on on the success of the science school academy. continenticly poor performing schools will be picked for school turn around. the school reform commission has
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to sign off on the plans. the lucky lady who won wednesday's $310.05 powerball. she quit her job. the woman who is 50 years old has three children. now she can be paid over 30 years or choose a lump sum of 197 million before taxes, either way doesn't sound too shabby. >> you have never know whose going to win, but i'm glad it's someone like that. the -- the -- t mobile is the latest target of a hack attack hackers got social security numbers and birth dates and other info.
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if you applied for the service this year you might be among the hack. they didn't get payment cards or banking info. new info on the security breach that affected the philadelphia credit union that we told me you about yesterday, fbi said it's connected to the same people who hacked home depot and acme supermarkets. a small number of credit union members had their credit compromised. it was a mixed day on wul street with no -- on wall street with no major swings in the market. futures are pointing to a higher open. ikea will no longer sell blinds with cords because of the risk of strangulation. ron golden sister reflects
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back on 20 years since the oj simpson verdict, when "action news" comes right back. [airplane sounds]
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announcer: visit for information on how to provide even better care for the person who once took care of you. >> reporter: well happy friday to you, i know it might look a little bit dreary out there, i have a couple of reasons why you should like this friday morning. one, not a lot of overnight
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construction because of wet conditions. here at woodhaven road, everything is open, it's really soggy. two the benjamin franklin parkway is reopened, both drives you're good to go if you make your travels to the art museum and eakens oval. tonight is the philadelphia's opera opening night, they will block portions of south broad near locust is they prepare and set up the tent in the street. another problem is downed wires that is blocking the lincoln drive both directions near gypsy lane stay local through east falls on the boulevard instead. vehicle into a pole in white marsh to without for. the car on the philadelphia pike in claymont has cleared out. >> tomorrow marks 20 years since the oj simpson double
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murder verdict. >> are hard to believe it's been that long. the murder captivated millions when the trial was broadcast on television. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> the former football star was acquitted of murdering nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman. goldman's officer is a victim answer add vo -- is is a victim advocate. >> simpson must pay $33 million to the goldman and brown family for now he is in jail. goldman's sister plans to attend a wedding this weekend choosing to mark the anniversary by celebrating love. >> coming up at 5:00.
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rain caused roads at the jersey shore to flood overnight. we have a live report on how residents are getting ready for the upcoming storm. they say cats have nine lives, a dog has proved he has one to spare when "action news" continues.
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when i started taking care of mom, i didn't realize the challenge of playing so many roles. but above all, i'm still... her daughter. [announcer] visit we're here to help. >> a dog in florida plunged 11 stories that's 120 feet from a balcony and guess what he lived to bark about it.
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bonzo landed on grass breaking a rib. the 12-year-old pekingese has arts -- arthritis. his owner is grateful he is already. >> maybe they should changer his name to gonzo. officials are against taking pictures with bears, you wonder why. >> a former eagles is set to learn his fate today. the details are next. >> good morning, it is
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5:00 a.m., friday, october 2 i'm tamala edwards. erin o'hern, matt is off, here's what's happening. >> an oregon college is in mourning after another mass shooting. we're learning more about the gunman. >> residents in new jersey


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