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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, october 2 i'm tamala edwards. erin o'hern, matt is off, here's what's happening. >> an oregon college is in mourning after another mass shooting. we're learning more about the gunman. >> residents in new jersey are
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not wasting time getting ready for severe weather. we're live with the latest. >> a driver struck a pedestrian and took off. >> let's talk built weather, rain now and rain later, let's go over to david murphy, matt pellman is in for karen rogers. >> reporter: we have tropical moisture surging up the coast. we have periods of heavy rain coming up from the south along the frontal boundary. every now and then down to the south we're seeing yellow showing up which is slightly steadier rain it will transition to rain this afternoon and evening. we're socked in by the clouds and radar is showing the cells pushing into the southern portion of the picture. this afternoon and tonight, in particular, heavy rain building in. along the coast we have issues with the coastal flood warning this has been extended into sunday evening. it will not be rain between now and sunday, but the on-shore
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flow has the hurricane closer to our latitude between now and sunday will cause moderate to major flooding along the back bays we could have high running tides on the delaware bay and river. 54 degrees with rain falling in philadelphia right now. allentown, the rain will be getting up to you before too much longer. 53 there, 58 in sea isle city. umbrellas, windy conditions, wet, 53 by 6:00 a.m. and staying 53 by 8 at the bus stop. 57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. with the rain building in intensity as we go through the day. checking out hurricane joaquin new track coming in from the national hurricane center it's still a hurricane four down in
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the bahamas shooting up moisture into our neck of the woods. matt pellman what's going on? >> reporter: we don't have great confidence it will be a great day, but we have good news, the benjamin franklin parkway is open both drives in both directions, should alleviate the problems with the gridlock around the area that spilled back on the vine street expressway. it's all wet and open. that's the good news. not open here, the fairmont lincoln drive is blocked at gypsy lane because of downed wires, stay local through east falls or the boulevard that's open and clear despite being wet. a vehicle ran into a pole avoid flower town road at stenton avenue. claymont delaware a vehicle went off the ramp 495 northbound to philadelphia pike. everything is reopened there. not open in cherry hill because
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of an accident from yesterday afternoon, a couple of lanes are blocked at penn avenue. in pleasantville flooding is closing route 40, 322 the black horse pike stay on the white horse pike or the ac expressway as alternates. >> governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency in new jersey ahead of severe weather and the threat of hurricane joaquin. >> state officials are recommending you have supplies on hand including three days of water and nonperishable food. extra batteries, flashlight cash and medicine. >> katherine scott is in brigantine atlantic county with the latest on what she is seeing. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, very windy lots of wind gusts in brigantine. it's raining, it might get heavier, it's not driving rain, but a steady consistent rain. it's the wind we're feeling in
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brigantine. we're standing by the water it's very dark. the surf is rough if you look ahead. we are seeing the wind gusting and moving the trees, and planters turned over. people are raying for the storms -- are bracing for the storm. they are worried about the remnants of the hurricane on top of this first storm. officials are getting ready. governor chris christie declared a state of emergency he will not hesitate to order evacuations. waves pounded the shoreline. in some areas plows are pushing sand to protect dunes protecting properties along the water. officials are warning resident to prepare for evacuation if necessary. tidal flooding has caused flooding in spots. at this point it is not major. at this point a lot of people have a storm plan in place. they have called their friends and family in the event they
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live in low-lying areas and need to evacuate. of course, people are concerned waiting for the days ahead. >> the concern right now because of the different information we're getting and what's going to happen whether it's a two-part storm or hurricane coming later on, it might hit it might not hit, you don't know what to expect. >> reporter: back here live in brigantine there's wind and rain and expected to get worlds. people are getting their groceries and batteries and they hope it's not needed, but many say prepare for the worst and hope for the as the storm approaches. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much for that report. >> reporter: you can monitor hurricane joaquin's strength and location at we have suggestions on preparing a storm can it. >> why a gunman went on a
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deadly rampage on a college campus in oregon is a mystery. a candle light vigil was held umpqua community college. the gunman chris harper mercer a nearby residents needed to know their victims' religion before spraying them with bullet and killing them. mercer was killed by police. >> was rapid fire over and over again, you could hear the people, you could larry them moving and crying -- you could hear them moving and crying and look on her face was horrifying, she said we need to get out. >> how do you ever get over that. miles managed to get out. we'll have a live report from abc coming up in the next half-hour. >> developing this morning, a driver is being tested for dui after slamming into a pedestrian and taking overment police
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believe the crash happened after midnight in west kensington. witnesses say the driver sped away from the scene moments after the crash. well, police located the car and the driver on the 300 block of allegheny avenue. the victim is currently in serious condition. happening today a former eagles favoriter -- favorite irving frier will be sentenced. his mother was convicted in the scheme for mortgage scheme. he faces up to ten years in jail. >> and this just in there's a new track of hurricane joaquin just into "action news." david murphy is here, a lot of people are saying this is great news, but we have a current situation. >> reporter: it is related to
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the tropical moisture coming up the coast out of the bahamas. we'll get the latest track on hurricane joaquin. we're getting rain that moved in yesterday. we had heavy rain at times during afternoon and last night. it slackened off a little bit. this is light to moderate rain. there's a break every now and then. not the heaviest rainfall we're going to see today. as you look to the south. below dover and toward the mouth of the bay, there's a little bit of yellow popping up. as you see in a moment on future tracker you'll see heavier stuff come up from the south and inundate the philadelphia region today and tonight. as we look outside we have cloudy skies. you can see the camera bouncing. not only is it wet out there, but we're looking at windy conditions as we roll through the day. 53 in allentown 58 in cape may. everybody in time 50s and windy
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and wet right now with the exception of the lehigh valley. you'll start picking up rain later this morning. as we look at future tracker again we'll go up to 12:00 you can see break away bits and pieces of heavier precipitation highlighted in orange come into philadelphia. it's later this afternoon 3, 4, 5:00 p.m., you can see wider areas covered by this. 7:00 p.m. you see lots of rain. this will put down enough rain to cause street flooding. do not ride or walk through any flooded areas. turn around don't drown. by 9:00 most of the heavier bands are moving north of the area, but we're left with a lot of the water in the creeks and streams and roadways. windy and rainy in the lehigh valley with road flooding a possibility today and tonight. 56 is the cool high. down the shore it's a combination of rain and strong gusty winds with coastal flooding a definite issue down the shore not only today, but
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through much of the weekend at high tide. 63 at the shore. areas of high tide would be today. this is atlantic city at 11:25. more or less around midday at the shore, tonight around midnight. saturday around midday maybe later into the early afternoon, andy sunday 1:01 in the morning, a little after midnight. we're getting the coastal flood warning extended into sunday evening. so sunday's high tides could be an issues even though the heaviest rain will be over by then. today in philadelphia, windy and he rainy, possible flooding on streets and waterways. 57 degrees is the high. that's where the numbers are going today. we'll get 57 by 3:00 p.m. as for hurricane joaquin, still a category four hurricane 130-mile an hour winds in the bahamas. the storm is getting ready to make a push to the north. as happened yesterday late in the day and last night the
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tracks continue to push this storm farther and farther out to sea. the one change i am seeing this could be a category one hurricane by the time it gets to our latitude that's part of the region the national weather service is warning for high tide and coastal flood issues into sunday. even though it won't be raining we'll get the on-shore flow. the rain saturday and sunday will be lighter. it will be light showers. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 57 degrees rainy and windy today with the wind heavier during the afternoon and tonight as you just saw on future tracker. cloudier on saturday, lighter showers, 58 degrees is the high. the rain situation getting better, but down the shore, coastal flooding issue. wind and mostly cloudy on sunday, high of 65, a couple of spotty showers are possible. monday with the storm getting past us, it will be breezy, but it looks like we dry out. we get sun back in play we're back in the low 70s next week.
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thank you, david. >> it is now, 5:12 an outburst of violence kills a baby in ohio. a professional basketball player took to twitter to express his outrage. >> reporter: we're live at front treat and oregon avenue where it is wet this morning. we'll talk about flooding conditions and crash and downed wires after the break. >> and the priceless reaction of a man who finds out his wife is expecting. you want to see this. that's later in the morning buzz. >> welcome back you're taking a
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live look here, the action cam is live at the willow grove park mall a starting point for the susan g.komen three day walk. they will wrap up sunday afternoon all to bring awareness and raise funds for the day that hopefully will come the day we don't have to do this any more where breast cancer is cured. >> reporter: drivers should watch out for the walkers, we'll see them this weekend. coming out of the burbs despite the wet conditions we're moving okay in fort washington. 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike there is construction on the ramps. northeast extension lansdale and quakertown you're without the
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left lane, southbound there's no issues. bucks county through this evening, river road route 32 is shut down. there's a crash in whitemarsh to avoid vehicle plowed into a poll there. we have down pole downed wires in ardmore at church circle use anderson avenue at suburban square. flooding in pleasantville, route 40, 322 the black horse pike shut down by foot action u.s.a. use route 30 the white horse pike or the ac expressway. time for the commuter report. getting a report of godfrey avenue east of rising sun, another good spot to avoid at this point. >> thanks so much. russia is continuing it's aerial assaults in syria. they carried out 30 airstrikes against isis in what the kremlin
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calls other extremist organizations. it damaged or destroyed 12 targets. a military spokesman said there's no indication that the military hit any isis targets. >> new on "action news," basketball pro labron james is speaking out about the random shooting death of a 6-month-old in ohio. the child's mother was driving and someone shot at the car. james took to twitter to voice his outrage and dismay with violence taking over the city. this is the third time a child has been killed in the shooting in cleveland in the last month. police are searching for the gunman in this case. >> the eagles game against washington is still on despite maryland being under a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joaquin arrival. demarco murray is having -- rehabbing the injured hamstring.
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viewers got is kick in the gut. this 52-yard field goal gave the baltimore ravens a win in pittsburgh. the steelers missed two field goals. back to school?
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>> people in upstate new york are warned don't take selfies with bears. sounds like a silly problem. the photo could put people' lives and bears lives in danger. it could lead to bears being put down if the bears are becoming too comfortable around people. huh. >> my three-year-old knows don't take a picture with the bear. >> reporter: i think we'll be growling about traffic morning. spring garden everything is open. on south broad street expect
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restriction because tonight is the philadelphia's opera opening night gala. a bunch of bus detours because of that and other events going on this weekend. we have the philly freedom 5k. oktoberfest, so the buses will be going around the block in a bunch of spots. >> reporter: on the big board, rain everywhere, light to moderate rain. it will be heavier this afternoon and evening. so dress the kids in jackets for the cool temperatures and rain gear because the rain isn't going anywhere today. as we take a look at numbers, 52 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we'll get a high of 57 degrees at about 3:00 p.m. but you can see we stay in the 50s and we have the wind-driven rain. down the the airport looking for early delays. we have some in philadelphia and newark and jfk. the delays running over an hour in all the spots because of the
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heavy rain and poor visibility that may be a continuing issue throughout the northeast and the east coast as we roll through the afternoon. erin and i almost said david. >> [laughter]. up next during the morning buzz a woman secretly records her husband when he learns they are pregnant. >> arica's money. >> strong auto sales. >> they are up 16%. subaru posted 28%. >> volkswagen sales rows 1% amid the emission scandal. >> dunkin' donuts is closing 100 stores facing increased competition from fast food
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we have a great chance to experience official life changing event. a woman recorded her husband's reaction to her pregnancy announcement. the video has gone viral. >> it's a boy. really! >> she planted the baby's ultrasound photos next to a package of buns in the oven the couple struggled for 17 careers to have a child. she was shocked to find out she was five months pregnant, the video is garnering thousands of likes on social media. you can see why, that's one proud poppa to be. i'm so happy for them. >> still ahead in the next half-hour of "action news," traffic developments in the mass
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shooting in oregon, we have the latest in a live report. >> details on the deadly crash in delaware, those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. staci, you have got to get down here.
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the shore to take a beating, even if hurricane joaquin stays out to sea, new weather models are coming in. >> developing overnight we're learning more about a suspected gunman mass shooting in oregon and what may have made him do it. >> good morning, friday, 5:30, october 2. matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is here. and david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: this morning we have some rain that is continuing to push up from the south. allentown just about to get another round of this. as you can see it's mostly lighter rain. heavier stuff south of dover will push into the meade i-95 corridor probably


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