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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the shore to take a beating, even if hurricane joaquin stays out to sea, new weather models are coming in. >> developing overnight we're learning more about a suspected gunman mass shooting in oregon and what may have made him do it. >> good morning, friday, 5:30, october 2. matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is here. and david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: this morning we have some rain that is continuing to push up from the south. allentown just about to get another round of this. as you can see it's mostly lighter rain. heavier stuff south of dover will push into the meade i-95 corridor probably around
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lunchtime. well -- it will get heavier and widespread going from southern virginia into the east coast of the united states. we have a flood warning posted until sunday evening. moderate to major coastal flooding around the ocean and back bays as we go through the weekend. the rain will be bad today and tonight. it will slacken off over the weekend. with the hurricane off the coast we'll have an on-shore flow that will create a flooding issue. well problems along the delaware bay and waterways along the delaware river today tonight and sunday. 53 degrees in philadelphia. it's windy and cool. heading out we'll be at 53 degrees with the chilly rain and windy conditions building. as we look at the afternoon, it stays cool, 57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. with the rain
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intensifying a bit as we go through the afternoon and evening. again that hurricane still down the coast. is it going to hug the coast or stay out to sea. i'll have the latest track coming in the last 30 minutes, that's coming up from accuweather. >> reporter: sunny as the weather goes, so, too, goes the traffic. we do not have high hopes for the traffic with the weather conditions, but we have a glimmer of hope, they opened the benjamin franklin parkway, papal cleanup has wrapped up, everything is back in business with no delays so far this morning on the vine street expressway either. on the big picture we're setting up for another event. it's opening night for the philadelphia opera south broad street. expect restrictions by locust. have downed wires at church road and lansdale circle. we have downed wires that blocked the lincoln drive earlier this morning, but we
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have word that they opened you will the lanes at gypsy lane. you can use the lincoln drive for your morning drive. in pleasantville high water was shutting down 40, 322 the black horse pike at franklin avenue. sounds like the water has receded and the black horse hike has reopened. we have an issue with a downed tree that was blocking the ramp in toms river from the garden state southbound to 37 that has been cleared and the ramp has reopened on friday morning. >> this is brand new video of flash flooding in atlantic city new jersey. police closed portions of the black horse pike overnight. winds are starting to pick up, they are expected to get more intense. katherine scott is live in brigantine for a look at conditions there. what does it look like, katherine? >> reporter: well it is very gusty in brigantine. the rain is coming down, as
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well. the surf has been rough here, people are keeping an eye on flooding as the storms are in our midst, officials are warning the possibility of evacuations. waves crashed in cape may as the plow pushed piles of sand along beach avenue. many businesses closed, some for the season others due to the storm. >> a lot of people are afraid because of sandy when sandy hit. >> reporter: in atlantic city, officials are warning residents of the possibility of evacuations. tidal flooding brought water into the streets and backyards on ocean city bay side. residents say it's minor, but worry about what's to come. >> concern right now because of all the different information we are getting what's going to happen, whether it's a two-part
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storm hurricane coming later on it might hit might not, you don't know what to expect. governor chris christie said if needed he won't hesitate to order evacuations. if you look around the stretch of brigantine, you can see it is very windy. strong windy gusts you want to watch out for things flying, your lawn furniture if you have not brought it in, any sort object could be a projectile. keep on eye on flooding as you head out today. >> thanks, katherine. authorities in delaware city ordered the installation of temporary flood walls and five massive pumps. they are designed to bail out the water back to the river. boat owners in delaware are taking their vessels out of the marina. is your source to track hurricane joaquin you can monitor it all weekend long with
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our hurricane tracker. authorities have identified the gunman responsible for the deadly college rampage in oregon. the killer chris harper mercer died in a shootout with police. he asked his victims for their religion. hundreds near the campus of umpqua last night. 47-year-old man is recovering after a shooting and philadelphia police say his own son is the gunman here. this happened around midnight in the city's olney section. the son was not there when the police showed up to the house, the victim is in critical, but stable condition. police are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. police suspect speed caused a deadly wreck in claymont, delaware, overnight. the driver was thrown from a car after crossing a barrier on philadelphia pike after exiting
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i-495. the car mitt hit a pole which pulverized the vehicle. debris was scattered across the road. the man was in his 50s. k-9 units scoured for clues outside a home in newark this morning. police are looking for three masked men armed with weapons. nobody inside the home was hurt. >> there's a track on hurricane joaquin just into "action news." david murphy is here to break it down, it's a little bit confusing. >> reporter: the story we're telling might seem inconsistent to people because we've been saying the storm is staying off the coast, the problem is that the winds wrapping around it and the moisture coming up the coast around the storm are giving us headaches today. down the shore and over the weekend. currently we have rain that started yesterday.
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it's not all that heavy, as we take that two dimensional view you look south of dover to see the more intense stuff highlighted in yellow. in and around philadelphia most of the major roads are wet, but it's moderate rain and you can get through this in pretty good shape. not expecting a lot of heavy street flooding for the morning commute. in allentown you'll get wet later on, even though you're still in a bit of a lull now. the wind is kicking around all the sky 6 cameras from north to south they are shaking a bit this morning. that's going to be a factor today with the rain building in intensity later today and the winds staying with us all day long. 54 degrees currently in the city. dewpoint 58. the win out of the northeast at 23 miles per hour we'll see gusts over 30 inland and up over 50 at times down the shore. let's cover the rain on future tracker 6. during the morning it's fairly light. by midday we're seeing heavier cells break out. later this afternoon, 3:00,
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4:00, you will see the heavier stuff pull in and cover widespread part of the region. they will continue through the evening rush hour. the even rush is a time period you could wind up with backed up storm drains and flooded roads here and there. don't drive through the stuff drive some other way if you encounter flooded areas. by 11:00 p.m. we're trying to get rid of the heavier rain. moderate rain this morning and building through the afternoon and evening. cool, too, high of 57, well hit that around 3:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region are in the 50s away from the shore. if you're along the coast it's a little better, but cool and uncomfortable and wet highs in the low 60s. at the shore you'll have wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. wave heights 8 to 12 feet. that's very high water we're looking at the possibility of moderate to major coastal flooding at times of high tide not only today, which is around
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midnight and noon and around the same times on saturday and sunday and damaging beach erosion not out of the question. hurricane joaquin a category four down in the bahamas. this storm looks to be well off the coast as it comes up monday and tuesday and getting past us. that means we will not see the rain we would get otherwise if this was closer to the coast. it will be windy through saturday morning into saturday afternoon. with the storm off the coast, the only lingering headache we have is that heavy surf coming over the ocean into the coast continuing the possibility of coastal flooding into sunday evening, so coastal flooding possible today, are tonight, saturday and sunday the way things are looking now. future tracker 6 shows you with the storm off the coast, the rain and the -- the rain on saturday and sunday doesn't look
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that bad just light showers. windy and rainy today, 57 degrees is the high. rain heavy at times this afternoon all the way into tonight. tomorrow, cloudy and showers 58 degrees and mostly cloudy on sunday, windy high of 65 improving there. just a slight chance of a spotty shower on sunday. the rain situation is improving with the storm off the coast, but the coastal flooding issue fins through the weekend. next week not a whole lot of issues, low # -- 70s and nice. >> new details on the latest mass shooting a gunman opened fire at a community college in oregon killing multiple people and wounding several others, we're live with the latest. >> the latest powerball winner didn't waste anytime collecting her winnings and quitting her
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job. we'll watch i-95 and talk about an on going situation in cherry hill after the break. >> all right, a texas student hits the jackpot by making a perfect score on his sats. that story later on "action news." ♪ ♪
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live look here down the shore into new jersey, david murphy has been telling us, that they can expect some winds and some flooding behind some of the storm systems that have come through the area, he'll have more in minutes, 5:45, 55 degrees. >> matt pellman it is friday, but it's not a pretty one, matt. >> reporter: we're happy about that, but yeah, it could take a long time coming to and from work. as you come out of the burbs we're dealing with wet conditions you can see it on the carnal lens. i-95 to the blue route everything is open now, but they are scheduled to close that ramp tonight. if you're heading on i-95 get on 476 northbound you'll not be able to to do that coming up later tonight. we have construction on the northeast extension northbound
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between lansdale and quakertown taking out the left lane. we have construction starting in bedminster, bucks county that shut down 113. this started yesterday closes between 313 and elephant road, use elephant or ridge road as the possible alternates. we have emergency construction in cherry hill along the eastbound side of 70 at penn avenue by mercedes taking out two lanes, it will cause delays. winslow township police wanted me to warn you about a traffic pattern starting tonight at elwood boulevard. time for the commuter report vehicle stopped on the road i-95 northbound north of girard we'll let you know if that's causing any delays or issues. tam and erin. >> now back to the developing
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story in oregon, police have identified the mass shooter who brought death and chaos to the first week of class to students at a community college. chris harper mercer killed nine people before he died in a shootout. brandy hicks has the full story. >> reporter: good morning, this small community is devastated this morning. as you mentioned ten people are dead from the mass shooting spree that took place at the community college three-quarters of a mile i don't understand the police barricade -- beyond the police barricade. >> we have multiple gunshots. terror and chaos at umpqua community college. >> i hear screaming after the first gunshot. i looked out and i saw the people running. >> reporter: students describe running for cover and hiding as the gunman opened fire in
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roseburg oregon. a bunch of of us were hiding in a small space. >> somebody is outside one of the doors. >> reporter: officers said they exchanged gunfire with 26-year-old chris harper mercer in one of the buildings. he is dead. >> the students and officers shaken. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news four firearms were recovered at the scene three pistols and assault type rightful. they hinted he left messages behind. >> what was the motive, what led him to the school. who was the target. >> reporter: as the victims' families and friends gathered in a vigil a frustrated president
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obama addressed the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. the united states of america is the one advance nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings. >> reporter: in fact the president is calling crime scenes like this here routine. atf, fbi on scene, the campus will remain closed until monday, many students who go here say they don't know if they will ever be able to return. channel 6 "action news." erin. >> i can't imagine they would. thanks, brandy. we're learning more about the woman who won the 310 powerball jackpot. the 50-year-old mother is not ready to go on camera. the co-workers said they realized she was a winner during
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the overnight shift. she clocked out for good. >> she detective's it, she works hard. >> reporter: this was the second largest jackpot this year. in february 3, ticketholders split 564 million-dollar prize. >> good for her. still ahead all new on "action news," a woman asking for a ride car jack's a mother with a toddler all at gunpoint. we have details on how it turned out. ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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bridge, no delays, we don't expect it to be as heavy since the benjamin franklin parkway is reopened. the walt whitman bridge 35 miles per hour is the max because of the high winds. patco trains they are running fine. if you park at the ferry avenue station there may be limited parking because of high water. across the board we're on time on mass transit. >> reporter: all right, matt on the big board we have storm tracker 6 live double scan. the rain that arrived yesterday is still with us. it's light to moderate heavier stuff near dover until lunchtime and buildings this afternoon and tonight. if you're dressing the kids, temperatures in the 50s and jackets and umbrellas. if you're running errands no dry time to do it. 53 by 9:00 a.m. 53 by noon, 54 by 3:00 p.m. we'll bump up to 57 at 4:00 p.m. before dipping back to 55 degrees, rain building this afternoon and tonight. look out for street flooding and coastal flooding a big problem at high tide over the next
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several days down the shore. >> a smart phone app helped catch a hitchhiking carjacker in north carolina. the woman was with her son when she asked for a ride. she stole her vehicle and her phone. she called a friend he turned on find my friend's app. that led police to the stolen car, the woman is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.
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could be coming to the district of philadelphia. superintendent william hite has proposed new schools they include a middle school based on on the science leadership academy several others converted to charters. three chronically poor performing school will be picked for turn around. >> a texas teen did something most students only dream of. you could say this runs in his family. he aced the college entrance exam. he didn't get one question wrong. he didn't cram he took notes and skimmed over vocabulary words. he may have been inspired by his older brother who aced the sats four years ago,.
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>> close eye on it is coast, accuweather is yawp dating a chance for flooding as the jersey shore perhaps for the worst. >> later you think you can by anything on amazon. we'll tell you why the company is pulling some products from the site. how much protein does your dog food have?
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67:00 a.m. on this friday, october 2, i'm tamala edwards along with erin o'hern, matt o'donnell is off. here's what's happening. >> an oregon college is in mourning after another mass shooting. we are learning more about the gunman. >> residents in new jersey are not


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