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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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67:00 a.m. on this friday, october 2, i'm tamala edwards along with erin o'hern, matt o'donnell is off. here's what's happening. >> an oregon college is in mourning after another mass shooting. we are learning more about the gunman. >> residents in new jersey are not wasting anytime in preparing
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for the severe weather we're live with the latest. >> a drunk drive struck a peddle and took off. >> let's go outside to david murphy with the latest on the weather and matt pellman has the commute. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, windy, cool and damp to start out. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you light to moderate rain falling across the region. pretty light in philadelphia. most of the area highlighted with the lighter shades of green. this isn't the pounding rain that will give you street flooding. it will keep roads wet and slow. down south of dover, there's heavier rain down to the south that will tend to build in probably at lunchtime and get more widespread this afternoon and tonight. we have a coastal flood warning in effect this is not only for periods of high tide today and tomorrow, but they have extended it into sunday even, as well. we have the possibility of moderate to major coastal flooding in the back bays and the oceanfront there could high water and tributaries along the
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delaware bay and delaware river in through today, tomorrow, and sunday, as well. 53 degrees, windy, cool and damp. everybody in the 50s. if you're camping the bus, we'll hold 53 between 6 and 8:00 a.m. chilly and rainy conditions throughout the day. rain intense later on. cool high of 57 degrees. we have a new track of hurricane joaquin we'll see if it wants to stay off the coast or come closer. the latest is coming up, matt. >> reporter: good morning, david, good morning everybody, getting good news from the traffic police saying the inner drives of the parking lot did reopen. thatthat will alleviate a lot of problems we had during the morning commute this week. everything is open, it's a little bit wet as we start off the friday morning commute. tonight is the philadelphia's opera opening night gala, they set up a tent along south broad
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street. as they prepare for that expect restrictions and possibly delays in that neck of the woods. down wires in ardmore blocking church road stay on anderson avenue by suburban square as the alternate. we have downed wires blocking the lincoln drive, everything is reopened there now. this is the schuylkill expressway by the exit for lincoln drive but it's wet. westbound traffic is okay. crash in flower town has cleared out at stenton avenue. they are working on repairs from a crash 70 eastbound at penn avenue a couple of lanes remain closed. tam and erin? >> governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency in new jersey ahead of severe weather and ahead of hurricane joaquin. >> state officials urge people to have supplies on hand, three days of water, battery operated radio, extra batteries, flash
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light, cash and medicine. >> katherine scott is in brigantine with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, very windy in brigantine, it's lightly raining not too bad. it's the wind gusts you can feel as you head out the door. we're standing along the water, the water is rough along the shoreline in recent days. there's several rounds of storms, people are bracing for the rain and windy gusts and the flooding. they are eyeing hurricane joaquin's path. people are worried about the remnants of the hurricane on top of the first storm and officials are getting ready. firefighters in ocean city tuned up the military vehicles they secured after super-storm sandy. they are capable of driving through 6 feet of water. as storms descend on the area they want to be ready. >> deep water here, so hopefully the trucks will be better. >> reporter: waves pounded the shoreline in cape may as the plow pushed piles of sand
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building a do you know to protect properties along beach avenue. in atlantic city, officials are warning residents to prepare for evacuations. tidal flooding brought water into streets and backyards of ocean city's bay side. governor christie declared an emergency in new jersey saying if needed he won't hesitate to order evacuations. >> you need to understand we are prepared and we need you to prepare and not panic, worrying and stressing about it, will not change the path of the storm. >> reporter: back live in brigantine we're seeing wind gusts and light rain. people have storm plans in place, they called their friends and families in the event they live in low-lighting areas and people are getting their groceries and batteries. they said it's better to overprepare than under prepare. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> of course, you can monitor
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hurricane joaquin's location at we have suggestions from the american red cross on preparing a storm can it. >> why a gunman went on a deadly rampage in oregon is still a mystery. a candle light vigil was held on the umpqua campus. chris helper mercer wanted -- chris harper mercer wanted to know the religion of his victims. >> you could hear the people, you could hear them moving and crying and our professor, the look on her face was horrifying, she said we need to get out. >> why, why, why.
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hannah did get out. we'll have a live report from abc news in the next half-hour. >> 6:07. a driver is being tested for dui after slam into a pedestrian and then taking off. police believe the crash happened after midnight at b and west moreland streets in west kensington. witnesses say the driver sped away from the scene moments after the crash. police located the car and the driver on the 300 block of allegheny avenue. the victim is in seer 0 -- serious condition. this is in from new castle delaware, this is business fire that broke out in a nightclub on old capitol trail. delaware state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the blaze. >> 6:07 iphones have been out for a few years, there's another update coming, you would think
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the price would come down, but he this don't look like they will get cheaper. >> reporter: so much for technology becoming cheaper over time. the average selling price for an iphone is $660 that's $200 higher than when it was first introduced 8 years ago. the price is being driven up as people buy models with more storage and opt for bigger screens. futures pointing to higher open. jobs report forecasters predict the economy created 200,000 jobs. unemployment held steady. auto sales soared to a ten year high. ford was the biggest winner with sales 23%, fiat 14%, volkswagen emission scandal hit late in the
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month and they saw 1% gain. have a great weekend. >> you too, maribel, whatever car your driving, the windshield wipers need to work. [laughter]. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are damp across the region. we have light rain highlighting in lighter shades of green. not a lot of street flooding out there. down south in dover there's heavier stuff highlighted in yellow that's popping up in the region. by lunchtime or late this morning, some of the stuff highlighted in yellow will be up closer to philadelphia and the rest of the afternoon we'll see it build into tonight. as we look outside we have cloudy skies and the arm jiggling around ieblghts and else -- a little bit and elsewhere, we have strong blustery winds. 53 in allentown. 57 in cape may.
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everyone starting out cool and damp. the raincy -- as i mentioned will build at lunchtime. watch what happens at 3:00 p.m., we get a much wider spread band of rain coming in. this will continue from the lunchtime hour and beyond. if you encounter flooded road conditions anywhere across the region, turn around and don't drown, don't walk in them either. in the lehigh valley, windy and rainy, possible road flooding high of 56. 63 milder at the shore. but very rainy and windy, of course at the shore we have tons of problems with coastal flooding, a coastal flood warning is in effect all the way into sunday evening as an onshore flow will pound the beach especially at times of high tides.
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the high tides are today around noon and tonight around midnight. in the afternoon saturday, sunday, midnight. sunday morning and sunday evening may be an issue. the water will be high enough you don't just look for flooding at this time period it could start 3 are or # hours at high tide and last 3 or 4 hours afterwards. major flooding along coastal areas and back bays and flooding up the delaware bay and tidal delaware river. 57 degrees is the high, windy and rainy and possible flooding when you get the heavy bands. 57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. we're in the 50s all day today and it stays wet. the latest model solution, it's still a category four hurricane. it will make the move to the north today. but these are the trends in the models that started last evening and continued overnight. this is a late run, you can see
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how far off the coast the cone of possibility is. doesn't look like it will be a direct hit, but it could be a category one when it gets to our latitude. that's why we're allowing for a strong onshore flow with flooding possible. any rain we see on saturday and sunday is lighter and spottier. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, rain building as we go through the day. heavy rain today and tonight. 57 degrees is the high. tomorrow, cloudy and lithe showers around, 58 the high. windy, windy and cloudy on sunday with a better high of 65 degrees slight chance of a lingering spotty shower on sunday. the storm is out of here, monday it's breezy, we get into a trend of low 70s and pleasant conditions monday through thursday, isn't that nice? >> thank you sir. >> 6:12 we're following breaking news, the vatican has
6:13 am
issued a new statement on the pope's meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we're watching a crash in bridesburg, can a tone street. traffic is squeezing by. we'll check delays on i-95 when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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>> happening today we wish it wasn't raining but it won't stop people from taking part in a breast cancer walk as a test of endurance, the action cam is live at the willow park mall for the three day breast cancer event. fundraisers will walk across the area wrapping up on sunday afternoon. along the way they will tell stories of courage fighting breast cancer or someone who took on the disease sthen -- is they know it. it's such a great event. >> i hope will come out with more support. >> let's head over to matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: we want the drivers
6:17 am
to be on the look out for walkers. do you name your car day. shout out to bert and sushi, world farm animal day and world smile day. we're not smiling about this, i-95 is jammed on the southbound side as it is most mornings approaching cottman to this point allegheny into girard. just some building volume and the wet conditions slowing us down on this friday. you see the speeds in the 20s on i-95. we have a bad accident in bridesburg that we showed you at can a cone and -- at that could he -- tacony and bridge. today expect restrictions along south broad near locust as the philadelphia opera company gets ready for their opening gala.
6:18 am
35-mile an hour speed restrictions are in fact at the walt whitman bridge because of the high winds. in cherry hill we have repairs from an accident along 70 eastbound at penn avenue. a couple of lanes blocked at that location. >> we have breaking news coming towels from the vatican this morning. the vatican said the pope's meeting with kim davis should not be a form of support for her position. he did not ask to meet her, the holy see has a sense of regret about the meeting. davis' lawyer claims the county clerk met the pope at the vatican embassy in washington, d.c. during his trip last night. a statement from the vatican said francis met with many people during his stay due to his quote kindness and availability. >> david murphy has accuweather
6:19 am
next. up next, tech bytes. >> reporter: a high profile data breach for t-mobile. >> experts say everyone should check their credit reports. am zone taking aim at the competition. >> they are banning the sale of apple tv and google chrome caps because they are not capability with amazon prime. sky wants you to chat with your friends around the world. there's 6 spoken languages. it's available for windows desk top and rolling out to the skypes mobile apps. that's your tech bytes.
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>> reporter: it's been a short week for some and long week for
6:22 am
others. >> you mentioned last week. >> reporter: it carried over. looks like it will be a long ride for some people this morning. we have a nasty crash in bridesburg at the intersection of tacony and bridge street. police on the scene. there's debris in the intersection. traffic is squeezing by, but it's something to watch out for. west trenton regional rail won't be stopping at west trenton yardley or wood burn, you'll be on the buses instead. shuttle busing between media and elwin starting this evening. all the trains are on time. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you the rain that arrived yesterday is heavy at times eased back to light to moderate rains. roads are wet. not a lot of flooding right now. down to the south we see yellow that will push into the center portion of the region around lunchtime, later this afternoon and this evening, we'll wind up
6:23 am
with heavier rain. if you're dressing the kids, rain gear on the way in and way home and jackets because it's cool out there. the temperature on or about 52 degrees, it will be about that by 9:00 a.m. 54 degrees, we don't improve much, 57 degrees around 4:00 p.m. it's winds and rainy through the day. down the airport we have problems with delays because of the rain. we're running with over one hour delays on some flights, same thing at newark and jfk. more rain is expected along the east coast, so more delays are possible later on. it's a morning where you want to go online at and check out your flight to see what's going on. >> well the eagles game against washington this sunday is still on despite maryland being under a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joaquin arrival. demarco murray is rehabbing the injured hamstring ahead of the divisional showdown.
6:24 am
the decision to play the game will be made before the eagles travel to maryland. >> 6:24, a former eagle learns his fate in, would today. >> live report of the preparations at the jersey continues at 6:30. >> reporter: windy gusts and rain in brirg -- brigantine we have a live look at conditions here at 6:30.
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mortgage scam. he applied for mortgages in quick succession. his mother was convicted in the scheme. he faces up to ten years in jail. >> from upstate new york i'm a little embarrassed to deliver the story, people in upstate new york are warned do not take selfies with bears. it could put peoples' live and bears' lives in danger. it could lead to bears being put down and the state wildlife officials think bears are becoming too comfortable around people. >> it's 6:27. meteorologist david murphy is updating more reign and windy at the shore. >> govenor chris christie has declared a state of emergency.
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and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> happening now on "action news," batten down the hatches. the shore will take a beating even if hurricane joaquin stays out to sea. >> we are learning more behind the suspected gunman in oregon and what led him to do it. >> good morning, matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us, let's go outside to david murphy for the rainy weekend and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: today is a rain day, that's for sure. the heavier rain we had last night is out of the picture with light to moderate rain to start out the commute. down to the south dover, delaware, and the southern mouth of the delaware bay we have
6:31 am
yellow. wider areas will get hit by lunchtime and this evening, with heavier rain. there's coastal flood warning in effect today, tomorrow, and sunday with moderate to major coastal flooding on the oceanfront, the back bays and perhaps getting into the tidal waterways through the delaware river and the delaware bay. that's going to be an issue the next couple of days. 53 degrees in philadelphia. we're on the cool side. a little bit winds, too, with winds gusting up over 30 miles per hour at times this morning and through the day. as you see we'll stay cool. high of 57 degrees by 3:00 p.m. rain building in intensity later this afternoon and tonight. hurricane hurricane joaquin in the meantime is a category four circulating over the bahamas. it is going to make a move to the north, the question is does it hit us or stay off the coast. no tracks from the hurricane center coming your way in just
6:32 am
couple of minutes. getting winds out here and wet, matt. >> reporter: it's wet and busy on i-95 from academy to cottman past the betsy ross bridge into girard. a whole lot busier than last friday morning when we were in papal preparation mode. this morning the volume is back. crash at tacony at bridge street. they are sweeping up, as you can see, the tow truck is on the scene. northbound tacony is blocked as they clean up. the good news, the benjamin franklin parkway is open, you can see the traffic moving in both drives and both directions, we're not seeing the huge delays we've been seeing on the vine street expressway westbound. they are starting to tap the brakes as they head to the schuylkill expressway. enjoy it for now, the parkway
6:33 am
closes sunday for the puerto rican day and pulaski day parade. that's exciting stuff coming up sunday. we have downed wires at church circumstanceful speeds dropping along -- church circle. speeds dropping along the schuylkill expressway. we have problems at penn and 70 you're without the right and center lanes. flash flooding in police blocked route 40 overnight. even a patrol car had to turn around. they are expected to pick up and they will grow more intense. katherine scott is in brigantine with a look at the conditions there. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, rainy and windy in brigantine. the rain is not too heavy, but the wind gusts are strong when they come along. officials are keeping an eye out
6:34 am
for flooding. that's a concern in the coming days, they are telling residents to be prepared in the event evacuations are necessary. waves crashed in cape may as the plow pushed piles of sands building a do you know to protect properties along beach avenue. many businesses were closed some due to the season, some due to the storm. >> many people are afraid because of sandy, when sandy hit. >> reporter: in atlantic city, officials are warning residents to prepare for the possibility of evacuations. in ocean city firefighters are tuning up military vehicles in case of high water. tidal flooding brought water into streets in the backyards on the ocean city bay side. >> the concern is because of all the different information we're getting, a two partly storm, a hurricane coming later on, it might hit it might not hit. you don't know what to expect.
6:35 am
>> reporter: as it's getting lighter you can get a better look at the water, it's churning, the surf is rough at the shore in recent days, again, officials are keeping an eye out for flooding. again as for that water they say there's serious rip currents recently. governor christie has declared a state of emergency in new jersey with the upcoming storms. he said be prepared in the event evacuations are necessary. of course people are keeping an eye on what the storms will bring. live in brigantine, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> looks like conditions are picking up behind you. >> authorities in delaware city ordered the installation of a temporary flood wall and five massive pumps. even when big waves wash over the wall, the pumps designed to bail out the water back to the river. sailors are taking their vessels out of the marina. storm tracker 6 live is a good
6:36 am
way to track hurricane joaquin you can monitor it all weekend long. a gunman has been identified responsible for the deadly rampage in oregon. chris harper mercer died in a shootout with police. he asked his victims their religion. dozens of people gathered for a vigil at umpqua college last night. a 47-year-old man is referring -- recovering from a shooting. police say it was the man's own son who shot him. police are trying to find out what sparked the shooting. the man is in critical, but stable condition. k-9 units scoured for clues outside a home on east cleveland avenue on newark. police are looking for three masked men armed with a weapon. nobody inside the home was hurt.
6:37 am
>> let's turn to david murphy sounds like today is one for the umbrella. >> reporter: absolutely it is. it gets worse as the day goes on. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're looking at basically light rain, as i go into the two mentional view down south -- two dimensional view, down south of dover there's yellow working up in our direction. that will be steadier rain working through this morning into the midday. it will get rainier in the afternoon and tonight. light rain and slow going because of the spray on the windshield and wet road conditions. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies and on the sky 6 camera you can see the camera waiver a little bit and scrum around. 53 degrees, dewpoint, 48. the winds out of the northeast at 16. we've had sustained winds over 20 so far this morning.
6:38 am
and you're going to get gusts over 30 at times in philadelphia. down the shore the winds will be higher. they did of the rain future tracker 6 showing you as we go between now and noon, heavier precipitation highlighted in yellows and oranges begin to pop up in philadelphia. but it's later in the afternoon around 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. we start to see the widespread heavier bands come in. that continues through the evening rush hour and up until 11:00 p.m. we're looking at an enhanced chance of ponding and puddling on roads. if you encounter flooding conditions turn around and go in a different direction. temperatures 57 degrees around # -- 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. high temperatures along the coast 63 in atlantic city. 62 in cape may. down the shore we have more to
6:39 am
deal with than just the rain and the cool temperatures. gusts coming over the ocean, 45 to 50 miles per hour. the winds stronger at the shore than inland. waves coming in on the beach 8 to 12 feet. major flooding possible at high tide midday today and midnight. saturday the same story, sunday to some degree we may have high tide flooding. the major stuffer today and tomorrow not -- major stuff today and tomorrow not as bad on sunday, damaging erosion. the hurricane joaquin is well down to the bahamas it's a category four. it will make a move to the north. it will not have a major impact on us. in case you missed it the track is moving farther out to sea. this one does have the storm at category one strength on the our
6:40 am
latitude piling water up on the beach and back bays on sunday. we're looking at the storm so far out to sea, light showers saturday and sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high is 57 degrees, winds and rainy. cloudy with a shower around on saturday, 58 degrees mainly light stuff, sunday, mainly cloudy skies and spotty shower here or there, a better high of 65. after that, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're in the low 70s not too bad. the next chance of rain would possibly not be until thursday night or friday the way things are looking now. >> thank you, david. 6:40 we continue to follow developing news, police identify the man behind the community college massacre. >> a live report of the shooting scene in oregon is next. >> reporter: we have delays on i-95. we have a broken down vehicle in the southbound lanes of girard avenue. we'll talk about that and new accidents in montgomery and gloucester counties when "action
6:41 am
news" continues on this friday morning.
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live look here at the willow grove mall in willow grove, p-a where people are starting to gather to kick off the three day walk for cancer where they will raise money to fight breast cancer. for everybody out there and joining you up we wish them the best. it's a great walk. >> let's head over to matt pellman. everybody should watch for pedestrians, but also a lot of traffic on the roads which are wet. >> reporter: we're seeing a lot of red along i-95 brake lights heading southbound toward center city. not helping us out is a disabled vehicle in the center lane in
6:44 am
the work zone at girard avenue. so you're extra jammed coming southbound from bridge street through this point. there goes the penndot truck on the way to assist. hope hopefully they can get it removed quickly. speeds 10 miles per hour. good news for you, though, the benjamin franklin parkway completely reopened overnight. so both inner and owrgt drives are available -- outer drives are available. what's not going to be open is south broad street. tonight is philadelphia opera company's opening night gala. that means restrictions along south broad by locust throughout the day. 35 miles per hour is the max on the walt whitman bridge because of the high winds. and we still have that crash in bridesburg tacony at bridge blocking the intersection restrictioning it for northbound
6:45 am
drivers. downed wires at church road in cherry hill we have emergency construction along 70 eastbound. there's a crash in washington township by the dump on the northbound side of the black horse pike at green tree road. tam and erin. >> back to the developing story in oregon, police have identified the mass shooter who shattered the first week of class for students at the community college. he is 26-year-old chris harper mercer. he killed nine people before he died in a police shootout. abc has the full story live in roseburg oregon. >> reporter: this small community is devastated. ten people are dead in a mass shooting that took place at the college this is roughly three-quarters of a mile behind the police barricade. a very active crime scene this morning. when you think about it, it's so
6:46 am
hard to imagine what the faculty and students went through not knowing if they are going to get out of there alive. >> we have multiple gunshots. >> reporter: terror and chaos at umpqua community college. >> i heard screaming after the first gunshot. i looked out and saw the people running. >> reporter: students described running for cover and hiding. >> we were hiding in a small space. a bunch of were hitting. >> reporter: police confirmed ten fatalities, as the suspect continued the shooting rampage. officers exchanged fun gunfire with chris harper mercer in one of the buildings. he is dead. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give. the credit he probably sought. >> reporter: law enforcement
6:47 am
sources tell abc four firearms were recovered at the scene, three pistols and assault-type rightful. they hinted he might have left messages behind. >> what was the motive, what led him to the school. who was the target. >> reporter: as the victims' families and friends gathered overnight in a vigil. president obama addressed the nation for the 15th time following a mass shooting. >> the united states is the one advance nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even if the face of repeated mass killings. >> reporter: and you can see the president's anger in that news conference overnight. he calling crime scenes like this routine. and wouldn't be surprised if he was back on the podium in another couple of months to talk about another mass shooting. students say they don't know if
6:48 am
they can return to the campus which is expected to likely reopen after monday. reporting in roseburger, oregon, erin and tam. >> a driver was thrown from a car after crossing a barrier while exiting 495. it car hit a pole and debris was scattered across the road. the police said the victim was a man in his 50s. the taliban is laying claim to the deadly military crash in afghanistan. the c-130 went down yesterday. 11 people were killed including 6 americans. the pentagon has not identified the u.s. service members. u.s. spokesman downplayed terror ties and said there's no indication of hostile fire and the taliban is prone to
6:49 am
compassion. >> exaggeration. one man's reaction to his wife's news that she is pregnant is priceless. >> reporter: dress the kids in jackets, arm them with rain gear they will need it this morning and this afternoon. we'll take a look at the airport where there have been delays this morning. with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed.
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6:52 am
to arrest -- armond hammer boulevard. the crash at green tree road cleared. >> reporter: rain on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning, 50s all the way with a high of 57 degrees about 4:00 p.m. rain getting more intense as the day goes on. looking at the airport, we have delays in philadelphia and newark and new york city over an hour because of the rain and the wind check with your airline to make sure your flight is on time. erin. >> video this morning is new, it's a virginia man's reaction to finding out he's going to be a dad. it's going viral. >> due february 16. and it's a boy. [crying]. >> that man's wife put the
6:53 am
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced story, the jersey shore is preparing for whatever hurricane
6:56 am
joaquin will bring, the new track takes the hurricane east, that's good news for our area, but stay tuned to the forecast. >> reporter: all it takes is a broken down vehicle to mess things up on i-95. the car has been cleared, but the damage is done. the better news on the benjamin franklin parkway the inner and outer drives are open, finally finished the papal cleanup, looking better in that neck of the woods. >> reporter: rain in most cases for the morning commute. it's cool and windy, high of 57 degrees, the temperatures don't change all that much. the rain is light on storm tracker 6 live. around south around dover you can see heavier cells highlighted in yellow. those are on the way. later this afternoon, the rain will get heavier and stay heavy at times through tonight. >> it's a good day to download the storm tracker 6 live app and
6:57 am
keep your eye on you'll be back at noon. watch david murphy. to all of you from us, have a great weekend!
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good morning, america. two big breaking stories this morning. storm emergency, millions of americans bracing for major storms. we are dealing with two situations, a major, major severe event. >> potentially life-threatening flooding across the east coast, torrential downpours already wreaking havoc wiping out roads, crews building barriers and laying sandbags. five states declaring a state of emergency. and joaquin battering the bahamas this morning. wind gusts up to 150 miles an hour. inside the eye of the major hurricane threatening the coast with high winds and waves, the storm's new path this morning. tragedy on campus. >> we were all just running for our lives. >> reporter: a gunman on a rampage at a community college in oregon.


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