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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 2, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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meteorologist david murphy. >> hello again. sarah's off, here are some of the stories we are following for you on "action news at 12:30" now. high winds and heavy rain continue to batter the area. the shore is seeing the worst of the stormy weather. investigators look for a motive as survivors recount the horror of a shooting at an oregon college. and two men under arrest in bucks county in the disappeared and murder of a little girl 30 years ago. apparently we dodged the path of hurricane joaquin but have a lot of heavy wind-driven rain ahead of us today into tomorrow and -- and at the shore it would be more dangerous. and the heavy rain and street flooding made it hard to see. live at the atlantic city beaches, more from the shore coming up. but melissa magee one more time with the latest from accuweather. >> we are tracking the heavy rain and gusty winds at the
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coast. the radar, the moisture across the delaware and lehigh valley, going in tighter on street level, you can see moderate if not heavy pockets of rainfall from trent, including areas in medford lakes and same for glassboro, and also into areas in south jersey in salem and cumberland county. as far as the rainfall we have seen in philadelphia, close to 3/4 of an inch, and pottstown a little more than a half. and 1.2 in atlantic city but it looks like the moisture will increase going through the afternoon and into the evening showers. gusty winds, another big concern. inland could have sustained winds 15-25 miles per hour. and gust anywhere as high as 40 miles per hour. and along the coast we have a coastal flood warning in .
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and the moisture we are tracking is independent of the tropical system. we have hurricane joaquin, still a category four storm. winds sustained 130 miles per hour battering the bahamas. and taking the northerly track about 3 miles per hour. and later on today into tonight and for the start of our weekend, it will take that jog to the north and east. as early as late last night we saw a huge shift in the track of the system. when you look at the spaghetti plots, earlier in the week there is indication there could be a direct blow along the coast or the carolinas. but now you see the strong trend to bring the storm system out to sea and to the west of bermuda. coming up, we take a closer look at the moisture we are tracking currently. how much rain is on the way. and also, what this storm system, this hurricane will indirectly do to our latitude with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> we will check back in later,
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thank you. the coastal storm raging along the new jersey shore this hour. hurricane joaquin may not have a direct impact, residents are battening down the hatches in case. >> and in atlantic city, a raw day to be at the shore. of course it is not summer anymore, but the boardwalk seems particularly empty today as the storms descend on our area. crashing waves and churning water. atlantic city is bracing for several days of storm. >> and we still ain't recovered from the first one. >> the latest forecast models indicate that joaquin will not have a direct impact on theers in -- on the jersey shore. and still they are wary and learn to be ready just in case. >> and worried about something like sandy. it is in the back of my mind, i
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am trying not to let it affect me. >> and betraying what could be a tropical scene with palm trees and volleyball nets. >> it is nastiness. they should make everybody stay home. >> and some military buildings the city acquired are parked out side of the building, can be used for rescue if needed. and assessing conditions so far, closing up the shore house just in case. >> i closed up shop last night. all furniture is put away. all of the tables are put away, the grill put away, sprinklers off. and hopefully the storm will take a sharp right-hand turn out to sea and not do any more damage. >> you can see the surf is rough in atlantic city and has been the last week or so. coastal flooding is certainly a concern, that is something officials will keep an eye on for today and throughout the weekend. in atlantic city, katherine scott for channel "action news." and now eva pilgrim is live
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in wildwood where the streets are flooded there as well. eva? >> rick, we actually pulled up here because this was higher ground. but you can see the water has completely overtaken this area. right here at the intersection of maryland and spruce in north wildwood. when we got here, the water was actually behind those cones over there, and not in in intersection at all, which is why we pulled in here. the water now has quickly come into this area. as you look up at the stoplight you can see how hard the wind is blowing here. this flag completely wrapped around the flagpole here and flapping in the wind as well. if you walk with me, you see a lot of the cars are having to move out of the water-ridden area into higher ground as they try to move the cars to a safer area as the water keeps coming. right now it is not really raining that hard right here. kind of a spitting drizzle going
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on at this hour. it was raying when we first got here. it comes and it goes. but the problem is the water keeps coming and we're just watching this water as it continues to move and rise here in this area. we're live in north wildwood for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie in sea isle city just a few moments ago when he gave us an update on how officials are keeping on top of any and all concerns with the storm. and as we said hurricane joaquin doesn't look to be a threat, but the state of emergency declared by governor christie yesterday remains in place. the heavy rain and strong winds hitting the shore towns are causing flooding and beach erosion a main concern throughout the weekend. >> we're not getting the amount of ray we thought initially we would get, a good news from a flooding perspective. but we're still going to have moderate to major flooding in four counties, cape may, atlantic, cumberland and salem. and we need to be prepared for
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that. >> governor christie stays shelters are in place in evacuations have to be issued. further south the storm is even more fierce. in charlotte, north carolina winds toppled numerous trees, including some that landed on cars like this one. fortunately the cars were not occupied, but they also brought down power lines and electricity knocked out for the night. and flooding also reported in the coastal areas of the carolinas as well. we invite you to stay with weather as storms move through the area in weekend. and a click away from the up to n the-minute detai. and details emerging from organize as a gunman opened fire. one gunman who died in the shoot-out with police asked each their religion before shooting
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them. and we get the latest from roseburg, organize. -- oregon. >> hundreds gathered for the candle light vigil from the shooting rampage atom umpqua. the 26-year-old man was killed in a shooting but had enough am mow -- ammo for a long fight. >> and me and my family, shocked. shocked is all i can say. >> and he went room-to-room firing. >> and the gunman was next door, somewhere nearby and i was worried for my classmates and my life. it was just horrific. >> i heard people yelling, from what sounded like right outside of the library windows. obviously i just sat under the desk and prayed. >> what a father learned from a
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daughter about the shooter's motive. >> he asked if you are a christian stand up. and they would stand up and he said good, because you are christian you will see god in about one minute and he shot and killed them. >> and from the picturesque logging community to the halls of cropping and the white house. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> and anger over the mass shooting. >> it cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. >> reporting in oregon, back to you. back here in about an hour from now the former eagle will be sentenced for his role in a mortgage scheme. he faces up to 10 years in jail for applying for multiple mortgage loans in succession using the same property for
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colateral. and a 30-year-old case broken, two men under arrest charged with the murder of a teenager in 1984. and a news conference this morning announcing details. >> and it shocked the community, and the police never gave up in their pursuit. >> this week, tuesday, two individuals were arrested, a george shaw who is the actual doer in this crime who committed the homicide and rape of barbara rowan and his accomplice who assisted in getting rid of the body, robert sanders. >> police and prosecutors were working on the case for 31 years. in 1984 after being reported missing, the body of little 14-year-old barbara rowan found on the side of the road, raped and strangled. and they focused on george shaw, and barbara rowan lived nearby often acts as a babysitter for
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his little girl. but in the 1980's, shaw and sanders lawed to protect saw. >> back in 1984 these two were good in keeping their lives together, being iffecitious. >> and he finally told them that he was in the apartment next show shaw where he attacked barbara rowan. she had apparently been drugged. >> and was willing to gradually be more forth coming being in the next room to the bedroom where the events happened. and ultimately acknowledged helping to dispose of the body. and that's what really puts us over the top. >> both shaw and sanders are in custody. barbara rowan was an only child and the police notified her parents of the arrests yesterday.
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in bensalem, channel 6 "action news." delaware state police arrested a man for his seventh charge of driving under the influence. troopers say 57 year old john owens was found passed out behind the wheel of a car in a school bulls yard in newark yesterday morning. the police say he had driven into the yard, struck a school bus and drove out and back in again hitting a chain-linked fence on the way. owens' drivers license was already suspended. and more to come, getting an update on the forecast for the weekend.
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six american airmen among 11 killed when an air force military transport plane crashed in afghanistan. going oun after midnight about 80 miles from kabul, the capital. five civilian contractors on the train died along with an unknown number of people on the ground. the taliban claimed to downed
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the plane but officials say no enemy fire. the political front, the beginning of october and vice-president joe biden has yet to say whether he is in or out of the presidential race. biden's staff is pouring over filing deadlines and reaching out to democrats who would join the campaign. although he said he would make the announcement lie late september, insiders say he is still undecided and several more say he will not make a decision until later this month, meaning he will miss the first democratic debate scheduled october 13. in southern california, a young roofer and man in his 60s recovering after being attacked boy a huge swarm of bees. the 20-year-old roofer just hearted removing shingles from a home and the bees swarmed down from a huge hive under the roofer and in the walls. >> probably five to six feet tall. there was roughly about two years up there. >> the gentlemen was stung, 50 to 75 times.
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and he made a mad exodus off the roof trying to get away from the bees, but they were agitated. >> and a neighbor was stun about 15 times trying to help the roofer. and they quieted the bees down with foam and the homeowners have not commented on the attack. still ahead, another check of the accuweather forecast as we look live outside at the jersey shore. this is cape may. we will have the latest with melissa magee on what we can expect this weekend when we come right back. stay with us.
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the environmental protection agency the probe of emissions during the volkswagen cheating scandal. they will begin road tests to check the claims for new models and those on the road. and they have to fix 11 million vehicles rigged with software
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tricking them to believing they comply with emissions regulations. and they are banned from selling diesel until it is removed. if someone in your family needs rules, they have ideas. the list of safest vehicles for teenage drivers. all of the vehicles performed well in crash tests and all from electronic stability control which they say is a must for teen drivers. the institute also recommends teenagers stay away from small cars or those with high horse power. we have a link to the list with this article on if you're interested. a new campaign trying to get more people willing to do cpr by eliminateth fear it is too hard and doing it wrong could have tragic results. the rescue project by medtronic is saying it is less complicated. no immediate to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, just chest compressions and more
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and more states are educating the public about the importance of cpr. it can be taught in a half-hour class or you can even learn it online. my 13-year-old took a class a few weeks ago, he is now certified. it is going to be raining. >> ok. >> a lot of rain. a lot to talk about, rick, we will get right to it. stormtracker live double scan radar, you see we have the moisture, the heaviest starting to push into areas along the 95 corridor. on street-level from trenton down into philadelphia at this hour, steady and moderate pockets of rain. same thing in wilmington. and also into areas in south jers jersey, medford lakes. and we will track that, pressing into new castle and counties in delaware. it is all about the rain and the wind-driven rain as well. cool temperatures to deal with this friday. north and west of town, 50 in
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martins creek. and 51 in center city. and upper 50s for st. davids and chester. and temperatures steady in the upper 50's and 40's as well. 49 glassboro, 58 at the boardwalk. 57 along the coast in avalon. the winds are also going to be an issue. keep in mind, a coastal flood warning right along the coastal communities at the time of high tide. flooding a big concern there, waves from 8-12 feet high. so you have the gusty winds with the east-northeasterly wind. 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia, gusts as highway as 41-mile-per-hour in beach haven and 31 in dover. and satellite 6 along with action radar, we have this frontal boundary hanging out from new england all the way down across the southeast coast. appear area of low pressure just off the coast of the carolinas. and southeastern sections of georgia. this has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin that is still
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battering the bahamas this hour. what we are getting is it a constant onshore push of moisture with the east-northeasterly wind which is why we are dealing with heavy rain and coastal flooding at the coast as well. and futuretracker 6 taking you into time, 2:00 this afternoon still have moisture to contend with along the i-95. and 7:00 p.m. the constant wind you get the moisture and the heaviest moving across inland locations and across the northwest suburbs by 7:00 p.m. tonight. the moisture slowly starting to taper a little bit after midnight. overall calling for anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain and locally higher amounts at the coast. so at the shore today, there is a big concern, if not today right into sunday. we find gusts from 45 to 55 miles per hour. waves from 8-12 feet high. major coastal flooding is a big concern and damaging beach erosion as well. and nowcusing on hurricane
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joaquin. it is a category four and the storm system moving north and east. in is good influences -- news for the region heading into the weekend. by the time it reaches our latitude it can still be a category one. the indirect results is high surf and rip currents. and keeping you posted throughout the weekend. and it is wed and windy today, high 57 degrees. saturday, mostly cloudy, showers around and 58. and it does look like the moisture will taper. some improvement as we head into the weekend. on sunday, it is windy and cloudy, high of 65, maybe peeks of sun. and milder and drier by monday, high of 70. >> thank you again. we are learning more about the woman who won wednesday's $300 million powerball jackpot. the 50-year-old mother is not ready to go on camera yet, but co-workers in three rivers, michigan said the supervisor realized she was a winner in the overnight shift and clocked out
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for good a few minutes later. >> got out from the lunch break and everyone was crowding around and didn't know what was going on. and she was shaking ready to go home. she deserves it, she works hard. >> the second largest jackpot this year by the way. in february, three ticket holders split a $564 million surprise. -- prize. on medicare fraud. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it prosecute it and stop criminals our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud
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you can help guard your medicare card don't give out your card number over the phone call to report any suspected fraud we're cracking down on medicare fraud let's make medicare stronger for all of us is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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it's an evening of laughs and new ideas as prime time premier week since on 6abc. tonight at 8:00, "last man standing" followed by the new series at 8:30. and 9:00, get ready to swim with the sharks in "shark tank" and then "20/20" and then stay tuned for "action news." and melissa magee back now with one last check of the accuweather forecast. >> a lot of heavy rain today. a big concern at the coast, too. we have the coastal flood warning.
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moderate, if not major flooding a big concern at high tide. this is right up until sunday as we can find waves 8-12 feet high. the forecast across the region foo fo today, wet and wendy. and 56 in toms river and 54 for the high in dover. we are tracking all of the moisture throughout the weekend. >> all right, thank you again. that's going to do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a safe afternoon. we'll see you a little bit later beginning on "action news" at 4:00. have a good day! ♪
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