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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of it. but the notion was even as we bring down the deficit, we would come up with a sustainable, smart, long-term approach to investing in the things that we need. that didn't happen. so, now, these cuts that have been maintained, have been keeping our economy from growing faster. it's time to undo them. if we don't, then we will have to fund our economic and national security priorities in 2016 at the same levels that we did in 2006. understand, during that decade, between 2006 and 2016, our economy has grown by 12%. our population has grown by 8%. new threats have emerged. new opportunities have appeared. we can't fund our country the way we did ten years ago,
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because we have greater demands. with an aging population, with kids who need schools, with roads that need to be fixed, with the military on which we are placing extraordinary demands. and, we can't cut our way to prosperity. other countries have tried it, and it has not worked. we've grown faster than they have, because we did not pursue these blind, unthinking cuts to necessary investments for our growth. and, by the way, because we've grown faster than them, we've brought our deficits down faster th
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>> we turn our attention back home and the weather out there today. >> the view from storm tracker6 shows us what we're dealing with. a drenching storm that will bring part of our area flooding and high winds. it's already a problem at the jersey shore where high tide made the coastal towns look like a lake. i'm sharrie williams. >> i'm brian taff. the big story, that wet weekend ahead especially for those of you along the shore. eva pilgrim and nora muchanic but we begin with adam joseph and cecily tynan. hurricane joaquin is going to miss us. we still got a rough couple days to get through. >> yeah, thankfully this is a one punch, not a one-two
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punch. if joaquin was to come up the eastern seaboard our shore line has already been battered, it would have been a lot worse but we're still dealing with really damaging effects because of that wind that continues to funnel in out of the northeasterly direction and you can see a wall of green across the entire viewing area with that really steady rainfall, heavy at times especially where you see the yellow and this is a wind driven rain because of those strong gusts coming in off the shore so jenkintown, willow grove, norristown, media and around center city getting the heaviest rain at the present time. and you can see this rain is lifting from the southeast to the north and west and again in that fashion coming in off of the ocean where we do have a boundary, a stalled boundary that is draped along the eastern seaboard feeding a lot of this tropical moisture and again we have large high pressure off to the north that wind is wrapping around that high which is really funneling in those very strong winds and also the really high waves and take a look at the waves height. right now it is the highest from long beach island to
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rehoboth beach. 12-foot swells. we're close to low tide at this point but it's causing widespread damaging erosion and coastal flooding during the times of high tide. here are the peak wind gusts so far today in the 50's in tuckerton at the mouth of the delaware bay, near cape may 48 miles an hour, long beach island ocean city clocking in at 47 miles per hour and north beach haven so far wind gusts of 44 miles an hour and i bring you meteorologist cecily tynan. these winds really not going to ease any time soon. >> unfortunately they will not. these winds will continue right through the day tomorrow. finally start to ease tomorrow evening but expected wind gusts right along the shore 40 to 55 miles per hour. so, those winds will continue to howl foreclose to the next 24 hours. as you move inland not quite as strong but still pretty intense along the i-95 corridor, 30 to 40 miles per hour. the lehigh valley the far northern suburbs, the poconos, the winds dill breezy but not as destructive, 20 to 30 miles per hour and all that coastal
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flooding is not due to the rain, it's due to the winds just pushing the water inland so the coastal flood warning continues right into sunday. a lot of pictures and videos posted on my facebook page of the flooding and the next high tide for the ocean will be around midnight. we're looking at more moderate to major flooding with waves six to 10 feet hitting the shore right into sunday. now, the good news is here's joaquin, hurricane joaquin still a cat four hurricane, maximum sustained winds 130 miles per hour. continuing to lash the bahamas and you can see how it's starting to make that trek up to the north and the models really have not changed from yesterday. we're looking at hurricane joaquin heading out to sea, several hundred miles away from us so that will really not have a big impact on our weather. some rough seas on monday but that's good news and adam will have more good news to talk about when this rain ends and when we'll see the sunshine return in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> we like good news. cecily thank you. as the tide came up earlier this afternoon the
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streets at the shore were under water making roads almost impassable. eva pilgrim continues our team coverage this afternoon. she's live in wildwood with what's happening there. eva. >> reporter: sharrie, streets are still pretty much rivers this afternoon here in north wildwood. you heard cecily talking about the wind. the wind is incredible. you can see the flag flapping in the wind. it earlier had rattled itself around the pole. now it is waving in the wind i want to show you how high the water came up at high tide. now we're almost at low tide. if you look at the water line you can see it eroded away some of the mulch that was in the flower bed. suing ohio line where the water was moving up as it continued to rise. it has gone down now but people are watching and waiting to see where this water will go next. it's hard to tell where the back bay starts and the island begins. >> usually when you go fishing over there, even on a high tide, you can see the grassy
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sound. you can still see all of the grass that's there. it's all covered with water right now. just the worst we've seen for awhile. >> reporter: at star cafe after a rush this morning, major lull. the flooding has closed down spruce avenue keeping the lunch crowd away. >> it's scary. >> reporter: people are doing what they can. some put out sand bags hoping to slow down the water moving their way. >> the water's already up to my second steps. >> reporter: street signs dance in the wind as the rain continues to fall. for now all those who live here can do is watch and hope for the best. >> we're just hoping that it doesn't get as bad as sandy. >> wait and see. >> reporter: and back out here live in north wildwood as we said it actually looks a little better now than it did even just an hour ago. but people are waiting to see what will happen with the next high tide which will occur about midnight. we're live here in north wildwood, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." >> all right, eva thank you.
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farther up the coast people in ocean city also hunkering down for this wet weekend. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live there this afternoon with a look at current conditions as we continue our live team coverage. nora. >> reporter: hi, brian. conditions are awful here and they have been throughout the day. we've had wind driven rain and it just goes right through you and it's caused some pretty serious flooding. take a look right here. this is 11th street in ocean city and this town is used to flooding but locals say high tide this afternoon brought more water than usual. this afternoon's high tide flooded streets in ocean city. in some spots several feet of water made roads nearly impassable and left entire neighborhoods under water. this driver trying to climb into his car from a truck without getting wet might want to consider trying out for the olympic gymnastic team. >> it's pretty bad today. it's a lot worse than it was yesterday. >> reporter: still able to get around. >> yeah, well, like this next
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section i'm probably going to have to skip. >> reporter: these owners are used to flooding in their neighborhood but this is as bad as they've seen in that awhile. no one is parking under this house today. >> it's coming up over the bulk heads so another hour it will start to go back maybe. >> reporter: but in the meantime. >> meantime we have to keep our boots on. >> reporter: the water started coming up to here but it was nowhere near this far early on so knowing we'll have another day of this is a little scary. >> reporter: the bay is churning, flooding docks and tossing boats around. while the ocean is extremely rough you can see it crashing against the fishing pier. beach access points in ocean city were sealed off with temporary dunes to keep the ocean from rushing into the streets. despite the awful weather some stores remained opened including johnson's popcorn on the boardwalk. and if you ventured out in it today it was like having the place to yourself. >> it's pretty cool 'cause you don't have to worry about like bikers runing into you or lots of people 'cause we come in the summer and we thought it
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would be cool to come today. >> reporter: there are concerns about beach erosion. >> fairly familiar what it looks like in calmer weather and it's pretty clear that it's being eroded away very quickly and this isn't even the full storm. >> reporter: back live now looking down 11th street officials tell us that two or three drivers had to abandon their cars today the water was so high but there are no reports of injuries or rescues. they were able to get out on their own. with all this wind it's hard for the flood water to flow back to the bay so the streets remain flooded and we'll have these super high tides for a couple of days but emergency management officials in town tell me that it should not be any worse than it is today but i'll tell you what, there's a lot of water in the streets here. live in ocean city, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> yeah, we can tell, nora. thanks so much. you can keep an eye on the coastal storm with we're updating the reports with videos and photos from
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all the flooded areas. we're keeping a watchful eye on hurricane joaquin as it continues to make its way north and east which as we said is pretty good news for us. >> yeah, and with the water of course out there on the roadways one must wonder how are the commutes going. >> let's get over to matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center keeping an eye on how things are moving or not moving this afternoon, matt. >> on a normal friday afternoon brian and sharrie we see so much traffic we're not sure where to go with it. this afternoon we're also seeing so much water coming down from the skies, not really sure where to go with all that of especially these drains that are not accustomed to downpours over the last few months and in some cases we're starting to see some of the fallen leaves clogging some of the drains. it is a mess out there as we head home on this friday. this is 95 by allegheny. tough to see but in the distance there is high water here in the northbound left lane by allegheny and the rain keeps falling as you can see from those drops on the camera lens. these numbers should be 14 or 15 minutes. instead, 34 and 37. heavy delays but a little bit
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of better news. i want to give you some good news this afternoon. ben franklin parkway reopened overnight last night so both drives in both directions are back in business. doesn't mean the vine street expressway underneath isn't jammed, it is both directions river to river. watching a downed tree on the kelly drive, outbound side taking out one of the lanes approaching hunting park so that's going to give us delays. might be better off on the mlk drive instead. coming down the northeast extension past quakertown watch out for a crash in the right lane but the slower speeds as is usually the case on a friday afternoon on the northbound side just in the 30's right now. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon and one of our friends talking about that flooding on 95 northbound by allegheny, speeds just in the teens and it's a slow crawl through that neck of the woods. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt, thank you. see you then. still ahead here on a friday afternoon new details on the deadly campus shooting in oregon. police just held a news conference to give us an update on the gunman and the victim here. >> and in the wake of that shooting tragedy, president
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obama challenged the news media to research the number of americans killed in terrorist attacks versus the number of americans killed by guns. so, that's exactly what we did. we'll show you what we found. ♪ take the long way, huh? ♪ thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. ♪
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>> ♪ >> federal investigators say they have recovered 13 weapons at the apartment of the oregon gunman and at the community college where he killed nine people yesterday. and today we are learning more about the shooter and the victims. lauren worcester has the story from roseburg oregon. >> reporter: the gunman's apartment flex complex today still guarded by police and residents remain on edge. >> it was scary when you first heard about the shooting but it's different when you find out that he lived next door to you. >> reporter: atf reporting seven weapons were recovered here at the shooter's residence where he lived with his mother, six at this school when the shooting took place. >> they were all purchased legally. >> reporter: families of the victims bracing for the worst. >> these families are
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currently living through the nightmare in the most personal way possible. >> reporter: the governor today expressing pride in the community. >> i am proud of how the roseburg community pulled together to care for and comfort each other during this horrific crisis. >> reporter: the suspected shooter identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer is seen here in his my space photo. he allegedly opened fire at umpqua community college late thursday morning. >> we've got multiple gun shot wounds. >> reporter: police officers facing off with the gunman. >> exchanged shots with him. he's in a classroom. >> reporter: but today tales of heroism emerging. witnesses say 30-year-old student and army vet chris mintz charged straight at the gunman trying save who he could. he's out of surgery recovering from seven gun shot wounds seen here in this photo from his go fund me page. we're learning more about the gunman, the army confirms he served a little over a month at basic training back in 2008
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before being discharged. no word on why. authorities continue to look for the motive and the college remains closed. lauren lifter, channel6 "action news." roseburg, oregon. >> well, perhaps you heard it, president obama gave an impassioned speech yesterday about this shooting and at one point the president linked gun violence to the war on terror he said resources to fight terrorism far exceed the resources to deal with gun violence but he suggested that that's out of balance. in fact he challenged the news media to presenter the number of americans killed by each problem over the last decade and so we have done just that. take a look at this. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, 316,545 people died from guns in america. that between 2004 and 2013. the most recent data for which the cdc has available. that includes murders, accidents and suicides. now, take a look at this. by comparison, the number of americans killed by terrorism
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in that same time span, 313. and 277 of them are overseas. finally, this graphic for you. 3,521 americans have been killed by terrorism since 1970. finally this number. that compares to 8,512 americans killed by guns this year alone. now we continue to follow the updates out of oregon on there we have more about the man behind the attacks along with images of the reaction in the town of roseburg, oregon and of course clear across the country today. all right, changing gears as we get a check of the accuweather forecast now. >> it is the big talker today. let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph for the very latest. >> we have that wind driven rain no matter where you are and you can see light rain is really kind of take over the radar for the most part from allentown, lancaster vineland. at the shore light showers at the present time. only a few areas we're seeing a little bit of yellow, that's
4:20 pm
end answered rain, along the schuylkill expressway and that split of the blue route south and the northeast extension as you head through and slicing through central parts of montgomery county, also media seeing some pops of yellow down there along route one. so, the steady rain is with us through the remainder of the overnight hours and yes, it is the end the of the week, it is friday which means high school football and our 6abc high school huddle game of the week is bensalem at souderton raw and rainy, bundle up. keep the rain gear, gusty winds, 49 degrees throughout the evening game, so quite a nasty night if you're heading to one of your local high school football games. 50 right now in allentown, the same for reading and wilmington, 49 in lancaster. a few days ago we had temperatures in the low 80's. it was august-like and now we're talking of temperatures a little more like the end of november. it's that northeasterly wind that kind of carves right
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through your body and sends shivers down your spine. it's 31 miles an hour right now in philadelphia, a gust of 32 in wilmington and along the shore, wind gusts near 36 in wildwood, 29 at the atlantic city airport and trenton 24 miles an hour. we look at satellite and radar. we have all this moisture lifting up from the south and it's all because of a boundary that is draped off the coast. there's no central low pressure near our region really. it's just a frontal boundary combined with winds wrapping around a high to the forecast. as we look at future tracker at 11 o'clock tonight, again, the radar will be very active with some pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall that. continues into saturday morning especially down towards the shore but as you go deeper into the day on saturday, the steadier rain ends and we'll have some on and off light showers through the day, some patchy drizzle. the wind stays up. the clouds are around. it stays cool in the 50 so despite that the steady rain is over it's still going to be really a nasty day around here to begin the week. at the shore right into sunday winds gusting 40 to 55 miles
4:22 pm
an hour, waves six to 10 feet. again we're expecting major coastal flooding and damaging erosion every high tide through sunday. it's what you experienced today. you'll see it twice again tomorrow and twice again on sunday. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, windy with showers tomorrow, 58 degrees. a little warmer than today and a little bit drier and on sunday it's breezy and cloudy but it looks like we'll shut the rain off here on sunday, 65 degrees so we'll warm those temperatures back up and then breaks of sun on monday, 70 degrees. bright and pleasant on tuesday, 72 degrees and in the seven-day forecast we'll let you know if that sunshine sticks around in the next half hour and we'll have the very latest track on hurricane joaquin which is heading way out to sea with no threat to anyone on the u.s. coast. >> very relieved to hear that. >> adam thank you. still ahead here today a local man arrested for dui for a seventh time and this time police say he ended up in a school bus parking lot.
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>> plus, they are just starting their high school careers so why did hundreds of local students celebrate their graduation today? we'll explain up next.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> from our delaware news room now police say they have arrested a wilmington man for his seventh dui. they say they found 57-year-old john owens passed out behind the wheel of his car yesterday at the first student transportation bus yard in newark. they say he had driven into the lot and hit a school bus, then tried to leave the lot. but he ended up going back in and hitting a fence before passing out. police say he was already driving without a license or insurance. >> well, you know, graduation is the celebration that comes after four years of hard work but today in northeast philadelphia, hundreds of students decided to celebrate before that work even starts. they call it reverse graduation. george washington high school hosted it today on bustleton
4:27 pm
avenue. 700 freshmen made the commitment to complete their high school careers in four years' time. they all got certificates declaring them part of the class of 2019.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 on this friday and "action news" continues with details on the local cold case
4:29 pm
that's now been thawed. police cracked a murder mystery unsolved for more than three decades. >> plus a stubborn suspect tries not once, not twice but four times to break into a south philadelphia restaurant but it wasn't the shatter proof glass that stopped him. who police are now crediting. >> later on the surface this pregnancy reveal seems like many we've seen before, a wife gets her unsuspecting husband to open the oven and then records that he finds a pair of ones and an ultrasound inside but once you know the back story it takes on a whole new significance. you don't want to miss it. we'll explain. >> but we begin this friday of course with the latest on the strong storms uninundating our region with wind and also rain. >> whether it's the view from the skies, the zapped or storm tracker6 radar you can see just how ugly conditions are right now and unfortunately it's not going to get any better any time soon. let's get to adam joseph for details on a very wet weekend, adam. >> yeah, the weekend is going
4:30 pm
to begin wet. the deeper we go into the weekend the rain is going shut off for most of us tomorrow especially into sunday but for tonight we've got this wall of green, some pops of yellow meaning that steady rain is around for your friday night and a wind driven rain at that. take a look at the yellows near florence, riverside, jenkintown, norristown all this lifting up into montgomery and bucks county heading towards 202 new hope its been a very light rain so far but you're starting to see it intensify a little bit just to the south near 95 and the split of route one south and east of downtown trenton. so, get used to the rain 'cause again it is with us through the beginning of your saturday. temperature-wise no matter where you are in the midatlantic it is very november-like out there with those winds wrapping in out of the northeasterly direction and with the rain it is a raw feeling to the afternoon. 48 in binghamton, philadelphia. i now 51 degrees and new york city at 50. double scan live radar showing we have a front to the south along the coast and that is helping to bring in some of
4:31 pm
the moisture off the atlantic and this front isn't moving so it's locked into place and that is why we're seeing hour after hour of this steady rainfall. but as we look at future tracker, 10:30 tonight again still dealing with the rain and the wind. but as we get into saturday morning, the heaviest pushes to the west. we just have some leftover showers during the day tomorrow at times and by sunday, a big improvement, maybe even a few breaks of sun as you lift north of philadelphia with clouds down to the south. but at the present time my colleague meteorologist melissa magee she is braving the elements next to a angry ocean and you have word about the next high tide. >> i'm starting to feel the effects that of constant northeasterly wind. it just pull that is water on shore and continues to hammer the jersey coastline. i can also tell you with the heavy rain and the constant wind out of the northeast it's draining down that cooler air as that water continues to pile on shore. so, this is a concern as we head into the rest of the
4:32 pm
weekend. we've got in coastal flood advisory and that coastal flood warning that's going to stay up and you just have those waves battering the shore line and waves crashing along the coast as well so this is going to be a big concern as we can have waves crashing on the shore anywhere from six to 10 feet high. not only are we dealing with that at the coast but also a big concern as we head into the weekend with that high wind warning and that wind advisory. so, the wind advisory is up until 6:00 p.m. for many locations from the coastline all the what down tall the way . we're dealing with a high wind warning as we can find gusts anywhere from up to 55 miles per hour. something else to keep in mind is the time of the high tide here in atlantic city. the next high tide time will be at 11:58 p.m. tonight. as we get into saturday we're still dealing with those high tides so saturday, tomorrow, 12:24 in the afternoon, then on sunday, 1:01 a.m. and the
4:33 pm
next high tide that we will be battling over the weekend comes sunday at 1:27 p.m. so, something to keep in mind as we head into the weekend as we are in ac right along main avenue and grammercy avenue is that we're dealing with those constant winds out of the northeast and those blustery conditions, sharrie, and the it looks like mother nature will keep battering the shore line as we head into the weekend. i'll send it back inside to you. >> melissa thank you. of course the jersey shore isn't the only coastline keeping an eye on joaquin. so are the carolinas. reporter joel brown from our sister station is live in kill devil hills north carolina with an update on the conditions there. joel, we see it's windy. >> reporter: yeah, it is very windy, sharrie and emergency management officials up and down the outer banks have been cautiously optimistic last night. this morning they were ecstatic thrilled to hear that joaquin should stay well off shore but still urging caution about those high seas, rough surf, very dangerous
4:34 pm
conditions out here. it goes without saying that water that you're looking at is off limits to folks right now. officials strongly urging people to stay out of the water. you can see here this is one of the no swimming signs. it's come off of the pole a bit but that waterway too dangerous to mess with. the shore line up and down the outer banks is covered in homes and hotels, not a lot of tourists on the islands right now at this time of year but still, the big fear that we're hearing from residents is about wind and flooding. wind should not be a huge problem but flooding could be a serious danger look, it has been raining in the outer banks really across north carolina for the better part of the last week. you mix that with any ocean overwash that comes in and we could be in for some serious flooding here over the next 48 hours. that's what we're watching. live on the outer banks, i'm joel brown, channel6 "action news." >> all right, a view from the carolinas. joel thank you. be sure to stay with 6abc for the latest updates on the
4:35 pm
heavy rain moving through our area. our team of meteorologists of course tracking the system and its impacts on the coast. you can find up to the minute updates any time on our web site, >> in other news this afternoon, two men are facing charges today for the 1984 rape and murder of a bensalem teenager. "action news" reporter john rawlins has more on what helped thaw that case that was o cold for more than three decades. >> reporter: this was a crime that shocked this community. police never gave up in their pursuit and today this announcement was made. >> this week, tuesday, two individuals were arrested, a george shaw who is the actual doer in this crime who committed the homicide, and rape of barbara rowan and his accomplice who assisted in getting rid of the body, robert sanders. >> reporter: police and prosecutors had been working on this case for 31 years. in 1984, after being reported missing, the body of little 14-year-old barbara rowan was found on the side of a road.
4:36 pm
she had been raped and strangled. in 1984, police focused on george shaw, barbara rowan lived nearby and often acted as a babysitter for shaw's little girl but police say in the 1980's, shaw and sanders lied to protect shaw. >> back in 1984, for these two upstanding citizens were good in keeping their lives together, i'm being facetious obviously. >> reporter: but authorities say robert sanders over time started to change his story finally last week he allegedly told detectives he was at shaw's apartment in the room next to where shaw high on methamphetamines attacked barbara rowan. she had apparently been drugged. >> was willing to gradually be more forthcoming about having been in the room the next room to the bedroom where these events happened and then ultimately acknowledging helping to dispose of the body and that's what really puts us over the top.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: both shaw and sanders are in custody. barbara rowan was an only child. police notified her parents of the arrests yesterday. in bensalem, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." >> police are on the scene of a murder investigation at southwest philadelphia today. officials were called to the 6800 block of guyer avenue at about 1:30 this afternoon. that's where a man found his sister shot to death inside that home. according to police the woman was shot in the head. so far no word on any motive or any possible suspects. >> philadelphia police say a man was nearly killed by a gunman just steps from a firehouse this morning. it happened near 26th and york around 11:30 this morning. police say medics inside a nearby fire station heard several shots and came outside to investigate. well, they found a man shot once in the head and once in the upper body. those very same medics then rushed him to temple hospital. at last check, the victim was
4:38 pm
listed in critical condition. in delaware, a 22-year-old dover man was arrested for allegedly shooting his mother and her boyfriend during an argument. according to the victims, emery cannon was arguing with his mother when things turned physical yesterday. police say said her boyfriend tried to intervene and that's when they say cannon pulled out a gun and fired. the victims are expected to make a full recovery. cannon was taken in into a nearby parking lot. he is in jail on a $223,000 bond. >> police say a south philadelphia neighborhood successfully deter a determined burglary suspect not once but twice. both times the suspect tried to break into the moon shine restaurant and bar on east moyamensing avenue. in the first incident on july 19th the man threw a brick through the front door shattering the glass. but once inside, he was scared away by yelling neighbors. well, he tried again september 2nd the throwing a brick at the glass. three separate times not
4:39 pm
realizing it has been replaced with a shatter proof door. the suspect was once again scared off by neighbors. if you recognize this persistent but unsuccessful thief please call southwest detectives. >> many people think cpr is something difficult to do and are afraid to try to save a life but there is a new way to do it that should alleviate those fierce. "action news" anchor rick williams is live in the news room tonight to explain. hi, rick. >> hi, sharrie. that's right. coming to the aid of someone experiencing cardiac arrest could certainly seem daunting to a person but recent studies show that any type of hands-on aid to a person in distress might actually prove to be the difference between life or death. now, more and more states are pushing to educate the public about cpr and coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll explain why cpr is less complicated now because you don't have to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. also coming up tonight the university of delaware celebrating its newest dorm for students. we'll show you all it has to
4:40 pm
offer. fun times there. those stories and much more of course cecily will have the update on the coastal storm we're supposed to be seeing this weekend. all that on "action news" tonight at 5:00. until then back to the studio. sharrie we'll see you then. >> rick see you then. rainy gloomy skies could not dampen the mood for hundreds who took to the streets to fight breast cancer. susan g. komen kicks off. pink was the color as men and women of all ages will walk 60 miles in three days to raise awareness about breast cancer. it also raises funding to find a cure for the disease. "action news" spoke with survivors about being here rain or shine. >> this is an incredible event. i'm a survivor, almost a year to the day and i have 12 members of my team who we just put it out there, let's do this. >> and they're doing it. the philadelphia three-day has raised more than $800 million
4:41 pm
since 2003. the walk will travel through bala cynwyd tomorrow and conclude near the navy yard come sunday. >> as she said they'll do it rain or shine which is pretty awesome. the wells fargo center is no stranger to noise from cheering fans but it's about to get a whole lot louder this weekend. >> (engines revving). >> yeah, monster jam kicks off in south philadelphia tonight. the action cam was there this afternoon as drivers got in a practice run. how much fun is that? the first show starts tonight at 7:30 and shows run right through the weekend. just give me five minutes in one of those things, that's it. >> still ahead we have a fantastic edition of freebie friday featuring everything from a bottle of high end nail polish. >> okay. >> to a lifetime pass to more than 400 national parks. >> plus, the concept of the pregnancy reveal nothing new but this video is tugging at the heart strings of millions today. so, what made this surprise so special? >> and meteorologist adam
4:42 pm
joseph returns with a full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues.
4:43 pm
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>> ♪ >> one vatican official said there's a sense of regret over pope francis' meeting with kentucky court clerk kim davis. davis spent nearly a week in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. well, last week she met with the pope while she was in washington. her lawyer claims the two held a private meeting in secret for several minutes but here's a bit of a twist. vatican officials called the story overblown saying davis was simply part of a receiving line. a spokesperson said their meeting should not be considered a form of support for davis. >> ♪ >> all right, sharrie, over here at the big board now with the big talker today and this video spreading across the internet like wildfire and for good reason. dana griffin-graves and her
4:45 pm
husband have been trying to have a baby for 17 years. >> wow. >> and this is the moment dana told him that finally they're going have one. >> february 16th. >> for real. >> its a boy. >> (crying). >> yeah, the couple had been -- well they had given up on their dream of being parents five years ago after four miss carriages and one still birth. so you can imagine dana's joy and surprise to find out that a healthy baby boy is coming. well, she told him by putting a bag of ones in the oven right next to an ultrasound picture. >> i've never been that excited before in my life. and i mean, not mainly for myself, for her. >> it's a good man right there. as you heard the little boy is due in february and they'll have a whole lot of support. this video has been viewed online millions of times.
4:46 pm
and we love passing that along to you today. >> yeah just a joyous moment. congratulations to them t a long time coming. time for another check of the roads tonight. let's head over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an update on the wet roads today, matt. >> sharrie hold onto that joy because this report won't be laced with a lot of joy on this friday afternoon. it is a very wet mess as we attempt to head home. now there's a crash here on the schuylkill expressway in king of prussia. westbound direction approaching 202, police are blocking off the right lane so all of the traffic coming west of the blue route has to funnel into the left lane to head out toward the turnpike. it is a stand still. that travel time is about four times what it should be basically just count on a solid line of traffic westbound on the schuylkill from approaching the roosevelt boulevard the whole way out to 202 in king of prussia. not going to be an easy one and we have jams on the schuylkill around the city but you don't want to use the kelly drive instead. outbound approaching hunting park there in that work zone there's a downed tree, one of
4:47 pm
several of those we have this afternoon. mlk drive might be your better bet. the ben franklin parkway reopened overnight last night so that's a bit of good news but expect south broad street to be closed around locust tonight. it's the philadelphia opera company's opening night gala so they have a tent right there on south broad street the reason for the closure. 95 northbound to allegheny still have high water causing delays to spill back to washington avenue. crash on the northeast extension southbound has cleared but in both directions you're looking at speeds in the 30's and 40's. have a downed treat in east town township chester county closing sugartown road. use 252 and 30 at alternates and there's flooding in mount laurel closing union mill road. stay up on 38 to get around that one. i told you there wasn't a whole lot of joy. we'll check it again brian and sharrie, in the next half hour. >> very good, matt. thank you. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with that exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. some joy in there somewhere coming up next.
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. hard to think given what's coming our way but we really are dodging a bullet this weekend. >> we're getting damaging effects at the shore but could you imagine getting this day after day prior to a landfall and hurricane but thankfully the hurricane remains off the coast but we're still going to deal with the coastal erosion for at least the next 48 hours at the shore. as we take a look at double scan live radar everyone steig raevery seeingthat raw rain. most of the rain at the present time is on the light side but we have some of these pops of yellow that develop at times. willow grove jenkintown near norristown, radnor phoenixville lifting up 422 just to the north and west of the split of the blue route and also 76 and the schuylkill expressway. so we have pockets of that heavier rain and temperatures right now again only 50 in allentown, 51 in philadelphia, 52 in millville and right
4:51 pm
along the shore, temperatures there in the middle 50's. as we take a look at wind gusts right now, 31 miles an hour in philadelphia. 30 in millville and wilmington. 42 gusting in beach haven and the stronger winds will continue to be right along the shore because you don't have any friction of that wind coming off the land once it hits the land it tends to slow the speed down just a little bit. we have a stalled front to our south and that's what's helping to feed this moisture up from a very weak low near savannah, georgia. realing it's not the low that's creating the powerful winds, it's high pressure over canada, a really beefed up high so to speak that's wrapping the wind around that high in a clockwise fashion. at 11 o'clock tonight still dealing with in steady wind-driven rain. it begins to lift away by tomorrow morning. you can see it's a little more spotty in nature 9 o'clock on saturday and that continues into tomorrow afternoon. the steady rain is gone but we'll have periods of showers and drizzle. the wind stays up and it stays on the cloudy and very cool
4:52 pm
side. so, what to expect here for the weekend. it improves as we get into sunday. some rain into saturday morning and an additional half inch to an inch and a half. then it's more showery in nature at times in the afternoon tomorrow and then on sunday it's dry but it's cloudy so at least we'll shut off the faucet from upstairs. as we look at the shore into sunday, winds 40 to 55 miles an hour, waves six to 10 feet, major coastal flooding every time there's a high tide right through noon on sunday and damaging erosion as well. in addition, we're still watching hurricane joaquin. winds sustained at 130 miles an hour. it has been sitting in the bahamas for two days battering with those winds and also the very impressive and destructive storm surge for the southern chain of the bahamas but again we were talking about this upper level low in the southern part of the united states. that entity was so weak compared to this beast of a storm of a hurricane that it could never be caught into
4:53 pm
that low and get wrapped in along the coastline, so these two separate systems will remain separate and that is why joaquin will head out to sea and not get yanked into the midatlantic region so some good news there is that the storm is that strong that it couldn't be pulled in to that low across atlanta, georgia. the exclusive accuweather forecast wand with a couple showers at times tomorrow 58 degrees. it's breezy and just cloudy here on sunday, 65 and if we're lucky enough in the lehigh valley you may see some pops of sun sunday afternoon but everyone gets breaks of sun on monday, 70 degrees and then a beautiful stretch tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sun and clouds, low 70's for highs with a little more cloud cover coming in on friday of 73 degrees. so, it's not the best of weekends but it does improve as you get into sunday around here. >> yeah, the sun comes back. adam thank you. >> uh-huh. >> freebie friday is coming up after the break. >> yes.
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>> all right, time now for the first freebie friday of october and we start with a deal for anybody, not you, over the age of 62 humana. >> rick. >> rick williams, those are fighting words. humana and the national park service offering seniors a free lifetime pass to more than 400 national parks. you better watch out sharrie. october 8th known as senior skip day. this sunday the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts offering free admission from noon to 4:00 p.m. as part of the annual family arts festival. features arts and craft activities scavenger hunts and live performances. >> rick, of course, he knows i love him. >> oh, yeah clean it up. >> too late now. >> finally we have a fantastic freebie courtesy of the first day spa on the main line. salon dartiste in wayne is
4:57 pm
celebrating their 30th anniversary they're offering a free bottle. opi or he is see nail polish for anyone who stops in for a tour. details on these freebies on our web site that's it for "action news" at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. "action news" at 5:00 is up next. >> see you tonight.
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> heavy rain whipping winds and rough surf, this all happening at the jersey shore tonight. intense northeast winds are ringing out several inches of rain and causing coastal flooding. friday night and the big story on "action news" is some nasty weather battering the eastern seaboard. >> that is the bad news. the good news is it appears that hurricane joaquin is not going hit us on a separate front. let's take a live look now sky6 hd in cape may. clouds up above. of course the ocean has been rough itself for several days now and it seems like the conditions are only go together get worse. >> all right, we have live team coverage tonight on the storm. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is standing by in north wildwood where flooding
5:00 pm
is a huge problem there but let's begin with our team of meteorologists cecily tynan and adam joseph. cecily, let's start with you at the big board. >> hi, rick and monica. it certainly is a nasty day. it's wet, it's windy, it's cold and double scan live showing that we've got a solid area of rain right over our viewing area. most of it is moderate but as we zoom in you can see some pockets of embedded heavier downpours in the yellow, one right now has just moved through trenton. it's kind of pinwheeling towards pennington, route one. we also have another one working up 611 near new hope and we will see these rounds of rain continuing through the night into the early hours tomorrow morning. now, a wider view on double scan shows you the setup. we've been talking about this all week. we've got that stalled frontal boundary blocking high pressure up to the north and what this is doing, it's funneling those winds out of the east-northeast off the atlantic pulling in all the moisture in the form of that heavy rain and also create something very intense


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