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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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monica malpass and the big story on "action news" tonight is flooding concerns at the jersey shore. a stalled front sitting over us right now is dropping steady rain on that region and kicking up winds and waves at the coast. now, our team reporters has complete coverage for you of the situation at the shore. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic in ocean city, eva pilgrim live in north wildwood tonight but first, meteorologist cecily tynan and adam joseph tracking the storm with double scan radar and cecily let's start with you. >> monica certainly a nasty start to the weekend. it's cold, it's windy, it's rainy. double scan live showing most of our viewing area dealing with a moderate steady rain. there's one batch of heavy rain starting to move into cape may county, the heaviest rain currently is over burlington and parts of the atlantic county. you can see it's approaching route 206 right now heading along 322, the atlantic city expressway and this is all pushing into the north and the west ahead of another band of rain so we're looking at periods of rain right through the night into early tomorrow
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morning. now, this is the wider view on double scan live and we've been talking about this setup really all week long, the stalled frontal boundary, a very strong high pressure up to the north and this weak low pressure down to the south and what this is doing, this is what's funneling in all those winds off the ocean bringing us the high winds, the heavy rain and the coastal flooding and that flooding will continue unfortunately. this part of the reason why these wave heights causing a lot of beach erosion. the strongest right now, the highest i should say from lbi to rehoboth and just off the coast we're looking at waves 12 to 15 feet high and we will not be losing this pressure gradient for about the next 48 hours. so, the peak wind gusts show we'll be seeing more of this tonight. tuckerton 52 miles per hour, the delaware bay 48, lbi and ocean city 47 and even inland in philadelphia, reporting a peak wind gust of 40 miles per hour. so, this is the start of the weekend. what will happen the rest of
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the weekend down the shore and how about joaquin. for details on that, let's head over to adam. >> those winds cecily are not going to ease as we get into the beginning of the weekend so we're not through the worst of this just yet. expected wind gusts even through the day tomorrow, lehigh valley, reading lancaster, 20 to 30 miles an hour. wilmington, philadelphia the heart of the delaware valley 30 to 40 again tomorrow. very similar to today. and right along the shore, where you don't get that friction off the land it comes right off of the water it can be little higher winds gusting between 40 and 55 miles an hour. so with that persistent wind direction that's not going to change over the next 48 hours right into sunday, coastal flood warnings remain in effect for every high tide. the next round of high tide at the ocean side will be right around midnight and then again noon on saturday, then midnight saturday ann little after noon on sunday, waivers eight, circumstance to 10 feet crashing along the shore and we can't forget about the back bays and also the delaware bay where there also will be flooding and the flooding will
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be very similar to what we saw at noontime today. tropical satellite showing that hurricane joaquin a category three hurricane still major, winds sustained at 125 miles an hour is now finally starting to pull away from the bahamas after sitting here for a couple of days and that track continues to move off to the east. it will squeeze its way just to the west of bermuda on sunday, be far off of our coast on monday as a category one and then over the northern waters of the atlantic during the middle of next week. so no, threat for the east coast as we get into next week with joaquin. monica when meteorologist cecily tynan returns she'll talk about a brighter seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you add today. let's switch live to "action news" reporter eva pilgrim in north wildwood. eva, roads there flooded pretty quickly today at high tide, didn't they? >> reporter: that's right, monica. the roads have cleared right now but the wind is a major issue here right now. if you look up here at the stop light, you can see it's just literally whipping around
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in the wind like it's a little toy here. the water at one point though was much higher. at the highest point it reached up here into the grass. you can see the lines from the mulch that moved over here and we're told that the flood waters are moving in and out along with the tide. at high tide it was hard to see where the back bay ends and the island begins. >> water is already up to my second step. >> reporter: street signs danced in the wind and sand bags stood watch at flood waters creeped up streets. school was canceled today. this area of north wildwood is prone to flooding during heavy rain and storms. >> not this much, yeah, not where the roads are all closed and the -- and the streets are -- people are moving all of their cars up to higher ground. >> this is the worst we've seen for awhile. >> reporter: read cane works at the star diner cafe. the flooding has closed down the roads along the restaurant keeping the restaurants away. cane keeps watch over the water out the window.
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>> when you live here you sort of expect this and prepare for it. like i took everything this time off the floor. i took it all upstairs. >> reporter: for now people are taking no chances as they wait to see what will happen next. >> the bayside usually when you go fishing over there even on a high tide you can see the grassy sound. you can still see all of the grass that's there. it's all covered with water right now. even with the flooding, yes. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. >> reporter: back out here live in wildwood, we are still seeing this wind literally blowing the rain sideways here this afternoon. we talked with the police just a little while ago and they tell us they expect when the next high tide rolls in that the flooding will be about the same as it was about lunchtime when the last one came. we talked to some people who live here in the back bay area. they tell us they already have some damage but they are getting out of wildwood until this flooding ends. we're live here in north
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wildwood, eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, eva. now to new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in ocean city t nora what's the situation there right now? >> reporter: hi there, monica. wind, rain, the wind is how long right now. it's been a miserable day here at the shore and even hours after high tide there are some streets that are still flooded. entire neighborhoods were under water this afternoon and they may stay that way for the next couple of days. >> the whole garage is flooded. you open up our door and the whole front, two steps are flooded. >> reporter: residents who live close to the bay in ocean city found themselves swamped today. flood waters ran roughshod over bulkheads flooding streets and surrounding neighborhoods. >> it's coming up over the bulkheads so another hour it will start to go back maybe. >> reporter: but in the meantime. >> meantime we have to keep our boots on. >> it's up to your knees and it's still coming in. you can see it racing between the houses. >> reporter: cars splashed
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through flooded streets but some roads were just too deep to risk it. >> water started coming up to here but it was nowhere near this far early on. so knowing we'll have another day of this is a little scary. >> the worst of it is over now but tonight's high tide is supposed to be higher than it is now so we're going to be up late tonight. they say hurricanes are good luck. >> reporter: bob and miranda planned to have their wedding on west 17th street. that neighborhood is completely under water. they slogged their way through it to see if they could find a last minute place to hold their ceremony. >> i think they're kind of predicting the same thing for tomorrow so we'll see if we can find somewhere else to have this think so our guests won't have to swim through the house. >> reporter: well, at least they're keeping their sense of humor and we wish them all the best. if only they had a sunny day for their wedding. live in ocean city, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, nora. the state of emergency remains in effect in new jersey. speaking in sea isle today
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governor christie says the state appears to be dodging a bullet with the projected path of joaquin. christie did take the opportunity to address homeowners who are still blocking projects to build up sand dunes along coast. >> there are projects being delayed here in this part of the state and in northern ocean county because of the resistance of folks to common sense. so i hope that what this does is refocus everybody again. a near-miss like this to how lucky we are that it didn't come. >> christie says the projects are federally funded and are ready to be started once the homeowners sign off. delaware governor jack markell issued a state of emergency today for the southern portion of his state. markel warned residents in sussex county to prepare for high winds and flooded roadways. and you should keep an eye on the coastal storm or any storm with we're updating with the latest
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reports from our "action news" team along with videos and photos of the flooded area. we're keeping a watchful eye of course on hurricane joaquin as it heads up. coming up on "action news" tonight bensalem police make arrests in a 31-year-old murder investigation. how the cold case was unraveled. police release this surveillance video of a man wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a temple university student. also cecily tynan back with the accuweather forecast, jaime apody with an eagles injury update. all that when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ ññ
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i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. >> after more than 30 years, two men have been arrested in connection with the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl
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from bensalem. barbara rowan was found murdered in 1984 in bucks county. this week police arrested george shaw and robert sanders. police say shaw killed rowan who was babysitting his daughter while he was high on meth. police say sanders helped shaw get rid of the body. new surveillance video is out tonight showing the suspect who sexually assaulted a 20-year-old temple university student monday. he remains at large tonight but police are hoping that this video will bring some tip calls and possibly lead to an arrest before he strikes again. john rawlins has the latest on this case that has left other students at the school shaken. >> we believe this is our suspect. >> reporter: captain john darby talking both man seen moving about a broad street subway car, this video made sometime after monday night's attack on a temple student. it was about 11:15 when the student was walking home from the library. police say as she neared a
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small construction site she heard footsteps looked behind her. her attacker pushed her up against a wall in the construction area. the man -- >> produced a weapon, small handgun, forced the victim behind a construction pod or dumpster in the 1400 block of carlisle street where he robbed her and then sexually assaulted her before he fled the location. >> reporter: the police say they have additional video of the suspect. what they don't have at this point is his name. >> i say to you that anybody looking at the video clip or the still center city going to be able to recognize this male. someone knows this male. we ask that they give us a call. >> reporter: darby said there were several armed robberies just a few blocks from where monday night's rape robbery occurred. there is a belief that the man seen on the video could be linked to at least one of those cases: police would like to get the man in the video off the streets as soon as possible before he hurts anyone else. if you recognize him, they are urging you to call 686-tips.
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in north philadelphia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> and just two hours before that temple sexual assault a woman was attacked and robbed nearby. today we have learned that a suspect has been arrested. police say naim lester robbed a 23-year-old woman late monday night. two men grabbed the woman here in the 1500 block of west thompson street. they were able to get away with her purse. police have not released details about a second suspect. a wilmington man faces dui charges for the seventh time. police say they found 57-year-old john owens passed out behind the wheel of his car yesterday in newark. they say he had driven into the first student transportation bus yard and had hit a school bus. police say owens tried to drive away but hit a fence before passing out. police say he was driving without a license or insurance. pennsylvania governor tom wolf ordered cutbacks today as the state's budget stalemate enters its fourth month.
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wolf imposed a general hiring freeze of state workers as well as restrictions on travel. the highest ranking openly transgendered person in pennsylvania's government helped peco kick off lgbt physician month. today she spoke about her work as a health advocate and her experience as a member of the transgender community. well, a reverse graduation, if you will, is inspiring these freshmen at one northeast philadelphia high school to graduate in four years. 700 students at george washington high made a ceremonial pledge today to get their diplomas in four years. aramark corporation has agreed to help the students with on site visits and job fares. the idea here is to get more graduates in the hospitality workforce pipeline.
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because of the weather. that's good. >> they issued a statement about that. they'll keep monitoring it but they're going to go which is good. they'll be wet. how about those pesky hamstrings. desean jackson has been ruled out sun for the redskins because of his. demarco murray is questionable because of his. murray did participate fullly in practice again today, a good sign. you got to wonder what hurts more, his ham mee or his ego. after all last year's leading rusher has only 11 yards in the two games he's played so is his confidence shaken at all about the way he can produce in this offense. >> not at all. confidence will never waver at all. i have confidence in myself and this team, the coaching staff and this organization so not at all. >> but does he have confidence in our meteorologist? of course he does. we all do. exactly. so given a shrift in joaquin's path the game will be played as scheduled sunday at 1:00 p.m. at fedex field but it will be wet. advantage who? here's espn
6:19 pm
nfl analyst ron jaworski. >> my knee jerk reaction it will favor the redskins. they are not a dynamic down the field, they're a power running football team. they want to come off the ball and smash you. they have running backs that run with that style where the eagles running game has been more a finesse running game a lateral running game. when you have inclement weather i think players would rather go straight ahead than lateral. i would give a slight edge weather-wise to the redskins if we have this inclement weather. >> i can lie how he says if. cecily said it will be dry on sunday. forget what jaworski said. beautiful night for baseball. not exactly. phillies-marlins rained out. they'll play tomorrow starting at 4:05. hard to believe we had clear skies as temple begins to prepare for the night at shore lot. owls are 22-point favorites. don't worry about the travel. the road rules says coach rhule. >> i think our team has bought into what's next, when we go
6:20 pm
on the road it's us, it's what we can control and that's how we play. >> pounding rain of northeast took on roxborough. keith moore ran in for the vehicle kings and they charged away in the mud with it 38 to 12. you can stay dry and companies . check out high school huddle. >> the bloom mee weather didn't stop hundreds of folks from taking a 60-mile journey to try to eradicate breast cancer. the susan g. komen o event kicked off its opening ceremony in the rain in willow grove. it's a way for survivors and supporters to raise money trying to find a cure. participants will make their way to the finish line at philadelphia's navy yard on sunday.
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>> bit of a half and half weekend. cecily is here with the accuweather. what if this rain had been here last weekend with the pope. what a nightmare. >> or if the pope were coming this weekend exactly, a lots of people having to wear rain jackets. fortunately our weather will be improving but it's going to be a slow process. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have a lot of rain across the region and that band you a talking about at the top of the newscast moving toward the coast. you can see how that's just sitting to the east of the garden state parkway right now. atlantic city ocean city heading into sea isle city and inland that band i've been tracking across burlington county continues to lift very slowly up to the north. some pouring rain right over route 70 and 206 right now. and the flooding not really caused by the rain but caused by the persistent easterly flow. you ever been on the boardwalk in wildwood and you look at that big beach, it's a long
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walk to the ocean. well, chris posted this photo and you can see how the ocean is right up against the boardwalk. a lot of photos on my facebook page and my twitter accounts of the flooding. the coastal flooding and unfortunately we've got about four more tide cycles before the coastal flooding will end. the high tide right around midnight and lunchtime tonight. at 11:58 in atlantic city, the ocean high tide. then tomorrow 12:24 in the afternoon, 1:01 in the morning and 1:27 on sunday. unfortunate that coastal flooding will continue. in addition to the rain, the wind we have some cold temperature. currently in philadelphia it's only 50 degrees. trenton and allentown 49. millville 51. sea isle city 54 and wilmington 50 degrees. take a look at these wind gusts. inland pretty strong. philadelphia the wind gusts 40 miles per hour and even stronger in atlantic city. the wind gusts up to 43 miles per hour. so this is the reason why. this is not a nor'easter, it's
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not a coastal storm system. it's a stalled frontal boundary. high pressure to the north, weak lope to the south. this continues to pull up that tropical moisture and that's what's bringing us the heavy rain and that will continue tonight. future tracker showing 10:30 tonight if you're out and about on this friday night definitely take the rain gear. some heavy rain especially just to the south and east of the i-95 corridor. the good news is tomorrow it won't be nearly as wet as today but we will have some showers. 8 o'clock some showers around especially across south jersey. and even into the afternoon we'll have some scattered showers, again not widespread, heavy rain but it will be cloudy and it will be windy. so, this is really the weekend in a nutshell. that heavy rain into very early tomorrow morning. additional rainfall about a half inch to an inch and a half on top of the one to 3 inches we got earlier today. saturday will be showery and the better of the two days this weekend definitely on sunday. it will be dry, still a lot of clouds but late in the day could even see a few peeks of sunshine mainly north of philadelphia. still it will get better.
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in the meantime the latest on hurricane joaquin it's now a cat three hurricane, maximum sustained winds 125 miles per hour. you can see how it's now taken that jog up to the north and like you a talking about yesterday, not getting captured by that upper level low. you can see that low pressure nowhere near joaquin so that storm joaquin will head out to sea. no threat to the eastern seaboard. it will create some rough surf on sunday but again, that will not be hitting us. good news. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, windy with additional showers tomorrow. 58 degrees. breezy, cloudy but dry on sunday, 65 degrees and monday looking a lot better, some breaks of sunshine. on tuesday, beautiful day, 72 degrees. wednesday just as nice, 72. on thursday, we cloud up with a high of 72 and then on friday, mostly cloudy with a possibility of a shower with a high of 73 degrees. so, certainly a nasty start to the weekend but it will improve and i'll have an update on the coastal flooding on "action news at 11:00.
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>> thank you, cecily. finally tonight dirt has replaced the wooden floor as big trucks take center stage at the wells fargo center tonight. >> (revving engines). >> the action cam was there as drivers practiced their stunts for monster jam. the show kicks off tonight at 7:30 and there are three other shows this weekend. and abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six for jim gardner cecily tynan jaime apody ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass. have good night. hope to see you at 11:00.
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breaking developments tonight. new details on the gunman in the deadly campus shooting. what authorities have now discovered inside his home. also, the hero. the young father that charged record him. and what the gunman asked his victims right before he shot them. two dozen americans onboard a ship trapped in the waters of hurricane joaquin. the other major storm locked in place up and down the east coast, 14 inches of rain in some places. authorities warn even without the hurricane, this storm could be historic and life-threatening. the explosion, this time in a condo high-rise. multiple injuries. and the warning tonight. and the voice of an angel.


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