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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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getting a lot of buzz for doing something he has not done in 10 years. something he has not done in 10 years. next cki, this is amazing. the acme stock up sale is here. select varieties of general mills cereals are $1.88 each. green giant frozen vegetables, 88¢ each. and yoplait yogurt, 10 for just $4. honey, can you bring the truck? full, fresh & friendly. the acme stock up sale. it's just better. >> stormtracker 6 double scan shows the system lashing our area with drenching downpours and coastal flooding and it's wind whipped waves the whole
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sites of the world tonight and batten down the hatches this storm is not done yet. friday night. jim is off. i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" tonightp is ferocious storm swamping the jersey shore closing roads and making for a miserable october night ahead. we have the accuweather tomorrow and cecily tynan and adam joseph keeping track of the storm as high tide approac approaches within the hour. but first let's gets to the flooding situation that very moment and "action news" reporter trish hartman liver any north wildwood. trish. >> good evening monica strong winds out here this evening this is one of intersections covered in water earlier this evening and the next high side before midnight. firefighters here in north wildwood say they had to help families out of their home that water was getting a little too close for comfort. towns up and down the jersey shore meanwhile are bracing for
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more flooding tomorrow. angry winds and stringing rain pounded beachs in avalon. gusts of up to 60 miles an hour could bring down power lines overnight and towns and inlet bridges connecting avalon and sea isle city closed because of high water. >> we're advising everybody do not drive on flooded street or through flooded intersection you put yourself and first responders at risk. >> over the summer beaches were replenished for the first time since super storm sandy. that beach bill is now paying off. >> our beach has helped up and it's designed to withstand this and that's what it's doing. >> businesss in avalon shored one sandbags ready for another round of flooding and residents say they're ready too. >> we moved our doors higher ground. there's a -- we park at municipal parking lot a couple miles down. >> more than a dozen were pulled out of the marina. folks braved wind and train
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grab a snack. >> it's picking up quite a bit. >> i hope he can on the beach stone harbor had to get that off the beach and wanted to make sure everything was tied down. >> we found surfers that say it could make for great waves sunday. >> we grew up doing this stuff. so we're experienced and big swells high winds. >> coastal flood warnings are in effect through sunday and avalon the volunteer fire department has extra crew on standby in case anybody needs help. live in north wildwood. trish hartman. "channel 6 action news." >> residents in ocean city cape may county casting a nervous fwlaiz at the sea tonight since earlier high tide today swamped several blocks in from the shoreline. water rushed over bulk heads there and barrages flooded and many streets impassable with knee high water. we know they say rain is generally good luck for a wedding and check this couple
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out it's forcing bob and randy to scramble to find a new venue tomorrow they were set to get married on a deck of a home on west 17 and surrounding neighborhood turned into a note at high tide. >> they're predicting the same thing for tomorrow. we'll see if we can find somewhere else to find the thing so guests don't have to swim to the house. >> that would not be a fun way to start the wedding. let's get to meteorologist cecily tynan. do you have good news for them and the receipt of us. >> good news is rain tapers off tomorrow. we're not looking at steady, heavy rain tomorrow and double scan live showing a break in the action of south jersey and delaware temporary break. moderate rain over philadelphia. heaviest right now montgomery county. you can see it lifting through noyrs town and crossing blue route 422 and heading to limerick and souderton and lansdale getting this as well and wider view on live double scan showing there's one more really heavy band that is begi beginning to develop across the atlantic. that will move through in the
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overnight hours. that should be the last of heavy, steady rain and in the meantime i want to show what you is happening of carolinas and you see all the rain parts of south carolina already more than 6" of rain and they could end up getting more than a foot of rain. historic flooding expected in south caroline a here we're not talking about inland flooding and coastal flooding and unfortunately widespread beach erosion. this is why we have wave heights off the jersey shore 12 to 15 feet even more than 15 in some areas and that causes problems. likely not get hit by hurricane this weekend and we are getting tropical storm force winds. for more details let's head to adam joseph. >> yes, cecily wind gusts today impressive and they will duplicate themselves around here tomorrow. sea sea isle heights 56 miles an hour and tuckerton 65 ship bottom long beach island 52 miles an hour clocking in 47
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ocean city and not far from nat philadelphia within the last few hours wind gusts of 45 miles an hour. expect wind gusts during the day tomorrow 20 to 30 mimes an hour further you are north and west the heart of delaware valley 30 to 40 miles an hour and once again without any friction on the land that wind coming in off the ocean 40 to 55 miles an hour and persistent northeasterly wind aligning i itself with the coastline will cause mod troot major flood into sunday and every time we hit high tide the next is midnight and following one around noon tomorrow with waves again 6 to 10 feet it's not only ocean side but bay and also delaware river. monica when meteorologist cecily tynan comes back she'll talk about sunshine returning and big improvement in the 7 day forecast. >> all right. thank you so much. sir. governor chris christie says the state of emergency remains in effect tonight even though it appears new jersey is dodging the bullet named joaquin however during a news conference today some governors
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other comments stirred up a bit of controversy combative christie singled out residents of margate who have resist aid plan to build protective dunes and have tide up the project in federal court. >> to towns like margate, you know, you are amongst the most selfish people in the state of new jersey and if this hurricane had come to shore, the damage that would have been done to lives and property in margate i hope it's worth the vanity act that you're all engaging in? >> the state wants to take the beach front through eminent domain and margate says it's protected by sea wall and he says it's "a shame christie made that comment about them." >> rainfall amounts vary across the area and keep track what is going nonyour own neighborhood by using our web site and we're updating with reports from the shore and along with videos and photos of any
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flooding. >> new surveillance video has police hoping they will soon have arrest in temple sex assault case. police released picture of the moments before and after that pack near the university campus overnight monday and vernon odom joins us at police special victims with the latest. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, monday kaxt here at special victims headquarters tonight detectives are standing by manning telephones hoping release of that video from septa will again rat a lot of tip calls tonight. >> can you tell police who this man is and where they can find him? they're convinced he's the person that sexually assaulted and robbed a 20-year-old temple university student late monday night as she walked home 1400 block of north caroline. she had just come from library with a friend and they just parted ways broad and cecil b. moore when set upon by a begun wielding man. >> force the the victim behind
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a construction pod or dumpster in the 1400 block of carlisle street and he remembered area hen sexually assaulted her. >> it happened close to where i live. that's probably what made me most nerve bus it. >> this is septa from the broad and erie station after the assault. this earlier video is from broad and moore station prior to attack a few blocks away. police hope the clarity will lead to some key stipulate calls. he's now a suspect in several earlier gunpoint robbyes in this section of town. >> this is our suspect in our particular incident and the robbery, rain, 1400 carlisle street as well as at least one of the other incidents. >> the attack on the student rattled temple university communicatety. tonight, students are hoping this video will help police quickly make the caller. >> i don't actually live on this side of campus i live on
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park avenue and it's kind of sketchy area and i've already been afraid of walking home but after this, like, i'm just hoping they find the guy. i feel better knowing there's a picture out there. >>reporter: monica, the word from police tonight, if you know who that man s. please call them right away dial 911. live in hunting park. i'm vernon odom, "channel 6 action news," monica. >> thank you vernon. we're getting new details tonight about mass shooting at that community college in oregon. umpqua community college confirmed chrismer mercer was a student at the school and during the attack the 2 26-year-old had steel plated armour as well as six guns on him and 7 more guns found at the apartment he shared with his mother. now according to reports the gunman gave papers and computer thumb drive to somebody on campus before the shooting. they were loaded with hat hate-filled writings.
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>> it's been a devastating day. devastating tore me and my family. shocked. shocked is all i can say. >> today we had learned more about the victims. the nine people killed range in age from 18 to 67 and tonight army veteran chris mintz is called a hero yesterday he charged at the gunman trying to save anyone he could and shot 7 times and he is recovering tonight. >> still to come on "action news" 31 years after the crime police in bucks county say they solved a cold case, rain and murder. and it's no longer summertime but will smith is back to getting jiggy with. it his first new song in a decade. >> tracking heavy rain on the way. this buoy off the coast showing wind gusts of 51 miles an hour. i'll let you know when rain moves out and winds diminish and have latest on hurricane joaquin in the forecast. >> plus "high school huddle"
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and eagles looking to have the nfc east with washington. and eagles looking to have the nfc east with washington. "action news" continues in a
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tw men facing charges in connection to the 1984 rain and murder he of bensalem teenager. police arrested george shaw and robert sanders for more than 30 years barbara rowan's murder was unsolved. today police say shaw killed her. she was babysitting his daughter. he was high on meth at the time and saunders helped shaw get rid of the body. former eagles serving fryer was led away in handcuffs today serving a sentence for mortgage fraud. fryer's mother was in the mount holly courtroom this afternoon for her involvement in the scam. she got three years probation. well, job growth slowed in the latest report from u.s. labor department the economy only added 142,000 new jobs after a string of larger gain. many analyst believed that was due to international troubles finally catching up here at
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home. unemployment remains stawdy 5. 5.1% a 38 year low. >> we're partially catching a break as far as joaquin is concerned. >> coastal flooding is bad today. you can imagine if we had a hurricane headed our way. that's fortunately headed to sea. we have more coastal flooding to sunday. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the shore actually catching a break as far as rain right now we have a batch of heavier downpours working through montgomery county, horsham. worchester and working up 309 headed to 202 and there's one more band waiting offshore that will be moving through in the overnight hours right now it is raw and it's damp and it's col cold. 50 degrees right now the high today, 57 degrees. remember monday monday we hit 85. what a difference. allentown 48. trenton 48. millville 51 and wilmington currently 49.
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wind gusts show atlantic city airport still reporting wind gusts of 40 miles an hour and that's winds continue to howl through the day tomorrow and finally begin to diminish tomorrow night and then sunday the winds definitely a lot lighter. satellite 6 and action radar showing that's the band i'm tracking that moves through in the overnight hours and then things taper off early tomorrow morning. 8:00 in the morning lots of clouds. a few scattered showers and not widespread heavy rain headed into the even again peppering of skaerted showers for the most mart not looking wet and saturday could be better of two days. showers near the shore and generally most of the day dry and finally by the afternoon we could see peak physicians of sunshine north and west of philadelphia. sunday the better of two days. the problem down the shore will be the winds. winds gusting 40 to 55 miles per hour through the day tomorrow before diminishing
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sunday 6 to 10 foot waves means major costsal flooding in terms of high tide and we've seen it happening beach erosion will continue right into the weeken weekend. the good news is, hurricane joaquin continues to head up to the north and should be heading out to sea. maximum sustained winds 125 miles per hour cat three hurricane and starting to accelerate northeast at 10 miles an hour that's the direction we wanted to hold and it looks like it will, no threat to the eastern sea board and it could really kick up the surf on sunday and monday down the shore. but we will not get direct impact from joaquin and that's good news. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. cloudy, cool, windy, few showers tomorrow. 58 degrees. better day sunday. breezy, cloudy for the most part. peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. 65 degrees. and monday here comes sun and temperatures in the 70s. 70 degrees tuesday and wednesday. good amount of sunshine and pleasant, 72.
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thursday increasing clouds 72 and friday mostly cloudy with high of 73 degrees and possibility of a shower. i keep saying it looks like joaquin will head to sea. it has not done so yet. we have to monitor that. in six hours we'll have new information on the storm on "action news" beginning 5:30. >> rain didn't stop the opera have coming to south broad it was opening tonight for philadelphia opera new production and the night kicked off with this black tie gala and in and outdoor ballroom and performance inside at academy of music. performance inside at academy of music. the show itself runs until next
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>> james jury here countdown on for eagles redskins. >> some people's hamstrings are not idea which is not good. desean jackson we were excited to see him begin. he was ruled out because of his hamstring and demarco murry ruled out because of his hamstring. demarco murry not ruled out completely he has 11 yards in the two games played. he has to be itching to get back in and get numbers back too. demarco wants to go every week every day i don't think it has anything to do with starts, no starts, missing last week or not missing last week. he's highly competitive player that wants dobb on the practice field and wants to be on the game field i don't think it has anything to do with whether he has a connection -- successor
11:24 pm
didn't have success. >> i have confidence if myself and the team and staff and the organization. >> 1974 the cost of gallon of gas 75 cents and richard nixon and ger arld ford president. it and it was last time temple started 4-0 until tonight. owls in charlotte played in miserable weather. he is smiling now. pj walker connected with anderson two for two touchdowns 24-3. how about special team. blocked punt. nate l. smith takes back for score. owls win it 37-3 won back to back-to-back road games for first time in program history it is so fun to watch temple owls, phillies rained out tonight and will play double header tomorrow and flyers lost their preseason finale to
11:25 pm
devils. "high school huddle" let's go. >> all right. >> so much fun. >> thank you, james jury. >> philadelphia star will smith is trending again coming out of retirement with first song in ten years♪ a remix of the song fiesta by bawb stereo he famously until now refused to swear in his songs and it appears at the age of 47 broke his own rule and used a curse word in new lyric of 47 broke his own rule and used a curse word in new lyric lyrics.
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>> dozens ever folks spent friday night tonight at the doylestown fire department they have their own annual on house. its with a way for dhoyrn learn about fire safety and learn about firefighters and kids got dress up as firefighter and got use a fire hose. how about that? philadelphia firefighters and civilians were honored tonight for fire safety efforts, 44 annual fire prevention dinner dance and way to recognize firefighters that show commitment to fire prevention in the neighborhood. and high school huddle is next. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rogers, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team i'm monday smron a good night and great weekend. >> you want it. >> no it's yours. >> high school huding coming up next. >> high school huding coming up next. >> good one.
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>> thanks cecily this is only dry football tonight it's rainy addition of 6abc "high school huddle" presented by gmc while some games postponed due to weather there's lots of games get through tonight in city in the burbs and of course, delaware including our game of the week featuring bensalem team looking for first win. the week featuring bensalem team looking for first win. huddle kicks off in 60 seconds hi we're the cheerleaders and hi we're the cheerleaders and you're watching "high school huddle" on 6abc you're watching "high school dan cuellar


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