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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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jersey shore the action cam was in in absecon, where the road was flooded on the white horse pike. in north wildwood, a shopping cart floating down the road. a home fell victim to the flood waters. this is a picture of the home as meteorologist cesily tynan showed from her facebook page last night on "action news" at 5:00. this is how it looks 7 hours
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later at high tide. as you can see it fell into the water and is likely a total locals. meteorologist david murphy joining us, the shore got hit. >> reporter: it's going to get hit today at times of high tide. the rain isesing -- easing back but the winds and water a problem. it's wet there's a fair amount of rain west of philadelphia, pinwheeling away, but damp conditions in the i-95 corridor, as well. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you at least the rain is beginning to lift out of here, we are rather damp out there. if you're driving around or walking around early, you'll want rain gear and make sure the windshield wipers are working. the heavy bands did lift off the ocean, most of the heavier stuff pushed off to the north and west
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of us. we have more sprinkles and showers coming in off the ocean and we have the strong wind riding down off the ocean and enough to continue our problems with coastal flooding. so a coastal flood warning in effect today until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. ocean high tide is ranging between noon and 2:00 p.m. up and down the coastline. the waves are of to 10 feet. if you're down the shore, you have the same sorts of issues at high tide than you had last night. there's a wind advisory, right along the coasts where gusts could go up to 350 miles per hour. we had gusts up to 60 miles per hour yesterday. as we look at current wind gust also in the 30s getting up to 40 down the shore, not as far inland, but strong enough to bring down branches. 51 in philadelphia. 46 in allentown. 60 in sea isle city. it's a cool windy start, as we
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roll through the day, 5 # by 8:00. noon, 54. that's the high, 57 degrees, alicia, we don't have the volume of and on tap always we did yesterday, i'll show you that on future tracker 6 and give you numbers the rest of the weekend and going into the workweek. things are looking better. >> parts of north wildwood began flooding before the high tide moved in. towns up and down the jersey shore were preparing for flood water. trish hartman was in wildwood last night and has the details. >> reporter: angry winds and stinging rain pounded the beaches in avalon. gusts up to 60 miles per hour could bring down power lines overnight. the town townsend bridge. >> do not fly on the streets or
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flooded intersections. >> reporter: over the summer these beaches were replenished since super-storm sandy. that beach is paying off. >> the beach is designed to withstand it and that's what it is doing. >> reporter: we saw businesses shored up with sandbags ready for another round of flooding. residents said they are ready, too. >> we parked at the municipal parking lot a couple of roads down. >> reporter: folks braved the winds and rain to grab groceries and snack. >> it's intense. it's picking up quite a bit. >> had to get that off the beach in stone harbor. >> reporter: not everyone is complaining, we sounds surfers who say the storm could make for great waves on sunday. >> we grew up doing this stuff. we're experiencing big swells and high winds.
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>> reporter: coastal storm warnings are in effect through sunday, the coast guard has a crew on stands by in case anybody needs help. >> residents in ocean city, cape may county are keeping an eye on things, well. water ran over bulkheads, garages were flooded an many streets were i am passable with knee-high water. this couple had to scramble to find a new voan ufor their wedding -- venue for their wedding. they were scheduled to get mothered on the deck of a home at 17th street. critics chris talked about the flooding along the jersey shore. he was combative and singled out the people of mar get who fought
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a plan to not get the dunes. >> towns like margate, you are among the most selfish people in time state of new jersey. if the hurricane that had come to shore the damage that would be done to lives and property in margate, i hope it's worth the vanity act you're engaging. >> reporter: margate's mayor said the city is protected by a sea wall and he said quote it's a shame that christy made that kind of comment about them. >> the rainfall amounts are at, we have the latest updates from the time shore along videos and photos of the flooding. deadly highrise of an apartment building in the chestnut hill section of philadelphia has cost a man his
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life. the action cam was on the scene firefighters rushed to the building after getting a call that a fire broke out on the 18th story structure. crews pulled an unconscious man from the apartment. the victim was pronounced at the hospital. firefighters evacuated the building during the blaze. the residents were allowed to return, so far no word on a cause. a man has been taken to a delaware hospital after being hit by a car while walking on a bridge. the action cam was on the scene on the 1400 block of north washington street in wilmington. the man in his mid 30s was walking across the bridge in the rain when he was struck. medics gave him cpr and transported him to christiana hospital. there's no word ons condition. the driver of the car stopped immediately and did remain at the scene. philadelphia police have released new surveillance video they hope will help them lead to
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the suspect in the temple sex assault case. the pictures were released moments before and after the attack near the university campus on monday. vernon odem has details. >> reporter: can you tell tell police who this man is and where they can find him? this is the person who sexually assaulted and robbed a 20-year-old temple student on north carlisle. they -- she had just parted ways with a friend when she came upon a gun wielding man. >> forced the victim behind a construction pod in the dumpster on the 1400 block of carlisle street where he robbed her and sexually assaulted her. this is septa surveillance video from the broad and erie station after the assault. this earlier video is from the
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broad an moore station a few blocks away. he is a suspect in several earlier gunpoint robberies. >> this is our suspect in our particular incident, the robbery, rape, 1400 carlisle street, as well as at least one of the other incidents. >> reporter: the i attack on the student has rattled the temple university community. students hope this video will help make a collar. >> i live in a sketchy area and i am afraid of walking home. after this, i hope they find the guy. >> reporter: if you know who that man is, please dial 911 right away. in hunting park, i'm vernon odem channel 6 "action news." the newest batch of
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philadelphia police officers are hitting the city streets, the rookies of west philadelphia's 19th police district were honored for completing their foot beat. the captain gave encouraging words and advice, as well. as the officers were given their permanent assignments. congratulations to them. >> remember can it from the tv series night rider? want one? a self driving car could be hitting the market. south carolina is flooding this weekend and parts of our area, too, david. >> reporter: especially down the the shore, we have a cloudy and windy day, the coastal flooding issues, not very comfortable. 57 degrees well below the average high of 71. things get better in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll have that and the latest track on hurricane joaquin. that's just ahead.
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>> some roads in the carolinas are turning into rivers. 14 inches of rain has inundated some towns and the rain keeps falling. one person died in the flooding in spartanburg, south carolina. overnight the governor of south carolina urging people in low-lying towns to flee their homes. once the rain ends there may be more flooding because the grounds are too saturated.
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strong winds are threatening down trees and wires. >> anyone who watched the temple football game they were down in the carolinas, it portland the whole game. when i want to bed they were up 27. that was all right. there is rain out there obviously, but the heavy stuff has pushed north and west, as we go in tighter there's light, spotty nuisance precipitation in and around philadelphia. they are in the process of drying out, as we go out wider more shower activity building in off the ocean. generally speaking a lot less rain around today than what we had yesterday and i will show you that on future tracker in a couple of moments. as we go outside, we have sky6 live hd at the shore, the cameras is bouncing the rest of the weekend, especially down the shore we have wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour this afternoon. future tracker 6 is plotting the current situation welling with
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the heavier stuff lifting away from us, we have more shower activity off the ocean. we go up to noon there's the possibility of spotty shower act act -- activity. it will be cloudy cool and damp, the active rain will not be as bad. the best chance of showers is down the shore. we get into 11:00, it's mainly cloudy skies. winds go up to 350 miles per hour down the shore. as we -- 50 miles per hour. even as the winds sag they are significant. 41 in atlantic city. in philadelphia up to 30, 35 at times. the general winds will run 20 to 30 miles per hour away from the shore today with higher gusts, but, again the shore getting pounded with the heavy wind today. temperature cool, 51 degrees by 8:00. 53 by 11:00, the high is
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57 degrees at 3:00 p.m. cloudy and windy and chilly. 55 is the high in allentown. 62 in cape may. 64 in atlantic city. at the shore we have another round of major coastal flooding potential today at times of high tide. high tide at sea is 12 noon, noon to 2:00 p.m. up and down the shore. we have another one after midnight tonight that could bad. sunday's high tide is 1:27 in the afternoon, we're looking at the potential for some flooding there, as well. the gusts at the shore, 40 to 50 miles per hour. waves are significant and more major coastal flooding and beach erosion is possible. if you're heading out on the town across the region, bring a coat, 55 degrees by 5:00. probably the same at 7:00 and 9
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and 53 at 11:00 p.m. we'll have light sprinkles and showers around, but mainly cloudy. hurricane joaquin is pulling away from the bahamas. looks like the storm will be passing our latitude at 3:00 a.m. as a category one, it will be so far out to sea it will create rough surf. 63 tomorrow, cloudy and breezy, mainly dry, and breezy and milder on monday, getting up to 67. after that looks like the rest of the workweek is nicer with highs in the low 70s. the next chance of rain would appear to be friday night into saturday. just in time for the beginning of the weekend. >> well, listener you're going to love -- well, listen you're going to love this story, we
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know firemen have prowess in the kitchen, one firefighter has a way of making phone for his fire company. >> i love that you wear two different uniforms, you have your chef white and fire fighting gear. >> reporter: gino uses the kitchen to make his preserves and the meeting room has been turned into a staff room. >> you do the cooking and the jarring and labeling. >> reporter: yeah. >> until the sirens go. >> reporter: 5% of the sales eat this goes back to the fire company. their specialties include the savory bacon marmalade. they serve zonal spreads. >> it's -- season spreads. >> it's local and farm fresh.
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>> reporter: right now white peaches are being picked for the preserves. >> now you're serving up something hot with the peppers. >> reporter: geno takes pride that each profile has layers to it. >> it does. >> it is not about the heat, as much as the flavor of the food. >> reporter: with each jar filled eat this is building a business and giving back to the community. >> all this is paying it forward. >> reporter: i'll take mine, see you. >> that bacon marmalade is delicious. tonight on fyi philly, it's our first ever give back special for those who celebrate and use their time and energy for a good
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if you're just waking up, sky6 live hd philadelphia international airport, 51 degrees and the rain is starting to taper a little bit, at least it's not as bad as yesterday. david murphy will have the full accuweather forecast coming in just a few minutes. >> in "healthcheck" if you're trying to quit smoking low nicotine cigarettes may be the way to go. the new england journal of medicine gave regular smokers regular cigarettes and ones that contained the lower amount of nicotine. those who smoked the lower nicotine cigarettes smoked fewer per day. drunk driving is on the decline. that's according to a new study
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released by the governor's highway safety association. 40% of injured drivers tested positive for drugs in 2013 from meth to prescription medicines that affect the ability to drive, in one-third of the cases marijuana was detected. we're looking at the benefits of mediation, one hospital near boston is using mediation to ease fears and soothe worried family members and give staffers a recharge. it's an alternative form of therapy for thetic is. it can lower bloom and reduce anxiety and aggression and boost the immune system. >> it provides a tool for self soothing and calming down and finding a sense of peace in the moment.
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morning, the sun is trying stil. it is winds and highs of 57 degrees, bundle up. david murphy will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. driving in the future could simply mean telling the car where you want to go and sit back and enjoy the ride. abc kneel -- neil karlinsky went in google's self driving car. >> reporter: this little bubble of a car might be the future. we were invited to ride in the
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google self driving car prototype. >> there's no steering wheel in here. we're dodging a car. we're going slowly and trailing behind. >> reporter: with a top speed of 25 miles per hour we were on a closed course for a four minute ride filled with obstacles meant to simulate the real world. >> it's spacious in here, there's two of us, there's a go button and stop button that's all there is. >> reporter: one car stopped midway, the rest went googly. it's no gimmick. they believe it will be a reality before you think. >> we've been driving on public roads for 90 years. this is what the car sees, it identifies people and other cars and everything. apple is working on its own prototype car. others, too, but at google the
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secret is out, they are letting the car do the talking and the driving. neil karlinsky abc news, mountainview, california. >> we have more coming up on "action news" saturday morning. matt damon stuck on mars in his latest film the martian stay with us we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, saturday, october 3, eva is off, i'm alicia vitarelli. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, a tree succumbs to heavy rain overnight. the storm battering the jersey shore and whipping up the waves. philadelphia police release surveillance video as they search for a suspect who sexually assaulted a temple university student. let's get to the forecast, meteorologist, david murphy, it's brisk and windy, the rain is starting -- >> reporter: yeah, the rain is dieing down, you'll see less rain around the region than yesterday. sky 6 still cloudy, you'll see


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