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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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beach erosion up and down the jersey shore next on "action news." beach erosion up and down the jersey shore next on "action >> concern on campus after a threat of violence directed at local colleges. that threat was posted on same
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internet message board where the gunman in last week's oregon issued his warning. saturday night say warning from federal agencies of threat against colleges and university in the philadelphia area. >> made no mention ever a specific school and didn't mention a specific time. live at drexel university with the detailed, david henrey. david. >>reporter: well ring walter, the threat is non specific and was as sarah mentioned posted on same message board that was apparently used by killer in that oregon massacre last week and it has local students here wondering whether or not they should go to class tomorrow. no one really knows what to think about it. it's like i've never heal really heard anything about that before. i don't really know what to do. >> philadelphia area colleges have all worn students to be extra cautious. this was threat from spell
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tran. everyone is anonymous. they're posting last that praises gunman. on october 5, 1 p.m. central dime a fellow robot will take up arms at a university near philadelphia. frol authorities informed local schools today and they september out alerts to institute and staffs. >> it could be like st. joe's or penn s it like a bomb or a shooting. we don't know. >> the fbi says it issued warning out of abund apps of caution. it used a profile picture wlv appears to be a grinch in the mask holding a gun and that same picture was used in a post the day before the aria torresdale asen gerz in the u.s.. they're down playing threat as non specific and taking it serious enough to issue
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warnings. that left students wonder what to do. >> i were considering having one class. i have a written scam so i'm force to go and it will be like the deciding whether or not to. >> i think i'll be alert tomorrow and hopefully wish to the best nothing bad will happen. >> most say they'll be on the lookout for anything that looks suspicious. >> everything that happened people should be aware of surroundings and be caution. >> now, all of the colleges and university in the delaware valley are trying to reassure students and staff by telling them they will have extra security and campus police on patrol tomorrow. supplemented by their local police department. live in university city. david henry, "channel 6 action live in university city. david henry, "channel 6 action news." sarah. >> thank you. >> developing news out of chester where four people were shot. this 457d 8:30 this evening on
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21 street near edgemont and details are still unclear. window not know the extend of the victims' injuries and whether any port becomes available. >> moving on to the accuweather forecast and we finally saw peaks of sunshine late this afternoon and it was a welcoming sight after days of raw, nasty level of the week ahead is looking good. meteorologist melissa magee has a check of the accuweather forecast, melissa. >> walter we have something to look forward to, especially as we go throughout monday and the rest of our week week something to keep in mind there's a coas coastal flood advisory. manly areas in jersey. cape may, rehoboth in delaware minor flooding is a concern at the time of high and low tide. the issue most of our weekend has been guesty winds along the coast and they're starting to come down considerably and gusts of 29 miles an hour and
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beach haven high 23 miles an hour wildwood. sounds improvement it on the way. you can see by 1:00 in the afternoon you have sustained wind gusts 12 miles an hour to as high as 29 meals an hour in wildwood. northerly winds come in and set upshot and it kliz everything down. it's what's ahead, breezy tonight but wrap as a -- of sunshine. presidential we have a slow and gradual climb in temperatures. we'll talk about the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast sarah. >> thank you, things may take a turn for the better but many community as long the jersey shore spent today dealing with another day of coastal floodin flooding. large sessions of beaches have been washed away. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more now. >> we dodge aid bomb not a bullet. >> the beach was all but gone and folks were still breathing a sigh of relief as the waves
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cashdz against the sea wall. >> couple of this, everybody would have been he vac yaitsed. >> north wildwood says replenishment at the dom to startit hear this week and the rest will few time and planning. >> no problems here. as long as you wanted water front property you got it. >> this is video comes from casey's on third. i saw that. even when the water lapped at the front door saturday afternoon. >> it was only up to the door step. when the cars go by the wakes came in. double came in a little nothing like hurricane sandy. >> the mayor says this beach erosion likely goes to the point and they're assessing the damage. while the beaches do protect the property she says they will take millions to fix. >> we've been talking about the core of engineers and dep about
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replenishing project. >> mills yopz will come from the federal government, state and local taxpayers at 111 street beach erosion appears and came to check out the damage. >> we doesn't have flooding here along the building this time like we had with standee. this wall washed out with sandy. this time because hurricane not hitting we were okay with that. >> in stone harbor trish hartman "channel 6 action news." >> be sure to tune into "action news" starting 4:30 tomorrow morning for the latest accuweather forecast. our warm team will watch changing conditions and you know what to expect as soon as you start the week. >> "action news" learned that former naacp chapter president jer jury monzesire served from 1996 to last year when us is 13e7bded over ales of misuse of funds. on friday he was taken to jefferson hospital.
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his family sent a thank you. he was 65 years old. >> for the past three days hundreds of people walked dozens of miles all part of susan g. komen three die fight breast cancer. annie mccormick was there at the finish line. they made it after three days of trekking from willow grove to philadelphia averaging 20 miles a day hundreds walked through the emotional finish line at the navy yard. they gave high fives and held hands and held sneakers in the air. >> i lost very good friends and my mother-in-law. and i have two sister-in-laws with double mastectomyyes. >> we'reing sikt pink with susan g. komen foundation and participants work the 60 mile three day event to severe he wonder and how many you could
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like to see -- >> i'm supporting my mom who has breasts cancer and my awbt. >> i have a personal friend i lost end of february. di it for her. >> cheering sections throughout the walk helped keep energy high and molly came with one friend and levrts with many more. >> court or jury rodry with everybody and everybody is enjoying themselves. >> the event in philadelphia raised 2.7 million that goes to breast cancer research and community out reach programs and the event also witness race add wareness and that could save lives. >> i was surprise mortgaging my husband he did it because he had a friend tat died of breast cancer it was a male and a lot are not aware males can get -- >> if nothing else it gets people to get out and get a mammogram. they can't do it too soon. >> a thousand and people participated in the philadelphia three day and
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total 7 three days across the country in better cities. >> reporting at the navy yard, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> there's more to come on "action news". today's rough sure ever at the jorz jury nor had a head on collision with the waves. >> and he past tlus the heartbreaking minutes of the today's final game. jeff skversky has sports when today's final game. jeff skversky has sports when we
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>> today the coastguard found a 225 square mile debris field
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filled with sheing containers. it's been four days since that boat went missing 28 people on board. it was traveling from jacksonville to puerto rico when it wloingt power near the bahamas. >> devastating for parts of south caroline a downtown columbia rainfall 17" in 17 hours and four passenger. >> hundreds of thousands of people are now being told to boil water before consuming as a precaution and many completely are without water because of string of water main breaks. defense secretary carter is is having a northern bombing in afghanistan. the investigation will look into whether u.s. aircraft supporting american and after gap forces which are responsible for the attack which killed 22 people.
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>> and today, families from roseburg oregon gathered at a church to remember and fray for victims at the community collegeing -- one was saved when fellow students fell on top of her after she was shot. he lost his life and reverend randy says. >> i'm not sure if grateful recovers it. also as a dad realizing i got her back. >> the college is reopening tomorrow only for a day to let students gets belongings and all students are classes are cancelled for the week. >> the whether in our area is rough. especially for a jet skier to be rescued after he got slammed by rough surf. >> looking liver at center city sky6 at lele university.
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or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> windy kndz turned up chopry waves at the shore. this jet skier in point pleasant had to be rescued when he got hit hard by a wave. he was thrown into the water and jet ski tossed into the jettych the coastguard was called in to rescue him and he was treated by local ems at the scene and the exempt of his injuries not clear. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee we said it before it was so nasty. >> yeah. >> past couple days. >> it's been brutal and good news we have relief on the way. as the week wears on still talking about it, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar it's dry and quiet. no rainfall that we're dealing with at this hour. no gusty winds and coastal flooding is also starting to subside as we go throughout the
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overnight hours in fact that coastal flood advisory. >> we'll show you the picture outside today of the ben frankly parkway. rather cloudy and every way we look towards city hall and the flag slowly blowing in the whipped. so winds definitely diminished. definite limb prooxt not as harsh as yesterday. 8 off the mark. 71 s dealing with northerly or northeasterly wind that hour. chilly in the poconos 46. 57 in philadelphia along the coast in sea isle city and trenton 50 from allentown and reading at this hour. the sustained wind speed not bad. 3 miles an hour in reading and sustained window 12 in philadelphia and wind as high as 16 for both beach haven and atlantic city. as we go throughout tonight.
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into the overnight hours even early tomorrow morning these winds diminish. satellite 6 and action radar we're tracking believe it or not area of low pressure giving us the gusty winds and all that torrential rain across the region and folks in the carolinas over the past two days have been dealing with moisture kind of streaming out and pressing inland. they have seen more than 15" of rain in some locations. back at home we'll track an area of low pressure that stays away from the region and out to sea h sea eventually. they will break for sunshine monday afternoon. here's a setup tomorrow. breezy. high temperature 66. high pressure nosing southward. as we go throughout the day on tuesday, high pressure continues to get closer and closer to our region and the low start to depart and hurricane we were tracking starts to move away from the area as well. that will create more in the way of sunshine and milder temperatures tuesday afternoon coming in at 72. and here's the latest with the hurricane.
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it's a category one storm. winds 80 miles an hour and winds moving north, northeast. this passes over bermuda the rest of tonight and starts to weaken in intensity over the next 48 hours and you can see well away from mid-atlantic region. here's the forecast and day planner, 53, 8 a.m.. cloudy start 11 a.m. 59, breaks and pockets of sun by the afternoon at 2 p.m.. 65 and 64 the number at 5:00 in the evening and the accuweather 7-day showing breaks of sun tomorrow good looking did day at 66 and bright and sunny 72. it's a pleasant fall afternoon wednesday 74. thursday sunshine to increasing clouds and 70. it's cloudy on friday with rain developing at 9 and 71. little over 70s upper 60s to get a big blanket.
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>> thanks melissa. >> it's crown jewel of the puerto rican festival in philadelphia. >> objection we're talking about the annual puerto rican day parade mostedly good people from concealo. i was honored to broadcast this alongside 6abc -- and i willia cigar see a. usually this is scheduled for the last thursday in september bought it was closed because ever double header. >> there were parades after the puerto rican day parade. then the polaski pride rolled through. 6abc is proud sponsor as this through. 6abc is proud sponsor as this as well sports coming up next
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october you still have mrentstive time update your holiday wish list. >> jeff skversky has a check on sports and it's slow starts killingkilling the birds they're going. >> eagles are kicking the themselves once again. it's a broken record. for the fourth time in four games eagles go entire half without a touch down and kicker cost them too. again today. eagles get does he marco murry back against redskins and can't get anything running in the first half. caleb sturges maces from 3 and mixed extra point that's four points after four straight quarers without a score eagles come back in the third. sam bradford 6 2 yards for riley cooper. down 13-6. next possession 3rd & 7
11:28 pm
bradford under pressure. brent sem he can wide on. start of the fourth. down three. turnover leads toe this bradford another bomb. miles austin. eagles have the lead for the first time they're up four. final minutes. kurts cousins lead red skipdz on 90 yard drive. buck 18 left. 1st down. 26 second left. cousins this time back to garcon. what a catch. eagles lose 23-20 and they have lost three or four. jamie apody has more from washington. >> if a shame really a late loss spoiled what looked kd to be signs of life from the eagles offense. jason kelce called it a disgrace not 1 and 3. >> who do we need to write the ship. it was a close game again. it's unacceptable. i'm very frustrated if we knew the answer we would
11:29 pm
get it fixed. now we have to find out the answer with fraught ration comes voice of it. at this point last year demarco murray had three times as many and 500 more yards. is he getting enough touches. >> no i'm not i don't think i am. it's how -- the plays are being called and you know i'm -- i lover this ow fence and playing with these guys and it's how it is. >> did we forget the eagles lost the game by three points. new kicker caleb left four points on the field. eyes red with tears he owned up afterwards. >> the rest of the team gave a good effort and played well it's tough knowing that i didn't do my part. >> stur jess is probably one and done after that? so many issues to address and not enough time. saints come in next week. jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> james jury we'll see new a
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few minutes on "action news" sports sundays 11:30, brandon graham will join us in studio and phillys are headed home after finishing season with the worst record in baseball. well, at most all of them are heading home there's a coach that win be in miami. he's finishing up with the marlins today and the kids love their baseball team. the best? i don't know about the best. phillies score 7 unanswered runs to come back and beat miami. erin o'hearn drives in four including triple in the 7th. they avoid they finish 99. >> people can laugh and say well you still lost 99 games and at the same time you know i think we made it a goal we don't want to lose 100 we played well at the end of the season sweeping mets i don't think ib would do that it's a good way to end the is. >> nas


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