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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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happening on this monday october 5. >> philadelphia area colleges are on alert is the fbi investigates a threat made online. the coast guard is searching for a u.s. cargo ship that lost contact during hurricane joaquin. governor saying they have not seen a storm like that that in south carolina in 1,000 years. it is 4:30, monday, october 5, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. let's head over to karen rogers she is talking about sun and
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matt pellman filling in on traffic duty. >> reporter: good morning, we're starting off with satellite 6 and action radar. we're seeing clouds through the region, no rain at this point we'll see sunny breaks through the clouds, all in all a much brighter afternoon. we have minor tidal flooding until 7:00 p.m. tonight along the coastline through cape may county and cumberland county and delaware, as well. 53 degrees the current temperature, 48 degrees in allentown. 49 in reading, 54 in millville. 57 in atlantic city. as you look at the wind gusts a lot better than over the weekend. we have gusty winds along the coastline, 23 in beach haven. the i happened winds have not been too bad. it will be breezy at times with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
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gets better tomorrow. do you remember the giant omplet rb in the -- giant orb in the sky, matt pellman? >> reporter: it's very faint, i think when it arrives it will look familiar. good morning, everybody, we're live looking at the schuylkill expressway henderson road and 202 we have a broken truck on the shoulder sticking out into the right lane. traffic heading westbound toward 202 and the turnpike has been getting by without problem. if under off late last week, the benjamin franklin parkway both drives are open. the vine is moving just fine. no overnight construction there, that construction is scheduled for next week. when they start the overnight closures on the vine. cottman avenue so far not so bad, you can't exit at cottman
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because of overnight work going on. the black horse pike high water west of the ac expressway. right lane is out of commission as we kick things off on this monday morning. a warning from the fbi has area colleges on alert a posting threatens violence near a university in philadelphia that's what it said this afternoon. erin o'hern is live at temple, one of the area schools that notified students about the threat. >> reporter: good morning, tam, universities in philadelphia and law enforcement are taking the threat very seriously what they are calling abundance of caution. it is nonspecific it says the violent act will take place at 1:00 p.m. central time. >> i never heard anything about that before, i don't know what to do.
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>> reporter: the consensus on campus is remain extra vigil today posted on 4chan it states on october 5th a fellow robot will take up arms at a school in philadelphia. schools are play downing the threat. students are responding. >> i was going to not go to class, i have a written exam so i am forced to go. >> i think i will be alert tomorrow and hopefully wish for the best. >> reporter: schools were warned of the threat by the atf and the fbi. temple and penn are working with local and federal law enforcement and increased police
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visibility on campus. >> after what happened so far people are aware of their surrounding and be cautious. >> reporter: that's what school officials have alerted students and staff to do they said be cautious on campus today and be extra aware of your surrounding and notify school officials or law enforcement if they see anything or anyone that appears suspicious. as we get any new information from law enforcement or the university we'll bring it to you this morning. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning, a 36-year-old gunshot victim is recovering at a philadelphia hospital. police say someone opened fire on the man in the 4000 morocco before midnight. former naacp chapter, jerry
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mondesire who served as the head of the philadelphia branch. naay. p when he was suspended over misuse of funds. community affairs editor on wdas. a estimate was i should saying jeer used the power of the pen and the bull horn to advocate for those in philadelphia without a voice. mondesire's family sent us a statement thanking us for his support. i found jerry a strong principled voice on the issues, but i will remember him for his love of his children. funeral arrangements are pending. coast guard are looking for since of a missing cargo ship. yesterday crews found 225 square
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mile debris field filled with wood and styrofoam and pieces of shipping containers. the ship's other than said the el faro has two certified life boats that can hold 43 people each. floodwaters hit a dangerous extra yesterday. >> reporter: this flood at rooftop level. some residents losing everything. >> everything that i own, all my memories, everything i worked for is all gone. >> as onlookers hope the floods will stay away from them. >> water is getting closer and closer. >> reporter: after government-imposed curfews, residents are waking up to
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scenes of destruction today. >> we have not seen this level of rain in the low county in 1,000 years. that's how big this is. >> reporter: officials warning residents flash floods are expected to continue this road collapsing under the strain. even some rescue would comers in need of rescue. >> we have a mother and child stranded with a rescue would comer to get them we used a rescue to go get them and several people were picked off rooftops. >> reporter: this resident got out just in time. >> i thought we were going to die. >> reporter: a massive rescue effort has saved hundreds of lives and more door to door separations are expected as rains continue today. abc news washington. happening today, another medical marijuana dispensary
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opens in new jersey. it's located in belmawr camden county. four strains of pot are available at $480 an ounce. dozens of more strains will be available at the center. >> there's much more to come in "action news," including why american apparel is expected to file for bankruptcy as early as today. >> a deadly tornado struck in china during a typhoon. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry, and staying dry for a couple of days. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up.
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caught on camera in china. it was brought on by typhoon that left dozens of people missing. it hit an area of china where thousands flock for a holiday that runs through wednesday. >> isn't it nice to have quiet weather especially when people are being plagued by flooding rains. >> reporter: we're looking at dry conditions, storm tracker 6
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live double scan showing we have no issues. let's go outside and see when it looks like as sky6 live hd is looking in atlantic city. we'll have sunshine breaking through the clouds. all in all it's going to be a nice day. the temperature 53 degrees. the dewpoint 42. the wind are out of the northeast behaving themselves at 12 miles per hour, very windy over the weekend, today is not as windy, the barometer is falling. satellite and radar showing we have a good amount of clouds. we can see holes in the clouds so we'll get sunny breaks mixing with the clouds. a wider look, we can see the flooding rains that we continue to get in the carolinas, and south carolina they had record rainfall. my sister lives down there, they told them to stay inside just to drive around. for our neck of the woods, we're
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dry today. we'll have clouds spinning in. with the onshore flow along the coastline there's minor flooding. breezy and pockets of sunshine like we saw late yesterday. 67 degrees is the high today. for tomorrow, the low stays to the south, high pressure moves in and things looks better for us in the afternoon, we get to the low 70s, starting to get temperatures in the 70s. here we continue to follow hurricane joaquin with sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. however, it turns out to sea not impacting us. even though we did get a lot of rain and south carolina got rain, it is has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. not a bad way to start the week, right? , 67 degrees for the high. tomorrow, breezy, warmer,
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73 degrees for the high. wednesday, nice and sunny, bright, how about that temperature, above average, 75. thursday not as warm, but a nice day, sunshine, dry conditions, we're not forecasting a shower until friday, you've got a little bit of a break coming your way. just a few showers. 71 degrees for the high. saturday we start off with clouds, maybe a leftover shower, and then we'll see sunshine it will be cooler with 68 for the high. all in all, the afternoon not a bad one. on sunday, cool, as well. nice, of 6 degrees is the high. we're getting spoiled a little bit, i think we've earned it after the gloomy weather we have a few nice days coming your way. >> a jet skier in point pleasant had to be rescued when he was hit hard boy the wave. he was thoan through -- he was thrown into the water and his jet ski was caught in the jetty.
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the extent of his injuries is unclear. >> one of the jersey shore's most iconic landmarks needs a trunk lift. lucy in margate needs to have some of the crumbling wood replaced along with a new coat of paint. the small group that runs and maintains the national historic landmark is trying to raise the money for the upgrades. it will cost $58,000. we are at the big board to take a look at business. you remember all this oil gushing into the gulf of mexico. we knew that bp agreed to an 18 billion-dollar settlement over the spill. we didn't know the detail. that will change today. we'll get a breakdown from the justice department on the deal and see who gets how much money. social site linked in is
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settling a lawsuit for using an ads connect feature. anyone who used it can submit a claim to be included in the settlement. you only have until december 14 to do that. stocks ended up on the up side on friday. that was good to hear, but futures are looking mixed. american apparel is going to file bankruptcy today. sources may american apparel will close some stores and restructure the debt as it tries to reorganize. coming up later on "action news," sports fans are wary of what some are calling the taylor swift curse. a man hailed for being a hero in a deadly college rampage releases a message, we'll tell
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you when it is when we come right back. back to school?
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weekend things starting out quieter and calmer than last wook around here. -- week around here. exton along 100 you'll be
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without a lane, pretty much each night this week as they do milling and paving between business route 30. pennsylvania turnpike construction past morgantown they have the right lane blocked for overnight construction. we told you about a truck broken down westbound side near henderson road standard of caring out of the right lane that is reopened. as is i-95 at cottman avenue exit just reopened everything is nice and dry. soggy down the shore, 43, west of the ac expressway, right lane is blocked in both directions because of on going flooding. the college in oregon the site of the deadly rampage will reopen, umpqua will let students
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come back to get their belongings, but classes are canceled for the weekend. many families galleried to pray. a student who was spared by a gunman got an envelope with a flash drive with the shooter. that student had to watch as his classmates were shot. meantime the army veteran who was called a hero released a message from his hospital bed yesterday. >> hello, everyone, i'm doing well and i am overwhelmed by the support that i have gotten from everybody. >> chris mintz was shot seven times. he tried to block the door telling the gunman you're not going past. a go fund me page raise $750,000 for to aid in his recovery. "good morning america" will have an exclusive interview with the survivor inside the classroom during the shooting.
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"g.m.a." is at 7:00 a.m. after "action news." it's been a week since pope francis' historic visit to the u.s., one of the pope's former student who is gay is talking about the private meeting he had in washington, d.c. he said he had no problem having gay friends. when he met the pope he brought his boyfriend of 19 careers. he talked about old friends and told each other a couple of jokes. new details on a shooting in delaware county that injured a child. >> coming up next, how a teen was able to break free of a shark attack in florida. "action news" continues in just a moment. for life...
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gashed a teenage boy's hand in florida. the boy punch the shark to break free. the attack happened while the boy was testing a surf board. a black tipped shark four to five feet long bit the boy's left hand. his friend described the horrifying encounter. >> he was paddling, i thought he was coming to get us and stuff. his hand was red, he was screaming for help. >> there have been ten shark attacks this year in this same florida county. >> a dunkin' donuts worker had an apology to do to a police officer. the employee told the cop we don't serve cops here.
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she called the comment a joke. customers don't find it amusing. >> it's disful for someone whose putting on a uniform and carrying a gun and trying to protect me and my town and keep it safe. >> dunkin' donuts said the employee used poor judgment. the officer rejected a free coffee offer from the worker. the employee should say sorry to anyone else who found the comment offensive. >> some fans are worried about the taylor swift curse it's a curse that affects baseball teams after she visitors their city. fans blame her for the fall of the washington nationals and the padres. as you can imagine fans are hoping the curse is just a myth.
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we shall see. >> god forbid you look into the dug out and say what's going on. next half-hour of "action news" a small dog is being hailed a hero after an encounter with several bears.
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plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. 5:00 a.m. monday october 5, i'm tamala edwards along with nydia han, matt is off, here's what's happening. >> universities in the tri-state area are warning students and faculty about an unspecified threat of violence. beaches along the jersey shore are feeling the effects of the high tide and rough surf. >> a loss for the birds in the final minutes of the game. >> they were asleep in the first half and came back in the third quarter and then, let's go


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