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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> happening now on "action news," local campuses are on iletter. a threat is posted here on the same site that was used by last week's community college killer. >> catastrophic flooding swams south carolina. new video this morning, a daring rescue made during the powerful storm. >> civil rights lose a local leader. we'll take a look at the life of jeer mondesire. >> let's head over to karen rogers in for david murphy and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: the national weather service continues this coastline flooding we continue to have the onshore push that's creating the problems with the easterly flow. we have a good month of clouds, we'll see holes in the clouds and see sunshine today.
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not as windy as over the weekend. 52 degrees if in philadelphia. 50 in wilmington, 53 in millville. 58 in sea isle city with sustained winds at 12 miles per hour. here's a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. high today 67 staying below average. 9:00 a.m. you're at least in the 50s, 54 degrees with lots of clouds and peeks of sunshine. noon 61 degrees with sunny breaks, 3:00 p.m., 66. 6:00 p.m., 65 and we're staying dry. gets warmer in the coming days, details on that in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. matt. >> reporter: all right, karen we're feeling old timey with our black and white camera by the art museum. i'm showing this because this was the hotbed of activity after last weekend after the papal cleanup. everything is reopened
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everything is nice and dry, use them all, they are all open and ready for you on this monday. i-95 in northeast philadelphia. southbound go the tail lights approaching cottman avenue. we had overnight construction that blocked the off ramp from the northbound side of cottman that construction is gone. that ramp is reopened. we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike as you come out of the chester past morgantown. right lane is out of commission. there's on going construction on the ben franklin bridge taking out the right lane. traffic in both directions is moving fine. we expect to be back to normal westbound delays now that the parkway is reopened, the delays were not as bad at the end of last week. 42, getting word of a broken down truck on the northbound side by the black horse pike 168 blocking the acceleration lane. 322 still high water tidal flooding the right lane is blocked in both droakses --
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directions west of the ac expressway. >> is it real or hollow words, either way, local campuses are tense morning after an online threat used by the gunman in organ. >> reporter: nobody knows how to take the threat, but university officials and law enforcement are taking the threat seriously out of an abundance of caution. the threat is not specific to any university or school. it says an act of violence will takes place at 1:00 p.m. central time. >> 0 nobody knows what to think about it. i never heard anything about it before, so i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the consensus on
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campus has been to remain extra vigilant after a threat was posted on the site 4chan the same message board implicated in last week's school massacre. at 1:00 p.m. central time a fellow robot will take up arms near a university in philadelphia. schools are downplaying the threat posted with a profile picture of a frog with a gun. students are divided how to respond when classes resume. >> i was considering not going to class, but i remembered i have a written exam so i'm forced to go, it's like the whole deciding whether or not to. >> i think i'm going to be alert and wish for the best nothing bad will happen. >> reporter: schools were warned of the threat by the atf and the fbi. temple and penn notified students who are working with federal and local law enforce him and increase police
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visibility on campus. >> people should be aware of their surrounding and be cautious. >> reporter: we actually just saw something interesting about a few minutes ago we saw a bunch of students perhaps a sports team get on a bus outside there, and next to them was a police officer on a bike. he stayed there until the students boarded the bus, could that be a coincidence? , of course, universities did say they were upping patrols anticipate making sure police were more visible on campus. >> we lost erin there. >> other news this morning, a 36-year-old gunshot victim is recovering at a hospital. police say someone opened fire on the man in hunting park. the victim was shot in the thigh, he is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. the overnight shooting comes on the heels of a violent weekend. a total of 6 people were killed in philadelphia. the latest homicide happened
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early sunday morning. the argument sparked a deadly double shooting in strawberry mansion. officers found a man shot to death on 22nd street. a second victim was found outside around the corner. >> we're at the big board to look at the life and legacy of jerry mondesire. naacp chapter president has died at the age of 65. he served as head of the philadelphia branch of the naacp almost 20 years, last year he was suspended over allegations of misuse of funds. he played many other important roles. publisher of the sunday sun and community affairs on wdas and head of black journeyists. he used the power of the pen and the bull horn to advocate for those in philadelphia who did not have a voice. on a personal note.
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, jerry was a panelist on inside story on 6abc which i am a co-moderator. he was smart and savvy and strong andrincipled. what i remember most is the way he talked about his children, they got all the love and concern. >> now to the flooding in south carolina the governor is calling the rains a 1,000 year event. more door to door search operations are planned and residents have been under to at stay off the roads. in the capitol water companies issued boil advisories. people in other areas may not have drinking water for three or four days. seven water related deaths have been reported. this is new video of the coast guard hoisting a mom and daughter into a helicopter. president obama has declared a
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state of emergency here. >> turning to karen rogers after a rainy weekend in parts, a dreary weekend it's looking better. >> reporter: looking better, my sister lives in south carolina. i was talking to her, they have been told to stay indoors, they are getting more rain today, and it is not related to the hurricane. a lot of people think it is. it is well out to sea, it's the push of onshore flow and the area of low pressure that's plaguing them. things are improving for our region. storm tracker 6 live double scan around region we're dry and in fact we're staying dry for days to come. getting a nice stretch of weather your way. let's get outside and see what it looks like. officially we have mostly cloudy skies at philadelphia international, but we are going to see more breaks of sunshine today, feeling a little bit better. we're in the 40s in some suburbs. 48 in allentown and reading. 47 in lancaster. 52 in philadelphia. 49 in trenton. a little better of a long the coastline the mid to upper 50s there. a cool start to the day.
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satellite and radar showing lots of clouds, over the past half-hour or so we're seeing breaks in the clouds. we'll see sunshine peeking through the clouds not as dreary as it's been. there's that area of low pressure down to the south. the flooding rains continue for parts of south carolina we've been seeing the heavy rain in atlanta. for us we're dry today and the next couple of days staying dry. at the shore we have coastal flooding that's a concern. the biggest thing today will be the back bays will be flooded. the coastal flood advisory lasts until 7:00 p.m. tonight. otherwise, sunshine and clouds, cooler 65 degrees for the high. lehigh valley partly sunny, breezy, no threatening weather 67 degrees for the high. a nice afternoon. we'll hit a high of 67 degrees, not looking bad for monday,
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breezy. pockets of sunshine, so starting to get brighter for you today. tomorrow, the low stays to the south. we get a high pulling in from the west and milder afternoon. 73 degrees for your high, so not too bad. we start to make things turn around for us a little bit. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, some sunshine today and breezy. 67 degrees for your high, tomorrow it's warmer and 73 feeling nice. wednesday, nice and sunny, 75 degrees warmest day of the week. it's not as warm on thursday, still lots of sunshine and quiet weather. things don't start to change until friday when we have mostly cloudy skies, at this point we have a few showers that will hold off until late in the day and friday night when the front comes through. saturday we may get a lingering shower, otherwise lots of clouds lead to sunshine. the afternoon itself won't be bad, but it's cooler, 68 degrees for the high. sunday cool, rather nice,
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66 degrees. a few nice days and warmer days coming your way. >> we deserve it. still ahead on "action news," pope francis is clarififying the catholic church's stance on marriage. >> a teenager is recovering after a shark nearly bit half of his hand off. >> reporter: good morning, tam, looks like a good ride so far this morning on the bucks county montgomery county line. traffic is moving fine in both directions. we have the work zones coming up after the break. a landmark at the jersey shore needs a trunk lift. details when "action news" continues.
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>> welcome back, you're taking a live look here, the view over penns landing over the ben franklin bridge. still dark out there, 5:44, winter is coming, it takes longer and longer for the sun to come up. 52 degrees, looks like we're past all that rain. >> and matt pellman, parkway is back open. we're getting back to norm this week, right. >> reporter: we are, but i'm just scared because you said winter is coming. i'm nowhere near ready for that. i guess you're right. good morning, tam and nydia. we're coming out of the burbs along new i-95, delco, traffic is moving fine, heading toward philadelphia international
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airport. hopefully your flight is on time. warning they will close the ramp from i-95 northbound to the blue route northbound starting at 8:00 p.m. for overnight construction. that ramp will be shut down. go to 322 or 4020 ridley park. collingdale don't forget about the midday construction happening 9:00 a.m. to # p.m. they are closing springfield road close to mcdade boulevard. stick with main street or clifton avenue as alternates around that. thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. 113 will close for construction. use elephant road or ridge road as alternates. coming northbound on the 42 freeway. there's a broken down truck 168 the black horse pike blockings
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acceleration lane. another portion of the black horse in egg harbor township, there's water blocking a lane west of the ac expressway. vehicle stopped on the shoulder near churchman's road near stanton, it is off to the side, so you can squeeze by without too much of a problem. >> two coast guard cutters searched through the night for any sign of the cargo ship that vanished in hurricane joaquin. crews recovered a life ring with the name of the ship el faro. they found wood arena stier -- stie -- styrofoam and cargo containers. staff and students will have one day to gather items and seek counseling before school closes at the end of the week.
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the father of one of the victims led a sunday church service. the suspect christopher harper mercer spared a student so he could deliver a message to police. here's what the survivor's mother had to say. >> the shooter gave him what he was told to give to police, he was then sent to sit in the back of the room facing the room and watch what was going on. >> harper mercer is accused of killing nine people at the oregon community college last thursday before tongue turning the gun on himself. >> "good morning america" sits down with one survivor who witnessed the killings take place. >> new this morning, in the meeting with bishops, pope francis confirmed his support for traditional marriage. he referred to genesis he said this is god's dream for his beloved creation to see it fulfilled for a loving union
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between a man and women. gay rights activists are looking for inclusiveness for church. >> a shark gashed is teenage boy's hand in florida. the boy punched the shark to break free. the attack happened while the boy was testing a surf board. the black tip shark bit the boy's left hand. his friend described the horrifying encounter. >> when he was coming in i thought he was coming to get us and stuff and then his hand was all red. he was screaming for help. >> there's been ten shark attacks this year in the same florida county. >> it is now 5:48 if you watch "dancing with the stars" tonight you'll notice someone is missing. >> a dunkin' donuts employee is
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in trouble for what he said to a police officer. >> reporter: it's feeling chilly 51. in the suburbs, 8:00 a.m., 53 degrees, grab that jacket, sunshine is coming your way. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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will be missing a host tonight, he will be absent to be with his ailing father. erin andrews will step in. we hope his father is okay. >> all the best to his family. >> reporter: nice that's taking time to be with him. nice tight shot for us
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along i-95 north of the academy road there's a broken down vehicle. you can see penndot assisting everything is off to the side. it's not causing a slow down at this point. new crash in collegeville at second and park at td bank and perkiomen boulevard by the pnc bank. we have new shuttle busing on the lansdale doylestown line 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. trains will not run you'll be on the buses instead. bus times are different from the train times. 9:00 a.m., 54 on the chilly side. noon, 51. 1:00 p.m., 66 degrees and lots of clouds. today it's breezy, but not as windy as it's been. 67 is the high. tomorrow, warmer, 73.
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bright sunshine, we stay dry for days. wednesday, nice and sunny, 75. thursday, not as warm, 70, still sunny. friday, showers, 71. 6 on saturday, tam. >> thank you karen. a jet skier in point pleasant, new jersey got hit by a hard wave and had to be rescued. witnesses saw him thrown into the water and the jet ski was tossed into the jetty. the coast guard was called in to rescue the man. he was treated at the scene. a dunkin' donuts worker had apologizing to do for a comment she made to the police officer. she told the from we don't serve cops here. the officer turned around and started to leave before she could the worker and manager apologized and called the comment a joke. dunkin' donuts said the employee used poor judgment. he refused a free coffee offered by the worker who made the
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remark. >> i don't get that. >> unnecessary to say. >> not funny. south jersey has the second medical marijuana dispenser. >> linked in has to pay up for sending users too many e-mails. that story at 6:00. people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents.
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four strains of pot are available at $430 an ounce. it's off the interstate 295 creek road exit. lucy, the jersey shore iconic handle mark needs to have work done. it needs crumbling wood replaced. the continue and wood elephant needs a new coat of paint from it's head to it's multicolored toe nails. it is expected to cost as much as $58,000. >> i bet that and more, so many people love lucy. >> an alert, we'll tell you why campus police are stepping up their presence at most local colleges. there's details about a triple shooting in delaware county that injured a child. the overnight update is next. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
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6:00 a.m. here on this monday, october 5. i'm tamala edwards along with nydia han, matt o'donnell is off. here's what's happening. >> universities in the tri-state area are warning students and faculties about an unspecified threat of violence we're live with the details. >> beaches along the jersey shore are feeling the effect of the high tide and rough surf. >> a heartbreaking loss for the birds in the final minutes of the game. >> that hurt, didn't it? >> it did. >> reporter: let's go outside to karen rogers in for david murphy and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, we have a coastal flood advisory today, it's the onshore push of wind that's causing issues along the atlantic and the d


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