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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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firefighter for the alleged assault of a 17-year-old girl. shane mcmichael is accused of breaking into the girl's home and attacking her last evening. police say the victim knew her alleged attacker. "action news" reporter sara bloom yesist is live in bensalem with details on the investigation. sarah. >> reporter: rick, this is a bizarre story. police still trying to sort it out. they say last night this 21-year-old volunteer firefighter broke into a home on this block and beat up a teenaged girl he apparently intended to kidnap. tonight he's in custody. authorities say he's given a confession although they say that confession makes no sense. tonight 21-year-old shane mcmichael of northeast philadelphia is behind bars on $2 million bail. police say last night the volunteer firefighter dressed in black and broke into a home here in the 2500 block of forest avenue where a 17-year-old girl recently moved in with her grandparents. >> he was wearing a mask,
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dressed in kind of like a ninja-type outfit wearing sneakers that weren't going to squeak. he was kind of stalking out the house. >> reporter: police say he went to the bedroom where the grandparents were sleeping and tied the door closed with black rope then he beat and choked the teenaged girl. she recognized him because they lived in the same philadelphia neighborhood years ago. she said his name. he stopped the attack and allowed her to go wash her face. when she didn't come out of the bathroom he fled. >> this young lady is very lucky that she was able to escape from him last night. who knows what he may have done or what his plans were. >> reporter: police caught up with mcmichael at his home a short time later. this spotted a rifle black clothing and black rope in his jeep. he was taken into custody and confessed. >> this story is just crazy. it looks like this guy is just a whack job. >> reporter: mcmichael has been suspended from the cornwells fire company. neighbors said the victim's grandparents are kind and well respected. they were surprised to see police at the home. >> crazy.
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yeah, yeah, yeah, it's pretty strange. i mean, i know him very well, i know the family and i know his granddaughter and all but, yeah, no, it was definitely different. >> quiet neighborhood, very quiet. very quiet up in here. i'm surprised we didn't all hear about it. >> reporter: so, police aren't really sure why mcmichael targeted this girl. they appear to have no real history and no current relationship. they tell us he's told them a number of stories even told police he was playing a game. this was no game. he's now charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, burglary and more. live in bensalem township, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." rick. >> sarah thank you. now to a developing story in the logan section of philadelphia tonight. authorities say a child has been freed from beneath a vehicle. the incidents happened just before 5:30 tonight at 13th and wagner streets. we do not know the circumstances of the accident. initial reports say the child may be younger than five years
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old. again, that child has been rescued but no word yet on his or her condition. well, today a judge sentenced christina regusters to 40 years to life in prison. the former day care worker was convicted last year of abducting a five-year-old girl from bryant elementary school in january of 2013. prosecutors said the 22-year-old donned muslim garb to impersonate the girl's mother and take her from the classroom. victim was sexually assaulted and abandoned at a playground the next morning n court today registers apologized but said she is not a monster. a chester county woman is under arrest accused of injecting children with heroin. the alleged victims included her 14-year-old daughter an 16-year-old boy. prosecutors say 34-year-old jessica riffey of west caln township supplied the drugs and injected the teens on multiple occasions last month. the teenagers tell police they also snorted heroin that was given to them by riffey's boyfriend. riffey faces drug charges and corruption of minors.
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she remains in the chester county prison on $50,000 bail. police in montgomery county busted a large drug ring that targeted high schoolers and drug addicts. according to investigators the dealers would set up at local hotels then send out mass text messages. marquez cooper tyriq coleman ryan conquest, khalif lindsey and tariq waples are charged with selling heroin and cocaine. the father of an overdose victim actually helped in the police investigation. authorities also recovered two guns and more than $5,000 in cash. well, the deadline for that online threat promising violence at an area college campus has come and gone without incident. security was heightened at campuses today across the delaware valley. "action news" reporter david henry is live in university city tonight with more on how the on high pressure threatlined concern for students and faculty today. david. >> reporter: rick the designated time mentioned in there threat was 2 o'clock this afternoon. that came and went without
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incident. students on campuses all over the delaware valley were relieved and upset after a very scary day. >> i think a lot of us are concerned. my entire haul was up very late last night. no one could sleep. >> reporter: students got text messages and e-mails yesterday alerting them to the threat that was posted online. many skipped classes at villanova today. >> my first class is usually around 35 kids. it was about 10 kids. the classes are decimated. hallways and normal coffee lines everything is really lower than usual. >> reporter: schools around the delaware valley added extra security patrols some supplemented by local police departments. radnor township police had their hands full with four colleges to patrol. they brought in extra officers. they take all threats seriously but this one stood out. >> what's really a.m. fluffing this is the threat came off the same social media site that happened with the tragic
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shootings in oregon. >> reporter: the day before the massacre at an oregon community college last week someone posted a warning on 4chan. whoever made the threat against local schools used the same message board. it warned of violence at a university near philadelphia at 2:00 p.m. today. that added an extra element of fear. >> i was like he oh, shoot, like what. i going to do tomorrow? i was honestly really scared. >> reporter: most found the extra police presence reassuring. >> i thought about not showing up to class but i felt like public safety -- i've seen some cops here so i felt a little bit more safe. >> reporter: as 2:00 p.m. came and went fear turned to relief but students weren't quite ready yet to letdown their guard. >> it's still the day of so i think a lot of kids will still be on edge but i think we're all just ready for the day to be over. >> reporter: yeah, it has been a long disruptive day but thankfully a day without bloodshed on a local college campus. live in university city, david henry, channel6 "action news." rick.
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>> all right, david, thank you. the investigation continues into a deadly hit and run accident in wilmington. happened saturday night when an unidentified 41-year-old man was struck and killed by a driver who never stopped. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is friday wilmington tonight with the latest on the search for a suspect. dna. >> reporter: rick, police know the victim's name but because they have not been able to reach any of his relatives they're not releasing his name yet. he's a 41-year-old wilmington man who was struck and killed by a hit and run driver late saturday night. police say it happened about 10:15 here on maryland near jackson avenue. they were responding to a report of a man down on the roadway. at first, they thought he had been assaulted but they would later learn he was the victim of a hit and run accident. >> for him to hit the guy and just keep on going, not stop and checking up on him, seeing how he was doing or call the ambulance or somebody, i think that's wrong. >> reporter: the victim suffered severe head trauma and was that rushed to christiana hospital where he later died. police were not able to find any debris that would indicate the color or type of vehicle
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there struck him. so far no witnesses have surfaced. >> i really think that whoever done it is a coward because he just hit somebody and left them laying in the road not even checking up on them. >> reporter: anyone with information on this case is being asked to call police. we're live here in wilmington, delaware, i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> all right, dann thank you. reaction from the eagles the day after a disappointing conference loss. jaime apody with more from chip kelly and the team ahead in sports. plus,. >> i'm nora muchanic on long beach island where the storm has taken its toll. i'll have an update on beach erosion and what's happening here coming up next. >> sunshine returned today, 65 degrees right now in philadelphia but notice the warmth starting to build in the tennessee and ohio valley. it's moving our way. we'll have those rising numbers in accuweather. >> all right, adam. that and much more when "action news" at 6:00 continues in just a moment.
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>> a man is in critical condition tonight after a fire in north philadelphia. chopper six was over the home here in the 3000 block of north mascher street. firefighters reported heavy smoke when they arrived just before 1:00 this afternoon. no word yet on how the blaze started. days of whipping winds and rough surf took a bite out of the jersey shore. the weekends storm caused beach erosion up and down the coast including along long beach island in ocean county. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic surveyed the condition there is today. >> reporter: bulldozers were out in holgate today trying to push some of the tons of sand that blue off during the storm back onto the beach. after days of pounding by monster waves, some areas had
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steep cliffs carved out but local officials say the damage could have been much worse. >> cut beaches and whatever but no damage to homes or personal property. >> just watched the waves and the wind continue to roll in, massive waves and all the high tides was just taking the sand away from the dunes. >> reporter: unfortunately it's not over yet with four to 7-foot waves pounding the shore line today, it's still eating away at beaches that are already damaged. >> our dunes haven't been repaired yet. we're looking forward to getting that done so yeah it's just -- it's a scary thing. >> sandy the whole thing came. >> reporter: with ran into 85-year-old al who we met three years ago when his home was heavily damaged by sandy. he was worried. >> thankfully the dunes held up very well. so, we had to get through four high tides. >> reporter: the blowing sand buried this brand new handicapped access ramp in beach haven terrace. it was just finished a week ago. it's right next to katherine
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cane's house where at this moment every window is plastered in sand. >> well, they're a mess. we can't see out of them. they're just covered in sand. >> reporter: now it's time to clean up and dig out after the storm. on long each island i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> south jersey's newest medical marijuana dispensary is now opened for business. compassionate sciences alternative treatment center opened today in bellmawr. officials say the center is ready to serve 1800 patients. it's also seeking to produce two topical marijuana products an cannabis lozenge. if approved they would become the first nonsmokable products available in the state. today is the dead 39 register if you want to vote in pennsylvania's election next month. vincent hughes held an event at city hall today to highlight online voter registration. for the first time you can register online as long as you have a pennsylvania license or a penndot id card. there are lot of races and statewide voters will fill
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three open state supreme court seats and in philadelphia they'll choose a new mayor. if you play mega millions check your tickets. a winning ticket worth $2 million was sold on south broad street in south philadelphia. the ticket matched all five numbers but not the mega ball. they also had the megaplier option so it's worth 2 million bucks. the store will also receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. ññ
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for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy.
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will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos. >> our jim gardner is not anchoring this broadcast tonight because he was in state college today to receive an honor from penn state university. he was one of five people recognized by the alumni board of communication. he received the anderson contributor honor for his long time work here at 6abc and in the community. jim said receiving an award from a school like penn state is quite a distinction. >> it's a big deal. it's a big deal. it is pennsylvania's state university. and it means a lot to me. it means a lot to channel6.
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you know, we -- we know how important this university is both in terms of our own coverage and in terms of the state of pennsylvania. >> congratulations to jim who did not go penn state. he went to columbia university. >> he's a huge fan of the nittany lions. he's always following the football team online. >> he'll be back at 11:00 by the way. >> there you go. how about the eagles, hm? last place in the division and they're only a game out of first place in the division. so, how do you want to look at the eagles, hm? depends on whether you're an operator mist or pessimist. regardless you got to be bummed after the team that everyone had such high expectations. you have to hope for a life preserver. lost in the last minutes to the redskins 23-20. clip chip said the guys aren't executing. today he said they're definitely capable of doing so. >> i've been around a lot of different teams but i think this group's pretty close and understands what the task is
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at hand and also understands everything in this league is going to be close and every game you'll be in is going to be a one possession game if you're a competitor you kind of embrace the situation and get excited for what your next opportunities. it's about being a competitor and coming back out there and we're still standing. we've taken some shots but we're still standing. >> bright spot, sort of would be the second half play of sam bradford. first half not so much but he threw for almost 200 yards and three touchdowns after half time. he too says his team is not far off from being its offensive machine they showed they can be in the preseason. >> good news it's close. couple games we had opportunities to win but just haven't finished but it's not like we're light years away from getting things where they need to be. i think it's just some small details here and there. we've just got to get -- everyone has just got to get on the same page. >> someone who gets losing is sixers coach brett brown who happens to be a good friends of eagles coach chip kelly and
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boy does he feel for him. >> absolutely and the city and chip and everything. like you pay attention and you know, you feel it just from a different angle. >> sixers begin the preseason tomorrow. we will not see sharp shooter nick. we will see top pick jahlil okafor who will make his nba preseason debut. of course he can't wait. >> i'm excited. the opportunity to play with the best of the best every night. something i dreamed of as a kid and it all comes true. >> i want mostly him to get himself some touches. there is nothing worse than a coach feeling the responsibility where you got to, you know, figure out stuff for the players. the players got figure stuff out for themselves. >> the flyers shocked the hockey world today. their final cut was $30 million defenseman andrew mcdonald. he hits the waiver wire and given there he would be a 5 million cap hit it's unlikely any team will pick him up which means mcdonald
6:20 pm
would head to the phantoms as some really rich minor leaguer. hard to believe hockey season is here. dave hakstol will coach his first regular hockey game tam pennsylvania. hakstol will look to succeed in the pros for the first time after a successful run as a college co-coach for more than a decade. do you think he'll be emotional. >> i would guess so. no question i'm sure there will be some nerves, some excitement, some emotions until i get there i don't know what those are going to be but and they'll come and go pretty quick as the game gets going. >> hockey couldn't come at a more perfect time helps us forget about football right. >> and basketball, too, thank you jamie. quick break. meteorologist adam joseph with the accuweather forecast when we come back. stay with us. back to school? how about...back to blinds!
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>> meteorologist adam joseph is here now. first full week of october looking pretty pleasant. >> finally get some sunshine, we get the warm temperatures back above normal so again a reward this week. we deserve it. as we take a look at double scan live radar. you don't deserve it. the rest of the folks out there do, rick. double scan live will show nothing going on. a few leftover clouds at the shore this afternoon but even there the sunshine is returning before sunset. let's take a look at the action cam along the waterway here. you can see this turtle sunning himself on that branch and take a look at the bottom of your screen. you see a second turtle he's trying so hard to get up and kind of crash the party but -- i've watched this for like 30, 40 seconds before we got on the air. he had no luck so i'll spare you the pain of trying to watch him get on that log. let's take a look right now.
6:24 pm
the highlights in the weather this week. did you notice, number one, notice what? we'll find out in a second. also, the 70's will be returning this week. did you notice we've kind of jumped from that summer feeling to fall literally in a 24-hour period. because the last five days of september, the temperatures in philadelphia were running close to 7 degrees above normal. it was in the 80's at the end of september. we flipped the calendar to october and for the first five days of october we've been 5 degrees below normal. most people cranking that ac to the heat in the house within that one-day period. in fact, it's only been in the 50's and 60's for highs the first five days of october but we're finally going to kick it back up and stay even throughout this upcoming week. as we take a look at the temperatures, in fact, tomorrow afternoon, 73 in philadelphia, 73 in allentown, the same for wilmington, 71 in millville and even at the shore, many thermometers will tickle that 70-degree mark.
6:25 pm
we look to the north and west. little bit of a chill right now, 60 in kennett square, the same for quakertown, warrington 61, chester 61 degrees. to the south and east, numbers here even in the 50's right now for bridgeton and vineland. woodbine just 60 degrees and the state of delaware couple degrees warmer than that between 62 and 64. we have that low pressure that continues to spin off of the carolinas but you're noticing the lack of those bright colors on the radar. that low is finally kind of losing its intensity and what it did over the past few days was tap into some of the moisture from hurricane joaquin. when joaquin was down to the south and east of this low it kind of siphoned in a lot of that moisture from joaquin. now that joaquin is working into the northern atlantic it's kind of choking and cutting off a lot of of the moisture for the carolinas which is a good thing. back at home a few clouds tonight, some patchy fog will develop north and west, 40's overnight tonight. though it's another chilly night. 48 in millville, 51
6:26 pm
philadelphia and 54 in cape may. tomorrow setup we got a wedge of dry air so sunny, 73 degrees. the low still falling apart off of the carolinas but joaquin will be about 650 miles to our east as a category one hurricane moving away and then on wednesday the middle of the week double barrel high pressure to the west, cold front to the north means sunshine for us and a very warm afternoon with a high of 76. so, tomorrow for the kids as they head to school, day forecast looking good for lunch break if they're heading out for recess 68 degrees and low 70's in the afternoon so just a light jacket needed for the morning it will be a little cool and then they can tie it around their waist for the afternoon. the seven-day forecast fall beauty for the next three days, high temperatures above normal in the low to middle 70's. stays in the 70's on friday but rain develops as a cold front arrives from the north and west and then over the weekend lingering clouds saturday morning will give way to sun of 66. and staying a little below
6:27 pm
average sunday and monday, seasonably cool but sun and clouds and only one day of the next seven with a chance far rain. >> we will take it. >> yeah, we will. >> thank you adam. a popular eagles linebacker traded his football helmet for a bike helmet today. connor bar swin spreading the word about capitol one's new partnership with the bikeshare program run by indigo. he rode his bike from broad and federal streets to the linc. indigo in philadelphia is one of the leading bikeshare program in the country. barwin is known for being eco friendly and he often takes the bus and rides his bike to work like me. abc's. [laughter] abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next here on channel six. all right. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news at 11:00 right here on channel six, now for jim gardner, adam joseph, jaime apody, ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. we hope you'll join us at 11:00 all right i drive a car, okay. >> ♪
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tonight, breaking developments. the new discovery at sea in the desperate search for the ship that went down. 28 americans on board. the life board discovered and what else they found. also, the captain. what he was trying to do in the middle of the hurricane. >> the deadly flood emergencies in several states tonight. the mother and a little girl rescued from their roof. the driver trapped in a pickup. the roads giving way. the mystery tonight, the pilot who died mid flight leaving the co-pilot to control the emergency landing in syracuse. the amtrak passenger train derailing today. the recuse. the one day this week to get the cheapest ticket with the holidays approaching.


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