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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 6, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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"action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. this is the way it looked earlier tonight in the logan section of philadelphia.
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a car hit a 3-year-old boy, sending the critically-injured victim to the hospital and sparking an outburst of vigilante justice. it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the attack on a motorist who just struck a child with his car. meanwhile "action news" reporter dann cuellar live at st. christopher's hospital where the boy is now receiving emergency care. dann, what's the story there? >> jim, this little boy is fighting for his life tonight. listed in very critical conditions after being transferred here from einstein medical center. police tonight say onlookers tried to provide vigilante justice but it was an accident. on the 1200 block of wagner just before 5:30, the impact sent the little boy airborne. >> and i turn around and see a little boy flying up going under a car. >> the child landed under a red
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dodge durango. >> the 3-year-old darted out between two parked cars and was struck by the vehicle, and the red s.u.v. >> the driver of the gray mazda stopped to check on the boy and was assaulted. >> he did the right thing, he stopped but he was assaulted by another person. and he was out of his car and someone came to his spied until the police arrived. >> and he was shooken up. he was scared. and he said they are really little, i couldn't really see them, i am sorry. >> the neighbors identified the wild as darnell banks and he is in critical condition tonight. dann cuellar for "action news."
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i do and trial to find a gunman who shot a 6-year-old girl. while on patrol the officers heard gun shots on bennett street and found the girl struck in the knee. the police gave immediate need and pushed her to the wilmington hospital. the authorities say she is in stable condition. the philadelphia police accident investigation experts are trying to find out what caused a deadly crash tonight involving a septa bus. the route 75 trolley bus heading westbound on penn street tonight in frankford where an s.u.v. rear-ended the coach. the driver was killed and passenger in critical condition. and 19 people on the bus, including the bus driver, asked for attention, but none are interested to be life-threat at anying. police on 34th and mantua. where a motorist punched a
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police officer. and they are trying to track down a passenger who fled the scene. and "action news" reporter chad pradelli what is the latest here? >> jim, one suspect is in custody and the search for the second continues this hour. the state police tell me earlier tonight a state trooper was on the schuylkill expressway just west of girard. he witnessed a driver commit a traffic violation. he tried to pull over that vehicle and that's when the state police say the driver federal off. off at girard and crashed into a pole. and the passenger fled on foot and we remains at large. and the spot punched the officer in the face, and then he was tadzed. and he was taken to the hospital
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after being tazed and is ok. the trooper was also taken to the hospital and expected to an a full recovery. and the name of the suspect in custody not released, and the search for his passenger continues this hour. live in wynnefield nights, chad pradelli channel 6 news." >> thank you. the threat of violence made against philadelphia area colleges and universities this afternoon has come and gone without incident. however, it was disruptive to the school day. campuses across the delaware valley added extra security patrols, aided by the local police department. some students decided to skip places. the f.b.i. alerted the schools to the threat over the weekend. posted on the same internet message board awearing of an impending attack before an attack at the community college last week. >> and a woman accused of
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injecting heroin into her 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy. jessica riffey supplied the drugs injecting them into the two teenagers. officials say it happened on numerous occasions and the teenagers also snorted heroin provided by riffey's boyfriend. he is behind bars in lieu of $50,000. and the continuation of the startling rise of heroin, and nora muchanic has the story. >> this is the story we are hearing again and again and again. >> the story is heroin and lawmakers are trying to keep up with its destruction. >> this is the epidemic that we are facing in our communities, all across this area. >> today montgomery's first assistant district attorney kevin steele announced the names of five minute with a ring targeting addicts in montgomery
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and berks county. and also today senator casey pushed for support of a new senate bill expanding the heroin and opiate prevention and agreement up to $2.2 billion. >> in all of the county coroners across the state, they tell us that in just five years, from 2009 to 2014 they went from 47 to 800. >> and they cannot get help if there is nothing available. it is hard to kick. >> the impact is very severe when you first shoot it, and then it will be real quick. >> more and more law enforcement officers are equipped with a drug which reverses an overdose. and in delaware county that's the case for almost a year with 100 lives saved.
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now the ant -- antidote. >> you can get a standing prescription from the doctor, you can keep it in your home. >> they are looking to track those saved by it to see how they do in the recovery process. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." a bucks county volunteer firefighter held on $2 million bail. shane mcmichael allegedly broke into the bensalem township home of a 17-year-old girl. beat her and choked her. the police say she recognized him even when wearing a mask and when she said his name he fled. and shane mcmichael has confessed and expended from the fire department. the f.b.i. and fill police on the hunt for this female bank badi bandit releasing these
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photographs, the woman handing the note to the teller in the branch at 19th and market, fortunately nobody hurt. and sentencing christina regusters to 40 years to life in jail. and posed as the mother of the 5-year-old girl and kidnapped her from school and sexually touched her before she dumped her into the playground. and the woman spoke telling the judge that regusters shouldn't do it to anybody else. and legal troubles for the attorney general. a former chief deputy fired her was in court and after providing testimony to rank perjury charges against her. and kane says she will rig
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-- vigorously defend herself. and battling wind and waves, some like here in ocean city. and going to work in holgate,some dunes eaten away with coastal flooding. and some areas had clips, and others say the damage could be worse and no homes or personal property lost to the storm. much of the rain stopped falling in the carolinas, but high matters still a serious threat. north and south character suffering from historic flooding with at least 13 legislates paid of record rainfall. the high water breached several dams, forced 500 roads and bridges to close. the had the kind a dass letter declaration making it easier for those in so you can to get for
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money. >> and the cope has discussions on marriage, family and the drawers. and one of the survivors of the oral rampage continues about letter ordeal from her hospital bed. and cereal situation. what may be inside of 2 million boxes of cheerios that forced a recall. adam. >> temperatures on the way. 67 saturday, 69 today and above normal starting again tomorrow. i have the numbers in the 7 days. >> can't eagles hope to crawl out flash flood the division basement? jamie apody hearings from coach ke
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it disappeared last tuesday in the rough seas churned up from hurricane joaquin. and a signal was heard thaft thursday. the coast guard found the remains of one victim. family members are still holding out hope there will be survivors. >> i am praying to god they bring them all home. >> we are asking for your prayers, sincere prayers. >> the coast guard found survival suits, live vests and rafts. and four people hospitalized when injured when an amtrak train derailed near vermont. it hit a rockslide near montpelier and two cars over the embankment. seven taken to the hospital, no injuries life-threatening. they call the rockslide an accident, freak of nature. looking into a small fire at
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three mile island at the nuclear facility tonight. it broke out at a cooling pump. officials say it had no impact on operations. workers declared an alert, the second of four emergency levels. it remained at 100% power, no release of radioivity and nobody injured. one of the students who survived last week's mass shooting at an oregon community college is sharing her story. 18 year old boylan was shot in the back. talking about what happened when the alleged gunman, messrs. messrs. messrs. , chooter, chris harper-mercer. >> and when asked about religion they shot? >> he said he would only feel the pain for a couple of seconds and be with god soon.
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and he shot him. >> and she survived by playing dead and five other victims in the hospital. a week after the visit to philadelphia, pope francis opened the synod at the vatican. sake they should have the courage and humility to be guided by what he calls the suradvise s -- surpriseses god. and no surprise with remarriage for catholics, it is clear forbidding them to receive communion. and doctors with boarders saying the united states is responsible for the bombing of a clinic in afghanistan killing people. and the organization says it gave its coordinates to both the u.s. and afghan military days before the attack. the u.s. says afghan forces
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reported being under taliban fire and requested the u.s. air strike. the united states hammered out a trade deal with 11 pacific rim countries, cutting trade barriers and cutting labor and environmental standards called the transpacific partnership, expected to improve trade among partners. and the fate of the deal in congress is less than certain. general mills recalling nearly two million boxes of cheerios tonight. marked as gluten free and may contain wheat. and the honey nut and original cheerios boxes have better than used by dates from july 2016 and the plant code "ld." and they were new to the market and just releasedd over the
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summers but general motors -- not general motors, general mills has a problem. and new jersey's newest medical marijuana dispensary open for discuss. the treatment center based in camden county. the only other facility is in egg harbor township. 5300 patients statewide registered with the medical marijuana program. if you live in pennsylvania, you have got less than an hour left to register to vote for the upcoming election. for the first time, you can apply online. as long as you have pennsylvania license or penndot i.d. cart. and remember next month's eelection is not for president, but has three supreme court seats and mayor of philadelphia. [horn honking] >> an enthusiastic crowd welc e welcomed back 200 veterans
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returning from their tour of honor in washington. many of the world war ii veterans spent the day visiting memorials dedicated to their heroic service. the late word from accuweather and adam joseph. >> it is all good as we go into the week, sunshine and drying out. temperatures above normal this time of year. and looking at the radar not much going on. upstairs no cloud cover, and even the shore cleared out. and the "action news" in center city at rittenhouse square. and it is a little cool in the city, and especially in the suburbs chilly already. the high temperature 69 degrees, the low 51, which is pretty normal average for this time of year. record low 31 degrees set back in 1961. and 96 in 1941, the hottest all-time temperature in philadelphia for the move october on this date. and your sunrise, sunset there
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on the right hand part of the screen. the numbers, 48 degrees already in allentown. 49 in lancaster. the same for millville. again, white a chill in the suburbs. and at the shore the temperatures warmer along the oceanside. and that location earlier today was the coolest spot with temperatures only in the low 60s for highs. as we look at satellite, we can see definitely the cloud cover pushing off the coast. weak high pressure coming in. just apply the sunshine for the remainder of the week, at least up until thursday. low pressure to the south, you still see spinning some moisture off the atlantic but it is not as organized as it once was. and it continues to fall apart. and that low will finally be kicked out to sea as high pressure and a cold front comes from the north and west. we saw the historic flooding in parts of south carolina since october 1. really in five days, one specific location, mount pleasant, they picked up close
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to 27 inches of rain in five days. to compare that, our typical seven-month stretch from january to july we typically see 24, 25 inches. they say more than what we see in seven months in five days. the low continues to pull away. mostly sunny, 73 degrees. back above normal tomorrow. and hurricane joaquin, 650 miles, way away. we waive good-bye as he heads up into the northern atlantic. and a cold front on its heels wednesday. high pressure in control, we move the temperature well above average at 76 degrees with the sun. dayplanner tomorrow, full sun in the morning and a few cumulus clouds in the afternoon. and the 70's the name of the game through thursday. and rain develops with a cold front friday. 73 degrees. but that is your only rainy day
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on the seven-day. we start to dry it out over the weekend. it could be lingering clouds on saturday morning at 66. same thing sunday, 66 degrees for the eagles. and then seasonably cool on monday with sun and clouds and a high of 67 degrees. not a bad looking seven-day forecast. >> not shabby, thanks. dozens of local men and women who took advantage of a second chance to earn recognition for their hard work tonight. the graduate philadelphia program celebrated the 10th anniversary at union trust in center city tonight. the program helped more than 5,000 working adults get college degrees. and i also honored marine rush the vice-president of public safety at the university of pennsylvania. what they call a come-backer spending nearly ten years
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some eagles' players took time to show support for breast cancer awareness month, partnering with the football players from the south philadelphia high school to dye socks pink. and among the players taking
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part, the tie-dyed socks will be donated to the high school for the breast cancer awareness game this month. having trouble on the field but contributing to the community. and are you a glass half empty or half full? >> i try to be full. >> really? i know you better than that. the negative nellie says the eagles team 1-3 in the season, the season is over. the optimist says they are only a game out of the first place in the division. optimist or pessimist? how crazy is that? the sky is not really falling, it just looks like it is falling. after that awful first half they should have won. and took the lead and lost in the final minutes. 23-20 the final. and afterwards chip kelly said his guys are not executing. and today he was asked how do
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you get them to? >> you just deepkeep -- keep practicing and working on it and trust thes guys you have. i know we have the right players, it is a play here, a play there. we lost the game by 2 and by 2, and another by 10. three games by 15 points. and you hit two kicks and we are 3-1 and everybody is happy. >> and the offense did a good job of getting us the lead in the second half and it was on us defensively to hold the lead, which unfortunately we were unable to do. we will get it fixed next week against the saints. >> let's hope they do. the flyers shocked the hockey world the final cut was the defenseman mcdonald. acquiring him after the trade deadline and then signing him to a long-term contract. and he hits the waiver wire, and with the cap it is unlikely that he will be picked up, he sends to the phantoms as a rich minor leaguer. and coaching the first
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regular-season game in tampa, bouncing back in a disappointing year leaving them out of the playoffs. and they look to succeed in the pros for the first time after a successful run as a college coach at north dakota more than a decade. and think it will be emotional? >> i would guess so. i am sure there's going to be some moments there, no question. i am sure there is going to be some nerves, excitement, some emotions. until i get there i don't know what those will be and they will come and go pretty quick as the game gets going. come and go pretty quick as the game gets going. and basketball season upon why are you here? why are any of us here? windows people! windows are the eyes into the soul of the home! ugly soul. [shutters] ugh don't make your life difficult. when your client needs blinds go to blinds to go. with the largest selection of beautiful blinds and shades custom sized and guaranteed for life they're a designer's best friend. trust me, they make window decorating easy. take during our early fallshad savings sale take 20-30% off all cellular shades
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>> monday night football, seattle 2-2 after a 13-10 win over the lions. sixers begin the preseason tomorrow. not seeing the sharp shooter nik stauskas with a stress reaction in his leg. and jahlil okafor making his nba preseason debut, he can't wait. >> i am excited, an opportunity to play with the best of the best every night. something i dreamed of as a kid and tomorrow it comes true. >> i don't want to be a slow, static team and walk it up and post jahlil. >> you are upset about the stauskas. >> it is one piece of bad news about one team after another. >> i am the barer of bad news. the parents of pre-schoolers researching options for their
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children. good news. three philadelphia neighborhood associations hosted the fourth annual school fair. parents living in center city were able to meet with officials from public, private, charter and parochial schools. and "jimmy kimmel live" is live. and his best is cate blanchett, chase crawford and we continue in the morning at 4:30. now for adam joseph, remember the kingston trio? the entire "action news" team -- i know, no, you are much too young. i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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