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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon the big story on "action news," breaking news at this hour. right now a 17-year-old male is in custody after reports of
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armed person on the campus of philadelphia community college. the entire school was on lockdown. >> the situation began to unfolded about two hours ago in the city spring garden section. now, police are searching buildings on the campus room by room looking for the weapon. they have not recovered the weapon. even though the 17-year-old male is in custody, they believe he may have discarted that weapon. and they are looking for surveillance within the complex to see if they can figure out where the suspect may have gotten rid of the weapon. >> let's hear from commissioner ramsey moments ago following arrest of that 17-year-old suspect. >> a few minutes ago an individual was taken into custody at the school for business and industry, 18 and calohill in a classroom. we do not have a firearm. but we are searching to see if we can locate it. he would have gotten rid of it at some point in time. we're trying to recreate the steps but we have the individual that we believe is
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responsible for the incident here at the community college. >> all right. we want to take a look at video right now of the suspects. again, being taken into custody in that red hoodie right there, again, 17 years old, found in a classroom on the campus of ccp. but without the weapon. authorities as we heard from the commissioner still looking for the weapon now. again, this is 17-year-old suspect being taken into custody after some type of argument unfolded on campus of ccp this morning. and apparently he threatened a student and that's what mish associated lockdown -- initiated lockdown throughout the campus. slowly but surely things are returning to order on campus of ccp but he's in custody here as you check out the video from the spring garden section of philadelphia. >> it was may of wlaingt year when two buildings at ccp were put on lockdown after a report then of gun on campus. in that case, 23-year-old ryan fitch a student at ccp allege
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allegedly brought the gun his chemistry class. he displayed it in a threatening manner during a dispute with another student. fitch was arrested and classes resumed as normal the following day. in other news now a gruesome find next to a store in delaware police found a woman's body on newcastle county roadside. authorities were called to the scene sunset boulevard newcastle after 6 this morning between a b.j. whole say club and farmer market. "action news" reporter john john rawlins is live in new kas well the full story, john. >> reporter: rick, well, there's still a lot people don't know about this particular situation and a lot we don't know including identity of the woman who was found here. this is a death investigation we're being told. it is not a homicide investigation at least at this point as far as newcastle city police are concerned. that could change with results of an autopsy. the body was found 6:00 this morning by a passerby sfwlt body was spotted next to a curb in a kosher of a sprawling parking area not far from a gas station to one side and a
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farmers market to the other. police say it appears to be the body of a woman. her blue jeans and pink top were in disarray. >> she appears to be early 20s. we do not have identification on her. small in stat tour. possibly early 20s. other than that not a lot of detail. we don't know who she is. we do not know the manner of death at this point or the cause of death. we're waiting for results of the autopsy this morning. >> as police wait for an identification and cause and manner of death, detectives processed the scene at one point focusing on an area of what appeared to be broken automobile glass which was about 30 to 40 feet where from the body was found. >> now, it's not clear if that glass was in any way connected with the body. it was taken into evidence though and appeared in an effort to be thorough. live in newcastle city, john john rawlins back to you all. >> thank you, john. in montgomery country two people tie died after a car
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went into a road and into a canal. 11:30 last night on the 400 block of tow path road in upper providence township. police tell us four people were in the car at the time and two were able to get out. now police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. david murphy following this story and he'll have more at 12:30. >> one person hurt fol a wild police he chase in the county. it started 7:00 glenolden after the suspects hit several parked cars they were taken into custody. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live with the full details. erin. >>reporter: rick, this is apartment complex in glenolden where the police chase ended. you see over my right shoulders that is one of the cars damaged. what made this incident frightening it happened early in the morning at a time people were coming out of their apartments and getting ready to go to work. and children were getting ready to get on the school bus. now, luckily no children were hurt. but as you mentioned, a man
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was. he is in the hospital and the suspect in that police chase is now in custody. >> we were awakened about 6:45 by a few huge loud bangs. >> impact of the crash was loud enough to frighten residents in the willow way community and powerful enough to pin an innocent bystanders between two cars. several other cars were hit by the suspect drivering this blue lincoln mercury. >> we saw the cop saying get out of the car. >> it was alarming only because i worry about my neighbors. we have a lot of older folk in here and young children. and there's -- especially 7:30 in the morning there's children going to school. >> police say 6:30 this morning the suspect seen in this exclusive "action news" video taken to court jump aid curb 11 and amos land road prospect park. he plead speeding down one way streets and back roads before he swiped a taxi cab, pummeled into a pedestrian and this line of parked cars. >> i don't know if he was on
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something, he seemed -- he was impaired some way whether drugs or alcohol or medication or something or could have been from the shock of accident. >> residents say this morning's incident was shocking and not surprising. criminal activity in this complex they claim is not uncommon and road ruining through it is glen olden to south avenue. >> there's a lot of good people that live here. >> we just learned the name of the suspect. he's 18-year-old kyle herber from ridley it. he's facing a slew of charges and currently being tested for dui. residents tell me it was a long night before this even happened in the overnight hours and they heard gunshots ring out. one person was hurt and taken to the hospital and police are currently looking for the suspects in that shooting. >> we're live on the action cam, erin o'hearn, "channel 6 action news," rick and sarah. >> erin, thank you. two philadelphia police officers remain in the hospital at this hour following early morning crash involving the
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suv. twelfth district cruiser went out of control and hit a tree bartram avenue and holestein 2 a.m. one officer suffered a broken leg and other suffered neck injuries and mechanical failure is investigated as a possible cause of this crash. >> and turning to the accuweather forecast now experiencing shiingtly warmer than normal temperatures today as we look live outside at the center city sky line and temple university sky6 cam we can expect plenty of sun today for the rest of the workweek and nice picture go ahead and have lunch. meteorologist karen rogers -- take me. she's at the big board with a check of the forecast, hi, karen. >> are you buying, rick? we're all going. >>. >> i didn't think so. looking at satellite 6 and action radar you see the clear skies, nice conditions, just over the last hour or two we're starting to watch some clouds pull in from the north and west. but i think with high pressure they'll erode out of here and we'll see a good amount of sunshine today.
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it's a pretty one. let's look at numbers now. 69 in philadelphia, 61 buffalo and 68 pittsburgh and 6 a5 roanoke. you can see temperatures here are going up on the right direction. we were at 69 for a high yesterday. so now we're at 69 at noon and we'll be bumping it up from there. let's look at rising temperatures. saturday's high until the 50s. dreerly day 5 7. sunday, 63, monday, 6 and today we're making it into the 70s. low 0s but we'll take. it 73 for high today. three above the average high of 70 even in the overnight hours and we'll dip down tonight to 59. when you wake up tomorrow morning it won't be as chilly as it has been. 52 for overnight normal low. here's a look what you can expect, clear skies, nice and sunny, mild, 4 p.m., 73, that's your high. by 530, 7 2. we're tracking rain in the 7-day forecast details on that in a few minutes, rick, sarah. >> karen, thank you. much more to come at noon.
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hillary rodham clinton launches her first tv ad how she's using words from republicans to push her presidency. >> and apology from a national textbook publisher after a 34eus take was spotted by a student and what the textbook is planning to do and why the family says it's not enough. is planning to do and why the family says it's not enough. "action news" will be right
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>> this is individual glee 6abc from an action news instagram user showing the suspect ak rested inside the community college of philadelphia just a short time ago. and you can see their hands behind their back there, this is a 17-year-old taken into custody for allegedly brand dishing a handgun outside the school this morning and pleaing into one of the buildings. this is our video now of that 17-year-old suspect in the custody of the swat team being put into the back of a police van in police custody. this young mana apparently got into an argument with a student this morning. and according to police brand dishd a handgun and the handgun was not been recovered at this
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point. police continue to search the bulling there at the community college of philadelphia. buildings were on lockdown. the students told to shelter in place 2 1/2 hours and that lockdown lifted as we look live from chopper6hd at the school located in the area of 17 and spring garden. some surrounding schools were also put on lockdown this morning. but the good news is in and out suspect is in police custody. and handgun, search for the handgun now underway and police checking surveillance cameras and positioned throughout campus to see if, in fact, the suspect did discard that company anywhere. but again we will continue to monitor this situation. you can can throughout this newscast and always you can look for updates on our web site at >> and turning to other news, investigators with the national transportation safety board are on the way to jacksonville, florida to study debris from a u.s. based cargo ship that
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sanction during sure wayne joaquin. they have yet to find survivors on board theel faro. the ship had plenty of life botsz but 50 foot waves and 120 mile an hour winds made it nearly impossible for them to be used. >> nral investigators back to the site of a amtrak derailment in vermont. it went off the tracks wednesday sending cars down embavrptionment and injuring 7 people. the train bound for washington d.c. was carrying 98 passengers and four crew members and traveling 90 minutes when it hit rocks that had fallen from a ledge on to the tracks in north field, vernon odom. one of the 7 people hurts with seriously injured. >> police in new york city are investigating the mysterious death of successful doctor and mother of three. 38-year-old kristin ricken baulk-serveny was found unconscious sunday morning. married dermatologist was pronounced dead a short time
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laterch the night before her death included heavy drinking and cocaine use. surveillance video shows the doctor entering the apartment building with two men early sunday. four hours later the men were seen dropping her body in the lobby. police say the cause of her death remains unknown pending results of a toxicology report. turning to politics, hillary rodham clinton released her first national tv ad ahead of next week democratic debate. she uses words of republicans expected to be next speaker of the house. >> we put together a benghazi special committee. >> what are her numbers today? >> and clinton says those words prove the investigation into ben wasy is political witch hunt and at a town hall meeting in new hampshire she turned to gun violence. >> how many people have to die before we actually sglakt hillary rodham clinton unveiled gun control plan pushing for stricter background checks and crackdown on internet and gun
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show sales and increased liability for gun manufacturers and dealers. >> and a young man in texas caught a mistake about shrivery in textbook. the publisher feeling the heat from that young man's mother has now apologized. and kobe burin noticed world geography textbook said slaves brought to america was workers they implied they were paid for labor and thus down played the brutality of slavery. his mother a teacher herself pointed out the mistake on line and the public esh mcgraw hill heard about her post and agreed slavery was horrible. mcgraw hill proming todd correct the mistake in digital textbook but not actual textbook and burns are not satisfied with that. >> many don't use digital version and we know this textbook will sit in schools 8 to 10 years. >> texas officials say a quarter of the state's 1200 school districts are using digital or physical versions of school districts are using digital or physical versions of the book.
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>> according to analyst at orbitz christmas, new years and thanksgiving tickets will hit their lowest point in year. thanksgiving flights sdpekted to be at lowest today and christmas flights could be cheap easton friday and experts say saturday will be the best day to buy for new years. however, experts say look now and if you see something well
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priced buy immediately. chances are it's not getting any cheaper. >> mcdonald's rolled out all day breakfast menu nationwide today. it's a move to try too boost sagging sales and response to competitors ramping up morning menus and chain began testing extended breakfast menu in march. depending where you live you may already be enjoying morning menu all day long. available items include mc muffins, hot cakes, fruit and yogurt par fays and hash browns and more. >> turning to "healthcheck" general mills recalled nearly 2 million boxes of cheer owes because they are miss able. many cheerios doxies have a gluten free label. off lotding flower may have contaminated four days of cereal at that plant. it may affect honey nut cheerios and chasic with better than use date of july 14, 20 1 16. anyone with wheat allergies that bought affected boxes is
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asked to call general mills. >> the "action news" team is out working on new stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. >> here's alicia vitareli live at the newsroom with a preview. hey, alicia. >> hey guys you may be used to rating you beener driver on your experience but did you know drivers can also rate you. the passengers will break it all down and let you know how you can find out your score coming up today in big talkers and in what's the deal, coming up today at 4, we are talking about tires. the next time you buy them you need to watch our consumer report why some tires don't always last as long as they promise. one manufacturer is a standout and we'll have details in what's the deal. take it on the go if you have not already downloaded the free 6abc news app you can watch us on your tablet. >> looking now from sky6hd and a nice picture over sky6 sky
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line. a nice picture over sky6 sky line. accuweather when we come right
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>> meteorologist karen rogers has an eye on the accuweather forecast looking liver. >> is the weather boring you yet? >> good. >> i like it. >> keep it coming. >> let's look and check out stormtracker 6 live double sca scan. we're dry through the area again. looking good today a nice sunny streak. let's go outside and try to enjoy the sunshine as we look live on the center city sky line. what a shot. bright blue skies and a few clouds out. there plenty of sunshine to make it a terrific day. look at numbers. 69 degrees. already in philadelphia and up from there will be in the 70s today. dew point 44. it's way down there. winds out of the north hardly a
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breeze. it's been windy for a few days. not today. looking good. barometric pressure is holding steady and as we look at numbers. 69 right now in philadelphia, and allentown 68. and reading 69 and wilmington 63 in cape may and 68 in atlantic city. it is a good looking day out there and you know what 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. i'd say we're oohing in the right direction getting mild out. there 8 degrees warmner allentown and sea isle city no now. look going for us temperatures bumping up a bit than over the past few days. satellite 6 and action radar showing we started with bright blue skies no problems and with radiational cooling temperatures drop in the overnight hours. rather chilly early on. now you see clouds fill in up to the north and west. it won't impact us too much though. bright sunshine mixing with clouds. and this is how it will go by 3 p.m., 73 degrees with sunshine and clouds. by 5 p.m., 72. by 7 p.m., 70. and by 9 p.m., dipping down to 6 0s. 65.
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overnight low not as chilly as lasts night. 59 degrees. when you go to morning bus stops it won't be quite as bad as we we were today and low 40s in some spots. temperatures basically uniform. we'll hit 73 in looevl and 72 millville and 70 on beach in atlantic city. and satellite 6 and action radar showing the heavy rain that had been playing south coar line atoday this area of low pressure is drifting out to sea. and actually following the path of her khan joaquin out to sea. so they're getting a break as far as precipitation in south carolina. and they still do have a chance for some flooding and residual flooding and it really is historic flooding in mount pleasant south carolina 26" of rain that's normally moore than we get the first 7 months of year from january to july we average 24. my sister lives near charleston they couldn't leave their house for a while. still dangerous situation and historic with the flooding. for us we're staying dry and sunny streak here. your forecast, turning warmer
12:28 pm
today, 7 for the high. nice and warm and sunny tomorrow 76. sunny skies. keeping temperatures low 07s. nice. 71. on friday an update steady rain develops. maybe a morning sure during commute and steady light rain in afternoon and night. 74 for the high before the rain hits and looks like saturday starts off wet. rain tape others to just a couple showers in the afternoon and we knock that temperature down a bit on saturday. and only 64. on sunday, though, got to be great for eagles and so far looking good. mostly sunny skies. feel like football weather temperatures upper 60s. monday partly sunny and 72. today it's a beauty and nice trend coming up here. >> we like it. >> thank you, karen. >> we're following latest on the arrest of a 17-year-old accused of having a gun at the philadelphia community college and new details when "action philadelphia community college and new details when "action news" comes right
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>> philadelphia spring garden section a 17-year-old is in custody after philadelphia community college is put on lockdown for reports of person with a gun on campus. in the past 30 minutes school officials told "action news" they're slowly releasing peopl people, stuments, as they search rooms building by building. campus cents out a text alert to students this one after police were alerted this morning. students and faculty were told to shelter in place as officers comeed the campus. >> and officials imsized this is


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