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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 6, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> philadelphia spring garden section a 17-year-old is in custody after philadelphia community college is put on lockdown for reports of person with a gun on campus. in the past 30 minutes school officials told "action news" they're slowly releasing peopl people, stuments, as they search rooms building by building. campus cents out a text alert to students this one after police were alerted this morning. students and faculty were told to shelter in place as officers comeed the campus. >> and officials imsized this is not related to last week
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oregon shooting or threats against philadelphia area campuses that was supposed to happen yesterday. let's go back to "action news" reporter vernon odom live on the scene there in the spring garden ex is. vernon. >> rick, the tension is easing here and police are starting to stand down after the capture of an alleged gunman this morning starting after 10 a.m. this morning when they have reports of a man with a gun. they got a complaint from student here that he would be confronted with someone he knew and someone whom he had a ongoing dispute and poyted a group at him alleged gunman nraed and ran away from the building. that is the last time he was seen. police and squat teams converged on campus mindful of what was going on college campuses and other place around. they searched for an hour, hour and fifteen minutes before they found the suspect. he was in the business and industry building of the community college and 18 and calohill.
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that's where they took him in custody. here's commissioner ramsey with the update on what happened this morning. >> we're going to continue our search because we feel there's a firearm somewhere and we have to make sure it's not lie around and we have an individual now that we have our hands on. it doesn't appear that had it anything to do with the threat that we were talking about yesterday at all. these are individuals that had a beef with one another. and one of them had a gun. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested in a classroom 18 and calohill another part of community college here. students were blocked from entering the campus this morning and somewhere told to secure if in place inside the buildings being searched and scoured by the philadelphia police department. here are some of the students talking to us now. >> i was in class and some lady was coming down the hallway talking about lock your doors, lock your doors. and all of a sudden like we all
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started getting texts and emails talking about how theres with a shooter on campus. so a lot of people in any class was getting really nervous. >> they tried to lock everybody down but people were scared and heard gun and they started getting out of there. everybody got up and started grabbing their stuff and scrambling but professor was trying to keep them calm and situated and keep them in order and together. but you could not. kids were like flying out -- i had to fly out of there >> reporter: rick, classes have been cancelled here for the day at the community college. shut down for the day because of this enormous scare and shakeup on the campus. again, the suspect has been captured police tell us. we have video of him. you saw it a little while ago. and no shots were fired according to police. he was just sought out and without a battle or resistance.
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that's the latest from here community college in spring garden, i'm vernon odom, "channel 6 action news," reporting live. >> vernon, thank you. to itit ate the lockdown is lifted and the suspect is in custody. video earlier this morning. the call clear given on the campus of ccp. we have multiple crews working the story and updates that continue this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00 and online at two people were killed in a crash that ended in a montgomery county canal. it happened late last night in vehicle carrying four people overturned and landed in the water. "action news" reporter david henry is live near the scene on tow path road in upper providence township with the latest, david. >> hi, sarah, this is how investigators it believe this is how it happened and the car was parked in this gravel area alongside of tote path an it backed up to went around and went too far across the badge right to this area here.
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you can see where the tire marks are aside embankment went too far and flipped over into the canal and driver and passenger were able to get out and two others in the car never made it. >> one deceased female, 25, one deceased male, 29 and the driver, was a 21-year-old. >> the tow path is part of county park system. the car went into the water near historic lock 60 on schuylkill river canal across the river from downtown phoeni phoenixville and tote path is multi-used trail on to vehicles and narrow own comes up to the edge of the canal in places and it is on to vehicles last nigh night. car wept into canal 11:30 last night. investigators don't know what the carload of young people was doing down here last night. they're trying to determine ft. driver was impaired. >> we are examining things like the blood to determine whether
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alcohol and drugs were voovld in the incident. >> the prosecutor says that this is say criminal investigation at this point and they are not releasing the names of the victims involved here until they're sure all of their families are notified. live in upper providence twpd, david hen rirks "channel 6 action news," rick. >> david, thank you. from hour delaware news room now police are investigating discovery of woman's body in newcastle. police were called to the b.j.'s wholesale club 6:00 this morning where body of white female who appears to number 20s was found. and authorities believe the body was dumped at this location. investigators are still trying to identify the woman. the medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death. >> philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting that left one person dead. the incident happened before 2:00 this morning on 2600 block of north eighth street in north philadelphia and one man was killed and another rushed to
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the hospital incritical condition. right now police have no suspects for a motive for the shooting. >> crews in south carolina say they're monitoring a dam that is blocking more blood waters from damaged and hard-hit areas there. meantime residence across the state are getting better as soon as of death the floodwaters left behind. at least 11 people were killed after heavy rains struck. elizabeth her has the full story from columbia. >> rick an sarah, good afternoon. here you cannot driver a while without running into one of those. road closure signs. sidewalks destroyed. >> immediately. >> neighborhoods evacuated near a breached down in south carolina. >> it's going to break further. got to get out what while we can. >> this is scene from one of broken dams in columbia area
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where officials are warning things will gets worse before they get better. >> i pray. that's all id i prayed. lord take care of us. >> roads turned into rivers. several businesses nearly washed away and more than 500 bridge as cross the state damaged. 100 in columbia a most still shut down with huge chunks of roadway missing. and despite the fact that south carolina is starting to dry out the danger from more nodding remains as many rivers continue to rise threatening to breach more levies and the work of rebuilding is now underway from columbia to charleston 14 missouri members of national guard on the ground helping to repair the devastated region. >> you have people displaced from homes and people whose businesses are erect i don't know how long it would take for everyone to overcome this. >> it could be weeks if not months before the damage here
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could be rebuilt. for now all eyes remain on those rising rivers with more blooding still a major concern here. in columbia, south carolina, elizabeth herr "action news". >> fighting crime by using the latest forensic technology. they announced today countr countrywide dna database program that allows police from multiple jurisdictions to work on cases collectively and select forensic evidence to one lab. officials say this helps because criminals often move from one town to another and county wide database is first of kind in its country. >> turning to the for the walingt now we soak up more sunshine as we continue with a case of dry weather. karen rogers has the latest from accuweather. >> this morning i was out in a coat and it was khully. little breeze out of north and it's gorgeous.
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let look at satellite 6 and action ray doctor you can see we had clear skies over the past hour or so watching clouds that fill into our northwest suburbs and plenty of sunshine today. it will be good and dry. look at morning lows, though, 40 dipped down to mount pocono and chillier than yesterday in some spots. 43 allentown and 43 reading and 51 in philadelphia and 46 wilmington and millville and 46 was morning low in atlantic city airports. so it was chilly to start off these transitional months often are. the afternoon nice and above average. 66 already in quakertown and it's 70 pottstown and 66 coatsville and if you're about to grab lunch kennett square 66 de agrees and in some of the suburbs in until nnl looking at temperatures in upper 60s. 68 popular number there in browns mills. 67 degrees in dover, delaware, here's what you can expect through the afternoon.
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go pumpkin picking, mostly sunny skies, very nice, 2 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m., 7. temperatures above ang. warmer comes tomorrow detail of that in the 7 day forecast. >> rick and sarah. >> still to come a violent home invasion caught on camera and where a san francisco man was caught off guard and left to fights for his life. >> lip checkly speaking out ooh another brutal eagles loss. he trusts the plain he has in place, more "action news" will he trusts the plain he has in place, more "action news" will be back.
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>> a high school football dmoch florida benched after accused of punching a referee in the face during a game. leo davis told deputies he pushed the referee in an attempt to breakp a fight that started after upsetting call and police say that video contradicts his statement and they charged dave witness battery. >> officials said a pilot that died mid flight may have
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suffered from a heart attack. >> american 550, 15,000 for 5,000 medical emergency captain is incapacitated. >> the plane was in route from phoenix to boston when the copilot radioed for help and landed plane safely in syracus syracuse. passenger where taken top boston by replacement crew. they were later informed the pilot died. american airlines said in a statement it's incredibly saddened by this incident. >> a violent home invasion in california was caught on camer camera. surveillance video shows san francisco man wrestling with a begun nan own garage fighting for his life. abc clayton has the story. >> bill never thought bringing in the trash cans would come into epic fight to survive in his own home. >> tried get me with a knife i kicked that out of the way. >> in this startling struggle captured on video ox dean wearing white sweatshirt seen here was in his garage if san
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francisco when a man walks in off the street and suddenly attacks him. >> he came at me with a gun and the gun was out and gun was full sglors you can see that gun here ox dean grabs intruder and doesn't let go. >> i didn't want to engage in combat and chuck norris stuff because that allows a chance for know lose control of weapon. >> two men battle for nearly two minutes knocking over furniture neither giving up. ox dean trying prit gun out of intrird's hands. >> this could be the die i die. >> ox dean gets that gun. he points it at the suspect and pulls the trilinger and police stay was empty and suspect got away and ox dean calls it a sglin it felt like i cut ma doos a's head off i couldn't believe that i succeeded in something like that. >> clayton standell "abc news" denver. >> sixers on preseason with tip-off tonight in washington. new shooting guard nick stoskis
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won't play he'll fwhoys weeks because of stress fracture stress reaction it's called in right leg. sixers top pick jaleel oak for will see playing time tonight. fans are hoping he brings winning ways from duke university to the sixers. >> the eagles are trying to move on after last minute floss washington on sunday. coach skip kelly says his team needs to keep working to stay on track. >> you just keep practicing and working it and trust the guys you have. and we know we have the right players here. we just it's a play here or play there. you know, we lost a game by two and by three and another by ten and three games by 15 points. you hit two kicks and we're sitting 3-1 everybody is happy. >> eagles play the saints at the linc on sunday afternoon. >> still ahead on "action news" another check of forecast. >> and as we look live outside on sky6hd showing you ben franklin bridge and penns landing nice afternoon. meteorologist karen rogers has the update from accuweather
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meteorologist karen rogers has the update from accuweather when we come right
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>> hoyl karen rogers is back now one last check of the forecast. chilly morning turn into a warm afternoon. >> these transitional months you wake up and need jacket to head out and head ising in the afternoon because it's nice out there. >> all right. >> don't shed anything else. let's look at stormtracker 6 double can around the region and looking dry through the area. let's go outside. we want to see what it looks like. it's a beautiful day. why not go down the shore. we're live in atlantic city. looking good this morning. look at blue skies. hardly a cloud down there in atlantic city. the current temperature is 69 degrees in philadelphia feeling really good after starting this morning in the low 40s in some of the suburbs and dew point 4 nice and low and winds out of north just a little bit of breeze but it is a cool breeze out of the north. barometric pressure holding steady. satellite 6 and action radar showing we started with clear skies and over the past few hours we see clouds spill northwest into the suburbs and that won't impact us too much.
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bright sunshine is mixing with few high clouds out. there we're rising with temperatures. been below average. saturday with cool, damp 57. sunday 63. monday 69 degrees and now we're starting a different trend the next three days will number the low 7 0s. feeling pretty good for you. at the shore today 73, mostly sunny skies. we saw that live picture in atlantic city. it's a nice one out there toda today. even in the lehigh valley feeling pretty good about 70 degrees. we had a chilly start. mostly sunny skies and nice afternoon in the lehigh valley as well. here's how the temperatures will unfolded in the city by 3 p.m., 7 degrees with mostly sunny skies and by 5 p.m., 72. by 7 p.m., dipping down to 70 and by 9 p.m. clear skies, 65 degrees and overnight low won't be quite as chilly as last night 59, feeling cool and comfortable with you. great day today, hurricane joaquin 160 miles or so off the coastline that's not impacting us and area avenue low pressure playing south carolina pulling
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off to sea. mostly sunny skies. back to the 0s. high pressure dominates tomorrow as cool front slipz through ahead of. it warmest day of the week. 6. for this time of year pretty good and lots of sunshine to boot. let's look at exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. warmer today, 73 for the high. it's a good one. but lots of sunshine and high clouds. tomorrow nice and sunny and even warmer making it up to 76 degrees. and continuing with that friend on thursday. mostly sunny skies and 71. so the change comes on friday. now looks like we'll see a morning shower as you drive it work early friday morning. then steady light rain develops in the afternoon and at night. we're not talking about a lot of heavy raib but it will be wet nonetheless. 7 degrees for high. so it looks like ending sunny spell with wet conditions as we lead into the weekend and now some new models suggesting we will have early rain on saturday and i know it's a big deal with temple homecoming at noon. temple versus tulane. a lot of people will be there
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and tailgate could be wet. early showers taper off to maybe a shower in the afternoon. game itself doesn't look bad. 64 degrees for the high. it will be cool. temperatures in the 70s we had during the workweek. mostly sunny skies for eagles, 68. feeling about for eagles and we look dry and sunny on sunday. monday partly sunny skies and back to the 70s. 72. it would figure as you look at the 7 day forecast the only days we're talking about temperatures in 60s really are for the weekend. >> all right. >> okay. >> some football games can be played in soggy conditions you know? especially -- >> and sunday will be dry. >> thank you, karen. >> thank you. >> i'll watch for that. >> philadelphia native will smith and dj jazzy jeff are planning 20 16 world tour. smith made announcement yesterday and the actor is returning to music and since recorded more than 30 new song songs. dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince
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>> we want to recap our big story a 17-year-old suspect in is custody after threating with a begun on the community college of philadelphia. victim and suspect had an ongoing dispute and argument today and that's when the suspect pulled out a weapon. the incident happened about 9:30 this morning. >> police cleared several buildings before finding the suspects in a classroom at the
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college of business and industry at 18 and calohill and that happened about 11:30 this morning and search continues for weapon however police have not yet identified the suspect again he is 17 years old and the lockdown at the college has been lifted and classes have been cancelled for the day. and of course, we'll have updates throughout the afternoon on and a complete story on "action news" starting at 4:00. >> karen has one final look at those pretty nice temperatures for today. >> let's check those temperatures now 69 degrees currently in philadelphia. 71 already in allentown. 68 in millville and it's a good looking afternoon. we'll see beautiful blue skies. lots of sunshine and 4 p.m., 73. by 5:30, 72 and by 7 p.m., 70. no weather relatesed problems for evening commute that's for sure. >> all right. karen, thank you that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forgot join us lightser today for "action news" at 4, 5, and 6. >> for meteorologist david murphy, karen rogers, sarah bloomquist, the entire "action
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news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon and we'll news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon and we'll see you later.
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