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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reports of a man way gun on campus. the suspect and another many student here according to police had confrontation and the result of an ongoing dispute. allegedly threats were made and the courtyard outside of the bar nel building and the bunman fled to another building after not fire a shot. police swarm the campus locking it down going room to room looking for the gunman. he was arrested 90 minutes later inside the business of industry at 18 and calohill after being i.d.'d by his alleged victim. >> we do not have a firearm but we're searching to see if we can locate it. he would have gotten rid of it
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at some point in time. we're trying to retrace the steps. >> community college students saw that arrest firsthand. >> they caught him in the hallway patting him down i don't think he had the gun on him though. >> did he offer resistance. >> he didn't offer resistance he was looking scared they put him in cuffs and walked him ou out. >> the police commissioner said this had nothing to do with yesterday's internet threats of violence on a local college campus or last week's mass murder on or or community college campus. >> at this hour police are still questioning that 1 17-year-old kid and investigators say if no gun ever recovered it is not likely that charges will ever be filed despite the fury in spring garden. vernon odom, "channel 6 action news" reporting live. all right. vernon, thank you. fortunately no one was hurt today. but it still left a lot of people shaken. it comes on the heels of that threat to philadelphia area colleges yesterday as well as
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last week's shooting on a campus in oregon. walter perez continues our team coverage this evening and has reaction from students, walter. sharee, we spoke with very relieved students of the community college of philadelphia who say they were inside the building where the arrest was made and in fact, several told us they did not know the suspect was in there until the arrest was made. >> reporter: destiny tucker sophomore of ccp took this cellphone video. she and her classmates saw the suspect and another man before law enforcement swarmed building. >> we saw two guys enter the classroom and one guy get arrested while standing outside the classroom. everyone was asking the guys questions. they didn't answer us. they cleared the hallway and then took them down the steps. >> in fact we spoke with several people that witnessed the arrest or were inside the school center of business and industry when the 17-year-old suspect was apprehended. ccp students we spoke with say their remotions ranged from concern to terrified.
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>> originally the first thing was lockdown in our area and in our classroom. the teacher turns off the lights and we stand on the side of the wall. >> nervous, ready to leave. i knew i could got leave. we were told we had to stay there. >> aid and smith didn't know he was in the same uld about as the suspect until he was led out in handcuffs. >> swat team ran and out of the classroom and we looked over and they were bringing the guy down and then they had his hood up and head down. we were all over a balcony looking at him. >> in the end the students are grateful for peaceful conclusion to a situation that oddly enough did not seem out of the ordinary to some. >> like a normal thing to hear about but pathetic we go to school and worry about this every day. >> meanwhile a few nearby buildings were put on lockdown including matterman high school and st. joe's prep. the all clear was since given and no injuries reported. reporting live from spring
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garden, walter perez, "channel 6 action news." alicia. >> in addition to other campus incidents across america toda today's lockdown also called to mind a similar incident at ccp from may of last year. 23-year-old ryan fitch allegedly brought a gun his chemistry class. that put two buildings on campus into lockdown. and police say fitch flashed a gun and threatened a student during an argument. fitch was arrested and classes resumed the following day. >> of course, we screamed the event at ccp live on as they happened this morning and that is where our coverage continues now. we have the latest on the investigation and photo gallery of images from the scene and remember, when breaking news happens and you need immediate updates make sure to follow us on twitter at 6abc for all of the up to the minute details. brian. all right alicia. thank you, from the delaware newsroom a mysterious death in newcastle they downed a woman's
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body on sunset boulevard. they don't know who she is or how she died. john rawlins is at the scene and he has the latest on this discovery, john. >> the body was discovered 10 hours ago here where the parking lot meets that service road. there authorities are investigating but can't say this the appoint if what occurred here was foul play. a man mid grim discovery as he got off the bus to go to work 6:00 this morning and called police. he told us he found body of a young petite woman and there appeared to be bruises to the fronts of the head. it was partly undressed. one shoe, no purse, cold to the touchch the body was found in a parking lot which is across the newcastle county airport between a gas station and a farmers market. police spent hours serving the area and initially had little to go on. >> we do not have identification on her. small in stat tour. possibly early 20s. other than that not a lot of detail. we don't know who she is. we do not know the manner of
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death at this point or the cause of death. >> investigators focused not only on where the body was decision covered and on an area of roadway 30 feet away at that spot there was broken glass and swabs were taken on what appeared to be blood spots on the pavement. >> police are alooking for surveillance video there's a camera 150 feet away from the spot where the body was found and it's our understanding it's not focused on that area. there's other cameras in the area as well and there's 3 to 400 feet away as tractor-trailer clear how valuable they'll be. live in newcastle country. back to you all. >> thank you, john. turning to the accuweather forecast. it's all about the blue skies out there today. >> a beautiful day outside. we find meteorologist adam joseph on city avenue with the stunning details, hi, adam. >> what a recovery from yesterday with temperatures well above normal and sunshine lower on the hor eye sdoon. it was a chilly start across the area. little typical for this imtime
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of year. philadelphia was the low this morning. aten town 43 degrees and mil millville 46 and trenton 47 and wilmington a very cool 4 degrees. it's been quite the recovery this afternoon with all of that sunshine. we're sitting at 75 in philadelphia the normal is 70 this time year. 74 allentown and reading and 72346 wilmington, and even at the shore, upper 60s to near 70 degrees. you look at all that sunshine just a few high clouds pushing in far northwestern suburbs in bring of lehigh valley, pocono poconos, harrisburg, and border of plan cast erin berks county and few clouds spill in overnight tonight and share the sky with plenty of stars. as we look at that forecast more warmth in the rest of the week. there will be a wet friday evening rush hour and cooler weekend to follow. i'll have all the details coming up with the 7 day forecast sharee in a little bit. good evening. >> they like the forecast. that's about it adam. >> thank you. >> the evening rush will be a little easier tonight in one
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part of chester county. today the route 23 bridge is finally back on. the bridge reopened just after noon today it was closed for reconstruction since april and projects involved replacing support beams and building a new deck and forced statemented 20,000 drives to find a new way around each day that included buses in the phoenixville area district and its roots will change now that the bridge is now opened. >> welcome news for 20,000 daily drivers. more welcomed news throughout. first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> drivers would like that. we head to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. >> so many have waited so long for this. let's give it attention, brian, sharee, just after noon today the route 23 bridge over pickerring did on. the opening was imnebt and ib deed, it did appen today. that bridge back in business for 0,000 of you that used it
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to april 0. go ahead and use it again. bridge work continues on other bridges, lynn field road bridge thinking maybe november for reopening there and yellow springs road knox covered bridge thinking later this year december until that is fixed u up. watch a broken down vehicle on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching valley forge left lane out of commission. once you jump on eastbound schuylkill you're treat todd speeds like 1 miles an hour. please do enjoy. here along the ben franklin parkway okay it's on like last week. we're having problems with traffic lights at 20th street at local vine. watch for that flashing red, of course, treat that like a stop sign. vine street expressway underneath is couted especially eastbound lanes river to river and watching a crash in northern delaware northbound lanes of 202 concord pike. naamans road and let's grab the ipad and do the commuter repor report. delaware and wilmington vehicle stopped on the shoulder 495 northbound and on the shoulder.
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you can get by without too much of a problem there. we'll check again brian and sharee and hope to give you more good news in the next half hour. >> very good, matt. >> still ahead a police chase leads to a crash and leads a trail of damage. it also sent an independent person to the hospital. >> plus the latest on deadly flooding in south carolina where whole neighborhoods are still underwater and hundreds of roads and bridges are becausely damaged. >> and big news for commuters in new jersey. patco is addressing rider complaints with new service and patco is addressing rider complaints with new service and it won't cost you a dime.
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get out of the past. get fios. >> a delaware county teen is behind bars today after he allegedly led police phone a wild chase that ended in wild crash. it all started this morning 6:30 prospect parka cording to investigators a man of ruby township sped away from police jumping a curb in the process and then sideswiped a taxi, hit
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a pedestrian and slammed into that line of parked cars before being arrested. neighbors told "action news" they were startled by all this. >> we were awakened 6:45 by a few huge loud bangs. >> and "action news" got exclusive video of posture being taken to court a cording to witnesses he looked impaired when taken into custody. police say they are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. >>. >> well the rain may have stopped in south carolina but floodwaters still rising across the states and residents are far froming in the clear at least 14 deaths are being blamed on record flooding in the carolinas, nine dams breached and many neighborhoods remain underwater. >> each dam. >> they said they're further --
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it will bring more water down. guess we get out while we can. >> this is it one of the broken dams in columbia where officials are warning residents things will get worse before better. >> that's all id i started pra praying. i said lord take care of us. >> some rivers reached levels they have not seen in decades. several businesses simply washed away and more than 500 roads and bridge as cross the state are severely damaged and 100 in columbia alone and most still shut down and despite the fact soung carolina is starting to dry out the danger for more flooding remains as many rivers continue to rise. threatening to breach more leveryes and rebuilding work is underway from columbia to charleston. 1300 members of national guard are on the ground hoping to repair that devastated region. >> you have people displaced from their homes and people whose businesses are wrecked and you know, i don't know how long it will take for all of us
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to overcome this. >> right now officials estimate the damage nobody billions of dollars. as you can see heeren tire neighborhoods are underwater. right now eyes till on rising rivers and levies with flooding still very much a major concern in areas that have not seen devastation like this but are bracing for the worst, sharee. >> our thoughts and prayers to that family in that area. alicia, thank you. a mega beer merger could be turning sour and the clock i isticking to get it dobb. bloomburg is reporting sab miller turned down a takeover offer from anheuser bush in bev. markets have been expecting a takeover since last month when the two companies expressed a mutual interest. under uk rules they have to submit a formal bid by october 14 or takeover cannot happen. if the deal goes through it would create a company that makes nine of the world's top 20 beers and has annual sales
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of $555 billion. here's a look at today's stocks and closing numbers the dow up 13 plus point and the nasdaq and s&p 500 both down today. so stocks ending in a mixed way on this tuesday evening. meantime, volkswagen says it will cut all costs not absolutely vital as it continues to deal with fallout from admissions scandal. the company's new ceo is looking at all investments and will cut costs where it can. they use software in diesel vehicles to cheat on admission tests. it said aside $7 billion to deal with sdpekted aftermath and analysts say the real costs could be significantly higher than that. >> and a be loved childhood story came alive in fairmont. action cam was at the please touch museum this morning format hatter day. the event was celebration of 150th anniversary of lewis
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carol alice in wonderland. they got to create their own hants and see life size character from that story and also a tea party at high noon. the kids loved that. >> can't do that without the tea party. >> right about that. >> time for a check of accuweather. >> adam joseph standing by with the accuweather forecast. we continue to love, not a cloud in the sky. >> we can raise our glass to this lot of blow up stairs along the benjamin franklin bridge. sky6, a breath taking afternoon and quite the change from this past weekend. take a look at numbers with the northwesterly wind. it's mid 70s from philadelphia, wilmington, allentown, reading, 73 millville and even at the shore with that land breeze temperatures there in the upper 60s to near 0 degrees and some of these numbers running close to 6 degrees above normal. and quite a turn around from 24 hours ago we're 7 warmer today in philadelphia than yesterday. 9 degrees warmer in wilmington and dover and 7 degrees warmner
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allentown and in between 7 and 9 degrees above yesterday at the shore. as we look at satellite, we can see a little bit of clouds cover trying to creep in from the west and some of this will push through and again it is not going to block your view from the stars overnight tonight as it passes by. it's just some high, thin, wis wispy cirrus clouds really hardly any moisture in the cloud cover. as we look at the forecast tonight just a few clouds. not as cool as last night. many suburbs dropped to the 40s early this morning and tomorrow morning 52 allentown and 53 reading and near 60 in philadelphia and dover 56 and toms river, cape may, both coming in at 53 to start wednesday and as we get to future tracker at lunchtime tomorrow, again, few high clouds around and still a light northerly wind with temperatures on the brink of hitting 70 degrees across much of the area already at noon and by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon fairly similar to today. lots of sunshine. 74 philadelphia, 7 allentown. and as you can see at the shore with land breeze we'll hit with
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70 to 74 there as well. your "4day at 4:00" forecast, nice and warm here wednesday, with just a few clouds. here and there at 76 degrees. and on thursday, it is sunny and it is beautiful and a few high clouds and temperature of 72 and then on friday we'll start with with some sunshine and having a warm front or cold front that cold front will surge the heat to arounds 77 degrees and clouds will thickening in the afternoon and looks like light band of afternoon and evening showers will pass through and it doesn't look like a lot of raib. maybe around a quarter inch on average. but it does push out in time for the weekend, saturday, sun, clouds, temperatures drop a little bit below normal and not bad at 66 degrees. and that 7 day forecast you know what? temperatures will rebound again next week above normal and we'll show you those numbers i love when brian shakes his head and 13450eu8z. coming up in the 7 day. >> i'm hoping for hall owen with short sleeves this year see if we can make that happen. >> it doesn't go together.
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>> not cold enough the kids have to wear jackets over costumes. >> comfortable. >> comfortable night. >> it's a long way away. >> thank you, my friend. >> still ahead good news for patco riders new service making it easier for commuters into and out of new jersey. >> and we get a sneak peek at the brand new food available this season at the wells fargo centerch. and if you used uber you know you can rate your driver. did you know your driver with also rate you. we'll show you how to get your passenger score next in big we'll show you how to get your passenger score next in big talkers people of the coffee-drinking world,
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>> one man is dead and another in a hospital after a shooting this morning in north philadelphia. it happened just before 2 a.m. on the 2600 block of north 8th street. they found the two men shot in the street. one had already died. they rushed the other to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses told police they saw the suspect running towards west lehigh avenue.
4:25 pm
investigators have not release the names of anyone involved. >> the children's hospital of philadelphia has a new way to care for patients. action cam was in glen mills today and brandywine specialty care september herbs. more than 20 medical and surgical specialties worked out this facility and housed surgey center. so children can have same daypro seed you're without having to travel into and out of philadelphia. >> patco is expanding wifi service to all 13 stations in new jersey and philadelphia. patco is teaming up with comcast to make it all happen and the transit agency, which is run by the delaware river port authority, started testing the service back in july. and well now it's making wifi permanent. the move means commuters go underground and in philadelphia. >> and under 30 summit underway in philadelphia. this years members of u.s.
4:26 pm
women's national associating team are sharing their incredible story of success. soccer stars alex morgan, julie johnson and shannon box talked about "essence"of teamwork and how they became one team that made historych the team cinderella story end ended with world cup championship and big win over japan. summit is held at the convention center and goes until tomorrow. >> hockey and basketball seasons are almost upon us. it's not just the games we care about but the food. there's new change in arena including chick-fil-a and lee's hoagies. old city brew house will serve a hot roost pork sandwich and big baby's barbeque will have mack and cheese and pulled pork sandwich and carvery will have chopped brisket special that's beer there and equally good the flyers play home-opener monday and sixers start home schedule october 30. because you need something to wash all that delicious food
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down with. >> yes, i like it. >> it did sound good didn't it. >> yes. >> much more to come on the next 30 minutes of "action news" today including brand new details on the deaths of two people in montgomery county canal last night. we have victims names in a live report. >> plus, i'm nydia han. before you buy your next tires you need to watch our consumer report. why some tires don't always last as long as promed one manufacturer is a standout. last as long as promed one manufacturer is a standout. details in what's the deal
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>> 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason a mother says she was scolded by a flight attended aunt for using a breast pump in the airplane's bathroom. >> and hear the uber anxiety. did you know you are not the only one doing scoring when you order a ride. and your passenger waiting what you really want to find out. >> it's interesting later she was a well known doctor, wife and mother of three and this gloucester county native it subject of police investigation after she was found dead in the doorway of a manhattan apartment building and troubl troubling details are straight ahead. >> and in a car accident that claimed two lives in montgomery county last night it appears the driver unwittingly backed over an embankment plunging the car into a canal.
4:30 pm
david henry now live you near the scene upper providence township and david you have the details here. >> brianing this is where it happened. investigators say a car, volkswagen station wagon is parked in the gravel area along the tote path. the driver backed out across the path and here you can see the skid marks where he went down into the tote path. back tires went over this embankment and the car flipped over on to its roof into the canal and the driver and passenger were able to get out. two other passengers did not make it and drowned. >> we have one deceased female, 25. one deceased male, 29 and the driver was a 21-year-old. >> and authorities have not named the driver. the victims have been identified as 25-year-old lauren mc garingle of audobon and 29-year-old clintonberger of upper providence. tote path is part of park system and it went into
4:31 pm
historic lot 60 historic it river canal across the river from downtown phoenixville. tote path is multi-use trail on to vehicles and narrow and comes up to the edge of the canal in places and the path has no streetlights and was on to vehicles last nightch the car went into the canal around 11:30 last night. investigators don't know what the carload of young people was doing last night. they're trying to determine ft. driver was impaired. >> we are examining things like the blood to determine if alcohol and drugs were involved in the incident. depending on the results of those tests the driver may or may not be charged and the prosecutor says at this point there is a criminal investigation. live in upper providence. david henry, "channel 6 action news" sharee. >> all right. david, thank you. we are learning more about a gun scare that shet down the main campus of philadelphia
4:32 pm
community college today. a 17-year-old boy pulled a gun on a student outside the spring garden school 9:30 this morning. that teenager then fled into one of the buildings prompting a campus wide lockdown that also impacted nearby masterman high school and st. joseph's prep. officers and swat teams searched campus going room to room until they found the suspect about 90 minutes later and police say if they find a gun the teen may be facing both weapon and ter risetic threat charges. >> several schools in the lehigh valley were also placed on lockdown this morning to a suspicious former employee. officials say a man fired from the nazareth area school district friday showed up in the parking lot of nazareth area middle school around 6 a.m. but when security went to talk to him the man was gone. as a precaution students at that school along with others on the same campus were either locked in their classrooms or buildings. the former employee was found and taken into custody arounds
4:33 pm
9 a.m. at last check he awas not facing any charges. >> jury selection got underway today in the case of two men that allegedly kidnapped and beat a center city squulry store worker. basil buoy and shall add shadine were arrested in june. they kidnapped a worker in a parking garage after she left her job at the national watch and diamond exchange. when she said she did not know the codes for the door's safe they beat her and dumped her at a cemetery in darby bureauch the their man will be tried as a later day. >> philadelphia police are investigating a mid-morning armed robbery in the city straw bury mansion section. a man dressed in muslim garb pulled out a gun and locked store employees in a back room and made off with unknown amount of cash and no one was injured here. >> officials with department of environmental protection got a
4:34 pm
firsthand look at what the recent coastal storm did to the jersey shore. the action cam was there as commission avenueer bob martin and team of coastal engineers toured sea isle city today and commissioner martin said he saw significant damage to the dumz in atlantic ocean and cape may county and and went on to say the damage is mainly confined to beaches not shored up before this weekend storm. >> search a stark contrast when you look at erosion on beaches and blue sky and incredible weather we're doling with now. >> thankfully all is quiet the rest of the week and really coming through this upcoming weekend as we look live now in the city of philadelphia. the benjamin franklin bridge a lot of blue upstairs not one cloud in the advantage point and very warm high now of 75. we have a calm wind own low dew point. very dry air. you can see all the warmth from philadelphia, pittsburgh, south to 70s and to north a little cooler. buffalo, binghamton. 57 and 60 degrees and it's a beautiful tuesday.
4:35 pm
i want to make it trivia tuesday for you all. here's weather trivia. what is the hottest october temperature for philadelphia? the highest it's ever reached in the month of october for philadelphia? is it a, 90? b, you can't shout it out yet, b, 9? c, 96? tweet me the answer what you think. i'll retweet it and whoever gets to me first i'll give you a shout out on the air many it ten minutes. if you were paying attention to my weather yesterday, actually i talked about this yesterday. >> then we're in trouble. >> you are in trouble you. >> don't remember from yesterday? >> i'm sorry we don't. >> short term memory. >> wow. >> thank you my friend. >> all right. >> a popular international magazine is bringing lattin flare and inspiration to philadelphia. the bilingual use magazine printed in english and spanish is hosting a student leadership series it kicked off today at community academy.
4:36 pm
gabe sal saturday gave the keynote address, motivos is aimed to have latinos make good life decisions and make it through college. it's in partnership with united states hispanic leadership institute. >> police in bucks county have a new tool to better solve crimes that involve dna. rick williams live in the newsroom with the details on this one. it's being celebrated across the country, rick. >> that's right, exactly, brian, this say countywide dna database program. bucks county as you mentioned it was just announced today and allows all police in bucks county to work together to fight crime using latest forensic technology. the database will let police form multiple jurisdictions and work on cases collectively and submit forensic evidence to one laboratory. coming up tonight at 5 you will hear from police about how this new lab will greatly increase the amount of time it takes for them to solve a crime those stories and much more when we
4:37 pm
see you in a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. until then back to the studio. sharee will see you in a bit. >> atlantic county seniors are proving you're never too old to get up and groff. they attended a senior citizens dance workshop on the stockton university campus in galloway this afternoonp teeners came from different dance companies part of glean's two week residence at the university this fall. stretching it out. >> stretching it out. and ft. idea of dropping your device gevrz you anxiety this craze is not four. what extreme phone pinching is is, not what you think. and why it's trending? >> and this mother says she was scolded for spending too much time in an airplane bathroom. the reason, she was using a breast pump. who she says hassled her. we have the details coming up. >> plus file this under things you may not want to know.
4:38 pm
turns out your uber drivers are rating you as well and you can find out how you score if you dare. >> and meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continue forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continue continues.
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snv police in new york city are investigating the moist serious death of a successful mother of three and, doctor. she was found unconscious in the door way of manhattan apartment sunday morning the married dermatologist was pronounced dad a short time laterch the night before servan ye's death included heavy drinking and cocaine use. surveillance shows doctor entering apartment budding with two men early sunday and four hours later the men were seen dropping her body in the lobby. police say they cannot drm a cause of death until the toxicology reports comes back. >> a western pennsylvania woman
4:41 pm
can thank her lipstick for helping get her out of a scary situation. beth locked herself inside her own bathroom when anen truder broke into her pittsburgh home. she was stuck in there for hours and the window was too small to come out. if she heard the man trying to come into the bathroom. she grabbed her lipstick and reached outside and wrote this call 911 backwards hoping someone would see it. well, they did. >> finally a neighbor across diagonal saw me like with my arms nrailing out the window. >> that neighbor called police who arrived to final the intruder sleeping on the couch. investigators say the man was very intoxicated and stumbled in that house apparently unaware that it was not his own. >> i'm going to take that lipstick trick though that brilliant stuff there. big talkers now and mom everywhere are rallying behind one woman in phoenix who says
4:42 pm
she was hassled, scolded even by a flight attended aunt for using a breast pump in airline bathroom. mariana says a right room on board american airlines flight was only option for privacy and the flight attend aunt should have warned she would be in there 15 minutes. she says at one point they ordered her to on the door with passengers watching. >> i had the pump connect todd me. >> well you need to stop doing this right now. >> you. >> you are very rude. >> so i'm rude. >> i needed to pump. >> i got it. >> i got it. >> mary anda doesn't want her to be fired just retrained. new moms can breast feed or pump anywhere on board even in their seats so you know. >> if you ever used uber you know you can rate your drivers after your ride. you probably didn't know they can also rate you. yep. you have a score. right now. we'll show you how to get. it here is how to find out how
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you range as a passenger. go to yub uber account and go to the menu and select help and then account. click i would like to know my rating. then submit. the rating scale goes from 1 to 5 with 5 o'clock best you will get email from uber with your score. this happy passenger right here has a perfect one a five that's erin she works here as a producer, apparently a phenomenal passenger. this makes us all accountable for how we behave during the ride from pickup to drop off and you know i finally got mine 4.7 i want to know where i missed points there i'm a perfectionist. finally it's being called latest in extreme sports if you want to call it that. or at least most nerve racking craze we can think of extreme bone pinching involves fearless and crazy adrenalin crazed folks holding phones with thumbs and forefingers and dangling over a place you would
4:44 pm
not want to fall. >> careful, careful, careful, careful. >> come on. this became a thing thanks to the music duo 21 pay lots over the summer. some have taken a chance over a cliff. others playing with fire. actual, literal fire and some chasing water falls. extreme phone pinching over niagara falls. now apparently this is causing a lot of anxiety for onlookers there have been some casualties too. costly ones no doubt. let's hope they backup all their photos before attempting this technology kill sfwler we're a mess. technology. right? i'm sorry. >> i take a chance every time a use a phone walking and textin texting. >> that's bad enough you're right. >> i'm on third iphone just uk wag around. i can't fathom that. >> just being. >> alicia thanks very much. >> let's get a check on the roads. >> let's look at matt pellman with a look at how things are moving, matt. >> this afternoon the blue
4:45 pm
route is saying, will you take a chance on me snoet i don't note. i don't know if you want to take a chance on the blue rout route. delays on the northbound side of 476, northeast extension and eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike where speeds are in the 20s with a whole lot of volume. also watching a crash in heart of norristown this afternoon around 202 markly street by china palace and the good news. chester county, route 23 bridge over pickerring creek did reon today. seven weeks ahead of schedule. for the 20,000 of you that use that bridge up until april 20 when it closed go ahead and use again. it is on this afternoon. yellow springs road bridge the knox covered bridge is still closed likely through end of year. how about motorcycle crash to watch out for downingtown this afternoon, 32, brandywine near business 30 lancaster near downingtown national bank.
4:46 pm
on big picture, 95, still traffic light troubles ben franklin and 20. local vine flashing red. that needs to be treated like a stop sign. cherry hill police activity 38 westbound and that cleared out. we'll check again and see if we can get more things to clear out in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks, sounds good. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast that will have you pinching yourself accuweather 7-day forecast that will have you pinching yourself coming up
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> all right. meteorologist adam joseph i've been monitoring twitter an a lot of people. >> responding. >> weighing in. >> and shane says 93 come on ain't no october day getting 9 96. do you agree with him? >> i'm going to say yes. >> you do. here is the question. what is hottest october
4:49 pm
temperature in philadelphia? sorry, shane is, sorry, brian, sorry, sharee and sorry, alici alicia, the answer was 96 degrees c. cool whip cam was first that respond todd me mir abdomen awith that correct number on twitter. october 5, 1941, 26 degrees above normal and start of october heat wave that particular year. yes, it can get that hot this time of year. still well in mid 90s. double scan live radar it was beautiful today. lot of sunshine. warm, happy to see mid 70s. can you imagine 20 plus degrees warmer than it was today. it did happen in 1941. 71 quakertown. 72 kennett square. chester 75. tannersville at 72 and to the south and east many 70s inland in southern new jersey and same state of delaware tad bit cooler at the shore temperatures in mid to upper
4:50 pm
60s. we've had a lot of sunshine today. there was a few clouds pushing in from west. high clouds are not much moisture within them. in fact it's ice crystals passing through about 20,000 feet in atmosphere putting very thin veil of cloud cover that will pass by in spots overnight tonight. so just a few clouds. not as cool as it was last night. many suburbs dropped back to 4 40s early this morning and we'll drop back to 53 suburbs to 59 for center city and tomorrow a cold front will be locked up on the u.s. canadian border but for us it's sunshine just a few clouds, 6 degrees above average with high temperature of 76 and then that front slips through dry here on wednesday night. no moisture with it. just a few clouds and a lot of sun with high pressure coming in behind it on thursday. tad bit cooler and still above average this time of year of 7. and next system will have a little more let's say energy with it and moisture and that will slide through end of week on friday.
4:51 pm
the exclusive accuweather forecast, nice and warm midweek wednesday just a few clouds. 76. sunny, beautiful thursday. 72 and friday we start with sunshine. it really warms up ahead of the front to 77 degrees. then in afternoon and evening as that front comes through it will squeeze out a little bit of precipitation. after right now you'll see more to north and west where we could pick up half inch and three-quarters of inch and philadelphia third of inch and southern areas there around the third to fourth of inch of rain again late friday into friday night and then that front slips through over the weekend. saturday to sunday, we dry it out for many events around the region. 66 on saturday. 6 8 mostly sunny sunday and then it turns warmer again on monday up to 74 degrees. and tuesday, lots of sun. 72. so not a bad looking 7 day forecast. there we're not looking at 90s but hey most numbers are above average this time of year.
4:52 pm
>> we have a little rain. >> love it. >> come on. >> at least you're not like rick he would complain about something. >> hear that rick? hear that? >> i don't even have a microphone on. >> that's why i said it. >> if you're in the market for new tires stay tuned watch >> if you're in the market for new tires stay tuned watch today's deal
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> time today for what's the deal. we're talking about tires. which one lasts the longest. >> when you buy tires don't look at the price you pay but tread life and how long they're last. manufacturers claim 0,000 to 100,000 miles and consumer reports test of 47 tires find some don't last as long as prolsed. when you shop for tires you may be suede by tread ware claim. like many people paul finds his tires don't last that long.
4:55 pm
>> tread ware warrant tee say that he last 08,000 and may last 40, 45,000. >> they tested tread life of 47 tires. convoy of truck drove each tire 16,000 miles and tread measured at regular intervals to project how long the tire would life. >> tire life depends on vehicle and proper maintenance and also makes a difference how and where you drive. our mileage projections are a good way toy compare tread war ware. >> somewhere optimistic though some life is good. this is 75,000 miles. consumer reports projects 55,000. and this continental says 90,000 and consumer reports projects 60,000. and far twhors nokian its warrantee 80,000 miles and consumer reports projects 35,000. some tires, though, last much longer. >> mish lynn was standout. the three models we tested met or exceeded mileage warrantee
4:56 pm
and had tread life of 80,000 miles or more. >> longest lasting is perelli four seasons plus they claim 90,000 miles and consumer reports estimate they'll go 1 100,000. consumer reports says don't expect to get all your money back if tires wear out before mileage warrantee you get credit for the miles the tire deposit last and only good towards retail price ordealers retail price for identical or comparable tire from the same manufacturer and discounts common could leave that credit worthless. i'm nydia han, "channel 6 action news." >> finally at 4:00 they say revenge is a dish best served cold. for one karma seeking canine that was served sandy. even tempered boxer allowed her annoying young own to prod and push her for several minute and that patience wore out. oak at this the dog decided to turntable seriously shoveling
4:57 pm
sand into the little girl's face you can only try to get away. apparently that whole man best friend thing only goes so far. >> poor kid. >> still smiling that's good. >> still having fun. >> "action news" at 4 today for sharee williams alicia vitarel vitareli, adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you join me along the with sharee, adam joseph and tonight on "action news" at 10 on phl1 phl17. >> "action news" at 5 is coming up next. up next. >> see you tonight.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> tuesday night the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of the section of philadelphia where a transgender person was murdere murdered. >> police announced details of the crime a short time ago and they're asking for the public's help tonight to make an arrest. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at police headquarters with the latest. chad. >> rick, right now police have little information with which to work they're asking for the public help and investigators are telling us around:30 this morning the victim, 22-year-old kiesha jenkins a transgender
5:00 pm
female was dropped off at 13 and winghock inand few minutes later five to six unidentified males goon beat her. at one point one of the males pulled out a gun and shot her twice in the back while on the ground. few minutes later police responded and took her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> right now we don't have any motive or don't know if it's potentially a hate crime or robbery, we really don't know. the investigation is too early in the investigation to tell. >> and police this time have no suspects. why jenkins was in that neighborhood is unclear we're told she's from north philadelphia. police are searching that area for surveillance video at this point they have not found any so no images or photos release released. police at this point need the public's help. live outside police headquarters chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> police are investigating the discovery woman's body inside of a park in


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