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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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female was dropped off at 13 and winghock inand few minutes later five to six unidentified males goon beat her. at one point one of the males pulled out a gun and shot her twice in the back while on the ground. few minutes later police responded and took her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> right now we don't have any motive or don't know if it's potentially a hate crime or robbery, we really don't know. the investigation is too early in the investigation to tell. >> and police this time have no suspects. why jenkins was in that neighborhood is unclear we're told she's from north philadelphia. police are searching that area for surveillance video at this point they have not found any so no images or photos release released. police at this point need the public's help. live outside police headquarters chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> police are investigating the discovery woman's body inside of a park in hamilton township
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mercer county and someone out working found the body in the weeds along the walking trail just after 9:00 this morning. police blocked off the area of sewell street as they investigated and the woman appears to be around 40 years old and authorities say it's unclear how she died and her death appears to be a homicide. they're waiting on autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. >> a suspect is in custody after a lockdown at the community college of philadelphia today. a threat of a gun -- man with gun forced school officials to take all precaution this morning to keep people on the campus safe. "action news" reporter walter perez live tonight in spring garden with the rest of the story, walter. >> monica, no shots were fired through this whole thing. but the report of possible gunman on the campus of ccp resulted in an army of police going building to building and tonight the person allegedly responsible is being questioned by investigators. >> what ended with community college of philadelphia on lockdown and intense 45 minute manhunt started at argument
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between two young men on the school's campus. >> one individual pulled a gun on the other. the complaintant said he saw the gun. that occurred outside of the build in the courtyard. >> the suspect described as 1 17-year-old male was arrested inside a classroom at the school center of business and industry at 18 and calohill streets. investigators tell us the suspect was not carrying a weapon at the time of his arrest and assuming he was in possession of a gun the search for the firearm continues tonight. and as all this unfolded the entire school was put on lockdown. >> originally the first thing was lockdown in our area and in our classroom. teacher turns off the light we all stay on the side of the wall and -- >> swat team running and started yelling at classroom and we looked over and they were bringing the guy down and then they had his hood out and head down and we were all over the balcony looking at him. >> this all comes day after online post was made threatening attack at college
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or university in the philadelphia area. but local investigators say what happened today had nothing to do with monday's threat. classes at ccp will resume tomorrow morning as scheduled after being cancelled for rest of the day. students we spoke with after the lockdown was lifted say sadly enough this incident was alarming but not surprising. >> kind of normal thing to hear about but pathetic we have to go to school and worry about this every day. >> now, several other buildings facilities nearby were put on lockdown including masterman high school and st. joe's prep. those orders since lifted and no injuries reported. reporting live from spring garden, walter perez, "channel 6 action news," monica. >> thank you, walter. we stream events ccp live today on as they were happening this morning and you can get the latest there or any time. we have details on the investigation and this photo gallery of images from the scene. also remember any time breaking news happens and you need immediate updates and follow us
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on twitter at 6abc for up to the minute details. >> and other news two people killed when a driver accidentally packed up to montgomery county canal. it happened last night upper providence township according to police the driver was trying to pull out of parking spot off the tote path when the car's tires went over embankment. the car landed upside down in the water with four people inside. and the driver and backseat passenger were able to escape the other passengers lauren and margo and clinton burger both died. police are washinging to determine ft. driver was impaired at the time. >> all 0 police departments in bucks county can now work together fighting crime by using the latest forensic technology. they announced today a countrywide dna database is available. and it will allow police from multiple jurisdictions to work on cases collectively and to submit forensic evidence to one lab. officials say it is especially helpful because criminals often move from one town to next and it will make the investigations
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move along faster: instead of waiting 9 to 1 months to get dna results back bucks county gets dna results back in less than 30 days. in less than 24 hours if we need so in a particular case. >> county wide database is first of its kind in the country. >> well a bridge that moves 0,000 vehicles a day between valley forge and phoenixville is reopened tonight. >> the route 23 bridge over pickerring creek is closed for rehabilitation project since april. it opened back up today ahead of schedule. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist live along 23 in schuylkill township with that story, sar after. >> and rick, monica, traffic just starting to pick up here on the route 23 bridge crossing the pickerring creek. i think people just getting the word now that the bridge is back on to traffic and it shut down all the way back in april. and the months in between have been a nightmare for motorist and business owners and better believe they're thrilled to have this bridge back. >> this is such a relief to
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have it on. it's wonderful. >> route 23 valley forge road bridge is back on here in schuylkill township chester county. and chopper6hd flew over this morning as crews put the finishing touches on the crossing and we were back as they removed the last of the road closed signs. and typically, close to 20,000 vehicles crossed the span each day and since april, motorists have had to endure detours and long traffic delays. >> this is good i used to have to go around the block or go -- >> 7 weeks early. for businesses, cut off from phoenixville traffic today's opening could not come soon enough. crone tatria and loun. >>. >> it was an island here the last stop the only destination i lot of people they deposit like to go around or change way
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it was tough. >> sue is at the rehab center next door. >> i didn't think we would feel the impact as much as we d but the route around was horrific with rush hour. >> not anymore bridge is back and schuylkill is celebrateing. we'll have a party tonight. >> yes. >> to celebrate the bridge opening. >> celebrate the opening of the bridge finally thank god. >> now penndot says the project was essential to rehabilitate the 48-year-old bridge. it's over now and back on just in time for rush hour. live in schuylkill country, chester county, -- chester -- schuylkill township, chester county, i'm sarah bloomquist "channel 6 action news," rick and monica back to you. >> we knew what you meant sarah, thank you. time for commuter report. matt pellman is bridge over troubled traffic. >> and more confusion and city of chester delaware county. here along 95 and headaches
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this afternoon and luck we won't last 5 1/2 months. in northbound lanes of 95 and traffic squeezing by in right lane headed northbound towards the blue route and backlog at commodore barry bridge there was second accident taking out left lane. overall you can probably emergency inthis is not boding well for traffic. coming north of state newark on southbound side of 96 there's another crash blocking three left lanes. speeds in the vicinity of 8 miles per pour coming south of 27. maybe stay up on route 2 or down on old baltimore pike instead of 95 southbound through new castle county this afternoon. in wilmington there's a vehicle into a streetlight blocking fourth street stick with lancaster avenue route 48 to
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greta round with that. downingtown business 30 along 322 a car struck a bicyclist by the downingtown national bank. that too is a good spot to avoid. we had traffic light troubles this afternoon. center city along the ben franklin parkway and vine sliingts flashing red. have to treat them as stop sig sign. crews are out there trying to make repairs at this hour. we'll check again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> thanks, matt. >> more to come on "action news" at five. fda anti- smoking campaign using hip-hop to target young people. >> another beautiful fall day. lots of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. showers on the way followed by cooler air. i'll let you know when in the accuweather forecast. >> those story and more when "action news" at five continues >> those story and more when "action news" at five continues in just a moment.
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>> federal investigators are headed to florida to say debris from a sunken cargo ship. search crews are lacking for survivors. the ship disappeared five days agog off bahamas when got caught in sure kaib joaquin.
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they have found one body and one damaged life boatch the company that owns the ship flames engine failure for stal stalling the vessel. >> four chester county schools tested positive for leather nel abacteria. the other schools affects ready downingtown, middle downingtown east high and downingtown west high school. now the bacteria was found in cooling towers and water tanks. school officials say everything has been sanitized now and there's no cause for concern. the district will continue tes testing its equipment regularly. "healthcheck" tonight there may be good news and bad news when it comes to this year's flu season. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us with the big board from that. >> it is officially flu season and cdc does not typically start tracking cases until later this month. the good news is early testers showing this year's vaccine is a good match for the strains that could be going around. and last year the flu shot got a bad reputation because
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predominant virus mutate the and vaccine was not very effective. and but even ft. vaccine does not give you a 100% protection it can boost your immunity and help prevent symptoms. and over 6 months old is vaxiate nated and it takes six no build immunity and it's best to get your flu shot soon. bad news, people believe if you get the flu this year it could be severe based on what we've seen the past few years. >> also today you probably heard 30 minute of moderate exercise a day could significantly help your heart. new analysis says that's not enough. according to american heart heart associationtion 30 minutes a day gives you moderate decrease in risk for heart failure. people who do twice as much drop risk by 0% and getting 3 times as much or 90 minutes translated to 35% lower risk. applies it all gender ages and
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races. if you don't have an hour to exercise don't think you're better off to skip altogether because some is still better than none. >> and the food and drug administration is taking a fresh approach to prevent teenagers from smoking. >> cigarettes? >> that's not my thing. >> that's not my thing. >> nah. >> no way. >> why? >> it's watching fresh empire campaign using sounds and style of hip-hop to reach young people. teens who identify with hip-hop are more likely to smoke than peers and first fresh empire ad will add next week during bet awards and tobacco companies are footing $128 million cost of campaign through fees they were charged by fda under a 2009 law. and now this campaign will also hit social media sights like facebook and instagram and goal is to target teenagers and encourage them to not let
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cigarettes take control of their lives. rick and monica back to you. >> gooded idea, thank you, ali. children's hospital of philadelphia opened a new facility in delaware country, new 44,000 square feet brandywine specialty care center located in glen mills. it features surgical and subspecialities and children can get procedures done closer to home. this is one of 50 chop care network locations in the region. >> well, twitter launches a new feature that helps high lying the top stories being tweeted. we'll have details next. >> reminder when you see breaking news or severe weather we want you to join the action. email photos and videos to join the or it's how you can be a part of "action news." the or it's how you can be a part of "action news." we'll be right
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travel experts say you this is the week to buy cheap tickets for upcoming holiday travel. officials with the online booking site orbitz say thanksgiving flights are predict todd hit lowest prices today and the cheapest
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christmas flights will be today and newier's on the tenth. the best advice is if you see a well-priced flight this week snap it up because they likely won't get any cheaper. >> and on twitter today you may have noticed lightning bolt icon appearing on notifications and messages. it's a window into a new feature called moments. it let's users follow events told in the form of tweets, photos and videos. and this includes everything from sports and entertainment to news. think of it as following an event instead of person or company such as football game or presidential primary debate. then when the event is over the tweet which are selected by twitter will end as well. as the sixers and flyers get set to start a new season the wells fargo season is reviewing a new menu and misdemeanor for fans and customers. according to folks at aarmark it's to enhance east experience at wells fargo this season they added new food options and
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concessions. you can buy a hoagie from lee's hoagie shack. and even check fill a to name a few. premium wine and beer will be sold beginning next week at the wells fargo center. >> a birthday party for the children's tale alice and wonderland at the please touch museum. they teamed up to celebrate the 150th year of lewis carol favorite. kids made fashionable hats and posed with authortic cutouts to get in the spirit and tea party and visit from alice and you saw the mad hatter there all of it looks like incredibly good fun. >> i have a coat like that. up next on "action news" at 5 we'll check the forecast for you for tuesday. >> sky6hd looking live over the ben franklin bridge right now. beautiful day out there. meteorologist cecily tynan details from accuweather when meteorologist cecily tynan details from accuweather when we come
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> seems like the perfect fall day to me. beautiful weather today. sunshine is back. we're live on sky6 taking a look. cape may what a difference a few days makes. coastal flooding and beach erosion and strong winds over the weekend and now this seas
5:25 pm
still up a bit and loads of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. this morning there was a chill in the air. philadelphia seasonably cool. 51. 52 normal low for this time of year and lot of areas in the 40s i think and millville 46 and trenton 47 and wilmington dropping down to 4 degrees this morning and with all the sunshine temperatures recove recovering nicely. 75 in philadelphia. that's 5 above arm and allentown 73. wilmington 75. millville 736789 trenton 74. little cooler down the shore. cape may currently 66. the 24 hour change you see the trend. heading up, 7 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 11 warmner beach haven and 8 warmer than reading. a beautiful fall day. satellite 6 showing if you look to west there's clouds streaming in. that's ahead of cold front that will move through dry tomorrow. we'll see cloud cover tonight.
5:26 pm
with cloud cover provides insulation on earth and temperature is not quite as cool as last night. philadelphia down to 59. allentown 52. millville 5 2. cape may 53 and wilmington 57. day planner showing tomorrow another beautiful fall day. little bit more in form of clouds. still mostly sunny and 8:00, 6 61, by 11:00, 69, 2:00, 4 and by 5:00, 75. temperatures will remain on mild side for next two days and then things begin to change friday. five-day at five showing tomorrow beautiful weather nice and warm up to high of 76 degrees and behind that dry front wednesday nights, thursday, temperatures down a notch. still nice. loads of sunshine. 72 degrees. friday a cold front will approach. that will bring us more clouds as we head through the day. some afternoon and evening showers. 77 degrees. doesn't look to be a lot of rain. generally about a quarter inch to three quarters inch heaviest
5:27 pm
rain norm and west still generally light rain and saturday right in time for temple home-opener morning clouds give way to sunshine and great football weather. take a sweatshirt. 66. sunday eagles game nice football weather. mostly sunny, high of 68. temperatures beginning to trend up for the end of weekend. adam we'll let you know if that trend continues next week in the accuweather forecast forecast. all in all a quiet week. >> thank you, cecily. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5. an assault suspect tracked down by philadelphia city police and doesn't go down quietly. why officers were chasing him in the first place. >> in-air emergency involving member of flight crew force this plane to make a detour sdm and quite a sight in new york central park today who is behind the stunt and why. >> those stories and more when behind the stunt and why. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonigh
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or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" tuesday night. delaware detectives say someone dumped body of young woman in busy area of newcastle.
5:30 pm
live with the latest on the investigation. also a teenager put in handcuffs after allegedly leading police on a wild chase that ended with big crash. eagle get back to work to prepare for saints on sunday. jamie apody has details in sports. >> and now we have more delaware detectives are piecing together clues that they hope will lead to answers after a woman's body found on newcastle road. the woman was found with no identification on a road here that runs between bjs and newcastle farmers market. they believe somebody dumped her body there and took off. john rawlins has been following the story and he's at the scene with the late egg, john. >> hi, monica. more questions than answers that's for sure here. the dead woman has not been identified and did not have id on her at the time the body was found. it's not clear how her body got here to this vast parking lot that surrounds the farmers market and did something happe happener here? or did someone bring the body here? >> we are reviewing video
5:31 pm
evidence, video footage from area businesses here. but it's too preliminary to release anything on that. >> newcastle city police looking for evidence to help understand how a young woman's body came to be in the parking lot. a man getting off a bus this morning at 6 discovered her and called police. he told us the body had bruises to the front of the head and clothing was in disarray and one shoe, no purse. and when he went to check for a pulse he said the body was cold to the touch. and the scene is across from the new castle county airport between a gas station and farmers market. lieu ten abts braun says investigators have little to go on. >> we do not have identification on her. small in stat tour. possibly early 20s. other than that, not a lot of detail. we don't know who she is. we do not know the manner of death at this point or the cause of death. >> investigators focused not only on where the pod question was found but an area 30 feet away. on the roadway there was broken glass that was retrieved and
5:32 pm
swabs were taken from what appears to be blood spots on the pavement. >> the hope is it would give investigators the cause of death as well as manner of death. in other words, was this a homicide or something else. so far, no updates. live in newcastle city. john rawlins, "channel 6 action news," back to you all. >> thank you, john. a wilmington resident broke out of a window to escape a burning home in morning 4400 block of north market street. and the woman here in the home at the time suffered cuts to her arms when she broke a window pane and got out. she's expected to be okay. not clear what caused the fire. >> a philadelphia man is in police custody tonight after allegedly throwing hot coffee on a vendorner the septa station 36 and market stleets morning. chopper 6 was over the scene 4400 block of haverford avenue right after officers captured the suspect. as you can see he did not go
5:33 pm
with police willingly. authorities say the coffe coffee-throwing incident happened between a struggle between vendor and man. no officers were hurt during the arrest. from our new jersey newsroom tonight, 28-year-old nicole garfalo is behind bars after investigators found her carrying 246 bags of heroin in egg harbor township. authorities say she also had xanax, marijuana and items needed for distribution. she was already wanted by investigators on two outsideing warrants from the drug court program. she's being held on 50,000 bai bail. >> in delaware country a teenage driver took police on wild ride this morning and ended with dramatic crash and one person in the hospital as well as suspect in handcuffs. erin o'hearn has more from the scene in glenolden. >> we were awakened at about 6:45 by a few huge loud bangs. >> the impact of the crash was loud enough to frighten
5:34 pm
residents in the willow way community and powerful enough to pin an innocent bystander between two cars. several other cars were hit by the suspect driving this blue lincoln mercury. >> we saw the cop saying get out of the car. >> it was alarming because i worry about my maibz. we have older folk in here and young children. especially 7:30 in the morning there's children going to school. >> police say around 6:30 this morning the suspect seen in this exclusive "action news" video being taken to court jum jumped curb 11 and amos road in prospect park and fled fleeing down one way streets and back roads before he swiped a taxi cab pummeled into a pedestrian and this line of parked cars. >> i don't know if he was on something he seemed impaired some way. whether drugs or alcohol or medication or something. or could have been from shock of accident. >> residents say this morning's incident was shocking and not surprising. criminal activity in this
5:35 pm
complex they came is not uncommon and road running through it is thoroughfare between glenolden avenue and south fair avenue. >> it's sad for our community. there's a lot of good people living here. >> the suspect is 18-year-old kyle hosier from ridley township facing a slew of charges and being tested for dui. in glenolden, erin o'hearn, "channel 6 action news". >> a midair emergency involving a member of airline crew forced plane to make emergency landin landing. united airlines flight headed to san francisco to boss stop was divert todd alba kurky when the copilot lost consciousness. he was able to walk off the plane on his own and in stable condition. yesterday at american airlines pilot died on a flight from phoenix to boston. that plane landed safely in new york. >> all of the passengers hurt when an amtrak train derailed in vermont yesterday are now out of the hospital. the train heading to washington
5:36 pm
hit a rock on the tracks near norway field vernon odom south of mount peelier the locomotive and coach went down embankment. heavy equipment is in process of removing train and debris from tracks and they hope to he on the line this weekend. >> the investigation into last week's mass shooting at oregon community college. authorities are now talking about writings left behind by the gunman, 26-year-old christopher harper mercer. in one harper mercer wrote "other people think i'm crazy but i'm not, i'm the sane one" he also complained about not having a girlfriend. harper mercer killed nine people and wounded nine others before committing suicide. president obama announced he'll meet with the nine victims' families in roseburg this friday and world news tonight with david muir will have more on or or shooter manifesto and on united airlines pilot who lost consciousness in flight.
5:37 pm
you can watch both of those following "action news" at 6. >> time for update on the commute home tonight. in "action news" traffic report. >> back to matt pellman to see what is it going on. >> we've been watching 95 this afternoon it has not been cooperating rick and monica at all. here in newark we have a crash in southbound lanes blocking three of the left lanes at 896. it's a solid jam coming down from highway 1 in christian a speeds 10 miles an hour. you don't want to get on that stretch of southbound 95 by delaware service area instead stay route 2 use old baltimore page or route 40 polaski highway and new castle county. also on 95 coming out of delaware you hit this wall of traffic that goes the whole way to the blue route and not helping us out in the mix northbound commodore barry still accident behind the tree taking out the right lane. overall solid jam coming out of delaware headed to 476. single digit speeds. you want to stay local through chester instead. it will show you down if you
5:38 pm
head to wwe smack down tonight at the wells fargo center 7:00. also once you go to route 1 sit by dr. hy avenue, belmont avenue, crash along the road and schuylkill township chester county route over pickerring creek closed since late april. for 0,000 of you that used to use that bridge go ahead, use it again. rick and monica back to you. >> that report had a lot of gusto. >> i try to keep it interesting. >> thanks. >> much more to come on "action news" tuesday night. a mana piering before atlanta judge decides to make a break for it during a third story window. >> emotional night dancing with the stars as some celebrities honored remarkable moments in their lives and alicia vitareli shows us. >> monica back above normal this afternoon and 75 the high in philadelphia notice all 70s south will stay that way for a few more days with all the numbers coming up in accuweather forecast. >> jamie apody joins us more
5:39 pm
with what the eagles are doing to get ready for the saints. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back
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>> police are investigating
5:42 pm
why a man in handcuffs jumped from third story building in downtown atlanta. he was rushed to the hospital and died later. he was at the building for pretrial hearing. deputies found he had a gun and was placed in handcuffs. at some point he broke away and jumped head first through the window. >> in new york city central park thousands turned out to honor john lennon birthday and is the a world record at the time. the world's largest human peace sign. it was organized the by yoko ono widow of john lennon. he was fatally shot outside his new york city dwri apartment in 198 0. famous beatle would have turns turn ited 75 this week. >> since and how they're getting ready. >> they're getting ready. we have that going for us.
5:43 pm
eagles ban practice with a song we're not going to take it any more, you can sing. >> we're not going to take it♪ >> which is what the fans have been thinking too. banged up birds ready for it the saints to march in. whole slew of starters 7 in all did not practice today. chip kelly says this all comes down to execution or lack of. it guys tell me they're close. which is why they're fed up with the fact they're 1-3 at this point. offensive line is a disgrace. then i asked about overall mental state of team? >> i think everybody is frustrated where with where we're at in the season. i think be wish he were better than 1-3. we're realistic we're not getting blown out these are close games. >> we're better than this. a lot of people written us off. we know that. we love that. we knew he was under dogs coming in beginning of season it was a lot of hype because of moves that chip made. but i really believe that dhip did a good job with who he has here and i feel like we can win
5:44 pm
with these guys with what we got here. we have aall coming together. >> look who is back. caleb stur guess who missed extra points that left four points in the field that could have been the difference between winning and losing he still has a dog job. he's sticking with the kicker. >> were you surprised you're still here? >> i was thinking that's something i cannot worry b i was upset a let the team down. that's what i'm upset about. the guys worked hard sunday and played a good game. me not doing my job hurt. >> they won't have joel embib for another season speaking of hurt and steven for another two weeks they will have okafor and is that enough to win this year? very young sixers team opens preseason tonight in washington with zero expectations after all, this squad lost 62 games last year including nba record tying 26 in a row and it's new year. brett brown. starting off hands off.
5:45 pm
>> i learned overall my years doing this it's best to step back and just watch a lot you know? see tendencies and see habits and see how they pair up well with different people i try to coach myself more in observation and watching then i am you know entirely dictating. >> by the way did i say steven stawskin sop i meant nick. found this gem on social media. former eagles safety brian dawkins giveing a pregame pep talk to texas a&m this weekend. chip tell my should think about the birds pregame on sunday. listening to this, chip? >> respect is not given it's earned. just because you want to step to happenen doesn't mean it will happen. right now i'm telling you they don't respect us. they don't respect us.
5:46 pm
but that don't matter. because guess what you can do when you don't get respect. you can take it. let me try again. i need a big block. i need a big koch i need a big throw, i need a big play on the sideline. [ applause ]. >> we are going to go out and take it. so when i count to three we'll take on three. one, two, three, take it. >> wow. >> i'm ready. >> put me in coach. >> maybe he should coach. >> yeah wow. >> thank you so much. >> we have breaking news to pass along on b street west kensington. philadelphia police have respond todd rescue scene here where a man fell from upper floor to basement flew floors obviously not stable in the 28 2800 block of b street happened shortly ago 5:00.
5:47 pm
45 minutes ago. when police arrived the first responders were able to gain ak snees this home and remove the injured man. we don't know how badly he's hurt. he fell from upper floors all the way through to the basemen basement. he's now being rushed to the hospital for treatment as well as to be assessed. hospital for treatment as well as to be assessed. we'll have more in a baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios.
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>> all right.
5:50 pm
meteorologist adam joseph here. what a gorgeous day. we'll take a dozen. >> we'll take a decent amount in the next 7 days. >> make it a full dozen. >> dozen swell. >> i was thinking we could actually hit that. unfortunately i know numbers. was we look double scan radar lots of blue up sairz and beautiful beginning of week. yesterday was pretty nice and today even better. and as we look at action cam along some of the waterways after more than 4" of rain over this past weekend they have calmed back down. just trickling water and starting to see some of those leaves fall from the trees. and 75 and high today and 73 allentown and 74 reading and a little bit cooler at the shore temperatures there in the upper 60s. a little bit of a seabreeze trying to kick in there cutting those numbers back with ocean of 63.
5:51 pm
and overnight tonight, just a few clouds around. not as cool as it was last night. last night we dropped back into the 40s and most of suburbs. and it will be 53 tomorrow morning with clouds account acting like a atmospheric blank tote hold in the heat overnight and sit any temperature of 59. clouds off the coast and see clouds marching in from the west. and these are very thin clouds and again not going to really over take the sky overnight. and they'll share the sky with the stars and again we'll pass through and then keep on moving as we get into the middle of the week. on wednesday, they'll be a cold front north. ahead of that front degree or two warmer than today. 76 for a high with just a few clouds. this front will slip through here dry as we get into wednesday night early on thursday. and behind it, wall to wall sunshine and again double barrel high pressure in control and behind that front cooler at 72 degrees and still beautiful for this time of year and then we'll watch a warm front arrive early on friday and then cold
5:52 pm
front will come through late friday afternoon or night and that will touch off rain for end of week. but in the lehigh valley, for tomorrow, looking good. temperatures 75 degrees. very nice and mostly sunny. and if you will be at the shore or taking a stroll along the boardwalk. looking good. 73, northwesterly wind. land breeze, lots of sunshine and 73. and as we look at exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we're in the 70s the next few days and dry both wednesday and thursday and then on friday late in the afternoon and evening that fronts comes through with a few showers and couple of rounds of heavier downpours and anywhere between about half inch and three-quarters of inch and less to the south and east. then behind that we're dry over the weekend. and little cooler. temperatures in the upper 6 0s and saturday definitely a lot of sunshine and then turning warmer here columbus day on monday. and if you tailgate, for the flyers home-opener looking goo good. 74 degrees. and lots of sun on tuesday. 7 degrees.
5:53 pm
you're getting a handful of days like today on that 7 day. i cannot make it tomorrow but half a dozen sent not bad. >> all right. >> thank you. >> we can't complain but we will. >> it was emotional night last night "dancing with the stars." did you see it? celebrities dedicated dances to memorable years in their lives and careers. and at the end of the night the show ted good-bye to another star. alicia vitareli has more. .> ♪ a fan favorite returned to the ballroom last night. the most memorable year week and it's safe to say it was a memorable night for several is of the stars. >> you watch me breathe until i can't breathe♪g haze grier stunned judges with his contemporary routine. >> singer braxton brought them to tears with her ruba and nick carter brought the crowd to his
5:54 pm
feet revisiting his big break. >> i'llsh watching you♪ >> but it was cindy erwin that solt night dedicated to her dad and her performance earned first ten of the season. >> it was not just for me it was for dad too and for my family so it mnt a lot it really did. >> then it was time to say goodbye toy one star. >> gary and anna. >> actor gary was cents packing but not without one final word. >> it's been a beautiful experience and i've learned so much from everyone. i'm not finished. okay. i've learned -- >> we have to send off. >> i learned from everyone. >> the owe emotion extend quond the dance floor. former champional fan doe rivera filled in for tom burj wlon was at the bed site of his sick father. burjeron tweeted his thanks to
5:55 pm
alfonzo and the entire team to allow him to spend time with his dad. dancing with the stars returns monday with the dreaded partner switch-up. always looking forward to that. alicia vitareli, "channel 6 always looking forward to that. alicia vitareli, "channel 6 action news."
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more at 6 pbg. philadelphia police seeking leads in murder of transgender woman early this morning. >> plus a person of interest in custody after reports of a gun on campus of community college of philadelphia. >> and harvest time in the cranberry bogs of south jersey. i'm nora muchanic. coming up a look at this year's crop. >> i love her stories. we'll have that and more coming up at 6. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, rick williams, and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass, have a good night. i'm monica malpass, have a good night. "action news" at 6
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> late word of a cold flooded murder of a transgenter woman this morning in the 1300 block of winghock inin the logan section of philadelphia. police don't know if this was a random robby that turned deadly or hate crime. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at police headquarters. chad pradelli, what are you hearing about this killing? >> jim, police don't have a whole lot of information at this time. that is why they're asking for public's help. here is what investigators are telling us.
6:00 pm
the vick tming a transgender female teesh ajenkins was dropped off in area of 13 and wingahockin and five males approached her and beat her and knocked her to the ground and one man decided he needed to kill. >> preliminary nary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location and was assaulted by five or six unidentified males during that assault one of the males pulled out a gun and while victim was on the ground shot the victim twice. >> at this point police have no suspects or motive and they don't know if this was a hate crime and don't know why the victim 22-year-old kiesha jenkins was in that area. she is from north philadelphia. police want to talk to the driver that dropped her off. he has not come forward. at this point they have few leads they're searching that area for potential surveillance video and at this point ty


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